GH Transcript Wednesday 11/16/16

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 11/16/16


Episode #13687 ~ Carly goes to see Sonny in jail; Elizabeth reluctantly steals medicine from GH to help Hayden; Lucy refuses to give Scott Morgan's meds, so he suggests they band together against Ava; Franco threatens Tom with physical violence if he doesn't leave Elizabeth alone; Alexis persuades Jax to leave her at a roadhouse so she can continue drinking.

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Finn: [Sighs, sniffles]

[Monitor beeping]

Hayden: What the hell have you done to me?

Elizabeth: 826 Oak Street, Port Charles. Home of Seth Baker, associated with JoBeth Baker, Mark Baker... and Tom Baker. Oh, God, Franco, what are you doing? Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. [Sighs] Franco, pick up. Please pick up.

[Cell phone ringing]

Tom: You gonna answer that?

Franco: No. I'd rather talk to you. Let's talk about Elizabeth Webber. Do you remember her? The girl that you raped?

[Poker clangs as Franco attacks Tom]

Alexis: Listen, thanks for this. I needed that drive to clear my head after the funeral.

Jax: Oh, well, that makes two of us. You know, I enjoyed catching the glimpse of the -- or, the last glimpse, probably, of the northern New York autumn, right?

Alexis: It was stunning.

Jax: Yeah. Was. I'm happy to be out of Port Charles 'cause I get you all to myself.

Alexis: And I'm happy not to run into anyone we know here.

Jax: You ready for that drink I promised you?

Alexis: Oh, you have no idea. I was beginning to think we weren't gonna find a bar anywhere around here.

Scott: Okay.

Ava: Mm. Oh, hi. What, you got the pills from Lucy already?

Scott: No. I'm not that good, but I'll get them tonight. Lucy insisted on having dinner here tonight.

Ava: No, I thought -- I thought the whole point was that you were gonna go to Lucy's.

Scott: Yes, that was the plan, but Lucy wants to be wined and dined. So now I need to get you out of here.

Ava: What? Well, no, I -- I'm meeting Kiki here.

Scott: Well, you know what? You -- you get on your phone and text her to meet you someplace else, because if Lucy even gets a whiff of your involvement here, we are going to be --

Ava: Okay. All right!

Scott: All right. I mean, you do want to get these pills back, right? You want to get Morgan's pills back. You want Lucy off your back. Am I right? Damn it! It's too late.

Michael: You really want to help me?

Nelle: Somebody has to.

Distract me. Give me -- give me something -- anything -- to think about besides the fact that my brother is gone, my dad's to blame, and my mom may never forgive him. [Sighs]

Sonny: [Sighs]

[Footsteps approach]

Scott: Oh! Hey, Lucy. Listen, um, I was thinking, why do you want to waste precious time here when we could have some precious time back at your apartment?

Lucy: [Chuckles] Remember? We talked about this. This is not a booty call. Wine and dine me, and then maybe we'll talk about it.

Scott: Well, I -- I -- I just happened to notice that Ava was here, and I-I wouldn't want her to spoil your appetite.

Lucy: Oh. Well, you know, I figure we just won't pay attention to Ava. Oh! And, you know, look at that. Her daughter just arrived, so woo away. Tell you what -- why don't we start with some champagne. The really good stuff.

Bartender: Vodka for the lady. Thank you. Bourbon for the gentleman.

Jax: Thank you. You can keep that open.

Bartender: Got it.

Alexis: I'm sorry. Guess I'm a little too eager.

Jax: Mm. Well, here's to our, uh... enduring friendship in good times and very, very bad times.

Alexis: Amen.

Jax: And speaking of bad times, it's kind of a hard time for you right now, isn't it?

Alexis: Ranks up there.

Jax: Yeah.

Alexis: You know what I was thinking about during the funeral? That Morgan is dead because I let Julian into my life.

Jax: Oh, Alexis, that's a bit of a stretch.

Alexis: No, it really isn't. Because I knew that Julian was responsible for Duke's death. I didn't say anything, and look what happened. I convinced myself that I would have this little fairy-tale life, and, well, that didn't happen. I'm the reason this got out of control.

Jax: Yeah. Well, sometimes the choices that we make in the name of love are the ones that end up coming back and haunting us for the rest of our days.

