GH Transcript Thursday 2/23/17

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 2/23/17


Episode #13749 ~ Nina takes matters into her own hands and reports Anna's break-in; Hayden turns to Griffin for answers about Finn; Anna is overwhelmed by Valentin, and Robin comes to her defense.

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Griffin: What's with the morbid fascination with plane crashes?

Hayden: Nothing. I was just checking to see if any had been reported recently. That's all. It's silly.

Griffin: Hayden, the word "silly" doesn't come to mind when I think of you. What's going on?

Hayden: You know how there's a Manhattan pharmaceutical company interested in Finn's cure?

Griffin: Yeah, so I've heard.

Hayden: Yeah, well, he supposed to meet with them today. Tracy let him use the ELQ plane. But the problem is, he never made it. The plane left, but when I called the hotel, he never checked in. And apparently he never made the meeting. I've been calling and calling him, but he won't answer. And I'm starting to get really worried.

[Door closes]

Finn: [Breathing heavily]

Curtis: Hey, miss lady. Wow. Long time.

Nina: Curtis. It's been a long time. How are you doing?

Curtis: Oh, well, you know, I'm making it. Can't complain.

Nina: Yeah?

Curtis: How about you?

Nina: Can't complain. I'm making it, too.

Curtis: Oh, damn. [Laughing] Wow. I heard, but, uh, bling! Yeah. No, seriously, congratulations. You got what you wanted -- career, husband, and a child. That's icing on the cake. So props to you. Looks like you got it all.

Nina: Yeah. Cheers. Here's to having it all.

[Both chuckle]

Anna: I don't understand why Robin wouldn't put some clothes in this overnight bag. [Breathes sharply] Oh.

[Door opens]

Valentin: Oh, no. Am I gonna have to catch you again?

Robin: Hi.

Jason: You look great.

Robin: [Chuckles] [Smooches]

Jason: Mm. Thanks for seeing me.

Robin: Of course. I'm always happy to see you. You know that. It's a welcome distraction right now. Believe me.

Jason: Huh. Um, look, I don't want to pry, but, um... well, I have to. What's going on? Why are you hanging out in the hospital?

Robin: Sonny didn't tell you?

Jason: Sonny said you guys talked after I left, but he didn't give me any details.

Robin: [Chuckles] I asked him to keep it private, but I didn't mean from you.

Jason: What's going on?

Robin: [Sighs] My mom has cancer.

Jason: Oh, I am so sorry.

Robin: Yeah, it's... you know, it's shocking even just saying the word. But in my mom's case, it's treatable.

Jason: Hey, that's -- that's good. I mean, at least there's that, right?

Robin: Yeah.

Jason: I'm sorry.

Robin: They're working on her protocol right now. But she has to take it easy right now, which is gonna be the hardest part.

Jason: Right. Well, I mean, that runs in the family, doesn't it?

Robin: Yeah.

Jason: Yeah.

Robin: I guess you could say that.

Jason: [Laughs]

Robin: So, anyway, you texted me. You said that you wanted to talk about something. What was it?

Jason: Hey, you know what? Don't worry about it. You've got a lot going on. I can...

Robin: No, it's okay. I just said. I mean, it's a welcome distraction. Plus, I know you wouldn't have texted me if it wasn't important. What's it about?

Jason: Olivia Jerome.

Sam: Okay, Liv, you're kind of freaking me out right now. Can you just give me my phone back so I can call Jason, please?

Olivia Jerome: Looks like you've already called your dear Jason.

Sam: Of course, I did. He's probably wondering where I am.

Olivia: Why don't you wait and call him from the warmth of your friend's house right over there on the other side of the bridge?

Sam: You know what? I'm not gonna stand out here in the cold and argue with you. If you're not gonna give me my phone back, just give it to my mom the next time you see her, please.

Olivia: That's far enough!

[Gun cocks]

Sam: [Sighs]

Olivia: Turn around.

Sam: Is that a gun?

Olivia: We both know that you've figured out who I am. So we just can't let anybody else know, can we?

Sam: I-I-I don't understand. Why are you... listen, if you're worried about me telling my mom to drop you as an AA sponsor, I promise, I'm not gonna --

Olivia: Cut the crap! I know you're not an idiot, so please don't take me for one.

