GH Transcript Monday 3/20/17

General Hospital Transcript Monday 3/20/17


Episode #13766 ~ Carly can't see past Sonny's betrayal; Valentin catches Lulu off guard; Anna lays into André.

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Anna: Ahh! [Winces] Damn! Oh, my... Oh, shoot! Perfect. [Sighs]

[Doorbell rings]

André: Hi.

Anna: Oh, hi.

André: Hi. Uh, is this a good time?

Anna: Yes, of course. Come in. Always, yeah.

André: Well, I would have been by here to see you sooner, but I was in court.

Anna: Oh, yeah? Uh, can I ask what case you were working on?

André: Charlotte Cassadine. I did the evaluation for her custody hearing. [Sighs]

Valentin: To our family and to staying together.

Charlotte: Yay!

Nina: Yay! [Laughs]

Charlotte: Did the judge say I can stay with you and Nina forever?

Valentin: Well, judges don't usually use words like "forever," but that's the general idea, yeah. I'm your papa. Nina's your stepmom. And no one's ever gonna take you away from us.

Tracy: [Gasps] There you are. I have good news for once. Hayden.

Hayden: I'm sorry. Did -- did you say something?

Tracy: Yeah! We got our first payment from Biospen Pharmaceuticals on time and in full. General Hospital is well on its way to financial solvency.

Hayden: Good news, for once.

Tracy: Yeah, like I said. So, where's Finn? I want to thank him.

Hayden: He's taken a leave of absence to deal with his drug addiction.

Finn: I agree, Roxy, there is something darkly ironic about calling to get admitted for addiction therapy and getting put on hold for 20 minutes. [Sighs] Yes, I'm -- I'm still holding. Yeah. No, I need to be, uh... [Sighs] I need to speak to somebody in admissions. No, I'm looking for an immediate opening.

Carly: Can I come in?

Sonny: Yeah. I know things are bad between us, but there's no need to ring the doorbell or ask to come in. You're never a stranger in this house.

Carly: Okay, I'm not trying to make a point. I was just trying to be polite.

Sonny: Just -- I just -- just be honest.

Carly: You want to be honest now?

Sonny: If you're here to fight, I'm not -- I don't want to do that. I'm not here to fight. I'm here -- I'm here to figure out what's going on between us and what we do next. Losing Morgan and thinking you killed him was the worst thing that has ever happened to me -- ever. I mean, nothing even comes close. And then finding out you were innocent -- I mean, it eased the anger, but the loss is still there. I mean, it's always gonna be there. So compared to that, you sleeping with Nelle, I mean... it's -- it's like an ordinary pain. You know, like, if you break a leg, it hurts like hell, but you know it's gonna heal. But it's not gonna kill you. Losing Morgan, you know, could have killed me if I didn't have other kids to live for.

Sonny: I understand that.

Carly: I know you do. I know losing Morgan was like a bottomless pit opened up at your feet. And it was a pain that you couldn't fight. And it was a pain that threatened to swallow you whole. So I get it, Sonny. I know that when Nelle walked in here on Thanksgiving, you were drunk, and you weren't thinking clearly, and she used that to get you into bed. I know that.

Sonny: Well, if you see clearly what happened and why it happened, why can't you get past it and... let this be over with?

Anna: So, I-I had an interesting morning myself.

André: Thank you.

Anna: You know? Um, I decided to go to the precinct and have a conversation with Olivia Jerome.

André: If you don't mind my asking, why put yourself through that?

Anna: Yeah, well, that's a very good question. I'm not sure that I know the answer to that. [Sighs] Maybe I was looking for closure. Duke and I were only pregnant that one time, and she cost us our child and changed the course of our lives. Look, I'm not saying that I'm grieving and thinking about what might have been. That's not what I'm doing.

André: No, I understand.

Anna: But [Sighs] Just seeing her again, seeing Olivia and dealing with her insanity, I realized that it just opened up old wounds for me, things that I thought had healed over decades ago.

