GH Transcript Tuesday 3/21/17

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 3/21/17


Episode #13767 ~ Anna delivers an ultimatum; Nelle entertains an interesting proposition; Hayden dodges Elizabeth's questions.

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Elizabeth: Franco, it's me. I'm just checking to see how things are going with Jake. Give me a text when you get a chance. Bye.

Dr. Obrecht: Personal calls while on duty? How professional.

Elizabeth: I'm on break. When did you start doing rounds on this floor?

Dr. Obrecht: Since the illustrious Dr. Finn took a leave of absence without so much as a Kopf hoch (heads up). His caseload was divided among the more responsible physicians, and now we're forced to pick up his slack. It's thoughtless, arrogant. Typical.

Elizabeth: I'm sure he had good reasons.

Dr. Obrecht: Ah, there's someone who can give us some insight.

Hayden: Excuse me?

Dr. Obrecht: What's the reason behind your boyfriend's hasty departure?

Tracy: Damn it, Finn. Finn! Are you here?! Finn?! [Sighs]


Tracy: Hi, this is Tracy Quartermaine. Uh, could you please send security up to Room 501? Never mind. I...I found what I was looking for.


Finn: What are you doing here?

Tracy: Better question... how much Zen-Zen did you shoot tonight?

Dante: You, uh, hear from Sonny about Olivia Jerome?

Michael: Yeah. Yeah, I know that she's the one who killed Morgan. And I know that she's in custody. He also told me that you were the arresting officer, so thank you for that.

Dante: I didn't do anything. By the time I got there, Sonny and Carly already had the woman at gunpoint.

Michael: What? Wait. Mom and Dad had the woman who killed Morgan at gunpoint?

Dante: [Scoffs] Yeah.

Michael: I'm surprised she's still alive.

Dante: Me too. But I guess they realized that killing her would only prolong the agony...

Michael: [Exhales deeply]

Dante: ...Make them suspects in her murder, and they realized the only way to end it was to hand her off to the cops.

Michael: I mean, look, all -- all any of us wanted was justice for Morgan, you know, and now we got it. [Inhales deeply] Now we just have to... face what's left of our lives. I know it was always gonna be very tough for my parents, but, uh...Nelle made it worse.

Bobbie: There you are.

Carly: [Scoffs]

Bobbie: Do you ever return texts?

Carly: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I forgot that we were supposed to get together for a drink. I went to the hospital to see Jason and to meet the baby. So adorable. But then he said something that got me thinking about Sonny.

Bobbie: Just thinking?

Carly: And then I went to see him.

Bobbie: Mm. Okay. Well, that is understandable. I'm sure you have a lot to talk about.

Carly: We kissed, you know?

Bobbie: Mm-hmm. So, are you thinking of reconciling?

Carly: Mom, there's only one person in the whole world who truly understands how I feel, and it's Sonny. But just because we understand each other doesn't mean we should be together.

Bobbie: You're right about that.

Carly: I mean, we always find ourselves right here, where one of us is mad and the other is sorry.

Bobbie: I'm sure Sonny is very sorry that he slept with Nelle. It's just too bad that didn't occur to him before he took her clothes off.

Carly: Okay, all right. You know, obviously, I'm really upset about the infidelity, but I'm more upset about the lies. Not only did Sonny betray our marriage, he left me wide open to be screwed over my Nelle.

Nina: Um, you want to work for me a-as Charlotte's nanny?

Nelle: Mm-hmm. Well, I'm qualified and experienced. And, um, I was studying to be a teacher -- an elementary-school teacher -- before I came to Port Charles, but I had to put it on hold due to money issues.

Nina: Oh.

Nelle: I was also, um, working as a teacher's aide...before. And I'm great with kids.

Nina: Yeah, well, Charlotte certainly thinks so.

Valentin: Charlotte and Nina are all that matter to me -- their happiness, our future as a family. I won't let you disrupt that. And if you persist... I will remove you for good.

Anna: Do it. Just give me an excuse.

Valentin: Poor choice of words. I will remove your presence from my life. It will work to both of our advantages -- me out of yours, you out of mine.

Anna: Just like that?

Valentin: Just like that.

Anna: Okay.

Valentin: Warring nations can call a truce. So can we. What do you say? You go your way, I go mine. What's past stays in the past.

Anna: Oh, it sounds very reasonable. But you're really good at that, aren't you? That's one of your best tactics, is to present something outrageous and make it sound perfectly rational and acceptable.

