GH Transcript Tuesday 1/10/17

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 1/10/17


Episode #13720 ~ Jason's alliance with Curtis hits a snag; Franco & Scott team up in attempting to prove that Franco did not kill Tom Baker; Nelle gets in over her head with Bobbie and Sonny.

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[Carly recalls making love to Sonny]

Bobbie: Carly? Carly? Earth to Carly. [Laughs]

Carly: Oh, gosh.

Bobbie: Welcome back. That was quite a trip.

Carly: I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.

Bobbie: Are you okay?

Nelle: Can't you tell? She's a woman in love.

[Door closes]

Diane: Your trial date's been moved up, and the DA wants your head on a platter. So we have our work cut out for us. Are you smiling?

Sonny: Am I smiling? What if I am?

Diane: Well, I would think your cheer is slightly misplaced.

Sonny: Mm.

Diane: You're about to be on trial for murder, after all. So, as I was saying, we have a great deal of work ahead of us, starting with voluminous prep, so let's get started.

Sonny: Well, I think the prep stuff is just not necessary. But I'll do whatever you say.

Diane: What exactly do you know about this case that I don't?

Sonny: Jason's on it.

Jason: What the...?

Curtis: Uh, well... looks like old Rudge and boss lady peaced out.

Jason: Yeah, looks like it.

Ava: Sam. What a lovely surprise.

Sam: I need to speak with Julian.

Ava: I'm sorry. He's unavailable.

Sam: That's not what I asked. Julian?

Julian: Hey, what's got you so upset? I was outside of Gene's Branford Roadhouse, and I was drunk... and I did something.

Scott: Did you find something?

Franco: Sure did.

Scott: Okay, make that a little bigger. I can't make out the woman. Oh, man, that's Alexis Davis. She looks sloshed.

Franco: She was with a dead man.

Julian: Yeah, that's where you ran over me with your car.

Alexis: I'm not talking about that. It's him. It's someone else.

Julian: "Him." Okay. What did you do to this guy?

Alexis: I killed him.

Julian: No, no. No, Alexis, you're mistaken. Right now, you're in the grip of something so fierce that, uh, it's affecting your judgment.

Alexis: I'm not hallucinating. I'm not having some fantasy. These are my memories, and they're real. I killed Tom Baker.

Scott: I don't get it.

Franco: Yeah, I don't get it, either. I mean, I thought -- I thought Alexis was just drinking too much and then lying about it.

Scott: Well, she's had it rough.

Franco: Yeah, but so this is her solace? She comes and cozies up to a sleazy ex-con in a dive bar?

Scott: People are complicated. You know what it's like to be judged.

Franco: Yeah, I don't care what anybody thinks, except for Elizabeth. That's why I got to figure out who killed Tom Baker. And 10 minutes ago, I didn't have any leads at all, but now I do. Now I have a big lead.

Scott: And you think it's Alexis.

Franco: I don't know what to think. She's been hiding her drinking. Maybe she's hiding something else.

[Door closes]

Ava: Sam? I'll call him right now, all right?

Sam: Calling him where, exactly? He isn't unavailable. He's not even out for a while. That room is unlived-in.

Ava: It's called a made bed. I'll give you my housekeeper's number.

Sam: No, it's not. None of his things are in there, no personal items. So if he's not staying here, where the hell is he staying?

Alexis: I-I can't -- I can't. I can't.

Julian: What? What? Can't do what?

Alexis: I can't do this. I can't! I'm jumping out of my skin! I got to get out of here!

Julian: What are you gonna do? Go get a drink? Hey, hold on! Alexis, hold on, now. Just think about this for a second. Were you drunk when you allegedly killed this -- this Tom?

Alexis: It's not what you think.

Julian: Well, I'll tell you what I think. You're in a far worse situation than I thought. Now listen to me. Drinking got you into this, and trust me, Alexis, it's not gonna get you out.

Alexis: What is? You? You're gonna fix it? You're my savior now?

