GH Transcript Wednesday 1/25/17

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 1/25/17


Episode #13729 ~ Franco faces the consequences of his actions; Julian resorts to blackmail; Jason falls ill.

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Curtis: I bet I know exactly what you're thinking right now.

Jordan: Really? What's that?

Curtis: Same thing I'm thinking. [Kiss]

Dillon: I'm glad you got my message. Are you okay?

Kiki: Um, no, I'm not. It's Franco. I -- we really need your help.

Sam: We need to find Franco -- now.

Elizabeth: What's going on?

Sam: What do you mean, what's going on? You asked for my help, and I want to -- I want to help you, so you've got to tell me everything that Franco did the last few days before he disappeared.

Elizabeth: The last time we spoke, you were convinced he was guilty and on the run.

Sam: Which he...may well be. But you think he's innocent and he's in trouble, so let's find him, and we'll find out the truth.

Elizabeth: Something's changed. Did you talk to your mom? You did, didn't you? You basically laughed in my face when I suggested she might be involved in all this, and now here you are. So? Tell me. What did your mom say about the night Tom Baker was killed?

[Door closes]

Julian: Sorry. I didn't see Sam's car earlier. Probably was for the best. How'd it go after I left?

Alexis: I told her the truth.

Julian: [Sighs] How much of the truth?

Alexis: You don't get to ask the questions. I do. When I told you that I may have killed Tom Baker, you said that you would take care of the situation. How? What did you do? Did you do something to Franco? If you did something to Franco, you need to tell me. No lies, no evasion. What happened to Franco?

Franco: [Groaning] [Weakly] Okay. "Help -- I've been attacked and locked in a storage container. Please call Elizabeth Webber at 716-555...0122." [Whispering] Stop it. [Grunting] [Clatter]

Franco: Okay. Just...slip this under the door, wait for some Good Samaritan to find it. [Bubble wrap popping]

Franco: I'm sure Elizabeth is already looking for me. Right? [Grunts] Oh, stupid, stupid! Franco! God, you dummy! Elizabeth needs to know that this is from you. [Breathing weakly] [Grunts] No. "N." [Grunts] [Groans] [Bubble wrap popping]

Franco: [Groans] Awesome job!

Jason: [Chuckles] [Sniffs] [Glass crashing as Jason collapses] [People murmuring]

Waitress: Sir, can you hear me? Call 911.

Other Waitress: Is he -- is he breathing?

Waitress: Yes, but he's unconscious.

Tracy: What happened? What happened? That's my nephew.

Waitress: We don't know. He just collapsed.

Tracy: Jason! Jason!

Waitress: We called 911. An ambulance is on its way.

Tracy: Jason? Jason, it's Tracy. Can you hear me? Oh, my God! You're burning up! Jason, can you hear me?!

Jason: I'm fine.

Tracy: No, you're not fine!

Jason: [Grunts] You -- just lie there. Wait for the paramedics. How long have you been sick?

Jason: I'm not sick.

Tracy: You just collapsed, Jason! Oh, please, please. You know what -- I'm gonna call Sam and tell her to meet us at the hospital.

Jason: N-no, don't -- don't call Sam. Don't call Sam. [Panting]

[Pool balls clacking]

Sam: I still don't understand exactly what happened the night Tom Baker was murdered. I need more information.

Elizabeth: Well, what did your mother tell you?

Sam: I think we should probably just focus on Franco right now, not my mother. We should find him, and then we can figure out what he may or may not be guilty of.

Elizabeth: It sounds like you're hoping Franco killed Tom.

Sam: No, it is just the most likely scenario. Come on, Elizabeth. Franco had access to Tom. He's capable of murder, and he had the strongest motive of all -- protecting you.

Kiki: Okay, so, basically, nobody has seen or heard from Franco in the past 24 hours. His car is still parked at Gene's Branford Roadhouse, and Elizabeth found this in the alley behind the bar.

Dillon: Whoa. Is that blood?

Kiki: Uh, we think so.