Alexis: Do you want to talk about it?

Jax: I do. Actually, it'd be a relief. Because I can't tell anyone else.

Alexis: I'm listening.

Jax: A few years ago, I did something in secret that could come back and ruin Carly's life.

Sonny: I'm surprised you came to see me.

Carly: I'm surprised to be here. I read your letter. You know, all the arrangements you made. Providing for me and the kids. Making sure the feds can't confiscate everything. You planned that confession carefully.

Sonny: I felt like I owed it to Morgan.

Carly: You still feel that way? Jason told me you're not responsible for planting the bomb that killed Morgan, that somebody else was after Julian.

Sonny: Yeah, he told me the same thing.

Carly: You think that changes anything?

Nelle: Okay, um, distractions.

Michael: Yeah.

Nelle: Do you want to play a game, maybe?

Michael: Uh... what, like Monopoly or Clue?

Nelle: Pbht! No, you're like some corporate bigwig. You're gonna kill me. Uh... what about backgammon? You know?

Michael: How about chess?

Nelle: Pass.

Michael: Why?

Nelle: Because I'd have a better chance beating you at Monopoly.

Michael: Okay. Why do you say that?

Nelle: Because you're the original strategic thinker, Michael. You'll slaughter me.

Michael: Oh. You're gonna quit before we even get started.

Nelle: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Did you just call me a quitter?

Michael: I think I just did.

Nelle: Okay. Bring out the chess board, all right? I'm gonna make you regret that.

Michael: Okay.

Finn: You're gonna be okay. I'm gonna take care of you.

Hayden: What's going on?

Finn: Try not to thrash around. You'll pull out your IV.

Hayden: Why do I need an IV?

Finn: You went into septic shock.

Hayden: Septic shock?

Finn: Yes, and just this one time, you're gonna have to listen to me and do what I say.

Hayden: Where am I?

Finn: It's the Quartermaine house.

Hayden: But I...

Finn: There was a problem at the hospital. Tracy stepped up. She even let me, uh... bring Roxy here. I didn't want to leave her alone at the hotel, and I wasn't gonna leave you.

Hayden: What's going to happen to me?

Elizabeth: Franco, I know you went to Tom's house. Whatever you're thinking about doing, don't. If you hurt him, you're gonna end up in prison. I'm coming to get you... even if it means I have to face Tom Baker again.

Franco: If I let you go -- right? -- Will you run?

Tom: No.

Franco: No? You promise?

Tom: Mm-hmm.

Franco: You cross your heart? You hope to die?

Tom: Mm-hmm.

Franco: Okay. That's good. I'm gonna hold you to that!

Tom: Aah! I -- I was in prison for extortion, not rape.

Franco: I know.

Tom: The whole thing was -- it involved a girl named Emily Quartermaine.

Franco: I know all that. I do my research. Can say whatever you want about me, but I do my homework. So I know... why you went to jail. I know how long you were supposed to be there. And I know that there's no record of what you've done to Elizabeth Webber. But I also know that you raped her. And here's what I really know. I know it's time for you to pay for your real crime.

Tom: [Sighs]

Finn: I wish I could tell you, but it's too soon to make a diagnosis.

Hayden: Will I be sick, the way you are?

Finn: I hope not.

Hayden: Well, if this is how you feel every day, I have no idea how you get out of bed.

Finn: [Chuckles] That's why the medication's so important.

Hayden: Have you found a new supplier yet?

Finn: No, but I haven't given up.

Hayden: Finn...

Finn: Listen, Hayden, right now, you're my only priority -- treating the sepsis -- that's it.

Hayden: This is unreal.

Finn: [Chuckles] Yeah, I know. Listen, just try and rest, all right? I need to, uh... I need to make a call.

Hayden: You said, um... something happened at the hospital. That's why I'm here. What did you do?

Finn: Oh, you know, there was a-a little difference of opinion.

Hayden: And?

Finn: And I quit.

Hayden: You quit?

Finn: Yeah, but that -- none of that matters at this moment.

Hayden: Oh, Finn, now, how are you gonna treat me for sepsis or anything else if you're not working at the hospital anymore?

Elizabeth: Franco, please call me back. If you don't, I'm gonna have to go over there. I don't want to. I never want to lay eyes on that man again, but I will if it's the only way to stop you. I'm leaving the hospital right now. I'm coming to get you.

