GH Transcript Tuesday 11/15/16

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 11/15/16


Episode #13686 ~ After Jason informs Sonny that he's not responsible for Morgan's death, Sonny recants his confession; Jason advises Carly to support Sonny; Elizabeth discovers Franco's intentions; Franco finds Tom Baker at his brother's house and assaults him; Nelle encourages Michael to grieve for his brother.

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Jason: Jordan and Dante are going to be back here any minute, so listen to me. You are not going to confess to that hit --

Sonny: You were at the church. I already confessed.

Jason: Yes. I know you did. I called Diane. She's on her way over here.

Sonny: Diane doesn't need to show up here...

Jason: Yes, she does.

Sonny: 'Cause there's nothing she's gonna do. I'm gonna plead guilty.

Jason: No, you're not. You're gonna listen to me. I got ahold of your broker. Mezzo got your message. He cancelled that hit you put on Julian. You are not responsible for what happened to Morgan.

[Telephone rings]

Franco: Tom Baker, you are going to live to regret the day you were ever paroled.

[Indistinct conversations]

Elizabeth: Hey.

Franco: Hey.

Elizabeth: Wait. What are you still doing here?

Franco: Well, I could ask you the same thing. I thought you were booked into the OR for the next couple of hours.

Elizabeth: Well, yeah, but my assignment changed. I don't understand. Felix told me you were going home early, that you cancelled your last two patients 'cause you were sick.

Franco: [Coughs, clears throat]

Elizabeth: Okay. I have three boys. I know when someone's faking being sick. What is going on?

Franco: Okay. Well, what would Jake say in this situation?

Elizabeth: I'd expect him to tell me the truth. Clearly, something is wrong. What is it?

Valentin: Well, if all you lovely people who aren't related to Charlotte don't mind, I'd like to take my daughter home now.

Anna: Actually, I do mind.

Nina: Um... listen, Charlotte? I still have my costume box. Let's -- let's take a look and see if we can find a new costume to put on.

Valentin: I'd prefer my daughter not witness any unpleasantries.

Anna: All right. Well, there's a simple solution to that -- you just leave.

Valentin: I'm trying to -- with my daughter.

Anna: You may well be her biological father, but that doesn't mean you have custody. And if I have anything to say about it, you never will.

Carly: [Breathes deeply]

[Door opens, closes]

Michael: Hey, Mom.

Carly: Yeah.

Michael: Uh, we sent the food from the reception over to the homeless shelter, and Nelle thought it would be a good idea that we'd like having the flowers here.

Carly: Oh. Thank you. That's thoughtful.

Nelle: Well, I'm sure you want to be alone as a family, so I'm just gonna put these over there, and then I'll go, okay?

Carly: Okay.

Michael: [Breathes deeply] How you doing, Mom?

Carly: I think I'm in shock. I knew today was gonna be difficult, you know, trying to say goodbye to your brother, but I did not expect Sonny to do what he did in front of everybody.

Nelle: I almost forgot. I-I have something for you. It's from Sonny.

Jordan: You ready for this?

Dante: I was there for the confession. If it was anyone but my father, it'd be my duty to see this through.

Jordan: Yeah, but it is your father, and he is about to admit to killing your brother.

Dante: I'm not gonna recuse myself, so unless you take me off the case...

Jordan: No, I'm not. Not yet.

Dante: Let's do this.

Jordan: Okay.

Diane: Uh-oh. No, no. I need to speak with my client privately. And may I remind you that any statements he's already made, without benefit of counsel, will be inadmissible.

Dante: Sorry, Diane, but you're already too late.

Sonny: Are you telling me the hit I put on Julian was cancelled?

Jason: Yes. Just like you asked, Mezzo called off the hit. Whoever put that bomb in Julian's car wasn't on your order.

Sonny: So I'm not responsible for my son's death?

Jason: No, you're not.

Elizabeth: I don't understand. After everything we just went through, why are you lying to me now?

Franco: I --

Elizabeth: Does it have something to do with that piece of paper in your hand?

Franco: Okay. Well, look. If -- if I tell you, then, you know, you're ruining the surprise.

Elizabeth: What surprise?

Franco: I was planning on leaving work early and... heading to your favorite restaurant for take-out, and then... I was hoping for, you know, a marathon session of... the whole family playing Uno.

