GH Transcript Tuesday 3/14/17

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 3/14/17


Episode #13762 ~ Carly seeks revenge against Olivia Jerome; Curtis questions André's motives; Elizabeth struggles with Helena's continuing influence over Jake.

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Laura: Do you want to order?

Lulu: Um, no, I'm not hungry.

Laura: Oh.

Lulu: Um, it was so sweet of Olivia to watch Rocco while we're out, but I kind of just want to get back and be waiting with him in case Dante makes it home. We could use some family time before the custody hearing tomorrow.

Laura: I know you're worried.

Lulu: I'm not worried. I'm terrified. Valentin is a murderer and a criminal, and yet somehow it seems like that judge might grant him custody of Charlotte.

Laura: I know. It was a very rough day in court. Things didn't go the way they were supposed to.

Lulu: Thank you for trying to get through to Nina. I'm sorry it didn't work.

Laura: I haven't given up the fight. In fact, I'm just getting started.

Elizabeth: I need to check on the boys.

Franco: Really?

Elizabeth: I do.

Franco: That, uh, shy, awkward, but clearly totally competent babysitter... just said that the boys were sleeping. So...

Elizabeth: I know, but still.

Franco: I understand. It's been a rough night, right, with the bomb scare and the lock-down.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I just need to check for myself that the boys are safe and sound...

Franco: Well, you should...

Elizabeth: ...and asleep in their own beds.

Franco: ...In, like, one second. Just give me, like, one minute. Come on. [Chuckles] Hey, no, for real. There was, like, a moment there, like one moment -- well, okay, maybe more than one moment, but, like... okay, several moments where I-I thought I might have lost you, you know, with the bomb and all.

Elizabeth: But you didn't.

Franco: You know, the only time I ever feel okay, the only time I ever feel like the world's okay is when I'm with you.

Elizabeth: What?

Jordan: I want updates on the roadblocks, and tell DA Garcia to get a judge on speed dial. We're gonna need a warrant. Yeah.

[Door opens]

Jordan: André. Uh, what are you doing --

André: I heard about the bomb scare, and when I came to check on my patients, I heard about you.

Sonny: Hey.

Curtis: Hey. Mr. Corinthos. Are you, uh, here to check on Jason?

Sonny: I already did. But I need your help.

Ava: Now, if you're finished smashing things, you might want to consider the fact that you and I now have a mutual enemy. Olivia killed Morgan. Now she's going after Julian. And that may not distress you, but it certainly distresses... Carly?

Carly: [Sighs] Hi, baby. I finally found out who did this to you. You know, the mystery is solved, and it wasn't Ava. [Sighs] It was her crazy sister. And I know what she looks like, because Ava showed me a picture of her. Her name is Olivia Jerome, and she's the reason I lost you forever.

Olivia Jerome: Bye-bye, little brother. You really did deserve that. Did you find Alexis?

Rudge: Sorry. I, uh, lost her in the woods.

Olivia: Normally, that kind of incompetence would make me furious, but tonight I'm gonna let it slide. [Sighs] So, where are we? Oh, we are at Roebling Park surrounded for miles by nature preserve. Poor thing, Alexis -- she's wearing heels. So it's going to take her hours before she can reach anybody anyplace where she can call the police. We'll be long gone by then.

Rudge: Yes, well, even so, I think we should get started.

Olivia: While I was unable to bring Duke back to life... or back to me, I was able to avenge his death. My work in this sordid, little town is done.

Rudge: Good. So we can --

Olivia: Yes, go to the pier, and, uh, have the boat standing by.

Rudge: Aren't you coming with me?

Olivia: There is one last wrong I need to right. I have to correct my past.

Elizabeth: Jake, is everything okay? What are you doing out of bed?

Jake: I heard you and Franco.

Elizabeth: Oh, we were just gonna come up and check on you.

Jake: Did something happen tonight?

Franco: Why would you think that something happened tonight?

Jake: Well, the babysitter would only let us watch DVDs, and she wouldn't let us watch TV or go on the internet.

Elizabeth: [Sighs] Well, she was right to do that because, yeah, something -- something happened tonight, but Franco and I are both fine.