Valentin: Is peace irrational?

Anna: Oh, no. Peace, no. But ignorance. They're two totally different things. And I want to know the truth about what happened between us. And I'm not gonna stop until I get it.

Nina: You know, it's amazing that you have so much experience, but, you know, being a nanny's very different from being a teacher's aide.

Nelle: Of course.

Nina: Yeah.

Nelle: But when working with young children, like kindergartners, you have to relate to them on a personal level. You know, anticipate their needs, care for them. You know, Charlotte is very bright already.

Nina: Mm-hmm.

Nelle: I could provide tutorial support. School's coming up, isn't it?

Nina: Well, that's a great pitch.

[Both laugh]

Nina: Definitely. Um, and you'd be helping me out, no doubt, no doubt. But...why aren't you working with Carly anymore? I know that she was more than satisfied with your performance. Why did you quit so abruptly?

Nelle: I should probably clear that up. Um... I didn't exactly quit working for Carly.

Nina: Okay, so you were fired. Got it. I think you should tell me why.

Michael: Dad made a terrible mistake when he and my mom were going through a really tough time. Worst part was he lied, and he kept it a secret.

Dante: What about you?

Michael: I mean, if they split, you know, it wouldn't be the first time, so I would just have to focus on getting... Avery and Josslyn through it, so...

Dante: Yeah, that's not what I meant. I'm talking about you and Nelle.

Michael: [Scoffs]

Dante: I mean, I could see you guys were getting close.

Michael: Yeah, well, you know what? That whole thing -- the whole thing was a big mess. A lot of people got hurt. And, uh...least of all was me.

Bobbie: Life is complicated, Carly. You and Sonny have gone a few rounds, but wind up back together again. Maybe there's a reason for that. Or maybe this is the tipping point. Only time will tell.

Carly: Maybe it's more than that, you know? Maybe I'm getting exactly what I deserve.

Bobbie: No. Let me stop you right there. The only people responsible for this are Sonny and that lying tramp Nelle. You do not own any of this.

Carly: Mom, I know exactly who's to blame for all this. Yeah, and the fact that Nelle deceived my entire family for months -- it makes me want to scream, especially because I'm the one who invited her in. But I've been thinking about this. Hell, I've been doing a lot of thinking since Morgan's death, and I keep trying to wrap my head around what's going on, and I keep trying to make sense of everything, and I keep trying to find something real in all of this. And the only thing that I can come up with is a hypocrite. I mean, isn't that -- isn't that true? Who am I to unload on Nelle for worming her way into my family and into my husband's bed? Isn't that karma? Isn't this payback for what I did to you?

Valentin: This pretense of yours that you don't know anything or you've somehow forgotten everything -- this is a real mind game. I mean, for what?

Anna: Well, what reason would I have? What earthly reason? So, you keep saying we have a past, but yet you -- you go out of your way to not speak of it. Why? Why would you do that? You want a truce? Prove it. Just tell me what it is that I want to know and then we'll be done with it. It'll be settled once and for all. Just...

Valentin: You're good. You are good. [Sighs] I can almost believe that you truly don't know what you've done.

Anna: I don't know!

Valentin: All right, I'll play along. Ask me anything.

Anna: Why was there a kill order against you issued in my name?

Tracy: So, are you gonna ignore my question?

Finn: Seems only fair since you ignored mine. [Sniffles] What are you doing in my room?

Tracy: Looking for you. Your turn. Did you take Zen-Zen today?

Finn: No, I didn't. [Chuckles] Do I really look like somebody who got their fix? I'm trying to quit this thing, Tracy. I even went so far as to call a rehab clinic.

Tracy: That's commendable. But then, why was your kit open? And what spilled on the floor?

[Cap clatters]

Finn: I never said I didn't want Zen-Zen. I just said I didn't take any. This? This represents the last of my supply, and I fumbled it away.

Tracy: Well, you may have saved your life.

Finn: If you say so.

Tracy: You gonna offer me a drink?

Finn: Would you like a drink? Here. Enjoy.

Tracy: Thanks. Actually, that's not a word I would use. You look pretty miserable to me. And not for nothing, rehabs usually discourage drinking. But since this is your last hurrah, you really ought to spring for the good stuff. When are you checking in? Need a ride?

Finn: No room at the inn.

Tracy: Oh. So go in the morning. Do you need me to pull any strings for you?