Elizabeth: Well, that's sweet. You know how much the boys would love that. But you shouldn't be missing work just to get us dinner.

Franco: I would do anything for you, Elizabeth. You have to know that by now.

[Pager beeping]

Elizabeth: Oh, I'm due in the ICU. But I guess I'll see you a little later tonight for some Uno.

Franco: Okay. Better order take-out... figure out how to play Uno.

Dr. Obrecht: What are you doing?

Franco: What am I doing? What -- what are you sneaking up on me like that?

Dr. Obrecht: Whose address is this?

Franco: Give that back.

Dr. Obrecht: Not until you tell me what this means.

Franco: Okay, you know what? It doesn't matter. I memorized it, anyway.

Dr. Obrecht: 826 Oak Street, Port Charles -- not the most respectable neighborhood. What business do you have there?

Franco: Okay. Could you keep it down, please? And could you please try and respect my privacy?

Dr. Obrecht: I'm your friend, and as such, I expect a better explanation than that geschwafel you were feeding Elizabeth.

Franco: I know what I'm doing.

Dr. Obrecht: [Scoffs] The male ego. It leads to so much disaster. You leave me no choice but to show this address to Ms. Webber and tell her about your strange, odd behavior. Perhaps she can shed some light on the subject.

Franco: Okay, fine, fine. Hold on a second. You're right, okay? I'm not going to Oak Street for take-out. I'm going there to save Elizabeth.

Nina: Here. Why don't you put this in your ears and you can hear my heart beat?

Anna: All right, you have every right under New York state law to petition for custody in a family court, but just because you are the biological father doesn't mean that you will automatically receive custody, especially given your problematic background.

Valentin: All criminal charges against me have been dismissed.

Anna: Oh, yes.

Valentin: And before you launch into a litany of my alleged crimes, I'll thank you to remember that my daughter is in the room. And it won't do her any good to hear a lot of unfounded claims against me that cannot be proven.

Griffin: Oh, I see. So we shouldn't call you out on what you've done, for Charlotte's sake?

Valentin: My point is, you can't prove anything. So why don't you just let us leave?

Anna: Well, Charlotte's mother left her in Griffin's care, and that is where she's gonna stay until there is a family-court determination.

Valentin: Uh, it pains me to admit this, but Claudette is less than reliable.

Anna: And it would be so helpful if we could locate her -- just to hear her side of the story -- but she appears to have vanished. And, I mean, you wouldn't know anything about that, would you? Of course not.

Valentin: Claudette's actions have always been a mystery to me. I have no idea why she brought Charlotte to Port Charles or why she lied about the paternity, but I don't really care. I just want to bring my daughter home.

Anna: All right. If, as you say, Charlotte is your main concern...

Valentin: She's my only concern.

Anna: ...Then I suggest you let her leave with us so this doesn't get unpleasant. Okay?

Carly: I saw this with Sonny the last time I was at his house. I asked him about it, and he said that it...didn't matter. You know, maybe he was saving it for after the funeral. Maybe he planned on confessing all along. What did he say to you when he gave you this?

Nelle: Not to give it to you until after Morgan's funeral. I mean, he was very specific.

Carly: Well, I heard his confession at the chapel, okay? I don't need to read another one.

Michael: But, Mom, you have no idea what's in that letter. I doubt dad wrote the exact same thing he said at church. it.

Carly: Do you know what's in it?

Michael: No, I have no idea.

Carly: Do you know what's in this letter?

Nelle: No. No clue.

Diane: Why don't you be a little more specific, detective? Why is it too late?

Dante: Sonny confessed -- in front of me, the commissioner, and about 12 other witnesses.

Jordan: Yes, that's right -- your client already confessed in broad strokes that he's responsible for the death of his son. We're just waiting on the exact details.

Diane: Well, that may be your interpretation, Commissioner, but I-I doubt a judge or jury would see it that way. Either way, I am determined to speak to my client in private.

Dante: That's good. I want you to speak to him. But just know that it's gonna be different this time. It's over.

Sonny: If I'm not responsible for Morgan's death, who is?

Jason: I don't know. I don't know yet. But what I did get out of Mezzo was that they wouldn't have been planning on using a bomb. They were gonna stage a slip and fall in the shower, make it an accident.

Sonny: I told Mezzo, I said, "Look, I don't want anything traced back to me," so staging an accident would make sense.

