GH Transcript Thursday 3/9/17

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 3/9/17


Episode #13759 ~ Kiki forgives Ava; Jason & Sam receive bad news; Nelle crosses Michael.

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[Baby coos]

Jason: Hey, hey. Shh, shh, shh. Shh, shh, shh. I know. I know. I know. It's okay. It's okay. Let your mama sleep.

Sam: Might be a little too late.

Jason: Oh, hello.

Sam: [Chuckles]

Jason: Hi. You can go back to sleep. I got this.

Sam: No, I-I'd rather be awake. This is better than any dream.

Jason: Hmm.

Sam: Can I have her?

Jason: Yeah, sure.

Sam: Ugh.

Jason: Ready?

Sam: Yeah.

Jason: Look at that. Look at that. [Chuckles] I don't think there's any place she'd rather be.

Nelle: Last paycheck -- that's not gonna last long. Yeah, no, no, sorry, I don't mind holding. Um, I was wondering -- I wanted to add my name to the substitute teaching pool. No, I don't have a degree, but I've worked as a teacher's assistant, and I have excellent -- oh. I see, okay. Not without the degree. Okay. Didn't know that. Thank you. For nothing.

[Knocking at door]

Nelle: [Sighs] Who is it?

Josslyn: Joss -- don't tell me you forgot about tonight.

Nelle: What's tonight?

Josslyn: The Shawn Mendes concert. Remember? And you are not wearing that.

Nelle: Ah, I totally forgot.

Josslyn: Well, the car Mom ordered for us is downstairs, so go change, and -- are you moving? I thought you loved this apartment.

Nelle: Joss, does your mom know that you're here?

Josslyn: She's the one that arranged for our car.

Nelle: Right, that was weeks ago. Has she not said anything to you about yesterday? About me?

Josslyn: No. Why?

Michael: There's too much instability in the market right now. ELQ can afford to wait. You could -- you could to Tracy if you want, but it's my decision, and I made it, okay? So we're passing.

[Receiver clicks]

Carly: I'm sorry, am I interrupting?

Michael: No. I was actually just done for the day.

Carly: Okay. Um, we need to talk, Michael.

Michael: All right, if this is about Nelle, Dad was already here.

Carly: What did he say?

Michael: He said the same thing you're probably about to tell me right now -- not to forgive her.

Ava: Ugh. [Sighs]

[Knocking at door]

Ava: Go away.

Kiki: Mom, it's me. Valerie Spencer called me and told me that all the charges against you had been dropped. Is that true?

Ava: Yeah. I just got home. So are you here to celebrate or are you here to give me a hard time?

Kiki: I'm here to make peace.

Ava: So did Officer Spencer tell you anything else?

Kiki: Yeah. Uh, she mentioned that there was an APB out for your sister -- Olivia Jerome.

Finn: I have nothing to do with your investigation, Detective. I've never even heard of this Olivia Jerome woman. I worked a 14-hour shift, and honestly, I'd just like to go home and -- what the hell is this?

Dante: The, uh, hospital's on lockdown as per the commissioner. No one goes in or out.

Finn: All right, well, I'm gonna need to speak to the commissioner.

Dante: Well, she's unavailable right now. But nothing's gonna change, so, uh, why don't you just take chill pill or something?

Brad: Too bad you're all out of chill pills, huh? Oh, you think some Zen-Zen will do the trick?

Monica: Oh. Good. Do you have an update for me?

Dante: Uh, I do. We have officers at every exit. We have teams working their way down from the roof floor by floor, doing full search.

Monica: Well, tell your colleagues to be careful. Olivia Jerome is unstable on a good day. When she's backed up against a corner, watch out.

Anna: This twisted fantasy of yours is over, Olivia.

Griffin: Anna, we have to stop the bleeding.

Anna: You're gonna pay for you crimes. You understand?

Olivia Jerome: Yes. If you turn me in to the police, you'll never know what I did to Robin.

Anna: What did you do to my daughter? Where is she?

Olivia: It's very simple. Your history with me is coming back to haunt you.

Finn: What do you want for the Zekenestrol?

Brad: Wait, you didn't bring any from your stash? Well, that was short-sighted. I mean, you couldn't have known that they were gonna lock down the hospital, but, I mean, still. What if you'd been called in on an emergency? You should be taking more precautions considering your condition.