Sam: I don't know what you mean by that.

Olivia: Let me explain. It's time we officially met. I'm your aunt, Olivia Jerome. Your father, Julian's, dead sister.

Sam: Hey, you've reached Samantha Morgan. If you're a client of mine, please contact me at my office at...

Julian: [Sighs] Sister of mine, what the hell have you done?

Gray: [Sighs] Okay, I'm here. But we really shouldn't be meeting like this. People might start asking questions.

Julian: Yeah, I'm giving you a big enough piece of the pie to help you ride out any discomfort. Now, just give me confirmation that GH will be sold to my client, and you can be on your way.

Gray: Well, unfortunately, there has been a complication.

Olivia Jerome: No sudden moves. We don't want anything to happen to the baby. Your mother was worried about you getting enough rest.

Sam: You're supposed to be dead. How is this even possible? You were killed.

Olivia: Yes, Julian shot me in the back and left me for dead, but I did not die. He's never been able to beat me, and he never will.

Sam: What are you gonna do with me?

Olivia: I'm just going to take you someplace warm and stash you until I deal with Julian. And you're really not in any position to argue.

Robin: Strange that you would bring up Olivia Jerome 'cause Sonny asked about her earlier. [Scoffs] I haven't thought about her in ages. But why are you asking about her?

Jason: I'm just following up on some leads.

Robin: Leads about a dead woman? [Scoffs] This must have something to do with Ava.

Jason: Yeah, well, she's been arrested for Morgan's death.

Robin: Mm-hmm.

Jason: And Sonny doesn't trust the cops to investigate, and, frankly, neither do I.

Robin: Well, I see your respect for law enforcement has stayed consistent.

Jason: Yeah, I guess so. Anyway, I'm looking into the Jerome family to see if there's anybody that we didn't know about.

Robin: Well, that's reaching really far back. You know, I was just a little kid at the time, but some things I do remember very clearly. Olivia Jerome was crazy... and dangerous. And she truly hated my mother.

Anna: Is that what you did the other night? Did you catch me? I don't know because details are a little hazy.

Valentin: Well, I'm ashamed to admit that you were on the floor before I could do anything, but I'm ready now, so feel free to pass out.

Anna: No, I'm feeling much better, thank you.

Valentin: You don't look well. You look pale. What do I know?

Anna: You seem to know quite a lot. Certainly more than I do.

Valentin: What, about your health?

Anna: No. About our time at the WSB training academy.

Valentin: Oh. Well, I've already told you everything there is to know about our past, so...

Anna: I was told... ...that I... ...I ordered the WSB to... ...assassinate you. I don't have any recollection of ever, ever giving an order like that.

Valentin: You have very selective amnesia.

Anna: No! That's the truth! I want answers, and I'm not gonna rest until I get them, so why don't you just save us a world of trouble and just please tell me what I don't remember?

Hayden: Here's what I know. Finn never checked into his hotel, nor did he make his meeting. But the weird thing is, is that the plane didn't seem to land in New York at all. I-I called all the airports. So, what happened to that plane? I tried contacting the hangar, but they won't give me the manifest without Tracy's approval, and I don't know where she is. She must be in a meeting. I can't get in touch with her. And I don't know what to do. I mean, if Finn went somewhere else, why wouldn't he have told anyone about it?

Griffin: [Sighs] I'm sure this is some kind of misunderstanding.

Hayden: What was that?

Griffin: What was what?

Hayden: That look. What?

Griffin: Hayden, come on.

Hayden: No, what do you think is going on?

Griffin: It would be irresponsible for me as a doctor to speculate.

Hayden: Well, you're not his doctor. You're our colleague and, hopefully, a friend. Please. I really care about Finn, and he's missing. And if you know something, if you think anything... look, I-I -- have to tell me.

Griffin: I don't know anything for sure. Okay? A few weeks ago, he asked me for a prescription of painkillers.

Hayden: For his hockey injury. Yeah, I know.

Griffin: Yeah, and then a few days later, he asked me to extend the prescription. And when I refused, he wasn't very happy. And recently, he's been presenting symptoms of withdrawal.

Hayden: Withdrawal? But he hasn't taken Zekenestrol since December.

