GH Transcript Tuesday 1/3/17

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 1/3/17


Episode #13716 ~ After Sam & Jason question Alexis about Rudge, she confronts Julian; Elizabeth expresses her concerns to Franco who promises he's changed; Sonny & Carly reunite.

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Dante: Okay, why do we have to do this?

Lulu: Because 2016 was literally the worst year ever, and now that it's 2017, we need to document our sanity and our survival.

Dante: All right, fair enough. Here we go.

[Camera beeps]

Dante: There. You look beautiful.

Lulu: Aw. Wait, I got to check and make sure we look good. [Chuckles]

Dante: What's the matter?

Lulu: I just accidentally clicked on another picture.

Dante: Oh. Charlotte?

Lulu: We have to protect her, Dante. We have to get my daughter away from Valentin Cassadine.

Nina: [Gasps] When did you have time to arrange all that?

Valentin: What, this?

Nina: Yeah.

Valentin: I can never sleep without roses on my bed. May I?

Nina: May you what?

Valentin: I think it's traditional for the groom to carry the bride over the threshold.

Nina: You don't have to do that.

Valentin: Yes, I do. I think it's good luck.

Nina: Okay.

Valentin: I'll take it when I can get it.

Valentin: All right. You feel lucky?

Nina: I feel lucky.

Valentin: I do too.


[Cell phone buzzes]

Sam: No answer. Again.

Jason: You're not gonna leave a message?

Sam: No, I've already left two already. I don't like this, Jason. I've barely spoken to my mother since Christmas. We still have to talk to her about that guy from the pawn shop, Rudge, and if he was involved in Morgan's death somehow.

Jason: We need to talk to her.

Sam: I...I know we need to talk to her, but it's already past 1:00.

Jason: Okay, well, so, probably at home. And if she's not answering the phone, then --

Sam: Which is not like her.

Jason: Then we should probably go check on her.

Sam: Oh.

Jason: What do you say, we go now?

Sam: Yes, when you're right, you're right.

Jason: I'm right. Let's go.

[Knocking on door]

Elizabeth: Do you know what time it is?

Franco: I need to talk to you.

Elizabeth: [Sighs]

Franco: Happy New Year. I waited until now 'cause I was hoping the boys would be asleep and you and I could talk.

Elizabeth: It's okay, Franco. I get it.

Franco: What do you get?

Elizabeth: I get why you're here. What I don't understand is what happened at the police station after you were questioned. That knife the police have, the one used to kill Tom Baker --

Franco: The opinel.

Elizabeth: Yeah, the one that artists use.

Franco: Like me.

Elizabeth: Right. So I just need to know, was that knife yours?

Franco: Yes.

Carly: Wait, wait, wait. Wait, Sonny.

Sonny: Oh, no, no, no. What do you mean?

Carly: I can't.

Sonny: Why?

Carly: I can't do this.

Sonny: What? What's wrong?

Carly: I got to go. I got to go.

Sonny: Don't start the new year by running away from it.

Carly: I never should have come here, Sonny.

Sonny: But you did -- why?

Carly: I don't know. I was trying to rationalize it. I mean, life's short and there are no promises. And if tomorrow I get hit by a bus, I'd regret not spending my last night with you.

Sonny: Makes sense.

Carly: No, it doesn't because the odds are I'm not going to get hit by a bus, Sonny. I'm not. I'm going to live tomorrow. And I'm going to live years after tomorrow. And you are who you area and nothing's changed, right? Your business is still your business, and I can't risk losing someone else I love.

Sonny: I accept that nothing's changed. I accept that tomorrow morning you can leave. But I want you to stay.

Franco: I think that the murder weapon is mine.

Elizabeth: Oh, my God. If you don't know, just say so.

Franco: Okay, look, I have an opinel a lot like the one that Dante was holding in an evidence bag, so after I left the police station, I went back to my studio to look for my knife, and it wasn't there. So chances are...

