GH Transcript Wednesday 2/15/17

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 2/15/17


Episode #13743 ~ Anna demands answers; Nathan plays peacemaker; Curtis flirts with danger.

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Lulu: This is nice.

Dante: Yeah. It's really nice.

Lulu: I know you have a lot on your mind with Morgan's case. If you're not up for this, I'm sure that Nathan and Maxie would understand.

Dante: No, you know what? Uh, my father's free...which is good. The case against Ava's getting stronger every day. At least that's what, uh, Jordan said.

Lulu: It was nice of her to give you the night off. We could use a break from everything.

Dante: Yeah.

Lulu: Like the looming custody hearing or the fact that my daughter can't be in the same room as me without me traumatizing her... and how Valentin is just laying in wait for any misstep that I make.

Dante: We are awesome.

Lulu: We are! So fun. [Laughs] We're gonna have fun. We are gonna have fun...

Dante: Yes.

Lulu: ...On our double Valentine's Day date...

Dante: Yeah.

Lulu: ...With our best friends.

Dante: Well, we are because they just got here, so it's too late to cancel anyway.

Lulu: Oh.

Maxie: Oh, please remember not to bring up Crimson or Nina.

Nathan: Wait. You still haven't told Lulu about what happened with Nina?

Maxie: Um, no, no. And nothing kills a Valentine's Day celebration more than bringing up the fact that I got fired for giving a visit to a mother and a daughter.

Nathan: She's gonna find out sooner or later.

Maxie: Maybe one day. Later it is.

Lulu: Okay, let's keep it light, try to have a pleasant evening. No work talk if you can help it.

Dante: Okay. Then you can't talk about Valentin and the custody hearing. Deal?

Lulu: Okay, deal.

[Footsteps approaching]

Maxie: Hey.

Lulu: Hey, guys.

Nathan: Happy Valentine's Day.

Lulu: Mm.

Maxie: Oh.

Lulu: Hey.

André: What's on your mind? You seemed urgent on the phone.

Anna: Yeah. I had a really just troubling meeting with that colleague from the WSB. You know -- the one I told you about.

André: Mm-hmm.

Anna: Karl Browning? Um...

André: You okay?

Anna: Yeah. [Breathes deeply] It's this migraine.

André: Ah.

Anna: I took some medication. Maybe I should drink more. It just didn't seem to... going. Anyway, I know you probably have a lovely evening planned with Jordan, so I will make this brief.

[Knock on door]

Curtis: [Breathes deeply]

[Door opens]

Woman: Hi.

Nina: I don't want to raise your expectations, but this hotel suite is looking pretty great. Um, so, I'm all done. And I'm here waiting for you. You might want to come over soon, or else, um, the smoke from all the candles that I lit is gonna set off the fire alarm.

Valentin: Well, I suspect whatever you're wearing or not wearing will set the smoke detector off a lot faster than the candles. Oh, hey, I got to go. I'll see you soon.

Nina: All right. See you soon.

Valentin: Hey. You all ready? Mrs. Evans is waiting on you.

Charlotte: I'm not going.

[Knock on door]

Dillon: Happy Valentine's Day.

Kiki: [Chuckles] What's all this? Um... you got my text, right?

Dillon: What text?

Kiki: Oh, um, well, this is actually an anti-Valentine's Day party. But I'm guessing you didn't get it, 'cause if you did, you probably wouldn't have brought all this...

Dillon: This what? What, you think all this is, like, junk?

Kiki: Well, I mean, the flowers are fake. They're probably flammable. It's, like, a fire hazard, right?

Dillon: Wow. Okay. Well, I was just trying to get into the spirit of things. Obviously you have a problem with that, so I will go.

Ava: Well, what took you so long? I've been here for over 24 hours. I need a toothbrush. I need a shower. I need a decent cup of coffee.

Scott: [Sighs] I was out of town in the Bahamas on a diving expedition. I'm here now.

