GH Transcript Thursday 2/9/17

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 2/9/17


Episode #13739 ~ Sonny seeks vengeance on Ava; Julian's past catches up with him; Dante questions Carly's commitment.

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Jordan: Buzz came back to Port Charles. He's giving a statement as we speak.

Curtis: That's great.

Jordan: It is. And... 

Curtis: Yeah, and-- and it all worked out. Thanks for letting me know, okay? I'll see you later.

Jordan: Hey, wait! Curtis, wait.

Curtis: There's more?

Jordan: Look, you and I both know that the only reason Buzz came back was because of the note that you wrote him, telling him that he could trust me.

Curtis: And?

Jordan: And I appreciate your faith in me.

Curtis: Well, I simply brought in a witness to a clear an innocent man. Whatever it takes. It worked. So are we done now?

Jordan: No. Not even close.

André: Are the rumors true?

Hayden: [Sighs] Yes. Dr. Finn has a pet, but it's not a lizard, it's a bearded dragon.

André: Is GH going to start laying people off?

Hayden: It's our only choice if we're going to stay open. Lay off the staff, including a third of the nurses.

André: That affects a lot of people.

Hayden: I've been getting dirty looks all day. I'm starting to feel like the Grim Reaper.

André: I don't envy your position. In the past, I've counseled corporate consultants on the best way to give bad news. A piece of advice -- letting the staff feed and swirl on rumors is not a great start. Listen, if you need guidance, feel free to come see me. That is, unless I'm on the list to be laid off.

Alexis: Thank you, Liv, for listening to me go on and on and on. Do I have to do that amends thing, really, with the girls? Because I'm not looking forward to that at all. Yeah, that's what I thought you'd say.

[Knock on door]

Alexis: I gotta go. I'll call you later.

Sam: Hello? Hey.

Alexis: Hi.

Sam: Hi. How are you?

Alexis: Good, now that you're here, I guess. How's Scout? Did you have an appointment with Dr. Lee?

Sam: Yes. We did. All is good.

Alexis: Sam. What aren't you telling me?

[Elevator bell dings]

Julian: Hey. There he is.

Jason: Okay, make this fast. The only reason I've agreed to see you is because I was already here, and I don't have time for more poisoned coffee.

Julian: Yeah, well, hopefully I don't have to do anything that drastic again to make you listen to me.

Jason: [Scoffs] Yeah, well, I hear you, okay? As much as I'd like to find out who killed Morgan, it's not worth risking my family. Sonny knows I'm out. So I'm gonna leave the dirty details to who planted that bomb in your car to you and your sister.

Dante: What the hell did you do?

Carly: Hey, Dante. It's nice to see you. You know, your dad's gonna be happy to see you. He's been getting cabin fever.

Dante: Oh, yeah? I guess he must have done something about it. Sonny's gone.

Ava: Sonny. What are you doing out and about? I thought you were under house arrest. Where's your -- your ankle monitor?

Sonny: I took it off.

Ava: Well, won't that alert the police immediately?

Sonny: The cops can't help you now. No one can help you now, Ava... ...after what did to Morgan.

Curtis: I'm not gonna sit up here and let you keep insulting me all day. I know that's become your favorite pastime.

Jordan: I'm trying to apologize to you. When you asked me to be part of the PCPD, the way I treated you... it wasn't right.

Curtis: Which part? Was it when, uh, when you told me I would never work for your department? Or when I checked you on your crap and you had a slap for me?

Jordan: Both. You didn't deserve either. And, to be fair, maybe on some level, you were right. I ju-- I don't want you working where I work because it complicates my life, okay? André and I, we have a connection. What happened with you and me in Baltimore, that -- that could have ruined everything that André and I have been building. And you checked me about our attraction for each other. That -- I overreacted. And I'm sorry. I'm hoping that we could put it behind us.

Curtis: What the hell is this? What is this? Oh, so I bring Buzz in, right? I convince him to come in, and you want to now get all warm and fuzzy? Really? Oh, I guess you want to be friends, don't you? You must be kidding me.

