GH Transcript Thursday 1/26/17

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 1/26/17


Episode #13730 ~ Elizabeth shares her suspicions with Nathan & Dante; Carly cautions Michael about Nelle; Sonny imparts his wisdom onto Nelle about her simmering anger.

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Dante: Thanks. Thank you. You shouldn't have.

Nathan: Yeah, so funny story. I went by the Metro Court this morning to pick up what was left of our wedding cake. Max says we got to freeze a slice and eat on our one-year anniversary and that is what they gave me.

Dante: [Chuckles] You should have been more careful with your cake.

Nathan: I should've. I should've. I talked to the manager, and he said that if I had any questions that I should talk to you. Something -- something you want to tell me, Dante?

Dante: Yeah, so, after you and Maxie took off, uh, something went down with Lulu and Charlotte. And, uh, your wedding cake wound up being collateral damage.

Lulu: Mom?

Laura: Hey.

Kevin: Hi.

Lulu: I'm so sorry to interrupt.

Laura: It's okay. Is everything all right?

Lulu: Not really. Um, it's not an emergency. Rocco and Dante are fine. I just, um... I made a really big mistake. Do you mind if I join you?

Laura: No. Come on.

Kevin: Oh, no. Of course.

Lulu: Thanks. Thank you. Sorry.

Laura: What's going on?

Lulu: I told Charlotte that I'm her mother, and now she hates me.

Nelle: Hm. You look so happy. Whether or not you deserve to be is questionable.

[Knock on door]

Michael: Hello?

Nelle: [Lightly gasps] Sh--

Michael: Hey.

Nelle: Michael, you startled me.

Michael: Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to.

Nelle: Uh, it's okay. Come in.

Michael: Oh, I, uh... I love this picture. I actually think I took it. New Year's a few years back. It was fun times.

Nelle: Well, your mom's not here. I'm sorry you came all this way.

Michael: Oh, don't be. Uh, you're the one I really wanted to see.

Carly: Sonny? Sonny? [Sighs]

Sonny: Carly, I didn't know you were coming by. Hey.

Carly: [Voice breaking] It's for Morgan.

Elizabeth: We could spend all day speculating whether Franco got kidnapped or whether he just ran away, but we don't have enough to prove either theory. I think it's time to admit we need help.

Sam: Help from who?

Elizabeth: I say we call the police... and tell them everything we know.

Alexis: Come on, Alexis. One minute at a time. You can do this. [Sighs] I'm not hallucinating, I'm not having some fantasy. These are my memories, and they are real! I killed Tom Baker! [Sighs]

Carly: I don't, um -- I don't know why I'm so surprised. Of course, he's still getting mail. I mean, just because we know he died doesn't mean every organization knows. [Sniffles, sighs] I just haven't had to deal with this, because this was his permanent residence.

Sonny: Yeah, it gets difficult sometimes.

Carly: Would you...? I mean... [Sniffles] I mean, it might be something we need to know.

Sonny: I can't.

Carly: I don't think Morgan will mind. I just, um -- I can't bring myself to do it.

Sonny: Neither can I. I mean, here, look at this. I can't deal with them. I have Max... put them in there and...

Carly: You haven't opened any of them?

Sonny: No. It's just, uh, because it makes me feel like I-I've accepted his -- that he's gone, and I -- part of me doesn't want to do that. But maybe -- maybe we can get through this together, you know?

Nelle: What can I do for you, Michael?

Michael: Well, uh... here it is. I wanted to give you this, for when you decide to get back out there.

Nelle: That's so sweet. But... why?

Michael: Well, that, uh, pep talk you gave Josslyn. Um, she's still grieving for Morgan. Obviously, we all are, but -- and now she's at least making an effort with my dad.

Nelle: Good. Well, I mean, she listened to you just as much as she listened to me. Really, all I did was tell her your life motto -- you can keep finding people to blame or make the best of things as you move forward.

Michael: Hmm. You know, I really am awesome, aren't I?

Nelle: [Chuckles]

Michael: You know, as long as we were preaching the Tao of Michael, I, uh... I hope maybe you can take it to heart yourself.

Nelle: What does that mean?

Michael: Well, those bad memories that you -- you vaguely mentioned, I-I hope that you can let them go and unburden yourself.

Sonny: Overdue library books.

Carly: I just want to see. [Sighs] You know, he was... trying so hard to do better in school this time. I wish I could tell him how proud I was of him, you know, that he kept trying.

Sonny: [Sighs]

Sonny: What's that?