Ava: Scotty, you got to get me out of here. I don't know how this is happening.

Scott: Slow down here. What is all this business about some kind of recording? I mean [Sighs] What have you done?

Ava: Nothing! That's just it. I am -- I-I was not where they say I was. And I don't know how this is happening to me. The cops think that I killed Morgan.

Scott: But, Ava... we both know [Whispering] that you did.

Kiki: Dillon, wait. I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I seemed ungrateful for all of --

Dillon: [Laughing] No, I'm the one who is sorry, okay? I'm sorry, but I couldn't help it. Your face was priceless. I had to run with it.

Kiki: I hate you.

Dillon: Since we are going to an anti-Valentine's Day party, I thought that all of this stuff would help set the mood. I hope you forgive me, but you got to admit it was pretty funny.

Kiki: I'll forgive you this once.

Dillon: And I promise -- no more seasonal drugstore-aisle shopping, okay? I will be as unromantic and miserable at this party as I can be... even if it's the last thing that I want to do. That is, unless you...want to be romantic or we can be romantic together. Or we don't have to be. I mean, we can be miserable together, too. Whatever you -- I'll just stop talking now. [Sighs]

Kiki: [Laughs] I, uh -- I get it 'cause I'm actually kind of nervous, too. And I don't know why because I'm really excited to spend the night with you.

Dillon: Me too. Especially since all of our other holiday encounters were pretty awful. I mean, we had the Thanksgiving turkey-burger dinner. And then we had the New Year's Eve bus trip. We got to make up for those disasters.

Kiki: I thought that they went well. I mean, I was into it.

Dillon: And now our first date is on Valentine's Day. No pressure, right?

André: Okay, well, if Karl, who remembers more about Valentin, advised you to keep your distance, why not just listen to him?

Anna: Because Karl was able to explain to me why Valentin resents me. I don't even know whether "resentment" covers it.

André: I take it this is about more than just one rejected kiss.

Anna: Yeah. André, I don't have any recollection of this at all. But apparently, according to Karl, I sanctioned Valentin's assassination. I put him on the WSB kill-list.

Valentin: Well, how come you don't want to go? You were so excited about the sleepover a little while ago. And Mrs. Evans' family can't wait to see you. [Gasps] That's beautiful. Is it for me?

Charlotte: Yes. It's Valentine's Day, and you're Valentin.

Valentin: Well, thank you. You do know that it's not actually named after me, though, right?

Charlotte: It's still your special day, Papa.

Valentin: I love this. This is me. And this is you. And here's Nina. But who's the -- the blond woman over here? Is that Lulu?

Charlotte: No, it's Mommy.

Valentin: Oh, yeah. Of course. I'm sorry. Hey. I should have known.

Charlotte: Will Mommy be watching us from heaven?

Valentin: Yeah. Is that why you don't want to go to Mrs. Evans' house? You're afraid she won't be able to find you there? Do you know Mommy will always know where you are? You know something else? I bet she would be really impressed if you could help me with something. Can you do that?

Lulu: To Maxie and Nathan. Celebrating your first Valentine's Day as a married couple. May you both continue to love and treat each other with respect, patience...

Dante: A good sense of humor.

Nathan: [Chuckles]

Lulu: And never lock me and Dante in a hotel room ever again. At least not without some warning.

Dante: Really? I didn't think it was that bad.

Lulu: Oh. It was unbearable.

Dante: Mm.

Maxie: And to you guys. Celebrating Valentine's Day as husband and wife... which might not be happening if we hadn't trapped you in that hotel room. I'm still so proud of that escapade.

Nathan: So am I. We had to cut off the Wi-Fi, the phone jammer.

Lulu: Mm.

Maxie: Hey, we made a good team even then.

[Cell phone ringing]

Dante: Oh. Sorry. I got to take this. Um, don't wait for me, okay?

Lulu: I'll order for you. I know what you want.

Dante: Okay.