Julian: [Sighs] Well, you got a better option? Huh? You want to call Diane? You can tell her about your problem? Now listen to me. I might have a way out of this.

Alexis: Yeah, you always have a way out.

Julian: Yeah, well, like it or not, hey, I'm trying to help you, okay?

Alexis: What, so I can become more dependant on you? I don't like it. I don't like you. And I don't want your help.

Julian: Noted. Now, do you want to listen to what I have to say, or do you want to keep going the way you're going, racking up bodies and victims? Choice is yours.

Bobbie: You and Sonny?

Nelle: I'm so sorry. I didn't -- I didn't mean to say anything.

Carly: That's okay.

Nelle: I-I thought she knew.

Carly: That's okay. I was trying to figure out a way to tell my mom. So, Mom, Sonny and I, we are trying to work things out.

Bobbie: And now I know.

Nelle: I'm sorry. I just got so excited, and I started running my mouth.

Carly: I know.

[Both laugh]

Bobbie: Maybe Nelle should sign a nondisclosure agreement.

Carly: Anyway, um, nothing is definite. We're just taking it day by day.

Bobbie: But it sounds like you're leaning in his direction.

Carly: Would that be a problem for you?

Bobbie: Oh, no, honey. I just... I just want you to be happy. And I want you to be heard. So any concerns you might have are valid and should be treated with respect.

Carly: You're right. And Sonny hears me. He does. He understands, and he would never betray my trust again.

Diane: Has Jason uncovered anything that's going to be of benefit to this case?

Sonny: Nothing concrete so far.

Diane: Well, I will be the judge of that.

Sonny: Well, the evidence that Jason has might confuse the issue.

Diane: Confuse? How so?

Sonny: It points to Julian.

Diane: What, Julian bombed his own car? Why?

Sonny: Maybe.

Diane: To frame you?

Sonny: We don't know yet, okay? But Jason's looking into it, and, uh, you know...

Diane: Well, Sonny, while I have every confidence in Jason's abilities, we are up against the clock here. The trial date has been set, and we've got a ton of work ahead of us. This new DA, she's hungry, and if she can bring down the great Sonny Corinthos, she can write her own ticket anywhere, and she knows it, so let's please err on the side of caution, prep the case. Go let Jason do his work. We'll do ours.

Curtis: Huh. Here's how they knew you were in the pawnshop. Boss lady probably saw you and called the cops herself.

Jason: Yeah, looks that way, huh?

Curtis: Man, what is with this Chinese fixation? Okay, check this out. This is stamped with the same reincarnation characters that was on the boat.

Jason: Yeah.

[Door slams]

Curtis: Oh, man, this is no good. It's locked.

Jason: Yeah, it's gonna get worse, too.

Curtis: Please tell me that's not --

Jason: Yeah. This place is on fire, man. We got to get out of here. Let's go. Come on.

Curtis: Aw, come on. Come on.

Jason: This is a trap. They knew we were coming.

Curtis: Well, there's no heat coming from the door. We can probably get back out through the tunnel if we'd ever get this door open.

Jason: Yeah, there's no reception.

Curtis: Hey, look, it's an old-school lock. We could probably pop it with a credit card.

Jason: All right, well, do it, then.

Curtis: I left my wallet in the car.

Jason: You don't have a wallet?

Curtis: I don't have it.

Jason: You got to be kidding me, man. Here. [Coughing]

Curtis: Does it matter which card?

Jason: Man, just open the door!

Curtis: I'm gonna use the gold.

Ava: All right. Please, if you'll excuse me...

Sam: Actually, I think this is the perfect time to play catch-up. We don't really get to spend any time together. Figured maybe I could show you some pictures from the baby shower. Or, I mean, we can talk about all my silly little cravings. We will have all the time in the world to catch up waiting for Julian to get back. Unless, of course, you want to tell me what I want to know. Put us both out of our misery, please.

Ava: Okay, Sam. Let's just get this over with, then. What can I do for you?

Sam: Jason and I, um... we have uncovered new information about Morgan's death. There's a lot more to it than anyone knows.