Jason: Right.

Sonny: Which means this bomb was probably set by another party. You know Julian's got a lot of enemies.

Sonny: We got to find out who it is.

Jason: And we will.

Sonny: Well, uh... you know what I mean? I don't want you to get involved in this if it's gonna get messy.

Jason: Then it gets messy. I'm with you on this all the way. We're gonna find out who did this to Morgan.

Sonny: Thank you.

Dr. Obrecht: How are you saving Elizabeth?

Franco: It has to do with the man who raped Elizabeth when she was a teenager. Tom Baker.

Dr. Obrecht: Yes. You told me he was up for parole.

Franco: Well, he's been released, and he's planning on staying with his brother right here in Port Charles.

Dr. Obrecht: You mean at 826 Oak Street?

Franco: Yes.

Dr. Obrecht: [Scoffs] Are you going to see him? To do what, exactly?

Franco: Well, I -- just... to make sure that Elizabeth is safe.

Dr. Obrecht: [Sighs] Oh, no.

Franco: Wait. Hold on a second. No, I'm not gonna do anything crazy. I know that's relative. Look, I -- okay. I'm not gonna do anything rash... I don't think. I want to size the guy up. I want to make sure that I can figure out how to -- how to protect Elizabeth.

Dr. Obrecht: Why is that nurse doing this to you?

Franco: Elizabeth has no idea about this man. I don't want her to know.

Dr. Obrecht: You just got your job back when the hospital reopened. Why are you risking that by tangling with a dangerous criminal?!

Franco: Because Elizabeth is very important to me, and I would do anything to keep her safe.

Dr. Obrecht: No. I won't let you.

Franco: Okay. Liesl, listen. I-I really like being friends with you, but if you're asking me to choose between you and Elizabeth, you're gonna lose.

Elizabeth: Franco, I thought you were leaving. Okay, clearly, something is wrong.

Franco: It's nothing.

Dr. Obrecht: Oh, yes. Yes, it is.

Valentin: I am Charlotte's father, and I only want what's best for her, so I will not make a scene. But the two of you and the state of New York will be hearing from my attorneys, and once the technicalities are all taken care of, she will be coming to live with me. In the meantime, I would ask that you do not question my daughter about me or fill her head with the idea that I'm in any way dangerous or bad or a threat, because I'm not. I'm just a father who loves her. Simple as that.

Nina: [Chuckles] You know what? I am gonna give you this. It's my favorite.

Valentin: Charlotte, ma petite, it's time for you to go.

Charlotte: Not yet.

Valentin: Yes! Yes. Your new friends are leaving, and you've got to go with them.

Charlotte: But why? I miss you.

Valentin: And I miss you. But your new friends will take very good care of you and make sure that you are happy.

Griffin: Hey. You weren't surprised. You expected the -- the DNA test to show that Valentin was the father?

Anna: Let's talk about this later, shall we?

Griffin: Yes.

Charlotte: Yes.

Valentin: The north star, visible anywhere in the northern hemisphere, from Canada all the way to Greece, all the way outside your window here in Port Charles.

Anna: Come with me, Charlotte. Come on.

Valentin: [Breathes deeply]

Nina: Okay. That -- that can't have been easy.

Valentin: No. No, it wasn't. But I'm not surprised that Anna and Father Munro want to protect Charlotte from me. I mean, after that stuff in Greece last summer, everybody seems to think I'm some dangerous individual.

Nina: Well, maybe they're right. But not to Charlotte.

Valentin: What do you mean by that?

Nina: Well, it's obvious she adores you.

Michael: Well?

Carly: It's not a confession. It's a request. [Sighs] Your father donated a third of his assets to set up a foundation in Morgan's name. He set up trusts -- million dollars apiece -- for you, Kristina, Dante, and Avery, and the rest goes to me. Diane set the whole thing up. So your father was planning on confessing at the funeral all along. Now his assets can't be tied up if and when he is criminally charged.

Nelle: Well, it sounds like you'll never have to worry about anything, financially.

Carly: Yeah, lucky me. I never have to worry about anything again, financially speaking, right?

Michael: Hey, Mom, Mom, Dad's trying the only way he can to still take care of us.

Carly: I know -- he says that. Right here, he says, "I know money doesn't fix everything, but it is all I have to leave to you. I trust that you will do better by the kids than I have done."