Finn: I changed my mind. I realized I'm not really a -- a group-therapy kinda guy. I... I know I need to do this, but I need to do it alone, on my terms.

Tracy: How asinine can you get?

Hayden: I don't see how it's any of your business what Dr. Finn does during his leave of absence.

Elizabeth: Hayden, you may as well just tell her the truth. Okay, Dr. Finn doesn't want anybody to know, but he is working on an article about his cure. It's for a prestigious medical journal.

Dr. Obrecht: Is this true?

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Dr. Obrecht: A prestigious medical journal? Which one?

Elizabeth: Oh, well, we can't say.

Dr. Obrecht: Well, didn't take long for his ego to kick in, did it? I should've known he'd be the first to believe his own hype.

Elizabeth: Well, maybe after his generous contribution and all his hard work, he was just needing some time off. And when he comes back, I'm sure he'll be a better doctor for it.

Dr. Obrecht: [Scoffs] We'll see. This time next year, he'll probably be on a book tour.

Hayden: [Sighs] I didn't need you to save me, if that's what you were trying to do.

Elizabeth: Oh. She's a pain. And besides, I think I have a pretty good idea what you're going through with Finn. If you ever want to talk, I'm around.

Hayden: No. I'm good.

Anna: There was a kill order against you issued in my name, and I have no memory of it. But you clearly do.

Valentin: You can't leave that alone?

Anna: No, you owe me the truth.

Valentin: I owe you n-nothing! [Sighs] [Exhales deeply] I could've pressed charges when you broke into my home, but I didn't. I could've left you for dead on my living-room floor, but I didn't. I want no part of this twisted game. I just want to forget that we ever knew each other.

Anna: Well, just tell me what happened! Because I would never, ever order a hit against a fellow agent. Never. Unless you flipped. Were you on the other side? Were you working for the DVX? That's it.

Nelle: Carly and I had a difference of opinion on what my job entailed.

Nina: Hm. Listen, you seem like a highly capable young woman. But, um [Chuckles softly] I really don't want to get in the middle of a disagreement between you and Carly, so... I'm sorry.

Nelle: No, it's okay. Um, no, I under-- I understand. Thank you anyway.

Charlotte: Nina, look. Nelle helped me add up these numbers.

Nina: Oh, my gosh. Wow. You added up all of those numbers?

Charlotte: It's fun. Thanks for helping me, Nelle.

Nelle: Of course. I knew you could do it. High five.

[Both chuckle]

Nelle: I better get going. [Sighs] Um, thanks again for letting me keep the dress. I'll use it for interviews.

Nina: Okay, yeah. Nelle, Nelle, wait a second. Wait a second. Wait a second. Listen... well, Charlotte obviously loves you. And you would be a huge asset in preparing her for school, so...let's just do the interview.

Nelle: Really? Now? 'Cause -- 'cause I have my -- I have my résumé on a flash drive, so I can just --

Nina: No, don't worry. Don't worry. Don't worry. You already pretty much recited your résumé. And I'm sure that Carly did a background check on you before she hired you. So, um, there is just one thing -- whoever takes care of Charlotte, I need to know them on a personal level.

Nelle: Okay. What did you have in mind?

Bobbie: Carly, Carly. What good does it do to dredge up past mistakes? We put all of that to rest years ago.

Carly: I know. And I'm grateful. But I never truly understood what I put you through until now. I mean, you and tony were trying to rebuild your marriage and your lives after losing B.J., and I destroyed that by sleeping with him.

Bobbie: Oh, honey. My marriage to Tony was in trouble long before you blew into town.

Carly: But you guys never got back together afterwards, Mom.

Bobbie: Because other things came up. I mean, it's true -- we separated because of what happened, but infidelity doesn't have to end a marriage. Tony and I both made choices that kept us apart. I mean, you remember how he -- he lashed out at the world. He took a dark turn. You know that better than anyone. And I was just trying to heal, make peace with myself and with you.

Carly: You're not suggesting I should forgive Nelle.

Bobbie: Oh, hell no. You were my daughter. And I loved you, even when I couldn't admit it to myself. The situation with Nelle is completely different. I mean, despite her connection to Joss, she is not your flesh and blood. You showed her love and she stabbed you in the back. You owe her nothing. And the sooner you put her out of your mind, the better.

Carly: Thank you. Thank you for being on my side. [Chuckles]

Bobbie: Always. You know, it's a good thing you weren't here earlier because Nelle was.