Dillon: I can see why you're worried.

Kiki: Do you think you can help? Elizabeth found it in a puddle, so it's saturated, and I've been calling all these different service providers to see if they can give me any idea how to dry it out or get data off of it, but they've all been very negative and just trying to sell me a new phone.

Dillon: Do you have any idea how long it was in the water?

Kiki: No. Look, Dillon, I know it's in really bad shape, but this is our only lead as to what happened to Franco.

Dillon: Okay. I think I have an idea.

Kiki: Okay, um, but if it's submerging it in a bowl of white rice, the internet says that you need at least 24 hours to do that, and I don't have that kind of time.

Dillon: No, no, no, it's nothing to do with rice or anything like that. I have a special dehumidifier for high-tech equipment. Yeah, I've had it ever since I dropped my expensive camera in the L.A. River, and a friend of mine was able to help me use the dehumidifier to dry out the camera safely.

Kiki: Do you think it would work on this?

Dillon: I mean, it's not really meant for phones, but it's worth a shot, right?

Kiki: Oh, my God, that would be amazing. Thank much. I knew that you would know what to do. I knew it.

Dillon: I'm not making any promises. I'm just saying it's worth a shot.

Kiki: Yeah.

Dillon: Let's go.

Kiki: Okay.

Julian: Alexis, you need to relax, because I don't know where Franco is or why you're even asking me.

Alexis: Oh, you know why I'm asking you. Because when I told you that I may have killed Tom Baker, you said that you would do anything to help me.

Julian: And I will.

Alexis: So, Franco has a picture of me and Baker at the bar, right? So if he's got that, chances are he's got other things, 'cause he's very suspicious of my guilt.

Julian: Franco has no real proof, and besides, who's gonna believe a lowlife like Franco?

Alexis: Well, if the police find him and question him, he is gonna point the finger at me.

Julian: Yeah, well, Franco would say anything to save his own skin.

Alexis: But this time, he might be right, because I remember that I had the knife in my hand. I just don't remember what happened next.

Julian: Okay, Alexis, you just --

Alexis: So, if he were to disappear, that would make sense in your mind, right? If he were dead or he just vanished into thin air, the police would probably consider the Baker case closed.

Julian: Okay, I understand your reasoning.

Alexis: Well, I still have the ability to think. So, don't dodge the question. Answer me. Where's...Franco?

Julian: I'll tell you again -- I don't know.

Alexis: And how can I believe that you're telling me the truth?

Julian: You can't.

Franco: Come on. Stand up. Keep moving. Yeah, keep moving. Keep moving. Keep the lights on. Stay warm. Yeah. Only a matter of time before some Good Samaritan finds that note and this is all just a distant memory. Not sure why the psycho who locked me in here couldn't have left a little bit of food, right? Like a...cheeseburger. Or, like, some curly fries. [Sighing] Oh. Okay, stop. All right. [Groans] He's gonna come back. Finish the job. Okay. Got to be something in here, right? Something I can use... to escape. Maybe something to eat, right? Or... maybe Tupperware, 'cause -- cool! Who saves Tupperware? Oh, God! I'd save a crowbar. That's just me. Or, like, you know, freeze-dried astronaut food. That'd be cool. Let's see what we got in here. Box number 3, right? Trophies. Of course. So the psycho who locked me in here is really good at basketball. Really good at pee-wee basketball. Who does that? Who lives in the past like that? People call me crazy. Maybe there's a name. Some of these are inscribed. Got to be a name. Pee-wee basketball...trophy. Think it's a tool. It's a tool. It's as close as I've got to a tool. Just... ...pry the... aah! Stupid! Okay, this is what we know. This is what we know. We know... psycho locked me in here. There's a whole bunch of cheap plastic toys from cheap... plastic basketball tournaments.

Jordan: Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Okay, wait. Um...

Curtis: [Panting]

Jordan: What are we doing? What are we doing?

Curtis: Do I really have to explain?

Jordan: No, no, no.

