GH Transcript Friday 1/13/17

General Hospital Transcript Friday 1/13/17


Episode #13723 ~ Franco finds himself in trouble; Alexis seeks the support she needs from AA; Finn hides a dangerous secret from Hayden; Nathan, Nina, Dante, Lulu, & Dillon conspire to surprise Maxie with her own beautiful wedding.

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[Someone drops a bloodied and unconscious Franco into a warehouse]

Finn: Watch your step.

Hayden: Okay. Was the --

Finn: Hmm?

Hayden: Was the blindfold really necessary?

Finn: Uh, no. Not really, but it is kind of fun to see you like that.

Hayden: [Chuckles] You're really --

Finn: No, it's -- it's a little bit of a surprise, all right?

Hayden: Okay.

Finn: All right, do you have any idea where you are?

[Ice scraping]

Hayden: Well, I'm cold, and, uh, I can hear ice skates.

Finn: Yeah.

Hayden: [Chuckles]

Finn: When you -- when you thought you were dying, you said one of the things you always wanted learn to do was to learn how to skate. And, you know, you got your skates on, but you -- you never quite made it on the ice.

Hayden: I remember. I was trying to finish off my bucket list.

Finn: I know. But you are better now, and it just so happens that you're looking at, uh, the starting goalie on Oakton High's state champion ice-hockey team, so, uh...

Hayden: [Laughs] Wait. So you were a science nerd and a jock?

Finn: Apparently.

Hayden: That's hot. [Chuckles]

Finn: And with your permission, this jock/nerd is gonna teach you how to skate.

Maxie: Are you sure you're up for telling your sister about Claudette? I mean, I know it's still an emotional issue for you two.

Nathan: No, I should be the one to tell her. And thank you for being so understanding about all this.

Maxie: I love you. And if I have to wait forever to marry you, I will.

Nina: Maxie, thank God you're here. Listen, our printer has a new policy for 2017. They need our locked issue a week before our usual deadline. So if we're gonna make it, you got to push.

Nathan: Nina, can I, uh, speak with you in private?

Nina: Sure. I left a to-do list on your desk.

Maxie: Why me?!

Nina: She really has no idea what's going on, does she?

Nathan: She has no idea. No idea.

Nina: Oh, my gosh, I love a good conspiracy. This is great. Okay, I have to text Dillon because I recruited him for operation Maxie. Hey, listen. I want to thank you for letting me help with this. I'm gonna tell you everything I have planned, all right?

Nathan: Nina, wait. I-I have to tell you something about Claudette, and it's not good.

Valentin: Oh, hello. I'm on my way to pick up Charlotte. She's skating with her nanny, Mrs. Evans. She's getting pretty good.

Lulu: Oh, I had no idea. That's wonderful.

Dante: You might want to text the nanny to tell her you're gonna be a few more minutes. We've got some news about Claudette, although it's probably not news to you that Claudette is dead, is it?

[Cell phone ringing]

Dillon: Oh. [Sighs] Well, time for fun is over. Nina's ready for me.

Kiki: Oh. Operation Maxie?

Dillon: Yeah, she was so bummed that her wedding had to get canceled, so Nathan has this secret plan. I'm glad that I can help out.

Kiki: All right, then. I guess I'm off to GH.

Dillon: Wow. You're investigating volunteering already?

Kiki: Well, that's part of it. I'm also hoping to find Franco.

Dillon: Is everything okay?

Kiki: It's Franco, so "okay" is relative, but he told me about something last night, and I'm hoping to convince him to change his mind about things moving forward.

Alexis: I can't believe I just said that. I mean, that I'm an alcoholic. Um... is this where I tell you when I had my last drink? I-I'm sure that you may have, uh... it's been decades or years, but for me, it's -- it's been [Clears throat] 24 hours.

Leader: One day at a time, Alexis.

Alexis: Yes, I've heard that. But I-I will tell you that I-I really understand what that means now because the last 24 hours have been... really, really hard. I'm sorry. I don't know what I do now.

Leader: What brought you here today?

[Elevator bell dings]

Elizabeth: Hey, have you seen Franco anywhere?

Man: Uh, no. But he's already missed two appointments, and Dr. Q is not happy. [Sighs]

Franco: [Groaning] Elizabeth?

Maxie: Oh, good. Finally you're here.

Dillon: What did I do?

Maxie: Not you. Nina. She asked me to make sure that the next issue is ready to go to the printer's.