André: Did you at least get the closure you wanted?

Anna: No, of course not. She's barking mad, isn't she? She just lies. She's so desperate to hurt me. [Sighs] Which is a battle that she lost 20 years ago. Because Duke never loved her, you know. And she tried to force that, but you can't force love.

André: No. You can't.

Anna: Which is something I wish Valentin had understood.

André: Interesting subject change.

Anna: Well, he's been on my mind. You know. So, what -- so, you evaluated Charlotte for the custody hearing?

André: Yeah.

Anna: Am I out of place in asking how that went?

André: No. The judge's decision is a matter of public record. Lulu's been granted supervised visitation for a period of six months, and Valentin retains full custody.

Valentin: Hey, do you want dessert?

Charlotte: Yes, please.

Nina: You know, I have a really great idea. Why don't we go to my office?

Valentin: Charlotte wants dessert.

Nina: I know. We have a designer who gave us a huge basket for featuring his designs in our magazine. Big basket of cookies and cakes. I haven't tasted it yet, but I'm sure it's great. So why don't we go to the office, and we can break it open while we wait for Mrs. Evans to get you?

Charlotte: I love going to your office, Nina.

Nina: I know! It's really fun, right? Okay, so we'll do that. We'll just wait for your papa to pay.

Lulu: Charlotte's here.

Laura: I know.

Lulu: I bet Valentin took her out to celebrate. He's so smug. He's so proud of himself for taking my child away from me.

Laura: The special looks nice. It's a cold poached salmon with a lemon caper sauce. You'd like that.

Lulu: You think that I'm gonna look at the menu right now?

Laura: Lulu... we all have to find a way to be in the same room together. If you let your anger get the best of you, then you will be proving his case for him. And isn't it so much more important for you to build this relationship with your daughter?

Lulu: [Sighs]

Valentin: Hello, Lulu. Hello, Laura.

Laura: Hello. Oh! Hello, Charlotte. Did you have a nice lunch?

Valentin: Dis bonjour, ma petite. Ce n'est pas poli d'ignorer des gens.

Charlotte: My lunch was very nice. Thank you. Can we go now?

Valentin: Uh, why don't you guys go on ahead? I want to have a quick word with Lulu.

Nina: Okay.

Valentin: I thought you might like --

Lulu: Haven't you taken enough from me today? Get out of here. Leave me the hell alone.

Finn: What do you think, Rox? After all the hoops this place has made me jump through, getting clean should be a -- what, a piece of -- hey, I'm -- no, I'm still here. Yeah. Yes. No, I'm -- I'm looking for an immediate opening. I'm that guy, yeah. My name is, uh -- is Hamilton Finn. D-Dr. Hamilton Finn. I'm...calling on behalf of one of my patients.

Tracy: Come again?

Hayden: Elizabeth caught Finn trying to steal patient medication. When the hospital was on lock-down, Finn and I were stuck in the locker room. He was going through withdrawal so bad he could barely stand. And you know what I was thinking the whole time I was watching him?

Tracy: That your heart would break?

Hayden: I've never known Finn when he wasn't using. Every choice he's made, including the choice to be with me, was under the influence.

Tracy: That's very sad but beside the point. If he's trying to break his addiction, why aren't you there helping him?

Hayden: Don't you think I want to be? He said he had to do it alone.

Finn: He was taking a medication to treat a life-threatening illness, and he became dependent. By the time he knew he had a problem, he had... hurt everybody that he cared about, all the people that had given him the benefit of the doubt. And, uh, now he's finally ready to get some help. Wait, what does that mean? What does that mean, "We'll get back to you shortly"? How short is shortly? I'm sorry. I'm sorry. No, I'm just -- I'm very concerned. I just -- I really hope you can find this -- this guy an opening. All right? He just -- he really needs your help.

Valentin: The clerk said it will be a couple of weeks before the court issues a visitation schedule. In the meantime, we can arrange for you to see Charlotte, help her get accustomed to the idea of spending time with you.