[Cell phone rings]

Elizabeth: Oh, thank God. Franco?

Finn: It's not Franco. It's Finn. I need some supplies.

Elizabeth: Dr. Finn, I'm sorry. I'm in the middle of an emergency right now.

Finn: At the hospital?

Elizabeth: No, it's personal.

Finn: Is it your kids?

Elizabeth: No, it's something else, okay?

Finn: Can it wait? Look, Hayden's still running a fever, and, uh, I'm out of antibiotics. As you know, if I don't get the sepsis under control, she could die. Elizabeth, can you help me? Can you please help me save your sister's life?

Tom: My brother will be home any minute. He'll call the cops. They'll arrest you.

Franco: Oh. Cut it out. You're frightening me.

Tom: My mother's br-bringing me dinner. Okay? I don't want her to be involved in all of this, please?

Franco: Involved in what? What? This is -- this is -- we're just...

Tom: Aah!

Franco: ...Two people, right? Two people having a civilized powwow, right?

Tom: Mm-hmm.

Franco: Two people who just both happen to be sociopaths. Now, we have not been introduced. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Franco Baldwin.

Tom: Franco Baldwin?

Franco: Yeah.

Tom: Everyone at Pentonville talks about how you got out of multiple murder raps with a brain-tumor defense.

Franco: Yeah. I gamed the system. You know, just like you did.

Tom: No, I --

Franco: And now, theoretically... [Sniffles] ...I'm a mild-mannered artist. But I'm kind of having a problem right now, see? [Sighs] Because it seems there's always gonna be this tiny, little part of me... that's still just a sadistic freak.

Tom: No, no. You can change. I did. I'm not the same man that did that stuff to Emily and Elizabeth.

Sonny: Nothing can bring our son back, but it helps us get some answers.

Carly: I agree. I want to know more about Morgan's last day. I want to know why he was manic, why he was drinking, why he stole that car. Morgan's journal proves that he was vigilant about taking his meds, so I want to understand why they didn't seem to be working. But those aren't the answers that you're looking for.

Sonny: If Jason's right about the bomb... then Morgan didn't die because of me.

Carly: Do you think that absolves you?

Sonny: No. What it means is someone else killed our son.

Ava: Would you like to go somewhere else? I don't know what I was thinking, asking you to meet me here where you work every day.

Kiki: I should probably just go home. I'm pretty wiped after...

Ava: Well, sweetie, that's why I didn't want you to be alone at all tonight. The funeral... it's all so very hard.

Kiki: It's not just about feeling guilty for going behind Morgan's back with Dillon. I miss him. I just plain miss everything about him. I miss... the way that he listened to me and -- and how he could make me laugh so hard, I couldn't even breathe. I miss the way that we were together and... how sweet he could be. Did you -- did you hear about how they filled Morgan's coffin with things that he loved, because they didn't have a body? You -- you heard about it?

Ava: No, I-I was there.

Scott: Oh, I have an idea. Why don't we order a couple of tails to go, and we'll go back to your place, you know, butter and all?

Lucy: Mmm.

Scott: Mm?

Lucy: Sounds so yummy.

Scott: Okay.

Lucy: I know... what you're doing.

Scott: I'm trying to get you into bed.

Lucy: Mm-hmm. Because I have something you want.

Scott: Yes, you have a very hot body.

Lucy: Mm. Mm. But something else, too.

Scott: Well, if I could get your heart, I would take that, too.

Lucy: Oh. No. I think what you want is what I have right here. These.

Tom: You don't understand. I'm one of those people who goes to prison and rehabilitates.

Franco: Wow. That's fabulous.

Tom: No, really. I grew, I changed, I'm a counselor myself now.

Franco: Oh, no kidding. I bet you're super helpful. I did the work I had to do on myself to heal, to grow, to be a benefit to society instead of a drain. I was abused by my father, you know?

Franco: Oh, that's awful. I'm drowning in salty tears.

Tom: Listen to me! Look, I am so far beyond this, Franco. I could never force myself on a woman. I could never do that again! I swear it, on everything that's ever been important to me, everything that matters, for real. You have to believe me.

Franco: You're amazing, Tom Baker.

Tom: Thank you. Thank you for hearing me. Thank you for listening. Thank you for being open.