[Glass shatters]

Diane: Is it true, Mr. Corinthos, that you and your wife had your son Morgan admitted to Freedman in order to treat his disease? Sonny?

Sonny: What? Okay. What -- what was the question?

Diane: The question was, do you think you're gonna look good in orange? You got to concentrate.

Sonny: I-I know. It's just, this whole thing with putting Morgan into Freedman and... I'm cooped up in here, Diane. I feel like I'm in some kind of prison. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Diane: Yes, I do. Okay. All right, let's take a break, because this work isn't gonna do either of us any good if it doesn't stick. Hey, is it true what Max always says?

Sonny: What does Max say?

Diane: That your refrigerator is always full to bursting?

Sonny: Pasta?

Diane: [Laughs] Mmm! That's good stuff.

Sonny: Yeah, Olivia's Bolognese sauce.

Diane: Mmm. Well...

Sonny: The best, I'm telling you.

Diane: Hear, hear to Olivia.

Sonny: Well, yeah. Well, hear, hear to you, too -- a very dedicated and patient lawyer.

Diane: I will drink to that.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Diane: Yes, I am. You know, you've never been the easiest client, Sonny. But I've always had a tremendous affection for you and your family. Morgan was a good boy. He knew what he was up against, and he fought it. And I know that this line of defense isn't comfortable for you... but Morgan wouldn't want you convicted for something that you didn't do. You have to fight just as hard as he did.

Sonny: Let's get back to work.

Bobbie: I am happy for you and Sonny. But that might not be such great news for Nelle.

Nelle: Of course, it is. Why wouldn't it be?

Bobbie: Well, I just meant that Carly might not need you as much. She might have to start picking out her own clothes.

[Bobbie recalls]

Bobbie: You were in Sonny's bedroom?

Nelle: I was picking up something for Carly to wear to wear to Morgan's funeral, and it was time for me to take my pill, and the bottle has this ridiculously hard child-proof cap, and they just spilled everywhere. I don't get it. Why are you always acting as if I've done something wrong?

[Present time]

Bobbie: But on the bright side, you're gonna have a lot more time to yourself. It's Lucas. Excuse me.

Carly: Um, you know, my mom's right. You probably are gonna have more free time, but I'm always gonna need you. [Chuckles]

Nelle: Well, I am glad to help, Carly. You know? But maybe she's right. Maybe you should take some time and do something for yourself, you know? Maybe -- maybe put your family back together.

Carly: What do you mean?

Nelle: Well, you know, Joss is due back from Australia soon, right?

Carly: Yeah.

Nelle: Maybe you should go and get her. You know, use the flight back to ease her into your reconciliation with Sonny.

Carly: That's a long trip. I mean, it's really bad timing, with Sonny's trial coming up.

Nelle: Yeah. I mean, Joss is just -- you know, she's just so upset, and I -- I don't know. I just thought it would be a good idea. I don't know. Maybe Michael can get her.

Carly: No, I can't ask him to do that. Me knowing Michael, he'll say, "Sure, no problem," and he'll offer to go, but he's up to his neck in ELQ. [Sighs]

Nelle: I don't know. Maybe I'm making too big of a deal out of it.

Carly: No. No, you're not. Joss is like me -- she's stubborn to a fault. And when she's made up her mind about something, there's no changing it, and she has definitely made up her mind about Sonny.

Nelle: [Chuckles]

Carly: And I should talk to her about all this instead of springing it on her when she gets home.

Nelle: Mm-hmm.

Carly: Okay. Book me a first-class ticket to Sydney tonight. Hopefully, I can sleep on the plane.

Nelle: Okay.

Carly: Okay.

Nelle: I'll take care of it.

Carly: Now I got to tell Sonny. He's not gonna like it. He'll understand, but he's not gonna like it.

Nelle: Well, I mean, if you want, I can check in on Sonny while you're gone.

Carly: No, you need to take a break.

Nelle: What?

Carly: You need to take a break and spend some time with that secret guy.