Carly: I'm not afraid of running into her. She needs to be afraid of running into me.

Bobbie: Oh, well, yes, and that's exactly the point I was trying to make to her. And I told her to get out or I would call security and have her thrown back in the gutter where she belongs, and she went running for the elevator.

Carly: Oh, gosh.

[Both laugh]

Carly: Oh. Looks like security's gonna get a second chance at her.

[Knock on door]

Hayden: I'm busy! Please come back.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Hayden: [Scoffs] Like I said, come in.

Elizabeth: I wanted to explain why I was so over-the-top about Finn.

Hayden: There's no need. You've been amazingly, annoyingly gracious about the whole thing.

Elizabeth: When I saw him stealing meds, alarm bells went off in my head, and all I could think about was what Lucky had put me through, and I just didn't want you to be blindsided like I was. And I don't mean to push. I just know what you're going through. I know it's not easy. If there's anything I can do for you, you know where to find me.

Hayden: Elizabeth. Wait. Stay. Please.

Tracy: And what makes you think you can just quit?

[Bottle clatters]

Finn: [Sighs] I'm not sick anymore. I'm...I'm better able to cope.

Tracy: [Chuckling] Oh, really? You've been cured for months. You're still using. In fact, you were caught stealing medication. That sounds like a bottom to me. Why don't you call the rehab back?

Finn: Mnh-mnh.

Tracy: Then why don't you let the professionals at general hospital help you?

Finn: No. I don't want them knowing my business, all right? And I don't want to be in some -- some program that boxes me in and makes me do things their way, all right? I'll lose my mind. Do you understand? I'll lose my damn mind. [Sighs] I just... I can't do it. I ca-- I can't do it. I know what will happen. I'll walk out the door. I'll leave, and then I'm right back to where I started.

Tracy: Oh, okay. So what's your plan? Um, let's see. Drink yourself into a stupor for 28 days?

Finn: That doesn't sound like a bad plan. I know withdrawal's gonna be a bitch, all right? But...Roxy and I can get through it. Right, Roxy? Now, at the risk of sounding rude, do you mind just leaving me alone?

Tracy: Nope. I'm not leaving you alone.

[Glass thuds]

Finn: Listen -- it's not about you, Tracy. You can't help me.

Tracy: Hayden can. Call her.

Finn: She can't help, either.

Tracy: Yeah, not if you don't let her in.

Finn: Stay out of this, Tracy, please. I can do this on my own.

Tracy: When Hayden needed you, you were right there by her side. Let her do that for you.

Finn: I don't want her to see me like this!

Tracy: She loves you! She wants to be there for you. Oh, Finn. Let her in. Let somebody in.

Finn: No. I don't need anybody. I don't need you. I don't need her. And the last person that should be giving relationship advice is you!

Michael: I feel like an idiot, okay? I feel stupid.

Dante: Well, you're neither.

Michael: Yeah, well, I sure acted like it. I mean, what? I-I could sidestep a hostile takeover, but I couldn't see that Nelle was up to no good? I mean, she played all of us. She used me as a pawn in a scheme against my own mother.

Dante: Wow. Would you just take it easy? Y-you're not a mind reader. You just said she played everybody.

Michael: Yeah, but I should've known better. Given who my family is on both sides, I should've been more on guard for all of us. I-I was too trusting when she came into our lives. I-I made this happen.

Dante: Okay. So, what's the solution? You become a cynic? You build walls, be a player? That's not you, and it's no way to live.

Michael: Yeah, well, this isn't easy. I hate -- I hate not knowing how to feel. Nelle -- Nelle -- Nelle, she told me -- she told me she was gonna turn things around, that she wanted to have a fresh start and just clean slate. But even -- even after everything that she'd done, for a second, I...I did. I wanted to believe her.

Dante: Do you believe her?

Michael: [Sighs] I... it doesn't matter. Nelle did what she did. And now everyone's hurting.

Dante: Well, you know what does matter? If it helps you figure out whether or not you can forgive her.

Carly: You've got to be kidding me.

Bobbie: You wait right here. I'm going to take out the trash.

Carly: No.

Bobbie: You have the gall to show your face in here again?

Nelle: You know what? I don't want any trouble.

Carly: Then you should've thought twice before you came to my place of business, Nelle.

Nina: Wait a second. Wait a second. There is a child present. Um, I know that there was some disagreement between you and Nelle regarding her job, but, uh, let's be mindful of little ears.