Curtis: Look, we -- we -- we just got caught up. It's all good. It's all good.

Jordan: No, no, it's not. It's most certainly not all good.

Curtis: [Huffs]

Jordan: This is wrong.

Curtis: Is it?

Jordan: Yeah, of course it is. What are you -- one minute, we're playing cards, passing the time, and the next minute, we're going at it for no damn reason. No!

Curtis: Look, Jordan, you -- you -- [Scoffs] [Sighs] What's been going on between us has been going on for a while now -- ever since that interrogation room when you went to slap me, and I stopped you.

Jordan: No.

Curtis: If we weren't interrupted, it would have went down right there.

Jordan: That's not what I'm talking about right --

Curtis: Look, you need to be honest. Like, we felt something. I know you did. And what we felt was strong and it was passionate. Don' t tell me I don't know what I'm talking about.

Jordan: I won't. I did feel something for you that day.

Jason: Don't call Sam. Shouldn't be here -- bad for the baby.

Monica: Shh. Okay, Jason, just relax. I'm gonna give you something to bring this fever down.

Jason: Yeah.

Monica: And whatever this is, I promise you, we're gonna fix it.

Julian: You know, of all the terrible things that have happened over the last few months, one of the most painful truths is that I'll never be able to convince you I'm telling you the truth about anything anymore.

Alexis: Because I know who you are now.

Julian: Yeah. The trust, the union that we shared, that's all gone -- at least for now.

Alexis: Gone. Obliterated. Pulverized. Vanished as if it didn't even exist, which it didn't. And trust? That was just an illusion. I was duped by you the whole time. But that's over. So you need to remember that the reason that you're here is because you're blackmailing me, and no matter how bad things get for me, I'll never be taken in by you again.

Julian: Well. Look, Alexis, you're right to suspect that I did something to Franco. You are. I mean, well, I know there's no other way for me to convince you otherwise.

Alexis: So you're admitting that you were behind Franco and his disappearance?

Julian: No. With that matter, my conscience is clear, and you'll see that soon. You'll know that I've been telling you the truth about this, and you'll also know that I've always... put your welfare first, Alexis, despite how it may have seemed.

Alexis: How can you even say that to me with a straight face?

Julian: Well, there's no way for me to prove it to you. Things are just what they are. Well, look, I have to, uh, go take care of something. And no, it's not Franco. It's something else.

Alexis: And that's all you're gonna say about this?

Julian: [Exhales sharply] I know this is, uh, painful for you, so please, don't go looking for a drink.

Alexis: I'm not gonna drink!

Julian: Good.

Alexis: It took me long enough to get this far.

Julian: Well, I'm glad about that. Listen -- and I know you're also probably, uh... thinking about calling Kiki or Elizabeth Webber to find out the latest on Franco, but I want to remind you that your interest might require some explanation. We're gonna fix this. [Door closes]

Sam: If you have any leads, any idea where Franco may be, you have to tell me.

Elizabeth: No, um, I don't -- I'm not really comfortable sharing that information, considering you want Franco to be guilty.

Sam: I'm just being up front with you.

Elizabeth: Are you? Really?

Sam: Yes. Yeah, I'm not the only one who's suspicious. Come on, Elizabeth. There's a warrant out for his arrest. For all I know, you may be throwing accusations about my mother out there to cover for Franco. How far will you go to keep him free?

Elizabeth: Well, we both know you have your own agenda here, 'cause you would not lift a finger to help me if you weren't looking out for your mother's best interests.

Monica: I don't understand this. He just collapsed at the Metro Court? What is it -- is it some sort of acute food allergy? Do you know what he ate?

Tracy: No.

Monica: Well, we have to find out.

Tracy: I'll call the Metro Court.

Monica: This just came on so suddenly. Maybe the bloodwork will give us some answers. Do you know anything else?

Tracy: No, he was on the floor when I arrived, and I have no idea what happened.

Dillon: Okay, this is where I keep my dehumidifying equipment.