Franco: No. Stop. I really don't care if one word that just came out of your mouth is true.

Hayden: Do I have the same thing that's killing you? Yes or no?

Finn: I have to run further tests.

Hayden: But...?

Finn: You don't get septic shock... unless you have a massive infection.

Hayden: Like what you have.

Finn: You're sick. You're very sick, Hayden. But I'm gonna do everything I can to manage your illness.

Hayden: Manage it.

Finn: Yes.

Hayden: Because there's no cure. Which means I'm dying. I'm sure that makes you very happy.

Alexis: So, what is it? You obviously need to talk to someone about it.

Jax: When -- yeah, yeah.

[Door opens]

Jax: When -- when Josslyn needed a kidney donor to survive... I would've done anything, I would've paid anyone to get it for her.

Alexis: Of course.

Jax: You know, Carly thought that, uh, Jake Webber was the donor. Now, of course, we all know that he wasn't. So she, uh, went in search for the real donor 'cause she wanted Joss to have a full medical history. And miraculously, Carly found the donor.

Alexis: Yeah, I remember hearing about that.

Jax: Yeah, her name is, uh, Nelle. She lives in Port Charles now. Right. Kristina mentioned her. She's Carly's assistant.

Jax: Yeah, Carly was so grateful, she gave her a job. She's very fond of her.

Alexis: Okay. So the problem is...?

Jax: Well, backing up to when Joss would've died without getting the kidney, I... I put out the feelers everywhere.

Alexis: The black market?

Jax: I mean, I, you know, uh... I was ready -- ready to do anything, pay -- pay anyone to get that kidney for Josslyn, regardless of the consequences.

Michael: Ouch.

Nelle: Are you being serious, or are you setting me up?

Michael: I'm actually being -- I'm being serious. I'm gonna have to revise my entire strategy now.

Nelle: Well, we can always just switch to poker.

Michael: [Chuckles]

Nelle: Oh, wait. Let me guess -- you're an expert at that, too.

Michael: I think I mentioned that my dad has a casino on his island. And Jax -- he loves to play poker, gamble, all that. And when Morgan and I were little, Jax -- he used to play poker with us.

Nelle: Did he let you guys win, too?

Michael: He claims he didn't, but looking back, I think that Jax was very subtle about throwing games in our favor.

Nelle: You mean like you're doing with me now?

Michael: [Chuckles]

Lucy: Ava Jerome has you by the... ears. And now she wants you to romance me so you can get the pills back for her, because she's absolutely terrified that Carly and Sonny and Kiki are gonna find out she was still carrying on with Morgan. Come on, pal. You think I'm dense? Did you really think I wouldn't figure it out?

Scott: Uh, more champagne?

Lucy: No! Man up and own this. You at least owe me that much respect.

Kiki: You promised you wouldn't go to Morgan's funeral.

Ava: Well, Kiki, that's a promise I shouldn't have made.

Kiki: [Sighs]

Ava: Hey. You should understand that I need some closure, too.

Kiki: This is unreal.

Ava: Nobody saw me. I didn't upset the family or his friends or you. I snuck in as everyone else was leaving.

Kiki: So I guess you missed when Sonny confessed to his part in Morgan's death.

Carly: If someone else planted that bomb, that means someone else is responsible for Morgan's death.

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: What then? You know Jason is going to turn over every rock until he finds the person responsible. What are you gonna do?

Sonny: For starters, I don't go to prison.

Carly: Well, that's a good thing.

Sonny: Right.

Carly: That was my biggest objection with your confession. Doesn't fix anything. It's not gonna bring Morgan back to us. It's just gonna take you away from the children you have left. It's a waste, and I don't want to see you locked up.

Sonny: Well, thank you.

Carly: Answer my question. If Jason finds the person or organization responsible for Morgan's death, what are you gonna do? Will you retaliate? Are you gonna do the same thing you tried to do to Julian Jerome?

Sonny: You're asking me to take six steps ahead of where I'm at right now, Carly.

Carly: You're usually 12 steps ahead, Sonny.

Sonny: Not this time. I was sitting in -- in the interrogation room, ready to make a full confession. Jason walks in, and he tells me someone else killed Morgan. Two minutes later, the commissioner and Dante walk in with Diane. Diane runs interference. And they start asking me ques-- I said, "I refuse to answer any questions," so the commissioner formally arrested me. And I -- you know, I haven't been able to process any of this yet.

