GH Transcript Tuesday 1/17/17

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 1/17/17


Episode #13725 ~ Maxie & Nathan finally get married with Spinelli as officiant; Anna's memories become more vivid; Julian receives a threat and it hits close to home when Leo almost swallows aspirin at the babysitter's; Jordan goes against André's wishes and follows Curtis to see Buzz.

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Maxie: [Exhales sharply] This is it.

Felicia: Are you nervous?

Maxie: No, no; not at all. I've spent so much time trying to think about not getting married I can't actually believe that we're gonna walk down the aisle today.


Lulu: You know that we were just helping out. That was Nathan's doing.

Robin: You and Nathan are getting married today. Say it.

Maxie: We're getting married today.


Dante: What's going on, buddy? You nervous? Don't be. Everything's gonna be fine.

Nathan: You know, uh, I'm not. I'm really not nervous. I'm just -- I'm a little blown away that we pulled this whole thing off. You know?

Dante: Yeah, right.

Nathan: This surprise wedding's actually gonna be a reality.

Spinelli: I just got a text from the mother of the bride. Their arrival is imminent.

[Elevator whirring]

Spinelli: Yeah. That's -- that's probably them right now.

[Bell dings]

Spinelli: Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, guys! Let's just -- let's slow down. Stay here.

Julian: Listen, I was actually on my way to find you. Um, I have to tell you something.

Sam: Not now. We are not up for your lies or evasions. Please, just another time, okay?

Julian: Sam, please, it's important.

Jason: She said she's not interested.

Julian: Look, listen to me. Both of you need to hear this.

Jason: [Sighs]

Sam: Oh, fine, we're listening.

Julian: Look... I had nothing to do with that bomb that was planted in my car the night that Morgan was killed. I was the intended target.

Sam: Yeah, I know. You've said that several times.

Jason: [Sighs] Look, if you're not gonna tell us anything new, then we really don't have anything we need to hear from you.

Julian: Really? Well, how about the truth?


Rudge: I checked in with our operative. Julian's being handled. Our backup plan's already in motion.

Olivia: Leo? Okay. Okay, I'll meet you over at GH. [Taps on door] [Exhales]

Jason: You're gonna tell us the truth now? [Chuckles] That's a pleasant change. Go ahead, tell us the truth.

Sam: You know what? You can -- you can start with... being a little bit more specific. The little boy in this picture -- does he look familiar to you?

Julian: Where did you get this?

Jason: Uh, Rudge's pawn shop. At least, it was Rudge's pawn shop before it burned up.

Sam: Jason showed me the picture, and for a minute, I couldn't place it. But it looked familiar. It's you, isn't it? Come on, Dad. If you're gonna start being honest, you might as well start now. Is this you in the picture? And what was it doing in Rudge's pawn shop?

Julian: That's what I've been trying to tell you, Sam. Everything that's happened, it's... [Sighs] It's about the family. It's time I tell you everything.

Lulu: Spinelli, we need to get off this elevator.

Spinelli: Can we just -- can we pause for a moment while I clear the way, as it were?

Maxie: Spinelli, what in God's earth are you doing right now?

Spinelli: We are erring on the side of caution. All right, Detective West, I'm gonna need you to blindfold yourself right now.

Nathan: Excuse me?

Spinelli: Mm-hmm.

Robin: [Chuckles] The ceremony hasn't begun yet, and you know that old saying about the groom seeing the bride before she walks down the aisle. It's bad luck.

Spinelli: Yeah.

Nathan: Uh, Spinelli, Maxie and I are not that traditional. Or superstitious.

Spinelli: Okay, with all due respect, how many of your best-laid matrimonial plans have gone awry? Why tempt fate?

Lulu: Okay, Spinelli does have a point.

Spinelli: Yeah.

Dante: Okay, well, it's an easy fix, guys. Let's do this. Turn around, buddy.

Nathan: All right.

Dante: There we go. Blindfold. Done. Yeah?

Spinelli: Okay, yeah. All clear. You guys can get off the elevator now.

Maxie: Okay.

Spinelli: That's fine. Appreciate it, Detective.

Dante: Oh. Oh, yes.

Nathan: Spinelli, man, you have a -- a special way of driving me crazy.

Spinelli: Thank you.

Maxie: Oh, my! [Gasps] Did -- did you...? Oh, well, we all pitched in, but this was all Nathan's idea.