Kiki: Okay. [Sighs] That needs to be plugged in.

Dillon: Yes, there is a plug right over here.

Kiki: Okay. Dillon, no pressure, but this is probably the only chance we're gonna get to get any data off of that thing and potentially figure out where Franco is and what his plan is.

Dillon: Yeah, we should call my buddy, Willis. He has the same phone, and assuming we're able to dry it out, we're gonna need to reboot it.

Kiki: Okay.

Franco: [Moaning]

Dillon: Did you hear something?

Kiki: No. No. What do you mean?

Dillon: I'm not sure. Maybe it's just the old pipes. [Clatter]

Dillon: Hey! Willis. [Chuckles] Yeah, good to talk to you, too, man. Um, long story -- we're trying to find a guy who has disappeared. No. No, it's not one of my screenplays. Uh, anyways, he has a phone that's wet. We're trying to dry it out with a dehumidifier, and we're gonna need to reboot it once we do that. Would you be able to help us do that? Oh, thank you. You are a lifesaver. Okay, one second. Um, we're going to need to write this down.

Kiki: Okay, I have a pen. Um... and... here. All right. I also have paper.

Dillon: Go to "Settings." Find "General." Okay. Scroll down to "Retrieve," select "Retrieve last." Okay. Okay, and then if that doesn't work, what do we do? Restart the phone, give it 30 seconds. Okay, did you get all that?

Kiki: Uh, yes, I did. Okay, uh, can you just check me really quick? Okay, go to Settings, find "General." Scroll down to "Retrieve," select "Retrieve last." Right? Okay. You are a huge help. Thank you so much. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll let you know if it works. Thanks. Okay, bye. [Exhales]

Kiki: Great.

Dillon: It's worth a shot, right?

Kiki: It's not like we have any other leads on Franco, so...

Dillon: Let's get this puppy in the dehumidifier.

Kiki: [Sighs]

Curtis: Admit it -- the feeling is mutual.

Jordan: That doesn't matter. That doesn't matter. I'm with André, okay?

Curtis: You are? You sure about that? And you're sure that this thing with André is forever?

Jordan: I don't know. It's -- it's too soon to tell.

Curtis: Right. Let's see. You've known André for all of, what, a year? And I've known you half your life. Deep down, you trust me more than you trust him.

Jordan: What are you even talking about right now?

Curtis: Right, right, right, right. Uh, André didn't even want you to come to Baltimore with me. Yet here you are.

Jordan: So? My job required me to be here. That's why. I mean, I'm here to talk to a homeless guy who planted a bomb in Julian's car. That's it.

Curtis: You can deflect all you want to. That just lets me know that I'm getting to you, because, you know, you feel something for me that you don't feel with André. Yeah. A connection.

Jordan: Really? I'm sorry -- are you talking about the time that I tried to slap you? I did that because you made me mad.

Curtis: You felt a lot more than anger.

Jordan: No, I was... I was going through a confusing time.

Curtis: Right, and I'm a big part of that confusion, I'm sure.

Jordan: You know what? You really need to get over yourself.

Sam: You came to me, okay? You got my attention. I'm gonna pursue this with or without you. So do you want to do this with me or not?

Elizabeth: Finding Franco is my main priority, so if you can help me do that, then, yeah, I want you on my side.

Sam: Okay.

Elizabeth: But first, before we go any further, we have some air to clear. I know you have an ugly history with Franco and a lot of justifiable reasons to dislike him.

Sam: "Dislike"? Despise, loathe, hate the air he breathes --

Elizabeth: I get it. I-I-I do. But you can't let the past influence how you treat Franco in this investigation.

Sam: I'm -- I'm sorry. I can't make any promises about that. He drugged me. He staged my rape and made Jason watch. He made me question Danny's paternity, and all I have to go on is Franco's word that he didn't actually rape me.

Elizabeth: I know. I -- [Sighs] I know. It was -- it was monstrous.

Sam: Yeah.

