GH Transcript Friday 3/10/17

General Hospital Transcript Friday 3/10/17


Episode #13760 ~ Griffin makes a sacrifice; Jason risks his life to save Robin & Anna; Olivia Jerome uses Ava as bait.

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Hayden: Curtis.

Curtis: Oh, hey.

Hayden: You can't go in there.

Curtis: Glad you're okay.

Hayden: Thanks, but you can't go in there. We're on lockdown.

Curtis: Lockdown's over. Olivia Jerome escaped. She's on the run. Have you seen Jordan?

Hayden: Another PR problem. I'll have to contact the board.

Curtis: Okay, Hayden, stay with me, now. I can't reach her, okay? Have you seen Jordan Ashford?

Hayden: The commissioner?

Curtis: Yeah.

Hayden: Uh, I-I think so. Earlier.

Curtis: Okay, great.

Hayden: Was she the one you were pining over when we had drinks?

Curtis: I promise we'll talk about our love lives later, okay? Right now, I got to find the commissioner. I'll call you.

Hayden: You better!

Finn: What you need, Griffin? My patients need me. So if you'll stop following me...

Griffin: Hey! Not this time! All right, listen to me. I'm kind of having a bad day, so this is what we're gonna do. We're gonna go to Monica, you and I together, and you are gonna tell her that you need time off for rehab. You may have forgotten your oath to do no harm, but it is my ethical responsibility to stop you.

Finn: [Laughs] Ethical responsibility.

Griffin: Yeah.

Finn: All right, Griffin, you do what you have to do.

Griffin: I intend to. Let's go.

Elizabeth: Dr. Munro, your patient in ICU, she needs you. Now.

Curtis: Hey, my man. I-I know you're busy. Have you seen Commissioner Ashford? I'm a friend. She asked me to meet her here.

Officer: Yeah, I've seen you around the station.

Curtis: Okay, right. Well, is she in the building?

Officer: We're looking for her right now.

Curtis: Wait, wait, wait. Looking for her? You can't locate her?

Officer: Detective Falconeri initiated a search. That's all I can say.

Curtis: Okay, come on, come on, come on. Come on, Jordan, pick up. Pick up.

[Cell phone ringing]

Curtis: Jordan? Can you hear me? Jordan!

[Ringing stops]

Curtis: [Knocks down the door] Oh no. No, no, no, no.

Jason: Hey, here we go, baby girl. Get a little sleep? Yeah? Yeah.

Sam: I can't wait to get her home.

Jason: Yeah, me either.

[Scout fussing]

Jason: But as long as Olivia Jerome's out there

[Baby talking]

Jason: You guys are better off in here. Yes, you are. It's okay.

Sam: Shh.

Jason: [Normal voice] Hm.

Olivia Jerome: Oh, darn. I thought you'd gone out for olives.

Ava: What are you doing here?

Olivia: But you do like olives in your martinis, don't you? I just think it's amazing how DNA works all the way down to vodka and vermouth. I mean, it's just amazing. And the similarities that we have. I just -- I love your taste. I really, really wish that, you know, that -- uh, you don't need that. So much for the joyful introduction. I was hoping for tears, or we could talk about our similarities. Our shapely legs. Our golden, sunshine-blonde hair. And our traitorous brother. Where is he? Where's Julian, Ava?

Anna: Olivia has Robin, and she's in danger.

Dante: I know, Anna. [Inhales deeply] I'm on it. Please, don't get up. No -- you've lost too much blood, okay?

Anna: Don't tell me to rest. Don't tell me to calm down. Because that psychopath has Robin, and I have to find her.

Robin: [Breathing heavily] [Groans]

Griffin: Are you talking about Marisol Valdez? What's going on?

Elizabeth: Well, her parents couldn't get in because of the lockdown, and she's alone and scared, and she's asking for you. So whatever this is, Marisol needs you more.

Griffin: I'll be right there. This isn't over.

Elizabeth: Dr. Finn. What are you doing?

Curtis: Okay, Jordan, baby, please. Please be -- don't be...

Jordan: [Groans]

Curtis: Come on, come on, come on, come on. Oh, God.

Jordan: [Groans]

Curtis: Oh, there we go. Okay.

Jordan: [Groans]

Curtis: Come on. You okay?