Laura: What did you have in mind?

Valentin: Thursday from 3:00 to 4:00?

Lulu: An hour? You're offering me one single hour with my daughter?

Laura: Shh. Lulu.

Lulu: No, Mom, this is ridiculous, and he's standing here acting like he's doing me a favor.

Valentin: You hurt Charlotte the last two times she saw you. I'm not doing this for you. I'm doing this for her so she can get accustomed to you.

Lulu: It's your fault that Charlotte was upset. You're the one who kept her from me.

Laura: Lulu.

Lulu: I don't care what happened in court this morning. I am her mother!

Valentin: If you want to wait for the court-scheduled visits, that's fine.

Laura: No, 3:00 next Thursday. She'll be there.

Valentin: I'll see you then.

Hayden: I was with Finn when he signed his leave of absence, and I offered to stay with him to take him home and be with him, but he turned me down. He said he wanted to handle it all by himself.

Tracy: And that surprises you? Of course, he's gonna want to do it by himself, but that doesn't mean you let him. Where is he now?

Hayden: I don't know. I don't know. The last time I saw him, he was walking out of the hospital. He could have checked himself into rehab, or he could still be in his suite at the hotel.

Wherever he is, you need to be with him.

Finn: [Sniffs] [Sighs] Come on. Don't be that way, all right? It's only temporary. Josslyn Jacks -- you like her, and she's -- she's gonna take care of you while I'm away, all right? Assuming this stupid place calls me back. [Sniffs] You don't understand, Roxy. I have given too much of my life to this addiction, you know? I don't want to be like that anymore. I want to be something better. I want -- I want to be with Hayden, and I -- I want to be with Hayden, instead of splitting my time between her and this stupid Zen-Zen.

Bobbie: Looking for someone?

Nelle: [Gasps]

Bobbie: I'm trying to think who's left in Port Charles that would actually speak to you.

Nelle: I get it. I'm not welcome.

Bobbie: Yet here you are. Why?

Nelle: That's none of your damn business.

Bobbie: Hell yes, it's my business. You sabotaged my family. You turned Sonny and Carly's grief into a weapon and used it against them. How do you live with yourself, you heartless little bitch?

Sonny: I'm not making excuses. I should have known better than to let that girl set me up.

Carly: Okay, Nelle couldn't have done what she did if I didn't insist on her being a part of our family. I keep going over it all in my head, Sonny. You were skeptical of her from the beginning, right? I mean, you said that there's no way that Josslyn's kidney donor would show up and not want some kind of a reward.

Sonny: When something seems too good to be true, you know, it's...

Carly: It usually is. I mean, who knows that better than me? I mean, look what happened when I hit Port Charles. I was so kind and sweet to Bobbie. Hell, someone with my life experience should have seen Nelle coming a mile away.

Sonny: Nelle saved Josslyn's life. You -- you thought she was kind and trustworthy and the whole thing, and that's what she showed you.

Carly: Did you ever trust her? Did you, or were you just going along with it for my sake?

Sonny: I... I saw how happy, you know, you were when you gave her a job. She did her job well, and then... Morgan died, and, uh... first couple of days, I needed help with Avery, and Nelle cared. But maybe -- hell, I don't know, maybe she did care. Maybe she saw us grieving and respected it.

Carly: Until she didn't.

Sonny: But anyway... she helped me with Avery. I let my guard down. She showed up Thanksgiving. I was alone, drinking. But I got to tell you something -- I did -- I don't remember! I don't remember kissing her. I don't remember wanting to. The only thing I remember is her walking in and then waking up in the morning, she's in my bed.

Carly: Okay, so, um, after you woke up, and she was in your bed, how long after that did you decide to keep it a secret?

Charlotte: How many cookies can I have?

Nina: Oh, my goodness. Okay, well, you can have that.

Charlotte: One.

Nina: One. We're gonna bring the rest of this basket back to our house, okay? [Chuckles] And look what I got for us.

Charlotte: Puzzle book. Will you help me?

