GH Transcript Wednesday 1/11/17

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 1/11/17


Episode #13721 ~ Sonny confronts Nelle who insists she didn't mean to make Carly curious; Kiki agrees to keep Franco's secret; Maxie & Nathan set out to find Claudette in Canada; Alexis unravels in front of Julian; Valentin & Nina exchange wedding rings with Charlotte's help.

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[Door opens]

Maxie: [Sighs] Finally, we can get some sleep. I have a feeling this decor will keep me awake.

Nathan: I don't know. I think you're, uh -- you're gonna be asleep before your head even hits the pillow. You are still recovering from the flu. We flew up here to Canada on a whim and have spent hours following up on Claudette's disappearance.

Maxie: Yeah. I'm sorry we struck out with the local precinct.

Nathan: That's all right. We had to be thorough. I still think Claudette's mom's gonna be our best bet for a lead.

Maxie: She didn't tell us anything.

Nathan: Maybe -- maybe she'll let us look through her things, and we can find something. I just -- I didn't want to ask her today. She seems...worried. It's been months since Claudette got on that flight to Calgary and disappeared.

Maxie: Well, I think our best chance is to go through Claudette's stuff. I mean, yes, her mother already did, but she's just a mom. She's not a trained police detective. She might've missed something significant.

Nathan: Maybe you could... keep her busy. Like, keep her in the living room with small talk, and I can go perform a more detailed search.

Maxie: I will do whatever I have to to finalize this divorce.

Nathan: Unfortunately, all we can do for now is wait.

Charlotte: When will Papa be here?

Nina: Soon. Soon. I can't wait to tell him what a great skater you were today. Soon you're gonna be skating backwards.

Charlotte: I want to do spins like you do.

Nina: Oh, like I do? Well, I'm definitely an amateur. But you know what? Maybe we can get you skating lessons.

Charlotte: Maybe.

Nina: I think your papa would be fine with that.

Valentin: Fine with what?

Charlotte: Papa!

Valentin: [Chuckling] Hey.

Charlotte: Where were you?

Valentin: Well, I was taking care of something very important to you and me and Nina.

Charlotte: Is it a surprise?

Valentin: It is. Nina and I have something very important to tell you.

[Door opens]

Franco: [Sighs]

[Door closes]

Kiki: Happy New Year.

Franco: Hey.

Kiki: I hope you had a good one. I definitely did. Um, well, I've also been keeping the celebration going today by having a takeout feast. There's a lot of leftover stuff over there if you want to have some. So, uh, what is that?

Julian: Alexis, we need to talk about the night that Tom Baker was murdered. Did you talk to anybody at the bar?

Alexis: Do we really have to do this now? Really? Isn't the whole point of me not drinking so that I can kind of get my head clear?

Julian: Specifics can wait. I just thought maybe you, uh, wanted to, you know, take your mind off things, get a little distraction.

Alexis: I am not some addict who's going through the throes of the DTs. I am freaking worried about my future, and you're making me try to remember every detail of -- of a night where I murdered a man. It's not calming me. You're not calming me. In fact, you are the reason that I'm in this mess in the first place.

Julian: Hey! You're not upset with me right now.

Alexis: [Sighs]

Julian: Okay, you are upset with me. It's just not what's upsetting you the most.

Alexis: Killing a man is pretty upsetting.

Julian: I don't think that's it, either.

Alexis: What is it, then?

Julian: You're upset because, well, you're afraid the only thing that can help you right now is a drink.

Sam: This is soot.

Jason: Yeah, it's soot. Did you get it?

Sam: Yeah, I'm getting it.

Jason: It's from the fire.

Sam: Oh, yeah? I get the feeling that that pawn-shop fire was probably a closer call than you're letting on.

Jason: Really?

Sam: Yeah.

Jason: Come on, I'm fine. I just wish I had more to show for it like, I don't know, the name of the person in charge. That'd be nice.

Sam: You didn't uncover any more leads?

Jason: No. The place was tossed before we got there. There was nothing left to I.D. Rudge or whoever he's working for. I did find, uh, this.

