GH Transcript Monday 1/30/17

General Hospital Transcript Monday 1/30/17


Episode #13732 ~ Elizabeth is horrified when she finds pictures that Tom took proving he was still stalking women; Nina thinks Valentin is an amazing father; Alexis remembers not killing Tom Baker.

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Anna: Hi.

Griffin: Hi, Anna. What brings you here?

Anna: Oh. [Clears throat] Just, uh, checking up on you. I haven't seen you since the wedding and... I'm sorry about how you found out about Claudette's death. I was hoping that I would be the one to break it to you, and I could maybe do it a little gently. Not that it really matters, you know? Still going to be a shock, but... um... I brought these for you.

Griffin: [Chuckles] Geez.

Anna: A little token.

Griffin: Thank you. Wow. Um, I could probably count on one hand the amount of times people have given me flowers. T-they're b-beautiful.

Anna: I'm sorry for your loss. I really am. I know you loved her. That love was all too brief.

Griffin: Yeah. Claudette made some mistakes. She didn't deserve to die like that.

Anna: No. She died too soon. I know you're feeling angry and powerless. And I have been there. I completely relate to why you attacked Valentin.

Nina: What do you think?

Valentin: Lovely and rustic.

Nina: You hate it.

Valentin: No, I don't hate it. Why would I hate it?

Nina: Well, because you have five-star tastes.

Valentin: No, you obviously don't know the places I used to frequent.

Nina: When?

Valentin: In my old life. Before the Cassadine money. I mean, pubs in Ireland, holes in the wall in Greece, Istanbul, Bulgaria. This place would be a palace in Bulgaria.

Nina: You're just saying that to make me feel good.

Valentin: No. I'm saying it 'cause it's true. Now it's your turn to be honest. Why did you bring me here?

Nina: The mac and cheese. So good. So much better than the Metro Court.

Valentin: Sold.

Nina: Thank you.

Valentin: We'll have some mac and cheese and I guess, uh, beer?

Nina: I'll have a beer.

Valentin: All right. Be right back.

Kiki: So then Sam went after Franco. And I told her not to go by herself, considering she's pregnant and all, but she insisted. And she said that I could call the police after 15 minutes, but my phone died, so now it's actually been much longer than that.

Nathan: Okay. Uh, take a breath. We'll take it from the top. All right?

Kiki: This is urgent.

Nathan: I -- and I hear you. Just, uh, wait at the desk. I'll be right with you, I promise. I got this. Why don't you, uh -- why don't you get started on that warrant for Alexis?

Dante: I don't really have a choice, do I?

Nathan: Well, I mean, you got the family tie to Alexis, right? Unless you want me to handle it.

Dante: No, no, no, no. It's okay. Take Kiki. I'll take Alexis. And we'll see who gets to Franco first.

Nathan: All right.

Elizabeth: Don't you want your brother's killer caught as much as I do?

Seth: Franco killed my brother! He knew the cops were closing in on him, so he ran!

Elizabeth: No, he didn't.

Seth: He's gone, Elizabeth! He ran away to save his own skin, and now he'll never get punished for what he did to my brother. You better face it! You're never going to see him again!

Elizabeth: You're wrong, because Franco would never leave, not without telling me. The only reason he'd disappear is if something bad happened... or if he's dead.

Sam: Hey.

Franco: I got it, I got it.

Sam: Hey, talk to me, please. Who did this to you? Was it Julian?

Franco: I told you, I have no idea. [Clears throat] Somebody snuck up from behind and knocked me out and dragged me here, 'cause they wanted me to die here. [Clears throat] But you're not really worried about it being Julian.

Sam: What's that supposed to mean?

Franco: I think you're worried about your mom. I think you're afraid that she may have been involved with Tom Baker's murder.

Dante: Got to say, Alexis, I'm surprised to see you here, after you threatened to lawyer up earlier at your house. You change your mind?

Alexis: I'm fully prepared to cooperate with your investigation into the murder of Tom Baker.

Valentin: Oh, I ordered us some mac and cheese. There's a new pan coming, so it might take a minute.