Franco: Yeah, and so are Sam and your dad. [Clears throat]

Jake: What about the baby?

Elizabeth: Well, since you asked, I have a little surprise for you. I was gonna wait until morning to show you this, but I think I can do this now. Look. It's your new baby sister. Isn't she pretty? Jake, what are you thinking?

Jake: I don't think she's cursed. I sure hope not.

André: How's your head?

Jordan: Hard. [Sighs] I'll be fine.

André: Good. Between the bomb and the crazy lady and you being knocked unconscious, that's a hazardous time you just came through.

Jordan: Wait a second. I'm sorry. Did I just hear Dr. André Maddox, noted psychiatrist, refer to a very deeply troubled woman as a "crazy lady"?

André: She nearly blew you up. I could call her a lot worse than that.

Sonny: I talked to Jason. He gave me an update on Olivia Jerome. She nearly killed Sam and her baby. And she's the one who planted the bomb that killed my son.

Curtis: It's all true unfortunately, and then some.

Sonny: I know that you're ex-law enforcement, and you probably don't want to talk to me about this, but I need some answers.

Curtis: Mr. Corinthos, given the circumstances, I would be more than happy to provide you with any and all information that I have. But I'm afraid there's not much more to tell. It seems like you're up to speed.

Sonny: I really, really need to know where to find Olivia.

Curtis: If I knew, I'd be more than happy to tell you, too.

Sonny: That guy that she -- that owned the pawn shop --

Curtis: Rudge?

Sonny: Tell me what you know about this guy.

Carly: Morgan, everything has gone so wrong. I'm never gonna be over your death. But every choice I have made since has just been a disaster. And every mistake I make -- you know, poor Michael and Josslyn -- they get caught up in the fallout. And the thing is I know -- I know that if I had you, I could handle it all. I mean, if you just were still here with me. But you're gone. You're gone because of Ava and Julian's crazy sister. [Sighs] And I want justice for you. You know, I do. That's a lie. I don't want justice. I want revenge. God, I want revenge. I sound just like your dad, huh? I know I do. And how funny is that? After all this time that I finally really understand Sonny... [Sighs] I love you, baby. I love you so much, and I miss you every second of every day. [Sniffles] [Sighs, sniffles] [Sniffles, sighs]

Olivia Jerome: Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to intrude.

Kevin: Hey, what's up?

Laura: Hi.

Kevin: I was, uh, busy looking after patients at the hospital when I got your message.

Laura: Yeah. Is everybody okay?

Kevin: Well, evacuating a psych ward is difficult any time but especially during a bomb scare.

Laura: Mm.

Kevin: The staff was more rattled than the patients, though. You said it was urgent?

Laura: Charlotte's custody hearing -- the judge is gonna make her ruling tomorrow, but before she does, she wants to have Charlotte evaluated by a psychiatrist, and then the psychiatrist will make a recommendation to the court.

Kevin: That's standard. I-it'll probably happen first thing tomorrow morning.

Lulu: Oh, that's why you wanted to call Kevin over here.

Laura: Well...

Lulu: Is there any way you could make that evaluation? That way, we would definitely win.

Franco: So, uh, last night, you said that Helena put a curse on Sam. You remember saying that? Here, here, sit down for a sec.

Elizabeth: Tell me -- what is this about a curse?

Jake: Helena hated Sam, and she put a curse on her and Dad. I thought maybe she cursed the baby, too.

Elizabeth: Honey, Helena died over a year ago. How could she do anything to that baby?

Jake: Helena told me that the curse would still work after she died, but I think she was just saying that. I think the baby's okay.

Franco: Of course, the baby's okay.

Elizabeth: Yes, the baby's gonna be just fine, and so are Sam and your dad. They're gonna tell you the same thing when you meet your baby sister.

Jake: Are you sure?

Elizabeth: Yes, I'm sure! And you know what the thing is about curses? They're not real.

Jake: But Helena said --

Franco: Helena was a whack job.

Elizabeth: Helena liked to tell stories to scare people, and she liked to trick them into believing she was powerful and magical.