Sam: Let me see.

Jason: It's not much, but, uh...

Sam: Hmm.

Jason: Who is this kid?

Sam: I don't know, but there is something familiar about this face.

Nelle: What does that mean? "A new understanding"?

Sonny: I thought we agreed we weren't gonna say anything about what happened between us. Did you change your mind? Why did you tell Carly you're dating a married man?

Nelle: I didn't.

Sonny: You saying Carly lied?

Nelle: No, no. I told Carly that I was seeing somebody that was unavailable. I didn't -- I guess she thought I meant a married man, but of course, she didn't think that I meant you.

Sonny: Why would you say anything at all?

Nelle: [Sighs] Carly kept dropping hints about me and Michael, you know? And considering...what happened between you and me --

Sonny: Which is never gonna happen ag-- do you understand that? It's never gonna happen again.

Nelle: Yes, I un-- yes, I understand that, okay? I get that. But, you know, in order to stop Carly from matchmaking, I-I just -- I decided to tell a little white lie. I didn't mean anything by it, truly.

Sonny: You made Carly curious.

Nelle: Look, if you want me to tell Carly the truth, I will. I-I mean about -- about making up the married man, okay? Just...

Sonny: [Sighs]

Nelle: ...Tell me what you want me to do. [Sniffles]

Valentin: You know how Nina has been spending a lot of time with us lately, right? And you like Nina, don't you?

Charlotte: A lot.

Nina: Thank you. I like you a lot, too. I like your father.

Valentin: And I like Nina. So, Nina and I were thinking how much fun would it be if we could spend, like, a lot, lot of time together. So we got married.

Maxie: I-I guess I had this fantasy that we would get here, ask a few questions, and voilą, find Claudette.

Nathan: Hey, if it was up to me, we would drive up to Niagara Falls right now and get married.

Maxie: Despite how frustrated I am, you are more than worth the wait, and as soon as you finalize this divorce, we can get married in front of our family and friends.

Nathan: I cannot wait to start our future together.

Maxie: [Chuckles]

Nathan: I thought maybe we might start by moving out of your apartment.

Maxie: What's wrong with my apartment?

Nathan: N-nothing. I just thought you might like to move into a house.

Franco: This? This is just, uh -- a cat video.

Kiki: Really? Because you seemed kind of jumpy when I came in.

Franco: I just -- I didn't know you were gonna be here, that's all.

Kiki: Surprise. I actually got back a few hours ago.

Franco: You were out?

Kiki: Yeah. Clearly you didn't read my note.

Franco: Oh, no, I didn't see your note. Why? Sorry, I've been a little preoccupied. You were at your mom's?

Kiki: No. If you read the note, you would know that I was going to Los Angeles.

Franco: [Sighs] Kiki, it says here you're moving to Los Angeles. You were gonna move to Los Angeles without saying goodbye?

Kiki: I said goodbye. Right there.

Franco: In a note.

Kiki: I couldn't face telling everyone that I was leaving, okay? It doesn't even matter. I'm back now. I only got to Detroit on a bus. I turned around.

Franco: Why'd you turn around?

Kiki: Dillon.

Franco: Would've thought that that's why you left town in the first place.

Kiki: He was. He was. But he's also the reason I came back. Look at that.

Franco: You should explain.

Kiki: Well, there I was getting on the bus, ready to go, and then there was Dillon already on the bus. Turns out he was going to L.A. to get away from me.

Franco: So Dillon stayed on the bus and then you came back here?

Kiki: No, no. Dillon came back, too.

Franco: Ordinarily my conversations with you are not this confusing.

Kiki: We're together, Franco.

Franco: Oh.

Kiki: When we were stuck on the bus, we were forced to talk about things, and it was clearly what we both wanted, so we came back to Port Charles together, and I decided to finally stop fighting my feelings for him.

Franco: Well, that's great. I'm happy for you. You found somebody you care about. You have to do everything you can to make sure nothing stands in the way.