Scott: You know, you haven't really got an ironclad case here. You got Alexis Davis lying about being here drinking, a picture of her drinking with Tom Baker, but you know, all of it amounts to a hill of beans. If -- if some prosecutor brought this to me, I'd tell him to get out.

Franco: Oh, well, you'd be wrong, because this is big. This is -- this is something.

Scott: What? What -- what's big? Alexis -- it's sad that she's here alone, drinking in this place, but so what? Big deal.

Franco: Would you go back to a bar where your drinking buddy had been stabbed to death?

Scott: Well, maybe they got really good liquor here and she -- she likes the crowd, you know? Or possibly maybe she was here doing some -- some recon. Maybe she's representing the real killer.

Franco: Yeah, by throwing him back. And last I heard, she no longer has a law license.

Scott: Maybe it's just a coincidence.

Franco: Or maybe she came back to the scene of the crime.

Scott: [Sighs]

Franco: People do that. I know all about that.

Scott: You know, you're, like, throwing spaghetti against the wall, see if anything sticks here. I mean, you're trying to put a case together. I understand that, but there are a lot of questions here. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Where are you going?

Franco: I'm gonna go get some answers.

Alexis: My head is pounding.

Julian: Well... here. Drink up so you don't get dehydrated, okay? Here. Now, tell me what happened.

Alexis: It was... the night of Sam's shower... and the night that you said that you were gonna move in here. And I didn't want you to, but you did it anyway, because I have no leverage and you have all of it. And here you are.

Julian: Alexis --

Alexis: I left Ava's... to have one more night of freedom before I was your nurse for 24/7. And I wanted to go someplace far away so I could be alone, so I went to that bar. And he was there. It wasn't the first time that I met him. But when I met him before, I didn't know that he was -- had raped Elizabeth. He came onto me, and I-I told him to leave me alone, but he didn't, so I-I left him, and then he followed me, and then I-I ended up in -- in an alley somewhere, and he was there. And I told him to leave me alone, and he said I was so wasted, I wouldn't feel anything. And then I remember... screaming, and I remember... he had a knife and that I-I got it -- I got it away from him, and... aah! You messed with the wrong woman. And that was it.

Sam: I'm sorry if I threw you. I know Morgan's a sensitive subject.

Ava: You have a gift for empathy.

Sam: That's why I thought maybe you would be interested. Maybe you would want to help bring Morgan's killer to justice, but...

Ava: Well, I know that Sonny's trial will be starting soon. And I think if the DA thought I could help, I would've been questioned by now.

Sam: Sonny had nothing to do with Morgan's death. But Julian did. And maybe you did, too.

[Cell phone rings]

Franco: Hey.

Scott: Oh, hey, listen, I-I got your text, but I can't wait for you to get back here. I've got to go.

Franco: Something come up?

Scott: Yeah, there's a big four-alarm fire down in the Asian quarter.

Franco: What does that have to do with you?

Scott: Well, somebody might be hurt.

Franco: Right, ambulances need chasing. I got it.

Scott: Okay. All right. I'll see you at the Metro Court later on. Goodbye.

Julian: Alexis, you've been dealing with this all alone all this time?

Alexis: I deal with everything alone, Julian.

Julian: [Sighs] I was here that night. I would've sensed if something was off.

Alexis: I don't remember. I was in some sort of a blackout. I don't remember anything. Just little... bits and pieces lately.

Julian: Okay, well, what do you remember after you allegedly stabbed this Tom Baker?

Alexis: I don't know! Obviously, I called a car, because I ended up back here, in my bed, and I woke up with a hangover. And that's it. That's all I remember.

Julian: Okay, well, if you called a car service, did they pick you up at Gene Branford's Roadhouse, or did they have a record of the address?

Alexis: I don't know! I don't know! All I know is that the -- the police are looking at Franco right now.

Julian: Okay. Well, that's good. But -- but -- hold on, now. If -- if Franco has an alibi, they're gonna look elsewhere. So if they come after you, Alexis, we got to be ready for this.