Dillon: That's kind of your job, isn't it?

Maxie: Yes, it's my job, but the next issue is the wedding issue. You'd think she'd be a little more sensitive, since -- I don't know [Chuckles] -- My wedding just fell through.

Dillon: Wow, yeah, Nina should have been more considerate. Maybe she's just, you know, caught up in the newlywed glow, and she didn't realize.

Maxie: And that is not fair, because she got married on the night I was supposed to get married. Handling this wedding issue, that's too much to ask of me. I'm leaving.

Nina: Claudette is dead? Oh, wow. Poor Charlotte. She asks about her every night. Does Valentin know?

Nathan: Dante and Lulu are telling him now.

Nina: Did the police tell you how she died?

Nathan: Well, Canadian authorities are officially ruling it a suicide, but I'm not so sure.

Valentin: Claudette is dead? You're sure?

Dante: Yeah, the Canadian authorities ID'd her.

Valentin: Is this the same woman that you and Nathan told me about, the one found beaten?

Dante: Uh, you know what, actually, that was a bad lead. This time, the authorities are sure it's Claudette. They ruled her death a suicide.

Valentin: Oh, no.

Dante: Yeah.

Valentin: Claudette took her own life?

Lulu: You don't sound surprised.

Valentin: Well, listen, nothing that Claudette does -- uh, did -- surprises me.

Lulu: Really? 'Cause it surprised the hell out of me. Claudette was desperate to keep Charlotte away from you, and then she just gives up, kills herself. Do you think she would abandon a little girl who thought she was her mother?

Valentin: Claudette was a very sad and troubled woman. And if you want, you can ask Nathan or Father Munro. They'll tell you all the details.

Lulu: Hmm. Your grief over your ex is touching. Just further proof that you have no conscience whatsoever.

Finn: It's okay. It's okay.

Hayden: Oh, my God.

Finn: Are you okay? Hey.

Hayden: How many times can someone fall in 10 minutes?

Finn: I-I personally stopped counting at 12.

Hayden: That's not funny. Why didn't you help me?

Finn: Well, you kept pushing me away and told me to let go of you.

Hayden: Oh, so you're blaming me now? Some teacher. Whatever made me think I wanted to skate?

Finn: I think you said something about how elegant the skaters looked in the Olympics.

Hayden: Yeah, well, when they were interviewed, they never talked about how cold it was and how hard it was and how slippery it was. Stupid sport.

Finn: It is a stupid sport. Are you saying you're done now?

Hayden: Yes. I want a hot toddy and an even hotter bath.

Finn: Whatever makes you happy.

Hayden: You really mean that, don't you?

Finn: I want you all the time let me get those skates off. Here.

Franco: Ohh! [Groaning] Ohh. Okay, what happened?

Kiki: Uh, Elizabeth, hi.

Elizabeth: Hi.

Kiki: Um, I was just at Franco's art-therapy room, and they said that he hasn't come in yet today, that he's missed several appointments?

Elizabeth: Yeah, I know. I'm starting to get worried. I went to his studio, but he wasn't there. But Detective Falconeri and Commissioner Ashford were with a search warrant.

Kiki: Oh, God, is this about Tom Baker's murder?

Elizabeth: Yeah, they think he did it.

Kiki: Ohh.

Elizabeth: I've been calling him and texting him, but he's not responding. Is that why you're looking for him?

Kiki: No, um, actually, I'm trying to convince Franco to go to the police.

Alexis: I-I honestly don't know what brought me here today. I... I don't know h-how things got this far. You don't know me, but this, trust me, is not me. I'm someone that is very much in control of my life, and, um, I'm seriously disciplined. And I have been very successful. [Clears throat] I'm a mother. I have, uh, three beautiful girls, who are... all strong and, um, beautiful and kind. And I'm a... [Sniffles] I'm a grandmother of a beautiful little boy, and I have a grandchild on the way. And I'm a professional. [Inhales sharply] I'm a lawyer. And I've recently lost my law license. And it's not because of my drinking. I lost my license [Clears throat] Because I lost myself to a man who turned out to be not who I thought he was, who turned me into something that I never thought that I would be, something that I always taught my girls never to be. He turned me into a victim.

Franco: What the hell? Huh? Cool. Motion sensor. Move and the lights are on. Oh, this is so not good.

Elizabeth: You want Franco to turn himself in to the police? You think he killed Tom Baker?

Kiki: No, no, I don't think that at all. I don't want Franco to go to the police to confess. I want him to go tell them who the real killer is.