Nina: Of course. I got it for us to work on together.

Valentin: Work? Are you writing articles for the magazine, ma petite?

Charlotte: No, silly. Nina got me a puzzle book. She's going to help me.

Valentin: Oh, well, I do think she has to work today. So how about you can work on it with Mrs. Evans when she picks you up?

Charlotte: Nina was gonna help me.

Nina: Oh, you know what, your papa's right. Here, I'll take these. I do have to work. Here, sit right here. But, um, you know, there are a lot of puzzles in here. Mrs. Evans can help you, but there are gonna be some more for us to do for sure. Maybe your papa can help us.

Charlotte: Will you?

Valentin: Well, I can certainly try. I'm not as good at games and puzzles as you and Nina are. Tell you what, why don't you get started, and then when Mrs. Evans picks you up, she can take over from there?

Nina: So, how's everything?

Valentin: Everything's fine. Lulu was less than gracious. That's to be expected. Are you okay with Charlotte...

Nina: Yeah, I'm fine.

Valentin: ...Till Mrs. Evans gets here?

Nina: Yeah, I'm fine.

Valentin: She loves to spend time with you, you know. Am I gonna see you at home tonight?

Nina: I think we should be honest with Charlotte.

Valentin: About?

Nina: You're really good at games and puzzles.

Valentin: I play games with people out to hurt me and my family. You know that.

Nina: Does that include Anna Devane?

Valentin: Anna won't be a problem anymore.

Nina: Then I'll see you at home.

Valentin: A tout ŕ l'heure, ma petite. Je te reverrai chez nous ce soir.

Anna: Valentin could have avoided this whole custody battle if he'd just done the decent thing and reached out to Lulu and told her that she had a kid. You know? Oh, God. I'm such a hypocrite.

André: How are you a hypocrite?

Anna: Well, yeah, because that's exactly what I did to Robert, isn't it? I-I didn't tell him that I was pregnant with Robin, and I hid her from him until she was about Charlotte's age. So who am I to judge, really, you know, when I did virtually the same thing myself?

André: Well, I'm sure it was a complex situation.

Anna: Yeah, maybe it was for Valentin, too. I mean, I don't know. You know, I thought I understood him, really. I thought he was a murderer. And I needed to bring him in for justice, you know? But the more I uncover, the more I... am confused. I knew him in the past. I don't think he was evil. A-and he seems to really love this daughter of his, doesn't he?

André: He does.

Anna: Yet, at the same time, he is holding something over my head. You know, he keeps hinting at it -- like he knows why I put him on the kill list, but he won't tell me.

André: [Sighs] Anna, you're in no shape to pursue this.

Anna: Sorry, what?

André: You have a chronic condition that requires lifelong management. You need to focus your energy on --

Anna: Don't do that. Don't do that. Don't tell me how I need to live. No, I-I know what I need to do. And you just need to stay the hell out of my life, okay?

[Cell phone ringing]

Nina: Hey, Mrs. Evans, how are you? Charlotte is right in my office, right here. Oh, wow. I'm sorry to hear that. Oh, wow. Um, my goodness. I'm sorry to hear that. We're -- we're definitely gonna miss you. Listen, take care, and thank you for everything you've done for us. No, thank you. Okay, bye-bye.

Charlotte: What happened?

Nina: Um, that was Mrs. Evans. And her sister got sick, and she has to take care of her.

Charlotte: When is she coming back?

Nina: I don't know. I'm not sure. I guess in the meantime, we're gonna have to find you another nanny.

Nelle: You don't like the way things turned out? You don't like that your precious family is suffering? Hey, if you want somebody to blame, look in the mirror.

Bobbie: Don't you dare try to turn this around on me.

Nelle: Michael made me see that I didn't need revenge to be happy. I deleted the recording. I came here to get the copy. I tried to stop it and make everything right. If it weren't for you, Sonny and Carly would be happy! We would all be happy right now!

