GH Transcript Thursday 3/16/17

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 3/16/17


Episode #13764 ~ Laura has a warning for Valentin; Franco is troubled by what he learns during an art therapy session with Jake; Sam is touched by Elizabeth's gift.

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Dante: Thanks. Great, Diane's gonna meet us at the courthouse.

Laura: Did she have any final words of advice?

Dante: Uh, stay calm.

Laura: [Chuckles lightly]

Dante: And if you can't do that, fake it, 'cause the more combative we look, the better it looks for Valentin.

Lulu: I'm not worried. Kevin said that an experienced psychiatrist would be able to see right through Valentin's programming. So even if Charlotte said that she didn't want to live with us, I think there's still hope.

Laura: Of course there is, honey. There's always hope.

Lulu: No matter how she feels about me, Charlotte is still my daughter, and she belongs with me.

Charlotte: I don't wanna be here today. Let's go skating instead.

Valentin: Oh, not today, I'm afraid. Hey, are you nervous about talking to the doctor? It's okay. Don't be. Just -- just tell the truth.

Charlotte: That's not it. We need to go skating.

Valentin: Oh, why?

Charlotte: Nina might be there.

Valentin: I don't think so, not today.

Charlotte: She wasn't there at breakfast. She wasn't there to get me dressed. Where was she?

Valentin: I think she's just busy doing other things, that's all.

Charlotte: Is she mad at me?

Valentin: No, absolutely not. You know what? If there's anything, she's mad at me.

Charlotte: Why?

Valentin: Because we had a misunderstanding.

Charlotte: Is Nina gonna forgive you?


Charlotte: Oh!

Franco: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hi.

Franco: Jake here? 'Cause I got a bag full of fun here.


Franco: I'm not kidding -- I got, like, I got a marshmallow gun. I got a water pistol, which I know sounds dull, but I saw on the Internet that if you put liquid detergent in it, it shoots bubbles, which is something that I will never -- never do in the house, I promise. Hi!

Elizabeth: Hi. Thank you for coming over.

Franco: Are you kidding? Yeah. It's my pleasure. I'm happy to babysit.

Elizabeth: Well, you're saving me.

Franco: Beats parking cars.

Elizabeth: [Laughs]

Franco: Besides, this is the perfect time to start some art therapy with Jake.

André: Morning.

Griffin: [Congested] Oh, morning. A little early for you, isn't it? You usually don't see patients till the afternoon.

André: I came in to counsel the staff members who needed to talk after yesterday's events.

Griffin: Yeah, I imagine a lot of people will be traumatized after the hospital was put on lock-down and then evacuated because of a bomb.

André: Yeah, and they weren't even taken hostage. How are you doing? You went through a lot last night.

Griffin: Yeah, I'm, uh -- I'm fine. [Sneezes, coughs]

André: Bless you.

Griffin: Thanks. Allergies.

[Phone rings]

André: Sure. Well, you take care of yourself. I need to get to an appointment.

Griffin: Thanks.

Alexis: I'm so happy you're in one piece.

Sam: Mm, me too. When we got separated last night, I found Jason and he was okay, and we just wanted to get Scout settled.

Alexis: Mercifully, she's no worse for wear.

Sam: She is a tough cookie, just like her grandma. [Rubs arm] Are you okay?

Alexis: Sam, do... your father is dead.

Charlotte: Nina!

Nina: Hey, sunshine! Hi!

Charlotte: When you weren't here this morning, I thought I did something wrong.

Nina: What? You could never do anything wrong, never, to make me stay away.

Charlotte: But Papa said you were fighting.

Valentin: And I also said that that doesn't have any effect on how Nina feels about you.

Nina: Yeah, he's right, you know. Sometimes adults fight. It's not a big deal. But no matter what ever happens between your papa and me, I will never stop loving you.

Charlotte: I'm glad you're here. Do you like my shoes?

Nina: [Gasps] I do!

Charlotte: I was gonna wear my sparkly ones, but I couldn't find them.

Nina: You couldn't find them, really? Did you check under your coloring table? Because that's where we left 'em. We put 'em there when we were doing handstands.

