GH Transcript Tuesday 2/21/17

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 2/21/17


Episode #13747 ~ Ned looks to Dante for advice on marrying his mom; Nelle & Michael weather the storm at the mountain cabin; Julian calls Jason out.

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Sonny: Yeah, Carly. No problem. Look, just do whatever you need to do. I-I'll meet you back at my place. And I'll tell you everything you need to know.

Nelle: Perfect! On a mountain... in a blizzard, and I can't get a signal! [Sighs]

[Door opens]

Michael: [Exhales sharply]

Nelle: Michael. How is it out there?

Michael: I can't remember the last time we had a storm that bad.

Nelle: Okay, so, the caretaker was exaggerating, right? Like, we're still gonna be able to get out?

Michael: The roads are already covered with snow and ice. Um... so there's no way of getting down this mountain. We're stuck.

Dante: Hey, Ned.

Ned: Hey, Dante. How's it going?

Dante: Yeah. Sorry I'm late. I got held up at the PD.

Ned: No problem.

Dante: So, what's happening, man? You, uh... sounded pretty serious on the phone.

Ned: Um... I, uh...asked your mother to marry me.

Dante: [Chuckles] Wow. Well, uh... well, congratulations, man. Welcome to the family.

Ned: Yeah. She said no.

Julian: Hey. Where's Leo?

Olivia: He's at home.

Julian: Oh, I thought you were bringing him.

Olivia: To a bar at night?

Julian: I'm sorry. I... I was just hoping to see him.

Olivia: Well, I've got an app on my phone, though, that monitors his nursery 24 hours a day.

Julian: [Sighs] He's really beautiful.

Olivia: And he's under 24-hour surveillance now... just like you should be. So, you want to tell me why I'm here? So, what is that? What is it? Are you trying to serve me with papers? You want a custody battle, you son of a bitch?

Julian: Olivia.'s my last will and testament.

Curtis: And then have your chef make me two of the juiciest wagyu burgers that he can come up with, okay? But no onions. And... put it all on my card.

Man: Very good, sir. Uh...and to which room?

Curtis: Oh, 687 -- guest's name is, uh, Grace McMorris.

Man: Yeah.

Jason: So, what exactly did Dr. Lee tell you?

Sam: Wait. Say that again. I'm in the garage, and the signal is terrible.

Jason: Never mind. Never mind. I'm on my way.

Sam: You really don't have to.

Jason: Look, if Dr. Lee wants to see you, I'd really like to be there.

Sam: Suit yourself, but don't rush, 'cause I'm a little bit early, so I'm not that concerned.

Olivia Jerome: Samantha... you're right on time.

Nelle: So, like an hour? Two?

Michael: Uh, tomorrow.

Nelle: Tomorrow?

Michael: Afternoon. Yeah. The -- the mountain roads are the least of anyone's worries right now.

Nelle: We can put chains on your tires.

Michael: I drive a sports car, so...

Nelle: Well, what about the caretaker? He was able to get out.

Michael: Yeah, in -- in snow shoes, and he went to his cabin around the bend. I mean, you can still see the tracks. Come here. Uh...okay. Never mind. They're gone.

Nelle: Already?

Michael: Yeah, look, I know you're not used to this weather, all right. But, seriously, it's not that big of a deal.

Nelle: I know. I'm sorry. I just -- I don't like the idea of being stranded.

Michael: Why? You don't like the company?

Nelle: The company's about the only good thing about this, Michael. I just have... things to take care of back home.

Jason: Hey, Sonny. You okay?

Sonny: Yeah, it will be, once I tell Carly I slept with Nelle.

Jordan: Curtis. Uh, scotch, rocks. You know, make it a double.

Curtis: Wow. A double. Long day?

Jordan: Every day's a long day, Curtis. What are you doing here?

Curtis: Actually, I'm...meeting someone.

Jordan: That same someone from Valentine's Day?

Curtis: She'd be the one.

Jordan: She seems familiar.