Sonny: If we had known this information earlier, we would've known that somebody else was responsible for killing my son.

Jason: Okay. What are you gonna tell the cops? 'Cause you can't go down for something you didn't do.

[Door opens]

Jordan: Jason, what the hell do you think you're doing in here?

Dr. Obrecht: All this good feeling and pitching in together is a sham. This hospital is as inefficient as ever.

Elizabeth: What was that all about?

Franco: I have no idea. I guess just another one of her Teutonic meltdowns.

Elizabeth: Does it involve me?

Franco: I honestly have no idea. I mean, with her accent, most of the time, I have a hard time figuring out what she's saying. I'll see you at dinner, all right?

Valentin: Want to thank you for protecting her. She could have very easily become upset. I'm very grateful you kept her out of the fray.

Nina: No problem. I love kids. And I had fun playing with Charlotte. Uh, while I'm well aware you're not always the perfect gentleman you appear to be... I think that Anna and Griffin had a lot of nerve insisting that they leave with Charlotte.

Valentin: Yeah, Anna was misguided. I mean, she clearly thinks she's on the side of the angels, and Father Munro... [Sighs] You can almost feel sorry for him. He's had long enough to feel he's Charlotte's father, and now he's losing her.

Nina: You don't need to feel sorry for Griffin Munro.

Valentin: Oh. Are you not a fan?

Nina: No, not after what he did to my brother.

Anna: Yes, yes, I understand that. Mm-hmm. No, thank you. Thank you very much, yeah. Goodbye, yeah. [Mouthing indistinctly]

Griffin: Hey, um, you keep coloring. I'm just gonna be right over there, okay?

Anna: Okay. So, I just got off with my contact at child services. Right. And I explained the recent twist in the situation with Charlotte, and I convinced her to allow us to keep her for now. But we're gonna need written consent from the mother, which is easier said than done because we have no idea where she is.

Griffin: Wait, wait, wait. You still haven't answered my question. You seemed to know Valentin Cassadine was gonna turn out to be Charlotte's father.

Anna: No, I didn't. I wasn't certain. But there had to be a reason he was so focused on Charlotte. Plus, all my years at the bureau sort of taught me to consider every possibility. What I couldn't prepare for is how you're feeling right now.

Griffin: Because, for a while, I thought I was a father, and now I know I'm not.

Anna: Yeah. And you're attached.

Griffin: Yeah.

Anna: I'm sorry.

Griffin: I mean, it's been one shock after another. Finding out that I -- that I had a daughter, you know, meeting Charlotte, feeling that instant bond, I mean...

Anna: Yeah.

Griffin: ...Wanting to protect her and keep her safe. Now that's all being yanked away from me, and it's -- it's killing me.

Anna: I'm sure it is. But this is what I need you to do. I want you to put all your emotions to the side, because what we have to do is concentrate on the legal situation, which is very complex, because we have two biological parents that are alive -- we think -- and from a legal standpoint, it appears that Claudette has just simply abandoned her child. So if you want to keep Charlotte out of Valentin's hands, you are going to have to be the better parent than the biological father. Are you willing to be that?

Griffin: Yeah, of course. Why wouldn't I be?

Anna: Being a parent is a forever job. Are you up for that?

Carly: I don't know what your father thought he was accomplishing by sending himself to prison.

Michael: He was taking responsibility for what --

Carly: But he was taking himself out of his kids' lives. I mean, think about it! It's one thing for you, Dante, and Kristina. I mean, you guys are gonna hurt, you're gonna miss him. But what about Avery? She's a baby! And now she's gonna have to spend her time with Ava. Do you think that Ava's gonna let me spend any time with her? No! That little girl's gonna grow up with that hateful woman, who is going to use and manipulate her, and her father, who is supposed to protect her, is gonna be rotting in a prison cell! And why?! It's not gonna bring your brother back. I mean, outside of easing Sonny's conscience, what the hell does it do?!

Michael: This is how Dad is dealing with what happened to Morgan. Maybe you don't agree with it, but dad did what he thought was right.

Carly: Dad does what he always wants to do! Just like -- I'm not gonna fight with you. I-I got to -- I'm gonna go to the hotel, and I'm gonna work.

Michael: Mom.

Carly: I can't do it.

Michael: [Sighs] I'm an idiot.