Alexis: What I want is for this nightmare to end, and the only way that I can do that is -- is if I remember what happened that night, so I need to keep a clear head. And as much as you will drive anyone to drink, I can't have one so that I can keep a clear head. I stay sober, so be it.

Julian: Alexis, the only reason you're jumping out of your skin right now is because you're starting to go through withdrawal from the alcohol.

Alexis: You know what? Since you insist on talking, then let's just do it. Let's just do it. You just -- you just talk about it and jog my memory.

Julian: Uh, okay. All right, so Franco, he has this picture of you with Tom that he posted online that night. Is there anybody else who could place you at the bar?

Alexis: I don't remember. I-I don't remember -- just bits and pieces.

Julian: Alexis, you need to think. You need to -- tell you what, you need to just place yourself at the bar. Did you talk to anybody?

Alexis: Gene, the owner. Gene. His name is Gene.

Jason: You're right. He does look familiar.

Sam: Right? I mean, the paper and processing, barely decades old, but... oh, my God. I think I know who it is.

Jason: Who?

Sam: Julian.

Jason: If you're right and this is Julian, then he is definitely connected to Rudge and whoever Rudge is working for.

Sam: But why would it be in the background?

Jason: I don't know. Whoever this woman is, she has a relationship with Julian, and...maybe this kid.

Sam: [Sighs]

Jason: It's gone back decades.

Sam: I-I just don't know who it could be. I'm telling you, when I accused Ava, she couldn't stop laughing. She seemed shocked, actually. What do you want to do?

Jason: I guess we should, uh, go see Sonny, tell him what we've found so far.

Charlotte: You married my papa?

Nina: Yes, I did.

Charlotte: Does that mean Nina's gonna live with us?

Valentin: Yeah. Yeah, it does. Isn't that fun? I mean, you'll be able to play together any time you want to.

Nina: Yeah. You -- you can come to me when, um, oh, gosh, uh... when you need help picking out your clothes and when you skin your knee and when you're hungry and you want a snack. You can also come to me when you want to build a fort in the living room. [Clears throat] And you can come to me when you want to play in the snow, 'cause we'll play in the snow together. And, you know, I'm still gonna be Nina. I'm just gonna be with you from the time in the morning when you need braids in your hair want to read a story at bedtime. Uh, that sounds fun, right?

Charlotte: It sounds wonderful!

Nina: [Chuckles]

Maxie: You want to buy a house?

Nathan: Well, yeah. I was -- I was thinking three bedrooms, maybe one for you and me and -- and one for Georgie when she comes to visit, and, uh, you know, maybe one for her brother or sister when the time comes.

Maxie: Wow, you've really been thinking about this.

Nathan: Max, I mean... I wanted to build a life with you since I met you. I don't want to wait any longer than I have to. What do you say?

Maxie: When can we move in?

Nathan: Really?

Maxie: Really. [Chuckles]

Nathan: I have one condition, though.

Franco: [Sighs] This is good. You sure you don't want some?

Kiki: Oh, yeah. I'm stuffed. Dillon and I literally stuffed ourselves. I can't even think about taking another bite.

Franco: Look at you. You seem happy.

Kiki: I am.

Franco: All right. Well, Dillon's okay in my book. I know you were in a lot of pain when Morgan died, so I'm glad you're doing better.

Kiki: Yeah. You know, I don't think I'll ever stop missing Morgan. But I have to move on with my life, you know? Ultimately, I think that's what he would've wanted. Life can change really drastically. That's what I've learned from Morgan's death, so...when you find something good, you just got to hold on really tight. You look like you've got something on your mind.

Franco: Ah. I don't know. I guess I do. But you seem to be enjoying a much deserved few moments of peace, so I'm not gonna burden you.

Kiki: No, I want you to be as happy as I am. You got to get something off your chest, I'm all ears.

Franco: You know that guy Tom Baker?

Kiki: The one who came on to me and then you had me lure to your studio?

Franco: Yeah. That guy.

Kiki: Yeah, what about him?

Franco: He was murdered.

Julian: So, this Gene, the owner of the bar, he saw you the night of the murder?

Alexis: Yes.

Julian: Did he see you leave?