Alexis: I fell in love with this man who told me things that I desperately wanted to hear, but they were lies. And I believed them. I'm sorry. I know. I read that I'm not supposed to be blaming my drinking on anyone else, so I... [Sighs] ...I won't. Uh, um, I'll just talk about me, and... ...what I can tell you is that I think that there's something wrong with me inside. I think I'm broken when it comes to men. I really just wanted my husband to love me, and he said that he did, but he didn't. And so I drank, um, a glass or two, and then that turned into a bottle or two. And then I was, uh... [Sighs] ...Putting vodka in my coffee to get through the morning. And then I would drink all day and all night. And I'm really a-ashamed. And I don't recognize myself. And I'm really afraid that I'm not gonna recognize myself anymore. [Sighs, sniffs]

Finn: I'm running a warm bath, and I'll, um, order some food and some adult beverages.

Hayden: Lots of food, please.

Finn: Okay.

Hayden: All that falling really built up my appetite.

[Water running]

Hayden: Finn? What are you doing?

Valentin: You don't know me, Lulu. You don't know how I experience grief, express my sorrow. Whatever I felt for Claudette, she was her own worst enemy. And right now my only feelings are for my daughter and how much pain this is gonna cause her. The Canadian authorities are gonna continue to investigate or what?

Dante: You worried an investigation could lead back to you?

Nina: If the Canadian police believe that Claudette's death was a suicide, why don't you?

Nathan: The Claudette that I knew was not the kind of person who would ever even consider suicide.

Nina: She's not? She knew that Charlotte was Valentin's. She couldn't have you. She couldn't have Griffin. What did she have to live for? Nothing.

Nathan: No, I don't buy that. I don't buy that. Valentin made Claudette carry his and Lulu's embryo, and then -- and then when she found out what kind of man he was, she took Charlotte, and she ran.

Nina: Oh, God, come on. Stop. Claudette was extremely manipulative. She manipulated you, Griffin, Maxie, me, everybody just to get what she wanted, and you're telling me that the one time, the only time she's telling the truth is when she says that Valentin is dangerous.

Dillon: Wait, wait, wait, wait, Maxie! Don't go.

Maxie: [Chuckles] Why? You said yourself Nina making me work on this wedding issue is insensitive.

Dillon: Right, but let's be real. If you leave, Nina is gonna give all of your job responsibilities to me, and I just -- I don't have your -- your skills, you know? I mean, I take a great photo, but I don't have your expertise. My finger is not on the pulse of the fashion world. Yours is. So please, don't let your heartbreak get in the way of your professional responsibilities. Crimson needs you. The readers need you. Please, please, please. Stay.

Valentin: Claudette is the surrogate who carried my daughter. If she was killed, I want whoever is responsible brought to justice.

Dante: Hmm.

Valentin: And right now my only thoughts are with Charlotte. Claudette is the only mother she's ever known. And I'm not looking forward to breaking her heart like this.

Lulu: Maybe it would help Charlotte to know that she hasn't lost everything, that she has a mother, after all. It might make Claudette's loss easier on Charlotte if we just tell her that I'm her biological mother.

Valentin: Absolutely not.

Nina: He's a devoted father, and that's why I know that he didn't do anything to Claudette, because he would never want to hurt his daughter like that.

Nathan: Look, Nina, I'm not just trashing Valentin for fun, okay? I just -- I don't think you see the guy clearly, and that worries me, and I don't want you to get hurt.

Nina: Listen, I know that you're coming from a place of concern, and I really love you for that. I really do, but I'm happy. Look at me. Hey, can't you see I'm happy? Yeah. I want you to be happy and married to Maxie, and that's why I dropped everything to help you with operation Maxie.

Nathan: Okay. For now... I will drop it. You're right. Today's about Maxie.

Nina: All right. We're on the same page? Okay, so... this is my plan. A lot of it lives and dies on Dillon's ability to keep Maxie preoccupied.

Maxie: I suppose our readers shouldn't suffer just because I am.

Dillon: That is the spirit.

Maxie: Let's just get this over with. Oh, my God!

Dillon: What? What is it?

Maxie: "Choose the wedding dress to feature in our 'to die for' column"? After my own dress was ruined by a coffee stain?

Finn: You caught me. You know, I'm, uh, a tough guy, and here I am looking for, uh -- looking for some cream 'cause I-I hurt my wrist. I might have -- I might have sprained it falling on the ice today.