Jordan: I'm -- I'm fine. I'm fine.

Curtis: Well, we know you fine. But are you okay?

Jordan: [Laughs softly] Always with the jokes. Oh.

Curtis: Did you see who did this?

Jordan: No. No, no. It must've been -- it must've been Rudge. I was following him into the basement, thinking he would lead me to Olivia Jerome. But he must've gotten the jump on me. We got to -- we got to get down there.

Curtis: No. No, no, no, no, no, no. You need to relax, okay? And I hate to break it to you, but Olivia Jerome escaped, okay? She's at large.

Jordan: What? Damn!

Curtis: Yeah. No worries, though, okay? Your team put out a -- a BOLO, okay? They got checkpoints all over the state, so they're on it.

Jordan: Okay.

Curtis: [Inhales deeply, exhales] All right, now, we need to get you finally to the doctor, get you looked at.

Jordan: [Grunts]

Curtis: Come on.

Jordan: Oh.

Curtis: Okay, come on.

Jordan: Okay.

Curtis: Take your time. Easy. Get your phone.

Jordan: Okay.

Curtis: All right. All right, come on. Easy, easy, easy.

Jordan: Hey! Hold it right there.

Ava: I have no idea where Julian is.

Olivia Jerome: Thought he lived here.

Ava: He did. I don't know what he's doing now. I'm just getting back myself. I haven't seen hide nor hair of Julian since February -- when he visited me in jail for a crime you committed. It was your bomb. It was you that killed Morgan.

Olivia: Don't be all self-righteous with me! You've killed people before to get what you want, too.

Ava: But you were careless! Morgan was a beautiful person. He shouldn't have died like that. He didn't deserve to die at all.

Olivia: Neither did Duke. And Julian killed him.

Ava: Well, fine. So Julian had Duke killed. I didn't have anything to do with it. So what do you want from me?

Olivia: A special delivery.

Sam: What's on your mind?

Jason: [Scoffs] What's on my mind. I don't understand how this woman got away. There are cops on every inch of this hospital.

Sam: [Sighs]

Jason: We've been on lockdown. How did she get away?

Sam: Well, my "Aunt Olivia" is crazy, but she's not stupid. She has a talent for deceiving people.

[Footsteps approaching]

Sam: We've learned that.

Alexis: She certainly deceived me.

Jason: Hey.

Olivia: Hey.

Jason: Wow, thank you. Look at that.

Olivia: An AA sponsor, of all things. She targeted me, and I led her right to you. Hi, there.

Sam: I know, but it's -- it's not your fault. How could you have known? I mean, look at us. We're okay. Right, Scout?

Olivia: Yeah. I almost lost you both. I was really scared.

Sam: Oh, mom.

Olivia: You know what? You hung in there, and you didn't let go.

Sam: No. I know. Why would I? I have -- I have everything I ever wanted.

[Scout coos]

Jason: I'm gonna make sure that doesn't change. Alexis, can you do me a favor? Will you stay with my girls for me?

Olivia: Of course.

Jason: Thank you.

Sam: Hey. Can you do me a favor?

Jason: Hm?

Sam: Hurry back to your girls?

Jason: Yeah, yeah. Be right back.

Sam: Don't "yeah, yeah" me.

Jason: [Chuckles]

[Scout fusses]

Robin: [Muffled] I'm in here! Somebody help, please! Please, help me! In the elevator! Please! Help! Help!

Anna: [Sighs]

[Door opens]

Anna: Yeah?

Dante: You really doing this?

Anna: Yeah. I'm really doing this. And if you're not gonna help me, then...

Dante: Well, there's not really much for you to do. There's a BOLO in effect for every branch of law enforcement in New York and the greater tri-state area looking for Olivia Jerome. And they're looking for Robin too.

Anna: So you might get lucky with Olivia, but that doesn't do anything for Robin. Because who knows where she's stashed her and what kind of condition she's in.

Dante: We will find her.

Anna: Don't do that. Please, don't just pacify me. You need to go out there, and you need to talk to people and ask them, "Who was the last person to see Robin?" She was here. So you need to look at all the hospital surveillance tapes and the surrounding area, you know?

Dante: Thank you, Anna. Thank you. I know how to do my job.