Curtis: Her name is Grace McMorris.

Jordan: Mm.

Curtis: We were cool back in Baltimore.

Jordan: And she worked for the mayor's office, right?

Curtis: Did. Now she's getting her MBA from Johns Hopkins. Yeah, she's a bad woman.

Jordan: Hmm. Does Grace enjoy skiing in a fine, white powder?

Curtis:, where exactly was... André on V-day?

Jordan: I wouldn't know. Thank you. André and I broke up.

Dante: Well, that makes no sense. I mean, my mother's, uh... she's crazy about you. She hates it when you're not around. And now that you are...

Ned: She and I recently had a conversation about the state of our relationship. And my takeaway was that she was looking for a greater commitment, and I was ready to give it.

Dante: So what's the problem?

Ned: I honestly don't know. And I was hoping -- I mean, I don't want to impose on mother-son confidentiality. I was just hoping you might tell me what I'm missing.

Julian: No, I'm leaving the bulk of my estate to Leo. And I've established a trust to be overseen by you and your attorney until Leo reaches his 30th birthday, at which point, it's, you know, his to do with as he wishes. Anyway, here's a copy. I mean, if something should, know, happen while the real thing's in a safe deposit box at the bank. Any comments, questions, concerns?

Olivia Falconeri: Well, that's very generous of you, Julian.

Julian: Well, thanks. You know, I'm just trying to do right by my son.

Olivia: Which means you got to be up to your ass in crocodiles. So why don't you tell me, who's after you now?

Sam: Robin?

Robin: Sam, hey.

Sam: Hi. I didn't know you were back in town.

Robin: Oh, yeah, just a last-minute visit. Just in time for the snow storm.

Sam: Yeah, it's supposed to be a big one.

Robin: So, you're getting really close to your due date.

Sam: I know. It's just a couple more weeks. Long enough for Jason and I a few more birthing classes.

Robin: Yeah? [Chuckles]

Olivia Jerome: Anna Devane's daughter.


Olivia: Cheryl? You don't sound like Cheryl.

Robin: I'm not.

Olivia: [Chuckles] Is she home?

Robin: Well, who are you?

Olivia: Well, tell her it's her friend Olivia.

Robin: Well, Cheryl's in the shower right now.

Olivia: And who might you be?

Robin: I'm Robin.

Olivia: I know all about you.

Robin: You do?

Olivia: Mm-hmm. Duke's a very dear friend of mine. And he talks about you all the time.

[Back to present]

Olivia: Little Robin Scorpio. My, how you've grown.

Robin: Jason's gonna help you in the delivery room?

Sam: Well, I mean, he's -- it's not...

Olivia: Well, this day's definitely looking up.

Robin: But this is his baby! That's what makes it so unique

Sam: [Giggles] Oh, yes!

Robin: Totally different.

Olivia: Two for the price of one.

Jason: I know it's not gonna be pleasant, telling Carly what went down with you and Nelle.

Sonny: Why doesn't she just shoot me and put me out of my misery?

Jason: Oh, no, brother. She's gonna make you suffer.

Sonny: Yeah, I knew that the bullet was wishful thinking.

Jason: But, you know, you give her some time, a little space, and she'll realize that you made a mistake that was -- [Scoffs] Came out of a lot of drinking, grief.

Sonny: I just don't think she's gonna buy that as an excuse.

Jason: Carly knows what it's like to make a mistake. And once her anger cools, she'll realize that's what this was, and she'll come around. I'm not gonna lie to you. This thing with Nelle, it's -- it's bad. But it's not gonna be the end of you.

Michael: It is going to be okay, all right? Just trust me.

Nelle: You're right. Look, I'm sorry for flipping out. I just -- you know me. I'm a planner. If things don't go painstakingly the way that I've arranged them, then --

Michael: No. I know. It's -- it's -- it's the worst.

Nelle: [Sighs]

Michael: Look, so... how about we do a little, uh...mental exercise I think will do us both a world of good? You're uptight.