Hayden: You mean from hoisting me up off the ice over and over and over again.

Finn: You said it. Not me.

Hayden: [Chuckles] Did the hotel stock an extra robe in this room, by any chance?

Finn: Yeah.

Hayden: My clothes are all wet.

Finn: No, they usually -- they keep them in here. There you go.

Hayden: Eh. I guess this'll do.

Finn: Yeah.

Hayden: Thanks.

[Water running]

[Water stops]

Finn: [Breathing heavily]

Franco: My. [Sighs] How did I get here?

[Cell phone ringing]

Franco: Never even saw 'em coming.

Elizabeth: Wait. Franco knows who killed Tom Baker?

Kiki: Seems like it.

Elizabeth: Well, then why isn't he going to the police? Why would you need to convince him to do something that would fix all of his problems?

Kiki: Franco doesn't want to turn this person in, because he doesn't want to hurt her any more than he already has.

Elizabeth: A woman? A woman killed Tom Baker? Who?

Leader: Please.

Alexis: Oh. Thank you.

Leader: We've all been there. If you don't drink and keep coming to meetings, your life will get better.

Alexis: I don't see how it could get much worse. I mean, I didn't think it could get much worse the night that I almost killed my grandson. You know, we -- I was drinking, and we were baking cookies, and, uh, the cookies burned and almost set the house on fire. But I didn't know 'cause I was blacked out on the couch. So you think that would have stopped me from drinking, but it didn't. So I kept on drinking. And then I did something even more horrific, if you can believe it. Well, bits I don't know if I'm gonna be able to live with.

Hayden: [Clears throat]

Finn: Hey. Hi. Well, how do you manage to make that thing look so amazing?

Hayden: It must have something to do with the company I'm keeping.

Finn: Nah.

Hayden: [Chuckles] What did you get? I'm starving.

Finn: Oh.

Hayden: [Chuckles]

Finn: Well -- well, the restaurant put a little something together for us, and, um, hot toddy, as you requested. And, um, whiskey for me.

Hayden: We should toast.

Finn: Okay.

Hayden: To Roxy. Where is she?

Finn: It's... it's nap time, so... look, there she is under the foliage there.

Hayden: Oh. Oh, yeah.

Finn: Thank you, Roxy, for donating the blood that saved our lives.

Hayden: To the best bearded dragon on earth.

Finn: To Roxy, for giving us this day, the day I thought we'd never see.

[Glass clink]

Nathan: Nina, you have thought of everything. [Chuckles]

Nina: Yep. When I started here, Julian expected me to fail. And everything I learned, I learned from Maxie. So I know her taste inside and out, and she is gonna love this. So you know your part. You know what to do.

Nathan: Yeah, yeah, no, I got, uh, Dante and Lulu waiting in the restaurant upstairs. They are ready to spring into action the moment I say so.

Nina: All right. All systems go.

Nathan: [Sighs] It's nice, you know, to know that I can count on my big sister.

Nina: Hey, J. I got your back. I'm always gonna look out for you.

Maxie: This is it. This is the one.

Dillon: Well, I don't know much about wedding dresses, but, yeah, that one does seem to be pretty exceptional.

Maxie: Whoever wears this is gonna be one lucky bride.

Nathan: You okay?

Maxie: Never better.

Nathan: Hey, I got to -- I got to go to work.

Maxie: Okay. Oh! Uh, how did it go with Nina?

Nathan: We have agreed to disagree about Valentin.

Lulu: I understand that it will be confusing for Charlotte at first. I also understand that she needs time to work through Claudette's loss. I-I just want her to know that I'm here and I love her and I can help her through her grief.

Valentin: All right, let me make this perfectly clear. I do not want Charlotte told that Lulu is her biological mother -- not now. That is much too, much too soon.

Dante: That son of a bitch had something to do with Claudette's death. I know it.

Lulu: Were you just so heavily in cop mode that you couldn't give me a little backup when I was suggesting we tell Charlotte the truth?

Dante: I wasn't backing you up. I just happen to believe that -- that Valentin is right.

Alexis: And I went to a bar in a nearby town because I didn't want anyone to see me, know me, and I got drunk, and I got in my car, and I hit somebody, and I almost killed him. And then I did something even worse than that. I don't think I'm gonna be able to get over that.

Kiki: I'm sorry, Elizabeth. I don't know who the real killer is. Franco wouldn't tell me.

Elizabeth: What exactly did he say?