Alexis: You don't think I-I understand that? I-I-I want to be able to tell you more, but I can't. I-I just know that I was swinging at that Tom Baker.

Julian: Wait, wait, wait. You were swinging. You didn't stab him, then.

Alexis: I was in the act of.

Julian: But you don't remember, do you? So, in fact, you might not have killed him at all. It could've actually been Franco.

[Knock on door]

Franco: Yoo-hoo! Alexis?

[Knocking continues]

Franco: It's Franco. Open up.

Nelle: I don't think I'm ready to vacation with him just yet. Uh, our situation is...complicated.

Carly: Well, I figured it was a long-distance thing. I haven't met him yet. You spent New Year's Eve with Michael. And then I wasn't sure if you guys broke up or if something had happened.

Nelle: Well, long-distance would be simple compared to what's going on. Uh, let's just say he's otherwise engaged.

Carly: Oh. You know what? Be careful. I speak from painful experience that... men who are unavailable tend to stay that way. And I'd hate to see you get hurt.

Nelle: Thank you. But don't worry about that. You know? I'm tough. If anyone gets hurt, it's not gonna be me.

Diane: Let's call it a day. I'm in a post-pasta slump. But we've done great work.

Sonny: [Chuckles] Yeah. Gave me a lot to think about.

Diane: Well, I'm gonna give you one more thing to think about. Carly. I know she's not residing here at present. But as Morgan's mom, her presence and her demeanor toward you is going to hold great sway with the court. Any insights as to what we might expect from her?

Sonny: Um, Carly and I are fine. I mean, there's no reason she won't be by my side when the time comes.

Nelle: Okay. So, that's a first-class round-trip direct flight. Yes, confirmation and itinerary to be sent via e-mail. Okay. Thank you so much. Bye.

Bobbie: Relocating?

Nelle: Uh, no. That's just Carly's flight arrangements. She's gonna go pick up Joss from Australia.

Bobbie: Joss can do that flight alone. She's done it many times.

Nelle: Well, I suggested that Carly go pick her up. You know, use the flight back to prepare Joss for Carly's reconciliation with Sonny.

Bobbie: Always thinking. You really do have a talent for anticipating Carly's needs.

Nelle: Mm. You know, it must be my training. Teaching is about communicating, and communicating is about understanding other people. Some people are easier to read than others. Like you.

Bobbie: Is that so?

Nelle: Mm-hmm. You've been trying to understand me ever since you met me. And I've been trying to understand why it is you don't like me. So, let's communicate. Maybe it's time we finally had it out.

Bobbie: Oh, sweetie, I thought you'd never ask.

Carly: Wow. Something smells amazing.

Sonny: Olivia sent a care package. You hungry? 'Cause Diane left a little Bolognese. It's in the refrigerator.

Carly: Diane was here?

Sonny: Let me take that for you.

Carly: Thank you.

Sonny: Yeah, we, uh, were prepping for the trial.

Carly: Okay. How's that going?

Sonny: Well, um... Diane's planning on saying that Morgan was bipolar, and, uh, the reason that I spoke at his memorial was because he inherited his illness from me.

Carly: How do you feel about that?

Sonny: Well, I didn't feel good about it, but she's convinced that it's the way to go.

Carly: I agree.

Sonny: Yeah, well...

Carly: Morgan's bipolar disorder played a big part. When he got into that car, he was in the middle of a manic episode, and you didn't plant the bomb. And if I have to testify, I'll say the same thing.

Sonny: Well, I appreciate you standing by me.

Carly: Where else would I be? Anyway, I came by here to tell you that I'm, um... I'm gonna be gone for a little while. I'm actually gonna go get Josslyn.

Sonny: From Australia?

Carly: Yeah. I kind of want to, um... tell her about us before I bring it home and spring it on her.

Sonny: Well -- well, I mean, do what you got to do.

Carly: Don't worry. I mean, I'll be back in time for the trial. And if you need anything, just call Nelle.

Sonny: She should take a day off.