Elizabeth: Franco.

Franco: ...That Tom must have grabbed it when he took off.

Elizabeth: You mean escaped?

Franco: No, I'd already let him go. You cannot escape if you've already been released. My point is that Tom bolted with my knife, and then somehow, somewhere, someone must have killed him. The thing is, I've been using that knife a lot lately.

Elizabeth: So your prints are all over it?

Franco: Yeah, and probably my DNA. And the police have both my fingerprints and DNA on file, so when they get the knife back from the lab, they're gonna think that I did this.

Elizabeth: I don't know why you're telling me this. You should be talking to your father.

Franco: No, no, I don't care about that. Look, I don't care about my defense. I don't care about anything. The only thing that matters to me, Elizabeth, is you. I told you that I did not kill Tom Baker. Did you believe me?

Julian: Alexis. Hey. You got to get up and go to your bed. Come on, you got to go to bed upstairs. Hey. Alexis.

[Knocking on door]

Sam: Mom? Mom, it's Sam. Open up.

Julian: Hey, come on.

Sam: Come on, I can see the light's on. I know you're in there. I just want to make sure you're okay.

Julian: [Sighs]

Valentin: To my unexpected bride. Thank you for asking me to marry you.

Nina: Thank you for saying yes. Have you ever been married before?

Valentin: No. You're my first. And my only, I hope.

Nina: I've been married twice. First time, I was young and foolish. And the second time, I was just foolish.

Valentin: Third time's the charm.

Nina: I think we did the right thing. For ourselves and for Charlotte.

Lulu: I took this picture the afternoon we took Charlotte's Christmas present out to Wyndemere. That was a disaster.

Dante: You gave her the same gift that someone else already gave her -- big deal. I mean, she's probably playing with both bead sets and can't even tell them apart right now anyway.

Lulu: That's the point -- I want her to -- [Sighs]

Dante: What?

Lulu: Never mind.

Dante: Tell me.

Lulu: No, I would. I would, but there's nothing more to say. I have nothing new to say. I've done nothing but talk and think about Charlotte all night. Why haven't you left me yet?

Dante: Because you're very pretty.

Lulu: You have been so supportive and reassuring about our plans to win custody of Charlotte -- there really is nothing else to say. Except that we have to win in court.

Valentin: Charlotte is gonna love having you as her mom.

Nina: Lulu's not gonna like that.

Valentin: Oh, that worries you, doesn't it?

Nina: Well, I mean, she's not willing to have shared custody. She's the one fighting, not you. She wants Charlotte all to herself. She's gonna lose. She deserves to lose.

Valentin: You know, if it's all the same to you, I'd really rather not spend our wedding night talking about Lulu.

Nina: I agree.

Valentin: Give me your hand. Oh. This hand deserves a magnificent ring. It should be on this finger right now.

Nina: You've forgotten, I'm a fashion expert. And part of knowing fashion is knowing jewelry. And this ring is priceless. I'm never letting it go.

Sam: I'm gonna use my key! Here I come!

Alexis: Hi.

Jason: Hey. Hi.

Alexis: Hi, Jason. Everything okay?

Alexis: Uh, it's so late, guys. Is this important?

Sam: I know.

Alexis: Can we talk about this in the morning?

Sam: Mom, I called. I called, I left messages.

Alexis: I-I was working. I silenced my phone.

Jason: Okay.

Sam: Well, we need to talk to you.

Alexis: Okay. [Sighs] Is this important? Because --

Jason: It's important.

Alexis: All right, well, is somebody dead or bleeding or broken or on fire?

Sam: Mom! We need to talk now.

Alexis: So, uh, what is this all about?

Sam: Well, look, I get that you're busy prepping for your meeting with the Bar Association. And no one wants you to get the job more than I do. I'm glad this is sitting here. [Chuckles] Three missed calls, Mom.

Alexis: I'm sorry.

Sam: Three.