Carly: It's a simple question.

Sonny: I know the answer you want, but I can't say it.

Carly: Then that's my answer.

Jax: I was upset at -- at Carly for wanting to search for the donor from the moment I heard about it. I tried to shut her down a couple of times, but... and then, you know, Nelle showed up.

Alexis: Well, what's her story?

Jax: Uh, she said when she was a kid, her parents sold one of her kidneys.

Alexis: Who does that? To their own kid?

Jax: Desperate broke people.

Alexis: What does Carly think?

Jax: Well, Carly knows nelle's story, but she has no idea about my involvement.

Alexis: And does Nelle know?

Jax: I don't think so.

Alexis: But you're not sure?

Nelle: [Sighs] You're kicking my ass.

Michael: Hey, it's not over yet.

Nelle: That's only because you're too kind to annihilate me.

Michael: Well, maybe I'm just too sadistic to put you out of your misery. [Chuckles]

Nelle: No, sadistic people don't admit it. You know, they pretend to be kind. You, on the other hand, are genuinely kind, which I find to be a very rare quality.

Michael: Rare. Really? Well, who can be more kind than you? After everything you've done for my family...

Nelle: That's different, Michael.

Michael: How?

Nelle: When I showed up here, I basically had nothing. You know, I had a lot of questions about what happened to me as a kid. And your family gave me those answers, you know? And then your mom gave me a job that was even better than the one that I had before, so of course, I want to justify her faith in me. Of course, I want to go above and beyond for her. You know? There's nothing kind about it.

Michael: Wow. You really can't take a compliment, can you?

Nelle: [Chuckles] Pot, kettle. You won't even admit you're a genius chess player.

Michael: Well, I wouldn't -- I wouldn't say genius, but, uh... ...I did just win.

Elizabeth: You think I want you to die? You think wrong, but that's nothing new. Look, I'm in the middle of a huge problem right now, and I dropped it and risked losing my job so that I can steal medical supplies so you could treat her, but you don't look that bad. Why do you think you're dying?

Hayden: I was just... being dramatic.

Elizabeth: You said she was infected with something from your lab?

Finn: Yes. I, uh... I just haven't been able to pinpoint it yet.

Elizabeth: Well, whatever it is, it must be serious if it put her into septic shock. Okay. I'm sorry this happened to you, and I hope you feel better soon.

Hayden: You said you had to deal with something.

[Cell phone chimes]

Elizabeth: Yeah, I do. [Shuddered breathing]

Finn: Is everything okay?

Elizabeth: Um...I don't know. Yeah. I -- I don't know. I -- I really do hope you feel better, okay?

Hayden: Thank you.

Elizabeth: And just so we're clear, the next time you need my help or you want me to do something illegal for you, a little honesty about what's going on would be nice.

[Door closes]

Tom: I'm sorry Elizabeth had to suffer. You have to believe me.

Franco: I do? No, I don't. You're a rapist.

Tom: You have to understand --

Franco: No, I don't. I don't have to do anything. I really don't. You... you took away a life. You took away a life that she knew. You made her afraid. You robbed her of her innocence.

Tom: I'm sorry!

Franco: I'm sure you are. We're all sorry. I'm sorry you're still alive.

Tom: No!

Franco: I'm sorry that you were paroled. I'm sorry that Elizabeth has to worry every time -- every -- she might run into you in the park.

Tom: No, I would never! No!

Franco: No?

Tom: Never! Okay. I'll never go there again! I'll never see her again! [Choking]

Franco: I'm supposed to take your word for it, huh? Your word. The word of a rapist.

Tom: No.

Franco: Can I ask you something? Your pals in Pentonville -- did they tell you about me? Did they tell you that I like to torment my victims? Did they tell you? Did they tell you?

Tom: Please.

Franco: Did they tell you that I get off on watching people suffer?

Tom: [Grunts] Please.

Franco: Did they tell you... that you will beg me to finish you off before I do?

Tom: I swear to you on everything I am, on everything that's ever meant anything to me, please, Franco, don't kill me! Please don't kill me, Franco!

Scott: I-I was trying to get the pills away from you, okay?