Carly: Okay. Well, Nina, you've been misinformed. And I would be more than happy to let you know why I felt it necessary to terminate Nelle's employment, but you are right. It is not a conversation for little ears.

Nina: Um... hey, there's an empty table right there. Why don't you show Nelle some of your new puzzles?

Nelle: Yes, show me your puzzles.

Nina: Carly, I'm sorry. I-I don't know what's going on between you and Nelle. I don't know. But I just want you to know that my nanny quit abruptly, and I need someone who -- I was about to give her an interview.

Carly: Hiring Nelle will be the worst mistake you ever make.

Valentin: So, your selective memory includes forgetting all the days you spent as a double agent?

Anna: No.

Valentin: Trading state secrets to the highest bidder? You say that I'm a traitor? That's what you are.

Anna: No.

Valentin: You can transfer all you want. You can project that you are the one responsible for what I have become.

Anna: Oh, come on. What? Because I refused to kiss you? Seriously? That is what justifies you selling out?

Valentin: No. You are either lying to my face...

Anna: No.

Valentin: ...Again, about the cruelest thing that you ever did to me, or you are truly so ashamed that you have blocked it out. More likely, you have lied about it so much...

Anna: Don't call me a liar!

Valentin: ...That are believing the lie yourself!

Anna: What about the lies that you tell and the secrets you keep and this man that you really are inside of this -- this charming exterior? What about him?

Valentin: You're bleeding.

Carly: I have to say, I'm a little surprised that you would even consider hiring Nelle without asking me why I fired her.

Nina: I-I was just in the process of interviewing her. If I would've gone forward, I would've definitely called you for a reference.

Carly: All right, well, I'll spare you the trouble. I fired Nelle because she slept with my husband. Yeah. And her real last name is Benson. And she is the daughter of my adopted father, and it's a long, sad story, but the truth is, Nelle has a grudge against me. And the whole time that she was making herself indispensable to my family, she was setting me up for revenge. So, all the warmth and the kindness are just an act. She's despicable, and she's manipulative. So, you need to proceed at your own risk.

Nina: I'm so sorry. Obviously, I did not know this.

Carly: I know. Th-that's why I'm telling you.

Nina: It's just...she was so good with Charlotte, and Charlotte loves her.

Carly: Yeah. Josslyn and Avery loved her. Hell, I did, too, until I found out the truth.

Bobbie: I can guarantee Lulu won't want Nelle anywhere near her daughter.

Nina: Um, I'm -- I'm sorry, but who Valentin and I hire for Charlotte's nanny has nothing to do with Lulu.

Bobbie: Like hell it doesn't. Lulu is Charlotte's mother. She should have a say in who raises her child.

Carly: Hey, Mom...

Nina: Mm-kay. Um, before this gets any more awkward, I'm just gonna take Nelle and Charlotte and we're gonna go.

Bobbie: No, no, no. Wait a minute. Hold it. Just a minute. Charlotte is a Spencer, whether you and Valentin like it or not. Now, maybe you don't care enough to want to protect that child from Nelle, but I certainly do.

Nelle: Look, Ms. Reeves.

Bobbie: And so will her mother.

Nelle: I really don't want to cause any more trouble, so let's just call off the interview.

Nina: Um, you know what? No need. The interview is done. I just want to tell you -- you're hired.

Hayden: I know a little bit about addiction, so I know Finn's got... real challenges ahead of him, and I can see that I've been a classic enabler -- begging and pleading and reasoning, even threatening him. Anything to make him get the help that he needs.

Elizabeth: Of course. You love him.

Hayden: Yeah, well, I even tried guilting him with that. I said things like he valued his drugs over me, but it didn't work because it's true. No matter what I said or did, he refused to get help. And no matter how many times I told him I would be there for him, he kept pushing me away. The other night, after you and Franco left, I-I told him I would go home with him, and I would support him, but he didn't want me to. He -- he said that he had to deal with this alone. So I let him go, and I haven't seen him since. And I don't know, am -- am I doing that because that's the right thing to do? Or is it because I'm scared I'm not up for the job, you know?

Elizabeth: You can't help Finn until he's ready to help himself.

Hayden: Yeah, but he's so stubborn. How am I gonna get through to him from a distance?

Elizabeth: And I used to ask myself that same question before Lucky got clean. I tried and tried to get through to him, and I thought it was up to me to get him to see the light, but it turns out it wasn't. His father got through to him.