Sam: It's nothing. Really. There was just a little hitch with the baby's non-stress test.

Alexis: What does that mean?

Sam: Well, apparently, Scout's heart rate should have increased, but it -- it didn't, and Dr. Lee said that the baby was probably just sleeping. Nothing to really worry about. It wasn't unusual.

Alexis: That's it?

Sam: That's it. Yeah. She said to come in, I'll have a follow-up check-up, and we'll see then. But she wasn't too worried about it, so I'm not worried about it. I'm here for you today, mom. This is what's important right now. Are you sure you're ready for tonight?

Alexis: No. Not at all. But I -- I have to do it, right? I want to move forward with my life. I need to be honest with your sisters.

Sam: And that's very brave of you.

Alexis: Mm. I got you something. Well, I got Danny something. I went shopping, got a book.

Sam: [Chuckles]

Alexis: "The New Kid."

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: It'll teach him how to be a big brother.

Sam: Thank you. It's sweet.

Alexis: Listen, thank you. I really need you here right now, so you're gonna make all the difference.

Sam: I wouldn't have it any other way.

[Door opens]

Kristina: Congrats, Mom!

[Cork pops]

Kristina: Get some glasses. We need to make a toast -- Alexis Davis, newly reinstated attorney-at-law.

Dante: No luck?

Carly: Damn it, Sonny. Didn't take his phone with him.

Dante: No, of course, he didn't. He knew his GPS would make it easy for us to track him. Tried to get something out of Max. No go. Maybe you could try.

Carly: If Sonny told Max not to say anything, he's not gonna say anything.

Dante: How the hell did he get out of an ankle monitor? Spinelli still in town?

Carly: Not that I know of.

Dante: Why would he risk breaking house arrest? Does he have a lead on who killed Morgan?

Carly: He has people looking into it.

Dante: Okay. By "people," you mean Jason. So maybe we should ask him if he knows where Sonny is.

Julian: What makes you think that Ava is still actively a part of the Jerome organization? Because she's not.

Jason: I don't know, you've done business with her before.

Julian: Maybe so, but Ava is not involved in this at all. So you need to get that thought out of your head, and don't say anything to Sonny, because if he gets the wrong idea, you know what he's gonna do. Now, you need to know that Ava's completely innocent.

Jason: Why are you talking to me? I told you, I'm not in this.

Olivia Jerome: Excuse me, gentlemen.

Julian: Look, I got to, uh... I got to go get a physical therapy session, so...

[Cell phone rings with a text from Carly to Jason: "Urgent, Sonny in trouble, come to house now."

Julian: See you later.

Sonny: My son's dead. My precious little boy.

Ava: I don't even know what you're talking about here.

Sonny: You want me -- you want me to explain?

Ava: Yes. Please. Help me understand!

Sonny: Morgan's dead because of you.

Ava: It wasn't supposed to end that way. I never meant for it to get that far.

Sonny: No? How far did you mean it to go? You planted a bomb in the car. Somebody was gonna die, Ava.

Ava: I didn't even know you were talking about the bomb.

Sonny: What the hell did you think I meant?!

Jordan: Wait, wait, wait. Hold on. Hold on. Before you start jumping on the defensive, can you at least give me a chance to explain?

Curtis: Uh, yeah, good, 'cause what you said over there don't make a bit of sense.

Jordan: Not too long ago, you stole evidence from my department, yeah?

Curtis: I didn't steal nothing. I took a few pictures.

Jordan: Okay, the point that I'm trying to make... you more than made up for that, Curtis. You did. And, honestly, before that kiss in Baltimore, I was really enjoying our time together. I was. It reminded me of back in the day. You and I -- we do have a special bond, and I don't have a lot of friends here in Port Charles, especially none that have known me for that long. So, if you can just respect the boundaries... I'd really like to be friends with you.

Jason: I got your text. Hi, Dante.

Carly: Sonny broke house arrest.

Jason: Oh, fantastic.