Alexis: He's the one who remembered it for me.

Julian: Okay, well, I mean, if he didn't tell the cops what -- what happened, then obviously he didn't see anything that would incriminate you.

Alexis: Not necessarily. He said that he doesn't discuss customers. You know, it's barman's code or something, and that's why he didn't answer any of Franco's questions.

Julian: Okay, well, did he act like he thought maybe you killed Baker?

Alexis: He covered for me. That's all I know. I don't think he cared whether I killed him or not.

Julian: Did he see you and Tom leaving the bar?

Alexis: He saw me leave, he saw Baker follow me, and I think he assumed that -- that he caught up with me.

Julian: Okay, Alexis, that's just speculation. You're not thinking like a lawyer right now. You need to think.

Alexis: I'm sorry, I'm not at my best right now.

Julian: [Sighs] Okay. What about the alley? Did anybody see you out there? Anybody who could've seen what had happened?

Alexis: I don't remember. I don't remember. It was just me.

Julian: Alexis? Alexis?

Sonny: Here's what I want. D how --how good it feels to be happy for just a moment? It's best for everybody that you don't say anything about us sleeping together. Do you understand?

Nelle: I understand. I understand. I just -- I-I thought that by pretending I was with somebody else that I was protecting you.

Sonny: Well, I don't need your protection.

Nelle: No, I know. I know that, okay? I just -- I was just trying to shut the conversation down with Carly, and I never expected her to assume that my invented boyfriend was married. You know, she leapt to that conclusion all on her own. None of this was my fault.

Sonny: No, it never is.

[Knock on door]

Jason: Hey. Sonny.

Sam: Hi. Oh, um, I-I hope we're not interrupting.

Nelle: I'm on my way out. Um, Carly asked me to check in on Sonny while she's away.

Sam: Oh, yeah? Where's Carly going?

Sonny: Australia to bring Joss home.

Nelle: So, um, just let me know if you need anything else.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, sure.

Nelle: Okay. Bye. It was nice seeing you.

Jason: Bye.

Sam: Bye.

Sonny: You look fantastic.

Sam: That is sweet.

Sonny: You all right?

Sam: Yeah.

Sonny: Feeling good?

Sam: I'm good. I'm great, aside from the occasional soccer kick. [Chuckles] I'm doing great.

Sonny: That's good. That's good.

Sam: Yeah.

Sonny: Did you find out who, uh, planted the bomb?

Jason: Well, Curtis and I, we tracked the device to a pawn shop. We broke into that pawn shop, but, uh, somebody burned it down.

Sam: With Jason and Curtis inside.

Jason: Yeah, yeah. Anyway, uh, look, we're pretty sure that Julian was not involved in the planting of the bomb, but we're close to finding out who was.

Sonny: So, who's the guy?

Jason: Actually, we think it might be a woman.

Alexis: Y-you're not here. You're dead.

Julian: Alexis. Uh... [Chuckles] Who are you talking to?

Tom: [Echoing] Dead? Well, you would know, wouldn't you, since you're the one who killed me.

Alexis: Get away from me. No, no, no. I don't want to think about you.

Tom: There's an easy way to do that. Have a drink.

Kiki: Tom Baker was killed?

Franco: Yep. And I had nothing to do with it, but the police seem to think that I did.

Kiki: Well, do you have an alibi?

Franco: Kind of. I mean, if I told the police where I was when Tom was killed, I would look even more guilty.

Kiki: Okay, well, are there any other suspects? Maybe, I don't know, you could start looking into it yourself, see if you can figure out who killed him.

Franco: Actually, I already know who killed him.

Kiki: Okay, that's great. Why don't you go clear your name?

Franco: Right, that was my first impulse, too. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that I can't go to the police.

Charlotte: I wish I could've been at the wedding.

Nina: So do I, but it was very late. It was way past your bedtime.

Charlotte: How late?

Valentin: Well, Nina and I got married at the stroke of midnight.

Charlotte: Like Cinderella?