Sonny: Pass to a music festival. Must have got it online.

Carly: Oh.

Sonny: [Chuckles]

Carly: Well, these are all from the same credit card company.

Sonny: You know what, I was going to call them and -- and tell them that... Morgan passed away, but every time I think about doing it, I just put it off till tomorrow. You know that every time that I, uh... go to call you or Kristina or Michael, that... ...Morgan's name's still here. Should I delete it?

Carly: I couldn't do that.

Sonny: [Exhales sharply]

Carly: We're going to have to go through all of these. You know, we're going to have to, um, pay the balances and close the accounts. Oh, my God.

Sonny: What?

Carly: Well, I mean, there are charges here for Morgan's books at PCU, but there's also a charge for $1,500 to a guitar store, there's a charge for $2,000 to the sporting goods store for sneakers, a $10,000 charge for a first-class ticket to Australia.

Sonny: When did he rack all that up?

Carly: [Sighs] Look. Look at the six final charges. Each for a couple hundred dollars to a place called "Check & call Gaming." [Sighs]

Sonny: I didn't know -- w-what? He -- he was gambling still?

Carly: God, he was sick. Sonny, he was sick and he was manic, and he was obviously hurting. He was trying so hard to fix himself. He needed our help, and I knew it! Damn it! I knew it. I knew something was wrong! Why didn't I tell you? Why didn't we save our boy? [Sighs]

Alexis: [Sighs]

Sam: I don't think it's a good idea we involve the police.

Kiki: I kind of have to agree. The police already think that Franco killed Tom Baker, so if we go to them and tell them that he's missing, they're just gonna assume that he's on the run.

Sam: Yeah. Why don't you let me and Elizabeth handle this right now? If we hear anything, we'll give you a call.

Kiki: Okay. Thank you. I'll do the same for you.

Sam: Thank you. Will you please keep your theories about my mother out of this?

Elizabeth: I don't want your mother in trouble either, okay? But Kiki's right. If -- if they don't have a viable suspect, the police will blame Franco, and they will never treat his disappearance like a real kidnapping case.

Sam: Okay, but this --

Elizabeth: Besides, whatever your mother did, I'm sure it was in self defense.

Sam: This -- this is just your theories. This doesn't mean anything. Elizabeth, please, I am begging you. Do not throw my mother under the bus.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry, Sam.

Sam: Elizabeth?! Wait a minute.

Dillon: What was that?

Kiki: Oh, um, everyone knows that Sam and Elizabeth, uh, don't exactly get along, especially when the topic is Franco.

Dillon: Yeah.

Kiki: Yeah.

Dillon: I got to get back to Crimson. You want to come with? At the very least, it might be a good distraction.

Kiki: Okay. Yeah, why not? It's not like we're gonna find any clues sticking around here. Oh! Okay. Let's go.

Michael: What are you thinking about?

Nelle: About what you said... about letting go of anger.

[Cell phone chimes]

Michael: One second.

Nelle: What is it?

Michael: Uh [Sighs] It's my Aunt Tracy. Apparently, she's upset over a business decision I made at ELQ. She wants to meet.

Nelle: Oh.

Michael: Apparently, to tear me a new one.

Nelle: You made a bad business decision?

Michael: Uh, I'll split the difference. Bad for business, yes, but, uh, I think it was a good decision.

Nelle: I don't understand.

Michael: Well, ELQ was in talks to buy a minority stake in a household product's company. Nothing sexy or glamorous, but they have a solid market share and steady profits.

Nelle: So, why not invest?

Michael: Because I have a problem with their manufacturing standards. Their carbon footprint is off the charts. A-and I'm not going to let other people get hurt because it gets me closer to what I want.

Sonny: Carly, I don't know what you're talking -- look, we made sure that Morgan went to therapy, we checked to make sure he was taking his pills. We didn't know how -- how much he was hurting because he never told us.

Carly: I know that, okay? My head knows that, but my... my heart doesn't. Oh, God. We shouldn't have done this, you know? We should've had somebody else open Morgan's mail, and they could've told us what's important and what's not, okay?

Sonny: Okay. If -- if you think that's best.

Carly: I do. I really do think that's best.

Sonny: Wait. Where are you going?

Carly: I have to go to work.

Sonny: Can't Olivia take care of the day?

Carly: Yes, she can. But, um, you know, uh, I need to go. I need to go. I love you.

Sonny: I love you, too.

Carly: I love you. And I know that, um -- I know grieving for Morgan apart was a mistake. I know we need each other. I don't trust anybody more than I trust you.