Dante: Any idea how he got out of a police-issue ankle monitor without triggering the alarm?

Jason: You know your old man. He's resourceful.

Dante: Spinelli?

Jason: No. Spinelli's in Portland.

Carly: It doesn't matter how he got out of the monitor. What matters is where the hell he's going.

Dante: Did you find out who killed Morgan?

Jason: No, I -- I got some new information, that's all.

Dante: What, a suspect?

Jason: I really can't be sure. The evidence doesn't really add up.

Carly: Did you tell Sonny?

Jason: No, I didn't tell Sonny. I held it back. I didn't want him to overreact.

Carly: You think he figured it out without you telling him?

Jason: If he got that monitor off the way I think he did, then, yeah, I think he might.

Dante: Okay, so, where is he, Jason? Come on, man. I came here to tell him he was no longer a suspect in Morgan's death. A witness has cleared him of any wrongdoing. Okay? He's gonna walk unless he's out there killing someone right now.

Carly: Are you telling me Sonny's been cleared? He's not going to trial?

Dante: Well, he wasn't going to before he broke his house arrest. Where did he go? Who has he gone after?

Jason: Let me handle this.

Dante: No! I'll handle this! Where is he?

Jason: Just, please, let me take care of this before Sonny does something that he can't take back.

Sonny: We're talking about the car bomb that killed Morgan. The one you planted.

Ava: [Scoffs] You've spent too much time alone under house arrest, Sonny. Your imagination is running wild. I had nothing to do with that bomb in Julian's car, and I would never do anything to hurt my brother.

Sonny: Come on, you wanted power from the start. You were so greedy. You planted that bomb in Julian's car, because you wanted to take him out and let me take the fall.

Ava: Why? Why would I do that?

Sonny: Because it was a perfect opportunity. You knew I wanted justice for Duke and you took advantage of that!

Ava: I already told you, Sonny -- I told you weeks ago I had nothing to do with that bomb! Last year, after Kiki was shot, that was it! I got out.

Sonny: I know about that little secret club.

Ava: I don't have a club. I own an art gallery, Sonny. That's it!

Sonny: I heard it on tape! Julian crying. "Oh, I'm tired of being afraid of my sister."

Ava: I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Sonny: I don't care about him! You could take him out all you want! But my son's dead because of you. And that I can't stand for.

[Door closes]

Julian: What the hell are you doing here?

Olivia Jerome: Surveying what's soon to be mine.

Julian: [Sighs]

Olivia: Dreaming of turning this building into a luxury, gilded rococo palace that people will be clamoring to live in instead of coming here to die. When is that going to happen? What's taking so long?

Julian: I met with my contact on the GH board. We're moving forward, okay? You're gonna get what you want. Now, why are you following me?

Olivia: Simple. I don't trust you, little brother.

Julian: [Sighs]

Molly: Look, we know Mom made a deal with you not to drink until the baby's born, but we can make an exception for such a happy occasion, right?

Sam: Kristina, that's, uh... that's not it, actually.

Molly: Sam, we brought sparkling cider for you, because we need to celebrate Mom reclaiming her rightful career and toast to her new beginnings.

Kristina: That's right. 2016 may have been the worst year of your life...

Alexis: Girls.

Kristina: ...But 2017 is the year you rebound.

Alexis: Girls, could I just --

Molly: No, Mom! Come on! Kristina is right. The dark days are over.

Sam: Could you just listen --

Kristina: I already know what your first case should be. Teaming up with other community-minded lawyers to fight to save GH.

Molly: Yeah! You know, I ran into Felix at Kelly's. He's really worried he's gonna lose his job. Hey, you should probably check in with Lucas. He and Brad must be really freaked out.

Kristina: To you, Mom. To returning to do great things.

Alexis: I did not get my law license back.

Molly: What?!

Kristina: I can't believe the stupid review board is going to keep you suspended for --

Alexis: I didn't go in front of the review board, because I'm not ready to get my license back. I need more time to recover.

Kristina: Recover from what?