Anna: Well, then go and do it!

Dante: I can't do my job.

Anna: You've got 48 hours to find her.

Dante: I would love to go find Robin right now. You're not making that very easy. So please, could you stay in this bed and not move?

Anna: [Voice breaking] Just go. Go. Damn it. I got to go. I got to...

Jason: Hey, Anna.

Anna: [Groans]

Jason: Are you okay?

Anna: [Exhales sharply] Robin's in trouble.

Finn: What am I doing? What are you doing leaving patients' meds unattended?

Elizabeth: Yes, and that was my mistake. I came back for them. What's your explanation?

Finn: I don't think I need an explanation to check my patient's dosage.

Elizabeth: By planning a little taste-test? Yeah, no. I don't think so. I think you saw these opioids and went for them. And I'm betting this is not the first time.

Finn: Nurse Webber, you are officially out of line.

Elizabeth: No, Dr. Finn, I think you are. I know the signs of a user. You're sweating. Your pupils are dilated.

Finn: Okay. I, um -- I don't have time for this. I have patients to see.

Elizabeth: And now I understand what was going on with Griffin. You are not fit to practice, and I can't let you treat patients when you're like this.

Finn: Elizabeth, let go of me.

Hayden: What's going on?

Finn: Nothing! [Sniffs] Nothing. It's, um -- it was just, uh, a little misunderstanding. Right, Nurse Webber?

Elizabeth: No, actually, I'm not confused at all, and neither should you be. I just caught Finn stealing patient meds. He's an addict, Hayden. I know because I've been there. You may be in denial right now, but this is --

Hayden: No, I'm not in denial. I know.

Alexis: Okay, there's apricots, blueberries, strawberries. And they're everything that's good for breastfeeding moms. Thanks to Olivia, I now know everything there is to know about breast fee-- and I'm talking about the good Olivia.

Sam: I know, Mom.

Alexis: Not the bad Olivia.

Sam: I know. I-I know, Mom.

Alexis: [Sighs] I mean, she was my AA sponsor. She manipulated me the whole time. I-I trusted her. I told her absolutely everything. And Julian knew about it. He knew about it the whole time. He also knew she was behind Morgan's death. I mean, how can somebody continually lie like that?

Sam: I don't know.

Alexis: How can somebody be this stupid...

Sam: Mom...

Alexis: ...All the time? Nah, you know what? At least when I drank, I didn't notice as much.

Sam: Stop. Stop second-guessing yourself.

Alexis: [Sighs]

Sam: This is Julian's fault, not yours.

Alexis: You know, he's here in the hospital.

Sam: What?

Alexis: Olivia held him captive, and then she put him in the trunk of her car.

Sam: Is he hurt?

Alexis: He'll live. He did ask about you and the baby, though.

Sam: So you saw him.

Alexis: For a second. Just to read him the riot act.

Sam: Mom, stop, please. You're worried about him, aren't you? Just admit it.

Jordan: What are you doing here?

Julian: Well, I heard my sister escaped, so I wanted to check for myself that she wasn't still in the hospital.

Jordan: We'll do that. Thank you.

Julian: Good.

Jordan: Has she tried to contact you?

Julian: Hell no.

Jordan: Any idea where she'd go?

Julian: You know, I've been thinking about that. I mean, she's too smart to head back to the motel or the herb shop. And she's obviously long gone from here.

Jordan: So no friends? No...

Julian: [Sighs]

Jordan: ...Allies? Someone to help her disappear?

Julian: Well, just the people she's got working for her. I swear, if I knew I'd tell you. I don't want Olivia out there. I want them all in custody. It's the only way to make sure that my family's safe.

Jordan: Where are you going?

Julian: To check on my daughter. Sam may hate the sight of me, but I want to make sure that she and her baby are safe.

Jason: How long has Robin been missing?

Anna: Long enough for Olivia to get to her.

Jason: You sure she wasn't bluffing?

Anna: No, no. She's not bluffing. She did this before when Robin was a child. And I've been calling Robin all day. And she's not answering. And it's just going to message. And that's not like her. She would contact me if she could.

Jason: Okay, okay. Whoa. Are you sure you're all right?

Anna: Yeah. Yeah.

Jason: Did Olivia say anything? Anything that would help us find her?