Nina: Oh, good. Well, it gives us a moment to talk.

Valentin: About?

Nina: Well, I have been, um, doing my research, and there's this great article on a website called "telling your child about his or her birth via surrogacy." And they suggest you practice your story.

Valentin: Well, that sounds promising.

Nina: Yeah. So, this is my story. All right? It goes like this. Um, o-once upon a time, there was an egg that wanted to be a baby. And then there's a plot twist in the story. Uh, it's how Lulu didn't know that her egg was going to be an embryo and --

Valentin: How about we just tell Charlotte that the baby starts out as a tiny thing called an "embryo" and that sometimes the embryo has to be made in a process called "in vitro." And then the embryo is put inside a woman to carry. Claudette carried Charlotte, but Lulu made the embryo, so technically she's the biological mother.

Nina: Oh, no, no. I mean, if we tell Charlotte that, she's going to be hopelessly confused.

Valentin: Of course. It's ridiculous that somebody that young would have to know something like that.

Nina: I know, which is why I have a problem with Lulu opening her mouth.

Valentin: And I agree with that. But what's done is done. I think we need to focus on reassuring Charlotte and letting her know that she's loved, and she's wanted, and that she's never going to have to leave us.

Nina: You're pretty amazing. You know that?

Valentin: But not everybody agrees with you.

Anna: You don't have to be guarded with me, you know? You can tell me anything. Lord knows I've bent your ear on enough occasions.

Griffin: Well, you'll find this ironic. I preach to you and to so many other people the power of forgiveness, and I'm continuously challenged by it in my own life. I mean, God help me, I can't forgive Valentin. I know he is behind Claudette's death. There's no way she committed suicide. [Sighs] I need to -- I don't know what to do. You know, like, I need to do something. I need to f-find some answers, anything.

Anna: Okay. So let me handle that. You know, I mean, Valentin, he gave up some of his secrets at the wedding, didn't he? And that has given me a place to start investigating, and so I will get answers.

Griffin: Well, y-you said you believe Valentin came here for revenge?

Anna: I know. That's my assumption. 'Course, he claims the opposite, that he's grateful, that my rejection of him kind of inspired him to remake himself and become the man that he is today.

Griffin: To remake himself into a murderer? [Scoffs]

Anna: Hey. Listen. You remember what the judge said to us at Charlotte's hearing? "In the absence of proof, you calling Valentin a murderer is only your opinion." Now, you can dislike him as much as you want, but if you continue to attack him, you're going to be the one that ends up being arrested.

Griffin: Claudette is dead and --

Anna: Shh!

Griffin: You want me to sit here and do nothing?

Anna: Yes, that is exactly what I want you to do!

Seth: Your boyfriend's not dead. He's a liar. Remember how he lied to me in the hospital? He looked me straight in the eye and said he didn't do anything to Tom when, the whole time, he had him captured in his studio.

Elizabeth: Yes, and then he realized he went too far, and he went back to let Tom go. But then Tom turned the tables on him and escaped.

Seth: Only to be killed.

Elizabeth: Not by Franco.

Seth: How can you believe a word he says? After everything he's done. How do you even trust him?

Elizabeth: Because he's changed. He's not the same man he was.

Seth: Oh, yeah -- brain-tumor defense.

Elizabeth: And he has worked really hard to be better and to do better and to earn my trust.

Seth: So did Tom before he was killed. Franco never changed. All right? It was all a lie.

Elizabeth: If you're so convinced that Franco couldn't be redeemed, where does that leave your own brother?

Kiki: Please, just send somebody over there. They have to go to the self-storage place at 7502 Thomas Boulevard. Franco is locked in there, okay? Please. You have to save him.

Nathan: Okay, but why didn't you and Sam call 911? Why'd she go there by herself?

Kiki: Sam wanted to go there to talk to him first.

Franco: The only reason that Julian would want me out of the way was to protect Alexis. Right? I mean, that's why you're asking about him, right?

Sam: No. I-I think it's my turn to ask you some questions. I mean, for some reason, you think my mother had something to do with Tom Baker's murder or she knows something about it?