Maxie: Nathan, it... it looks spectacular.

Nathan: Don't you know by now? Nothing's too good for you.

André: Sorry I'm late, beautiful.

Jordan: Hey.

André: Mmm. [Smooches] Emergency at the hospital.

Jordan: Oh, no worries. I was, uh, dealing with some work myself.

André: I'm glad Nathan invited us.

Jordan: Yeah.

André: It's nice to get some time off the clock. Besides, what could be more romantic than a surprise wedding?

Jordan: [Chuckles]

Curtis: [Clears throat]

André: You have impeccable timing, Curtis.

Curtis: We need to talk.

André: Don't mind me.

Curtis: In private.

Jordan: Anything you say in front of me, you can say in front of André.

Curtis: I've arranged for you to meet Buzz. But we may need to leave tonight.

Rudge: Apparently, Julian has found a line he won't cross. He's refusing to kill his son-in-law. But he will reconsider... as soon as he realizes it's his own son who will pay the price.

Julian: [Exhales] I should have warned you earlier, Sam. I really thought I was keeping everyone safe by not telling you.

Jason: Safe from what?

[Elevator bell chimes]

Julian: Safe --

Olivia: Hey. Hi. Uh, my baby was just brought in -- Leo Falconeri. I need to see him right now.

Nurse: Just a minute, I'll check.

Sam: Olivia. Olivia, what's going on?

Olivia: Oh. I was helping out with Maxie and Nathan's wedding, and, uh, I got a call from Ned. He ran over to pick up Leo from the sitter, and I don't know, something happened -- some kind of emergency. He said he's bringing him over to the hospital. [Sighs]

[Elevator whirring]

Mac: Shh, shh, shh! Maxie, are you ready for a special delivery?

Maxie: Georgie?!

Mac: [Chuckles]

Maxie: I -- I missed you so much.

Georgie: I missed you, too, Mommy.

Nathan: Seriously, I still can't look?

Spinelli: No.

Lulu: I, um [Clears throat] Am gonna go make sure that everything is okay.

Georgie: Grandpa Mac says you're getting married.

Maxie: That's the plan. How did you...?

Mac: I couldn't let my little girl get married without her little girl here.

Maxie: I am so lucky to have you in my life.

Mac: Oh, I am so lucky to have you in mine. [Sniffles] And you. All my girls -- surrounded by all my girls. It's fantastic.

Maxie: Oh!

Robin: Aww! Uncle Mac, you're the best. [Smooches]

Felicia: Somebody should take a picture. I'm too emotional. [Chuckles]

[Cell phone rings]

Felicia: Oh.

Mac: [Grunts playfully]

Felicia: H-hello?

Robin: [Gasps] [Sing-song voice] Time for me to say hello to my girl.

Anna: Hello!

Mac: I'll be right back.

Maxie: Okay.

Mac: Nathan?

Nathan: Yeah?

Mac: Uh, time for our pre-wedding talk.

Nathan: Oh. You can't, uh, pass that one up?

Mac: I just have one piece of advice. You hurt my little girl, and I hurt you much worse. Understood?

Maxie: Mac.

Nathan: Understood.

Mac: Good. One final tradition. May I have the honor of walking you down the aisle?

Maxie: I wouldn't have it any other way.

Nina: Okay, well, it's time to get everybody in their places and get this wedding going.

[Footsteps approach]

Felicia: Hang on, everybody. We have a problem.

Robin: Hi. How are you?

Griffin: Great, hey! [Chuckles] I'm not late.

Robin: No.

Anna: No.

Robin: No, there's been a couple of delays. Uh, in fact, I should check in with the bride-to-be, see what's holding things up.

Anna: Sure. Oh, you look very dashing.

Griffin: Oh, why, thank you. You look lovely yourself.

Anna: Thank you.

Griffin: Especially for a wedding that popped up out of nowhere.

Anna: Oh, yeah.

Griffin: Yeah, I wonder why the sudden urgency.

Anna: Well, given what Maxie and Nathan have been through, yeah, it's now or never, really.

Griffin: Did something else happen?

Anna: Oh, you don't know?

Griffin: I don't know what?

Anna: Mm.

Emma: Griffin, hi!

Griffin: Emma! Hey!

Emma: You look really handsome.

Griffin: Oh, my goodness. You look beautiful yourself.