Carly: [Laughs] I know, I know.

Sonny: You know what I mean?

Carly: I do. I mean, if I didn't know any better, I would think that that girl does not have a life.

Sonny: Well, maybe she should get one.

Carly: I think she does. Yeah. I mean, there's this guy that she's been seeing, and... I think he's married.

Bobbie: For the record, I never said I didn't like you.

Nelle: Oh, you didn't have to. It was pretty clear when you accused me of stealing from Carly. And when you showed up at my apartment wondering why I was in Sonny's bedroom. And then just now, when you made the "picking out her own clothes" comment in front of Carly. You know, if it bothers you so much, why don't you just go tell Carly instead of making passive-aggressive comments about it to me?

Bobbie: So Carly will defend you and doubt her own mom?

Nelle: You see? Why the hell would I want that? I don't want to cause problems. You act as if I only want to cause problems, when I'm the only one that solves them.

Bobbie: Carly has done just fine all these years without you. And she doesn't need you jumping into business where you don't belong.

Nelle: What is that supposed to mean?

Bobbie: [Scoffs]

Nelle: You know, where -- where is it that I belong, Bobbie? Hmm? What have I ever done to your family besides give up a kidney when I was too young to consent to it?! I didn't ask for anything in return. I didn't even want to stay here. Carly's the one that asked me to stay and help out.

Bobbie: And you did. And became indispensable.

Nelle: Yes. She offered me a job, and I've worked hard at it, and I am proud of that. I never begged, borrowed, stole, or messed up my chances.

Bobbie: Oh, yes, and you always make a point of looking diligent at all times.

Nelle: I've earned my spot, and I didn't have to do it on my back, like you. You were a hooker. You've got no right to judge me.

Bobbie: Well, it seems the real Nelle just showed up. Now we can really talk.

TV Reporter: Breaking news now. Police, fire, and emergency personnel are responding to reports of a possible four-alarm fire in the Asian quarter district. Witnesses describe an inferno...

[Door opens]

Jason: [Coughing] [Grunts]

Woman: You guys okay?

Jason: Okay.

Woman: Hi. Can I get you guys something?

Jason: Hi. Uh, yeah, I'd like a really big water, please. Large water.

Woman: All right, you want something to eat?

Jason: [Coughing]

Curtis: Actually, we kind of just left a smokehouse, so maybe just the water and give us a minute?

Woman: Sure.

Jason: Thank you. We appreciate it. [Coughing]

Curtis: You hear that? An inferno. We're lucky to be alive.

Jason: We inhaled some smoke. That's all. You're gonna live, I promise you that.

Curtis: Yeah, well, it's a wonder old Rudge didn't have a sniper on the roof across the street just in case.

Curtis: Thank you very much.

Jason: Thank you.

Curtis: All of this for naught. [Coughs]

Jason: Well, we got this. They left that behind. [Clears throat] Can you, uh...?

Curtis: Great. We got a picture of some kid. We got the surveillance photo of Buzz, the homeless guy. It's all very thin. [Coughs] Nothing I could take to Jordan.

Jason: Take to Jordan? No, we're not involving the cops.

Curtis: The hell we ain't.

Ava: I had nothing to do with Morgan's death. And I'm really tired of this conversation, Sam, so please leave!

Sam: Okay, so, there's this guy, Rudge, and he's an associate of Julian's, and he's working with someone. And it's a woman. It's you, isn't it? You wanted back in the game. You wanted to be the boss. So you had to get rid of Julian and Sonny somehow, right? So you and Rudge cooked up a plan to kill Julian and then frame Sonny, but you did not count on Morgan getting in the car that night, did you? His was the only life you took. Admit it, Ava. It was you all along.

Ava: [Laughs]

[Door opens]

Alexis: What are you doing here?

Franco: We need to talk about Tom Baker.

Alexis: I have no idea who that is.

Franco: Mind if I come in?

Alexis: Yeah, I do mind. I don't have time right now.