Franco: She knows. She was there.

Sam: What is that supposed to mean?

Franco: Tom Baker was killed in the alley behind a dive bar called Gene's Branford Roadhouse.

Sam: Yeah.

Franco: And I went there to investigate, try and clear my name. And who should I run into? But your mom. Definitely out of place. Definitely twitchy that I saw her there. And then I found a picture of your mom on the bar's social-media site. There she was in the back of someone's selfie -- Alexis and Tom Baker. Live and in color. That's a hell of a coincidence.


Dante: This is Detective Falconeri. I'm interviewing Alexis Davis. Miss Davis, you've come forward to give a statement of your own free will. Is that correct?

Alexis: Yes.

Dante: That's good. I'm glad you changed your mind and came forward. There's an arrest warrant out for Franco Baldwin in connection to the murder of Tom Baker. But there's increasing suspicion that somehow you may have been involved.

Alexis: I was involved. I killed Tom Baker.

Nina: If Lulu didn't take the decision out of your hands, when were you going to tell Charlotte where she came from?

Valentin: Someday.

Nina: Oh, so you just hadn't gotten there yet, right?

Valentin: Well, if I'm going to tell you the story, you're going to have to hear a convoluted family history.

Nina: Lay it on me.

Valentin: Okay. [Sighs] Uh, my father was Mikkos Cassadine. He died when I was very young. And one of the reasons I spent so much time in England was because he was hiding me from his harpy wife, Helena. Flash-forward to my demented brother Stavros and his obsession with Lulu. He wanted to have a baby with her. Helena said that she would make that happen. Lulu's eggs were harvested, uh... against her will. But they had a problem -- Stavros was sterile. So Helena looked to me. But I -- I was not going to participate in that. So she got a beautiful woman named Daphne to find me in Greece, couple of bottles of wine...

Nina: Oh.

Valentin: ...And a drug. And I'm sure you can fill in the rest.

Nina: Yeah, I got it. I understand. Yeah.

Valentin: When I found out about the embryo, I was furious and I stole it.

Nina: Just like that?

Valentin: Just like that. I'm not going to let my child be raised under the thumb of Helena Cassadine.

Nina: I mean, y-you probably weren't thinking like this at the time, but you were already acting like a parent.

Anna: So much time so, my dossier on Valentin, you know, it's really filling out. And I now know that our time at the academy, the WSB, um, he went by the name of Ivan Theodore.

Griffin: So he's not a Cassadine?

Anna: Well, yeah, he is. I mean, he was shipped off to boarding school in England at the age of 6. And he did so well there that he ended up at Oxford, and his talent in Linguistics landed him at the WSB.

Griffin: And do you know what happened after he left?

Anna: Yeah. Interestingly enough, the boarding school that he attended had burned to the ground right afterwards. And arson is suspected, but no one was apprehended.

Griffin: And you think Valentin was the arsonist?

Anna: Most definitely. And that was just the beginning.

Kiki: There's still no answer. We have to go right now.

Nathan: "We" don't have to do anything. You are going to stay here. My partner is busy, so I will take the lead on this one. But, hey, Kiki, I got to know -- I mean, is there something else you're not telling me here?

Kiki: Franco was suspicious of someone. He thought that she might've been the one who killed Tom Baker.

Nathan: "She"?

Kiki: Yeah, he didn't say any names. He told me that he wouldn't point the finger at her because he had already hurt someone close to her before. And the way that Sam acted when she saw that note, the way that she wanted to go talk to him first, I know that it has something to do with her. Look, I just care that you find Franco. Okay? I don't care if you arrest him on the spot. I just need to make sure that he's safe, okay?

Nathan: Okay.

Franco: Did you find the picture?

Sam: Yeah. Just because my mom was having a drink with Tom doesn't mean that she killed him.

Franco: I don't know. All I know is that I didn't kill that guy.

Sam: But you -- y-you did have this picture, so what were you going to do with it?

Franco: I wasn't going to take it to the police, if that's what you think. I already caused you and your family enough pain. I don't want to hurt anyone anymore.