Jake: Like a witch?

Franco: Close -- only one letter off.

Elizabeth: But that's all it was -- just a story.

Franco: Or a lie. Or a delusion. Okay, you're right. I mean, I didn't know her. I didn't know how crazy she was.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Franco: Maybe she believed all the stories she was selling.

Elizabeth: Jake, the point is if you remember something, anything about your time with Helena, I want you to tell me, okay?

Jake: But I don't remember anything else, just her talking about the curse. That's all.

Franco: Maybe it's time for bed.

Elizabeth: Yeah, that's a good idea. Why don't you go upstairs, and we can talk about this later, okay? Jake, what is it?

Jake: "Never forget, Jake. Never tell."

Jordan: Thanks, Dante. I'm on my way. Yep, call me if there are any developments before I get there. Okay.

André: I know you need to get back to work. I just...

Jordan: Thank you. Thanks for checking on me.

André: I'd say "you're welcome," but it feels too formal. Jordan, we've been through way too much to stand here being polite to each other.

Curtis: That right there is a surveillance photo that I took from Alexis' house when I went to visit Julian. Now, his name is -- get this -- Winston Rudge. As far as his whereabouts, I can't even call it.

Sonny: Thanks.

Curtis: Yeah. Would you like me to send, uh -- send you a photo?

Sonny: I already sent it.

Curtis: [Chuckles] Let me know if you need anything.

Sonny: All right. Max. Any word on the waterfront? All right, let's just stay on it. I'm working on a different angle. You can bring Spinelli in if you need it, but I got a -- I got a name, and I got a face. We find him, we find Olivia Jerome.

Olivia Jerome: I'll just leave you in peace. Grief is such a private thing.

Carly: What are you doing here? I mean, at this time of night -- I-I thought that I was alone.

Olivia: Well, I was picking up an old artifact, something that really shouldn't have been here in the first place. I hate bad intel, don't you? I'll leave you alone.

Carly: No, no, no, no, no. You're not going anywhere. I know who you are.

Franco: Why did you say that?

Jake: I didn't say anything.

Franco: Yeah, you did. You just said, "Never forget, Jake. Never tell." What does that mean?

Jake: [Sighs] I don't know.

Elizabeth: Honey, we were just talking about Helena. Is that something you remember from when you were with her?

Jake: Maybe. I'm tired. I'm gonna go back to bed.

Elizabeth: Okay. Can we talk about this again tomorrow?

Jake: If you want, sure.

Elizabeth: I love you.

Jake: I love you, too, Mom.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Franco: You want help getting up the stairs?

Jake: Yeah.

Franco: [Grunts]

Jake: [Laughs]

Franco: Say good night to your mom.

Jake: Good night, Mom.

Elizabeth: Good night.

Franco: [Sighs] Is that what I think it is?

Elizabeth: "Jake's Adventure" -- the book Helena left me in her will.

Franco: You think Jake's seen the book?

Elizabeth: No. No. I was gonna throw it away or destroy it, but then you never know with Helena. She could be slowly poisoning you, and then you find out that you had the cure all along. So I thought it was best not to throw it away and not to leave it where any little ones could find it.

Franco: So you've kept it hidden.

Elizabeth: I had it in my locker at work for a while, and then my house exploded.

Franco: Oh, right. Maybe -- maybe that woman put a curse on you, too.

Elizabeth: [Chuckles] No. My bad choices are all my own doing. Which is kind of a good thing if you think about it 'cause that means I have the power to make better ones.

Franco: Well, I'm all for that.

Elizabeth: I just got so sick of seeing this in my locker. I brought it home and I put it away and I put it out of my mind 'cause I didn't want to think about it anymore. It's just kind of hard to forget, you know?

Franco: Jake just quoted the book. You think maybe he's seen it?

Elizabeth: Mnh-mnh. No, not where I hid it.

Franco: Maybe one of the other boys? Maybe Cameron found it, showed it to Jake?

Elizabeth: No, I can tell it hasn't been touched since I put it there, which makes this whole situation even more disturbing.