Elizabeth: And I'm really sorry that happened to you. And I totally understand why you will always hate Franco. Because that's how I feel about Tom Baker. And honestly, I'm glad he's dead. But no matter how much you want to punish Franco or protect your mom, if we're gonna do this together, we need to agree that we are -- we are looking for the truth.

Sam: Okay. I'm -- I'm willing to do that. As long as you're okay with whatever it is that we're going to uncover, I'm in.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Sam: Are you?

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Sam: Okay.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Sam: Let's sit down.

Elizabeth: So, I went to Gene's Branford Roadhouse to look around, and I found Franco's cell phone in the alley behind the bar.

Sam: Okay, that's where Tom was murdered.

Elizabeth: Yes. There was blood on the phone. It had been in the snow, so it was wet, and right now, Kiki is trying to dry it out.

Sam: Well, we need to talk to Kiki.

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Dillon: It's dry.

Kiki: Whew.

Dillon: Care to try to turn it on? [Cell phone rings]

Kiki: Yeah. Here are the instructions. Oh, my gosh. It's Elizabeth. Uh... hi. You know what -- Dillon had this brilliant idea to dry out the phone. No, we actually don't know yet.

Dillon: Just tell her we'll meet her now. We might have good news.

Kiki: Hey, where are you? Okay, we're gonna come meet you. Okay, bye. [Keys jangling]

Kiki: Dillon, thank you so much for doing this.

Dillon: Don't thank me until we know it works.

Kiki: It has to work, because we have to find Franco.

Dillon: We won't stop looking until we find him.

Franco: [Groans]

Monica: Jason's fever is down slightly. That sounds promising. And his bloodwork came back. He's still very sick, but it seems like whatever he has isn't life-threatening.

Tracy: I'm happy for you. Hell, I'm just plain happy. Are you gonna call his wife?

Monica: No, I think I'm going to honor Jason's wishes and hold off on calling Sam right now -- because she'd want to sit with him, and we don't know that what he has isn't contagious. So if it is, it could be very dangerous to her and the unborn baby. Oh. Did you call the restaurant?

Tracy: Yes. He had nothing but coffee. And the waitress said he was fine right up until the moment he collapsed.

Monica: Gee. What could have brought this on so quickly?

[Monitor beeping]

Jason: [Grunts] Hi, Julian. You here to see the results of your work?

Kiki: Elizabeth, we have really good news. We got the phone all dried out, and we know how to retrieve the data.

Dillon: Sam. What are you doing here?

Elizabeth: She's here with me.

Kiki: hate Franco. Why would you be here?

Elizabeth: Kiki.

Kiki: Wait. Franco thought that he knew who killed Tom, a woman who he couldn't turn in to the police because he'd hurt someone close to her, maybe even someone in her family. Is it someone you know?

[Doorbell rings]

Diane: Hi, hi.

Alexis: Diane. H-- hi.

Diane: Alexis. You have a meeting with the bar committee this evening, remember? For them to review and hopefully lift your suspension. Remember, I told you I'd come by a few hours early to help with some last-minute prep?

Alexis: I'm sorry. With everything going on, I just lost track of time.

Diane: [Chuckles] I have your prepared statement right here. Now, I've made some tweaks. I assume you will have your own rewrites, and then you and I can, uh... can hammer out those changes, and then I'm gonna leave and let you get ready. Alexis?

Alexis: Uh... uh, no, I'm okay. Um... you know, I've waited a long time for the hearing, so I'm just nervous.

Diane: Right, well... I know how much you miss practicing law. You wouldn't be human if you weren't a bundle of nerves.

Alexis: All too human.

Diane: Fortunately, I have an incentive. Now, I know you had a rather unfortunate incident at the bar in Branford, but this is not for drowning your sorrows. This is for celebrating your victory. Very rare wine, very, very good year. And we can use it to toast your return to our noble profession.

Jason: It was the coffee, right?

Julian: Yeah, it was the coffee.

Jason: What did you give me?

Julian: Same thing I took myself to extend my stay in the hospital so I wouldn't be indicted.