Hayden: Yeah, well, Finn doesn't have anyone else. Other than Roxy. [Scoffs]

Elizabeth: Well, you never know who might break through. Sometimes it's the least likely person who winds up having the biggest impact. But you need to stop feeling guilty and make peace with the fact that person may not be you.

Tracy: Fine. If you won't call her, I will.

Finn: [Chuckles] Your hypocrisy knows no bounds. What is your track record for marriage again?

Tracy: Excuse me.

[Cell phone thuds]

Tracy: What does that have to do with this? And, by the way, I have plenty in my life to live for. Thank you for that.

Finn: Of course. Yeah, of course. But, you know, since we're just two pals being brutally honest with each other, why don't we go down that greatest-hit list, huh? Let's run it. Let's see. There's a -- there's a family business that you keep chasing after even though they fire you every chance they get. And you live in that big, old house up on the hill by the sheer grace of your brother's widow. And from what I can tell from our conversations, you got two kids that are so self-involved they don't realize how alone you really are, which might explain why you married so many con artists. 'Cause after all, really, there is no mark like a rich, lonely woman who never got over her daddy issues. I'm sorry. That went too far. I don't even know why I said that. I was just trying to push you away... make it so you wouldn't call Hayden. I... I didn't mean what I said.

Tracy: Yeah, you did. You meant every word. And what you said is true -- not all of it, but enough. My circle is very limited. I never, uh, took much stock in friendships. I always thought that going it alone was the way to go. But the funny thing is... alone is alone. And as I look around, I see that most of my family is gone. The number of Christmas cards has diminished. And when I lie in bed at night, I wonder... what would my life look like if I had let more people in? Just a couple. Is that what you want for your life, Finn?

Michael: Even if I can get past what Nelle pulled, how could I ever be with her? She tried to destroy my family.

Dante: [Clears throat]

Michael: I mean, think about that. She pretended to -- to care about Avery and -- and to care about Josslyn, and the whole time, she was working to break up their home. No, and she succeeded. Now -- now Avery is living with Dad and Josslyn's living with mom. How is that fair to anyone?

Dante: All right, I knew you were gonna say that.

Michael: Say what?

Dante: This whole conversation we're having, me playing devil's advocate, it's not 'cause I'm invested in you being with Nelle. It's because time and time again, I've seen you sacrifice yourself for everyone else. You always show up -- for Sonny, Carly, me, Joss... Kristina, Avery.

Michael: But they're family. What am I supposed to do?

Dante: You show up for yourself, man.

Michael: [Sighs]

Dante: If you decide to kick Nelle to the curb, I won't blame you. But just make sure that, if you do do that, you do it for you and no one else. I got to go.

Michael: All right.

Bobbie: Unbelievable. Wait until Lulu hears.

Carly: Mom, you're not helping.

Nina: Nelle, as of now, you are Charlotte's nanny. Okay? But that's provisionally. One slipup, one lie, and you are fired. Do you understand?

Nelle: Yes. Yes. Thank you.

Nina: Okay. So, your first assignment is to take Charlotte for some hot chocolate. Then you'll meet my husband, of course. Um, here. Let's go. You want to get some hot chocolate?

Charlotte: And a cookie?

Nina: And a cookie, yeah, su-- well, you just had a cookie. You had -- okay, you can have another cookie. Just one. Here's some money. Here's a card. Just take it all.

Nelle: We got it. We got it. We got it all.

Nina: Okay. Thank you. Have so much fun.

Nelle: Okay, let's go, Charlotte. Let's get out of here.

Bobbie: If you did that to spite me, the joke is on you. Because when that tramp winds up in bed with your husband, you will only have yourself to blame.

Carly: You lost your temper. I've been known to do that myself a few times. It doesn't make for the best decisions.

Nina: I did not hire Nelle to spite your mother. I hired her because she has the appropriate background and because Charlotte loves her. And also, because I believe, given the chance, people can change. It happened to me. I have a feeling it happened to you, too, Carly.

Carly: Oh, yeah, it did. Mm-hmm. I made quite a few mistakes early on. And I was able to rebuild my life because someone gave me the benefit of the doubt -- absolutely.

Nina: Why don't we give Nelle the same opportunity?

Carly: Maybe you're right. Or maybe Nelle is going to use your kindness as an opening and betray you like she did me. Do yourself a favor, Nina -- watch your back.

Anna: It's just a cut. It's nothing. It's not a cut.