Lulu: I know I'm going rogue discussing a banned topic, but I need to apologize for what happened the other day at Crimson. I really hope everything's okay between you and Nina.

Ava: I'm being set up. They say that they have some evidence against me, like some lease with my name on it and my signature. But that's all bogus. They -- they -- they've planted it all.

Scott: [Sighs] Look, I haven't read everything. I don't know anything about this lease. But, uh, this innocent act, it's like three-day-old fish -- I'm not buying it. I mean, come on. We both know that your hands are dirty in this.

Ava: Sco-- you do know that I'm not talking about the pills, right? I'm talking about the bomb!

Scott: The bomb? Well, that's crazy. Why would you try and kill your own brother?

Ava: Exactly. I wouldn't. None of this makes any sense. They have this recording of Julian talking to his sister? It wasn't me.

Scott: Well, what does Julian say about all of this?

Ava: Mm, not much. He was here last night when they arrested me. And he walked out, and he said, "Don't worry. You'll be fine." Well, it's 24 hours later. I am still here, and I am definitely not fine! [Breathes sharply] But you can fix it. You can make it better, Scotty, right? Just find Julian. Then tell him he's got to clear this all up. And hurry up about it!

Charlotte: [Laughs]

Valentin: You know how good you are with ties? And I want to look super-smart for my date with Nina, but I can't get this thing to behave. Can you help me? Oh! Thank you. Want to see the presents I got for Nina? Here. Look at this.

Charlotte: Ooh. That's really pretty. Is it to go with her wedding ring?

Valentin: Yeah, that's right. That is an engagement ring. Traditionally, the engagement ring goes on the bride's finger before the wedding band, but Nina and I are not a traditional couple.

Charlotte: I don't think Nina will care that you did it backwards. I think she'll love it.

Valentin: I hope so, too. And, you know, I actually got you a present that I was gonna give you with Nina. But I don't think she's going to mind. Give me your wrist. The green stones are emeralds, and they're your birthstone.

[Cell phone chimes]

Charlotte: That's beautiful. Do you know, we have to go. Mrs. Evans is really looking forward to seeing us. Come on.

Anna: I'm not even sure, like, a second attempt to access my memories is even gonna be successful, you know?

André: Well, let's start by asking the obvious. Do you have any doubts about what Karl said?

Anna: I don't know. I mean, that's a good question. I-I -- I'm not entirely sure. Why would he lie? But why can't I remember any of that? You know, when I came to you before, there was this niggling sense of a glimmer of a memory that I-I needed to unpack.

André: Mm-hmm.

Anna: But this is entirely different. How is it that I... I can't remember something as significant as sanctioning a kill on Valentin? I mean, how is that even possible?

André: Perhaps it was something so traumatic that your psyche repressed it to protect you.

Anna: It's a gamble, but I'm willing to give hypnosis another shot if you are.

Nina: Um, yeah, I purchased the Valentine's Day food-and-beverage package, and, um, I-I don't really like this. Can I exchange it for something a little more sophisticated? My husband should be here any second. I'm in room 853. Thank you.

André: Anna? What do you think? You want to try again?

Anna: Uh... I don't know. Can I get back to you on that?

André: Yeah.

Anna: Oh, no. Unh-unh. No, no, no. I got this. It's my treat... for taking you away from Jordan on this night, you know? I mean, please apologize to her for me, will you?

André: Jordan and I broke up.

Anna: You did? Oh. I'm so sorry. I... is that what was troubling you the other night?

André: Yeah, I wasn't ready to talk about it.

Anna: Do you want to talk about it?

André: Rain check?

Anna: Yeah. You know where to find me. Oh. André, I'm so sorry. I-I dumped all my problems on you, and now I'm gonna leave. I --

André: No, no, no, no. No problem. I'm gonna get out of here in a minute. Maybe try someplace else that's not couple central.

Anna: That's a good idea.

André: Hey, you take care.

Anna: Yeah. Ooh.

André: Keep me posted on those headaches.

