GH Transcript Monday 2/13/17

General Hospital Transcript Monday 2/13/17


Episode #13741 ~ Felicia gets closer to the truth; Julian fears the PCPD is on to him; Lulu is at the mercy of Valentin.

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Felicia: I was hoping to find you here. 

Nelle: More? I--I already have the stuff you left at my apartment.

Felicia: Well, those were preliminary. I've narrowed the choices. We're closing in on a concept for your bedroom to accommodate you and that guy of yours.

Nelle: The bedroom could use a little sizzle.

[Carly sighs]

Sonny: You still mad?

Carly: Yep. I am.

Sonny: But not-- not, like, as much, right?

Carly: Wow. You're counting on that, huh?

Sonny: No, I was just figuring out you were gonna cool down by now, and then know that the charges have been dropped and I'm a free man...

Carly: That's right.

Sonny: ...We could celebrate.

Carly: You are a free man.

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: Wow. Nothin's keeping you here now, huh?

Sonny: Well-- well, there's something keeping me here.

Carly: Really?

Sonny: Yeah, you.

Carly: Me?

Sonny: [Laughs] Yeah.

Carly: I don't know. You been complaining  for weeks that you've been cooped up in this house. I mean, don't you wanna go out? Don't you want to go do something?

Sonny: Naw, why would I want to go out when I-I got what I want and need right here in front of me?

Jordan: Thanks for coming in.

Julian: Yeah. So why am I here? I mean, your officer said that they were bringing me in for questioning, but, uh, in case you'd forgotten, I'm the victim in this whole thing.

Jordan: Oh, I'm aware of that.

Julian: Really?  So why am I getting the rough treatment while the, uh, perpetrator is home lounging around, instead of being behind bars where he belongs?

Jordan: If you're, uh, referring to Sonny Corinthos, he's no longer confined to his home.

Julian: [Laughs] Wh-- he-- he, uh-- he jumped bail?

Jordan: No, no. His whereabouts aren't really our concern anymore. All the charges against Sonny Corinthos have been dropped.

Dante: Can I get you a coffee? Water?

Ava: [Scoffs] This is hardly a social visit. What I want is for it to be over.

Dante: Well, it shouldn't take too long. Like I said at the gallery, we just need to clear a few things up.

Ava: Before or after I file charges against Sonny for assaulting me?

Dante: Well, you know what, Ava? In my house, we have dessert last.

Ava: [Chuckles] You are enjoying this, aren't you?

Dante: No. I'm not enjoying this, Ava. My brother is dead, blown up. And according to this right here, you've been implicated.

Ava: I told you I had nothing to do with that bomb. I loved Morgan.

Dante: So, when Julian says, on here... that he fears for his life from his sister, that he's implying that his sister set that bomb...

Ava: I have no idea what he's talking about! How many times do I have to tell you? I-I don't know who this supposed sister is, but whoever it is, it ain't me.

Olivia Jerome: Yes, Rudge, I'm here. I'm just trying to find a quiet place. He's at the police station now? Monitor the situation and get back to me.

Lulu: Before you say anything, I come in peace.

Valentin: Well, this is a first.

Lulu: Really?

Valentin: Mm.

Lulu: Guess I shouldn't be surprised considering you make enemies everywhere you go.

Olivia Jerome: I think we need to proceed getting our other tool ready just in case.

Anna: Excuse me?


Olivia: What are you doing?

Anna: What am I doing? Just hanging out. How does it feel to be trapped in an elevator? In the elevator where you tried to kill me?

Olivia: That's not true! Why are you doing this?

Anna: Revenge.

Carly: [Laughs]

Sonny: Where'd you go just now?

Carly: I was thinking about Morgan, you know? Do you remember those shows he used to do for us?

Sonny: After he -- he saw the, like, the cartoon penguin movie?

Carly: Yes. He said that he had happy feet.

Sonny: And he said he...

Carly: [Laughs]

Sonny: ...He had happy feet.

Carly: [Laughs] Was I wrong to bring that up just now? You know, I mean, I just thought about it. It just kind of struck me. I wasn't trying to bring us down or...

Sonny: No. I-I love remembering things... about Morgan. I mean -- I mean, I don't recall everything, but you reminding me, it brings a smile, you know, makes us feel close.

Carly: Yeah. It does.

Sonny: But?

Carly: Sometimes I'll have, like, a -- a memory, you know, just like now, and it could be anything, right?