Franco: Mm. Let me see it. "Jake and the old woman had many, many more adventures. One day, before she said goodbye for the last time"...

Elizabeth: "The old woman pulled Jake close and whispered, 'Never forget, Jake. And never tell.'" What does that even mean? What did that woman do to my son?

André: I miss you, Jordan. I miss us. And, yes, it was my idea to break up.

Jordan: You know, you made me face some things that... maybe I was hiding from.

André: I know it was the right thing to do, but it doesn't make it hurt any less.

Jordan: For me, either.

André: Jordan, I-I'll always... I'll only be a phone call away. As a friend.

Jordan: I'd like that. [Laughs]

Curtis: The nurse said it was cool to... hey, Doc. [Sighs]

Sonny: Max. What do you got on Winston Rudge? Is that right?

Olivia Jerome: Well, you may know who I am, but, uh, the only thing I know about you is that you should mind your own business.

Carly: So you can just pretend like you weren't here? I can't do that.

Olivia: Try. Because if you keep pushing this any further, it's not going to turn out really well for you.

Carly: Why don't you tell me about that plaque?

Olivia: I'm really in a hurry. This says "Olivia St. John." That just used to be my name. That's all.

Carly: Olivia St. John. Well, Olivia St. John, you're a monster.

Olivia: A monster? [Laughs] You make it sound like I came out of the sea to terrorize Tokyo. What they're saying about me on television is just, uh -- well, it's complete sensationalism. It really is. And -- and I didn't know anything about a bomb in a hospital. And the thing with Anna was blown way out of proportion.

Carly: Shut up. Shut up and stop talking!

Olivia: [Laughs] You are so rude.

Carly: I don't give a damn. Hmm. I only care about one thing. You killed my son.

Kevin: I'm sorry, Lulu. There's no way I can evaluate Charlotte. It's a conflict of interest.

Lulu: Maybe we could use that to our advantage.

Kevin: Valentin's lawyer would never allow it. I mean [Scoffs] The man shot me.

Lulu: Exactly. He would have to admit to that, which would prove that he's unfit.

Laura: Actually, I think the court was already made aware of that when Anna and Griffin tried to get custody.

Lulu: Mm, that was just an affidavit. This time they would have to let Kevin evaluate Charlotte, or he might just testify in person about what Valentin did to him.

Kevin: That's just not the way it works, and even if it did, there's still my relationship with your mother. I'm sorry, Lulu. It can't happen.

Lulu: I'm sorry, too. I'm just a little desperate. I just want my daughter back.

Kevin: Of course, you do. And I'm sure Diane will do everything she can to make that happen.

Laura: Well, actually, Kevin, I was hoping that you still might be able to help us.

Kevin: [Sighs] Okay. How?

Laura: I know that you can't do the evaluation, but don't you know most of the therapists in Port Charles?

Kevin: Most of them, yes.

Laura: Okay, well, I was thinking maybe you could ask around and try to find out who was given that case and maybe try to reach out to that person and -- and just make them aware of the circumstances, you know?

Kevin: I can't. First of all, I don't have that kind of access, but even if I did, it still wouldn't be right. A therapist has to be impartial, for Charlotte's sake.

Lulu: Nothing about this has been impartial. Please. Please. Just find out who's doing the evaluation and tell them that my daughter has already been poisoned against me.

Elizabeth: I read this right after I got it...

Franco: Yeah.

Elizabeth: ...At the reading of Helena's will.

Franco: Me, too. A little boy meets an old woman in the woods. Cheers.

Elizabeth: Yeah, Helena and Jake and their time together on Cassadine Island.

Franco: Mm. Maybe. I mean, I'm -- I'm not sure. It seems so, yeah.

Elizabeth: Do you think this is code for something else?

Franco: I think that just because it seems innocuous doesn't mean that it actually is.

Elizabeth: I need to re-read this. Maybe there's something I missed, something that will tell me what happened when they were on that island.

Franco: Yeah. I'll re-read it, too. Okay, what are you thinking?

Elizabeth: Do you remember when Jake first came home? Well, he was -- he was -- You remember, right?

Franco: Totally insecure, terrified of being abandoned, and acting out occasionally, right?