Emma: Thanks.

Anna: Nice, it's a new dress. We just got it.

Emma: Yeah. I'm gonna go say hi to Charlotte. Charlotte! I didn't know you were gonna be at the wedding.

Charlotte: Oh, yes. Nina's brother's the one getting married.

Nurse: Your son's in exam room 1 -- over there.

Olivia: Okay.

Ned: Olivia.

Olivia: Oh! Thank God. Yeah. Where's Leo?

Ned: Um... the doctor is working on him.

Olivia: What -- what -- okay, wha-- what happened?

Ned: Well, they're pumping his stomach.

Olivia: Pumping his stomach?!

Ned: Only as a precaution.

Julian: Mind telling us why?

Ned: Well, I stopped by Olivia's to pick up Leo, um, from the babysitter.

Olivia: Yeah.

Ned: 'Cause we were all going out to dinner tonight. And when I got there, Leo was on the floor, alone. And there was an open bottle of aspirin next to him.

Olivia: What?! Oh!

Ned: And there was a few tablets in his hand. But I don't know if he swallowed any. I -- I --

Jason: Okay, relax, relax. You got him here in plenty of time. I'm sure he's gonna be fine.

Sam: Yeah, maybe he didn't even take any at all.

Ned: Well, that's my hope.

Julian: Okay, so where in the hell was the babysitter?

Ned: She was in the kitchen. She said she just left for a minute to check on some noise she heard outside the back door or something.

Olivia: No! You don't leave a baby, even for a minute, with an open bottle of aspirin. What the hell was she thinking?!

Ned: Well, that's the odd thing. She swears that she didn't know anything about this aspirin bottle, that she didn't put it there.

Olivia: Right, Ned. The woman who puts my kid's life in jeopardy is gonna be honest about leaving him with an open bottle of pills? I don't get this. She came with perfect references. She came highly recommended. This doesn't make any sense.

Jordan: So we have to meet Buzz tonight?

Curtis: Yeah, my contact only feels comfortable moving Buzz from the shelter during a specific window. And he insisted you have to come by yourself.

André: I'm sorry, who is Buzz?

Jordan: He's a -- a witness in a case that we're working.

André: The Morgan Corinthos case. Why can't you bring the witness to the station?

Jordan: Well, according to Curtis, he refuses to come in.

André: I see.

Jordan: Where is this meeting supposed to take place?

Curtis: Uh, I'll tell you more about it when we're on the move. The fewer people that know about this, the better.

Jordan: You know what, I agree.

André: Are you kidding me?

Curtis: Look, I'll give you all the details, but, um, when I give you the signal, we have make moves, okay? Even if it's in the middle of the wedding.

André: So you're just going to blow off the wedding?

Jordan: I think Nathan will understand. I -- he knows I have a responsibility to follow up on every single lead.

André: You also have a responsibility to do your job by the book. Letting Curtis keep a material witness from you and then just blindly following him to God knows where? This isn't you, Jordan. You're compromising your ethics and your safety.

Jordan: What do you want me to do, André?

André: I want you to choose not to go with Curtis. I want you to stay here with me.

Felicia: I just got off the phone with Lucy. She's been visiting with Serena. Because of bad weather, her flight has been redirected to Corinth.

Maxie: What?

Nina: Wait a second. Can't she rent a car?

Felicia: She did, but she's not going to get into Port Charles until midnight.

Maxie: Are you saying that there is no one here to marry us?

Nina: Don't panic. We have this under control.

Dante: Yeah, I mean, there's plenty of priests and ministers in town and justices of the peace.

Maxie: We're just supposed to just whip one of those up in the next six minutes?

Nathan: Max, don't worry about it. It's --

Dante: Try now.

Nathan: Thank you. Look, I'm not ready to give up yet. We've got a lot of determined -- might even say pushy -- people here. We'll find somebody.

Maxie: Hmm. Guys, I -- I really appreciate everyone being here today. When it comes to getting married, our timing sucks. [Chuckles] Kind of feels like the universe is telling us something, don't you think?

Felicia: You don't want to get married?

Maxie: Mom, I want to marry Nathan more than anything else on earth, but... I feel like we need to start this wedding over again -- from scratch.

Felicia: Are you sure?

Maxie: Mom, there isn't even an officiant here to marry us, so...

Robin: What did I miss?