Nelle: Thanks.

Michael: No, so am I. So am I. So, look, how about we just, uh... surrender to the circumstances, and we go with the flow, huh? Come on. We got -- we got booze, we got heat, we got electricity. Things could be a lot worse.

Olivia Falconeri: I know your sister's been accused of killing Morgan. What? What? Maybe Sonny thinks the two of you were in on it together? Maybe your sister is trying to frame you and -- and maybe you're afraid she's gonna get away with it? What? I don't know.

Julian: Olivia, thank you. I really appreciate your concern. I really do, but you need to know the only thing I'm worried about right now is making sure that Leo is provided for, both financially and emotionally.

Olivia: Well, you got nothing to worry about, because Leo is doing just fine.

Julian: I know. Thanks to you... and Ned.

Olivia: Okay. What the hell did you just say?

Julian: What? It's actually a comfort knowing that Leo has a fine father figure like Ned waiting in the wings.

Dante: The thing you have to remember is my mother, she's been alone her whole life. She never needed anyone. Except for me. [Chuckles] But she's had relationships. You know, she was engaged to Steven Webber. I mean, if I had to guess...

Ned: Please.

Dante: ...My mother's gun-shy. She probably doesn't think that... she can make it work long-term with any one person.

Sam: It feels good to be in the home stretch. I'm lucky. So far, this pregnancy has been drama-free.

Robin: [Laughs] Sorry. I don't know what those words mean in that order.

Sam: [Laughs] I know, right? Um, I'm actually on my way to see Kelly now.

Robin: Oh, really?

Sam: Yeah.

Robin: Oh, she didn't tell me. She must have extended her office hours.

Sam: I guess.

Robin: Well, anyway, best of luck...

Sam: Thank you.

Robin: ...With everything. I'm sure I'll see you around.

Sam: Yeah, yeah. Of course. Be careful out there. Bye.

Robin: Bye.

[Metal clangs]

Robin: Is someone there?

Curtis: I was just making a -- a point. I-I'm sorry.

Jordan: Really? I thought you'd be pleased.

Curtis: Not when you're hurting.

Jordan: Could have fooled me.

Curtis: Look, I know we've had our differences and stuff --

Jordan: "Differences"? Curtis, come on. You know, you've been itching for something, anything, to go south with me for a very long time, so please.

Curtis: That's not true.

Jordan: Seeing me lose André because of our association, that must have just made your week, huh?

Curtis: Our what?! André can't hack you working with me, can he?

Jordan: André can't "hack" me kissing you.

Sam: Remember that?

Lucas: Yeah, did anything ever come of it?

Sam: No, we thought we were onto something, but the lead dried up.

Robin: Hello? Is someone there?


Robin: [Sighs] That's weird.

Olivia Jerome: Another time, little Robin.


Michael: Okay. Try it now.

Nelle: Nothing.

Michael: Okay. Well, I've got some good news, and I've got some bad news. Uh...bad news is the power's out.

Nelle: And the good news?

Michael: Well, the power's out. We get to do things like the olden days.

Nelle: That's terrible news.

Michael: No. Come on. Where's your "spirit of adventure"?

Nelle: Wondering what we're gonna do for heat. We don't have any power, Michael.

Michael: Okay, we might not have electricity, but -- but power, I mean, we do have a -- we have a fireplace, and we've got some wood.

Nelle: You know how to build a fire?

Michael: Oh, you're cute when you scoff. But, trust me, Nelle, no one's going to be shivering tonight.

Nelle: Aww, my hero!

Michael: [Laughs]

Nelle: Thank you.

Michael: Yeah.

Nelle: Oh, wow. I don't think I've ever seen anything so pretty.

Michael: Well, I've seen better. The wood's around the corner. You ready to make that dash?

Nelle: [Sighs] As I'll ever be.

Michael: [Exhales sharply] Okay. Ready? One, two, three. Let's go.

Nelle: Aah!