Elizabeth: And then, it all came to a head when -- when Sam fell down the basement stairs and Jake blamed himself. And in the aftermath, he -- he worked through it, and he made a lot of progress. And ever since, he's seemed like just a normal little boy.

Franco: Perfectly normal kid. He sang at the Nurses' Ball, right? What was there to worry about?

Elizabeth: On the surface, nothing. But now that he's reciting Helena's warnings at the end of this book when he hasn't even seen it...

Franco: You think maybe it was something that Helena used to say to him?

Elizabeth: "Never forget. Never tell."

Franco: Maybe they had some kind of secret.

Elizabeth: I'm so scared that Jake is holding on to a terrible trauma, something so bad he's chosen to block it out.

Franco: Well, what do you want to do about it?

Elizabeth: I don't know. I don't know where to start. I don't want to keep grilling him about Helena, and -- and I certainly don't want to show him this book.

Franco: Maybe there's another way.

[Cell phone ringing]

Jordan: Uhh... ooh, this is, uh, Dante. I-I got to take this.

[Ringing continues]

Curtis: Well, I guess she won't be needing this. It's all yours if you want it, Doc.

André: I heard you helped defuse the bomb.

Curtis: I did my part.

André: You saved a lot of people, and, for that, I thank you.

Curtis: Okay, uh, but you still don't like me, right?

André: Jordan and I had something that mattered, something special, something you wouldn't understand, but you blew it apart just to prove that you could. So, no, Curtis, I don't like you.

Rudge: Olivia, the boat's ready. We need to go. [Sighs] Olivia? Are you here?

Sonny: No, but I am.

Olivia Jerome: You're his mother.

Carly: His name was Morgan. And, yeah, I'm his mother. And you're standing on his grave -- the boy you murdered.

Olivia: [Sighs] I told you this wasn't gonna turn out well for you.

Carly: You're crazy. You're really crazy.

Olivia: You have a loaded gun pointed at you, and you're hurling insults at me. Some might say that you're the one that's unstable.

Carly: My boy had his whole life ahead of him, and you stole that from him. And you stole him from me. So I'm gonna make you pay.

Olivia: Not today.

Carly: Yes, today!


Olivia: [Grunting] Ohh. [Breathing heavily] You shot me.

Carly: Yeah.

Olivia: [Sighs, sniffles]

Carly: Okay, you crazy bitch. Now we're gonna talk about how you killed my son.

Lulu: I told you what happened at Maxie and Nathan's wedding, how I informed Charlotte that I was her mother right after she found out about Claudette's death. It was a horrible mistake.

Kevin: Bad timing, certainly, but you did tell her the truth.

Lulu: Valentin was furious. He wouldn't let me near Charlotte. Then, there was the whole debacle at Crimson. Um, Maxie called me over to crimson so that I could have a secret visit with Charlotte. I had no idea she was there, but when I saw her, I-I couldn't leave, even though I know I should have. I have not had a chance to show my little girl how much I love her. So there is no way that she is gonna say anything good about me to some impartial therapist. She hates me.

Kevin: Today, maybe, but you know kids. They hate you one day, and then they love you the next. Charlotte's feelings will change.

Lulu: Not by tomorrow.

Kevin: Probably not. But a good therapist -- and I can guarantee that whoever's appointed by the court will be good -- they'll be able to talk to Charlotte, and they'll be able to see beyond the words.

Lulu: Charlotte doesn't need words to show how much she doesn't like me.

Kevin: It's more than that -- be able to interpret her emotions and her actions, as well as her words, get to the root of why she feels the way she does. And given the circumstances, it could work in your favor.

Laura: How so?

Kevin: Diane made it very clear to the judge that Valentin kept Charlotte's existence from you for a long time. It's in the record. And the therapist is going to know that when they go to talk to Charlotte. I know it's hard, but we need to trust the system.

Lulu: You're right. I've been too focused on what Charlotte is gonna say about me and not on what the psychiatrist and the courts are gonna hear. Thank you for giving me that perspective and showing me the bigger picture. I-I got to go.