Molly: From what Julian did to you?

Alexis: No. From... a disease.

Molly: You're sick? How bad is it?

Sam: Would you just let her talk?

Kristina: Wait, you already know?

Alexis: I'm... [Sighs]

Sam: Just say it.

Alexis: I'm an alcoholic.

Curtis: You a cold piece of work, you know that? I mean, I call you out on being attracted to me, and you say it's just my ego. You mock my feelings, you deny that there's a connection between us. So let me make this absolutely clear for you. I ain't interested in being your friend. I don't want to respect your boundaries. You don't respect me. So until you can work that out, you and me -- we're done.

Jordan: Are you serious? Curtis, just -- Curtis, just wait!

Kristina: I know you have a glass or two of wine at the end of the day, but, I mean, so what? That doesn't mean you're an alcoholic.

Molly: Kristina, do you remember Sam's wedding?

Kristina: Okay, so she got a little tipsy. But it was, like, the happiest occasion in her life in months.

Alexis: It wasn't just one occasion. If that were the case, it wouldn't be a big deal at all, but it was all the time. And not just so that I would get tipsy, but so that I would black out.

Kristina: Do you believe her?

Sam: Of course, I do.

Alexis: I started over the summer, having a glass or two of wine every night, and that turned into a bottle or two of wine every night, and that turned into vodka, and that turned into pouring vodka in my coffee in the morning, just so that I could function. Do you remember Thanksgiving when I went out for the whipped cream?

Molly: Yeah, you sent us a text that said Diane and Max had a big fight.

Alexis: There was no fight. And I didn't even speak to Diane. I drove to a bar so that I could drink. And instead of staying at home with my family and being thankful for that, I was thankful that the bartender was pouring me drinks.

Kristina: But I was living here. How did I never see it?

Alexis: Because I didn't want you to. Because I had the bottles stashed up in the bedroom, and I would go up there and pretend to be asleep, so I could keep drinking. I'm sorry. I'm ashamed of myself. And I'm sorry.

Kristina: When I moved out, I thought you were going to miss me, but you must have been thrilled. You could drink all the time.

Alexis: You're right. I was relieved.

Kristina: [Voice breaking] Oh, my God, Mom.

Molly: Hey. Kristina, come on. I don't think you're being fair to Mom. If she turned to alcohol, it was only because of Julian and the hell that he put her through.

Alexis: No, Molly. No, no, no. That's just not true.

Julian: I have done everything you've asked me to do, damn it. I have neutralized Jason Morgan. He even stopped his search into who planted that bomb in my car. You remember that, right?

Olivia Jerome: What if he changes his mind? I wanted him gone. And you couldn't do it.

Julian: [Sighs]

Olivia: And you compromised yourself by not being able to take Alexis out, either.

Julian: Yeah, well, I didn't need to kill her. Her recording of my confession was ruled inadmissible, so I didn't have to go to jail. So, luckily for you, see, you still have me right where you want me, on your little leash. So you can threaten my family every time I rebel.

Olivia: That's so sweet. My psychopathic blood-thirsty selfish brother is now a devoted family man.

Julian: Exactly, which gives you the leverage to force me to be a man that I have no interest in being anymore.

Olivia: I didn't force you to put a hit on Duke Lavery. If you ever wonder why I can't forgive you or whine about the things that I ask you to do... just remember, you killed the only man that I will ever love.

Dante: My father has already broken the law by taking off his ankle monitor. It is my responsibility to find him.

Jason: I hear you. I do. And I'm gonna bring your father back, I promise you that. But I got to do it on my own.

Dante: No.

Jason: It can't be with you. I'm sorry.

Dante: Jason, wait!

Carly: Let him go. Please. Please let him go.

Dante: What, and just look the other way, again?

Carly: Do you want to arrest your father? Again? Do you want to haul him off to jail? Or do you just want this to be over? Dante, Sonny's not gonna listen to you, and he's not gonna listen to me. But he might listen to Jason. So let him go before we lose somebody else we love.