Michael: Oh, damn, it's cold!

Curtis: I don't know how André found out what happened between you and me in Baltimore. But I assure you, it wasn't from me.

Jordan: I told him.

Curtis: [Scoffs] Wow! Okay. What the hell did you do that for?

Jordan: Because I -- because I owed him my honesty.

Curtis: Hmm.

Jordan: I thought that we were gonna be able to work it out. I was wrong.

Curtis: Damn. Ash.

Jordan: You know, and -- and I knew that you were gonna be trouble the day that you came into this town.

Curtis: [Scoffs]

Jordan: I really did, and you know what? I was right.

Curtis: And here we go again. Everything that has ever happened bad in your life is always my fault, right? But, meanwhile, you get to be this holy martyr who only lies when it's for the greater good.

Jordan: No, no. I am talking about Baltimore. I'm talking about you pushing me into something that I couldn't give.

Curtis: Oh, I --

Jordan: Yes. You cost me André. And now... and now you may have cost me my job.

Lucas: Hey.

Sam: Hey.

Lucas: Done already?

Sam: Well, Dr. Lee wasn't there. Her assistant was closing up, and she said that they never called.

Lucas: Hmm. That's weird.

Sam: Yeah.

Lucas: I'm sorry you came all this way for nothing.

Sam: Oh, come on. It's not for nothing. At least I got to see you.

Lucas: Aww.

Sam: Hey, have you seen Jason? He was supposed to meet me here. I've tried calling and texting a few times, but I'm assuming the snow storm is messing with the cell towers.

Lucas: Well, maybe you should get home before it gets worse then.

Sam: Maybe I should.

Lucas: Well, maybe you should. I'll tell him you took off... if I see him.

Sam: Okay, um... hey, uh... one last thing. Have you been in touch with Julian?

Lucas: No. No. No?

Sam: Okay, well, do you know that Ava was arrested?

Lucas: Yeah, it's all over the news. Why?

Sam: I don't know. I mean, I'm sure we'll hear more about it later. I just -- I don't think it's gonna reflect well on Julian.

Lucas: [Chuckles] Yeah. It never does.

Sam: Okay. Just be careful.

Lucas: Yeah. I will. I don't have any plans to see the guy ever again, so...

Sam: Just -- just in case.

Lucas: Yeah, okay. I promise.

Olivia Falconeri: What the hell is going on, Julian? What? Is there a hit out on you?

Julian: Nothing is wrong.

Olivia: Whatever it is has got to be really, really bad if you're okay with the idea of Ned raising your kid.

Julian: I'm just saying.

Olivia: You're just saying what? You just said his actual name. You called him Ned, not Ted. You said his real name.

Julian: Well, yeah, but isn't it about time we all acted like grown-ups for a change?

Olivia: Well, it was time for us to start acting like grown-ups a long time ago, but that didn't stop you from acting like a child. So why don't you tell me what has changed?

Julian: Ned's back. Everything is aboveboard with Leo, and you two are still together. Look, Olivia, your future with Ned...

Olivia: [Scoffs]

Julian: ...It's all but written. And, as much as I loath to admit it, you know, Ned is an honorable man. He's stable and secure. And I really do believe that Leo will thrive under his wing.

Olivia: Noble doesn't look good on you, Julian. Why don't you just tell me what the hell is actually going on?

Julian: You need to stop wasting your time worrying about me and keep doing what you're doing. You just, um... take care of our son. Ned.

Ned: Am I hearing things, or did he just call me by my actual name?

Sam: You don't text, you don't call. What do you do? [Sighs] [Groans]

[Seat belt clicks]

[Engine sputtering]

Sam: Ugh, no! You've got to be kidding me.

[Sputtering continues]

[Knock on window]

Sam: Whoa!

Olivia Jerome: Car trouble?

Sonny: Thanks for hearing me out. Solid advice.

Jason: You and Carly have been through a lot worse. It's probably gonna be rocky for a little while, but, uh... you'll get through it. You always do.