Lulu: Mom, she ran away from me. She told me to leave her alone. She slammed the closet door so hard that the latch got stuck. The next time I saw her, she was in Valentin's arms. She wouldn't even look at me. She just kept hiding her face in his arm. I don't need Valentin to poison Charlotte against me, because I can do that all by myself!

Kevin: Clearly, you and Charlotte have a long road ahead of you, but [Sighs] May I make a suggestion?

Lulu: Of course.

Kevin: I think this is just the kind of situation that would benefit from family therapy.

Lulu: Family therapy?

Kevin: I have some colleagues I'd be happy to recommend to you.

Lulu: That's a good idea. Thank you. I know that Dante would be on board if he knew that it would help Charlotte.

Kevin: Actually, I wasn't referring to you and Dante.

Dante: Why are you here? Shouldn't you be on your honeymoon?

Nathan: No, man. I just put together a surprise wedding. You think I got a surprise honeymoon, too?

Dante: Point taken. But you just got married. You should at least spend one day as a couple with Maxie. So go. Get out of here before something comes up, all right?

Elizabeth: Hi. Uh, can I speak with the two of you for a moment?

Dante: What'd I tell you?

Nathan: Yeah. Uh, yeah, yeah. What's up?

Elizabeth: It's about Franco.

Dante: Do you know where he is? You know there's an arrest warrant out for him?

Elizabeth: Yeah, I-I heard, but, no, I don't know where he is.

Nathan: Okay, so, why do you need us?

Elizabeth: You have the wrong suspect.

Dante: Hm.

Elizabeth: Franco did not kill Tom Baker.

Nathan: And how do you know this?

Elizabeth: Franco figured out who the real killer is.

Nathan: So, if Franco has another suspect, why wouldn't he tell us?

Elizabeth: [Sighs] Because... this person is related to someone that he hurt very badly, and he doesn't want to hurt them anymore.

Nathan: Franco happen to give you a name?

Elizabeth: No, but I think I figured it out.

Dante: Who is it? Elizabeth, you can tell us. We're not gonna go arrest someone on your say-so. We're going to conduct an investigation. Who do you think killed Tom?

Elizabeth: Sam's mother. Alexis Davis.

Alexis: Hi.

Sam: Hi.

Alexis: Hey. What's up?

Sam: I just came to warn you, Elizabeth and I were following up on a few leads about where Franco might be.

Alexis: And what? Did you find anything?

Sam: Nothing. No. And I think that scared Elizabeth. And I wouldn't be surprised if she's not already at the police station telling the cops everything she knows about you.

Alexis: Great!

Sam: Okay, Mom, if you haven't told me everything, now would be the time.

Alexis: Sam, I didn't do anything to Franco.

Sam: Look, I know that, but I think you could be the reason that someone else might do something to Franco.

Kiki: Just so that we're clear, us sharing a cheeseburger, this is not our first date.

Dillon: What? Did you expect me to buy you your own entire meal? I mean, what do you think I am, a Quartermaine?

Kiki: [Laughs] Okay, this is not about the money. I would just like to see you put forth a little bit of effort for a change.

Dillon: Well, then, you're going to be very disappointed, because the idea that I had for our first date was taking you to a locked storage unit.

Kiki: Oh, my God. What a coincidence.

Dillon: The universe works in mysterious ways.

Kiki: Yeah. Well, thank you again.

Dillon: For what?

Kiki: For getting me to stop being scared about Franco, even if it was just for a second.

Dillon: Sometimes all it takes is a second. Uh, you -- you got a little something.

Kiki: Hm?

Dillon: No. It's -- it's right here.


Kiki: Carly, I --

Carly: Don't mind me. I'm just picking up some receipts that Olivia left for me. But you know, this is a four-star restaurant. It's not a malt shop. So, I'd really appreciate you guys keeping your PDA to a minimum.

Dillon: You know, with all due respect, Mrs. Corinthos --

Kiki: No, Dillon, I had that one coming. But you know what, Carly? I loved Morgan. He was my first love, and I will never forget him. And I am sorry that things got so bad at the end, and I am sorry that I couldn't handle everything that was happening to him, and I am mostly sorry that he got hurt. You are his mother, and I hurt him. So, if you need to hate me, I understand.

Carly: I don't hate you. I don't like the way you ended things, but I guess, at the end, it was all just bad. Did you know that Morgan was gambling again?

Kiki: No. I didn't know. I guess that's, um, what he was doing when he -- when he was studying.