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: I-it could be Michael, who, you know, he's done something really kind, or -- or Josslyn has said or done something that, um, Morgan would say. I could hear his favorite song. Anything that makes me feel warm and happy, and then I just kind of stop, you know? I get this tight feeling in my chest and I just... stop feeling.

Sonny: Why?

Carly: 'Cause being happy means moving on, right? It means life without Morgan.

Sonny: Being happy feels kind of like betrayal.

Carly: Mm.

Sonny: And I understand that, ' know, I've spent days and nights not wanting to exist. Forget about being happy. You know, that's nothing.

Carly: I know that feeling. But we can't give in to it, you know? We can't. Our son, our little boy with happy feet...

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: ...He wouldn't want us to live a joyless life. I think that would be the true betrayal to Morgan, if we were unhappy.

Sonny: You make me happy.

Carly: You make me happy, too.


Felicia: No, I see you as cooler colors. Like blues and greys and brush silver. Chrome accessories. Like you. Contemporary but classic. Youthful but refined. Vivid but restrained.

Nelle: Wow. You get all that from me?

Felicia: Yes, but you know what I donít get is how to pull in your history which is essential for a good design. Maybe a modern twist on southern gothic. Thatís it! Very Atlanta. Very Nelle Hayes.

Nelle: I like it! Even though my familyís not actually from Georgia.

Felicia: Oh no?

Dante: I assure you we will authenticate this recording and examine it from every angle.

Ava: Why donít you just ask Julian? Iím sure he can clear it all up since heís the one who had this mystery conversation.

Dante: Well actually, heís being questioned as we speak.

Ava: Oh, well thatís great.

Dante: I need to get a sense of your movements today, Ava.

Ava: I got up. I went to work. I was accosted by Sonny. Is that enough sense for you?

Dante: You know what? I donít get it. I donít get you Ava. Youíre gonna sit here and talk all this big love you have for Morgan and all youíre doing is dragging your feet and weíre trying to find out who murdered him. How do you square that? All I can figure is that maybe youíre not as innocent as you claim.

Ava: I woke up around 7, I had some breakfast. Grapefruit with sugar. I took a shower. 15 minutes maybe.

Julian: Charges were dropped, huh? Does the DA know this?

Jordan: Yes, of course. Some new evidence has come to light that absolves Sonny of all wrongdoing.

Julian: What kind of new evidence?

Jordan: Where were you this morning?

Julian: What does that have to do with anything?

Jordan: I donít know. Maybe nothing. I wonít know until you tell me.


Ava: Oh, youíre up bright and early this morning!

Julian: I was at home and then I went to the Metro Court Ford meeting, Mrs. Davis was a witness so you can ask her, since she was there.

Jordan: Well thatís good to know. What time was that?

Julian: Bout 11:30.

Jordan: And before that? You were at home all morning with Ava?

Julian: Yes, but Ava left for work early.

Jordan: Can anyone confirm your presence?

Julian: Neighbors, doorman. Whatís with all the questions?

Jordan: Well uh, what time did you leave home to go to the Metro Court?

Julian: Donít remember.

Jordan: And you donít remember stopping anywhere?

Julian: Not that I recall.

Jordan: No? Canít remember stopping off to pick up, say I donít know some ginseng or lotus root? Something?

Julian: You know this is getting ridiculous right?

Jordan: I know for a fact that you went to the Koshing Remedy Shop at 10:30 and that is way before your meeting at the Metro Court.

Julian: Iím sorry. What makes you think that I was?

Jordan: Oh this...

[Playback recording]

Julian: No more threats! No more bombs under my car weíre done. Iím tired of living in fear of my own sister.

Jordan: That sounds like Sonny wasnít the one who wanted you dead. Your own sister tried to kill you. And you knew about it all along.

Anna: Excuse me? Oh, my God. These migraines. I canít even see. Can you see my pills? Please, can you help me? Can you see my pills anywhere? Please can you help? Are you still there? I canít find my medication. Can you see it?

Valentin: I explained earlier. I think itís best we communicate through our lawyers. Donít you think?

Lulu: No need to involve the lawyers. I was just looking for Nina and she wasnít at our office.

Valentin: Well sheís at home with Charlotte. And theyíre expecting me so if youíll excuse me.

Lulu: Wait. Do you have time to hear my apology?

Felicia: Why on earth did I think you were from Atlanta? Did I make that up?

Nelle: No, I mean I mentioned that I lived there for a while. And I did. Before I came to Port Charles.

Felicia: You know what? I donít detect a trace of a Southern accent. No accent at all really.