Sam: That is what Kiki said.

Franco: What did Kiki --?

Sam: Kiki -- she's the reason why I'm here. She found your note. She didn't know it, and then I found it. And never mind. Anyway, I'm here, and that's all that really matters. And the police, they're going to be on their way and they're going to come here. They're going to ask you what happened. Are you still going to protect my mom?

Dante: Are you confessing to the murder of Tom Baker?

Diane: Alexis! What is this?! This is the stop you needed to make before your hearing?

Alexis: How did you know I was here?

Diane: Well, you were acting so strangely that I followed you. And whatever this is, wrap it up quick, because there's nothing more important than getting your law license reinstated.

Dante: Actually, I disagree. Your friend here just confessed to killing Tom Baker.

Diane: Wh--? Wh--?

Alexis: I can't do this anymore. I can't. You have to believe me. I can't.

Diane: All right, Alexis, as your attorney, I'm telling you, not one more word. Detective Falconeri, may I please have the room to confer with my client?

Alexis: No! No! No! No! I can't live like this anymore! I can't! It's too agonizing!

Diane: Alexis, just listen to me. Detective, could you please leave the room?

Alexis: I don't want my lawyer. I want my friend. And my friend has to accept what I've done and let me do what I need to do, even if it means that I have to go to prison.

Elizabeth: Tom kept saying how he had been reformed in prison.

Seth: My brother was reformed.

Elizabeth: Then isn't it possible, just possible, that Franco was, too?

Seth: Tom paid his debt to society and tried to become the man he could've been. Franco did none of that. Why should Franco get any more chances now that Tom's are over? Did you know our mother is ill? She was so happy to see Tom get paroled. The idea she was going to get her son back, new and improved, gave her a reason to live. Now this? Sent her health plummeting. She couldn't take losing him again. I need a drink. You want one?

Elizabeth: No. No, thank you. I...I'm going to go. I, um, I'm sure I'm late for work. I'm really sorry about your mother. Please believe me when I say I am not trying to bring more pain to your family. I just want to find Franco.

Seth: You're never going to find him. Face it -- your boyfriend's not coming back. Please see yourself out.

[Door slams]

Valentin: And when I stole the embryo, I was fully prepared to kill Helena. But she wasn't on the premises.

Nina: Okay, so you had an embryo, but no one to carry it. Did it ever occur to you to tell Lulu?

Valentin: No, because I knew that she would hate me for my family name. No, if I was going to make a baby, I was going to have to do it on my own.

Nina: Enter Claudette.

Valentin: That's right. She was young, she was healthy, she needed the money. She seemed like a perfect candidate.

Nina: She double-crossed you.

Valentin: Yeah, she was troubled. But she nurtured Charlotte, she gave birth to her. So I'll always be grateful.

Nina: Right. But you didn't answer my question. When were you going to tell Charlotte about Lulu?

Valentin: I guess I had a vague idea that I'd wait until she was old enough to understand, and then I would give her the option to reach out to Lulu. But doesn't really matter now. She's asking questions she can't possibly handle the answer to.

Nina: Yeah, I know. She's always incredibly happy and joyous. But these days, she's withdrawn and somber, and, honestly, my heart breaks for her.

Valentin: Yeah, I know, mine, too.

Nina: Yeah.

Valentin: Mine, too. But she's my girl, I cherish her. And we're going to get through. I will always do whatever I can for my daughter.

Nina: You are... an amazing father. You know that? Charlotte's lucky to have you.

Valentin: I'm lucky to have her. You know, when Charlotte came into my life, she brought something that I just -- I never thought I'd find, maybe I thought I didn't deserve. She brought me love.

Nina: Of course, you deserve love.

Anna: After Valentin, after he left the WSB, and the boarding school he attended, it burned to the ground, then he resurfaced again. This time, he was using the name Theo Hart. And according to Robert, he was the head of an international criminal enterprise that specialized in smash and grab jewelry heists in Eastern Europe. Now they literally terrorized jewelers and wealthy natives and tourists alike. And it is my belief that he used the share of those profits for his surgeries.