Carly: It's difficult to see you move on... ...when I don't have that option. I'm never gonna be able to fill the void that Morgan left in my heart. But I know he would want you to be happy. Somebody should be.

Dillon: Come here. It's okay.

Sonny: [Exhales slowly]

Nelle: You really think that's possible? To let go of what you want just to look out for somebody else?

Michael: [Scoffs] Well, I'll let you know soon enough. If enough of the board disagrees with what I did, they will try and oust me.

Nelle: Mm.

Michael: So, tell me, would you -- would you still be my friend if I'm an unemployed millennial who has to move in with his parents?

Nelle: [Snickers] Well, right now, you're just a badass who lives with his grandma, so...

Michael: Uh, ouch. That -- that stings.

Carly: Hey, guys.

Michael: Hey.

Nelle: I was just dropping off the overtime statements from Nathan and Maxie's wedding, so...

Carly: Okay, thanks, Nelle. I have it from here.

Michael: You okay, Mom?

Carly: Yeah. I just -- I'm dealing with some leftover business of your brother's, that's all.

Nelle: I'll give you both some privacy.

Carly: You know what, Nelle, um, can you wait? I need you to do something for me.

Nelle: Yeah.

Dante: Let's get this straight. You think Alexis murdered Tom Baker?

Elizabeth: I know it sounds crazy, but --

Nathan: No offense, but it kind of does. I mean, what possible motive could she have?

Elizabeth: I don't think Tom was ever rehabilitated in prison.

Dante: So, you think Tom attacked Alexis?

Elizabeth: Honestly, I'm not even sure she remembers.

Nathan: Why not?

Elizabeth: That's a question you would have to ask Alexis. But if I'm right about this, then Franco didn't run off to avoid your warrant.

Dante: So, you think Alexis made Franco disappear to cover her tracks?

Elizabeth: No. But there is somebody in her life that would protect her at any cost.

Sam: Come on. Be honest, Mom. You must realize that Julian could've done something to Franco.

Alexis: You think that I haven't thought about that? I asked him point blank, and he said that he did not do anything.

Sam: Yeah. He also told you he was going to get out of the mob. He lied to you once. He'll do it again.

Alexis: Sam, I know that. I believe that he's telling the truth about this.

Sam: [Scoffs] Oh. No, wait. You trust him?

Alexis: I didn't say that I trust him. I said that I believe him about this one thing. Do not look at me like that. I know him. After everything that has happened, I can now see right into his soul.

Sam: Do not tell me you're falling in love with him again.

Lulu: You want me to have family therapy sessions with Valentin?

Kevin: It's only a suggestion.

Lulu: It's insane.

Laura: Lulu.

Kevin: No, no. It's all right I completely understand why the thought of going to therapy with Valentin would be...unpleasant, to say the least, but I'm trying to come at this from Charlotte's perspective. She loves and knows and trusts her father. She doesn't know you yet. So while you and Valentin are trying to figure out how to co-parent --

Lulu: Oh! No! No, I'm sorry, co-parenting is not the objective here. I am not going to settle for anything less than full custody.

Kevin: And I understand that's what you would want. But is that really what's best for Charlotte?

Dante: You think Julian Jerome did something to make Franco disappear?

Elizabeth: If Julian knew that Alexis killed Tom Baker, then maybe he made Franco disappear to take the heat off of Alexis, maybe to try to get her back.

Nathan: That's actually a pretty credible possibility.

Dante: I'll go talk to Alexis. You want to take Elizabeth's statement?

Nathan: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Thanks.

Dante: Thanks, Elizabeth. Excuse me.

Elizabeth: We all know that Julian is capable of murder. Do you think he could've had Franco killed?

Nathan: I honestly don't know. We will do everything in our power to find Franco for you.

Alexis: I am not in love with your father. That ship sailed. Actually, that ship was set on fire and pushed out to sea like a Viking funeral.

Sam: Mm-hmm, yeah, but he still lives here.

Alexis: You know why he lives here. He lives here because he has the ability to turn me in to the police for hitting him with my car while I was drunk and fleeing the scene. He also knows what happened with Tom Baker. And...

Sam: And what?

Alexis: He did help me get sober.

Sam: [Chuckles] Really? 'Cause it doesn't look that way to me.

Michael: I had no idea Morgan was gambling again.

Carly: Yep. Just so hard, you know? There it was in black and white. I mean, the credit card statement, it was like an itemized list of every time I failed Morgan.

Michael: Mom. Mom, stop.