Anna: Yeah. I will. I'm fine. Um [Sighs] You have a good evening, okay?

André: You too.

Lulu: Part of me knew better, but the part of me that's dying to hang out with Charlotte took over. I should have turned around and got right back on that elevator.

Maxie: No. No, it was my fault. I wanted you to see charlotte.

Lulu: I know that Nina was furious. I hope she's not taking it out on you.

Maxie: Everything's fine. It's totally fine at Crimson.

Nathan: Yeah, no, everything will... everything will definitely be fine.

Woman: Mm.

Curtis: [Chuckles]

Woman: Mm-mm!

Curtis: Wow. Ah. So, you gonna invite me in, or...

Woman: No, hold up. It's been a minute. I haven't seen you in a while. Let me get a good look at you first.

Curtis: Oh, you want...

Woman: Mm.

Curtis: Bam. How about that, huh?

Woman: Oh. Mm.

Curtis: No?

[Both laugh]

Curtis: You want to see me turn around, too?

Woman: Yes, please.

Curtis: Oh, I got you. Watch this.

Woman: All right.

Curtis: Yeah, all that. Whoo.

Woman: Ooh, have mercy.

Curtis: [Laughs]

Woman: You still look good. Do come in.

Curtis: Only if you will be my Valentine.

Woman: Mm.

Scott: Hey, Julian. Scott Baldwin. Listen, I'm at the PCPD with a mutual acquaintance. What do you mean, there's nothing you can do? I'm talking about Ava. There's a lot you can do! "Be the best lawyer I can be?" What's that supposed to mean? Now, I need you to get down to the police station right -- hello? Hello? [Sighs] Brother. What the hell is going on?

[Cell phone rings]

Kiki: Oh.

[Cell phone beeps]

Dillon: Sounds like the mystery caller is not giving up.

Kiki: Mm.

Dillon: Maybe you should check your voicemail.

Kiki: Yeah. Let's see.

Dillon: What is it? Kiki?

Kiki: It's, uh... it's about Morgan. My mom was arrested for his murder.

Ava: I can't believe that Julian is leaving me high and dry after everything that I've done for him. Talk about betrayal.

Scott: I can't believe that he hung up on me, that ingrate. I'm the one that got him acquitted.

Ava: Wait a second. Just wait a second, Scotty. I think we both know that the person responsible for getting Julian acquitted is sitting over here. I'm the one who made the deal with Hornsby. It was my neck on the line.

Scott: Oh...

Ava: You didn't do much of anything. I did all the work.

Scott: Well, now, it was my courtroom theatrics that, uh, helped a little bit. But it's neither here nor there.

Ava: You brought it up.

Scott: All right, listen. Here, let me get you a cup of water here. And let me help you. Here you go. Let me just help you take the edge off a little bit.

Ava: Oh.

Scott: This'll just...

Ava: Thank you.

Scott: Here, to help you a little bit. There we go. [Adds liquor to her drink.]

Ava: Okay. Yeah, okay.

Scott: Now relax, okay? Now, I'm not sure that you're gonna be able to work your magic on the new DA. You know, you may not be her cup of tea. Then, again, who knows? But I do need to know what's going on with Julian.

Ava: Nothing. I didn't even ask him to do me a favor or anything. I just want him to tell the truth. Think of the irony here. I could be going down for something I didn't even do... ...unless...

Scott: Unless what?

Ava: Maybe I should go down for something that I did do. Do you think maybe it's time to tell the cops about tampering with Morgan's meds?

Scott: Absolutely not! That's the worst idea!

Ava: But, Scotty... if it means a lesser charge...

Lulu: Everything okay?

Dante: Uh, yeah. Can I talk to you for a second? I'm sorry, guys.

Lulu: Excuse me.

Nathan: Yeah, yeah. No problem.

Lulu: Don't wait, don't wait. Eat up.

Nathan: Well, that didn't look good.

Maxie: Do you think I should go over there and talk to her?