Mac: Uh, it's a long story. Short version -- Lucy's flight got rerouted. Looks like we're gonna have to delay the whole wedding all over again.

Robin: Wait a minute. Um, hello, people? There's someone in this room that can legally marry Maxie and Nathan tonight.

Felicia: Robin, did you become a certified officiant?

Robin: [Chuckles] No. But Spinelli is. Isn't that right, Spinelli?

Maxie: Spinelli?

Nathan: Spinelli?

Robin: Yes! Jason told me that Spinelli was ordained to officiate his wedding to Sam. Right? The -- the church of...

Spinelli: Yeah, the church of illuminating wonders, yeah. Um, but I just -- you know, I thought that, given my history with the bride, uh, it just -- it might be -- the nuptial couple may prefer another officiant. You know what I mean?

Maxie: Spinelli... you've always been my best person. That does not take away from my relationship with Nathan, just like it doesn't take away from your relationship with Ellie.

Spinelli: Oh. [Chuckles]

Maxie: But Nathan's right. I could not imagine this day without you or Georgie here, so I would love for you to officiate my wedding.

Spinelli: Oh, okay. All right, yeah. Yeah, okay. Marry you, I shall.

[Indistinct exclamations]

Nina: We have a wedding to get started, yay, and we're 20 minutes behind. Everybody take their places.

Nathan: Maxie, hey, hey. I love you.

Maxie: I love you, too.

Griffin: Hey, the, uh, wedding is about to start. What'd you want to tell me?

Anna: Oh, that's a talk that we should probably have after the ceremony.

Valentin: Hey, Charlotte, why don't you and Emma go sign the registry.

Emma: Okay.

Charlotte: Yeah.

Lulu: You should leave.

Valentin: Well, it's not up to you.

Lulu: I am Charlotte's mother. The only reason I am waiting to tell her is because she's grieving for Claudette.

Valentin: I'll decide when Charlotte finds out.

Lulu: Oh, so you'll stall indefinitely?

Valentin: Um... Charlotte doesn't know you. Biology or no, you're nothing to her.

Lulu: Charlotte belongs with me. This Maxie's day, and I'm not gonna fight with you.

Valentin: I'm sure everybody appreciates that.

Lulu: If you'd like to show your appreciation, you could leave. You're not welcome here.

[Footsteps approach]

Nina: Uh, excuse me. He's absolutely welcome here. Valentin is my husband. Valentin and Charlotte are my guests here at the wedding. And since the wedding is about to start, don't you think we should table this conversation?

Lulu: It doesn't appear that I have a choice.

Nina: Mmm. What does she want?

Valentin: More of the same. She wants to tell Charlotte she's her mother.

Nina: That's ridiculous. It's too soon.

Valentin: Yeah, I told her.

Nina: She just lost Claudette. You told her that, really? Well, if she was any kind of mother, she would know that she has to put her daughter's feelings first.

Lulu: [Sobs]

Dante: Hey. What's going on? Are you okay?

Lulu: I'm fine. [Clears throat] I'm fine.

Nina: Okay, I'm gonna go round up Charlotte.

Anna: I'm closer than you think, you know.

Valentin: I'm sorry, what?

Anna: Yeah -- to finding out the truth. And when I do, you'll have to pay the consequences for what you've done.

Valentin: Well, not every sinner pays for their crimes, Anna. You'd know that better than anyone. Enjoy the ceremony.

Sam: Olivia, here. Here's a bottle of water.

Olivia: Thank you, honey. Thank you.

Sam: Of course.

Jason: Look, if you guys need anything, we're here, so...

Olivia: [Exhales] That's really sweet. I -- I just, um... I just keep thinking of my little baby boy with the tubes down his throat, and it's all my fault.

Sam: No, no, it's not.

Olivia: Yes, yes. That sitter -- that was the first time that I used her. I mean, how can I trust some stranger that I pay by the hour to care for my son the same way that I do?

Julian: Okay, Olivia, stop! I'm not gonna let you torture yourself over this. You're not to blame for what happened, I can promise you that.

Dr. Pamela: Ms. Falconeri?

Olivia: Yeah, that's me. How is my son?

Jordan: It's nowhere as simple as you're making it sound, André. I have to follow every lead. It could mean the difference between putting the right or the wrong person away.

André: Of course, I understand that, Jordan. I'm just asking you to think before you risk your career and trust Curtis blindly, of all people.