Kiki: He said he'd hurt this person by hurting someone that she loved and that he'd caused her so much suffering he wasn't willing to cause her any more.

Elizabeth: How did he hurt this person?

Kiki: I don't know, but it must have been really, really bad to keep him from clearing his own name.

Elizabeth: So what's his plan?

Kiki: All I know is that he swore to me that he wasn't gonna go to prison.

Elizabeth: He never showed up for work today. Do you think he went on the run?

Franco: Somebody help me! Help. You're first. Okay. Oh, God. What am I gonna...? Okay. What am I gonna do with you? It's freezing in here.

Elizabeth: According to the PCPD, Franco hasn't been arrested. So where is he?

Kiki: I didn't get any kind of vibe from him that he was planning to run away, and I really don't think that he would leave you. When I told him that you stopped by, his face really lit up.

Alexis: Obviously, I drank enough so that I blacked out, so I don't really remember what happened. I just remember bits and pieces of it. So [Clears throat] I don't know that you're gonna be able to answer this for me, but I don't know what to do or how I'm gonna live with myself knowing what I've done.

Leader: The person who did those things was the drunk you, not the sober you. You need to forgive yourself.

Finn: I'm a terrible eater.

Hayden: Before you, um, move on to another research project, have you given any thought to patenting the formula for the cure?

Finn: Yeah, yeah, I think the formula could have other applications. I think it could be helpful in -- in curing other diseases. It's just I'm uneasy about the thought of working with big pharmaceutical companies. You know, the last thing I want is to turn the patent over to some entity and they jack up the costs and make it unavailable to people that really need -- I'm -- I'm sorry.

Hayden: For what?

Finn: Hmm. I do that. I get up on my moral high horse.

Hayden: It's just --you saved both our lives. You can get on your moral high horse if you want to.

Finn: Yeah? I think I have a better idea.

Hayden: What's that?

Finn: This.


Nina: So do you want me to be there when you break the news to Charlotte?

Valentin: You're very sweet, my darling, but you're relatively new to Charlotte's life. I don't want to overwhelm her or confuse her. So I think I better do it by myself. Listen, aren't you helping out with your brother's wedding, anyway?

Nina: Well, yes, I am, but I figured if you would have wanted me to be there, I would have found a way to do both.

Valentin: I know. I'm glad we got married. And I'm really glad that Charlotte and I don't have to go through this alone.

Nina: I'll be thinking of you both.

Valentin: I'm always thinking of you. She's coming off the ice. I'm gonna go. I'll talk to you later. Hey! Look at you! You're getting to be a great skater out there. You're super-graceful, like a swan.

Charlotte: Mommy taught me. When is she coming back?

Valentin: Come over here. I've got something I got to tell you. I have news about your mom, and it's really, really sad news.

Dante: I know you're eager to be Charlotte's mother. I know it's on your mind a lot, but we got to put her feelings first. The only woman that she's ever known to be her mother is dead. She's got to deal with that before she deals with the fact that you are her real mother.

Lulu: I know. I... I just thought it would help to hear bad news with good news. But you're right. I was just thinking about myself.

Dante: And Charlotte. And that's okay. That's good. But table that right now, 'cause our friends are getting married today, and we should probably -- we should probably put the focus on them. All right.

Lulu: Yeah.

[Elevator doors open]

Nathan: Hey. Hey. Everybody ready to make me a married man?

Maxie: All brides are hypocrites.

Dillon: How's that?

Maxie: Fashion designers, fashion magazines -- a whole industry preys on that hypocrisy. Uh, the dress, the color scheme, the reception, all the trappings -- none of that should really matter. What matters is promising to spend your life loving someone who's gonna love you back. I mean, who -- who really cares if you have the most fabulously designed dress ever, and think of all those designer dresses for celebrity marriages that never last. You get so wrapped up in the fantasy of yourself in this perfect dress on this perfect day, and then, poof, your -- your wedding day is gone. And then you realize -- well...I realized... I'd be happy marrying Nathan in jeans and a T-shirt. Or at least an off-the-rack cocktail. But then you miss your chance -- I missed my chance, and I'm wondering if we're ever gonna get that chance again.

Lulu: Matron of honor and best man at your service, sir.

Nathan: Well, all right, let's do it. Let's get me hitched.

Finn: That was nice.

Hayden: Very nice.

Finn: I meant what I said.

Hayden: I did, too. That kiss was very nice.