Griffin: Surgeries?

Anna: Mm-hmm. Multiple surgeries. So back then, Valentin, his face, it... it was really disfigured. And he suffered from severe scoliosis. Right, and that -- that's -- that's why the WSB, they slated him just to be an analyst. And that's why I didn't recognize him. Until he stammered, and that's when it all came back.

Griffin: Right. A person, a man who was once a friend had become a monster.

Anna: Well, he wasn't like that back then, at least, not with me. He -- he was brilliant. He was a brilliant trainee. He was the best and brightest. Something happened at the academy. And he's -- he's not telling me about it. And I can't remember. And it's what I have to find out.

Dante: Anyway... Alexis, let's start from the top. How did you know Tom Baker?

Alexis: I met him at Gene's Branford Roadhouse. I was drinking. And I got drunk with him. I didn't know who he was at the time. I didn't know what he did to Elizabeth and what he did to Emily.

Dante: You remember the date?

Alexis: It was the day of your brother's funeral.

Dante: So November 11th.

Alexis: I woke up in a -- a motel room across the street from the bar. I was a-afraid that I had slept with him, but I... it turns out that I didn't.

Dante: You didn't remember?

Alexis: I drank so much that I had a -- a blackout. I've been having blackouts for months. I had a blackout the second time that I met him, the night that he was killed.

Sam: You know, you talk a good game. But let's be honest. You're not going to sacrifice yourself for my mother.

Franco: Let's say that Alexis did kill Tom Baker. Who cares? Guy was the scum of the earth and I'm sure she had a really good reason. She would have to, right, 'cause she's got a good life, right? Think about it. She's got you, she's got all of her kids. She's got another grandkid on the way. Your mother's been through a lot. And she's probably a pretty good person. Sam, I'm trying to do better things. Trying to be better. Sam, I -- I would like to try and make up for the 1,305 sleepless nights that I caused you. So if the police hear [Coughs] If the police hear about Alexis... [Coughing] ...They didn't hear about it from me.

Sam: You okay? Hey, Franco, are you --

Franco: Oh. Oh, no. Hold on, hold on. I'm going to call the -- the ambulance.

Nathan: Don't move!

Sam: Help him! Help him! He needs help. He needs to go to the hospital.

Nathan: You okay?

Sam: Yeah.

Elizabeth: [Whispering]

Seth: What are you looking at?

Nina: We're kindred spirits, you know?

Valentin: In what way?

Nina: Well, um, one time you told me that you haven't led a blameless life, and that's true for me, too. But now there's a little girl and -- and her life is at stake now that Lulu has caused her a lot of pain and confusion and there's a custody hearing. And, you know, we need to -- we need to be on our game.

Valentin: No, you don't have to worry about me. We can be perfect saints for our perfect girl. I'm not going to risk custody of Charlotte by doing something foolish.

Nina: Yeah, it's easy to be your best self when a child's life is at stake. [Laughs]

Valentin: Mm-hmm. Leave it. I like it. It's like you. It's a little unpredictable and wild. Very lovely. You're very, very special to me, Nina.

Griffin: Just believe just try to take it easy. Let the staff take care of you.

Nathan: Doc, I'd like to, uh, question him soon as I can.

Griffin: Not yet. Um, I need to get him comfortable, so I can run a few more tests. He was beaten pretty severely. He may have some internal injuries.

Kiki: Oh. Hey, Franco. It's me, Kiki.

Franco: [Groans]

Kiki: I'm sorry.

Franco: [Winces]

Kiki: Um, hey. I'm glad you're alive. I was really worried about you. Elizabeth and I were kind of losing our minds.

Franco: Kiki?

Kiki: Yeah?

Franco: Where's Elizabeth?

Kiki: I don't know. I texted her when Detective West was on his way to the storage facility, but she hasn't answered. I'm sure she's going to be here really soon, okay?

Seth: What's wrong?

Elizabeth: What is this?

Seth: Where did you find it?

Elizabeth: It was...under the sofa. I tripped on -- on it. You've never seen that before?

