GH Transcript Thursday 2/16/17

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 2/16/17


Episode #13744 ~ Nina grows suspicious of her husband; Elizabeth takes a stand; Kiki & Dillon reconnect.

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Griffin: Are you okay?

Finn: Yeah. Just tired. Long shift, and with the nurses out...

Griffin: Hey, you sure that's all?

Finn: Yeah. Hey, thanks for helping out. I'll have Brad put a rush on these. I'll get back to you as soon as they're done.

Dillon: [Chuckles]

Kiki: What?

Dillon: I don't know. I just -- I can't believe we finally...

Kiki: I know. Yeah. [Laughs]

Dillon: I mean, I still had hopes we would eventually, but...

Kiki: You had doubts?

Dillon: Well, yeah.

Kiki: I didn't.

Dillon: Uh...

Kiki: Never. I didn't.

Dillon: [Chuckles] You mean to tell me, this entire time, you thought that ultimately we would end up right here?

Kiki: Oh, no. I'm sorry. I meant would not, like, ever, under any circumstances.

[Both laugh]

Dillon: Okay. Fair enough.

Kiki: That is, until New Year's Eve, when we ran into each other on the bus.

Dillon: Mm. Yep. Both trying to get out of Dodge only to avoid one another.

Kiki: Yeah. I know I, uh, pushed you away a lot.

Dillon: Kiki, it's in the past, seriously.

Kiki: No, seriously, you listen to me, because being here with you like this -- it just makes me want to tell you how much you mean to me.

Dillon: Well, okay. Just this once tell me.

Kiki: Well, you're always there for me, like, over and over again, like when I was all depressed, and you faked that flat tire to get me out of the apartment.

Dillon: God, that was genius.

Kiki: Yeah. Or like tonight, with my mother -- and I know this is probably the last thing you want to talk about right now, but -- everything that happened with Morgan.

Franco: [British accent] All right, I'm all set for my mission. [Normal voice] What is it specifically that you need me to do?

Felix: Okay, two major things. One -- is everyone freaking out, because the nurses aren't there to handle things? And two -- does it seem like management will cave soon and reconsider the layoffs?

Epiphany: Or three -- are they getting ready to fire all of us?

Franco: Okay. I got it.

Elizabeth: [Sighs] Are you sure you can do this?

Franco: Oh, I can. I can. And I will. See you later.

Elizabeth: Okay. So, um... can I offer anyone some coffee or cookies?

Felix: [Chuckles]

Epiphany: Girl, forget about them cookies. Now that he's gone, what exactly is the deal between you two?

Laura: Tracy, think. Really think about what you're doing here.

Tracy: Half the board wants to close the hospital. I am doing everything I can to keep it open. So, with all due respect, please just butt out. This is the best I can do for now. Is there something else you wanted?

Hayden: Actually, yes, I was hoping to get your perspective on, um... you know what? Never mind. I'll talk to you another time.

Tracy: Oh, good job. Scared her right off.

Laura: [Scoffs] Me? Obviously she doesn't want to fire anyone. Clearly, you have browbeaten her into doing this hatchet job for you.

Tracy: For the very last time, I am doing what needs to be done. My family has been the mainstay of this hospital.

Laura: Oh! With all due respect, shut up about your family.

Nathan: It's up to a family-court judge to decide what happens to Charlotte, okay? It's not up to you or -- or Nina, for that matter. All right? So, instead of fighting over a situation where you have no control, why don't the two of you focus on an area where you do have something in common -- the magazine?

Nina: Okay, uh, uh, everybody out. Everybody out. We're done here. Here.

Maxie: Okay. We will leave.

Nathan: Uh, yeah, but, Nina, we weren't done.

Nina: Yeah. We'll -- we'll talk about this later, okay? Can we talk about it later?

Maxie: It's fine. We can talk about this when you can. Just do what you need to do. It's okay.

Nina: Thank you. Okay.

Nathan: Well, call if you need anything.

Nina: Yeah, I will.

Nathan: Nina -- anything.

[Heart monitor beeping]

[Door closes]

Finn: Hey. Brad is doing Anna's blood work himself and says we should have it in a few minutes.