[String quartet plays]

Jordan: We should take our seats. Come on. [Sighs]

[Music continues]

["Wedding March" plays as Emma & Georgie as flower girls drop rose petals down the aisle]

Spinelli: Be seated.

[Music fades]

Spinelli: Dearly beloved... we're gathered here today to celebrate the union of Nathan and Maxie -- two dear friends to all of us here. These two people have found hope together. They found love in their hearts and a home in one another. These two people have chosen each other. They've chosen to link their disparate pasts with the great mystery that is tomorrow. As such, it is not a union that should be entered into unadvisedly or lightly. So if anyone here has reason to object to this marriage, speak now, or forever hold your peace.

[Scattered chuckles]

Nathan: Told you we'd make it. [Chuckles]

Dr. Obrecht: Stop! The mother of the groom objects. She objects most strenuously!

Nathan: Well, damn. Mom... what are you doing?

Dr. Obrecht: I am the wounded party here. My wishes have been ignored.

Maxie: Liesl, I thought that you approved of Nathan and me marrying. What is -- what's going on?

Dr. Obrecht: I did. I was even willing to overlook being left out of the planning. And the engagement party. And the bridal shower. But this final insult has pushed me too far.

Nathan: What does that even mean?

Dr. Obrecht: I was notified of this hasty wedding via text message!

Anna: Well, that's how I was notified.

Nina: Yeah, and I was notified that way. Aunt Liesl, it really doesn't matter, please.

Dr. Obrecht: I am the mother of the groom! And I was in surgery all day. I don't have access to my phone at all times. I barely had time to throw off my scrubs before rushing over here. Clearly, my attendance... is of zero importance to my own son, as you were proceeding without me.

Nathan: Ma, Ma, Ma, look, I just... today's just been so crazy, and then so many things have gone wrong. I just got distracted.

Dr. Obrecht: I see the parents of the bride are seated in places of honor. No one noticed I was missing?

Nathan: Mom, it means the world to me that you're here.

Maxie: Me, too, schwiegermutter. I hope I pronounced that right.

Dr. Obrecht: Did you just call me "mother-in-law"?

Maxie: Yeah, well, I -- I was trying to. And it would really mean the world to me if you would stay.

Nathan: Can I show you to your seat?

Dr. Obrecht: I suppose if I didn't, you'd never forgive me. [Chuckles]

Nathan: Here, the place of honor -- right next to the parents of the bride.

Dr. Obrecht: The Aztec. Pleasure to know we are now family. [Giggles] Sorry.

Dr. Pamela: Leo's going to be just fine.

Olivia: [Sighs] Oh, thank God.

Ned: [Chuckles] Did he swallow any aspirin?

Dr. Pamela: We didn't detect any traces in his system, but we want to keep him overnight as a standard precaution.

Olivia: Okay, whatever you need. I-I -- can I see him now?

Dr. Pamela: Go right ahead.

Sam: Oh.

Jason: Your little brother's okay.

Sam: Yeah, I know. Thank God.

Olivia: Hey, there, little man. [Gasps] Oh. You gave us quite a scare. But the doctor says you're gonna be just fine. Your Uncle Ned got you here in plenty of time. [Sniffles, chuckles]

Ned: You're a tough little guy, aren't you? You come by it naturally. It's the Bensonhurst in you.

[Both chuckle]

Ned: I suppose you want a moment with your son.

Julian: You saved my son's life. Thank you.

Ned: Well... I care a great deal for your son.

Julian: Yeah. At least I'll know he'll be well taken care of should anything happen to me.

Ned: Oh.

Julian: It's the business I'm in. Listen, you take care of her. She's... she's a wonderful mother.

[Monitor beeping]

Jason: You're leaving?

Sam: How's Leo?

Julian: [Sighs] The doctor says he's gonna be just fine now. Olivia's in there with him now.

Sam: Why are you leaving?

Julian: Just got to take care of something.

Jason: Well, hold up for a minute. Earlier, you insisted that you had something to tell us -- something about the truth. What was it?

Julian: [Sighs] Oh, man. This whole thing with Leo has me rattled, so whatever it is I was gonna tell you before doesn't seem important anymore. [Pushes elevator button]

Sam: You said it was about the car bomb, something about the family.