Alexis: Sam, I'm sorry I missed your call, but it's a little hard for me to respond to phone calls that I don't know existed.

Sam: You know what [Sighs] It's fine. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.

Alexis: I'm okay. Why wouldn't I be?

Jason: Uh, there's a bit of a situation. Could be serious.

Sam: Yeah. Mom, you have -- you have to be careful.

Alexis: Okay, you've got my attention. What's the situation?

Sam: Well, there's this guy that Jason is -- have you been drinking?

Sonny: Carly. We -- we belong together. It's not just me, right?

Carly: Nope. It's not just you.

Sonny: Then why do you want to leave if -- why can't we just reconnect?

Carly: It's happening so fast, Sonny, you know that.

Sonny: I know you've been through a lot, and I know that I've put you and our family through a lot, but deep down... you know that we belong together, right? You know that deep down -- you know how much I love you.

Carly: I love you.

Sonny: What do you really want? If you -- if you got rid of all your doubts and fears and the whole thing, okay, would you stay here with me? Or would you walk out that door?

Carly: I want to stay with you.


Franco: I did not kill Tom Baker. Do you believe me? It's a yes or no question.

Elizabeth: Honestly, Franco, I don't know what to believe. You told me you locked Tom in a dog crate.

Franco: Yes, I did. I told you all about that. Do I get points for being honest about that?

Elizabeth: Not when you didn't see anything wrong with it at the time.

Franco: Yeah, no, I didn't. And that's the operative phrase there, "at the time."

Elizabeth: And after you admit to something like that, am I supposed to believe that you wouldn't do something worse to Tom later that same night?

Franco: Falsely imprisoning somebody -- that's a far cry from murder.

Elizabeth: Franco, you lured a man to your studio, and you trapped him there after you promised me you wouldn't go near him again.

Franco: You're right, I did break that promise to you.

Elizabeth: And this was after you attacked him and threatened to kill Tom in public.

Franco: Okay, threatening somebody, that's a very different thing from actually killing them. And, yeah, there was a time, not so long ago, when I was very capable of killing or hurting somebody like Tom Baker, and actually enjoying it, but I'm not like that, Elizabeth. I'm not. I'm just -- I'm not that guy.

Elizabeth: Really?

Franco: Really. Something happened. After Tom left, I had -- I had an experience. I had like a life-altering experience. And there's just no way that the person who I am right now would hunt down Tom Baker and kill him. There's just no way.

Elizabeth: Okay, so what happened?

Franco: What?

Elizabeth: What was this life-altering experience that changed you forever?

Franco: I told you that Tom turned the tables on me, but I did not tell you what happened after that.

Lulu: It really worries me that Charlotte is so fond of Nina, and I'm not just being jealous.

Dante: It's okay to be jealous. It's your little girl you're talking about.

Lulu: Charlotte was over the moon that Nina was spending Christmas at Wyndemere. She looked at me like I was covered in warts.

Dante: [Chuckles]

Lulu: So, yes, I'm jealous. My own issue to work through, and I'm going to, but what really concerns me is the bond between Nina and Valentin. She was going to bring him to Maxie's wedding after he had Maxie kidnapped!

Dante: Yeah, I don't know what she's thinking.

Lulu: Well, Valentin told Nina that he's innocent, and Nina chooses to believe him, which translates into ramming him down Maxie's throat.

Dante: Maybe it's a good thing that wedding didn't happen. Would have been a nightmare for a lot of people. Here's to Nathan trying to talk some sense into his sister.

[Glasses clink]

Lulu: I get the feeling that Nina sees herself as some sort of mother figure to Charlotte.

Dante: Yeah, I got that impression as well.

Lulu: It's more than just an impression. Today, Nina looked me straight in the eye and said, "Charlotte loves us." "Us," as in Nina and Valentin, as a couple, as a unit.

Dante: How did that come up?

Lulu: Nina stopped by to see Maxie, which makes sense -- she's gonna be her sister-in-law -- but she mentioned who her plus-one was going to be, and I reminded her that Valentin is a murderer.