Finn: Cut the crap, Brad. What do we need to do to make a deal happen?

Brad: Oh, you want to make a deal. Oh, kind of like the deal we already had? The one where you agreed to split the profits of the Blackwood's cure with me because I helped you create it? Any of this sounding familiar?

Finn: Hey, listen. I've been working on that cure for years. You helped out for, what, one day?

Brad: Okay, okay. Maybe in the lab, yes, I only helped out a little. But come on. The real reason you were cutting me in was keep your dirty, little secret. You know, your fondness for Zen-Zen?

Finn: Okay. Okay, I -- I appreciate your discretion.

Brad: I don't feel appreciated. When the Blackwood's deal went through, you didn't include me at all. I got hosed, all right? Why the hell should I do you any more favors? [Exhales] That is, unless my silence is still important. How much is it worth to you?

Michael: I guess you and Dad agree on something, huh?

Carly: I guess so. I mean, Sonny lied to me and cheated on me, and I have no idea how I'm gonna deal with that. But he's right if he pointed out that you have a kind heart and you like to see the good in everybody. Nelle knows this, Michael. She's gonna exploit it if you let her, so you cannot, okay?

Michael: I'm not defending her. But her dad lied to her, and she's the one --

Carly: No, don't do that. Don't do that. Don't buy in to her victim act, okay? Because Nelle is a liar.

Michael: Okay, maybe to you, but I'm not convinced it's that simple.

Carly: Not that simple? She deliberately set out to rip our family apart, Michael. How can you not see that? Now after everything that snake did to our family, are you gonna stand there and tell me that you still have feelings for her?

Josslyn: What exactly was my mom supposed to tell me?

Nelle: Look, never mind. You have to leave, okay?

Josslyn: Wait, leave? We've had plans to go to this concert for, like, months. I was really excited to go with you.

Nelle: I know, I know. I was, too.

Josslyn: So go change, and let's go.

Nelle: I can't, okay? Look, sometimes, Josslyn, plans change. Okay? Even when you think that you've been super careful and strategic and taken every single little factor into account, sometimes things just don't happen the way that you want them to happen, okay? So just be grateful that you didn't find out the hard way. Like some people.

Josslyn: The hard way? Nelle, are you talking about you?

Nelle: Look, Joss, I am sure that you have a ton of girlfriends that you could go to this concert with tonight.

Josslyn: But I really wanted to go with you.

Nelle: Josslyn, let me make something clear here. You and I -- we're no longer friends, okay?

Josslyn: [Voice breaking] What did I do wrong, Nelle?

Nelle: Go home, Joss.

Sam: You're so beautiful.

Jason: Mm-hmm.

Sam: Look into her eyes. She's an old soul. Little mis-- mischievous and curious just like her daddy. Gonna take on the world on your own, aren't you?

[Baby fusses]

Jason: Oh, yeah.

Sam: Oh, yes, you are.

Jason: I think you're right. I think you're right. She's gonna live up to her name.

Sam: You haven't settled on Scout, have you?

Jason: It's the name we gave her.

Sam: [Chuckles] No, it's the name Danny gave her. You didn't sign any birth certificates or anything while I asleep, did you?

Jason: No, of course not. Everything we didn't get to do together for Danny, we are gonna together with her.

Sam: Hi.

Jason: Right?

Sam: Good, because I was thinking Scout's a little plain. We can probably find something to make it perfect.

Jason: Okay. Seems like you've already got something picked out? Yeah?

Sam: I do.

Jason: Look at your mom...

Sam: I do.

Jason: ...Leaving us in suspense. [Gasps playfully] [Laughs]

Monica: I appreciate the update, but I'm wondering why it didn't come from the commissioner.

Dante: Yeah, right, the commissioner is here on the premises, and I will get her to come and meet with you at her earliest opportunity.

Monica: See that you do.

Dante: Right. Hey. It's Falconeri. Any sign of the commissioner yet? Or Anna Devane for that matter?

Anna: Where is my daughter?

Olivia Jerome: When I came face to face with Robin years ago, she was such a cute little wee thing. I love saying the word "wee." That's what Duke would have said. And now I've met her. She's charismatic and vital and wonderful, and you'd never to look at her that she's still HIV positive. She has to be so careful.