Seth: Of course not. If I did, I would've done something about it, but... I thought my brother had gotten better.

Elizabeth: You never even suspected?

Seth: No. Tom swore to me he didn't have these impulses anymore.

Elizabeth: [Breathing shakily] Well, he did. And Franco was right. He was so afraid that Tom would attack me again, and that's proof. It's proof he was still a predator.

Alexis: The second time that I saw Tom Baker, I was also drunk. And this time, when he approached me, I -- I told him that I wasn't interested. And I left. And then he followed me out into the alley and he grabbed me, and I screamed, and then he pulled out a knife. And I went crazy. Um... [Voice breaking] I don't know if it was the liquor or the fact that somebody else was holding a knife to my throat... [Normal voice] But I just went into this primal rage. And I somehow managed to get the knife a-away from him.

Dante: And what happened next?

Alexis: I hand with the knife in it t-to stab him.

Diane: Obviously, in self-defense.

Dante: So you stabbed him?

Diane: In self-defense.

Alexis: I-I must have. Because he was found dead the next day.

Diane: Wait a minute. Wait a minute! You mean, you don't actually remember killing him?

Alexis: No. When I h-have these blackouts, I just see bits and pieces, flashes of my memory, but I -- I -- I don't see the whole thing.

Diane: Well, then, maybe you didn't kill him. Maybe you didn't do it. It was somebody else. Detective, you cannot arrest my client on the basis of what she just said.

Nina: You're very special to me. And Charlotte. And... well, I never thought that I'd say this, but my family means everything to me. So...well, let's, uh... let's start protecting this family of ours and it would be starting with how we're going to explain to Charlotte --

Anna: Hi. Gosh, I'm so sorry, Nina. Um, I wonder if I could just interrupt you for a minute while I have a word with your husband?

Nina: Well -- uh, I --

Anna: I just... I want you to know that I understand why you held onto that old photo of me. It's because -- oh, what did you say at the wedding? Uh... I inspired you to remake your life.

Nina: What is she talking about?

Dante: Alexis, do you remember having blood on your hands or your clothes that night?

Alexis: I remember checking after I realized what had happened and, uh, I -- I didn't see any blood. But maybe I -- I washed my clothes. I don't know. I -- I -- I'm very adept at hiding things now.

Diane: Okay. Okay, let's not -- let's not make their case for them. If there's any validity to her story, it's a clear-cut case of self-defense.

Dante: Alexis, I'm getting a search warrant for your house. If there's something there, my team will find it. In the meantime, you've been saying you've been having blackouts. I wonder if I can show you a picture and maybe it'll jog a memory for you? Does that look familiar? Did you do that to Tom Baker?

Alexis: [Remembers] [Groaning]

Tom: No screaming, no fighting. You're going to be okay.

Alexis: Screw you. You think you're the first man to hold a knife to my throat? [Spits]

Tom: [Grunts] [Grunts, knee thuds] [Groaning]

Alexis: No! You have messed with the wrong woman.

Tom: I'm sorry.

Alexis: You bastard.

Tom: Please, please, don't kill me. No, please!

Alexis: You sick bastard!

Tom: No! No!

[Knife clatters]

Alexis: Screw you. Screw you!

[Back to present]

Alexis: [Gasps] I dropped the knife. I ran away. I didn't do it. I didn't do it. I didn't do it. I didn't kill him.

Griffin: Well, your vitals are stable. I will go down and see about running a few more tests. It's important that he rests, okay? And no questions, please.

Kiki: I'll head out shortly. Hey? Uh, no questions. Doctor's orders.

Nathan: Relax. Franco, I'll be right outside that door.

Franco: Oh. Good. Really, where am I going to go? I'm wearing a gown.

Nathan: You got jokes. You must be feeling better. Seriously, don't worry about it. I'm not going to ask any questions until the doc gives me the okay. In the meantime, I will send Elizabeth in as soon as she arrives.

Kiki: Yeah, you know, I don't -- I don't know what could be holding her up.

Nathan: She was at the station before you came in. She was pleading Franco's case and then Baker's brother came in ranting and raving and he took off and she went after him. That's the last I saw of her.