Ava: It wasn't me. I didn't want my brother dead. And I certainly never, ever wanted Morgan to be hurt. You know what he meant to me. If I had been responsible for his death... I wouldn't be able to live with myself. It would eat at me from the inside. It would destroy me. I miss him. I miss Morgan. And I know you do, too, Sonny, but you can't pin that explosion on me. You can't do it. Now, I don't know about this safe house or clubhouse or whatever you're talking about --

Sonny: You looking for this, Ava? Huh?

André: Curtis. Again.

Jordan: Forget about Curtis. I want to talk about our vacation, right? Please. I want to talk about the research that you've done. Have you researched destinations?

André: I have some ideas.

Jordan: Good, because I want to go somewhere warm, I want to go somewhere tropical. I'm so done with this winter.

André: Jordan, I don't want to be the suspicious guy, but I feel like something was happening between you and Curtis. Something that has nothing to do with police work.

Jordan: Do we have to talk about Curtis?

André: You tell me. Do we?

Jordan: [Sighs] Yeah. Yeah, we do. I need to tell you what happened in Baltimore.

Curtis: Hey, cupcake.

Hayden: Curtis. Hi. I love that you call me "cupcake."

Curtis: Bad day?

Hayden: The absolute worst, actually. You?

Curtis: Yeah. The same, times two. Um, yeah. You wouldn't be having a bad day because ol' Doc Finn broke your heart, now, would you? 'Cause I can talk to him with my fists.

Hayden: [Laughing] No, that's not necessary. Things with Finn are -- are great. Amazing, even. It's the, uh... it's the hospital budget. The only way for me to make GH profitable is to lay off staff. Including a third of the nurses. That's why I'm miserable.

Curtis: Yeah, that's rough.

Hayden: Yeah.

Curtis: I so wish I could help you, but unfortunately, that's not my area of expertise.

Hayden: Well, you know, they say misery loves company. So why are you so down?

Curtis: Well, uh, somebody made a very clumsy attempt to put me in the friend zone. And that's exactly where I'm not trying to be with her.

Molly: How could you say it's not Julian's fault? You said your drinking got out of hand last summer after he tried to kill you! Of course, he's the reason!

Alexis: Sweetie, nobody would like to blame him for everything more than me. But, really, what good is that gonna do me? Because I knew what I knew, and I chose to be with him anyway.

Sam: Mom, he is my father. You do have history with him.

Kristina: Are you defending him?

Sam: No, I'm just saying that mom's decision to be with Julian was complicated.

Alexis: The bottom line is that the mess that I made of my life is a result of the choices that I made, and it's on me. And so I drank to distance myself from pain, from humiliation, from regret...

Molly: Mom.

Alexis: ...And from all of you. I didn't take your calls. I pretended not to be home. I didn't want to hear about any of your problems, because I had so many of my own, and I was unable to share your happiness 'cause I was so profoundly unhappy myself. And so I drank.

Molly: Mom, if you had come to us, we would have helped you.

Alexis: If I had come to you and told you that I was a drunk, I would have had to stop.

Kristina: I don't understand. How did you know that you had a problem?

Alexis: It was rather obvious why I did something about it, and you're not gonna like the answer to this. It was Julian.

Molly: What?!

Alexis: He caught me drunk on a number of occasions, and he just happened to say something at the right time when I was able to hear it. That if I didn't stop, that I would lose all of you. So he helped me detox and talked me into going to AA.

Molly: Please tell me you're not getting back together with him.

Alexis: Molly. Molly. No. I'm just telling you the truth. Because I need to be honest with the people that I love the most, which are the three of you girls. I love you. And I'm sorry. I'm sorry, and I hope that you can forgive me.

Sam: I know I've had a longer time to process this than the two of you have. I forgive her. I do. Mom, I forgive you.

Dante: I should have gone with Jason, you know? If Sonny goes out and kills someone, I got to make a full disclosure to the department about me knowing that Sonny broke his house arrest and then I let him go and kept quiet about him possibly committing another crime, and that's gonna cost me my badge, which is great. It's great. It doesn't matter. I mean, I hope you're hiring at the hotel.