[Door closes]

Nelle: You know what, Michael? It seems like you're the only one holding this family together.

Diane: I'm a little confused, Commissioner. Which of my clients do you intend to interrogate? Because, as far as I know, Mr. Morgan has not been taken into custody.

Jordan: Well, he's here without authorization.

Diane: [Scoffs] Authorization... Mr. Morgan was the one who advised me that Mr. Corinthos was in need of my services. I asked him to meet me at the PCPD. It -- now, if you have objection to where he chooses to wait...

Jordan: In here? In the interrogation room? I could have him arrested.

Diane: [Laughing] Arrested. On what grounds, hmm? Showing concern for a friend? Well, then, by all means, slap on those cuffs. Read him his Miranda rights. Of course, I will immediately be filing a civil suit...

Dante: [Sighs]

Diane: ...Alleging harassment, breach of civil rights, and, given this department's well-documented history of bias against my client --

Dante: Okay, Diane. Why don't we just escort Jason out of here, and we can focus on Sonny's confession, all right?

Diane: Absolutely. Your call, Commissioner.

Jordan: Get him out of here.

Sonny: Don't worry about it. I got it. Got it?

Jason: Yeah.

Dante: What are you doing in there? What are you saying to him? You trying to cover something up?

Jason: I promise you, the last thing I want to do is cover anything up.

Jordan: What did Jason say to you?

Diane: Unh-unh. Before this goes any further, I need to speak to my client privately. This is just a gentle reminder to you, Commissioner, that your department would do well to comply, considering that any admissibility is going to hinge on strict adherence to constitutional protections.

Jordan: I've already heard Sonny's confession.

[Door opens]

Jordan: We just brought him in here to get a more detailed statement.

Sonny: I changed my mind. I got nothing to say.

Dr. Obrecht: You are your own worst enemy, Franco. [Sighs]

Elizabeth: Dr. Obrecht.

Dr. Obrecht: Do not sneak up on me like that.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you. I -- I was hoping to have a word with you. Obviously, something's going on with Franco, and I know how much he trusts you.

Dr. Obrecht: I have nothing to say to you on the matter except for this. You are a terrible, horrible person.

Franco: Huh. Okay. Then this is the place. Wow, Liesl, you weren't kidding. This is a crummy neighborhood. Still too good for Tom Baker.

[Leaves rustling]

[Banging on door]

Nina: My brother married Claudette. It started off as a green-card marriage, so she could stay in the US. He fell in love with her. And he thought that she loved him in return until he walked in one day and caught her in bed... with Father Munro. Seems that, um, his vow of celibacy wasn't that important to him.

Valentin: Well, I'm in no position to judge another man's weakness. Unless, of course, that man is taking me to family court for custody of my child. Can I call you as a character witness?

Nina: I'm not taking sides.

Valentin: Uh, you already have. You're on Charlotte's side. And I cannot tell you how grateful I am.

Griffin: You don't pull any punches, do you?

Anna: Oh, well, we're talking about a child's welfare here. You need to be able to answer the difficult questions.

Griffin: Okay, then. For years, I've been struggling to define my life, choose my future. Am I a priest, or am I doctor? Which is exactly the opposite of everything I've been taught to believe in. We're supposed to live in the here and the now, accept that God has a plan for us, and he'll reveal it on his terms, not ours. So if I can accept that for now, for today, well, then my only job is for and love Charlotte -- treat her as a daughter, even if she's not biologically mine.

Anna: Okay. Well, you heard what I said to Valentin -- that it didn't matter if he had managed to bribe his way out of his crimes in Greece. They are still admissible in family court. Plus, there was a roomful of people that saw him shoot Kevin. And people know that he tried to take Spencer from camp. You know, there was one possibility, I thought. Claudette's mother -- is there any way that you could get her to testify on your behalf? Because that would be a big help.

Griffin: [Scoffs] I was Claudette's priest. You know, we had an affair that wound up ending her marriage. I'm not sure her mom's my biggest fan.

Anna: No, probably not. So, I'll just ramp up my investigation of Valentin. And I promise you, whatever sins you think you've committed, his are a thousand times worse.

Carly: Excuse me, can you please call the manager and tell him I need the receipts for the past three months? Thank you.

Jason: Carly.

Carly: Hey.

Jason: Hi.

Carly: What are you doing here?

Jason: Uh -- uh, Michael said you left the house. He thought you might be here.