Nina: Mm, well, the opposite of Cinderella, actually, 'cause you remember how at the stroke of midnight, all the fairy godmother's magic disappeared, and Cinderella had to leave the ball.

Charlotte: And the carriage turned into a pumpkin and the horses were mice again?

Nina: Yep, yep. But you see, at the stroke of midnight, your papa and I, we said our vows to each other, and the church was magical. And no one turned into a pumpkin. The only thing missing was you.

Valentin: Well, there was one other thing that was missing.

Maxie: Um, what's your condition for us to get a house?

Nathan: I want one of those over the fireplace.

Maxie: You're kidding, right? Tell me you're kidding.

Nathan: No, no, no. I'm completely serious. I grew up in the city. I wanted to be surrounded by the, uh, beauty of nature, and with one of these in our home, I finally can be.

Maxie: You think this is nature?

Nathan: Yeah. You think the lodge would sell us one? [Chuckles]

Maxie: I don't know, but if we're gonna take the moose home, we need one, two of these throw pillows. [Hits Nathan with them.]

Nathan: [Chuckling] Okay, okay, okay.

Maxie: Oh, no, I don't think so. I don't think so.

[Knock on door]

Nathan: All right, all right. Time out, time out. [Laughs] Inspector Tremblay.

Tremblay: Detective West. Ms. Jones. I have some information about Claudette Beaulieu.

Kiki: If you turn whoever killed Tom Baker in to the police, you clear your name. Why would you even hesitate?

Franco: It's not that simple.

Kiki: How did I know you were gonna say that?

Franco: Okay, look. Tom Baker was the lowest of the low. He completely deserved to die. The person who killed him shouldn't even be punished for it.

Kiki: Okay, even if you think that this person who killed Tom Baker was doing a public service, that doesn't mean that you should go to jail for it.

Franco: I may be innocent of this, but I have committed other crimes. And the person who did kill Tom Baker... I did something to hurt someone in her family.

Kiki: Her? Oh, so the killer's a woman?

Franco: Please stop. No, cut it out, please.

Kiki: Will you tell me, please?

Franco: No, stop. I've already said too much.

Kiki: [Sighs] Fine. You don't have to tell me. But with everything that we know about Tom Baker, we know that she was probably just defending herself from him, so she probably won't go to prison, because it's self-defense.

Franco: I guess it's a possibility, but I'm not gonna take that chance.

Kiki: So, what? You're just gonna let yourself be arrested for a crime that you didn't commit?

Franco: I have no idea what I'm gonna do. I don't know. All I know for sure is that I can't turn this woman in, even if that means that I lose Elizabeth.

Alexis: I'm not gonna drink.

Julian: Well, you're right. I'm gonna help you through this.

Tom: If you stay sober, you'll never be rid of me. You'll have no choice but to admit what you've done. Stand before everyone you know and admit that you murdered me.

Alexis: No. I didn't kill you. I couldn't have. I didn't.

Julian: Hey, Alexis, there's nobody there. You're hallucinating. Hey, sweetheart, it's just a -- just a symptom of your withdrawal.

Alexis: Don't you see him?

Tom: I'm the only one who could tell you the truth, who knows what you really are.

Sonny: So, you really think this woman's pulling the strings? She had that bomb planted in Julian's car?

Jason: Yeah, I do, but we weren't able to find much evidence before the pawn shop burned up in flames.

Sonny: Right when you were there?

Jason: Yeah. Convenient, right?

Sonny: Well, glad you got out.

Sam: Yeah, me, too.

Jason: [Clears throat]

Sonny: Any theories on who this woman is?

Jason: I'm not sure, but at the moment, I think she, uh -- she must have a personal tie to Julian.

Valentin: Since Nina and I were married kind of unexpectedly, there's something very important that we didn't have. Can you guess what that is?

Charlotte: Wedding rings.

Valentin: That's right, wedding rings. So we had to improvise.

Charlotte: What's "improvise"?

Nina: Improvise means you kind of have to work with what you've got. There were some beautiful decorations in the church where we got married, and your papa and I made rings out of ribbons, see?

Valentin: But ribbons wear out, and wedding rings last. So while you were skating, I went to the jewelers.