Carly: Oh, come on. You're not worried about your job. You're worried about Sonny because you love your father!

Dante: Of course, I love my father, but that doesn't mean I have to turn a blind eye to everything he does and who he is.

Carly: Every single time you have interfered with Sonny... it's turned out badly.

Dante: Wow. Thanks. So, it's all my fault?

Carly: No! No. I'm not saying it's your fault. I'm saying that it's the nature of the situation. You're a cop, Dante. Sonny is a criminal. You guys have opposite views of the world, so as his son, the kindest thing you can do right now is to just let it go.

Dante: I happen to believe in the law. Sonny believes the opposite, that it's an obstacle getting in the way of what he wants, and right now what he wants is revenge.

Carly: Why shouldn't he? Morgan's dead for no good reason. Why shouldn't Sonny want payback?

Sonny: Okay, we got five. Perfect. I figured you'd be carrying this. It makes it so much easier. You're gonna die with your own gun, and I'm gonna be at home under house arrest with my ankle monitor. Talk about an air-tight alibi.

Ava: Sonny...

Sonny: Hmm?

Ava: ...Don't do this. [Breathing erratically]

Sonny: Huh?

Ava: We have a daughter together. What about her? Avery will grow up, and she'll find out, and what will you tell her then, huh?

Sonny: I'm gonna tell her that you killed her brother.

Ava: But I didn't! I didn't have anything to do with that bomb, so why -- why kill me now?!

Sonny: Retribution, justice, words that you don't understand 'cause they don't apply to you. I was gonna kill you because of what you did to Connie, but you know what, you were pregnant, I didn't want to -- I felt kind of bad, but not this time.

Ava: Sonny... don't do it. It won't be justice, you know. It'll be murder.

Sonny: You want to play with the big boys?! You want to act like a mobster? First rule -- what you do, you pay for.

Jason: Sonny, put that gun down.

Sonny: So stop --

Jason: Put the gun down.

Hayden: So, this woman that wants to put you in the friend zone, who's she?

Curtis: Yeah, I've known her for years, for a long time.

Hayden: Does she know how you feel?

Curtis: She better. Look, we -- we made out, right, and it was hot. So I'm sure she has a pretty good idea.

Hayden: You made out...

Curtis: Mm-hmm.

Hayden: ...And it was hot, but she's still not interested?

Curtis: You don't have to say it like that, but...

Hayden: [Scoffs]

Curtis: ...She's got a boyfriend, so she has this idea of the picture-perfect marriage, you know, where everything is tidy and uncomplicated.

Hayden: Some people like boring and uncomplicated.

Curtis: It's not just that, okay? I mean, I don't want to tell all her business, but a few years ago she stepped out on husband, and when she did, all hell broke loose. So now with me, she's trying to play it all safe.

Hayden: Mm. So, that's it? There's no hope?

Curtis: Not unless or until she stops lying to herself, dumps the chump, and admits that she wants old Curtis.

André: What happened in Baltimore?

Jordan: Curtis and I... we kissed.

André: I'm guessing this wasn't just some clinch that you instantly regretted. This was significant.

Jordan: Yes. It was significant. It was significant, because I realized how much I love you. I told Curtis this. I explained this to him. He and I -- we can't be together, because I'm with you.

André: That's just it, Jordan. I don't think you really are with me.

Sonny: You need to leave, Jason. You made it clear you don't want any part of this.

Jason: Listen, you don't know everything that happened.

Sonny: Brick showed me the tape. It was her photo. She's the one who planted the bomb, Jason.

Jason: No, listen to me. I'm not sure that she was talking to Julian.

Sonny: Julian said he was in fear of his sister. Ava's his sister!

Jason: There's too much about this you don't understand. None of this adds up. It doesn't add up. This doesn't make sense.

Sonny: I disagree.