Jason: Why go to all the trouble?

Julian: To get you to listen to me.

Jason: I tell you, Julian, now's your chance.

Julian: You were right. Rudge is one of the people responsible for Morgan's death. I was the intended target. Unfortunately, Morgan was...collateral damage. These same people that wanted Sonny arrested ultimately wanted to put him in prison for my murder.

Jason: So you're the victim? That's convenient for you.

Julian: Yeah, well, it also happens to be the truth. These people not only want me and Sonny gone. Unfortunately, we're no longer the only people in jeopardy. Jason, you and -- you and Curtis, you've been asking a lot of questions, and a lot of people could die.

Jason: W-would you just cut it out? Tell me who Rudge is working with, what sort of resources he has, and let me handle this.

Julian: Man, you are missing the point.

Jason: I would love for you to get to that point.

Julian: You want the point? Here it is. You keep going the way you're going, and Sam and your unborn child could very well be at risk.

Sam: I want to know the truth about what happened to Tom Baker, whatever that truth may be.

Elizabeth: You guys, it's okay. So, what happened with Franco's phone?

Dillon: I have a dehumidifier for electronics, and I think we managed to dry it out.

Kiki: It's right here. Here. [Sighs]

Sam: Did it work?

Dillon: Mm.

Sam: Try it again.

[Cell phone beeps]

Elizabeth: It's working! It's working. [Laughs]

Jordan: Your inappropriate behavior is the only thingthat  I have to deal with right now? Are you kidding me?

Curtis: You said I was the source of your confusion, so if that's the problem, then I...

Jordan: No, no. Your ego is way out of whack, okay? And it's been that way since forever.

Curtis: Okay, why? Because I called you out on your feelings for me?

Jordan: No, no, no, no. Just listen to me. Just listen very carefully. I may have felt something physical for you that day.

Curtis: "May?"

Jordan: Yes.

Curtis: I thought we were having a real talk right now. Why are you punking out?

Jordan: Okay. Whatever! Fine. I was -- I was attracted to you.

Curtis: [Scoffs]

Jordan: That's what you want to hear. I was attracted to you in that moment. In that moment, but it meant nothing. It means nothing going forward. It doesn't.

Curtis: "In that moment?" What about this moment, huh? What about getting on the bed? How are you going to explain that away? How about that? And what about -- what about when you're in your office and when you're driving home by yourself with those lonely nights in bed? How are you going to explain that to yourself?

Diane: Everything look good to you?

Alexis: Uh, yeah -- yes, the changes that you made are very astute.

Diane: Well, it's not hard to present you in the best possible light, Alexis. You're a fantastic lawyer. Port Charles needs your expertise.

Alexis: I don't think I'm ever going to practice law again.

Diane: Why on earth would you say that?

Alexis: Because things have gone too far. Too much has happened, and I don't think there's any way to make it right, no matter how many people are in my corner.

Diane: Nonsense. Stop it. You just have a bad case of stage fright, that's all. You know you have to go in to the Bar committee and sell yourself. Fine. Here's an idea. Don't think of them as a committee. Think of them as a jury. And you're defending your client. The client in this case just happens to be you.

Alexis: Your client is a slow-moving train wreck.

Diane: Yes, you've made mistakes. Who hasn't? And after what Julian did to you? Honey, you've got to stop beating yourself up.

Alexis: Thank you. Thank you for always being on my side.

Diane: You're welcome. [Chuckles] Look, in a few short hours, this whole ordeal will be over. And we will open that bottle of wine and we will toast your victory. And from there on in, it's smooth sailing.

Elizabeth: It's locked. Did Franco ever tell you his password?

Kiki: [Sighs] No.

Elizabeth: [Sighs]

Sam: It's got to be something important to him.

Elizabeth: Okay. It's four digits.

Dillon: Try "Kiki."

Elizabeth: Mnh-mnh.

Kiki: Maybe "Andy"? He really likes Andy Warhol.