Anna: [Exhales sharply] I don't know. She said a lot of stuff. [Sighs] She said that our history together was gonna come back to haunt me.

Jason: Meaning what?

Anna: I don't know. It could -- we have a lot of things that happened between us years ago. It could mean anything.

Jason: Okay, well, if something comes to mind, give me a call. I'm gonna go to the herb shop that Olivia was using.

Anna: No. I think we should look in the hospital.

Jason: Anna, the cops have searched the hospital.

Anna: No, oh, I have a feeling. I don't know. I just think that Robin's here. I don't know why, but I just think so.

Jason: Okay, then. I believe you. If she's in this hospital, I'll find her.

Anna: Jason?

Jason: Yes?

Anna: I want to come with you.

Jason: Are you sure you're up for that?

Anna: I am. [Voice breaking] Can you help me?

Jason: I will help you.

Olivia Jerome: So, this is how this has to go. You call Julian. Tell him to come home.

Ava: Now, why would I do that? What is it you're planning to do to him?

Olivia: Why do you care? I-I don't understand. He let you stay in jail for -- for weeks. He doesn't care about you. He doesn't care about me. [Voice breaking] He doesn't care about anybody but himself, which is why he killed my Duke. And now it's come to this. Because I failed.

Ava: We all fail from time to time.

Olivia: Failure wasn't an option for me. I-I-I failed my mission at GH. I failed my Duke. I failed to recapture his soul. I tried the meng-po, and it was a lie. And the green teas were just a -- just brown water. And Duke's son. God, Duke, I'm so sorry. I tried so hard to bring you back. And we also have this in common. Our resilience. Get away from the drawer. Go over there. Go over there. Over there.

Ava: What are you doing?

Olivia: The next best thing. I want you to call him. Don't bother with his cell phone, because I had to toss it when I had him in the trunk of the car.

Ava: You put him in the trunk of a car?

Olivia: He's out of the trunk of the car now, I'm sure.

Ava: How would I call him, then?

Olivia: Improvise! Use that beautiful brain of yours to figure out where he would go after that and call him. Call him.

Jason: The cops have already made their sweep, so our best bet is going to be concentrating on any place we think they might've overlooked -- the storage facilities, the infrastructure. Anna. What's going on?

Anna: My past with Olivia. Coming back to haunt me.

Finn: Now?

Hayden: Excuse me.

Finn: Again? Be right back.

Hayden: You're not going anywhere. We have to deal with this.

Elizabeth: How long have you known?

Hayden: Long enough to know that he values his drugs over me -- and his career, obviously.

Finn: That's not true. You know that's not true. And for the record, I would never do anything that interferes with my job or my patients.

Elizabeth: [Scoffs] That's exactly what my ex-husband used to say. He was a cop. And instead of stealing meds [Voice breaking] He would have the girl he was cheating with steal them for him. Anything to get his fix.

Finn: Yeah. That's a very nice cautionary tale. That's not me. I'm not that far gone.

Elizabeth: And you lie just as smoothly as Lucky did. Has he turned the tables on you yet? Made you feel like you don't understand or you're not being supportive enough? Because that's straight out of an addict's playbook. Don't be an enabler, Hayden. He will take you down with him.

Finn: That's never gonna happen.

Elizabeth: He will ruin your life. Look at what you've accomplished. You're gonna throw that all away?

Finn: Listen to me. She has no idea who we are or what we have, right? That's her life. This is your life.

Elizabeth: Okay. Listen to me. You could have the love story to end all love stories, but as long as he's using, he's gonna break your heart. Just like Lucky broke mine.

Finn: Hey, I'm sorry, but what this fella did to you, that's not -- are you actually listening to this?

Hayden: Elizabeth, thank you.

Nurse: I double-checked. Our records show a Julian Jerome in Room 1034, but he's not there.

Julian: Uh, I'm Julian Jerome.

Nurse: As it happens, he's standing right in front of me. For you. Uh, keep it brief. We need the line.

Julian: Thanks. This is Julian.

Ava: Julian!

Julian: Ava?

Ava: Yeah, it's me. I need you to come home, right now. I'm, um -- I have a bit of a problem.

Julian: Ava, what's wrong?

Ava: [Exhales sharply]

Julian: Ava?