Sonny: I hope you're right.

Jason: I think I am. Plus, uh... I'm around for both of you. Always have been, always will.

Sonny: You're always a brother to me. You know that.

Jason: Yeah. Me, too, buddy. Come here.

Robin: Hey!

Jason: Oh, hey.

Robin: Can I get in on that action?

Sonny: Oh! Wow. Hi.

Robin: Seriously, save some for the rest of us.

Sonny: [Laughs]

Jason: Hi. Good to see you.

Nelle: [Panting] You...lied to me. You said there wouldn't be an avalanche.

Michael: Look, I'm sorry. I'm sorry about that. Um, I'm gonna get this fire going as soon as possible, and then I'll -- I'll get you all warmed up. Hey, um, can you -- can you do me a favor? Can you get a few buckets and fill them with water? We got to get them boiling as soon as possible.

Nelle: What? Is one of us about to have a baby?

Michael: Ha! No. We, uh -- we got to wait for our clothes to dry, right? So, in the meantime, we're gonna take turns soaking.

Nelle: We will?

Michael: Yeah. This place is very authentic. It come with one of those old-fashioned copper tubs.

Nelle: We're -- we're gonna take a bath?

Michael: Yeah. Trust me. You're gonna thank me later. Just one thing, though. peeking. I'm very modest.

Olivia Falconeri: Julian revised his will.

Ned: Is he dying?

Olivia: Eventually.

Ned: Right. Is that...all?

Olivia: Is what all?

Ned: You meeting Julian. I mean... it wasn't related to your decision not to marry me?

Olivia: Are you asking me if my one drunken regretful night with Julian has somehow blossomed into the true flower of love? No. No. What, are you crazy?

Ned: Just checking.

Olivia: Well, don't. That's crazy. Forget about it.

Ned: I didn't think so. I just wanted to be sure. After all, the last time we saw each other, things got, um... confusing.

Olivia: I know, and I'm sorry, Ned. And I owe you an explanation. Just, uh --

Ned: And I owe you an explanation. I know my proposal took you by surprise.

Olivia: Yeah, to say the least.

Ned: And, in retrospect, it may not have been... fully considered.

Olivia: Meaning?

Ned: I mean, if I'd really stopped to think about it, I probably wouldn't have proposed at all.

Olivia: You wouldn't have? You want to tell me why the hell not?

Ned: The truth is, the thought of marrying you... absolutely terrifies me.

Julian: Lucas?

Lucas: What are you doing here?

Julian: I wanted to see you.

Lucas: Nope. We don't have anything to talk about.

Julian: One minute. Just give me one minute, and I promise I'll never ask anything of you ever again. Please?

Sam: Hey, you're Liv Lowry.

Olivia Jerome: Right.

Sam: My mom's sober sponsor. How could I forget?

Olivia: Yeah, looks like you're having car trouble.

Sam: Yeah, you know. It was fine a half-hour ago. I don't know what's going on.

Olivia: Well, I'm glad I came along when I did. I'll give you a lift.

Sam: Oh, no, no. That's okay. Don't worry about it.

Olivia: It's no trouble.

Sam: No, really. My husband's on his way. I'll just wait for him.

Olivia: Your mother would just shoot me if I left you stranded in a garage.

Sam: [Laughs] No, I don't think she would do that.

Olivia: [Laughs] Yes, she would. Come on. Let me help you. And, can be in charge of the tunes.

Jason: I-I wish I could stick around, but I have to go see Sam.

Robin: Oh, I just ran into her at the hospital. It looks like she's gonna give birth any day.

Jason: Yeah, I know. We're really excited. But, uh... I want to see you.

Robin: Yeah, I'll only let you go, though, if you promise we'll get together soon.

Jason: Oh, absolutely. That's a deal. Mm. Great to see you.

Robin: Yeah. You, too.

Jason: Go get 'em, brother.

Sonny: Let's sit down.