Valentin: I didn't even think to look there.

Nina: [Laughs] But you know what? I like those better.

Charlotte: You do?

Nina: I do.

Valentin: Now, Charlotte, you really do have to see the doctor.

Nina: Don't worry about it. Just tell him the truth.

Charlotte: That's what Papa said.

Nina: Well, your papa's right.

Valentin: Just know that I love you.

Nina: I love you, too.

Charlotte: Okay.

Nina: Okay?

Valentin: Let's go.

Alexis: Before I knew it, I heard Julian telling me to run, and so I ran. And then I heard a gunshot and I looked back and Olivia was standing on the bridge holding a gun, and Julian was gone into the water. Uh, they sent divers in to look for him, but, uh, uh, uh, they called the divers off this morning.

Sam: Okay, so, Olivia... killed Julian, and she...

Alexis: She would've killed me if I didn't run.

Sam: Mom, I am so sorry.

Alexis: And I ran. I ran. I ran into the woods, and I kept running, and I fully expected to feel a bullet in my back any second. But I-I-I just kept running, and I had this handcuff still attached to me, and I couldn't see where I was going, and I had no idea where I was. But I-I kept running, and then I just finally got my way out of there, and I went to the police.

Sam: I am so sorry. I ne-- never thought of that when we got separated last night, that this is what you were going through. I am so sorry.

Alexis: Why would you think that? You had your daughter to take care of.

Sam: Mom, have you seen a doctor?

Alexis: I don't need a doctor. I don't need a doctor.

Sam: Are you sure? Look, I'm so sorry you had to go through that.

Alexis: I'm lucky to be alive. Your father saved my life.

Franco: We talked about this. Art therapy's the best way to get Jake to open up.

Elizabeth: But you wanna start working with him today?

Franco: Yeah, absolutely. I don't see any point in waiting. What, you disagree?

Elizabeth: Well, he never talks about his time with Helena, and you know all this time I was hoping he -- he was past it.

Franco: He's not past it. He's sublimating something, and the best way to get him to talk about what happened on Cassadine Island is art therapy. Come on, I got all these supplies, and we have the place to ourselves, and I think -- I think Jake is gonna be really comfortable opening up to me when his brothers aren't around.

Elizabeth: Okay, that's a good point. I mean, he doesn't feel pressured when he's talking to you 'cause he sees you as his friend. The two of you have such a strong connection. I know that when he's ready to open up, you're the one he's gonna want to talk to.

Franco: Look, the kid's clearly got something weighing on his mind.

Elizabeth: Okay -- that thing he said last night, "Never forget, never tell"? It made my blood run cold.

Franco: Well, the first step in helping him out is figuring out exactly what it is he remembers.

[Footsteps on stairs]

Jake: Hey, Franco!

Franco: Hey!

Jake: Are you my babysitter?

Franco: Yeah, you bet! Sorry you're not feeling well.

Elizabeth: Franco's gonna be with you while I'm at work today, but you know how to reach me if you need me, right?

Jake: Okay.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Jake: Bye, Mom.

Elizabeth: Bye, baby. I love you.

Jake: Love you, too.

Elizabeth: Be good.

Franco: Me or Jake?

Elizabeth: Bye.

Franco: Bye.

Jake: It's cool you're here. Did you bring the marshmallow gun?

Franco: Uh, yeah, but you know what? We'll get to that a little later.

Jake: Why not now?

Franco: Well, because... I have, uh, some other ideas about how we can spend our time together today.

Dante: You know, we got a few minutes before we gotta go.

Lulu: [Sighs] I guess I am nervous.

Laura: Of course, you are.

Lulu: I hate waiting. Gonna go fix up my makeup. I'll meet you out front.

Laura: Okay, honey.

Dante: I just don't want her to get her hopes up too high.

Laura: Yeah, the outcome of this hearing is by no means a sure thing, but, uh, I don't think it can hurt for her to be optimistic.

Dante: Oh, but -- okay, but everything's hanging on the opinion of this particular doctor, and ultimately, we have no idea what he or she is gonna recommend.