Alexis: All right, I will -- I will tell you this much. I was a little worried when he gave me the key to the safe deposit box. It was as if he was saying goodbye.

Sam: He was lying to you then. He could've used whatever was in that box to stop Olivia, but he chose not to. He chose to protect her.

Alexis: Or protect us.

Sam: [Scoffs] You really think he's trying to protect us?

Alexis: I don't know. What I do know is she has leverage against him. And when I told him that she was my sponsor, he tried to, uh -- well, he warned me to stay away from her.

Sam: [Sighs]

[Scout fussing]

Alexis: [Sighs] Scout speaks.

Sam: [Chuckles] I think she's trying to get our attention. She probably wants to tell you her name.

Alexis: You named her?

Sam: Yeah. It's official. Emily Scout Morgan. [Laughs softly]

Alexis: Well.

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: That's nice. See? Your life is perfect after all.

[Baby coos]

Curtis: Are we really gonna do this? Huh? You're gonna continue to push yourself until you literally collapse. And guess what. I'm gonna look like the bad guy 'cause I didn't do more to help you out.

Jordan: [Sighs]

Dante: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What happened to you?

Curtis: Rudge jumped her, knocked her out, and she needs medical attention.

Jordan: Later. I'm fine, okay? Fortunately, Curtis found me. What is the update on Olivia Jerome?

Dante: Nothing yet. But now it seems she's abducted Robin Scorpio-Drake.

Jason: Anna, what are you thinking?

Anna: You see, you killed my baby.

Olivia Jerome: I hired Tim to make the elevator fall from the top floor and to cross the wires so that Duke would die one way or another. And it made me sick to think of you walking around carrying his baby. I did the next best thing. I made you lose your baby.

Anna: [Gasps] Robin's in the elevator.

Finn: Why do we need somewhere private to talk? Come on. You don't -- you don't actually believe the things that Elizabeth was saying, do you?

Hayden: Which part? The part about me putting my life back together? Or the part about you being an addict? Because I believed every word about both.

Finn: That was her life, all right? That was her ex-husband, all right? I'm not gonna crash. I sure as hell am not gonna drag you down with me.

Hayden: No, you're not. Because it stops now. Either you get clean immediately or I will personally have you removed from this hospital. And then you will be gone from here and my life forever.

Anna: Robin! Robin, are you in there? We're gonna get you out!

Jason: Move. Robin! It's Jason. I'm gonna get this door open.

Dante: Jason, what's going on?

Jason: [Grunting]

Anna: Robin's in there, Dante. She's in there.

Jason: Hold on!

Anna: Oh, Robin!

Jason: N-n-no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Look, look.

[Robin groans]

Anna: Okay. We have to get her out of there.

Jason: Yeah, I know. She's standing on some pressure plate.

Anna: Uh-huh.

Jason: It's like a land mine.

Dante: And there's dual triggers. You got the pressure plate and you got the timer.

Anna: 25 minutes.

Jason: What are you doing?

Dante: I'm gonna call the bomb squad and evacuate the building. You guys, out of here, right now. Let's go.

Anna: I used to be able to do this.

Jason: Anna, I need you to be with me right here, okay?

Anna: Okay. Robin, listen. We're gonna get you out of there, okay? We're gonna get you out. What are you doing? No. I need to untie her.

Jason: Stop.

Anna: What? Don't --

Jason: Five minutes ago, you almost fainted right in front of me. Do you want to go in there? You want to jostle her? You knock her off that thing, you will kill her...

Anna: Okay.

Jason: ...And everybody else here.

Anna: Okay.

Jason: Okay?

Anna: It's okay.

Alexis: Emily Scout is a beautiful, fearless name for a beautiful, fearless girl. [Gasps] I think she looks like Molly.

Sam: You do?

Alexis: Yeah. Do you know how many people love you? Let's count. Two brothers. Two aunts. Oh, she really looks like molly. Where was I? Oh, two grandmas. And a mom and dad who will do anything to keep you safe.

[Fire alarm ringing]

Sam: Is that a fire alarm? Do you think that's for real?

Alexis: I don't -- let me go check it out, all right?

Sam: Yeah.

Alexis: You got her? There you go, sweet girl. You got the baba?

Sam: Yeah, yeah.