Robin: Yeah, yeah.

Sonny: You look good. [Sighs]

Robin: So do you. Certainly better than the last time I saw you.

Sonny: That was a rough night.

Robin: Well, looks like you came out the other side.

Sonny: More or less. Everything okay?

Robin: [Sighs] Actually, no. I... I mean, I do have some free time, but, um... I'm here 'cause of my mom. She's sick.

Curtis: I'm jeopardizing your job?

Jordan: Mm-hmm.

Curtis: How?

Jordan: Scott Baldwin filed a motion...

Curtis: [Sighs] Scott.

Jordan: ...To toss proof of Ava's guilt out of court.

Curtis: On what grounds?

Jordan: He's saying that the evidence that we collected in the herb shop, the very physical evidence that places Ava on the scene...

Curtis: Yeah?

Jordan: ...He's saying that you placed it there, you planted it there.

Curtis: Well, I didn't. So he can guess again.

Jordan: Were you at Ava's gallery the day Dante brought her in?

Curtis: Yeah, I was trying to nail down her timeline.

Jordan: That's interesting 'cause in his motion, he said that you were there to collect objects that had her DNA on them.

Curtis: Right. So, um... in addition to framing Ava, I'm also a thief. Scott Baldwin. Come on now. He's gonna throw everything against the wall to see what sticks. He ain't got nothing coming messing with me.

Jordan: Okay, well, you better be right, because if this case doesn't hold up, the DA's gonna hold me accountable, okay? And if I go down, trust and believe I will take you down with me.

Curtis: Uh, may I remind you that it was your investigation that wrongly put Morgan Corinthos' death on Sonny. And if you weren't completely convinced of Ava's guilt, why arrest her?

Jordan: I arrested her because it was your witness who ID'd Ava!

Curtis: And, for the record, your problems with, um...André started long before our trip.

Jordan: My problems with André start with you.

Curtis: Yeah, they do... and they end with me. So you knew even in Baltimore he wasn't the man you wanted. You wanted me... and you still do.

Jordan: [Scoffs]

Sonny: What's PV?

Robin: Polycythemia Vera. It's a very rare form of blood cancer. It's so rare it doesn't even get much notice.

Sonny: Is your mom gonna be okay?

Robin: There's no cure, but, you know, it's not a death sentence. PV can be managed with medication and phlebotomy to lower her hematocrit levels.

Sonny: I'm not up on my medical journal. I don't know. What does that mean?

Robin: Basically, it means that the -- the disease is making her body produce too many red blood cells. That can cause clotting, so she'll be on blood thinners and phlebotomy.

Sonny: That's, like, drawing blood for tests, right?

Robin: Right, but in this case, it's to reduce the red-blood-cell count. That's the hematocrit, more or less. Because if we don't, then she's at risk for a heart attack or stroke.

Sonny: Well, lucky she has you to stay on her case. You keep her on the straight and narrow, right?

Robin: [Sighs] Yeah. It's nice to keep someone around here on the straight and narrow. I know things could be worse. It's just... I don't know. I shouldn't have said anything. If my mom knew that I was talking to you, of all people...

Sonny: Well, you know what? Y-your mom and I, we have a mutual respect towards business. But, yeah. If -- if she was your patient, and we were here talking, it would be unprofessional.

Robin: [Chuckles] Tell me about it. It's just a lot to carry around, you know, and I guess I needed to talk.

Sonny: Whatever we talk about, it's between us.

Robin: Thank you. So... since last time.

Sonny: Yeah, uh... been dealing with a lot -- losing Morgan... Carly and I are... just dealing with a lot.

Robin: I heard Ava Jerome was charged with his murder.

Sonny: Well, she has no problem hurting people.

Robin: It doesn't surprise me. Her sister, Olivia, was the same way.

Olivia Jerome: Looks like the worst of the storm is going to pass us by.

Sam: Yeah, I know. But I bet it's pretty bad in the mountains.