Bobbie: You're wrong. None of you would be happy, least of all my grandson. Michael dodged a bullet. He could never be happy with a liar like you. Now get your sorry butt out of my daughter's restaurant before I call security and have you thrown out in the gutter, where you belong.

Carly: I hate that you slept with Nelle, and that's a given. But you lied to me, and you covered it up. I mean, I can't take that. That is the worst betrayal.

Sonny: I thought I was protecting you. I --

Carly: By lying to me?! You're protecting me by lying to me?!

Sonny: I didn't know Nelle set me up. I thought it was a mistake, and I didn't want to hurt you any more than you were already hurt.

Carly: Yes, okay. You told me that. And I could accept that, all right, if Nelle turned out to be as innocent as she seems. But she wasn't. And the second you knew that, why the hell didn't you tell me?!

Sonny: It's not like she walked into the living room and announced that "I'm a psycho out for revenge against Carly." I had to figure it out, see how she was playing us. I made an arrangement for her to go back to Atlanta to get her old job back.

Carly: Yeah, yeah. I know. And that's when I should have known something was up. But I bought your explanation because I trusted you. I trusted that we were working our way back to each other.

Sonny: We were, Carly. I didn't want Nelle to screw things up.

Carly: Instead, you kept quiet, and you played right into her hands.

Anna: I'm sorry. That was uncalled for.

André: Can I say something as a friend -- who also happens to have a degree in psychiatry?

Anna: I don't know. Can I stop you?

André: Nope. You're not used to being afraid, Anna. Your condition is treatable, but it's a reminder that you're human and vulnerable. It's humbling and scary. It makes you rethink all the decisions of your life and all your choices you've made. And then at the very same moment, you re-encounter a person from your past, so it's only natural to want to explore that, to get answers to your questions, to close it off, tie it up.

Anna: But life's not that simple, is it? You know, it's messy and full of contradictions. And our memory's kind of unreliable. In looking back, you know, you tend to paint yourself in the most flattering light. I-I certainly do. I gloss over that time... my mistakes. Well, they were more than mistakes. They were crimes. Um, and I just -- I push those away, and I try not to think about it. But then every time I see Valentin, you know, I'm reminded of that... who I was. And in all honesty, I do not like her very much.

André: Anna, be a little kind to that young woman. She's not the first to take a wrong turn.

Anna: Oh, more than one.

André: And give her credit for altering the course of her life, for choosing a better path. And while you're at it, be a little kind to the woman you are now.

Anna: Oh.

André: Allow your body and your spirit to heal, and then you can get back to being Anna Devane -- kicking asses and taking names.

Anna: That's very good advice.

André: It's only good if you follow it.

Anna: Right.

André: I should get going.

Anna: Okay, I'll walk you out.

André: Yeah, okay. I -- are we still friends?

Anna: Oh, yeah, of course.

André: One last piece of advice. For now, steer clear of Valentin Cassadine.

[Door closes]

Laura: These next six months are going to require a staggering amount of self-control.

Lulu: That's never been my best event.

Laura: I know.

Lulu: Seeing Charlotte just now -- it was everything I could do not to run across the room and hug her.

Laura: Of course, you feel that way. You are her mother, but you're going to have to find a way to push that instinct back, to have some patience, to play the long game.

Lulu: You keep saying that, but what does that mean? What is the long game, Mom? And how will it get me my daughter back?

Nina: Yeah, I already told you about the pieces we wanted to feature. We sent you an e-mail already.

Charlotte: I can't solve this one.

Nina: Oh, just one second, sweetheart. Well, I'm happy to look at the alternatives, absolutely, but I can't guarantee anything for you. I'm not -- yes. Yes. Well, I'm sure Couture is interested. That makes complete sense. I love it. I love it. But we're not gonna change everything that we have going on just to accommodate their idea. Okay, we'll send you a confirming e-mail tomorrow.

Nelle: Hi. Hey, maybe I can help. What's the problem?

Charlotte: It's a puzzle, and I can't figure it out.