Anna: What have you done with her?

Olivia: [Gasps] It's our history, Anna, it's coming back to haunt you, as you deserve. So I've taken Robin then, and now I've taken her again. Just let me tell you how this is gonna --

Anna: Agh!

Brad: Exactly how many millions did you screw me out of? One, two? 10?

Finn: I don't know. All right? That's the part of research that I hate. Look, all I want to do is help people. Pharmaceutical companies -- they're the ones that want to get rich. As much as I hated doing it, I had to, all right? The hospital's gonna go under. I had to sell.

Brad: But you didn't have to give the money to General Hospital.

Finn: If I hadn't, you, me, Hayden, Lucas -- we'd all be out jobs.

Brad: Who needs a job when you're bringing in drug royalties? We could have been retired.

Finn: Okay. Look, Brad, I'm gonna publish the findings, all right? And you will get equal credit for the discovery.

Brad: Really? My name in some medical journal that nobody cares about? My interest was in the money. Money that I earned. Money that was gonna help me and Lucas have a better life!

Finn: Hey, look! The money's going to General Hospital, end of story, all right? And, for the record, I never promised you a dime!

Brad: Huh. That is so not the way I remember things. But, you know what? Hey. You know, I guess all it means is, in the end, the promise I made to you... is null and void, too.

Olivia Jerome: [Grunts]

Anna: Where is my daughter? Where is she?

Olivia: Wouldn't you like to know.

Griffin: Anna, take it easy!

Anna: Where did you take Robin?

Olivia: You know, you're still bleeding all over the place.

Anna: You bitch!

Griffin: Whoa, Anna. Anna? Anna? Stop right there!

Ava: Ugh, isn't this just like Julian? I'm wrongfully jailed for a few weeks, he makes himself right at home, depletes my entire bar, even the olives. Who knows? Maybe he had Alexis over, huh?

Kiki: [Chuckles] You know, I figured you may need this.

Ava: Oh! Oh. Mmm. This is top shelf, yeah. So does this mean you have a job?

Kiki: No, not yet, but I'm still looking.

Ava: Let me get my wallet.

Kiki: No, no, no, no, no. You don't have to do that. I'm not cleaned out yet. So... Olivia Jerome -- why haven't you mentioned her to me before?

Ava: Never even met her. Julian shot her a very, very long time ago, and everybody just thought she was dead.

Kiki: What?

Ava: I know it sounds bad, but in fairness, she did arrange for him to be shot first, so.

Kiki: Oh, my God. Our family is insane.

Ava: [Chuckles] Well, like I said, I only Olivia by her reputation. And so from what I know, I guess she is a very ambitious woman with a mean streak, some would say obsessive. So, sister or no, I'm glad that our paths have never crossed.

Kiki: I mean, they kind of have, haven't they? She's the reason that you're out of jail. The police think she's the one who planted the bomb in Julian's car. The one that killed Morgan.

Ava: I told you I didn't have anything to do with that bomb.

Kiki: Yes, you did. And I doubted you when I shouldn't have, and I'm sorry.

Ava: Thank you.

Kiki: I know that you cared about Morgan and that you wouldn't have hurt him. You couldn't have had anything to do with his death.

Carly: Please tell me you don't want a relationship with Nelle.

Michael: I don't.

Carly: Thank you.

Michael: Okay, I -- look, we barely even started when this whole thing went down.

Good! Good, consider yourself lucky you weren't in too deep. Now you've got to put her out of your mind.

Michael: Mom, please just stop.

Carly: No, I can't stop, Michael, because I need you to listen to me. It's your generous spirit that I'm worried about. You're just like your great-grandmother Lila. She was amazing. She was a saint. But she was always ready to give someone a second chance, and many people took advantage of that.

Michael: The way Nelle took advantage of me?

Carly: The way Nelle took advantage of all of us.

Michael: And I'm the one who's naive enough to give her another chance, right? Wrong. I have feelings for Nelle, okay, but not the kind of feelings that you think. I-I-I am angry. I am humiliated. But despite all that, I can't just hate Nelle.

Carly: Really? After everything she's done to our family, you just can't hate Nelle?

Michael: Look, her -- her father exploited her when she was a child, okay, and she targeted the one person that she thought was responsible for all of her suffering.