Griffin: So he says.

Hayden: Wait. You think he's still sick?

Griffin: Hayden, I don't think you would be standing here right now if the cure didn't work. I don't get it. Why would Finn still be taking Zen-Zen? That drug is highly addictive. Oh, my God.

Finn: [Inhales deeply] [Exhales sharply] Ohh. [Breathes deeply] Don't. Don't look at me like that. Yeah. I... I know how this looks. I'm gonna get off the junk, Roxy. I am. It's just... you know, it doesn't make a lot of sense while I'm still recovering. But I promise you... I'm gonna kick this.

Olivia Jerome: Let's go. Get in the car. No innocent life has to die in all of this.

Sam: Tell that to Morgan Corinthos. He was just a young man trying to make his way through his own personal struggles, and his life was cut short before he could live it. It was you, wasn't it? You hired Buzz to plant the bomb in Julian's car.

Olivia: It was supposed to be Julian.

Sam: I'm sure that annoyed you that your plan to kill your brother went wrong, huh?

Olivia: I'm way past annoyed!

Sam: But you're nowhere near remorseful. Sonny's kid was what -- collateral damage? How do I know you're not gonna hurt me and my baby?

Olivia: 'Cause I would never hurt an unborn child again.

Robin: From what I understand, Olivia was obsessed with Duke. And she made it her mission to target my mother.

Jason: Was Olivia ever involved with Duke?

Robin: I'm not sure. They didn't talk to me about their personal relationships when I was little. But long story short, Duke did not reciprocate those feelings for Olivia. [Chuckles]

Jason: Gotcha.

Robin: He was in love with my mother, and so she lashed out. I mean, she wasn't stable already, and she only got worse.

Jason: Did she become threatening?

Robin: Psychopathic. I don't know the particulars, but basically my mom was pregnant with Duke's baby at the time. And let's just say, once she crossed Olivia's path, she wasn't anymore.

Jason: Sorry. I, uh, didn't mean to bring that up... especially with everything you've got going on right now.

Robin: It's okay. It's okay. It was -- it was a long time ago. Supposedly it was all an accident. But I don't think I believed that, even at the time. I mean, I knew when I was young that no one was safe from that woman. Anyway, I hope that helps.

Jason: Oh, abs--

Robin: I-I should get back to my mom.

Jason: Thank you. Thank you. It does help. And absolutely, you should. Okay. Give her my best, please.

Robin: Okay. I will.

Jason: Okay. Hey, uh... if Olivia was still alive, do you think she'd want to hurt Julian for what he did to Duke?

Robin: [Chuckles] You kidding me? I'm surprised she didn't rise from the dead and kill Julian herself.

Olivia Jerome: You and your baby will be perfectly safe as long as you cooperate.

Sam: And if I don't let you take me to a secondary location, then what? Am I fair game?

Olivia: Let's not let it get to that.

Sam: Why target me, anyway?

Olivia: 'Cause you have very, very poor taste in fathers.

Sam: Taste in fath-- I didn't have a choice in who my father is. Trust me. But why? After all these years, why are you going after him now?

Olivia: Retribution. Julian killed the only man I've ever loved.

Nina: The wedding was really spur of the moment. Actually, we used ribbons as wedding rings.

Curtis: Ah. Yeah, well, that ain't no ribbon now.

Nina: No. No. Valentin bought this ring for me after. And we exchanged rings right here at the Metro Court, and Charlotte helped us.

Curtis: I can tell you're crazy about that little girl.

Nina: Oh.

Curtis: But I-I mean in a good way, though.

Nina: Yeah. Of course.

Curtis: Mm-hmm.

Nina: In a good way. Definitely. It's funny how life works, isn't it? I was willing to accept that I would never have a child, and then along came Charlotte.

Curtis: Yeah, right, about that. Um, I hate to rain on your little fairy tale, but you didn't marry Charlotte. You married her daddy.

Nina: I know that. And we're very happy. He gave me this ring on Valentine's Day.

Curtis: That's one way to celebrate.

Nina: Yeah. It's one way. Oh. The night got off to a rocky start definitely, but it improved after that.

Curtis: What went wrong?

Nina: Um, someone broke into our house.