Jason: You disagree? Would you listen to me? Hey, take a look at me. The police cleared you. A witness came forward, and they cleared you. Your son is at your house right now to tell you the police are dropping the charges. But here you are -- you've slipped your monitor, you broke house arrest. So what's Dante supposed to do, huh? Now, Carly somehow talked him into not reporting it, but how long can that last? If you kill this woman, well, then he's gonna have to take you to prison, and you're gonna lose everything.

Dante: You think it's okay that Sonny's out there hunting down whoever he thinks killed Morgan?

Carly: I warned Sonny not to do this, okay? I said all the right things. I told him that violence only brings on violence and that revenge wouldn't bring Morgan back. But I'm Morgan's mother, and my son is dead, and I want the person who took his life, who robbed him of his future and everything he could have done and everything he should have had -- I want that person to pay. So, if I were Sonny, and I knew who killed our boy and I had a chance to go after them, maybe I would.

Kristina: I can't believe any of this.

Alexis: I know it's -- it's a lot. Here I tried to control everything, and now I can't control anything. I know you're mad, and I'm sorry I hurt you.

Kristina: That's it? You just say you're sorry, and we're supposed to forgive you?

Molly: Kristina, stop. Mom is sick. She didn't do this on purpose. It wasn't personal.

Kristina: Are you kidding me? She lied to us. She cared more about alcohol than her own daughters. And, I'm sorry, but it was absolutely was personal with me. I confided in my liberal mother about my feelings for another woman. And what did you do? You judged me. You called Parker a predator, and you bullied her to stay out of my life. So it absolutely was personal to me, Molly. And as a reminder, let's not forget about when Mom caught you and TJ in the hotel room. I am so sick of your self-righteous double standard. You're never wrong until you are, and then it's up to us to make it okay for you? So, no, Mom, I am not going to forgive you!

Alexis: [Exhales sharply]

Molly: Well, Mom, I forgive you. Okay? Just, please, promise me you're not gonna let Julian back into your life though, okay?

Alexis: Oh, my God.

Sam: Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey -- the baby is jonesing for some barbecue. I say the three of us go to The Rib -- me, you, and your sister, okay?

Kristina: Why? So you two can try to pressure me into feeling sorry for Mom? No, I am not discounting your feelings, not at all.

Sam: I just thought it would be nice if us sisters could go and sit down and maybe think of a few baby names.

Alexis: She has every right to be angry. [Exhales] [Voice breaking] I will do what I can to make it up to you. I will.

Kristina: [Sniffles]

Molly: Kristina. Kristina, you need to stop.

Kristina: No, that's it.

[Door slams]

Sam: It's okay. Don't push her. She'll come around.

Alexis: Okay. [Sniffles] Thank you for being here. Honestly, thank you. Thank you for loving me.

Sam: Of course.

Alexis: And you'll call me, when, um...

Sam: Yes.

Alexis: ...If you have to go see Dr. Lee, okay?

Sam: You're gonna be okay?

Alexis: Yeah.

Sam: Okay. Mom, call your sponsor, okay?

Alexis: I'm gonna call my sponsor. [Laughs]

Sam: Do that if you feel like there's gonna be a setback at all. I'll be here for you, too.

Alexis: [Sniffles] I'm sorry. [Sniffles, exhales]

[Door opens, closes]

Hayden: You think there's any chance that this woman's gonna wake up and realize how spectacular you are?

Curtis: [Scoffs] Spectacular. It has been a long time since someone called me "spectacular."

Hayden: Well, that's what I think.

Curtis: Well, that's because we have a real friendship. You know, not this ridiculous push-and-pull thing that me and her have, you know? Do you know this woman tried to slap me in my face and then turn around and wanted to be friends with me? What kind of stuff is that?

Hayden: She certainly fires you up.

Curtis: Yeah.

Hayden: That must genuine passion has to mean something. Maybe it's even the real thing. I bet now that you walked away, she's gonna dump her boyfriend.