Nelle: Okay, well, let's take a look. Okay, so the first two letters are "C" and "A" and the third letter changes the meaning. So what starts with a "ca" and has long hair and a twitchy tail and ears?

Charlotte: Cat!

Nelle: That's right! Okay, so the "T" goes there. Okay, so what start with a "ca" and has wheels?

Charlotte: Car!

Nelle: Okay. Okay, so what goes at the end?

Charlotte: An "R."

Nelle: An "R"? Okay, good. Okay, so what starts with a "ca" and holds things like juice or peanuts?

Charlotte: Can!

Nelle: Yeah! Good job! Okay, do you think you can do the next one on your own?

Charlotte: I think so.

Nelle: Okay. Hey.

Nina: Thanks. Thanks, I'm so swamped here. And Charlotte's nanny just resigned.

Nelle: Oh. Oh, well, you know, I'm just returning the dress that you loaned me when I was working for Carly.

Nina: I didn't loan it to you. I gave it to you.

Nelle: Oh, well, I'm not gonna be needing it anymore 'cause I'm no longer working for Carly.

Carly: I admit that I was naive about Nelle. But the real damage didn't come until after Morgan died because that's when I started to depend on her and lean on her and welcome her into our family. And, worse, Michael -- Michael got close to her. Anyone with eyes could see how much he cared about her. Cared about the little slut who tricked you into bed! How could you let her take advantage of our son?

Sonny: I-I tried to talk Michael --

Carly: Oh, damn it, Sonny! Knock it off! You should have told the truth that morning or the second you knew Nelle had an agenda.

Sonny: You're right! I should have! But I couldn't stand to lose you.

Tracy: Finn may think that he's capable of doing this alone, but it's not easy. He needs you there.

Hayden: Did you not hear me? He pushed me away.

Tracy: [Sighs] Look, if you love him, you will be there whether he wants you there or not.

Hayden: I can't fix him, Tracy, okay? If he says he wants to handle this by himself, I have to trust him enough to let him try.

Tracy: Okay. You're right. It's Finn's life, and what he does with it is his choice. And hopefully, by the next check from Biospen, he will be back on staff and telling us exactly how to spend it.

Hayden: Fingers crossed.

Tracy: Yeah.

Finn: I swear, I don't remember stashing this. If I had, I would have used it already.

[Cell phone rings]

Finn: Yeah, this is Finn. You have a bed available. I'm glad to hear it. Patient's name?

Nina: Wow, I'm surprised that Carly could stand to let you go. She told me that you were the best assistant she ever had.

Nelle: [Chuckles] You know, it just seemed like a good time to part ways.

[Cell phone rings]

Nina: Oh, Milan -- again.

Charlotte: Nina, will you help me?

Nelle: Um, you know what, I can help Charlotte with the puzzle if you want to just take your call.

Nina: Oh, great, thank you. Thank you.

Nelle: Yeah, yeah. Is that okay?

Nina: This is Nina. Yeah, I'll hold.

Nelle: You know, we've spent so much time working on these puzzles that I didn't even introduce myself. My name's Nelle.

Charlotte: It's very nice to meet you, Nelle.

Nelle: Nice to meet you, too. And may I say, you have very lovely manners.

Charlotte: Papa says it's important to be polite.

Nelle: It is. It is. I agree. People should be courteous to one another. Okay. Let's work on this puzzle.

Lulu: Doesn't it drive you crazy having to sit back and just watch Valentin trample all over me?

Laura: I don't intend to do that.

Lulu: You won't be joining me on the patience parade?

Laura: I don't have to. I'm not the one in the spotlight, being evaluated by the court.

Lulu: Be grateful.

Laura: And you should be grateful because if Valentin commits another crime, I am in the perfect position to take action.

[Doorbell rings]

Valentin: Can I come in?

Anna: What if I say no?

Valentin: I could break in, the way you did to me. But that would just perpetuate the dance between us, and, frankly, I'd like to end it.