Anna: Just think about it. Why would I have broken into your house if I wasn't looking for answers? What would be the motivation for that?

Valentin: Maybe you were snooping. Maybe you were looking for something to take me down once and for all. I don't know. Maybe you were planting evidence.

Anna: Oh, for God's sake! Can't you just tell me the whole story?

Valentin: You're asking questions you don't want the answers to.

Anna: Okay. Whatever I did must have been so traumatic and emotionally scarring that I have blocked it out. But here's your chance to dig it up and throw it in my face and destroy me, because isn't that what you wanted to do all along?

Valentin: If you really don't remember... ...then you're better off.

[Door opens]

Robin: Sorry it took me so long. Get away from her!

Nina: Valentin and Anna knew each other back in the day. And they were friends. Then something... something happened to their friendship. So, now, many years later, they're in the same town. Valentin is here. And Anna... Anna is practically stalking him.

Curtis: Stalking?

Nina: Yes. You know, she found me. She pumped me for a bunch of information. She's throwing accusations at him. It's like she's obsessed with him.

Curtis: Hmm.

Nina: "Hmm" what?

Curtis: [Chuckles] No, it just doesn't, uh... it doesn't match with the information that I've learned about Anna Devane. It makes me wonder.

Nina: Wonder what?

Curtis: Well, it makes me wonder if your husband's telling you everything.

Valentin: You're Robin Scorpio. We haven't had the pleasure of officially meeting.

Robin: Mom, are you all right?

Anna: I'm fine.

Robin: What are you doing in my mother's room?

Valentin: Um, do you want to tell her, or should I?

Anna: Oh, Robin. I, um...

Robin: No, you know what? You know what? Just -- just get out. Okay? You're not welcome here.

Anna: It's all right. Look, we were just having a conversation.

Robin: I-I'm grateful that you brought my mother in, but she doesn't need your mind games. I know all about you.

Valentin: I'm gonna guess you're friends with Lulu.

Robin: Yes, Lulu and Nikolas. We've been friends since we were teenagers. And you killed him.

Valentin: That is one version of events, yes. Get out, or I'm calling security.

Valentin: Oh, all right. That won't be necessary. Anna, the answers to the questions you're asking -- you're gonna have to find them elsewhere.

Robin: What was that all about?

Nina: Are you accusing my husband of lying to me?

Curtis: I'm simply saying maybe you don't know the whole story. Look, that's typical of my line of work, okay? Most of my PI cases, the married couples keep secrets. Some are just more egregious than others.

Nina: Right. So, what do you think Valentin would be keeping from me?

Curtis: Hell if I know. Have you asked him about what the beef is between him and Anna from back in the day?

Nina: Yeah. He said that, um, he misread her interest, and she rejected his advances.

Curtis: [Breathes deeply] Look, uh, I don't know Anna. I don't know your husband. But if that's the whole story... [Sighs] ...Seems like he'd be the one with the grudge and not the other way around. Just saying.

Julian: What the hell kind of complication do you mean? You assured me you had the votes.

Gray: Convincing the board to sell was much easier when we had no other options. But Laura Spencer and the Quartermaine contingency have been holding...

Julian: Okay, get to the point, Gray.

Gray: They got creative. They made a powerful move.

Julian: What are you talking about?

Gray: [Sighs] The Quartermaines pooled their resources and are matching your developer's offer.

Julian: You got to be kidding me. I mean, they're gonna put all their money on the line to save GH for what -- a few more years?

Gray: Their position is that GH. Is too vital to the community. They've already swung a member or two back to their side.

Julian: Well, then I have to up my offer.

Gray: But it may be beyond the numbers now. They've made it a community issue.

Julian: What are you saying, Gray?

Gray: The vote is liable to be tight. I'll do my best to persuade the others and keep any more from changing their votes, but if I were you, I'd prepare my client for the vote not going their way.

Julian: That's not acceptable.

Jason: Hey, Sam, give me a call back when you get this message. I might have to work tonight. [Chuckles] It's crazy, but, uh... well, I think I might have a theory about what's going on.

Olivia Jerome: Julian, Duke, and I lived very dangerous lives. We all faked our deaths and worked to survive during the mob wars. And I believed in my heart that Duke had survived, like I had. I heard he came back to Port Charles. And I thought my faith had been rewarded. [Voice breaking] Then Julian killed him. And all the light and love and hope that I had for my life was gone. Do you have any idea what that feels like?