Julian: [Sighs] I... look, I just meant that things have changed with various...organizations since my wedding last year. Families were off-limits. Now they're considered fair game. So, like, Jason, you keep investigating, whoever it is may retaliate. And they may target Sam and/or Danny.

Jason: Oh. That's -- that's it? That's your big reveal?

[Elevator bell chimes, doors open]

Jason: [Chuckles]

Julian: I wish I could tell you more.

Jason: Yeah, I wish you could, too. Buy any of that?

Sam: No. No, not one bit.

Olivia: I can't believe that Leo can sleep right now.

Ned: He's gonna be fine, Liv.

Olivia: Yeah. Thank God. Oh, my heart is still racing. Feel that?

Ned: Hey. Feel that.

Olivia: Oh.

Ned: I don't think I've been this scared since... Brook Lynn choked when she was four.

Olivia: [Exhales]

Ned: Nothing terrifies you more than when your child is in danger.

Olivia: Oh, I bet. [Sniffles]

Ned: [Sighs] Not that Leo is my child, but...

Olivia: Ned. Julian is Leo's biological father. And I can't do anything about that. But I would like to think that you will be his father figure and the man that he learns from every day. I mean, if you're up for all that.

Ned: Yeah. I think I am.


Nathan: [Exhales, clears throat]

Maxie: Is your mother all right?

Nathan: I...think she's as good as can be expected.

Maxie: Okay, well, do you think maybe we could continue?

[Cell phone buzzes]

André: Jordan, please.

Jordan: I'm --

André: Stay.

Jordan: I'm sorry. Please give my regards to Nathan and the bride, please.

Spinelli: Uh, I learned at the last ceremony that I presided over not to make assumptions. Have the bride and groom, you know, chosen their vows?

Nathan: Oh, uh, impromptu wedding kind of means impromptu vows. You, uh -- you up for it?

Maxie: Yeah.

Spinelli: Then I hand the ceremony over to the bride and the groom.

Nathan: [Exhales] Maxie, uh... I met you when I needed to the most. I was angry at the world, and only focused on my own pain.


Maxie: Wait. You are not Mac.

Nathan: [Chuckles] No, I'm not.


Nathan: And then you opened that door. And in so doing... opened up my heart again. And filled it with all the things that I forgot the world was full of. Light and joy, enthusiasm... and love. Even when things weren't going your way, you still found a way to stay positive, you know? We only spoke for a few moments, but I knew I was connected to you.


Maxie: This has, by far, been the worst year of my life.

Nathan: I'm sorry to hear that. You know, I haven't really had the best year myself. In fact, I'm sort of looking for a fresh start, too.

Maxie: Well, this is a great place to make that happen.


Maxie: It's funny. Even though I didn't know I needed one, a hero showed up at my door. I met you at my apartment. [Chuckles] Wasn't like in the movies -- you weren't a knight in shining armor who swooped in to save the day, even though you are a hero in real life -- you're a cop. You're a hero by every definition of the word. [Chuckles] You helped me recognize that I had the strength to save myself. You saw the best in me when I couldn't see it in myself.


Nathan: So I guess I'll see you when I get back, then?

Maxie: I guess so.

Nathan: When will that be?

Maxie: When I find myself.

[Both chuckle]

Nathan: Well, good luck. And what it's worth, you don't seem so bad the way you are.

[Another scene from past]

Nathan: You're back.

Maxie: Surprise.

Nathan: And turn, one, two. And t-- hey.

Maxie: [Chuckles] No, no, no! Don't stop on my account. This was, uh, just getting interesting.

Singer: What do you think when you fall asleep? What do you find when you close your eyes?

Maxie: You went out of your way for me, and I will never forget that.

Singer: I'll do it right and never leave again no, I never thought a heart could feel this way but we can dream all night hold on to this feeling

Nathan: I do have feelings for you, Maxine. I have since the moment I laid eyes on you.

Singer: We walk I'd do anything to be with you

Maxie: And at the risk of sounding obvious, what I'm learning about you tonight, I like.

Singer: 'Cause where you are is where I want to be

Nathan: Perfect fit.

Singer: But we can dream

Maxie: [Screams]

Nathan: I guess I wasn't so far away after all.

Singer: All night

Nathan: Maxie Jones, to me, you are perfect.

Singer: To this feeling

Maxie: You might be the best thing that ever landed on my doorstep.