Dante: Okay. How did Charlotte come into the conversation?

Lulu: I might have mentioned to Nina that we were going for sole custody. And then she said what she said, and then we got into a fight.

Valentin: You know, now that we've consummated the marriage...

Nina: Did we ever.

Valentin: ...There's no backing out. There's no annulment.

Nina: Oh, no, really? I'm stuck with you forever? Wow. Did I make a mistake? Another fine mess I've gotten myself into.

Valentin: Careful, I'm gonna get you all sweaty.

Nina: Oh, God, worse things have happened to me.

Valentin: Unless you want to join me in the shower. Come on.

Nina: I would, except you... promised that we'd go out and celebrate our wedding and celebrate New Year's. I'm holding you to it.

Franco: It may sound a little crazy, but I think getting knocked out and locked in a dog crate actually did me good.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I don't understand.

Franco: [Sighs] Well, when I was unconscious, I had these dreams -- visions, really -- of you.

Elizabeth: Of me?

Franco: Yeah, of course, of you. You and Sam and even myself, we're all kind of hovering over the cage, talking to me.

Elizabeth: And what were we all saying?

Franco: Ahh. What I really needed to hear. Which is that [Sighs] I have to come to terms with who I've been since the tumor was removed. And the good news is that all of the terrible parts of me really are gone. I'm not awful. I'm -- I'm not a monster.

Elizabeth: No, you're not.

Franco: But I'm not a particularly good person.

Elizabeth: Well, if we're being honest, no, not always.

Franco: All right. But we can agree that I'm not half as good as I think I am. So what happened was that I decided that I should be better. And I want to be better because of you. I need for you to know how I feel about you, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: I already know.

Franco: What do you know?

Elizabeth: I know you love me.

Alexis: Yes, I was drinking.

Sam: Mom.

Alexis: It's New Year's Eve, Sam. Actually it's New Year's Day. Thank God. I know I made a pact with you, but I've had a crap year.

Sam: Yeah, I know.

Alexis: I lost my law license, my husband tried to kill me, my life is a trash fire. So, yeah, I was drinking.

Sam: Mom, I --

Alexis: Actually, I got hammered, and I slept really, really great, which makes me really, really happy. So, um, I'm sorry I didn't hear your messages.

Sam: It's okay.

Alexis: It was a one-time thing, but on this night, I felt entitled. You satisfied?

Sam: Yes, I'm satisfied. I was worried about you. I'm sorry. Glad that you're fine.

Alexis: And I appreciate that. Usually. So, what is this situation about?

Sam: Jason.

Jason: Do you know a man named Winston Rudge?

Alexis: Do I? [Sighs]

Jason: [Chuckles] You do. He owns a pawn shop on Van Ness.

Sam: We know that he was here.

Alexis: How do you know that?

Sam: He'll explain that in a second.

Jason: This guy?

Alexis: Oh, yeah. Yeah, he was here.

Jason: What did he want?

Alexis: He wanted to talk to your father.

Singer: It's never too late to just walk away maybe we should hold our breath and pray can this be a dream? I won't even blink baby, we should hold on just for tonight it's never quite as easy in the morning, and we can just ignore the sun's warnings just for tonight

Lulu: Then Felicia and Robin broke it up, and, uh, yep, pretty much covers it.

Dante: Okay. Uh... you got to stay away from Nina.

Lulu: How am I supposed to do that? I am the matron-of-honor in her brother's wedding. More importantly, we're about to dive into a custody case over Charlotte and that woman hovers over my daughter like a -- like a hand-that-rocks-the-cradle nanny from hell.

Dante: Okay, that may very well be, but you have to be patient and careful. You can't get into another fight with Nina. You can't even get into an argument with her.

Lulu: The odds are not great there.

Dante: Okay, you know what, you got to make them great. 'Cause all that stuff's gonna make you look bad in court.