Alexis: Okay. I'll be right back.

Sam: Okay. Don't you worry, pretty. Mommy and daddy won't let anything happen to you.

[Alarm continues ringing]

Jason: Hey. How you doing? [Chuckles nervously] It's gonna be okay. Just give me a few minutes. Be right there. All right. Here we are. Okay. I'm gonna remove this.

Robin: Mm.

Jason: You're doing great. Don't want you to shift your weight or anything, okay?

Robin: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Jason: Ready?

Robin: Agh!

Jason: Sorry that stung.

Robin: Thank you.

Jason: Yeah, of course. All right. Now let me get these bindings, okay?

Anna: Robin, keep looking at me, okay?

Robin: Mm-hmm.

Anna: 'Cause we're gonna find a way to get you out of here. You know me. I never give up.

Robin: I knew you'd find me.

Anna: Of course.

[Robin groans]

Jason: Do-- don't move. Okay.

Dante: Okay, the bomb squad's less than 10 minutes out. Building's almost clear. What the hell are you doing in here?

Alexis: Guys, what is going on?

Dante: Alexis, you can't be here.

Alexis: Wha-- oh, my God. Is that a bomb?

Jason: Alexis, do me a favor. Will you get Sam and the baby out of this hospital, right now?

Alexis: Oh, my God. What do you want me to tell her?

Jason: Just tell her I love her. Go! Please!

Dante: Okay, I'm gonna set up some uniforms at the exits to keep people away. I'm gonna make sure the building is in fact cleared out.

Anna: Get everyone out of here.

Robin: Jason.

Jason: Yeah?

Robin: Go get Sam and the baby. You have to get them out now.

Jason: Oh, no, I'm not going anywhere.

Curtis: What the hell is that now? Yeah, 10 bucks this has something to do with Olivia Jerome.

Jordan: I need to coordinate with my officers.

Curtis: All right, let's go.

Jordan: What? Are you deputizing yourself?

Curtis: Well, uh, in case you missed it, you're in a hospital where a little crazy woman is on the loose, okay? And the fire alarm just went off, so I'm guessing you do need my help.

Jordan: Fine. But don't think this sets a precedent.

Robin: Mom, I need you to go now.

Anna: No, that's not going to happen. I'm waiting here with you. The bomb squad will be here any minute.

Jason: Yeah, I don't think we should wait.

Anna: What?

Robin: What? What do you mean?

Jason: As long as there's consistent pressure on this plate, everything should be okay.

Robin: Yes, yes. That's what Olivia said. The second I step off this plate, the bomb explodes.

Jason: It won't happen if I take your place. I step on. You step off. We'll be okay.

Robin: No. Jason, no.

Jason: Listen to me. The bomb squad's coming.

Robin: No!

Jason: As long as I keep constant pressure, there's not gonna be a problem.

Robin: You don't think they're gonna make it, right? You don't think the bomb squad is gonna come in time to disarm the bomb, and so you're trying to take my place.

Jason: I just think you've been standing here long enough.

Robin: [Scoffs]

Anna: He's right, darling. You have been standing there too long. You got to think about the baby. Right?

Jason: Baby?

Robin: [Scoffs]

Jason: What baby?

Robin: [Exhales sharply] I'm pregnant.

Jason: You're pregnant? Okay, then we're not arguing anymore. We're gonna get off --

Anna: No, I'm gonna do it.

Jason: No, I've got it.

Robin: No! No!

Anna: No, I'm gonna do it.

Jason: Listen to me. We can't take the risk.

Anna: This is my daughter carrying my grandchild. You have a wife and children. You don't need to be doing this.

Jason: You can't do it.

Anna: I can do this.

Robin: Mom, you know how much I love you, right? And I know that you want to help me right now. But you almost fainted. [Voice breaking] You're just not strong enough to do this right now.

[Alarm continues ringing]

Anna: All right. Okay. Okay.

Robin: Okay?

Anna: Yeah, yeah.

Robin: Okay.

Anna: Okay.

Robin: Go.

Anna: No.

Robin: I will meet you outside.

Anna: I am waiting here for you.

Robin: [Scoffs]

Jason: Ready?

Robin: Okay. How do we do this?

Jason: Take my hand. I'll come behind you. Now, if I remember correctly, you like to dance, right?