Nelle: Well Iíll take that as a compliment. I worked really really hard to get rid of it. You know? Because some Yankees hear the Florida accent and they think ignorant corn pone hick. And Iím anything but that.

Felicia: Oh, well cheers.

Sonny: You never asked me why I broke house arrest.

Carly: You went after the person who set the bomb.

Sonny: You never asked me who it was.

Carly: It was Ava. Wasnít it?

Dante: Good news. Ava. We spoke to your assistant. Your story checks out.

Ava: Of course it does.

Dante: Mostly.

Ava: Excuse me?

Dante: What time did you get to work again?

Ava: Well I told you. 8 a.m. My assistant was already on the premises. I was there all day. I sold a couple of pieces. I arranged some shipments with the movers. Curtis Ashford showed up this afternoon.

Dante: See thatís the part where I get a little lost. The morning time is just confusing. Your assistant does confirm your arrival, the sales, the movers. But she also said you stepped out for a little bit.

Ava: Yes! Yes sheís absolutely right. I did. I went back to my place to pick up some contracts that I had left.

Dante: What time was that?

Ava: Around 10:30.

Dante: Anyone see you there? Anyone at your apartment?

Ava: No, but I went right back to the gallery. I couldnít have been gone longer than an hour.

Dante: So from 10:30 to 11:30 you were out of the gallery by yourself?

Ava: Yeah, Iím a grown up, Detective. I frequently travel alone.

Dante: It seems you could do a lot of things, Ava. The one thing you canít seem to do is account for your whereabouts between 10:30 and 11:30. The exact time your brother made this recordingÖ

Julian: No more threats! No more bombs under my car weíre done. Iím tired of living in fear of my own sister.

Dante: Care to comment?

Jordan: Decide on an answer yet?

Julian: I decided I have nothing more to say.

Jordan: All right, because you sure had a few things to say on that recording.

Julian: Ha ha ha. You know that wasnít my voice.

Jordan: How about that? Hmm? Is that your face? Listen if you cooperate. You help us build this case against Ava. I might be able to do something for you.

Julian: Yeah? Something like what?

Jordan: Well, I can see to it that the charges are brought against you.

Julian: Against me? Why would you bring the charges against me? Iíve been fighting for my life.

Jordan: Exactly. You can see the jury will believe you. Or you could actually cooperate with me. And I will make sure Iím not charging you with obstruction of justice.

Julian: Obstruction? Iím the victim.

Jordan: Oh, Iím sorry. This recording proves that you knew that Sonny Corinthos was not responsible for the bomb that killed his son. Iím not sure that a jury would be sympathetic to a man that knowingly led an already grieving father to suffer unnecessarily. It kind of makes you out to be a heartless bastard.

Julian: Okay, look. I was afraid for my life. Somebody was trying to kill me.

Jordan: Somebody. Yes, we know. Your sister, Ava. Who you never named in any of your statements to the police about the attempt on your life. That is perjury, by the way. And you know what? A good prosecutor. They might be able to build a case. Conspiracy. Collusion.

Julian: You know you have no cause to keep me here. So either you arrest me or you let me go.

Carly: Ava killed Morgan, huh?

Sonny: Yup! She denies it but thereís proof she was involved.

Carly: What kind of proof?

Sonny: Brick let us borrow his surveillance equipment, and he played the tape for me. Heís the one who took off the ankle monitor.

Carly: You went after her.

Sonny: Absolutely. I went there. And of course, she denied it. She said I was wrong. She was crying. Fake crying. And said, "I would never hurt Morgan. Iím in love with Morgan." And then Jason came in and interrupted. He basically saved her life, so I assume that Jason took her to the police station. Sheís there right now. Carly, are you ok? Carly? No, no, no no.

Carly: Get out of my way. Get out of my way!

Sonny: Where are you going?

Carly: Iím going to go find Ava, and Iím going to kill that bitch with my own two hands!

Dante: That photo was taken at the same time that recording was made. The same time you were absent from the gallery.

Ava: Is that supposed to be me? I donít know who that is but it certainly isnít me. Oh! Ask my brother. Heíll straighten this out.

Jordan: You know the drill. Donít even think about leaving town.

Ava: Julian, the cops have mistaken me for some associate of yours. Would you come in here and set them straight, please? Please tell them thatís itís not me in the recording or in that photo.

Julian: You did nothing wrong. Weíll get through this. Just tell the truth.

Ava: What? No, Julian you tell them. Julian, come on! Donít leave me here.

Karl: Anna! What happened?