Lulu: How does my fighting with Nina affect the custody case? I'm fighting Valentin. Nina's not really a part of this at all.

Valentin: You're very quiet.

Nina: Suddenly have a lot to think about. Starting with the gun that I found underneath your jacket. I wasn't snooping, I was just cleaning up.

Valentin: I don't advertise that I carry a gun. I'm not secretive about it. I, uh, I'm licensed to carry. This gun is registered in the state of New York, so it's perfectly legal.

Nina: I don't like guns.

Valentin: I don't either. But sometimes they're a necessity.

Nina: Oh. Wow, that sounds alarming.

Valentin: I haven't lived a blameless life. So I use that gun as a precaution. That's what it is -- it's a precaution. And I promise you one thing -- I will never allow you or Charlotte to be put in harm's way.

Nina: Do you have to protect yourself in such a deadly manner?

Valentin: I don't let my guard down for anyone. Except for you.

Elizabeth: At the police station, before we got interrupted, you said I was the woman you loved. I assume you meant it.

Franco: Yeah.

Elizabeth: It all sort of got lost in the commotion with your dad coming in and then seeing Dante with the murder weapon and... but I hadn't forgotten what you said.

Franco: I told the truth. I do love you. No, it's okay, it's okay. Don't. So I'm gonna tell you what I learned when I was having conversations with the ghosts of Franco past, present, and future. When someone feels about another person the way I feel about you, you don't lie. And I'm not gonna lie to you, certainly not about something that matters, right? And I wasn't lying about Tom. I swear. [Sighs] It'd be really nice for me if right now you could tell me you believe me.

Alexis: Rudge was here to see Julian. He obviously thought we were still together and hadn't split up, so I gave him his Ava's number and her address, and he said he already had it. And then he left.

Jason: How long was he here?

Alexis: 5, 10, 15 -- I-I don't know, he was very chatty.

Sam: Well, what did he want to chat about?

Alexis: I don't remember. I was too annoyed to -- he said something about working with Julian, not for him. So, what is this about?

Jason: I had him followed. That's why I knew he was here.

Alexis: And why did you have him followed?

Sam: You know what, we don't have all of the answers yet. And considering it's late and you're obviously really tired, we'll -- we'll just -- we'll talk to you about this later.

Alexis: I think that's a good idea.

Sam: Okay. Mom, if this guy Rudge comes back, please do not let him in.

Alexis: Okay.

Jason: And you call me. Immediately.

Alexis: I will.

Sam: Okay?

Alexis: Thank you. Thank you for the warning.

Sam: Of course. Get some sleep.

Alexis: I will. I will. All right, guys.

Jason: Happy New Year.

Alexis: Thank you, same to you. [Sighs] What do you know about this -- this man Rudge, and why was he in my house?

Julian: Alexis. [Sighs]

Alexis: Screw you. Screw this. I don't want to know. Just keep him out of my house.

Julian: Where are you going?

Alexis: I'm going to get some air. We seem to have run out.

Julian: Okay, if you would just calm down, please.

Alexis: I'm not gonna calm down, and I'm not gonna let you feed me any more stories that aren't true.

Julian: Don't go out drinking.

Alexis: I'm getting a car. And where that car takes me is none of your damn business.

Julian: If you would just hear me out, Alexis.

Alexis: I'm not gonna hear you ever again. All right, no more lies. Whoever this man is, this Rudge, just keep him the hell out of my house.

Carly: I never thought I'd be here again.

Sonny: You know, I didn't think so either. You said we were moving too fast. What do you think now?

Carly: Uh, yeah. But I don't really mind right now.

Sonny: I'm glad you stayed 'cause it would have hurt me to be alone on New Year's Eve.

Carly: Mm. Well, you owe Michael a big thank you.

Sonny: Really?

Carly: Mm-hmm. Oh, especially Sam.

Sonny: Oh. Did they say, "Sonny's great"?