Robin: [Laughs nervously] Yeah.

Jason: I'm gonna put one foot in. Right here. Right next to yours.

Robin: [Exhales sharply]

Jason: You take that foot off. Move to the side. I'm gonna slide right in here. Wait for me. Wait for me. Okay, you're free. You're off. Move.

Robin: [Exhaling deeply]

Jason: Whoo! Whoa, oh, oh.

Jason: Okay. It's time for you to go now.

Anna: Come here, baby.

Robin: [Exhales sharply]

Anna: Oh.

Robin: I'm okay, Mom. I'm okay. We're okay.

Anna: [Mouthing "Thank you" to Jason]

[Fire alarm ringing]

Robin: Jason.

Jason: Oh, don't worry about me. I'm gonna be fine. You two get out of here. You three, I guess I should say. Congratulations. Go on. Get out of here. Take care of that baby.

Robin: I will.

Jason: Okay.

Jordan: Anna, fill me in. What do we got?

Anna: It's a bomb. It's quite large. It has dual-triggers -- a pressure plate and a timer. And the bomb squad's on its way.

Curtis: Oh, look at you.

Jason: Yeah, look at me.

Jordan: Okay, I need everyone to clear out now. Anna, that includes you too. Get Robin outside.

Anna: We should go, Robin.

Robin: Jason, I --

Jason: Hey, hey, hey. I'm gonna be fine. You know me. Now get out of here.

Anna: I owe you. Come on. Let's go this way.

Jordan: Curtis, when I said everyone, I mean you too.

Jason: Yeah, you heard her, man, get out. Go.

Curtis: Yeah, well, thanks, but, uh, I'd rather stay around just in case I could be useful.

Elizabeth: Dr. Munro.

Griffin: Hey. What's happening? Why's the -- why's the fire alarm going off?

Elizabeth: They're evacuating the hospital. Can I help you prep Marisol for transport?

Griffin: Elizabeth, she's too sick. If we move her, she won't make it.

Elizabeth: She might not make it if she stays. They're saying there's a bomb, and there's not much time.

[Alarm continues ringing]

Finn: Must be some kind of drill.

Hayden: Well, I've said what I needed to say. There's nothing left to talk about. [Voice breaking] Get help or get out of my life, okay?

Finn: Hey, hey, hey. Hey. Just like that? After everything we've been through?

Jordan: [Over PA] Attention, attention.

[Alarm stops]

Jordan: This is Police Commissioner Ashford. We have begun an emergency evacuation of General Hospital. Please begin emergency evacuation procedures.

Hayden: I guess it wasn't a drill after all.

Finn: Yeah. We should get out of here. Come on. This is bad. These are all fire doors. Because of the meds on this floor, they automatically lock when the fire alarm goes off. Wait here.

Hayden: Finn.

Finn: It's locked.

Hayden: We're locked in?

Finn: Yeah. [Sighs] Yeah.

Jordan: Attention, we are continuing our evacuation of General Hospital. Law enforcement and medical professionals...

Sam: Mom, what's happening?

Jordan: ...Will assist you to ensure your safety.

Alexis: Come on. We got to get out of here. Get her wrapped up.

Sam: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. Where's Jason?

Jason: Hey, where the hell is the bomb squad at?

Jordan: They're landing by helicopter on the roof.

Jason: Oh, hi, Jordan. Do you mind asking them to hurry up?

[Indistinct speaking over phone]

Alexis: [Sighs] Come on, let's go. The nurse said we have to evacuate.

Sam: Wait, but why isn't Jason here? Did you see him?

Alexis: Yes, I saw him. He's helping with the evacuation.

Sam: Okay. All right. Here. You take her. I'm gonna go find him.

Alexis: No, I am not taking her.

Sam: Mom.

Alexis: You're taking her. You almost died a few days ago. I'm not going through that again. Neither is Scout.

Sam: I-I-I'll be right here. Please. I'm gonna go help find Jason.

Alexis: Mothers don't put their daughters in danger.

Sam: I'm not.

Alexis: Neither am I. All three Davis girls are leaving this building together. I said now!

Julian: [Whispering] Ava? It was Olivia?

Ava: [Muffled] Well, obviously. Yeah.