Laura: You sound just like Kevin.

Dante: Hmm. [Laughs]

Laura: Yeah. After, uh, she left last night, I asked him for his honest assessment of the situation. You know, did she have a chance?

Dante: And?

Laura: He thinks she does, but Valentin does, too.

Dante: Well [Clears throat] I'm definitely glad you didn't tell her that because, uh, she's nervous enough as it is.

Laura: Understandably so. She's had so many disappointments where Charlotte is concerned. But I am worried of what she might do if she doesn't get custody of Charlotte.

Nina: Charlotte's with the doctor?

Valentin: Yeah, I just dropped her off. She seems fine. Thank you for reassuring her.

Nina: You don't have to thank me. I love Charlotte.

Valentin: Thank you also for speaking on my behalf at the first trial. I really appreciate it. It really meant the world to me to have you there. How are things at the Metro Court?

Nina: I'm not staying at the Metro Court. I'm staying with J.

Valentin: Huh.

Nina: Yeah. And as far as my speaking on your behalf... ...I was happy to do it, despite our issues. I never questioned that Charlotte belongs with you.

Valentin: What about you? Do you still feel you belong with me?

Nina: I've been doing a lot of thinking about us and our relationship. You've always made me feel loved...and appreciated. But you've also made me feel jealous and insecure.

Valentin: I never meant to do that.

Nina: Maybe not you directly, but this back-and-forth with Anna... [Sighs] ...It brings up a lot of memories of when I was cheated on. I mean, you're right... and it diminishes me. I have no interest in feeling like that.

Valentin: I promise you, any feelings for Anna are in the past. I'm a different person than I was back then.

Nina: I want to believe you... I'm going to.

Valentin: Wait, what does that mean?

Nina: It means I'm going to believe you... ...and I'm going to be your wife, and we'll raise Charlotte together, and I'm willing to forget about all of this stuff with Anna... if you're willing to forget it. We can't move forward together unless we leave the past behind us. Can you do that?

Valentin: From this day forward, I'm gonna focus on the life that began when Charlotte was born, the one that brought you to me. Because you and she are the only things that matter. You two are my whole world.


Elizabeth: Good morning, Dr. Munro.

Griffin: Good morning.

Elizabeth: It's nice to see you in one piece.

Griffin: Yeah. Thank God we all made it through okay. How are you doing?

Elizabeth: I'm fine. My only complaint for the day is that I've got a sick kid at home with a cold. I'm just praying I don't get it.

Griffin: Well, considering all the germs we're around, I'm sure we've probably built up an immunity.

Elizabeth: Wishful thinking, perhaps? You all right? You look a little flushed.

Griffin: No, I'm fine. You know, considering everything that happened yesterday, I couldn't be better. [Sneezes]

Elizabeth: Bless you.

Griffin: Allergies, just allergies. [Sniffles]

Elizabeth: You need a second opinion. Why don't you come with me?

Sam: I understand the impulse to be grateful to Julian for saving your life --

Alexis: In this instance, he did save my life.

Sam: Mom, your life never would've been in danger if it weren't for Julian.

Alexis: Well, I don't know that we know the whole story.

Sam: I think we have a pretty good idea of what the story is. Julian agreed to go along with Olivia's lunatic plot. And instead of turning her in to the police, he allowed her to pose as your AA sponsor. I would've never gotten into that car if it wasn't for her, Mom.

Alexis: I'm so sorry.

Sam: No, don't! You don't have to apologize. I'm just saying that this is Julian's fault. And because of him, Scout and I almost died.

Alexis: Maybe he was trying to protect you, and us.

Sam: [Scoffs] Well, he didn't do a very good job of it. And if you ask me, I think we're better off that he's gone.

Alexis: You do realize that you're speaking about your father?

Valentin: The judge is late. What does that indicate?

Nina: It indicates that the line was longer than usual at the coffee kiosk in the lobby?

Nora: Mr. Cassadine, really, we have nothing to worry about with Charlotte's evaluation. Your daughter is an articulate, sweet girl, and everyone can see she loves you.