Carly: Are you saying this is my fault?

Michael: No, I know it's not your fault. You didn't deserve what happened to you, Mom...

Carly: No, I didn't.

Michael: ...But neither did Nelle.

Carly: Nelle didn't deserve what?

Michael: Oh, Josslyn, hey, what are you doing here?

Carly: Something's wrong with Nelle. I thought you might know what.

Michael: Uh, I do. But, um, I'll let Mom explain.

[Door opens]

Monica: Is there room for one more?

Jason: Absolutely.

Sam: Yeah, come in.

Jason: Come say hi to your granddaughter. Ugh. Hi.

Monica: Hi.

Sam: We were just discussing her name, actually.

Monica: What?

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Monica: I thought you guys settled on Scout.

Jason: Well, but -- do you not like Scout?

Monica: Well, it's not your average name, but you're not average people, so I think it's perfect.

Sam: No, we're not average people, but we did think it was a little plain. I think it would make a great middle name.

Monica: Well, so what is my granddaughter's first name gonna be?

Jason: We would like to name our daughter Emily.

Monica: After my Emily? Oh.

Griffin: Stay with me.

Olivia Jerome: So sad to see a proud woman reduced by illness and time.

Griffin: Where the hell do you think you're going?

Olivia: Would you really shoot me, father?

Griffin: Let's not find out. Don't you move.

Olivia: I'd like to find the passage that leads out of here. I understand it's back here somewhere.

Griffin: You're not leaving! I'm taking you to the police.

Olivia: Well, that's an interesting choice you have. Hard to find a man who will leave a dying woman in favor of making a citizen's arrest. I'm unarmed. You can't possibly shoot me. But you have a dilemma -- you can either save her life or take me to the police. Which is more important to you?

Brad: You know what I'm thinking? Dr. Quartermaine should know about all the patients who have been subjected to your drug-addled care.

Finn: [Sighs] Fine, Brad, tell them. Okay, you go ahead and tell them, all right? But you should know there will be an investigation, and they're gonna ask you questions, too, about what you knew and when and why you didn't voice your suspicions earlier.

Brad: Oh, they are way more than suspicions.

Finn: You know, ever since you decided to be this colossal pain in my ass, I decided to ask around about you. You know the first thing people say? That Brad and Lucas, what a wonderful couple. And then somewhere shortly after that, they say something to the effect of, "You know, Lucas really reformed Brad because Brad used to be this kind of a weasel, you know?" I think the words that were most commonly used were "ethically challenged." "But Brad changed. Brad changed himself for the sake of true love." So tell me -- what's Lucas gonna say when he finds out you've been blackmailing me? Is your marriage gonna survive? Or are you sunk too low?

Brad: Not nearly as low as you. Here. Contact lens solution, and that is the last thing you are ever gonna get from me.

Monica: So you're naming the baby Emily Scout?

Jason: Yeah. If it's okay with you.

Monica: Oh, come on. I think it's wonderful.

Jason: I have to tell you -- it was all Sam's idea.

Sam: Oh, I wouldn't say that. I know what a light Emily was in your life and yours, as well, all the Quartermaines. And I know, because I knew how special my brother Danny was to me, as well. And I would love for our daughter to be named for someone who brought so much joy in this world. Right?

Monica: Well, it is very nice to formally make your acquaintance, Miss Emily Scout.

Nelle: Can I have a vodka tonic?

Bartender: Not your usual club soda?

Nelle: No, tonight is a special occasion.

Bartender: Oh, birthday?

Nelle: No, no, that would actually make this 10 times worse. I have so thoroughly trashed my life that I just don't give a damn.

Bartender: Uh, excuse me for a second, I just got to take these out. We're short staffed.

Nelle: Oh, oh, are you -- are you hiring? 'Cause I'm looking for a job.

Bartender: I'll get you an application. I'm sure Felicia would give you a chance.

Nelle: Felicia Scorpio? [Sighs] Never mind. Look, do me a favor, actually. If you see Felicia, just give me a head's up 'cause I'm gonna have to just --

Michael: Gonna do what? Run away?

Carly: Josslyn, how did you get here?

Josslyn: The car service you hired for me.

Carly: What car service?

Josslyn: Why does no one remember that I was supposed to go to the concert tonight?