Charlotte: You got wedding rings?

Valentin: I did. And even though you weren't at the ceremony, will you please help us exchange our wedding rings? You can start by opening the box.

Charlotte: Nina, your ring is so pretty.

Nina: It is.

Charlotte: Now what?

Valentin: Well, now you hand Nina my ring and you hand me Nina's ring.

Nina: [Chuckles]

Valentin: We're gonna put the rings on each other's fingers.

Nina: Uh, but first, um, I guess I have to get rid of this, right? But I'm gonna put it somewhere safe in a keepsake box.

Valentin: Now Nina gives me her hand, and I'm gonna say some special words. This is my promise to you.

Charlotte: Now what?

Nina: Now I take your father's hand, and I say special words. I say, "With this ring... I thee wed."

Charlotte: Now what do we do?

Valentin: We kiss.

Charlotte: Yay!

Tremblay: Um, sorry to come knocking at this late hour. Uh, I wish that I could've told you this news when you were in my office earlier.

Nathan: Not at all, Inspector. What have you got?

Tremblay: Well, we found the body of a woman in the river about a month ago -- an apparent suicide. We were in the process of identifying her when somehow her records got mislaid. After your inquiry, we re-ran those prints, and they were a match. I'm very sorry, but... Claudette Beaulieu is dead.

Kiki: Does Elizabeth think that you killed Tom Baker?

Franco: No, I don't think so. I think Elizabeth believed me when I told her I didn't kill Tom. But I've done so many other crazy things in my life that it's hard for her to trust me completely.

Kiki: Oh, I'm sorry.

Franco: It's okay. I understand all of her doubts. It's just... hard to let go.

Kiki: Wait, you guys broke up?

Franco: We're taking a break. It was my suggestion. I wanted us to be able to restart our relationship with a clean slate after I prove to her and to the rest of the world that I'm a good guy. That's why it was so important that I find the real killer, then after finding the real killer, I can't turn the real killer in, so I guess I'm just gonna remain the prime suspect, and that's how it's gonna be. You cannot tell anybody that I told you this.

Kiki: So I'm just supposed to watch you go to prison?

Franco: Well, I haven't been arrested yet, and I was nowhere near the bar the night that Tom Baker was killed, so who knows? Maybe the cops won't even have enough evidence to charge me.

Kiki: There shouldn't be any evidence. You're innocent.

Franco: It's complicated, Kiki. [Sighs] You can't say anything.

Kiki: Fine. I won't say anything. Your secret's safe with me.

Franco: Thank you.

Kiki: But would it make a difference if I told you that Elizabeth stopped by earlier today?

Nathan: I can't believe that Claudette would kill herself.

Maxie: The inspector said that her prints were a definite match for the woman in the river.

Nathan: Hey, I know her life had taken a bad turn, but... whenever -- whenever Claudette was down, she would just plot her next move, figure out the best way to help herself. I know she would lash out in anger at other people, but I never would've thought that she'd have done it to herself.

Maxie: Well...Claudette is gone, and the important thing is we know what happened to her. How are you feeling?

Nathan: I don't know. I'll be the first to admit that Claudette was not the easiest person to be married to. She was needy and impulsive and selfish and, lest we forget, she cheated on me.

Maxie: But you loved her.

Nathan: Yeah. Yeah. For a few years, I really did.

Nina: That is beautiful. Can you draw another flower right here?

[Cell phone ringing]

Valentin: Sorry, I have to take this. What is it?

Tremblay: I did what you told me.

Valentin: And he believed you?

Tremblay: Yes, sir.

Valentin: Well, then thank you for your assistance.

Sam: Well, is that photo familiar at all?

Sonny: I've never seen him before. But it could be Julian as a kid.

Sam: Okay, could you think of any woman that would have longstanding ties to Julian?

Sonny: My guess is the woman is a cover hired by Julian to act as a smokescreen.

Sam: [Sighs]

Jason: Could be.

Sam: Do you mind if I use your bathroom?

Sonny: Go ahead, yeah.

Sam: Thank you.