Diane: I tried making some back-channel inquiries as to who was doing Charlotte's evaluation, but my contacts at Social Services were uncharacteristically tight-lipped.

Lulu: I was really hoping that Kevin could do it, but he made it clear that that would be a conflict of interest.

Diane: Absolutely. We cannot afford even the appearance of impropriety. If and when the judge rules in our favor, we have got to make that ruling stick. But I'm sure whoever does the evaluation will understand the value of the bond between mother and child.

Bailiff: Please be seated.

Judge Rawles: Good morning. I have been informed that the psychiatrist appointed to this case has finished speaking with Charlotte and is ready to give the court his evaluation and recommendation for custody.

[Door opens]

Judge Rawles: Dr. Maddox, please present your findings to the court.

Laura: I know this guy by reputation. Kevin speaks very highly of him.

Dante: Your mom's right. He's worked a few cases at the PD -- highly competent, relies only on the facts. We got nothing to worry about.

Elizabeth: Okay, say "ah."

Griffin: Aaaahhh.

Elizabeth: Oh. You know, you shouldn't have come in if you're sick.

Griffin: [Scoffs] I can wear a mask when I'm dealing with patients -- for their peace of mind, of course, because I'm not sick.

Elizabeth: Your throat's pretty red.

Griffin: Well, it doesn't hurt, because I don't get sick.

Elizabeth: I've heard that before. We all know doctors and nurses make the worst patients.

Griffin: I have a hearty immune system. I assure you, this is just allergies.

Elizabeth: You should go home if you're not feeling well.

Griffin: I can't just abandon my patients, because I'm not 100%.

Elizabeth: Oh, I think you proved your dedication by not evacuating just to stay with your patient.

Griffin: Marisol...

Elizabeth: She couldn't be moved. I know. She's really lucky to have you.

Griffin: Yeah, well, she had you, too. You were there till the last possible minute.

Elizabeth: That's my job.

Griffin: My point exactly.

Jake: I found more crayons!

Franco: Oh, you did? Let me see them. Oh, yes, that is totally enough. Awesome!

Jake: Enough for what?

Franco: Well, you and I, we are going to draw stories from when we were kids -- you know, before we knew each other.

Jake: But I don't have any stories.

Franco: Yeah, you do. Everybody's got -- you've got, like, favorite foods, right? Everybody's got favorite foods. We're gonna draw pictures of all of our favorite stuff -- favorite foods, favorite stuff to do, favorite cartoons we like to watch, stuff like that.

Jake: But that'll take too long.

Franco: No, that'll take all day, which is the point, right? We are going to draw every idea that we have about our lives from when we were babies until now, and we're gonna put it on paper that'll have to cover the whole floor, and I'll probably need a little more paper than you, because I'm a lot older than you.

Jake: No way. I bet I remember way more than you do. We won't have enough paper for what I remember.

Franco: Well, let's see... haha! We have enough. Jake, en garde.

Alexis: I'm really sorry. I don't know why I said that. I shouldn't have said that. I didn't mean to snap at you. I'm sorry.

Sam: Hey, don't worry about it. I'm tough, like all the Davis women.

Alexis: I know.

Sam: But, Mom, the way you reacted... it kind of scared me a little bit. I think that you have softened toward Julian over the past few months. And I know that you went through a lot with your drinking, and I am grateful to him for helping you get sober, but I think experiencing that with him... made you backslide in other ways.

Alexis: What do you mean?

Sam: You said you hated him, and you didn't want to have anything to do with him. Now you're making excuses for him. How long before you rationalize all the terrible ways he's treated you?

Alexis: I'm just confused. I don't know what I'm doing, and I don't know what I'm feeling, and I want so badly for there to be some sort of explanation. And...

Sam: And what?

Alexis: Maybe there is -- the letter. That letter. It's time for me to open it.

Judge Rawles: Dr. Maddox, what did you learn in your session with Charlotte Cassadine?

André: Charlotte is a bright, inquisitive, and well-adjusted little girl. Despite the upheaval she's endured in the past few months, she shows no signs of a clinical depression or an abandonment disorder.