Anna: Iím having a really bad migraine. I canít see very well. I dropped some pills. Yes. Thank you.

Olivia: Iíll be seeing you Anna.

Anna: Where is that woman? Is there a woman in here?

Karl: What woman -- the nurse? Do you want me to get the nurse?

Anna: No, itís fine, do you have my pills? Thank you. Ok. Oh, God. I know you donít I?

Karl: I should hope so. We spent some of our formative years together. Training with the WSB. You, me and Valentin Cassadine.

Valentin: By all means, have your say. But remember you came in peace.

Lulu: I wanted to apologize to you and Nina for what happened earlier.

Valentin: When you went behind Ninaís back to steal time with Charlotte. Hurt her a second time.

Lulu: Upsetting my daughter is the last thing I want to do, okay? And for that I am truly sorry.

Valentin: No, youíre not sorry. You are thoughtless, selfish and you are massively entitled. You canít help but put Charlotteís needs, second to yours. Itís like they donít even matter. Well they matter to me. You hurt my daughter. You traumatized Charlotte and for that I do not forgive you.

Felicia: You know who else is from Florida?

Nelle: No.

Felicia: Bobbie Spencer.

Nelle: Ugh. I mean I guess thatís one thing we have in common.

Felicia: Hmm. Oh I need to take this. Excuse me.

Nelle: Sure.

Michael: Hey. Whatís all this, huh? Are you getting into business as an interior decorator?

Nelle: Actually I have an interior decorator of my own. Felicia Scorpio has offered to redo my bedroom. Sheís trying to build up her portfolio.

Michael: Really? I had no idea Felicia was into interior design.

Nelle: Oh, maybe sheís trying something new. I donít know. I hope that wonít be awkward for you. With me working with her.

Michael: Why would that be awkward?

Nelle: I know she and your grandmother donít exactly get along.

Michael: Are you serious? Those two are like thick as thieves. The best of friends.

Felicia: She says sheís from somewhere in Florida. But thereís nothing new on the boyfriend angle. Sooner or later Nelleís going to give something up.

Nelle: So Bobbie and Felicia are best friends?

Michael: Yeah. Beyond best friends. Nellie. Itís a Port Charles legend. Iím surprised you havenít heard about it.

Nelle: Well, tell me.

Michael: Ok. So Maxie is the daughter of Felicia and a man named Frisco Jones. Now Frisco had a brother, named Dr. Tony Jones. He was married to Bobbie and they had a daughter named BJ.

Nelle: Yes, I remember Joss referencing BJ in her family tree.

Michael: So when Maxie was little, she had a serious heart condition. It got so serious that she needed a heart transplant. And everyone thought she wasnít going to make it. She almost didnít. But BJ died in a bus accident. My grandmother and Tony Jones gave BJís heart to Maxie.

Nelle: So Felicia owes her daughterís life to Bobbie.

Michael: I guess you can relate to that story. Canít you?

Nelle: Yeah, I guess if I were Felicia Iíd do just about anything for Bobbie.

Carly: I want you to get the hell outta my way.

Sonny: Carly, stop.

Carly: Ava did it. She killed our son, and I will make her pay.

Sonny: Itís not like that. Iím not letting you go down that roadÖ

Carly: I was his mother and it was my job to protect him. And he should be here right now with us and heís not. Heís gone. Our son is gone forever. And Ava, that bitch is out there walking around free. It has to stop. Ava has to stop, and Iím going to be the one to stop her.

Sonny: Thatís what I went to do. I went to kill her. I pointed a gun at her. Jason came in and said donít kill her, because we're not sure itís her.

Carly: I donít give a damn!

Sonny: I donít give a damn either. But Iím not going to let you throw your life away. For Ava. Itís not worth it.

Jordan: We appreciate your patience. Thank you for answering our questions.

Ava: Well I certainly hope that Julian cleared everything up. Because this has taken much too long. And I have more pressing matters to move onto. Like filing assault charges against Sonny.

Jordan: Well we can certainly discuss that once weíve ruled out your involvement in the Corinthos murder.

Ava: But you just talked to Julian. It wasnít me on that recording. What is going to take to get that through your heads.

Jordan: You can submit to an audio lineup.

Olivia Jerome: I warned you not to come here. Itís too dangerous.

Julian: Any less dangerous than meeting you at the herb shop. The cops made your front. Itís compromised.

Olivia: Is that why you were at PCPD just now?

Julian: You knew?

Olivia: I thought I made it clear I always got eyes on you.