Olivia: I'm just so disappointed that Port Charles isn't gonna be snowed in. I know that sounds crazy, but I just love the snow. It makes everything look so clean and peaceful and pure.

Sam: Yeah. It is beautiful.

Olivia: Listen to me go on and on. I must sound silly, talking about taking pleasure in such little things. But in this life, I really haven't had any big things to take pleasure in. No...husband, no children. Honestly... you just don't know how lucky you are.

Lucas: What part of "you're dead to me" is unclear to you?

Julian: Look, I understand. Lucas. I didn't come here to lobby you. I just came here to give you something. That's all. I don't want anything from you. You once gave me a letter, a letter you wrote to me when you were a kid, coming out to me. It's a letter you thought I'd never get. [Sighs] Here's a letter I thought I'd never write. It's, uh... all the things I thought I'd get a chance to tell you over the years. But, um... it's about your mom and where you came from. My hopes and dreams for you. Anyway, just... I want you to have it, just in case.

Lucas: Just in case what? Why are you giving this to me now?

Nelle: Okay. I'm going in.

Michael: Feel okay?

Nelle: [Sighs] Heavenly. And a bit guilty.

Michael: Guilty? Why?

Nelle: It's my fault you're stuck here.

Michael: Uh, well, actually, I'm the one who insisted on coming along, and I drove us up here in a completely inappropriate car.

Nelle: All I have to say, without you, I'd be having a complete mental breakdown all by myself. Or dead in a ravine, trying to drive down an icy mountain. You've really taken care of me.

Michael: Yeah, well, it's what we gentlemen do. It's terribly old-fashioned. But sadly, it's who I am. And if providing a bath can stave off, uh... hypothermia or frostbite, then it's the least I can do. I owe you.

Nelle: Because of what I do for Carly or... what I did for Josslyn?

Michael: It's because of what you do for me.

Olivia Falconeri: I'm sorry to be dense here, but what the hell are you talking about?

Ned: Look at me. I've been married five times... to four different women. Clearly, none have stuck.

Olivia: But that's not for lack of trying.

Ned: And then, there's my family, famous for their... welcoming and inclusive nature.

Olivia: But, Papa, I don't mind them. I actually -- I kind of like them.

Ned: And most of all, I'm worried that I can't be the man you deserve. I mean, look at you. You're funny...kind... smart, beautiful, and sexy and dynamic. And wise, compassionate. You are downright awe-inspiring.

Olivia: Okay, okay. I think you're laying it on a little thick now.

Ned: You are everything I could ever hope for in a partner, and everything I can aspire to be as a person. You leave me in the dust, and that is why... the prospect of marrying you... absolutely terrifies me.

Olivia: So, wait a minute. Are you telling me that you're taking back your proposal?

Nelle: You know, if the first soak is payback for me occasionally getting your dry cleaning, then you're getting the raw end of the deal.

Michael: You don't get it, do you? Uh... [Sighs] Look, you know what I went through when Morgan died, how my family relied on me, and I felt like a fraud, pretending to be so strong when really, I was falling apart as much as everybody else.

Nelle: But you are a really strong person. And if you weren't that strong, you wouldn't have been able to be there for everyone else. And you were. You know, Michael, that was all you.

Michael: No, not all. A big part of the reason I got through it was because of you. Because of your friendship. And it's about time I returned that favor.

Nelle: You don't owe me anything.

Michael: [Sighing] Oh, no. That's not true. Look, let me do for you what you've done for me. I mean, you can still be your, uh... take-charge, independent, badass self, but, can accept a little kindness, can't you?

Olivia Falconeri: Now you don't want to marry me at all?

Ned: Just the opposite. As scared as I am... I want you, love you, far more than my fears of not being able to measure up. So, even though you declined to marry me now, my proposal is still on the table. And, uh... I will use this time to work on becoming the man you deserve, allaying my fears, and yours, until the day you are ready to say "Yes."

Jordan: Don't play yourself.