Judge Rawles: And in the matter of who would best serve as Charlotte's custodial parent?

André: Your honor, Charlotte suffered a severe loss when Claudette Beaulieu, the woman she thought of as her mother, died. That loss was compounded when Charlotte learned that Claudette wasn't her mother at all. This has caused Charlotte to cling to her father and reject the very idea that Lulu Falconeri is her mother.

Lulu: This is bad. This is very bad.

André: However, I feel to indulge Charlotte's present rejection of Ms. Falconeri will not serve her in the future. When she gets older and learns the circumstances of her birth, she will most certainly want to know her mother and feel cheated by her father if she is not provided with that opportunity. While she has a loving relationship with her stepmother, she is aware that Nina is not her mother. I feel that Charlotte would benefit from developing a relationship with her mother, Ms. Lulu Falconeri.

Judge Rawles: Dr. Maddox, how is Charlotte affected by her relationship with her father?

André: Charlotte clearly loves Valentin very much. He has been the only constant in her life. As such, she relies on him for her sense of well-being and stability. I am convinced that if Charlotte were to be removed from her current home, this would further traumatize her. It is, therefore, my opinion that it is in the best interest of Charlotte to remain in the custody of her father, Valentin Cassadine.

Sam: Do you really think this letter is going to be able to explain everything that Julian's done? That there's gonna be some sort of excuse in there for his behavior over the past year? Mom, he tried to kill you. He tore this family apart.

Alexis: You saw how deranged his sister was.

Sam: [Scoffs]

Alexis: What makes you think she wasn't threatening him in some way?

Sam: I understand you want to give him the benefit of the doubt -- I do. But do you remember Olivia being in the house when Julian found that wire? Do you remember Olivia being down on the pier when he held a knife to your throat? I get that you're grateful to him for saving your life on that bridge, but, Mom, how many different ways is he gonna have to hurt you?

Alexis: What if he was being coerced? What if he was being threatened? Don't you want to know that?

Sam: No! I don't care why he did the things that he did. All that matters is that he did them.

Alexis: Well, I don't know if I agree with that. The only way to find out the truth is to read the letter.

Franco: Favorite food when you were 4?

Jake: Spaghetti and meatballs.

Franco: Oh, yeah. Nice.

Jake: What was yours?

Franco: Peanut-butter-and-pickle sandwiches.

Jake: Ew.

Franco: No, don't you dare. No, don't knock it till you tried it. It's awesome! It's all about the ratio.

Jake: I'm never trying that.

Franco: That's too bad 'cause that's what's for lunch.

Jake: No way.

Franco: Fine.

Jake: Gross.

Franco: More for me. Okay, favorite thing to do when you were 4.

Jake: Going down the big slide in the park.

Franco: Really? Cool. Draw that. Did you like to go sliding after you were 4?

Jake: Sometimes.

Franco: When?

Jake: It was last year.

Griffin: You really don't need to.

Elizabeth: Are you telling me how to do my job, Dr. Munro?

Griffin: Absolutely not, Nurse Webber.

Elizabeth: Good.

Griffin: Look, maybe I was feeling a little bit run-down this morning.

Elizabeth: Really? Any symptoms you'd care to share?

Griffin: No, but the look of relief on Marisol's parents' faces when I told them she rounded the corner, that perked me right up.

Elizabeth: They must've been losing their minds last night. There's nothing worse than being unable to help your child.

Griffin: Yeah. I bet it was terrible when you thought your son, Jake, was dead.

Elizabeth: Yeah, it was.

Griffin: Hey, but God granted you a miracle. You got Jake back.

Elizabeth: It was a miracle, and I'm grateful for it every day. But I still worry about my boys. Being a single parent, there's certain challenges I have to face and difficult questions I have to answer.

Griffin: I'm sure you're up for the challenge.

Elizabeth: I am, thank you. And just like I thought -- 101.2.

Griffin: What? That's impossible.

Elizabeth: Read it and weep. So, despite your fabulous immune system, you are sick. You need to go home and get rest. Stop by Kelly's, get some chicken soup.