Laura: Where are you going, honey?

Lulu: I'm gonna go to Olivia's. It's past Rocco's bedtime. I'm gonna be home when Dante gets in. Later.

Laura: Bye, sweetie.

Kevin: Good night.

Laura: [Sighs]

Kevin: [Sighs] I'm sorry I-I couldn't be more help.

Laura: No, no, no. I'm sorry. I-I should never have put you on the spot like that. I just -- I guess had to ask.

Kevin: Of course, you did.

Laura: Well, actually, then I have one more favor to ask.

Kevin: What?

Laura: [Breathes deeply] I need you to be straight with me.

Curtis: I think you got me twisted, Doc. See, we're not together, nor do we have any kind of plans of being together, okay?

André: [Sighs]

Curtis: So if you want to be with the commissioner, knock your socks off. But we have no romantic intentions at all.

André: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You can save all that bull.

Curtis: What are you saying?

André: Yeah, you -- you can spare me your pathetic attempt to act like a gentleman and bow out gracefully. If you had any integrity, you would have done that from the start. But you don't. So you went after Jordan, and you got her. But if you bail on her now, then she'll know you're a coward just like I do, or a player. Either way, you'll lose her, too.

Ava: Sonny? Did you ignore my last message? Pl-- please don't ignore this one, okay? I've been released. All the charges against me have been dropped. I haven't seen Avery for weeks. And I called Carly to ask for a visit, and she came storming over here and unloaded on me, which I do not appreciate one bit. For the last time, I had nothing to do with Morgan's death. And, Sonny, it's detrimental -- it's harmful for Avery not to see me. So, please, call me back, okay, so that we can arrange a visit. Please?

[Knock on door]

Ava: I-I would really appreciate the courtesy of a reply, for Avery's sake.

[Knock on door]

Ava: Oh! Commissioner. Well, are you here to offer me a formal apology for holding me for weeks for a crime I did not commit?

Jordan: No apology. No, but I am here to speak with you.

Ava: What's wrong? Did something happen to Julian?

Jordan: Why would you say that?

Ava: Oh, you know. He's -- [Chuckling] He's always getting himself into trouble. Sort of our thing.

Jordan: Actually, I'm here about your sister, Olivia. She's all over the news.

Ava: Oh, yes. [Clicks tongue] Yes. Yeah, I know.

Jordan: So is that why you were asking about Julian?

Ava: Yes. Uh, you may have noticed that Olivia is completely insane, and I'm worried that she might go after Julian.

Jordan: Okay, do you have a specific reason for thinking so?

Ava: Well, there's just the little fact that, once upon a time, he did try to kill her.

Jordan: No, no, I'm -- I was unclear. What makes you think that Liv went after Julian tonight?

Ava: Well, she wanted to see him, and she was very insistent.

Jordan: Okay, and how do you know that?

Ava: Because they were both here.

Sonny: What's my name?

Rudge: Sonny Corinthos.

Sonny: What's my son's name?

Rudge: Look, I don't want any trouble.

Sonny: What's my son's name?!

Rudge: Morgan -- Morgan Corinthos.

Sonny: Where's your boss, the one who killed him?

Rudge: I don't know.

Sonny: That's just too bad because if you can't tell me where Olivia Jerome is, you are useless to me. And you know what that makes you? That makes you somebody who helped her kill my son! What do you think I'm gonna do with that?

Olivia Jerome: I swear... if you just let me go, I promise I won't bother you again.

Carly: You got that right. You're not gonna bother me again. In fact, you're not gonna bother anyone ever again.

Olivia: What happened to your son was an accident. I never targeted Morgan. I was after Julian. It was a mistake. I'm so, so sorry this happened to you! It wasn't my fault. It was Julian's fault.

Carly: And I blamed Julian. I did. I blamed Ava, and I blamed Sonny. Most of all, I blamed myself. I did, because I couldn't protect my son. But not anymore, because one person decided to plant that bomb, and one person is responsible for my son's death, and that's you.

Olivia: W-what good is it gonna do to kill me, though?