Carly: Oh, God, the Shawn Mendes concert. Okay, yeah, okay, I remember. I remember. You were -- [Sighs] You were supposed to go with Nelle. Did you talk to her?

Josslyn: Of course, I talked to Nelle. Or at least I tried to. When I got there, she told me she wasn't gonna go. Do you know what she said to me?

Carly: Um, no, but I can see that you're upset about it.

Josslyn: She said we're not friends anymore. Just like that. I mean, obviously, I did something wrong even though she claims I didn't. How am I supposed to fix something if I don't even know what I did?

Carly: It's not you, baby. Okay, it's not. I mean, Nelle doesn't want to be your friend anymore because of me.

Michael: Club soda?

Nelle: Vodka tonic.

Michael: I don't think I've ever seen you drink alcohol before.

Nelle: Well, I figured now's a good enough time to start. It's not gonna kill me, you know? I mean, not that you would care, right?

Michael: So, what, are you drowning your sorrows?

Nelle: Can you blame me?

Michael: Well, I am the wrong person to ask that.

Nelle: You know, I've reached out to you a few times.

Michael: Yeah, I saw your texts. There's not much to say.

Nelle: Well, I need to explain.

Michael: Nelle, stop. I have heard you better than you think. That's the only reason I'm not tearing off your head right now. Something terrible happened to you. So I understand your need to get revenge.

Nelle: You do? So does that mean that you forgive me?

Michael: No. Never.

Carly: Josslyn, it's not appropriate for you to be friends with Nelle.

Josslyn: Since when? Did you tell her to stay away from me?

Carly: No, no, okay, it's not about you. All right? No one in our family is going to have a relationship with Nelle anymore. Okay? She's not working for me.

Josslyn: You fired her?

Carly: Yes.

Josslyn: Why? All you ever do is talk about how great she is.

Carly: Yeah, I was wrong, okay? And that's really all I want to say about it.

Josslyn: Wrong how? What's going on?

Carly: All right, um, Nelle lied to all of us, okay, about a lot of things.

Josslyn: You mean she's not my kidney donor?

Carly: Oh, no, God. She didn't lie about that. Okay. It's not about that. She, um -- Nelle misrepresented herself. Okay, you know, all the kindness and willingness to help -- it was all an act, okay? She was manipulating us so she could get in and sabotage our family.

Ava: Thank you for the apology, Kiki, but it's unnecessary.

Kiki: No, you're my mother. I should have had more faith in you.

Ava: I've given you plenty of reasons over the years to think the worst of me. Sometimes I'm not even sure myself if I'm a good person. So I -- I don't blame you for doubting me.

Kiki: No. Never again, okay? You do not have to prove yourself to me ever again. I -- I believe that you are a good person, okay? Or... at least you're trying to become one.

Anna: Robin -- you have to find her.

Griffin: Hey, Anna, just -- we need you to rest, all right? We're gonna find Robin.

Anna: Robin.

Dante: What happened to Anna?

Griffin: Olivia Jerome, that's what happened. The woman's crazy.

Dante: Well, where is she?

Griffin: She's downstairs. There's some secret passageway in the boiler room that leads to a facility underneath the hospital.

Dante: Let's go. Show me where it is.

Griffin: All right, one second. Uh, nurse, since she's stable, but she lost a lot of blood, if you could page the hematologist on call. Just make sure everybody knows she has PV and she had phlebotomy this morning, okay?

Nurse: Okay.

Griffin: Thank you. Let's go.

Monica: Well, I think Emily is smiling down on us tonight. She's very happy that her name has been passed on.

[Knocking at door]

Officer: Dr. Quartermaine, I have an update from Detective Falconeri.

Monica: All right, excuse me, guys.

Jason: Uh, something wrong?

Monica: Uh, actually, I was hoping this would all be resolved before I had to say anything to you.

Sam: What's going on?

Monica: Well, the hospital is on lockdown, and no one is allowed in or out until the police are finished conducting their search.

Sam: Well, what are they looking for?

Monica: Who -- they're looking for Olivia Jerome.

Finn: Somebody asked for a hematologist?

Nurse: Yes, I just updated her chart.

Finn: Thank you, Nurse. Wow, I thought I told you to take it easy last time I saw you. Let's see. You didn't take my advice, hmm.