Griffin: Ugh. I hate chicken soup.

Elizabeth: Go home. Physician, heal thyself.

Judge Rawles: Is it your professional recommendation that Charlotte remain with Valentin Cassadine?

André: Yes. But there is a condition -- while Charlotte clearly feels more comfortable with her father, I believe she would benefit greatly from building a relationship with Ms. Falconeri. I recommend supervised visitation.

Lulu: "Supervised"?

André: Yes. Considering the unintentional missteps since Charlotte and Ms. Falconeri were introduced, I believe it is imperative that Charlotte get to know both her biological mother and her stepfather and brother in an environment where she feels safe. This will provide a smoother transition for Charlotte and allow her to form a relationship with Ms. Falconeri without feeling that said relationship will affect her bond with her father.

Judge Rawles: Thank you, Dr. Maddox. You may step down. Now that I've heard testimony of all parties involved, as well as an expert witness, the court would like to take a brief recess while I consider my decision regarding Charlotte's custody. Court is adjourned. [Bangs gavel]

Nora: I don't think we could have asked for anything better. I mean, I'm not one to count my chickens, but I have a very good feeling.

Nina: I know. I do, too. I think that Dr. Maddox clearly thinks that Charlotte belongs with us.

Lulu: Excuse me. How could you testify that Valentin would make a good parent to Charlotte? Do you have any idea what that man has done? He -- he murdered my brother. He killed my brother, so that he could inherit the Cassadine fortune.

André: Ms. Falconeri, I was charged by the court to assess Charlotte's state of mind, not judge her father's actions.

Lulu: So they just don't matter? You're okay with sending that little girl home with a murderer?

André: I gave the recommendation that I believe is in Charlotte's best interests.

Dante: So you think it's in her best interests to keep her apart from her mother?

André: I gave my professional opinion, and I stand by it. If you have a problem with my testimony, you need to talk to Judge Rawles.

Diane: Bear in mind, the judge is going to take much more into account than just Maddox's testimony. You've got numerous affidavits in your favor. You've got the social worker's report on your home. And even Maddox said he thinks that Charlotte needs a relationship with her mother.

Bailiff: Will you all take your seats?

Diane: Yes.

Judge Rawles: I am ready to render my decision.

Sam: Well, you're gonna have to do what you think is right. And I'm sure there will be some sort of explanation in Julian's letter. But, Mom, do me a favor -- please don't romanticize him. He never, ever had a problem lying to you if it meant that you would think more of him. And I'm sure this letter's just the same.

[Knock on door]

Sam: Come in. Hey.

Elizabeth: Hi. Is this a bad time?

Alexis: No. I was just leaving.

Sam: Think about what I said.

Alexis: I love you.

Sam: I love you, too.

Alexis: And I love you.

Elizabeth: I didn't mean to interfere.

Sam: It's okay. What brings you by?

Elizabeth: I just wanted to check in with you after last night.

Sam: Oh, well...we're fine. Ultimately, Jason, Scout, and I made it through the night.

Elizabeth: Despite Jason's best efforts. And I'm not criticizing. I'm really grateful he and Curtis disarmed that bomb.

Sam: No, I know. Jason likes to run toward danger, but I'm to gonna hold that against him, because I knew that going into this.

[Scout fussing]

Sam: Uh-oh. Is she waking up?

Elizabeth: No. She's sleeping. Not a care in the world.

Sam: She had a lot of visitors today -- her Aunt Molly and Aunt Kristina. They brought her a ton of presents, but she nodded off before I could open any of them.

Elizabeth: I also brought you a little something.

Franco: Just last year, huh? So, you don't remember any fun sliding all this time, right? Not since you were 4 years old.

Jake: No.

Franco: Okay. Well, why don't you draw something fun that you remember from when you were, say, 7.

Jake: I don't feel like it.

Franco: Me, I'm gonna draw a pirate ship because, you know, I wanted to be a pirate. Still kind of do. Arrr. How about you? What did you want to be?

Jake: I don't know.