Finn: Um... uh, thank you, uh, for getting back to me, uh, but I-I think we've, uh, decided to do something else. My -- my patient has decided on some alternative therapy. I'm sorry if I've wasted any of your time. [Sniffs] I'm sorry, Rox. I hope you can forgive me. I know no one else will.

[Vial breaks]

Finn: [Grunts]

Sonny: The way you stop a blackmailer is you take away their power. Yeah, I could have stopped Nelle at any time.

Carly: Why didn't you?

Sonny: Because then the truth would have come out that I slept with her, and I didn't want to... drive you away when you needed me most.

Carly: You think I need you?

Sonny: Well, you needed me last night when you were gonna kill Olivia Jerome. If it wasn't for me, you would have pulled that trigger. And if -- if it was the other way around, and I had the gun, you would have stopped me because that's what we do for each other. You know, I mean, on a day-to-day, we fight, we tell lies, and that's -- I mean, you've told a few lies, right? Look, what matters is... you're still the one I trust most in my life, because you know me deep down in my soul, like I know you. Yeah, I mean, you would walk away. You've walked away before and -- and you've left me alone, and I've missed you to death. Listen to me. We really need each other.


Hayden: [Sighs] I trust you, Finn.

[Knock on door]

Tracy: Finn? Finn, you left the door open. Finn, are you here? Oh, my God, what have you done?

Laura: If the court has reason to believe that Valentin is up to no good, then it would tilt things in your favor?

Lulu: But why would the court have reason to believe that?

Laura: Uh, well, let's just say that I am... suitably placed to get my hands a little dirty.

Lulu: I don't know if I like where you're going with that.

Laura: Yeah, um, let's just say that, uh, if things fall out the way I think they might, then I'm pretty sure that Valentin is going to get what he has coming to him.

Valentin: You have a beautiful home.

Anna: Oh, don't. Please, I don't have time for small talk.

Valentin: Okay.

Anna: [Sighs] So, you want to end this dance. What does that mean, exactly?

Valentin: No more break-ins. No more public confrontation. No more hints about a past that one of us remembers, the other one denies. I just want peace.

Anna: Just like that?

Valentin: Mm-hmm. My wife and my daughter are the only things that matter to me -- their happiness, our future as a family. And I won't let you disrupt that. So if you persist, I'll remove you -- for good.

Nina: Thank you.

Charlotte: See, Nina? Nelle helped me finish it.

Nina: Oh, that's amazing. You guys do great work.

Charlotte: Can we do another one?

Nina: You know, I have a great idea. Why don't you do one, and then Nelle or I will help you? We'll help you finish it. Oh, and then take a cookie.

Nelle: [Laughs]

Nina: I'm sorry. I'm sure this isn't what you were planning to do with your afternoon.

Nelle: Oh, you know, it's fine. I'm happy to help. You know, um, since you don't have a nanny anymore, would I be able to apply for the position?

Nina: Are you serious? You want to look after Charlotte?

Nelle: I'd sure like to try.

Carly: I have to go.

Sonny: Oh, no.

Carly: Yeah, I have to go.

Sonny: Why do you have to go?

Carly: Because... you were right, what you just said. You know? That we always screw up the day-to-day. We're great at the big stuff. We'd give our lives for each other. But when it comes to living together and making a life, we just always come back to this spot, right here, where one of us is pissed and the other is sorry. And I think it's just time we have to let it go.

Sonny: You know, you can walk out if you want, but I'm telling you, it's not gonna change how much I love you.

Carly: I love you. I mean, if I haven't stopped now, I'm never going to.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Dr. Obrecht (to Hayden): What's the reason behind your boyfriend's hasty departure?

Tracy (to Finn): How much Zen-Zen did you shoot tonight?

Anna (to Valentin): I want to know the truth about what happened between us.

Michael (to Dante): A lot of people got hurt. And, uh...least of all was me.

Carly (to Bobbie): Mom, I know exactly who's to blame for all this.

Nina (to Nelle): But...why aren't you working with Carly anymore?

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