Olivia: I don't care about doing good! I don't care! Because it's not fair that you're breathing god's air and my son is dead. My son is dead because of you. And you're right, nothing I do is gonna bring him back. No, but I can balance the scales maybe a little. I can make sure you're not alive to hurt anybody else.

Kevin: Be straight with you about what?

Laura: In your heart of hearts, knowing the courts and the therapists and how that all works the way you do and knowing the specifics of this case, what's your honest opinion about what's gonna happen tomorrow?

Kevin: Honestly?

Laura: Mm-hmm?

Kevin: I think it could go either way.

Franco: Art therapy.

Elizabeth: Keep going.

Franco: We use colorful paints and crayons to get to the root of it without actually having to directly ask Jake anything about Helena or the book.

Elizabeth: And if you're not directly asking him questions, he won't feel the need to evade them like he did tonight.

Franco: Exactly. Yeah. We can help Jake access the experience without him even realizing what's going on, find out what's going on without him having to relive anything.

Elizabeth: [Sighs] Once those floodgates open --

Franco: It's okay, then we'll just -- at least we'll know what we're dealing with. I've done this kind of thing with Jake before, and I'm pretty sure I can unlock whatever it is he's got in his head.

Elizabeth: Okay, as long as you're sure.

Franco: I am.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Franco: Just one little problem. What's that? Well, Jason. [Laughs]

Elizabeth: Ohh.

Franco: He didn't like when I was doing this kind of work with Jake before. In fact, he got kind of pushy about it at one point. And if he finds out that this is what we're doing, I'm pretty sure he's gonna try and stop it.

Elizabeth: Well, I guess, until there's something concrete to report, maybe Jason just shouldn't know.

Franco: You sure about that?

Elizabeth: Yeah, I'll handle Jason. We need to figure out what's going on in Jake's mind. I need to know what Helena did to my son.

Ava: And the next thing I knew, Olivia was here in my apartment, on that sofa, holding me at gunpoint. And she forced me to call Julian to lure him here, and she called him when he was here to lure him somewhere else.

Jordan: And why didn't you call Julian to warn him after she left?

Ava: I was tied up... in that chair. Please keep that between us. It's a little embarrassing.

Jordan: So, Ava, this woman -- she takes you hostage, coerces you into helping her trap Julian. Why didn't you call the police right away?

Ava: Are you seriously asking me that? [Chuckling] Really? When the PCPD is so obviously biased against me? When I was just released after being held for weeks for a crime that I did not commit and had nothing to do with?

Jordan: Fine. [Scoffs] Point taken. Where did Julian go to meet Olivia?

Ava: Now, that's the big problem. I have no idea where they are.

Sonny: I know you and Olivia were taking that boat to Canada. I got a lot of influence on the waterfront. When you made a deal for the boat, I got a call. I followed you.

Rudge: Olivia was supposed to meet me. I don't know where she's gone.

Sonny: Well, you better figure it out! Or else I'm gonna have to pull this trigger.

Rudge: She didn't tell me where she was going. All she said was she had to right one last wrong and correct her past.

Olivia Jerome: Please, don't.

Carly: Would you have listened to me if I begged? If Morgan begged you, would you have listened to him?

Olivia: Yes, of course! I told you it was never meant for Morgan to be hurt. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Aah!

Carly: Well, now it's your turn. I mean, what are the odds? I visit my son's grave, and I come face-to-face with the woman who killed him? I mean, that has to be fate, right? Or God. Or the universe at work. Some higher power heard my prayer, and here you are.

Olivia: [Whimpers]

Carly: I'm not gonna miss out on an answered prayer.

Olivia: Don't! Please!

Carly: I'm gonna take full advantage of it.

Olivia: You don't want to do this!

Carly: Yeah, I do. I really do.

Olivia: [Gasps]

On the next "General Hospital" --

Ava (to Dante): I think she's planning to kill him.

Alexis: I think Julian may already be dead.

Dillon (to Kiki): We're over before we even started.

Monica: To ??

Tracy: Cheers!

Sonny (to Rudge): It's going to get real ugly if you don't tell me what I need to know.

Carly: So enjoy your time in hell, Olivia.

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