Franco: Um...okay. Well, why don't you draw something that you do remember from being 4.

Judge Rawles: In the matter of the minor child, Charlotte Cassadine, I am awarding full physical and legal custody to her father, Valentin Cassadine.

Lulu: No. You can't do that.

Diane: Shh, shh. I apologize for my client's outburst, your honor.

Judge Rawles: Per Dr. Maddox's recommendation, the court has decided that it is in Charlotte's best interests to build a relationship with her biological mother. Ms. Falconeri will be allowed regular visitation, to be supervised by a court-appointed social worker, at a time and place to be approved by the court. Based on the social worker's recommendations, a hearing will be convened in six months, at which time the court will revisit the question of Charlotte's custody. Court is adjourned.

Valentin: You certainly have lived up to your reputation. I can't thank you enough.

Nora: I was just doing my job. I have to tell you, in my time here, watching your family during my stay, I have to say, I'm very happy that Charlotte is gonna remain where she belongs -- with her daddy.

Valentin: And her stepmother.

Lulu: How can they do that? How can they... just give her to him? I'm Charlotte's mother.

Charlotte: Papa, the doctor is so nice. He even gave me a sticker.

Nina: Wow, that's so cool.

Valentin: Oh, I am so glad. See, I told you that there was nothing to worry about.

Charlotte: I guess. But can we go now? Can we?

Valentin: Of course. You know, I'm gonna take us out for a special lunch to celebrate.

Charlotte: Celebrate what?

Valentin: The most precious thing in the world -- our family.

Lulu: How am I supposed to do this? How am I supposed to let my daughter walk out of here with that man?

Dante: Okay. Look, it is not forever. You were given visitation.

Lulu: Supervised visitation.

Dante: So, Valentin hasn't let you see Charlotte, and we're gonna make sure you spend as much time with her as possible, okay?

Lulu: Yeah.

Diane: Lulu, it's a crushing disappointment, and I am so sorry. But there is a silver lining -- you could've been denied visitation altogether. And in six months, you will have time to forge a relationship with your daughter.

Dante: And at the next hearing, the court will grant us joint custody, at the very least.

Lulu: Until then, every time I see Charlotte, it will be in the presence of a complete stranger.

Charlotte: I'm glad I couldn't find my other shoes. From now on, these are my favorite.

Nina: They are? Why?

Charlotte: They're my lucky shoes. I wore them, and everything turned out okay.

Nina: Those are the luckiest shoes ever.

Laura: Hi, Charlotte. May I have a word with you?

Valentin: Yes, of course.

Nina: Let's go figure out what we're gonna eat for our lunch.

Laura: We all want what's best for Charlotte.

Valentin: Yes. And as you can see, she's thrilled to be with Nina and me.

Laura: A lot can change in six months.

Franco: Is that a door?

Jake: Yeah, it's a door.

Franco: What's that about?

Jake: I'm tired of this. Can we play with the marshmallow gun now?

Franco: Yeah. Yeah, sure. That's a great idea. Why don't you go get some from the kitchen?

Jake: Cool.

Franco: [Sighs]

Elizabeth: I know it's a little old-fashioned, but I had one for each of my kids. I just love looking back at their memories 'cause it goes so fast. It's nice to have a record of it.

Sam: Oh, wow. Scout's entrance into the world was a little bit more exciting than I would've hoped for, but I am definitely looking forward to documenting all of her firsts.

Elizabeth: And she'll love it, too. You can put pictures in there with her and Danny and Jake, and she'll like to look back and see what her family was doing in her first little years. And there's all sorts of stuff, like family trees and...

Sam: [Chuckles] Thank you.

Elizabeth: You're welcome. I have to get back to work.

Sam: Okay.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Alexis: "If you are reading this, then I guess I'm dead.

Felicia (to Anna): What are you doing here?

Scott (to Olivia Jerome): Now you've been caught, and you're going away for a long, long time.

Sonny (to Ava): Do not stand there and try to tell me that you're innocent 'cause we know you're not.

Jason (to Carly): You could be there for each other. Isn't that what's important?

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