Julian: Okay. Well, youíre not the only one. Because the cops are breathing down my neck and itís only a matter of time before they're breathing down yours.

Olivia: Calm down. Frantic is not a good look for you.

Julian: Well, how would you like it if I took you down to the commissioner's office right now. How would you like it?

Olivia: Are you threatening me?

Julian: No Iím not Iím just.. okay, look, Iím trying to make you see the urgency of the situation here. They have a recording of our conversation this morning. They have me on tape talking about my sister. Planting a bomb in my car. They have a photo of us.

Olivia: You idiot!

Anna: Karl Browning. Right?

Karl: At your service.

Anna: Wow. Itís been a long time.

Karl: Obviously since you didnít even recognize me.

Anna: No, no I have these migraines. Theyíre really affecting my vision. A fair amount. Thank you so much for coming to my rescue. I appreciate that.

Karl: Of course. Unsurprisingly you look wonderful even in pain. Itís good to see you Anna. Despite the circumstances.

Anna: How did you get here so fast? I literally spoke to Robert this morning.

Karl: I grabbed the next shuttle out of DC. Certain names demand prompt attention. Ivan Theodore or Valentin Cassadine -- same man, same danger.

Anna: Do you think you could fill in the blanks for me?

Karl: I could try. But if I were you, Anna, I would be grateful for some of those blanks. You should keep as much distance between yourself and Valentin Cassadine as possible.

Lulu: I just want to spend time with her. Canít you understand that?

Valentin: I understand. I understand you do what you want to do regardless of the cost. Well, hereís the rub. I reject your apology. Because actions are a judge of a person, not their words.

Lulu: And how do you reconcile shooting Kevin Collins and murdering my brother? Sanctimonious hypocrite!

Karl: How are you feeling?

Anna: The medication is starting to work a little bit actually. Iím still confounded though. Why Ivan/Valentin would end up here in Port Charles with an agenda and I seem to be at the top of it. Just because I wouldnít let him kiss me. I mean there has to be more to it than that.

Karl: Well, of course, there is. Anna, Valentin has much more cause to hate you than unrequited love.

Michael: Where did you get the idea that my grandmother and Felicia arenít cool with each other?

Nelle: Oh, I must have just gotten my wires crossed.

Michael: Oh, I should go. Iím about to be late for a GH board meeting.

Nelle: This time of night?

Michael: Itís all hands on deck.

Nelle: Ok.

Michael: Well, I'll see you later.

Nelle: All right. Bye.

Michael: Bye.

Felicia: Sorry about that.

Nelle: Oh. Is everything okay?

Felicia: Right as rain. So, where were we? Florida, right?

Nelle: Oh, that's so boring. I'd rather talk about my boyfriend, if that's okay with you.

Sonny: I don't know. I don't know what the hell to think right now, because I feel like a hypocrite telling you to back off when I was gonna do the same thing! I swear to you, I was on the verge. If Jason hadn't come in and reminded me that I was gonna lose my family, I would've pulled the trigger just like you want to pull the trigger. But we can't do that until we know 100% that it's Ava.

Carly: When will that be?

Olivia Jerome: How could you be so stupid, letting the police get onto you? We are this close to getting us what we want. And, no, my imbecile brother lets it all come crashing down!

Julian: Okay, okay. Liv, cops overplayed their hand. Commissioner played me the recording. She showed me the photo. It's just the back of your head. What's worse is that the cops think that the woman who planted that bomb in my car was our sister, Ava.

Olivia: [Scoffs] Of course, they do.

Ava: What do you need an audio lineup for?

Dante: We have an eyewitness to the bombing. An active participant.

Ava: Okay, good, 'cause if you have an eyewitness, then what are we doing here?

Jordan: 'Cause that eyewitness can clear me. Well, the eyewitness can identify two core members of the conspiracy -- one by sight and one by voice.

Dante: If the witness doesn't know your voice, can't make a positive ID, then you're free to go.

Ava: [Scoffs] And if I refuse?

Jordan: Well, I mean, that's certainly within your rights. I'm -- we're just gonna get a warrant, so, you know, if you really want to clear this up, it's just best to cooperate.

Ava: Okey-doke, fine. Let's get this over with. And once I'm cleared, I'm going after Sonny. 'Cause I am through being on the losing end of things.

Lulu: Have I made mistakes coming at Charlotte too soon? Yes. I will admit that, because I love her, and I want her in my life. But what's your excuse? How will you explain to Charlotte that you killed her uncle?

Valentin: You ever read "Richard III"?