Elizabeth: No. Mnh-mnh.

Dillon: Well, artists are a good idea. I mean, who else does he like?

Sam: I'm going to call Spinelli. He'll know how to hack into this.

Elizabeth: Wait. I know what it is. It's four digits. Someone special to him. J-A-K-E. That's it. That's it.

Kiki: You did it!

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Kiki: So we wrote down a sequence, and actually...

Dillon: No, I remember. I remember. Okay, go to "Settings."

Elizabeth: Okay.

Dillon: Click "General."

Elizabeth: Yep.

Dillon: Scroll down to "Retrieve."

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm. I'm there.

Dillon: Okay, hit "Retrieve Last."

Elizabeth: Got it.

Sam: Okay, well, there's 12 new messages. Doesn't say where he's gone.

Elizabeth: Those are all from us. He never heard them.

Kiki: Now we know he wasn't just ignoring us. This is another indicator that he didn't just skip town.

Elizabeth: Franco didn't run. He's in trouble, and he needs our help.

Franco: No. Get up. Get up. Get up. Get up. Get up! [Weakly] Okay, I'm up. All right, stop it. That's it. Okay. Some psycho's gonna come back here... and kill you, Franco. Unless you figure something out. There must be something in here I can use to help me.

Jason: You gonna threaten your own daughter now? Huh?

Julian: What? Of course not. I'm not the enemy here. We're on the same side.

Jason: [Chuckles] Oh. That's why you drugged me -- because we're on the same side. That makes a lot of sense.

Julian: Yeah, well, sorry about that, but I had to get you out of harm's way. Believe me, dangerous people, they want you dead.

Jason: Tell me who Rudge is working for. What's her name? Better off, tell me where I can find her.

Julian: Bottom line is, I want to turn the table on these people and get rid of them. I need your help to do it.

Jason: Right. Now we're getting somewhere. Tell me about Rudge. Tell me about the person he's working for. And tell me why they want you and Sonny dead.

Jordan: I'd like you to leave my room now. Because when the time comes, we will go back and interview Buzz again, and we will try to convince him to come to Port Charles with us.

Curtis: So it's like that, huh?

Jordan: Yep. We are here on business, okay? And I'm going to finish business 'cause business is the only reason that we're here.

Curtis: All right, I'm out.

Jordan: Yeah, that's good, 'cause it'll give me time to call André.

Curtis: Very subtle.

Jordan: Let me make it really clear for you. I'm with André.

Curtis: Good luck with that.

Alexis: [Sighs]

[Door slams]

Alexis: [Breathing heavily]

Jason: Look, you want my help, I want answers.

Julian: I think I could be more forthcoming if I knew you were accepting my offer.

Jason: There was an offer in there somewhere?

Julian: Will you agree to work with me?

Jason: [Laughs weakly] No. Frankly, I'm too tired to give you a list of why I don't trust you or why I don't like you, but I can tell you that your drug definitely worked, so why don't we just leave it at that I will never trust you?

Julian: Well, I don't think you have a choice. Because both our lives and the lives of those we love depend on you doing the right thing.

Kiki: I agree with Elizabeth. Franco is definitely in trouble. We're just wasting time standing here arguing with each other now.

Dillon: Okay, okay, either theory could be true. Franco could have left on his own, or maybe he was taken against his will.

Sam: I just have the feeling that there's something in all this that we're not seeing.

Kiki: Okay, then. What is it?

Franco: How many boxes of useless crapcan one person have? This is ridiculous! Throw this stuff away! Oh, my God! [Grunts] I have seen this trophy. Or one like it... somewhere before. But where?

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Carly (to Sonny): I knew it. I knew something was wrong.

Michael (to Nelle): You're the one I really want to see.

Nathan: Something you want to tell me, Dante?

Lulu (to Laura & Kevin): I told Charlotte that I'm her mother.

Alexis: One minute at a time, you can do this.

Elizabeth (to Sam, Kiki, & Dillon): I say we call the police and tell them everything we know.

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