Anna: Robin -- are you Robin?

Finn: Yes, we'll get in touch with your daughter as soon as we get you patched up. I'm gonna give you a coagulant to close the wound, okay? [Sighs]

Dante: The fact that this lab existed under GH is crazy.

Griffin: Oh, not as crazy as Olivia Jerome. She strapped me to this gurney, then poured some potion down my throat that was supposed to force my soul out of my body and make room for my father's.

Dante: What?

Griffin: Yeah, yeah, and once she turned me into Duke, she was gonna kill Anna and run away and live happily ever after.

Dante: Okay. Uh, where did you last see her?

Griffin: She went out this passage, said it leads to the outside.

Dante: Nash, you want to set up guard down the hallway there in case there's not an exit and she decides to come back in here? Taylor, you want to grab a k-9 unit, get down here, see if we can pick up a scent? Thanks. Was she armed?

Griffin: No, I... took her gun. Said that she was gonna do something to Robin.

Ava: You know what? I don't want to talk about my arrest or that filthy jail or anything to do with me. Let's talk about you, and tell me something good.

Kiki: Well, um, things with Dillon are progressing.

Ava: Into?

Kiki: Something good. [Chuckles]

Ava: Nice. [Laughing] I'm glad. When can I take the two of you out to dinner?

Kiki: I mean, I guess we could do tonight. I already have plans with him.

Ava: You double-booked your mother and your boyfriend?

Kiki: Okay. In my defense, I thought there was a very good chance that you were gonna slam the door in my face.

Ava: I'm just teasing you. Really, you should go and be with him.

Kiki: Sure you don't want to join?

Ava: No, what I want is to just take a hot bath, have a martini, and have a good night's rest in my own bed. Come on, I'll walk you to your car.

Kiki: Okay.

Ava: With Olivia on the loose, you're not safe out there.

Jason: Olivia Jerome is here in this hospital?

Sam: Wait, do you think she's here 'cause of me or Scout?

Jason: Don't worry, she's not gonna get anywhere near you.

Monica: No, I don't know all the details, but seems that she is interested in something that is buried underneath this hospital. The police are taking every possible precaution. We have someone stationed on every floor, so no one's getting near you.

Jason: [Groans]

Sam: I know you want to go after her.

Jason: Yeah, I do. [Chuckles] I do. [Sighs] But I think our family has been through enough this week, so I'm gonna let the cops do their job. And I'm not gonna leave you or little Emily Scout here.

Sam: Okay.

Nurse: Dr. Finn, do you need me to help you?

Finn: I got this, Nurse, thank you. Thank you. Ah. Okay. Here we go. As good as new in no time. [Sniffs]

Brad: Uh, Dr. Munro, could I have a word?

Dante: Actually, we're kind of in the middle of something here, Brad.

Brad: Yeah, I really only need Dr. Munro.

Dante: Okay. Gonna check in on Anna.

Griffin: Thanks. Hey, what's -- what's going on?

Brad: A nurse just paged Dr. Finn to treat Anna Devane. And between you and me, I don't think Dr. Finn is in any condition to be providing medical attention to anyone... if you get my drift.

Griffin: Okay.

Josslyn: I don't get it. How would Nelle sabotage our family?

Carly: You don't need to know every little detail.

Josslyn: Okay, well, whatever it is, it seems to be really bothering you. And isn't that what you're always telling me if I have a problem, that you can't help me if you don't know what's going on?

Carly: Baby, the damage is done here. There's nothing to fix.

Josslyn: You would never accept that if I said that to you.

Carly: Well, that's because I'm the adult, honey, and you're the child.

Josslyn: So I should tell you everything, but you can't tell me?

Carly: It wouldn't be appropriate for me to tell you, Josslyn.

Josslyn: Fine. I'll just go talk to Sonny.

Carly: No! You're not gonna go talk to Sonny.

Josslyn: Are you and Sonny fighting again?

Carly: No. Yes, okay. Look, um... [Sighs] Sonny did something that I can't accept, but I want to be clear it has nothing to do with Morgan, all right?

Josslyn: So it has to do with Nelle?

Carly: Yes. And that's all I'm gonna say about it. Got it?

Josslyn: So you and Sonny are fighting, because he did something you can't accept. Something with Nelle.