Lucy: No. It's not okay. It's not okay. It's -- it's not okay. You just tried to set me up. And it's certainly not okay that I just had to drag the truth out of you. And you know what's really not okay? Is that you're being loyal to Ava over me. How could you do that?

Scott: Well, no. I-it's not that. You see, I just felt that if Ava owed me a favor, you know, it's good to have a mobster in your pocket.

Lucy: What about me and my feelings? You just had your hands all over me, pretending you want me.

Scott: M-my hands weren't pretending.

Lucy: Okay, fine. Then whatever we have, you're using that to get something from me.

Scott: No, that's not what I'm doing at all here.

Lucy: Shh, shh, shh! Shut up! Just answer me this question. Were you going to steal these pills before you slept with me and had sex or after we had sex?

Scott: Oh, definitely after.

[Lucy smacks Scott on the head]

Scott: Ohh! Aah. Sorry, Lucy. I -- you know what? I'm sorry. I'm sorry I made you feel bad.

Lucy: No, it's not that I feel bad. I feel sad, and I feel disappointed that after all these years together, all this history we have. I mean, as friends and lovers and co-parents and everything in between, you just tried to make a fool of me. And with who, of all people? With her -- with Ava! Who happens to be sitting over there right now with her daughter, a daughter that has no idea that Ava was still sleeping with Morgan before he died.

Scott: Wait. Hold on a second! We haven't even ordered our lobster tails!

Lucy: Go to hell.

Scott: No, wait a minute. Where you going? I am going to go tell that poor girl over there the truth about her mommy.

Scott: Oh, no, no, hey, listen. Lucy, please. Please, Lucy, let's -- let's not do that.

Ava: Sonny confessed at the funeral?

Kiki: Yep. In front of everyone. He said he was responsible for Morgan's death.

Ava: W-what happened after that?

Kiki: Dante and Commissioner Ashford escorted him out of the church.

Ava: Did they arrest him?

Kiki: No. I guess they were waiting to do that at the station. I thought you would be thrilled. Sonny just sent himself away to prison. Isn't that what you've always wanted?

Michael: All right, so, are you up for a rematch?

Nelle: Maybe you are a sadist after all.

Michael: Oh, come on. Only way to get better is you keep playing.

Nelle: Okay, let's do it.

Michael: Okay. All right. Uh, you don't want to do that.

Alexis: So, why don't you just get out in front of it?

Jax: How?

Alexis: Tell Carly.

Jax: Now? Morgan just died.

Alexis: Well, I know, but even more reason to tell her now, because she will understand the desperate measures that you took to save Josslyn.

Jax: I-I can't risk Carly knowing my involvement.

Alexis: What else aren't you telling me?

Jax: I can't get into any more specifics. I really can't. I'm sorry. We should probably get back to Port Charles, yeah? Hey, close my tab, please.

Bartender: Coming up.

Jax: Thank you.

Alexis: You know what? I'm gonna stay.

Jax: What? What are you -- what are you talking about?

Alexis: Yeah, no. I -- I actually would just like to stay. You can go back. I'll be fine.

Jax: You want to stay in this place? Alone?

Alexis: Yeah.

Jax: Why?

Carly: [Sighs]

Sonny: Carly, I don't have all the information yet, so I can't make a decision.

Carly: Nothing ever changes.

Sonny: Listen to me, will you?

Carly: No, you listen to me! Look at you! Where are you standing?! Look at our reality. Look at who we've become. We're the parents of a dead son, Sonny! You're in a jail cell because you took it on yourself to order a hit, and up until half an hour ago, you thought you were the one who killed your own son! Haven't you learned anything at all?

Scott: See, now, Kiki just buried her boyfriend this morning, and you want to go over there and tell her that her mother -- no, listen, you're not -- you're not that type of person. You're not gonna do that.

Lucy: Wow. Don't you dare guilt me like that. Don't do it.

Scott: Well, what if it was Serena? I mean, for crying out -- what -- what if her boyfriend died and on the day of the funeral, somebody came up to her and was gonna tell her that her boyfriend was cheating on her with -- you know, Lucy, come on. I think the reason why you're holding these pills back is the same reason that's motivating me -- because we want to have something on Ava. Right? Now, if you give that sword away, then we lose what we call leverage. So, here's what I'm thinking. Throw in with me, and we go after Ava. We take her to the cleaners. Come on. It's our ticket to ride.