Jason: Everything okay?

Sam: Um, yeah. Our future soccer player's just kicking up a storm right now.

Sonny: You know where it is.

Sam: Yeah.

Sonny: All right.

Sam: Of course. Thank you.

Sonny: [Chuckles] I-I remember, you know, when Mother Nature called when Carly was pregnant. It drove her nuts, drove me nuts. It was, like, all the time.

Jason: Yeah. So, uh... when we walked in, things looked a little tense between you and Nelle. Everything okay?

Alexis: I didn't want to kill you. I didn't mean to.

Tom: You still did it.

Julian: Alexis, hey, try to calm down. It's gonna be all right. Come on.

Alexis: Don't you touch me.

Julian: I'm not trying to hurt you.

Alexis: This is all your fault. You're the reason that I'm in this mess, and if you didn't try to kill me, I would never have been in that bar. I would never have crossed paths with Tom Baker. You're the reason I'm holding this knife.

Nathan: I'm gonna tell Claudette's mom in person.

Maxie: We're going back there tomorrow anyway.

Nathan: Yeah. And I should call Griffin. Somebody has to tell Charlotte. That little girl. To her, Claudette was mom.

Maxie: Hey, you know what? Let's not worry about any of that right now. Let's just sleep. [Sighs]

Valentin: All right, who's ready to go home?

Charlotte: I am!

Nina: I am, too.

Valentin: And we're off.

Nina: All right.

Valentin: Whoo!

Nelle: Carly? Are you at the airport. Oh, oh, you're on the plane. Good, good. I'm glad to hear that your flight's leaving on time. Don't worry, I'll -- I'll take care of everything here, okay? [Sighs] Yeah, sure. Sure. I'll make sure to take care of Sonny.

Sonny: Everything's fine, Jason.

Jason: Yeah. [Chuckles] Certainly didn't look that way. Look, Sonny, if... if you're in trouble, if there's something going on, you can tell me.

Sonny: [Sighs] Okay, here's the thing. I'm pretty sure Nelle isn't as innocent as she appears to be.

Franco: Elizabeth was here? Why didn't you tell me that?

Kiki: She asked me not to tell you. But now that I know all of this, it seems a lot more significant that she was here.

Franco: You sure she was here to see me? She wasn't, like, just doing, like, a hospital fundraiser door to door?

Kiki: Yes, she was here to see you. Okay, whatever doubts that Elizabeth may have about you, they obviously don't outweigh the feelings that she has.

Franco: Maybe.

Kiki: You have a chance with Elizabeth. A good chance. So, are you still gonna keep your mouth shut about the person who killed Tom Baker, or...gonna change your mind?

Franco: All I know for sure is that I can't go to prison.

Julian: Alexis. Can you hear me? What are you looking at? Hey.

Alexis: You hurt me. You hurt me. You're not gonna take care of me. You're gonna send me to prison for something that you did, and then you tried to kill me. You don't love me.

Julian: No, I do, Alexis.

Alexis: No.

Julian: I do. I promise you. Listen, I know you're in a lot of pain right now, but it's gonna get better.

Alexis: [Groans] I need air. I-I-I need air!

Julian: Just try and calm down.

Alexis: I can't breathe!

Julian: Try to calm down.

Alexis: No, I can't breathe! [Crying] I need air! I want a drink! Oh, God, please! I want a drink!

Julian: Okay. Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Alexis: Oh, please!

Julian: Calm down. It's gonna get better.

Alexis: Please!

Julian: I'm gonna help you through this.

Alexis: Please, please.

Julian: Will you let me help you get through this?

Alexis: Somebody, please, I need help.

Julian: Okay.

Alexis: [Sobs] I need help.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Anna (to Valentin): I learned a great deal since the last time we talked.

Lulu (to Maxie & Nathan): Claudette crossed Valentin, and that man is a killer.

Jordan (to Franco): We are looking for evidence linking you to the murder of Tom Baker.

Laura (to Elizabeth): Do you think Franco is going to be arrested?

Alexis (to Julian): I'm going to turn myself in.

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