Carly: Okay.

Josslyn: And it's inappropriate.

Carly: We got to go.

Josslyn: Oh, my God! Sonny and Nelle? That is so gross!

Carly: [Sighs]

Nelle: I understand, okay? I-I-I don't expect you to forgive me, but that night at the cabin, Michael -- you made me realize that a future with you is worth way more to me than -- than getting revenge.

Michael: But you wanted revenge, right? You wanted my mother to suffer. That was your original goal, right?

Nelle: Yes.

Michael: Didn't she suffer enough when Morgan died? Didn't my dad? You know, I've been thinking about this a lot, and I actually, I understand your original plan. You were fed a lot of lies about my mother, and then you found her living this shiny, happy life, and you wanted to take it away from her. It's not the nicest thing in the world, but I can understand why you felt justified. But after Morgan died, my mother was shattered. Literally drowning in sorrow. Now, that wasn't enough? H-h-h-how could you watch her go through that and just -- and want to hurt her more?

Nelle: Michael, I --

Michael: You with us -- you were with us on Thanksgiving, you saw how hard this was for her. And what did you do? You left. You left our house and went to my dad's to get him to cheat on her. I mean, who does that? Who sees somebody who's completely devastated and suffering and piles it on? [Huffs] You were pretending to sympathize. You used my father's grief to trick him into having sex with you.

Nelle: That's not how it happened. You're wrong, Michael.

Michael: Yeah? Then tell -- tell me how. Tell me how I'm wrong.

Nelle: Michael, there's something that you need to know, okay?

Michael: You know, if you -- if you -- if you really care about me at all, ask yourself, is this something that I really need to know? Or just something you have to get off your chest? Is this gonna be something that's gonna help my family heal, the family that you pretended to love, the family that actually loved you, the family that you wrecked? No? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Josslyn: I can't believe Sonny would cheat on you... with Nelle. How could he? It's disgusting.

Carly: Yes, um... sometimes people disappoint you.

Josslyn: Are you gonna file for divorce?

Carly: Um, there's a lot going on right now, a lot to figure out. It's gonna take some time.

Josslyn: Nelle was always so nice to me. She helped me when Morgan died.

Carly: She was just pretending. She was just pretending to care. You know? She tricked us into trusting her so we didn't see her coming.

Josslyn: I don't understand. Why? What did we do to deserve this?

Carly: Nothing. Nothing. Come here. Nelle is a sick, sad person. Listen to me. I'm gonna make sure that she never hurts our family again. Ever.

Dante: How's she doing?

Finn: She's responding well to treatment. She should make a full recovery. Encourage her in the future to avoid knife fights.

Dante: [Laughs]

Finn: Bad idea for someone with a blood disorder.

Dante: Right.

Griffin: Dr. Finn, can I have a word with you, please?

Finn: What is it, Griffin?

Griffin: I've had about enough of this. I'm done playing games with you. You need to face this for the good of your patients and for yourself. I'm gonna tell Monica you're addicted to Zekenestrol.

Anna: [Sighs] What happened? Did you find Olivia?

Dante: No, no, not yet, but Griffin told me what happened, and he showed me the lab.

Anna: No, it just doesn't matter about the lab. You've got to find Olivia. She's done something to Robin.

Jason: Now, you know what? I need to call Sonny. I don't know how much he knows about Olivia Jerome or that she killed Morgan.

[Door opens]

Monica: Well, I have some good news and I have some bad news. The good news is that Olivia Jerome doesn't seem to be anywhere near the hospital.

Jason: Okay, what's the bad news?

Monica: The police have no idea where she went.

Ava: What the hell?

Olivia Jerome: Hi, sis. It is so nice to finally meet you. You're out of olives.

[A bomb in the hospital is counting down the minutes and seconds.]

On the next "General Hospital" --

Elizabeth: You may be in denial right now, but this is --

Hayden: No, I'm not in denial.

Finn: All right, Griffin, you do what you have to do.

Griffin: I intend to.

Olivia Jerome (to Ava): Where's Julian?

Sam (to Alexis): You're worried about him, aren't you?

Dante: But now it seems she's abducted Robin Scorpio-Drake.

Anna (to Jason): Robin's in trouble.

Curtis: [Kicks down a door] Oh, no.

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