Griffin: Sam, hey. Hey. I checked in on your husband this morning. You'll be happy to know that he's -- he's coming along. He's really improved over the past few hours.

Sam: Wait, wait a minute. You're talking about Jason? He's here? Why?

Griffin: I'm so sorry. Uh, he -- he was brought in this morning. He was very ill.

Seth: Guess you're happy now? Cops will go easier on your boyfriend now knowing that Tom was still stalking women.

Elizabeth: There's nothing to be happy about. Franco is still missing. But now the police will take me seriously when I tell them he had reason to protect me from your brother.

Seth: By killing him.

Elizabeth: He didn't kill him! But maybe one of the women in there did, trying to defend herself. There's got to be something in there to point the police in the right direction.

Seth: Where are you going?!

Elizabeth: I'm taking this to the police.

Kiki: Is there anything else I can do for you before I head out?

Franco: Thank you so much.

Kiki: Yeah. Any time. [Kisses Franco on the cheek] I love you.

Franco: I love you.

Kiki: [Sighs]

[Monitor beeping]

Franco: [Remembers] [Groaning] [Sighs] Those trophies... where have I seen them before?

Valentin: Are you finished?

Anna: If you don't mind, I'd really like to request a courtesy. Should you have anything else that you need me to know, just go ahead and be direct. No more games. Oh, and one more thing -- non minoris aestimo me. [Do not underestimate me.] That's okay. Certainly, a master linguist such as yourself knows what that means.

Nina: What's going on between you and Anna Devane?

Griffin: My apologies. I thought you knew.

Sam: Knew? Knew what? No one e-even called me.

Griffin: I have no idea how that could've happened. But I -- I assure you, he's making great progress.

Sam: Where is he? I have to see him.

Griffin: He's on the sixth floor.

Sam: Thank you.

Dante: Did you see anyone else in the alley when you ran out of there?

Alexis: Not a soul. I was afraid. I just wanted to get away.

Dante: Where did you go?

Alexis: I went to the motel parking lot and I -- I called a car service. I just -- I wanted to get home before anyone knew.

Diane: That, of course, can be verified by calling the car service. Detective? Do you believe my client is innocent?

Dante: Yes, I do.

Diane: This does not look like a case of self-defense for anyone, male or female. This looks like a case of murder. A brutal, vengeful, angry murder.

Dante: Yes, Diane. I agree. That's why I said I don't think Alexis did it. My sights are still set on Franco.

Nathan: Dante, hey. Yeah, you must still be in interrogation. Hey, look, we got Franco down at GH. Found him locked up in a storage facility of some sort. He was beat up pretty bad. Cops on the scene are trying to track down the manager to see who rented the unit. I'll, uh -- I'll keep you posted.

Kiki: Hey, uh, the station nurse hadn't heard from Elizabeth yet, so I'm just going to head over to her house to make sure she's okay. If she shows up here, please have her call me.

Nathan: Okay. I will.

Kiki: All right, thanks.

Franco: Basketball trophies.

[Monitor beeping]

Franco: Where have I seen those basketball trophies? [Gasps] The house -- that's the house that Tom Baker was sharing with his brother! [Gasps] Elizabeth's in trouble.

Seth: Hold off on going to the police with that.

Elizabeth: Why?

Seth: I should be the one to give it to them. After all, it belongs to my brother.

Elizabeth: Okay, fine, then le-- let's both go.

Seth: Give me a minute. This -- t-this is a lot to process.

Elizabeth: All right, you know what? You just meet me there, because the police need to see this right now.

Seth: No! I can't let you do that!

On the next "General Hospital" --

Sam (to Jason): Why didn't you tell me you were in the hospital?

Ava: I don't think that this is the best time...

Sonny: I do.

Lulu (to Anna): We need to talk to you about Valentin.

Valentin (to Nina): It's part of my past. I really didn't want to share it with anyone.

Diane (to Julian): My client has nothing to tell you.

Franco: I need to talk to the police.

Elizabeth (to Seth): What's going on?

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