Franco: Well, this won't take long. I'm having kind of a problem. See, the police think I killed somebody, but they're wrong, and I need you to help prove that.

Alexis: I don't practice law anymore, so... even if I did, I-I wouldn't represent you.

Franco: Believe me, I'm not asking you... for any of your professional services. I just need you to tell the cops that I was not with Tom Baker the night that he was murdered.

Alexis: I told you I don't know who he is.

Franco: Well, this says otherwise. Looks like a real humdinger of a night, huh? Oof. Did not end well for Tom Baker. Boy, talk about the ultimate hangover. See, the cops have been all over me since his untimely demise, and with good reason -- I hated the guy. But I didn't kill him. In fact, the night that he was making merry and getting murdered, I was indisposed. But I'm having a hard time getting the cops to take my word for it. You know what that's like. So imagine my relief when I saw a photograph of Tom Baker, perhaps moments before his death, with an upstanding citizen like you. So my hope was that you would be so virtuous and principled that you would come forward on my behalf if I asked. So, knock-knock.

Alexis: I told you I never met him. You had that Photoshopped.

Franco: Oh, please. Look, this... the only way it could be more you is if you had name tag.

Alexis: Get out of my house. You're trespassing.

Franco: Fine. Clearly, you're in the middle of spring cleaning. You want me to recycle these?

Alexis: Get out.

Franco: Okay.

Ava: [Laughing] Oh, Sam.

Sam: What are you laughing at?

Ava: [Laughs] You and this -- this tale of yours -- that I plotted to bump off Sonny and my own brother? Really? And with the help of -- who is this, Fudge? Ridge? Or who was that?

Sam: Rudge.

Ava: Rudge! [Laughs] Right. Oh, it's just -- it's rich. It really is. But thank you for the laugh. I really appreciate it. Almost made this visit worth it.

Sam: Uh-huh.

Ava: You know what? Sam, I know that I give you a hard time here and there, but really, don't change, okay? 'Cause you're priceless. [Chuckles] Oh, Julian... what have you gotten yourself into this time?

Curtis: [Coughs] We may not have concrete evidence that Sonny wasn't behind the car bomb, but we definitely have enough for reasonable doubt. Now, if Jordan leans on Buzz, we could shore the whole thing up.

Jason: Oh, yeah? And then what? Best case, Buzz leads them to Rudge, and the worst case is it drives whoever's really behind this underground -- you know, after she kills Buzz.

Curtis: Okay, well, then the cops can put his ass in protective custody.

Jason: We don't know who this woman is. We don't know what type of reach she has. She could have fingers in the PCPD.

Curtis: All right, then we'll just bring in Jordan early.

Jason: [Chuckles] Man, I really don't want to have to explain how easy it is to get a cop in this city on the payroll to you. Just... what we need to do is find out who Rudge is really working for.

Sonny: So, uh... Nelle says she's got a boyfriend who's married?

Carly: Well, I don't know if "boyfriend" is the word. I mean, she only brought it up because I was asking about her and Michael. But this guy wasn't around on New Year's Eve or he wasn't around during Christmas. I don't know. Sounds really sketchy to me.

Sonny: Yeah, sounds... a little sketchy to me, too.

Carly: Anyway, I'm gonna have to get back to work and tie up a few loose ends and go home and pack.

Sonny: What, you have to go already?

Carly: Yeah. Okay? I'll be back before you have time to miss me.

Sonny: I already miss you.

Bobbie: My past isn't exactly a secret. But you obviously thought bringing it up would, what, wound me? Sorry, honey. I won't be shamed over finding a way to survive the poverty of my past. Now, I will admit, at first I wasn't really sure about you. I thought maybe I was just a little resentful over the way Carly leaned on you after Morgan's death. But now I see my instincts were right on the money. You've studied up on the whole family, including me. So, now that we're having it out, what the hell are you up to, Nelle?

Nelle: I only care about my job.

Bobbie: And what job is that? Because it sure as hell isn't the one that Carly gave you. I've got your number, Missy. Watch your step.