Lucy: [Sighs]

Ava: Actually, Kiki, I have no interest in celebrating Sonny's arrest.

Kiki: Because you're a changed woman?

Ava: No. Because Morgan is still dead. And in the middle of this most painful day, Sonny did right by him. Which is more than I can say for myself.

Nelle: You know, o-on second thought, um... maybe this isn't a good idea.

Michael: The rematch?

Nelle: It's too easy to like you, Michael. You know? And that's not good for either of us. If something were to go wrong and we were to get close -- you know, I work for your mom. How awkward would that be?

Michael: Wow. Uh... we went from touching hands to a bad breakup in like 30 seconds. [Chuckles]

Nelle: The point is to avoid the breakup before it happens.

Michael: Nelle, my -- my father just confessed to killing my brother. My family is falling apart. And for the length of a very one-sided chess match, you helped distract me. Whether you like it or not, I consider you a friend.

Nelle: Well, I -- I can handle friendship.

Michael: Right.

Nelle: But, you know, just so you know, your family is not falling apart. Because you won't let them. I should go.

Michael: I -- I still want that rematch.

Nelle: Michael...

Michael: As friends, as -- as chess rivals. There's nothing wrong with that.

Nelle: Fine. But don't be too certain. 'Cause I am on my way to the bookstore to buy a book on chess.

Michael: Okay.

Carly: Doesn't Morgan's death count for anything?

Sonny: Carly, come on. Of course, it does. Why would you ask me that?

Carly: Because you're standing here telling me that if Jason finds this other person that you would do it all over again. I can't -- I won't --

Sonny: Carly, I can't --

Carly: I love you. I love you so much, and I always will, and I'm so glad that you were not the one who killed Morgan. But the one thing I learned, Sonny, is that once the violence starts, there's no way to control it, and you're ready to start it all over again. Something has to change. And if it won't be you, then it has to be me. Yeah.

Sonny: Car--

Jax: You expect me to drive back to Port Charles without you?

Alexis: It's fine.

Jax: Come on.

Alexis: Really, I -- I've got phone calls to make for the West Coast that have to get done now. There's no cell phone service on the roads. So go. I'll be fine. I'll take an über home.

Bartender: I got your tab.

Jax: You sure you want to stay here?

Alexis: Yes, I'm sure. I'm a big girl. Thank you.

Jax: Okay. Well, don't work too hard, okay?

Alexis: I won't.

Jax: All right. Come here.

Alexis: Aww. What was that for?

Jax: 'Cause I love you.

Alexis: And I love you, too.

Jax: All right, well, take care of yourself.

Alexis: I'll be fine.

Jax: Be good, okay?

Alexis: I will. Could I have another one, please?

Hayden: What happens next? I mean, you quit the hospital, so... that means you can't get back into your lab to work on a cure. You're running low on your medication, and now you have to share it with me.

Finn: No one else I'd rather share with. I mean, it's not all bad. Roxy's here.

Hayden: Yeah. Roxy makes it a party.

Finn: Yeah. I don't have a lot of answers right now. But I know one thing. I'm not gonna let you die.

Hayden: I guess we're in this together now.

Elizabeth: Hey, Brad, it's Elizabeth. What do you know about the pathogen they found in Dr. Finn's lab? How dangerous was it? Can you call me back as soon as you get this? Thanks.

Franco: Hey, beautiful.

Elizabeth: Oh, my God. Franco.

Franco: What? What's wrong?

Elizabeth: What were you thinking going over to Tom's?

Franco: I was thinking about you, about how much you mean to me.

Elizabeth: What did you do?

Franco: I made sure that Tom Baker's not going anywhere near you ever again. You don't need to be afraid anymore.

Alexis: Thanks. Could you, uh, run me a tab, please?

Tom: No reason for that. It's on me.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Elizabeth (to Franco): Tom Baker could end up ruining my life all over again.

Jax (to Bartender): You said she left with a stranger?

Alexis: What did I do last night?

Judge Rawles: Custody of the minor Charlotte Cassadine will be resolved today.

Carly (to Michael): What's going on between you and Nelle?

Bobbie (to Nelle): Find something interesting?

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