Griffin: Oh, thank you. That's great.

Finn: Listen, this could still be any number of things, so until we get the results back...

Griffin: What happened in Anna's room?

Finn: I'm fine.

Griffin: Obviously that's not true, Finn, so let me help you. Tell me what's really going on with you.

Kiki: Okay, so, my mom swears to me that she had nothing to do with this bomb, right? And I want to believe her, but... she's lied to me so many times. And I just keep remembering how she tried to break me and Morgan up and she tried to use you. She did. And that sucks, but that has nothing to do with my feelings for you.

Dillon: I know that.

Kiki: I realized that tonight -- that no matter how we started or what we've done... ...I trust you to be there for me.

Dillon: Damn right I will.


Kiki: And, Dillon, what I am feeling right now for you -- it is so incredible. I am just... begging and praying to the universe that it stays with me...forever and...always.

Laura: You're not the only person who loves and cares about that hospital. My family is just as much a part of it as yours is. I mean, both of my parents worked there their whole lives. My sister -- Amy -- she was a nurse. My -- my sister-in-law, my nephew. Look -- three generations. You know something? I've lived a lot of places. I've been to a lot of hospitals. None of them -- not one -- comes close to that sense of -- of community and family and real caring that we have at General Hospital, and that is because of the people who work there, you know, not just my family or yours, but what about the people whose names you don't know, whose livelihoods you are being so cavalier with? Cutting nurses? Nurses? Th-that's gonna save a few dollars, but it will destroy this hospital. The nurses -- they're the ones... who provide the comfort. They are the first contact with the patient and the last. They're the heart and soul of the hospital. You cut out the heart, and it will die. You -- you might save the building, but it might as well be condos at that point, because what made General Hospital special, what made it a really great hospital, will be gone. And I'm afraid that it'll just be gone for good.

Elizabeth: We are here to discuss the sick-out. Tonight's meeting is about strategy.

Epiphany: We know what the meeting's about.

Elizabeth: Great. Then let's get started.

Felix: We can't.

Elizabeth: Why not?

Epiphany: Well, uh, because... we need a quorum.

Felix: Yeah, that, right.

Epiphany: And -- and we don't have one. So...what's the deal between you and Franco? A-are you serious, not serious, huh? What exactly is the deal with you and that troubled...

Elizabeth: Okay, okay.

Epiphany: Troubled. ...But fine, fine young man?

Elizabeth: All right. I'll tell you. But don't say anything, because I don't want to jinx it.

Epiphany: [Chuckles] Like I said, it's not exactly a secret that he's got it bad for you.

Felix: But what about you?

Epiphany: How do you feel about him?

Elizabeth: [Sighs]

Felix: Quit stalling.

Elizabeth: Okay, I...

Felix: You... what?

Elizabeth: [Sighs] I'm in love with him.

[Both laugh]

Elizabeth: [Groans]

Franco: Princess Cassadine. Or is it "Ms. Barnes" you're sticking with?

Hayden: Uh, the latter.

Franco: Really? Huh. Bummer. Me -- I would stick with the title.

Hayden: Is -- is there something I can do for you? What are you even doing here? You're supposed to be out sick, legitimately.

Franco: Well, clearly I'm feeling better.

Hayden: So, what, are you here to help out? During the sick-out? Won't Elizabeth have something to say about that?

Franco: You know, your sister and I -- we don't have to agree on everything.

Hayden: Oh, really?

Franco: No. I mean, hey, I can see where the nurses are coming from, but I can also see where management's coming from.

Hayden: Do you?

Franco: Yeah. Hey, measures will be taken, and lives will be affected, but it's for the good of the hospital. And, hey, a gal's got to do what a gal's got to do.

Hayden: I can't believe I'm saying this, but thank you.

Finn: Stop following me, Griffin. Everything's fine.

Griffin: I give you credit. You clean up well, but w-w-w-wait -- in Anna's room...

Finn: I dropped a -- a blood sample, all right? Haven't you ever dropped something before? I'm fine.

Griffin: You were sweating. Your hands were shaking.