Singer: We walk

Nathan: Happy Valentine's Day. Mariah Maximiliana "Maxie" Jones, I am deeply and completely in love with you. I knocked on your front door new year's before last for a reason. We belong together.

Singer: Together

Nathan: Happy anniversary. It has been one year since we spent our first night together.

Maxie: Oh. [Grunts] I can't think of anywhere I would rather be than in this hotel room with you, in your arms.

Singer: Hold on

Nathan: This time, I have a ring.

Maxie: Oh!

Nathan: You are everything I've ever wanted in a partner, in a woman, in my wife. Maxie Jones, will you marry me?

Maxie: Yes.


Nathan: I, Nathan, take you, Maxie, to be my lawfully wedded wife.

Maxie: I, Maxie, take you, Nathan, to be my lawfully wedded husband.

Nathan: To have and to hold from this day forward.

Maxie: For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer.

Nathan: In sickness and in health until we are parted by death.

Maxie: Until we are parted by death.

Spinelli: You may kiss the bride.

[Cheers and applause]

[Anna's flashback]

Valentin: I have...waited so long for this!

Anna: No! Stop!

Emma: You did it, Maxie!

Maxie: We did it, Emma!

Lulu: Whoo!

Guests: Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

Lulu: Go for it, Spinelli.

Spinelli: All right. [Clears throat] Attention, please. It is my great pleasure to announce, for the very first time, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan --

Lulu: Oh! Wait! Um, she's keeping her name.

Spinelli: Aha. Okay. Let's try that again. May I present to you Nathan West and his wife, who's gonna keep her own name...

[Scattered chuckles]

Spinelli: ...Mariah Maximiliana -- aka Maxie Jones.

[Cheers and applause]

Lulu: Whoo-hoo! At long, long last!

Dante: Yeah, baby! Love you guys!

Nina: My little brother is married!

Lulu: Ready? Kiss! Kiss!

Dante: Kiss!

[All chanting "Kiss!"]

Man: Come on!

Woman: Whoo!


[Scattered cheering, whistling]

Robin: Everything okay?

Spinelli: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, I'm -- I'm sincerely happy for the married couple. I just -- I was looking for Jason and Sam. Do you know where they are?

Robin: Oh. No, they were supposed to be here.

Spinelli: Yeah. I can't imagine why they wouldn't have made it.

Sam: I got to tell you, before that crisis happened, I have a feeling Julian was gonna tell us something else.

Jason: Yeah. Yeah, I, uh -- I agree. And I'll follow up on it. But, uh, maybe you should back off from all this.

Sam: I can handle myself just fine.

Jason: I know you can handle yourself just fine, but let's, uh, not forget why we're at GH. Dr. Lee said that you had to take it easy, and that was months ago. And you have to admit that we've been pretty lax with our definition of taking it easy.

Sam: I know the doctors are right, and that's why I'm counting on you to get to the bottom of all this.

Jason: [Chuckles] Okay.


Olivia: Nothing could make me happier than knowing that you're gonna be part of Leo's life. But I imagine Julian's gonna have something to say about that.

Ned: I wouldn't be so sure. He was... surprisingly understanding about what happened today. He didn't make any threats about using this to gain sole custody. In fact, he seemed almost, dare I say, grateful to me.

Olivia: I could write a book about all the things I don't like about Julian, but I got to give it to him -- he does seem to love his kids. I mean, maybe he was just in shock like the rest of us.

Ned: True. But h-he did seem like, uh, something else was on his mind.

Olivia: Something else on his mind? His kid was being rushed to the hospital. What else could be on his mind?

Julian: Where the hell are you?!

Rudge: Julian, we've been expecting you.

Julian: Yeah, well, I want to see her right now.

Rudge: I'm afraid she's busy. She can't t--

Julian: I don't give a damn.

Olivia Jerome: Calm yourself, Julian. Um, Rudge, would you please give us the room? Of course, I can spare a moment or two for you, Julian. After all, if you can't make time for family, for whom can you make time?

On the next "General Hospital" --

Elizabeth (to Sam): Franco's in trouble.

Ava (to Alexis): Pour yourself a glass. I am not going to stop you.

Olivia Jerome (to Julian): I will get my revenge brother... eventually.

[Maxie & Nathan dance at their reception]

Lulu: Charlotte?

Griffin (to Nina): What happened to Claudette?

Anna: [Smacks Valentin] Bastard!

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