Julian: She here?

Ava: No.

Julian: Okay, okay. Just relax. Relax.

Jordan: [Over PA] Attention, everyone left in the hospital, including staff, must evacuate immediately.

[Monitors beeping]

Elizabeth: Okay, I've checked with a few officers. They can help us move the bed.

Griffin: Elizabeth, I-I appreciate what you're trying to do, but you have to go. It's okay.

Elizabeth: Dr. Munro, please.

Griffin: Listen. Listen. I was Charlotte's father for a short time, but it was long enough for me to understand what it meant to be a parent. The loss of a child is unimaginable. So I can't give up on this girl. Her parents need her too much. The same way your boys need you. Look, you have to go. Now. My place is here. Just tell Marisol's parents I'm with her.

Elizabeth: Griffin.

Griffin: Hey. Have a little faith, okay?

Jordan: Attention, this is the final evacuation notice. Get to safety now.

Finn: The phones are dead. I got no cell reception.

Hayden: Mm.

Finn: Must be serious for them to evacuate like this.

Hayden: Promise me, if we get out of here, you'll get clean.

Finn: Hayden, if these are our last few moments, the last thing I want to talk about is rehab or addiction or anything like that. I just... I want you to know one thing. I love you.

Sam: Mom, do you see Jason?

Alexis: He's probably waiting in the -- in the crowd looking for you and Scout.

Sam: My phone. Did you get my phone? I have to call him.

Alexis: I don't remember. Uh, I'm gonna call him on my phone. And I'm gonna get the car so I keep you guys warm.

Sam: Okay. Okay. Okay. Anna. Maybe she knows where your daddy is.

Julian: All right.

Ava: [Sighs] Oh, she's crazy, Julian. She forced me to call you, and then she just took off.

Julian: She give you any clues as to her plans?

Ava: No, I have no idea. She's entirely unhinged. I have no idea what she's doing.

Alexis: Sam and the baby are safe. Come out soon, please. [Exhales sharply] Send. [Gasps]

Sam: W-w-w-wait, Anna, Anna, Anna. Do you know what's going on?

Anna: Yeah, Olivia Jerome trapped Robin in an elevator with a bomb.

Sam: What? But Robin, is she okay?

Anna: She's fine. She's with the EMS. She's -- she's okay. Look, Sam --

Sam: Look, um, Jason was helping with the evacuation. I-I haven't seen him.

Anna: I know.

Sam: Did you --

Anna: He was instrumental in getting Robin off the elevator.

Sam: Oh, wait. Wait a minute. Are he and Robin together right now?

Anna: No. It was a pressure-sensitive bomb. He took her place.

[Police radio chatter]

Jordan: Here's the situation. You guys have done your duty. I want you to get to safety, right now, unless otherwise ordered. Hey. That's you too. Come on.

Curtis: [Exhales deeply] Falconeri, do we have an ETA?

Dante: Yeah, bomb squad's on the roof with equipment.

Jason: Is everybody out?

Jordan: Well, we've got patients who are just too sick to move. So we got staff that are insisting on staying with them.

Jason: Hey, you know what? Maybe instead of having the bomb squad come down here, it's gonna be safer if we bring this bomb up to them.

Curtis: Safer for who?

Jason: Do me a favor. Just reach around the door, release the emergency stop, and hit the button to the roof.

Curtis: [Inhales deeply, exhales]

Jordan: Curtis, what the hell are you doing?

Curtis: Okay, let's see. How did this go? Pull emergency stop. Hit the roof. All the way up. Sorry, Ash.

Jordan: Curtis.

Curtis: See you soon.

Jason: Damn it, Curtis, all you had to do was hit that button and get off this elevator.

Curtis: Please. I figured I'd just stay and enjoy the ride.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Julian: What the hell have you done, Olivia?

Ava (to Carly): They have proof that it was someone else who planted that bomb.

Sonny (at Morgan's gravesite): I just want to tell you some good news.

Finn (to Hayden): Why are you wasting your time with me?

Jordan (to Elizabeth): Uh, what are you still doing here? The hospital's been evacuated.

Sam (to Officer): Please, go in there, I have to get my husband.

Curtis: Look, man, whatever you guys are gonna do, y'all need to move fast. We're definitely running out of time.

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