Curtis: Now, why would I even wait for that? This woman is brutal. She don't let me get away with anything, okay, fine, fair enough. But why would I want a woman who's so hard on me? There are plenty of smart, attractive women out there. Maybe I will find one. I'mma go get my flirt on right now. I'm gonna keep it simple though.

Hayden: Come on, Curtis. You don't want simple.

Curtis: It's better than wanting a woman who's in love with another man.

Jordan: How can you even say something like that, André? I -- everything that we've been working towards, building, I am 100% with you.

André: But that's the thing, Jordan. You're not. Every time you are with Curtis, I can feel a piece of you slip away. Look at what you're doing right now -- running full speed to try and stay present with me. But I know your brain is somewhere else. It's what I do, Jordan. I told you -- I don't want to be the untrusting guy, but I won't be the other guy. And I won't pretend to be blind to what's right in front of me. That's not the answer.

Jordan: What is?

André: This isn't healthy for either of us, Jordan. We need to break up.

Kristina: After everything Mom just told us, is it wrong that I want to have a drink?

Sam: No, not at all. If you want 10, we have a problem.

Molly: I'm more worried about Mom giving so much credit of her recovery to Julian.

Sam: Oh, I don't think we have to worry about mom and Julian anymore.

Kristina: Okay, can we stop talking about Mom? [Chuckles]

Sam: Yeah.

Kristina: If we're going to help you with baby names, don't we need to know the sex?

Sam: Uh...[Chuckles] Well, I think Scout is gonna be a really good soccer player.

Kristina: [Gasps] Wait. Feel this. Oh, my God! Sam, you're like Sigourney Weaver in "Aliens"!

Molly: Oh, my God! I was gonna say that!

Sam: But I do not have an alien in here. I have person, a perfect beautiful little person, and his two really great aunts.

Molly: Aww!

Alexis: Uh, telling Kristina and Molly was pretty horrible, probably the hardest thing that I ever had to do.

Olivia Jerome: [Sighs] I'm so sorry. But, you know, you're doing the right thing. You're being honest, you're working the steps.

Alexis: Kristina hates me.

Olivia: [Sighs]

Alexis: I mean, she hated me before, but now she really hates me. Molly l-loves me. She -- she was supportive, and so was Sam. Maybe the two of them can convince Kristina not to hate me.

Olivia: Of course. Sam just sounds so lovely, too. And how's that new grandbaby coming?

Alexis: Well, Sam had some tests done, and the doctor -- well, it didn't sit right with the doctor, but she says that everything's okay.

Olivia: Oh, no! What's the problem?

Dante: So, you're okay if Sonny goes and kills this person?

Carly: No. I said I understand the impulse. Sonny's smart. He came too close to throwing his life away to do it a second time.

Dante: Well, he doesn't know that I'm here and doesn't know that I know what he could be doing? Maybe he thinks he's gonna get away with it.

Carly: He won't risk it.

Dante: Since when has Sonny ever cared about risk?

Carly: Sonny's afraid of losing me. I told him after we lost Morgan I was done with the violence. So if he does this, he knows I won't stay with him.

Sonny: What kind of father would I be if I didn't get justice for my son?

Jason: I hear you, I really do, Sonny. We cannot be sure that she's guilty.

Ava: I'm not.

Jason: Just...just... listen to me, okay? Can you listen to me for a minute, my friend? Look, I know you're hurting right now, and I know you're very angry, but I need you to think. The police are dropping the charges. You're in the clear. They know you had nothing to do killing Morgan, and your wife is waiting for you at home. Carly's waiting for you, because she loves you, but if you pull that trigger, that's it, man. You're gonna lose her. You want to be alone? Just hand me the gun. Go home to your wife.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Olivia Jerome (to Sam): We were just talking about you.

André (to Jordan): Admit that I'm not the one that you want.

Tracy (to Hayden): Everyone on that list has to go.

Epiphany (to other GH nurses): I say we strike!

Anna: Felix, I really need your help.

Dante (to Carly): I cannot wait any longer.

Jason (to Sonny): Put that gun in my hand, and you go home.

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