Nathan: No, no, no, no. I've seen that look on Dante's face before. Let's give them some space.

Maxie: [Sighs] See? This is why I cannot tell Lulu that I was fired. Not gonna add another level of stress to her life. Acting like everything's okay, but I know that girl. Inside, she's hurting.

Nathan: Nina!

Maxie: Hey, hey. What are you doing?

Nathan: Just trust me. I'm gonna get you your job back, so you don't have to keep lying.

[Lock disengages]

[Alarm beeping]

[Beeping continues]

[Beeping stops]

Anna: [Breathes deeply] [Sighs] Where are we gonna put you?

Kiki: You know, you didn't have to come here with me. I kind of wish you hadn't.

Dillon: Kiki, I am here because I want to be here for you, okay?

[Footsteps approaching]

Jordan: Kiki. Dillon. So, I gather Scott contacted you. All right. Well, your mother's right this way.

[Door opens]

Ava: I don't know what they told you, but I didn't do this. I was not involved at all in planting the bomb that killed Morgan. Kiki, it was your uncle's car. I'm not gonna put a bomb in my brother's car. And nobody could have known that it would be Morgan that would get into it anyway.

Kiki: I want to believe you.

Ava: You have to.

Kiki: I really want to.

Ava: Please. Please believe that I didn't do what they're saying I did. You have to know that.

Kiki: You know, the whole way here, I just kept hearing your voice in my head telling me that Morgan was no good for me, telling me that I needed to get away from him. And I know that you tried to convince Dillon to break us up. So please, please tell me -- what else did you do?

Ava: I swear I didn't do this. I had no part in that bomb. Please believe that.

Kiki: I hope so. Because... ...if I find out that you did anything to Morgan...'ll be the end for us. That is how you will lose me. Forever.

Dante: Diane just wanted to let us know that our custody trial is gonna start next week.

Lulu: That's great news. Why do you look so worried? It's like you said -- we got this, right?

Dante: Yeah. Uh, just wanted to give us a heads-up about who Valentin had in his corner. His lawyer's a bit of a shark. Said she's never lost a case in family court.

Nina: Happy Valentine's Day, J. Maxie.

Maxie: Nina.

Nathan: So, uh, nice champagne. You have a fun night planned?

Nina: Yes. Valentin and I, we reserved a suite in the hotel. He should be here anytime, so I should go. Happy Valentine's Day. Enjoy your evening.

Nathan: Ni-- Nina. Nina, Nina, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Look, I know... I know what happened between you two was awkward, but we're all family now, okay? And I'm really hoping that you and Maxie can mend whatever issues you have and put all this in the past and maybe... get back to business?

Nina: Hmm.

Nathan: You know -- together.

Nina: Maxie, I trusted you with Charlotte. You went behind my back. You called Lulu. You allowed her to traumatize Charlotte for a second time. Your actions were thoughtless and negligent. That's why I fired you.

Woman: I am so glad you texted me when you saw I was coming here for a conference.

Curtis: Well, I'm glad you posted that you were gonna be in town.

Woman: [Chuckles]

Curtis: So, how is Johns Hopkins treating you?

Woman: Uh, well, I have a few more semesters before I wrap up my MBA. And that is all I'm gonna say about that.

Curtis: Is there a problem?

Woman: No. But I just spent three days not really listening to a boring PowerPoint presentation. So the last thing I feel like doing is talking about academics, business...

Curtis: No, fair enough. I hear you. So, what do you want to do?

Woman: Well, maybe we have some fun. Like we used to do back in the day.

Curtis: Oh, hey. [Sighs] I've been clean for about six years now.

Woman: Wow. Uh, good for you, then.

Curtis: You -- you seem surprised. I see you still get down.

Woman: Occasionally. You're not gonna preach to me now, are you?

Curtis: Not me.

Woman: Mm. All right, then. Mr. Curtis... stand-up guy. I do like a domesticated man. You don't have a ton of kids or a minivan parked outside now, do you?