Finn: Samples are fine.

Griffin: That's not the point. The point is, is that something's going on with you, and it has been for a long time. And I know it's not Blackwood's Syndrome, because you and Hayden no longer have that.

Finn: Listen to me. I had that disease for a long time. It nearly killed me, all right? It's just taking me a little longer to recover than Hayden. She only had it for a few weeks.

Griffin: [Sighs] How's that old hockey injury?

Finn: It's better. As soon as I get Anna's results, I'll let you know, okay?

Griffin: Finn, you need to tell me what's going on, and you need to tell me right now.

Woman: Here's the blood work on Devane.

Finn: Thank you.

Griffin: What is it?

Valentin: Sano. Sanas. Sanat. Sanamos. Latin... present indicative conjugation -- "to heal." I taught you that. Not that you'd remember, I'm sure.

Kiki: Do you want to stop?

Dillon: No. I never want this to end. I want it to last forever.


Tracy: I believe the end justifies the means... most of the time... not always.

Laura: Not now?

Tracy: You're right. General Hospital is the sum of its history... the people who work there, who heal there... the ones we've lost there. And, Laura, your family's always been a very big part of that.

Laura: Thank you.

Tracy: I'm sorry. I, uh -- I lost track of what's really important. Facts and figures got in the way. So, it's -- you have gotten me thinking.

Laura: About what?

Tracy: Maybe there's another solution.

Felix: Oh, I am so happy for you. You two are an amazing couple, like Beauty and the Beast.

Epiphany: Uh, well, let's hope that Beauty can tame that Beast.

Felix: Okay, why can't you, who has a personal trainer for her personal concubine, be happy for Elizabeth?

Epiphany: Are you happy, Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Yeah, I am.

Epiphany: Okay. All right. Then -- then I'm happy for you. You deserve some bliss in your life, no matter what the source. But I will be watching.

Elizabeth: I know, and I am grateful for that. Now, can we please just focus on how we're gonna keep our jobs?

Felix: Well, that's where Franco comes in. If he can figure out what management's next move is, we'll know how to counter it.

Franco: So, what are we gonna do, huh? How are we gonna stop this strike?

Hayden: Well, the sad part is that many of the nurses involved in this sick-out were marked for layoffs, and a few others will probably be fired for creating this mess.

Franco: Okay. Well, if they called in sick under false pretenses, they got to see that coming, right?

Hayden: Yeah. Yeah, and soon they'll have company. Um, all nonessential programs have to be eliminated, like the art-therapy program.

Franco: No, th-there is no way that the art-therapy program is nonessential.

Hayden: I-I certainly don't hold this view myself. This comes directly from above.

Franco: What comes directly from above?

Hayden: You're fired. Effective immediately.

Nathan: Thanks for not pushing Nina.

Maxie: There's no point in making a bad situation even worse. Besides, it seemed like Valentin was in some sort of trouble.

Nathan: Are you talking about the text she got?

Maxie: Nobody else could have sparked that sort of reaction from her.

Nathan: You know, given the way you feel about Valentin, you're being pretty understanding.

Maxie: Bottom line -- I do want your sister to be happy.

Nathan: You mean that?

Maxie: Yeah. She's suffered so much. And whatever it is that she and Valentin are going through together, I just hope she doesn't get hurt.

[Elevator bell dings]

Nina: Oh, uh, I'm looking for, um, Valentin Cassadine. He's my husband.

Man: Is he a patient?

Nina: Um, I-I don't know. He -- he just sent me a text saying that he was here. Hang on. Um... here. Have you seen him?

Man: He's in there.

Nina: Thank you.

Valentin: It's all right, Anna. You're safe with me.

Griffin: What is it?

Finn: It's not good.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Franco (to Elizabeth): I have something to tell you, but it's not good.

Dillon (to Kiki): It seems like it's life or death.

Michael (to Jason): Tracy is up to something big.

Ned (to Olivia): How do you feel about spending the night?

Julian (to Alexis): You said you want an explanation.

Nina (to Valentin): What are you doing with that woman?

Finn (to Anna): I'd like your permission to do a bone marrow biopsy.

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