Sam: I hate what Julian did to Duke and a lot of other people. Trust me, yes, I do. I do understand.

Olivia: You could never understand! You and your perfect life, with your husband and your other son. And now you've got a baby on the way. It's just not fair! Why should you have everything and I have nothing?

Finn: Easy. Easy. Here you go. Here you go.


Finn: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Rox. I shouldn't... I shouldn't be shaking like this. It's pretty obvious I've built up a tolerance. This dose... doesn't have the same effect. [Breathing heavily] Relax. Relax, Rox. It's just this once.

Hayden: You think Finn is addicted?

Griffin: I mean, Zen-Zen is highly addictive, and Finn's been using it for, what, years... while he's trying to control the symptoms and search for a cure? I mean, you think he could just quit with no problems, just like that?

Hayden: I guess it never crossed my mind. When did you realize?

Griffin: When I began witnessing signs of withdrawal. Look, I've been worried about him and his patients, so I kept an eye on both. I even tried questioning him. [Sighs] Hey, where you going?

Hayden: I don't know. But I'll start by seeing if he made it back.

Valentin: [Smooches] Sorry I'm late. That looks good. What is that? Hey, can I have one of these, please?

Nina: I was beginning to think I was being stood up.

Valentin: Oh, never, ever. I'm gonna make up for every minute I missed on Valentine's Day. In fact, I'm gonna surprise you with something wonderful every day until I atone to your satisfaction.

Nina: You don't need to do that. In fact... you need to do that.

Valentin: [Chuckles]

Nina: I'm gonna hold you to it.

Valentin: All right.

Nina: Where were you?

Valentin: I just had a quick stop I had to make. Somebody I had to visit.

Nina: Mm.

Valentin: Where's the wine list?

Nina: Who?

Valentin: [Breathes deeply] Anna.

Robin: I'm sorry he upset you, Mom.

Anna: [Sighs]

Robin: What did... what did Valentin want from you?

Anna: Oh, it's a long story. It really is. I don't want you to worry about it. He's not a threat. I-I don't think so. And he was kind, I suppose, in a way.

Robin: People with your condition don't normally present with delirium.

Anna: I'm not delirious. I'm not. I... but I would like to know why I don't have any clothes in my overnight bag.

Robin: Well, because I know you too well, and you were going to try and check yourself out of the hospital tonight, weren't you?

Anna: Yes. I want to go home. I want to get back to my life. I do.

Robin: Mom... you're not thinking straight. Okay? You're exhausted.

Anna: Yes, I am exhausted... because every two minutes, a hospital staff member comes in here and wakes me up to check this vital or that vital. And, I mean, this is not a place to rest. I want to go home. I want to get a semblance of normalcy.

Robin: I understand. And I am really glad that you are embracing the idea of living with PV, but that does not mean that you can just check yourself out of the hospital against doctor's orders.

Anna: I was distraught earlier. I was. But you made me realize that I can carry on. And you gave me that strength. And... ...I also realize that it's important...

Robin: Mom, the most important thing is that take care of yourself.

Anna: [Voice breaking] There's things about me that you don't know. Things about my past. I really have to find those answers. And I'm not gonna find them lying around here.

Julian: I promised my client that this sale would go through. You understand me?

Gray: Mr. Jerome, I assure you I won't leave you in a lurch. There is an entire neighborhood by the waterfront poised to be gentrified. I know of a property there...

Julian: No. No, no, no. No. ...That would be perfect. It has to be GH. You understand?

Gray: Okay. Like I said, I'll concentrate on our board members, but I can't make any promises.

Julian: Well, failure's not an option.

Gray: It's just business. It's not a matter of life and death.

Julian: [Chuckles] Well, you see, where I come from, that's exactly what it is. And you'd do well to remember that.

Olivia Jerome: Duke was my only reason to live. Without him, I have nothing... and nothing to lose. The only thing that's keeping me going is that Julian must die by my hand, but not before I make him suffer. He has to lose everything that means anything to him. So unless you want your baby to become collateral damage in this mess, get in the car -- now!