Carly: What?

Michael: Look, Morgan died because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I know -- I know it's easy to feel guilty. We had no idea Morgan was gambling again, because he never told us. But, trust me, Morgan had the fiercest, most protective, most loving, most badass mom in the entire world.

Carly: [Laughs]

Michael: Trust me, because I-I have a lot of knowledge on the subject.

Carly: Thank you. [Sighs]

Michael: Look, if -- if it's too hard for you to go through Morgan's things, I-I can do it.

Carly: No, it's not gonna be any easier on you. That's why I had someone outside the family do it.

[Doorbell rings]

Laura: I don't necessarily agree with Kevin, but I think you should hear him out.

Lulu: Okay. Kevin, I hear what you're saying. The most important thing for me is obviously that Charlotte is happy. So, if the courts rule in favor of me sharing custody with a known killer, then you are absolutely right. We will need lots and lots of therapy. But I don't think it'll come to that. I'm sorry. I should go.

Laura: Honey, don't go away mad.

Kevin: I honestly didn't mean to upset you.

Lulu: I'm not upset. It's just a sensitive topic, and you've given me a lot to think about. I'll call you later.

Laura: [Sighs]

Kevin: [Sighs] Laura...I'm sorry. That wasn't my place. I'm not family, and I'm certainly not Lulu's shrink.

Laura: No. Don't apologize. It's good to hear the clinical side, even if it does sting a little bit. Although I have to say, I'm surprised that you can be so impartial about a man who shot you.

Kevin: Trust me, I haven't forgotten.

Sam: Just be honest with me, Mom. Did you have a drink after I left?

Alexis: I wanted to. I opened the bottle and poured myself a glass.

Sam: But you didn't drink it?

Alexis: I stared at it. I swirled it around in the glass, sniffed it, and right when I was about to take a drink, I saw a picture of you and Kristina and Molly.

Sam: What?

Alexis: And I know that I disappointed you, and now I'm gonna have to tell Kristina and Molly, and I'm gonna disappoint them. And I don't want to do that anymore. And I know that I've given you zero reason to believe anything I say.

Sam: But I do. I -- I believe you.

Alexis: Really?

Sam: Uh-huh. Really.

Alexis: Sorry. This is a struggle. And, from what I hear from AA, it's going to be a struggle that's gonna last some time.

Sam: Okay, but we're here to help you. You've got me, you've got my sisters, and Jason and Diane. We could Skype Jax in Australia if we have to.

Alexis: Ugh.

Sam: What?

Alexis: Jax, yeah. Well, last time he was here, when he came in for Morgan's funeral, I was drunk and I -- well, it didn't go well. So, I guess I owe him an apology, too.

Sam: No. It's -- Mom, don't worry about it. He will forgive you like he always does. Oh, damn it. I think I left my phone at The Floating Rib.

Alexis: Well, go get it.

Sam: I could stay.

Alexis: I'm fine. I'm okay. So, I've -- I've got the hearing tonight.

Sam: Okay, okay. Um, do me a favor? If there's a knock at the door, don't answer it, because if Elizabeth did go to the police station, it could be the cops, and you're gonna need a lawyer.

Alexis: Well, maybe. Hopefully I'll be a lawyer by then.

Sam: I love you. I believe in you. You can do this!

Dillon: You okay?

Kiki: Yeah, sure. I mean, going toe-to-toe with your dead ex's mom is like riding a bicycle. You never forget.

Dillon: Look, if you need some time alone, I can totally do it.

Kiki: No. No, that is not what I meant at all. Do you think Carly meant what she said about Morgan wanting me to be happy?

Dillon: Yeah, I do. And I think that in time, Carly wants you to be happy, too. Just maybe not, like, right in her restaurant.

Kiki: Yeah. That was kind of tacky, wasn't it?

Dillon: My point is, everyone who knows you knows that you are a good person. You feeling better?

Kiki: Yeah, I do. As nice as it feels to know that Morgan would want me to be happy, what's even more important is that... ...I want to be happy. Honestly, Dillon. I'm ready to be happy again.

Dillon: Yeah?

Kiki: Yeah. And you make me happy.

Dillon: Wait. What did you just say about tacky behavior?

Kiki: To hell with it.

Dillon: [Chuckles]

Kiki: Kiss me.

Carly: I, um... I was at the restaurant, and I ran into Kiki and she was with Dillon. They were kissing. I don't know. It just kind of, um, caught me off guard, you know? I mean, I know life goes on, but wow.