Curtis: See, back in Baltimore, you finally got everything you wanted. You had it right there.

Jordan: What? What is that? You?

Curtis: Trouble is, you couldn't come down off the fence quick enough to take it.

Jordan: Ah.

Curtis: Yeah. So now that you're trying to finish what you started with you and your stand-up guy, Mr. Inoffensive, all of that just went up in smoke. And I would say flames, but we both know it wasn't really that hot.

Jordan: Wow. You've been -- you worked on that for a long time, hmm?

Curtis: Actually, that was just off the cuff. See, I tend to know what I'm talking about when I'm talking about you.

Man: [Clears throat] Uh, your room service order is ready, Mr. Ashford. I'll send it up.

Curtis: Thanks, buddy. I am on my way.

Sonny: Ava's sister?

Robin: Olivia.

Sonny: You knew her?

Robin: Unfortunately.


Robin: They're lovebirds, just like Cheryl and Daddy, just like Mommy and Uncle Duke.

Olivia Jerome: I know a lot about lovebirds.

Robin: You do?

Olivia: Well, if anything happens to the Daddy bird...

Robin: Mm-hmm.

Olivia: ...If he should go away or anything, well, then, the Mommy bird dies.

[Back to present]

Robin: That whole generation of Jeromes is poisonous. I mean, Julian, Olivia -- each one is worse than the next. Or crazier.

Olivia Jerome: Motherhood sure looks good on you.

Sam: Oh, wow. [Laughs] It didn't always.

Olivia: To hear your mother tell it, you were a natural.

Sam: Hardly. Really. I mean, most of the skills I got in the family department I just picked up from...around. I didn't -- I didn't grow up in a model home.

Olivia: Wow. You never know, do you? My family -- I-I come from a very big family, tight-knit family. Everybody always thought we were loyal and loving. You'd scratch the surface just a little bit... it was all for show. We were always at each other's throats. Couldn't trust a one of us.

Jason: Hey, Lucas. Have you seen Sam?

Lucas: Yeah. You just missed her. She took off a little bit ago.

Jason: Thanks.

Lucas: I got to get back to work.

Julian: [Sighs] [Sniffs] Well, you must be real proud of yourself. Yeah, you and Curtis setting up that little stakeout of yours, meddling when I warned you not to.

Jason: What's this now? Are you threatening me?

Julian: Oh, no. It's too late for that. I just want you to understand, if anyone is in danger -- Sam, Danny, whoever -- you're as much to blame as I am now.

Jason: What the hell does that mean?

Julian: I pray to God you never find out.

Sam: Well, I didn't know you came from a big family.

Olivia Jerome: Oh, I don't talk about it much, not even to your mother.

Sam: Hmm.

Olivia: We went our separate ways a long, long time ago, after a seismic falling out. Lately, though, I've...found myself drawn back to them.

Sam: Yeah, well, there's no denying blood.

Olivia: I don't think that's it. After this estrangement, I worked so hard to start over. Focused on restoration, reinvention...

Sam: Reincarnation.

Nelle: You're so sweet.

Michael: Well, I'm just trying to get across what you mean to me.

Nelle: Message received. All right. It's your turn.

Michael: No, no. Just give it a few more minutes at least. It's okay.

Nelle: No, no. I'm all warmed up, and the water will not stay hot for long, right? I insist.

Michael: Okay. Here you go.

[Water splashing]

Nelle: All right. All clear.

Michael: Yeah. Here. You all warmed up?

Nelle: I'm getting there.

Michael: Well, the, will do the rest.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Bobbie (to Carly): I hate to tell you, honey, but there isn't going to be any romantic getaway this weekend.

Nelle (to Michael): I will do anything necessary to get that.

Tracy (to Hayden): Are we going to be able to keep the hospital open?

Ava (to Julian): Tell me you're here to get me out.

Jason (to Sonny): I think there's a good chance that she killed Morgan.

Sam (to Olivia Jerome): Could you pull over?

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