Curtis: Uh, no kids. And I'm so not the minivan type.

Woman: Mm. What about a significant other?

Curtis: Not exactly.

Woman: What is "not exactly"? Your status said "single." Not even "it's complicated."

Curtis: Sweetheart, I think you're being complicated, okay? So, I want to take you somewhere. So let's go. There we go.

Scott: How'd it go?

Dillon: Hey, give her some space, okay?

Scott: But you're not gonna go anywhere, are you?

Kiki: You know, Ava could really use you in there -- like, now.

Dillon: You okay? Can I get you anything? You want me to call somebody for you, or... anything you need?

Kiki: Just get me out of here.

Dillon: All right.

Anna: [Opens box] Well, that's not bad. [Sighs]

[Door opens, keys jingle]

[Door closes]

Anna: [Clicks lights on]

Valentin: You've gotten sloppy with the years, Anna. I expect more from you. Why have you broken into my home?

André: Good evening.

Jordan: Hey.

André: Don't worry. I'm on my way out.

Jordan: No, you don't have to leave on my account.

André: Nah, this place is all yours. Sure feels a lot different than last year.

Jordan: Yeah.

André: I was just remembering our date here a year ago. [Clears throat]

Jordan: Oh, yeah?

André: Yeah. I know you don't think that I had a good time, but I really did.

Jordan: Me too.

André: Yeah. Much better than tonight. Maybe we can find a way to make it seem all right I really wish you hadn't let me drone on like that.

Jordan: What? No, it -- it's not like that at all.

André: No, it never is.

Lulu: Hey, guys, I'm sorry. We need to cut it short tonight.

Maxie: What? But we've barely --

Lulu: I know. The call was about the custody hearing. We got a trial date. We're kind of anxious to start prepping.

Maxie: Yeah, of course. Um, can I talk to you for just one minute?

Lulu: Of course.

Nathan: Oh, yeah. Uh, you driving?

Dante: Nope, taxi.

Nathan: Get you one for the road?

Dante: Let's do it.

Lulu: What's up?

Maxie: Well, um, I have a confession to make. I wasn't completely honest with you earlier when I said everything went fine with Nina. Um, she fired me.

Lulu: You lost your job because of me?

Maxie: No.

Lulu: Oh, my goodness. I'm so sorry.

Maxie: No, Lulu, stop. I do not want you to take the blame, okay? I'm the one that called you. I'm the one that told you Charlotte was there. Please do not worry about it. I'm gonna figure it out. I just -- I hated lying to you.

Lulu: Don't ever feel like you need to lie to me. We are in this together, okay?

Maxie: Absolutely. I'm your girl no matter what. And when you get your daughter back, I'll be there to welcome her home.

Dillon: Uh, do you want me to stay, or you do want some space, or...

Kiki: I'm not sure space will help, you know? Maybe you're right to be superstitious. I don't think we're gonna get past Morgan -- ever... no matter how hard we try.

Dillon: I mean, I don't know. This isn't just about Morgan.

Kiki: Yeah.

[Door closes]

Kiki: I don't know what to think. I mean, I want to believe my mother, because the thought of her being responsible for Morgan's death, I... [Voice breaking] It destroys me. You know what? I'm -- I'm sorry. I'm sorry you got dragged into this. Maybe you should go.

Dillon: Oh. [Sighs] Why do you keep doing that? Why do you keep pushing me away, Kiki? I'm not just gonna run out every time it gets dark or difficult.

Kiki: This is dark and difficult.

Dillon: Do you know who you're talking to? I'm the son of a serial killer, okay? If anybody understands what you're going through right now, if anybody understands the pain, it's gonna be. And I'm not going anywhere. Even if what they're accusing your mom of doing, even if that's true, I'm gonna be here. Every step of the way.

Valentin: What are you doing? Are you bugging my home? Why? What are you looking for? I'm an open book with you. Why won't you just leave me in peace? I've revealed everything there is. I have nothing to hide.