[Both laugh]

Carly: No, nobody said that.

[Both laugh]

Carly: No, they just made, you know, a few good points and... told me to trust. They said something about, you know, our marriage and not throwing it away, but at that point, I just stopped listening.

Sonny: Okay. Well, I got two people I got to thank when I see them.

Carly: Three. 'Cause Nelle is on your side, too.

Sonny: Hey, Carly.

Carly: Hm?

Sonny: There's something I got to -- there's something I got to tell you. And I'm gonna tell you right now.

Elizabeth: I believe you didn't kill Tom.

Franco: You sure?

Elizabeth: Yeah, I'm sure. It's just --

Franco: Oh, it's just -- right, 'course. All the other things I did to Tom. All that stuff really bothers you still, right?

Elizabeth: It's a lot to process, that's all. For you to have done something so extreme, to abduct a man and keep him locked in a dog cage and then turn around and say you've changed, and you're a better man who only wants to do good -- it's just -- it's a lot.

Franco: Yeah, no, I get it. And you're right, it is a lot. I mean, anyone can say that they've changed, right? People do that all the time, but to actually change, right, that takes time, that takes effort. I'm just a little worried that I don't have that kind of time.

Elizabeth: What do you mean?

Franco: Well, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get charged for Tom's murder, and [Chuckles] It's ironic. Ironic justice, isn't it? I'm gonna go down for this and be forced to actually pay for some of the crimes that I did commit.

Elizabeth: Oh, Franco, don't say that.

Franco: Ahh. The thing is, if that's what happens, then no matter how much I strive to change, there's a possibility that I won't get to be around you for any of the progress. Now, back in the day, like last week, I would have tried to trick you and the boys into running off with me like a spur-of-the-moment vacation, and it was really just life on the lam. And I'm not gonna do that stuff anymore. I'm not gonna do stuff like that. It's time to face reality.

Elizabeth: Wow.

Franco: But the reality... is scary for me, you know? I face reality, that means I face the charges, and then I -- then I might lose the best thing that ever happened to me.

Lulu: Nina may be offering Valentin all sorts of emotional and moral support, and maybe she'll testify for him at the hearing. So what? Nina is an outsider to this whole thing, and she always will be.

Dante: You said it. Nina doesn't matter. Let's get out of here. We've welcomed in the new year. Let's go home and take a peek in at our son and remember we have something Valentin doesn't have. That's very important to the judge. A family.

Lulu: Aw. Mwah. Mm! You always know what to say and do, and I love you for that.

Valentin: Hello, Dante. Hello, Lulu. I'm gonna grab one last celebratory drink. You guys want to join us?

Dante: Nah, it's cool. We were just on our way. Let's go.

Valentin: You sure? 'Cause we got news you're gonna want to hear.

Sonny: You know I never pretended to be perfect, right?

Carly: Well, there were those few times that -- sorry, I'm just kidding.

Sonny: When we lost Morgan, I was -- I didn't know if I was coming or going. I couldn't see through my own pain. I didn't want to. You know, I came to you, you turned me away. But I don't blame you. At all for anything. I'm just sorry that it was my actions that... kept us apart. And we needed each other.

Carly: I'm sorry. God, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry I punished you. I mean, Morgan would never want that.

Sonny: No, I don't want you to be sorry. I don't want you to be sorry for anything because it was a terrible time. And we -- we -- we said things and did things that we shouldn't have.

Carly: Stop. Because we're here now. And we're together. And that makes sense to me.

Sam: I could smell it on her breath.

Jason: I know, I know. And you don't think this was a one-time thing.

Sam: Do you? She just got rid of Julian, and he's still causing problems.

Jason: You know, maybe Rudge showing up there was some sort of message for Julian.

Sam: Oh, yeah? How would that work?

Jason: Well, the only reason we know about the man is because Curtis and I found that Chinese take-out bag.

Sam: I know. And I can't believe the two of you went into that dumpster. That's kind of disgusting.