Finn: [Chuckles] No. No, not -- not just now. I meant what I said before -- that night -- the night -- the night you almost died. I don't know. You were probably so out of it, you couldn't even hear me.

Hayden: Are you kidding me? I think that's what gave me the strength to keep fighting.

Finn: What did I say?

Hayden: You said if I survived, you wouldn't pull back anymore.

Finn: And I won't.


Valentin: I am so sorry about your mom. I know how much you loved her. But you know what? I love you. And I'm not going anywhere. You want to go say a prayer for Mom?

Charlotte: So she'll come back to see me from heaven?

Valentin: Oh, honey.

Charlotte: Are you sad, Papa?

Valentin: Yeah.

Charlotte: Maybe Nina can be my new mommy.

Nina: Okay, how's it going? Did you choose a wedding dress to feature?

Maxie: Yep.

Nina: Oh. It's beautiful. I knew you'd choose the right one.

Dillon: So...

[Door closes]

Dillon: What is next on the to-do list?

Maxie: Um, select the best personal vows written by a bride and a groom.

Dillon: Oh, yeah, right. I got the, uh -- the submissions right here. Actually, you know what? Don't start with the top one. Just --

Maxie: What, is it too hokey? "I vow to be supportive in times of stress, to wait for you to make decisions with all the patience I have, and to never pressure you."

Dante: How's it going?

Lulu: We're getting close.

Dante: Yeah?

Lulu: [Smooches]

Dante: You're a good friend, you know that? Helping pull this all together with everything that's going on.

Lulu: Thank you. I would do anything for Maxie. You think he can really do this?

Dante: Yeah, I don't think I've ever seen anyone more determined to make someone happy.

[Cell phone ringing]

Nathan: Hey, Nina. Oh, yeah, the, uh -- the wedding venue's definitely ready for the bride.

Nina: Okay, everything's perfect. I have the dress that Maxie picked out ready and waiting.

Nathan: Oh, she's gonna be so shocked.

Nina: Listen, I'm starting to feel guilty. Distracting Maxie with the wedding issue has been kind of rough on her, so please tell me that the venue is perfect. Maxie deserves perfect.

Nathan: Oh, it's, uh... it's beyond perfect.

Maxie: This is ridiculous. I need to stop feeling so sorry for myself.

Dillon: Why don't you try looking at pictures of Georgie? That always seems to cheer you up.

Maxie: No, I need to finish that list, and I have to look through all those vows. It's gonna be difficult picking which one's best. I'm sure they're all beautiful.

Dillon: Okay, well, I'm gonna go talk to Nina, and I will be right back.

Maxie: Okay.

Dillon: Nina, we need to move this thing along. All this wedding talk? Maxie can't take much more of this.

Nina: I know. I know. I just got off the phone with J. Everything is ready.

Dillon: Thank God. Let's do this.

Nina: All right, let's go. Let's go make Maxie's dreams come true.

Dillon: Maxie, we have a surprise for you.

Nina: Maxie?

Dillon: Maxie?

Nina: Maxie? Oh, no. Where did she go?

Dillon: I have no idea.

Alexis: I know that the right thing to do would be to go to the police and tell them the truth, but, really, right now I-I just want... a-a drink. [Sobbing] And I want to forget everything.

Leader: Alexis, that's why you need a sponsor -- somebody to talk to when you're having that urge.

Alexis: Okay. I need a sponsor.

Kiki: I know how much Franco cares about you. Um, and I really want you guys to be together.

Elizabeth: You're not the only one.

Kiki: So Franco won't give up the woman that he thinks killed Tom, which means that it must be someone he feels really guilty about. But who? I mean, who would Franco give up his freedom for?

Elizabeth: I don't know.

Kiki: Well, if you hear from him, will you, uh, let me know?

Elizabeth: Yeah, of course. I hope it's soon.

Kiki: Yeah, me too.

[Elevator bell dings]

Kiki: All right, thank you.

Elizabeth: See you later.

Kiki: Bye.

[Telephone ringing]

Elizabeth: Franco, it's me again. I just spoke with Kiki, and we're both really scared that you're not returning our calls. Can you please call me back? We can figure this out together.

Leader: I'm very glad you came today.

Alexis: Thank you. I appreciate it. Thank you.

[Elevator bell dings]

Elizabeth: It's a woman who killed Tom Baker, and Franco hurt someone she loves. Just like he hurt Sam. No. It couldn't be Alexis, could it?

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Maxie: I need to get a ticket.

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