Anna: Why did you leave the WSB?

Valentin: Oh, please. Like you don't know.

Anna: No.

Valentin: As if I'm that insignificant.

Anna: What did I do to you?

Valentin: You were always so fantastic at getting people to believe what you want them to believe. Well, I'm not buying this show. So get out. Get out.

Anna: No, no, no! Wait! Why did I want you dead?

Valentin: Because I trusted you!

Anna: [Gasps] No. Uh, can you just tell me? Just tell me everything. Just tell me what happened. [Gasps]

Valentin: Anna?

Anna: [Breathing rapidly]

Valentin: Anna!

Nathan: How'd it go with Lulu?

Maxie: Um, she's handling it. You were right about her. Your sister, though, not so much.

Nathan: Oh, I got a feeling everything's gonna work out just fine.

Maxie: Um, Port Charles isn't exactly teeming with fashion publications, so if Crimson's off the table, I might have to commute to New York City for work.

Nathan: We could always move.

Maxie: That is enough for you.

Nathan: Well, seriously, though. Okay, you remember this time last year when I was pulling out your present? You thought I was gonna propose?

Maxie: Mm-hmm. Fond memories.

Nathan: I mean it, Maxie. I mean, the thought of marriage scared us to death, and now look at us. I meant every word I said when I spoke my vows to you. I would totally move to New York for you. I'd follow you anywhere. Because I know that whatever you set your mind to, you're gonna be great. And I intend to be there with you. Always.


Lulu: Mm. Mm.

Dante: Mm, I like prepping for trial. It's fun.

Lulu: [Sighs]

Dante: Okay?

Lulu: I'm just worried. About the trial.

Dante: That's to be expected, and maybe... I mean, look at everything we've been through, and we're still okay, right? All the challenges we've faced, even the ones we faced from each other. We made it. There's gonna be more challenges. We'll make those, too. We'll be fine.

Lulu: We will be.

Dante: We're gonna get through everything like we've gotten through everything already -- together.

Lulu: I love you so much. [Chuckles]

Dante: Mm. [Chuckles]

Scott: I'll find a way to get you out of here so we can plan our strategy. I'll have you back to your Jacuzzi and your martinis no later than tomorrow. What's wrong, Ava?

Ava: I'm just thinking. Say I did get out on bail. It's not like I could go back to my life as I know it. Sonny is not gonna give me time to prove my innocence, you know. He's just gonna kill me.

Scott: Are you suggesting what I think you're suggesting?

Ava: Maybe. Just for the time being. I'm safer where I am.

Kiki: [Sighs]

Dillon: Okay. I will give you the space that you need, I guess. Just, Kiki, please don't be afraid of letting me in, 'cause I'm not gonna quit on you. And you can call me any time, day or night. I will be here for you whenever.

Kiki: Dillon. Stay. Please stay.


Curtis: Thanks, man. [Sighs] Hey. All right. How you doing? Hey. You look lovely.

Woman: Mm.

Curtis: Let me get that coat for you. Can I get that?

Woman: Yeah.

Curtis: You look beautiful.

Woman: Oh, thanks.

Curtis: Mm-hmm.

Nina: Hey, I'm still here waiting for you. Um, I'm sure something important delayed you. I hope it's not Charlotte.

Valentin: Anna. Your pulse is regular. Anna, please. [Voice breaking] Wake up. Okay. I'm gonna get you to help. [Picks her up and carries her out of Wyndemere.]

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Dillon (to Kiki): Are you sure about that?

Finn: Was there an emergency?

Hayden: You tell me.

Laura (to Tracy): With all due respect, shut up!

Felix: Seems the real question is --

Epiphany (to Franco): What are you doing here?

Nina (to Nathan): Are you saying that if I don't give Maxie her job back, I'm gonna lose my brother?

Griffin (to Valentin): What happened? What did you do to her.

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