Lulu: What?

Valentin: I'm guessing no. One of Shakespeare's greatest villains. But here's the thing, the play's a lie, written by his enemies to make them look good, him look bad, but if Richard had won, it'd be a different story. So, here's the thing. Truth is subjective. History's written by the victors, so the answer to your question -- Charlotte will know what I tell her. She'll understand my definition of the truth. I'll see you in court.

Anna: What other reason would Valentin have to target me?

Karl: You truly don't remember?

Anna: No.

Karl: You have no recollection of what happened to him?

Anna: I-I haven't heard from him. I haven't even thought about him since our training days, and -- and no. I mean, I-I tried accessing his file, but I was denied access to that, and it was like it didn't even exist.

Karl: Hmm. Did you get, uh, "Access Denied - Top Secret"?

Anna: Well, yes, at first, and then when I -- I-I couldn't even download it. It just -- the file completely vanished.

Karl: Then it's probably entirely redacted. All right. Uh, here is the rundown. day, Valentin simply failed to show up for work, incommunicado, vanished. I suspected he got word of what was coming.

Anna: What was coming?

Karl: Anna, you were there for all of it. He was targeted for "forced disappearance."

Anna: The WSB sanctioned his assassination?

Karl: Valentin was put on a kill-list. And you put him there.

Sonny: I shot AJ believing he killed Connie. I was wrong. It was Ava covering her own ass.

Carly: Yeah. Exactly. We know that Ava killed Connie, which means we know she's capable of murder. Why are we giving her the benefit of the doubt when it comes to Morgan?

Sonny: We're not. We just -- we have to be sure, that's all. Because if somebody else planted the bomb, somebody else killed Morgan, we don't want them getting away because we're so sure it's Ava.

Carly: Okay, fine. Does Jason have any other suspects?

Sonny: Well, he -- he -- his gut says it's not Ava, and my gut says, uh, there's something else going on.

Carly: What does that mean, Sonny?

Sonny: When I had her in my sight, Ava said that she did something she regretted to Morgan. If she didn't kill Morgan, she had something to do with it. And I sure as hell am gonna find out.

Felicia: So, tell me about your boyfriend. What colors does he like? Blue for the ocean? Is he from either of the coasts?

Nelle: You know, let's just forget about themes and unifying pieces. I just need the basics, you know, decluttering and organizing.

Felicia: Oh, yeah?

Nelle: More room, you know?

Felicia: Why is that?

Nelle: Well, I have a feeling that pretty soon my unavailable boyfriend might not be so unavailable. Who knows? He might even move right on in with me.

Sonny: You want some brandy or something?

Carly: Maybe, yeah. I just, um -- I'm gonna go splash some water on my face. I just have to calm down.

Sonny: [Sighs]

Jordan: There's a group of potential suspects in that interrogation room. You're gonna hear them through these headphones. They can't see you. They can't hear you. But one by one, they're gonna speak, and I want you to tell me if you hear the voice of Rudge's boss. I want you to speak up. Is that clear? We're ready.

Dante: Number one, you're up.

Woman #1: Kill the homeless loser who planted the bomb.

Woman #2: Kill the homeless loser who planted the bomb.

Ava: Kill the homeless loser who planted the bomb.

Woman #4: Kill the homeless loser who planted the bomb.

Jordan: Did you recognize a voice?

Olivia Jerome: So, is Ava still at the station?

Julian: Yeah. Well, she was when I left.

Olivia: And that's where she'll stay.

Julian: What are you talking about? Why would they keep her?

Olivia: There's an old Chinese proverb. It says, "Dig your well before you're thirsty." It means, "Be prepared."

Julian: [Sighs]

Ava: Are we done here?

Dante: Uh, one minute.

[Door opens]

Jordan: I need an answer, Buzz. Did you hear the voice of the woman who ordered the bombing?

Buzz: I don't -- I'm not sure. Could I hear one of them again?

Jordan: Which one?

Dante: Thank you all for your time. You're free to go.

[Knock on door]

Dante: Uh, I'm sorry. Uh, it'll just be a few more minutes. The witness would like to hear one of you one more time. Number three.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Julian (to Olivia Jerome): What did you do?

Ava: May I go now?

Dante: It depends what the witness says.

Jordan: Did the voice familiar?

Griffin: Elizabeth. Hi.

Finn (to Hayden): What did you do, fire the entire nursing staff?

Carly (to Michael): What I have to tell you is going to be a little hard to hear.

Sonny: Nelle, you bitch.

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