[Cell phone rings]

Nelle: Yes?

Sonny: Come over. We need to talk.

Curtis: These guys are dangerous, they have an agenda, they're organized, and they know we're onto them. I just don't think it makes good sense for us to go it alone.

Jason: Stayed alive so far.

Curtis: Barely. Oh, speaking of... there goes your credit card.

Jason: Now you're ruining my cred.

Curtis: Mm.

Jason: Great.

Curtis: Welcome to my world.

Jason: Look, let's talk about these cops, man.

Curtis: You know what? I ain't making no promises.

Sam: Hey. Hey, guys.

Curtis: Hey.

Sam: Hey, Curtis. I hope I didn't keep you waiting long. I had trouble finding the place. What is up with him?

Jason: Uh, difference of opinion. I think I made my point. Good to see you.

Sam: Mm. You too. Why do you smell like a bonfire?

Jason: [Coughs] Mm, well...

Sam: "Well"? Oh, no. That fire on the news -- you guys weren't there, were you?

Jason: Oh, yeah, we were there. We were definitely there. We're fine. It's -- it's fine. We're good. Did you, uh... find anything at Ava's? [Coughs] Sorry.

Sam: Um, dead end. I originally went there for Julian, but he was long gone.

Jason: Long gone? What do you mean?

Sam: He -- he wasn't there. He moved out.

Alexis: That's it. It's over. I'm done.

Julian: Far from it.

Sam: Well, I tested a theory on Ava. I tried to shake her a little bit, rattle her, really, see if I would get anything out of her, but I didn't. I came up empty. She's definitely not Rudge's boss. I don't think she's the woman we're looking for.

Jason: Worth a shot.

Sam: Yeah. But Ava is definitely hiding something, and it's about Morgan.

Ava: Julian, give me a call as soon as you get this message. I just had a nice visit with your daughter. She had some interesting thoughts about Morgan's murder and your connection to it, as well as some other connections of yours. Whatever you're involved in, Julian, it stinks to high heaven, and it's about to come caving in on you.

Alexis: It's over. Franco -- he's got a photo of me with Baker on the night that he was murdered. He's -- he's -- he's going to the police.

Julian: Okay, Alexis, you need to think about this, because you know this better than anyone. All that proves is that you crossed paths with Tom. He's just fishing.

Alexis: I know, I know. I should know that, shouldn't I? I don't know anything, and I don't know how I'm gonna get through this, because I can't think straight.

Julian: Okay, okay. Listen to me. You're in an extreme situation here, okay? But you're gonna rally. You're gonna fight this. You never give up on a client. You're not gonna give up on yourself.

Alexis: How do you know?

Julian: Because I know you, and I believe in you. You're gonna do this. But, Alexis... you got to be sober to do this.

Carly: Oh! Mom, I am so sorry that I had to cut out on lunch today.

Bobbie: Oh, that's okay. I found something to do.

Carly: I'm gonna make it up to you, I promise, when I get back.

Bobbie: Deal. Maybe you can bring Joss, and we will all have lunch together.

Carly: Oh, she would love that. That would be great. Could you do me a favor?

Bobbie: Sure.

Carly: Can you keep on eye on Sonny and Michael? While I'm gone? You know, I just... a lot going on right now.

Bobbie: Of course. And you give Joss a big hug for me.

Carly: [Laughs]

Bobbie: I want you to both have safe travels home.

Carly: Oh, I will. Thank you. I'll see you soon.

Bobbie: Okay. I will take care of your family, and I will take out the trash, too.

[Door closes]

Nelle: Sonny?

Sonny: We need to come to a new understanding.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Sonny (to Nelle): Why did you tell Carly you're dating a married man?

Julian (to Alexis): The only thing that can help you right now is a drink.

Sam (to Jason): I think I know who it is.

Kiki (to Franco): You look like you've got something on your mind.

Valentin (to Charlotte): Nina and I have something important to tell you.

Officer (to Maxie & Nathan): I have some information about Claudette Beaulieu.

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