Sam: Okay. Okay. Okay. [Breathes sharply, groans] Oh.

Olivia: What's the matter? [Screams] Oh!

Sam: Oh!

Nina: Well, okay, this is, um... the second time you've left me waiting because of Anna. Should I be jealous?

Valentin: Nina, she collapsed in front of me. I just wanted an update how she was doing. The hospital wouldn't give out anything over the phone, so I stopped by to see for myself.

Nina: Okay. How is she?

Valentin: She's fine.

Nina: Oh, good.

Valentin: As far as I could tell.

Nina: Okay. So, are you satisfied? You don't need to check up on her later on today or see how she's doing tomorrow?

Valentin: No. Nina, I'm surprised. I would think that you would appreciate my act of kindness. You're one of the few people who sees any good in me at all.

Nina: Why does she deserve your kindness, I want to know, if she was horrible to you? And she's not our friend. She broke into our home. She belongs behind bars.

Valentin: No, I don't want her arrested.

Nina: Why not?

Valentin: Because I don't. Because I'm moving on. Because what's past is past. I'm showing her mercy, and I'm hoping she shows me some, too. I hope she backs off and lets go of this ridiculous obsession with me.

Nina: But, see, the problem is, is your past and your present have caught up with each other. You're bound to run into each other.

Valentin: Well, then we're just gonna have to manage, because I'm not going anywhere. Listen... I am gonna go get myself something to drink. Why don't you let me buy us something very expensive that they keep in reserve?

Nina: [Scoffs] Damn straight you're not going anywhere, Valentin.

Hello, Commissioner Ashford. This is Nina Cassadine. Um, I'd like to report a break-in. And you'd be surprised to know who it was. Anna Devane.

Anna: Those clothes that I was wearing yesterday -- they have to be here somewhere.

Robin: No, Mom. I signed for them, and I took them home.

Anna: That's so ridiculous, Robin!

Robin: Yes, I couldn't agree more.

Anna: Mm.

Griffin: Guys, hey. What's going on?

Robin: My mother, the most stubborn person in America -- sorry -- the planet, is trying to check herself out of the hospital.

Griffin: Anna, that's highly inadvisable. Dr. Finn wants you to stay overnight for observation. And your first round of phlebotomy is in the morning.

Anna: I know, I know that's how we're treating my blood cancer. I get that. But I can come back first thing in the morning. I do not want to stay cooped up in here. I really don't.

Griffin: Okay, I hope you're not trying to go right back to work, Anna.

Anna: Why wouldn't I?

Griffin: You're not my patient, all right? Spend the night, and Dr. Finn will explain everything to you in the morning.

Anna: No, that's okay, Griffin. You just... tell me whatever. I-I'm fine. I trust you.

Griffin: [Sighs] The bottom line is, with PV, you may experience waves of dizziness and/or fatigue. And because of your blood clot, you're also on blood thinners.

Anna: Okay.

Robin: That could pose a risk for bleeding out. It -- it makes fieldwork really dangerous, Mom.

Griffin: Look, Anna, you have to understand. Any injury that draws blood... it could be problematic.

Anna: Oh. So that's it? What you're both gently trying to tell me is that everything I have done for my entire career is now off the table? That is it? I'm finished?

Robin: Mom [Sighs] Remember when Dad brought you back to the agency, and he thought you might be interested in that instructor position? You know, maybe given your new normal, you would reconsider that now.

Anna: No, no. You convinced me that my new normal wasn't the end of my life and that I could live with a chronic condition and not be held back.

Griffin: Anna, we're talking about making minor adjustments to your daily routine.

Anna: No, it's not minor! To yank me out of the career that I have spent my whole life building. What kind of a life does that leave me?

Robin: The kind of life where you're around for the people that love you. I'm not ready to lose my mom. Emma is not ready to lose her grandmother. So if you can't take care of yourself for you, can you at least do it for us? Please.

Jason: Thanks for waiting up to see me.

Curtis: Yeah, man. Hey. You, uh, find something?

Jason: Yeah, but you're gonna need to stay with me here, okay?

Curtis: Yeah.

Jason: Now, we both know that Julian is being controlled by someone, someone that has a very strong hold on him, and that this person tried to kill Julian, but accidentally killed Morgan. And we both heard him refer to this person as his sister.