Carly: Okay, before you go any further, I don't want an update on Sonny. I don't want to talk about Sonny. I wish I never had to hear Sonny's name again.

Jordan: You know, for the only time since I've known you, you actually did the right thing in that church today. You confessed. Refusing to talk now, it's not gonna change that.

Diane: My client was very clear, Commissioner. He has nothing to say to you at this time.

Dante: Don't do this.

Diane: Now, will you please leave so I may confer with him in private?

Sonny: Diane.

Dante: Come on, don't do this. Don't -- don't take the easy way out again.

Diane: Dante, I'm sorry, but in private.

Sonny: Diane!

Diane: That includes you.

Sonny: I want to hear what my son has to say.

Dante: I was there at the church, Dad, today. I heard everything you said. You're responsible for Morgan's death -- that's what you said. You can't take that back now. Whatever Jason said to you -- whatever he said -- how could it possibly change everything?

Elizabeth: I'm a horrible person? Where is this attitude coming from?

Dr. Obrecht: As you remember, I fired you once. So I've never been fond of your professional skills. As for your personal life... your dealings with Jason Morgan prove beyond question that you are a liar and always play the damsel in distress so that men will rescue you.

Elizabeth: How dare you.

Dr. Obrecht: How dare I what? Speak the truth? You only pretend to be fragile and delicate.

Elizabeth: [Scoffs]

Dr. Obrecht: In truth, you are a ruthless manipulator. I won't allow Franco to fall prey to your...passive-aggressive machinations.

Elizabeth: Franco is a grown man, and remember, he pursued me. I don't understand. Franco and I have been getting closer for months. Why today are you in overdrive, attacking me?

Dr. Obrecht: I've wasted enough time on you. I have patients to attend.

Elizabeth: Who or what is on Oak Street?

Franco: [Bangs on door]

[Leaves rustling]

Franco: All right. Maybe they're not here. Maybe... I mean, if I just got out of prison, I'd go out for a drink.

[Tom Baker comes out of the house and walks away.]

Nelle: Everything that you said to your mother is true.

Michael: [Sighing] Yeah, I -- I should've been more sensitive. I mean, what she's going through right now --

Nelle: Is the same thing that you're going through. Look, she lost her son. You lost your brother. Her husband's responsible, just as your father is.

Michael: That's not the same thing.

Nelle: It's pretty damn close, Michael. You know, why is it your job to fix everything? I've seen you do it time and time again -- with Josslyn, Avery, Kristina, your mom, your dad.

Michael: Yeah, well, it's because it's what I do, Nelle. And I'm good at it. I, uh -- I fix things.

Nelle: So who fixes you? You know, what you said today at the chapel, about how your relationship with Morgan was different than all your other siblings because you were his constant?

Michael: [Sighs]

Nelle: That means that he was your constant, too. You buried your brother today, Michael. Stop taking care of everybody else and be there for yourself. You know, grieve for your -- your brother, your dad, everything.

Michael: I can't.

Nelle: You can't grieve for your brother?

Michael: I can't, not now. Not when my family's falling apart. But you're right. I have to be the one who holds them together. [Sighs deeply]

Sonny: I'm sorry, Dante. I -- I got nothing more to say except to my lawyer.

Dante: That's it? How can you do this to Morgan? [Scoffs]

[Chair clatters]

Diane: Jason texted me about your confession at the church. So it seems everything went as you had planned.

Sonny: Yeah, I wanted you to be there to pay your respects, but, uh... I just needed you to stay away.

Diane: Yes, I know. I understand. Max and I are taking flowers to the gravesite tomorrow. We loved that boy. [Chuckles]

Sonny: Yeah, I know. Thank you.

Diane: So, it seems you have had a change of heart regarding your confession.

Sonny: Yeah, but I think it's a little too late at this point.

Diane: Mnh-mnh. No, you leave that part to me. I want to know everything you said at the church.

Dante: He confessed in a church in front of a bunch of people. Yeah. How can he go back on that?

Jordan: I don't know. I don't know. Maybe -- maybe he -- he had an emotional outburst in the church, and then, when that was done, Jason came in, calmed him down, and just convinced him to -- to recant. I don't know. Not that it's gonna do him any good, Dante. He already confessed to being solely responsible for the murder of his son in front -- in a church full of witnesses, including you and me.