Jason: Yeah. I know. Well, sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

Sam: Yeah.

Jason: But that bag led us to the pawn shop, which led us to Rudge.

Sam: Who works with my father.

Jason: So you see where this is going, don't you? Somehow, somewhere, Julian is connected to Morgan's death.

Julian: Rudge, it's me again. Look, we need to talk. Call me back. Fine. If you're not gonna pick up...

[Text to Rudge: "We need to talk. My son-in-law and daughter were here and are suspicious."

[Cell phone rings]

[Text from Rudge: "We know."]

Bartender: What can I get you?

Alexis: Double vodka rocks.

Bartender: Take it a little easy tonight. You almost got kicked out of here last time.

Alexis: You must have made a mistake. It was somebody else. The last time I was here was in November, and I may have had a little too much to drink, but I certainly didn't get kicked out of here.

Bartender: You stiffed me on the night of December 21st. You were drinking vodka. A lot of it.

Sonny: Are you falling asleep?

Carly: Is that a problem?

Sonny: Not a problem at all. It's just that you made it clear it was just for tonight.

Carly: I want to stay with you.

Sonny: And what about tomorrow?

Carly: I love you. And I need you. And I see that now more than ever. It's just, um -- it's all undecided, okay?

Sonny: All right. I'll just be grateful for tonight. That we can be together.

Carly: Me too.

Valentin: Nina and I are married.

Dante: [Scoffs] What?

Dante: That's absurd.

Valentin: Ah, you're sweet. No, I assure you it's perfectly legal.

Lulu: How?

Nina: How? Oh, well, we got to the church, and Lucy had told us that J. and Maxie's wedding had been canceled. And it was so beautiful, there was a priest.

Valentin: I made a phone call, we got a marriage license, and here we are.

Nina: It was very spur of the moment.

Valentin: That's a nice way to start the new year.

Nina: Yeah, we won't forget our anniversary.

Valentin: And as happy as I am for me, I'm twice as happy for Charlotte. This is gonna do her a world of good.

Lulu: That's why you did it. You tricked Nina into marrying you to make yourself look good.

Nina: I'm sorry, that's insulting. I'm actually the one who asked Valentin to marry me.

Valentin: Anyway, Happy New Year.

Nina: Happy New Year.

Sam: Okay, well, it looks like Julian was at least partly responsible for Morgan's death. I mean, he and this Rudge guy. We've got to figure out how they're connected. Hey. What are you thinking?

Jason: Well, if Rudge told your mother that he was working with Julian, how did he not know that they were divorced?

Sam: I mean, even before the divorce, Julian was staying at Ava's or he was in jail for months.

Jason: Which means your mother's story doesn't add up.

[Text from Rudge: "We understand the situation and will take care of it."]

Julian: What does that mean? What are you gonna do?

Elizabeth: I know we're in a challenging place right now.

Franco: Wait, hold on a second, stop. I'm not -- I'm not giving up on us. I'm not. And I'm not resigning myself to go to prison for a crime I didn't commit. But I am saying that, until the police come up with another lead, maybe you and I, we shouldn't see each other until this is all over.

Elizabeth: Are you sure?

Franco: No. It's just a guess. It's my best guess. And I'm not a praying man. But I'm gonna pray that this isn't the end for us. And that somehow, some way the truth does come out about who killed Tom.

Alexis: I don't have any idea what you're talking about.

Bartender: Really? You see this tree? You wouldn't stop playing with it.

Tom: Hey, there. We meet again.

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Alexis (to Diane): I have a confession to make.

Elizabeth (to Finn): Are you taking Zekenestrol?

Franco (to Dr. Obrecht): I did a lot more than just stalk Tom Baker.

Anna (to André): I'm about to find out the truth, and you have to help me.

Nathan (to Maxie): This divorce is gonna happen one way or another.

Nina (to Valentin): What's gonna happen when Claudette comes back?

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