Valentin: Cuts don't bleed that much.

Anna: Well, they do when you're on blood thinners.

Valentin: Are you on blood thinners? Is that why you fell down at Wyndemere?

Anna: No. I wasn't then. It -- it's none of your business.

Valentin: Wait, did you fall down at Wyndemere, then I took you to the hospital, then they put you on blood thinners? What is wrong? What is happening to you, Anna?

Anna: I have cancer.

Valentin: I'm so sorry.

Anna: It's all right. It's treatable. It's not curable. But I've been assured that I can live a full life, within certain limitations. So, there.

Valentin: I'm sure you're up to the challenge.

Anna: Yeah. I'll tell you what would help, would be peace of mind.

Valentin: Here we go.

Anna: Oh, why? Is it too much for you just to answer me? Please, just tell me the truth. Tell me what I want to know.

Valentin: No.

Anna: Don't you dare leave. Don't you dare leave. Don't you --

Valentin: Do you want peace of mind? Then forget we were ever in each other's lives.

[Door closes]

Anna: It's Anna Devane. Yeah, I'm sure I am the last person that you would expect to hear from. But, uh, um, I have something really important that I need to talk to you about.

[Ominous music]

Finn: [Sniffs] I would ask for forgiveness, but I don't deserve it, and... for the record, you have a lifetime of achievement to be proud of.

Tracy: I know I do. But I also have regrets. And if you are as smart as you think you are, you won't make the same mistakes I made. Finn, going it alone seems like a really good idea, but what it is is really sad. You have a woman who loves you. She wants to share your struggles as well as your victories. The choice is yours.

[Door closes]

Hayden: I really appreciate you listening and for your advice.

Elizabeth: I'm just glad I could help.

Hayden: I'm not in the mood to hug.

Elizabeth: Okay.

[Cell phone ringing]

Hayden: Hayden Barnes.

Finn: Hi, it's me.

Hayden: Finn.

Finn: I was wrong. I can't do this alone. I need your help.

Nina: Mrs. Evans' sister is sick again. Again.

Valentin: [Exhales deeply]

Nina: And, uh, she gave notice. Actually, she gave no notice. She just quit abruptly.

Valentin: Well, I'm sorry to hear that. Did you call the nanny agencies?

Nina: Well, the perfect candidate walked into my office.

Valentin: Well, that's fortuitous.

Nina: Mm-hmm.

Valentin: Do I get to meet this perfect candidate?

Nina: Mm-hmm. And let me tell you something -- if I catch her anywhere near your bed, I'll strangle her with my own two hands.

Bobbie: Ugh. Poor Lulu. First, she loses Charlotte to Valentin, and now Nina hires that snake, Nelle, as her nanny.

Carly: Uh-huh. I know. I hate it, too. But Lulu's strong. She is. You know, there is a bright side to this.

Bobbie: Oh, really? And what would that be?

Carly: With Nelle holed up on Spoon Island, she will be far away from my family.

Michael: Well, tell R&D they'll have my sign-off once I've reviewed the material. Yeah, okay. Well, no. First thing in the morning, as long as nothing else... comes up.

Valentin: Is there something about this nanny I should know?

Nina: [Sighs] I'll explain it later. Where were you all day?

Valentin: Well, in the spirit of full disclosure, and in lieu of your sudden murderous jealousy streak, I would like to tell you that I... I was with Anna.

Nina: Okay.

Valentin: I went -- I went to see her to tell her I want to put our history to rest. For the sake of our family, I offered a truce.

Nina: Nothing would make me happier. What did she say?

Valentin: Well, I don't think it's up to her to approve it. I'm just gonna let go of an old grudge. Because I meant what I said at the courthouse today. You and Charlotte are all that matter to me. And my past is where it belongs -- it's in the past.

Anna: Oh. Thank you for coming.

[Door closes]

Dr. Obrecht: Ordinarily, I don't perform house calls, even for an old friend such as yourself.

Anna: Well, this isn't for treatment or anything. I need something else.

Dr. Obrecht: And what would that be?

Anna: Uh, answers.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Laura (to Kevin): W-what are you saying, that you th-- that you agree with André?

Dillon (to Lulu): That sounds like a win to me.

Valentin: She's erratic.

Nora: That's what people say about you.

Dr. Obrecht (to Anna): You must be hard up if you're asking me for help.

Nelle (to Michael): Are you telling me to go?

Olivia Jerome: You just couldn't stay away from me.

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