Curtis: Right. Ava is his only living sister, so I did some cross-checking. I checked the medical records, the credit reports, the census. Besides Ava, the man only had one sister, and she dead.

Jason: Yeah, unless she's not.

Olivia Jerome: Don't make me hurt the baby! [Crying] Don't make me hurt the baby!

Sam: Screw you! [Punches Olivia and kicks away her gun] You crazy murdering bitch. They're gonna lock you up in D'Archam Asylum and throw away the key.

Olivia: No!

Sam: [Screams as she tumbles off the bridge]

Hayden: [Knocks on door] Finn, are you there? It's me. I know you didn't go to New York. Look, if there's some kind of problem, that's okay. We'll deal with it together. But you need to let me in. Finn! Are you there? Guess not.

Anna: Of course, I'll do it for you and Emma. Of course, I'll stay the night. I'll stay the night.

Robin: And you're gonna go easy on yourself, right?

Anna: Just one step at a time.

Griffin: Yeah, we'll take it slow here, too. There's still plenty to sort out. Look, in the meantime, do your fan club a favor -- get some rest.

Robin: I'll be right back. You need help?

Anna: No.

[Door closes]

Robin: Hey. Thanks for helping out.

Griffin: She's a fighter. That's a good thing, actually.

Robin: Yes. It's just going to be particularly difficult to get her to give up her job. [Breathes deeply] When's Dr. Finn coming back?

Griffin: Uh, soon, hopefully. Meanwhile, I will look into medications, recent treatment plans and protocols.

Robin: Okay. I'm on it, too. I'm so glad you're here for her. [Chuckles]

Griffin: It's Anna we're talking about. Where else would I be?

Robin: Yeah. You have your dad's eyes. You know that, don't you?

Griffin: I've been told.

Robin: I've been thinking about him a lot lately. I keep thinking, "you know, if Duke were here, he would know exactly what to say to get through to her."

Griffin: Yeah. It's a big life change.

Robin: Well, maybe he can speak through you. I really miss him, you know? He was like a father to me.

Griffin: Well, then it's official. We're part of the same clan, sis.

Robin: Oh, brother. You have no idea what you're getting yourself into.

[Both laugh]

Valentin: I want you to know that I'm gonna let anything or anyone intrude on the beautiful future that you and I are building together.

Nina: Here's to our future.

[Knock on door]

Anna: Yeah? Come in.

[Door opens]

Anna: Officer Donaldson. What brings you here?

Officer Donaldson: Good evening, Commis-- Ms. Devane. [Chuckles nervously] We've received a complaint that you're behind a break-in last night.

Robin: What's going on here?

Officer Donaldson: Anna Devane, I'm going to have to place you under arrest.

Curtis: Yo, that's a wild theory.

Jason: Yeah, I know it is. But it makes sense. I mean, the threat to Julian, the crazy locations, Ava maintaining her innocence.

Curtis: So, what are we supposed to do with this hunch? It ain't like I can go to the commissioner and say, "Um, we think we know who did it. It's a dead woman."

Jason: [Chuckles] I know. I know. We need proof. I also know you're not gonna like what I'm gonna say next.

Curtis: That's right.

Jason: We're gonna find out where Olivia Jerome is buried, and we're gonna open up her grave.

Olivia Jerome: [Sobbing] [Sniffles]

[Cell phone rings]

Olivia: [Breathes sharply, clears throat] Yes?

Julian: What have you done to Sam? Have you hurt her?

Olivia: Are the votes all locked in?

Julian: Yeah. Sale's gonna go through, and I'm gonna do everything I can to keep it that way.

Olivia: Then you don't have anything to worry about. I'm just taking her to a place to rest.

Julian: Let me talk to her.

Olivia: I'm sorry. She's out cold right now.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Valentin (to Dante): I never filed a complaint.

Nina: I did.

Laura (to Alexis): Are you saying it would have been a different outcome?

Lucy (to Tracy): It breaks my heart, but GH dies today.

Hayden (to Finn): You need help, and I'm going to get it for you.

Curtis: Well, is she there?

Jason: Well, take a look.

[Someone with a gun sneaks into Anna's room.]

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