Michael: Yeah, no, no, life goes on for you, too, Mom. I mean, that's -- that's -- that's what Morgan would want. You know, we honor the people we lost by living.

Carly: My God. I mean, someday you're gonna get it when you have kids. And you don't have favorites at all, you don't, but you, you're my first, and you're so wise beyond your years, Michael. You are. And, coming from me, how the hell did that happen?

[Both chuckle]

Michael: It's been a tough year, losing Sabrina and then Morgan. Yeah. [Breathes shakily] It's just given me a lot to think about. So, if Dillon makes Kiki happy, then you know what? I'm happy for her, because, uh, ever since New Year's, uh, Nelle and I have gotten really close. Yeah.

Carly: Really? I thought you guys were just friends.

Michael: Yeah, I know. I thought so, too, but I don't know. Things -- things have kind of had -- been a little more flirty and stuff. I don't know. I feel like we're starting to build something else.

Sonny: So, what are you doing here, Nelle?

Nelle: Uh, Carly asked me to sort through Morgan's mail...

Sonny: Yeah?

Nelle: ...So you don't have to, settle his bills, just see what's important and what can be tossed.

Sonny: I'm not comfortable with that.

Nelle: I can go.

Sonny: Yeah?

Nelle: What would you -- what would you like me to tell Carly? How would you like me to explain to her that you're not comfortable with me opening Morgan's mail?

Sonny: [Chuckles] You got a little anger inside of you, don't you?

Nelle: You know, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Sonny: If you say so. But let me -- let me just say, I know -- I know a few things about rage...

Nelle: Hmm.

Sonny: ...And I recognize it hiding behind that little smile of yours. So if it's not aimed at me, who's it aimed at?

Dillon: Oh my gosh! [Chuckles] Okay, we'd better stop. We don't want Carly to walk back in.

Kiki: Mm. Yeah. Thank you for being so understanding.

Dillon: Yeah. I mean, you would do the same for me, right? You, uh -- you ready to get to work?

Kiki: You still want me to come with you to Crimson?

Dillon: Absolutely. Unpaid assistance is the very best kind.

Kiki: Oh, wow. You really know how to woo a woman.

Dillon: Come on. I have got a ton of material to sort through for this wedding issue. All of the couples sent in their personalized wedding photos, and some of them even sent in their very own squish names. Pretty terrible.

Kiki: Okay, then. But, this doesn't count as our first date, either.

Dillon: Damn. Zero for two.

Carly: Michael, are you sure that you and Nelle are on the same page?

Michael: Yeah, I think so. Why?

Carly: Well, I don't mean to discourage you or anything. I just think maybe you're misreading the situation.

Michael: Why? What -- what do you know that I don't?

Carly: I have it on good authority that Nelle is unavailable.

Michael: Unavaila-- what does that -- what does that mean? Is she studying to become a nun or something?

Carly: No. She's not -- Nelle's involved with someone else.

Michael: Well, why didn't -- why didn't she tell me?

Carly: She didn't tell you because Nelle's involved with a married man.

Nelle: Carly told me to collect the mail and bring it back to her office. Should I do that, or should I tell her that you wouldn't give it to me?

Sonny: You should do whatever Carly told you to do.

Nelle: Okay. Then I'll be leaving now.

Sonny: You see that -- that look that you got in your eyes, huh? I-I have the same thing going on inside when I see myself in the mirror. I've been so consumed with anger that it nearly destroyed me.

Nelle: I don't know why you're telling me this, 'cause I'm not angry with anyone.

Sonny: Why, yes you are. And, you know what? You may have your reasons. You may be right, maybe not. I don't care. It doesn't matter, because you have your own reason for doing it... and feeling it. But, let me tell you something about anger. You keep feeding that anger... will consume everything else you care about.

Alexis: You can do this. You can do this. Think of your girls. One day at a time. You do it for them. And yourself.

Dante: Alexis? Hey. I need to ask you some questions about Tom Baker.

Nathan: Thank you for your statement, Elizabeth. I promise I will keep you updated.

Elizabeth: Okay. Thank you.

Nathan: Look, um, Franco's got a really long criminal history, both before and after the tumor removal. So, if you don't mind me asking, why are you so sure that he's innocent?

Elizabeth: Because, despite everything he's done in his past, I have faith that he's really changed. And I know the truth always comes out.

Sam: [Gasps] Oh, thank God, no one took it. Yes. Ooh. "Help. I've been attacked and locked in a storage container. Please call Elizabeth Webber at 716-555-0122. Franco."

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