Dante: Right. So?

Jordan: I know what I need to do next.

Carly: I got to go.

Jason: Hey, hey, hey, listen to me. Listen.

Carly: I don't want to listen if it's about Sonny.

Jason: He's innocent.

Carly: He's not innocent! You heard him confess. You were there.

Jason: I did. He confessed because he thought he was responsible for Morgan's death.

Carly: Sonny ordered the hit on Julian Jerome. He's not --

Jason: Yes, he did. And then he called it off. Max tracked down his broker. The contractor got Sonny's message. He never even went after Julian.

Carly: Okay, then where'd the bomb come from?

Jason: I don't know. I'm gonna find out.

Carly: Maybe the broker's lying, just trying to save his own ass.

Jason: He's not. I questioned him myself. The contractor was gonna set up some sort of accident. Julian was gonna take a shower, slip, break his neck. A bomb wasn't even a consideration because it's too obvious. Sonny's man never planted that bomb.

Griffin: [Exhales] It's getting late. I should get her home to bed.

Anna: Hey. I'm gonna do everything in my power to keep that little girl with you and away from Valentin.

Griffin: Thank you.

Anna: Charlotte's teaching you a very valuable lesson -- that you don't have to be blood to be family. You're my family. And Robin's and Emma's... and by extension Maxie and Nathan. You have a legion of supporters, and Valentin has none.

Griffin: Thank you.

Nina: I have work I need to finish up.

Valentin: And I won't keep you from it.

Nina: What?

Valentin: A tip on manners I once read in your magazine.

Nina: To what tip are you referring?

Valentin: The one that said that if you're thinking something complimentary about someone, you shouldn't keep it inside. You should brighten their day, tell them.

Nina: You were thinking something complimentary about me?

Valentin: I was.

Nina: Oh.

Valentin: What I saw with you and Charlotte before... you'd be a great mother.

[Door opens]

Elizabeth: 826 Oak Street, Port Charles -- home of Seth Baker, associated with JoBeth Baker, Mark Baker... and Tom Baker. Oh, God, Franco, what are you doing?

Tom: [Gasps] Geez, you scared me. Are you a friend of my brother's?

Franco: No. I'm a dear friend of your rape victim -- Elizabeth Webber.

Nelle: Well, the night that I met Joss, she made a point of telling me how great you were. She's a teenage girl. They tend to idolize their older brothers, so I wasn't completely convinced. [Breathes deeply] But I am now. You really are pretty great, Michael.

Michael: Oh, thanks. [Grunts] You give me too much credit, though.

Nelle: I don't think so.

Michael: My mom needed me right now. I-I didn't fix anything. I just made it worse.

Nelle: Michael...

Michael: [Sighs]

Nelle: ...Give yourself a break. You know, and if you can't... ...let me.

Carly: Jason, I want you to tell me everything you find out. I want to know who's responsible for killing my kid.

Jason: You know I will. Sonny wants the same thing. But, uh, listen, Carly...

Carly: What? What else?

Jason: Sonny wasn't responsible for Morgan's death, but he is in custody... and they are going to charge him for murder, so at the very least, they're gonna keep him in lockup, and he's alone, and he's grieving, and you're the only person in the world who can understand his grief. And I think you could both really use each other right now.

Sonny: I think the -- the phrase I used in the church was, "I'm responsible for Morgan's death, no one else."

Diane: But you didn't say how or why you were responsible, right? No mention of arranging a hit or attempting to kill Julian? Nothing materially incriminating?

Sonny: Not that I remember, Diane.

Diane: Well, then, fine. I'm going to argue that you were speaking metaphorically, as a grieving father taking responsibility for your regrets as a parent, not that you were admitting culpability in a car bomb.

[Door opens]

Diane: We're not done here.

Jordan: Oh, I think you are, Diane. Sonny Corinthos, I am placing you under arrest for the attempted murder of Julian Jerome and the murder of your son -- Morgan Corinthos.

[Dante puts handcuffs on his father]

On the next "General Hospital" --

Nelle (to Michael): I'm gonna make you regret that.

Sonny (Carly): Someone else killed our son.

Ava (to Kiki): I need some closure, too.

Alexis (to Jax): For some reason, this got out of control.

Hayden: Oh, Finn, what have you done to me?

Elizabeth: Oh, God, Franco, what are you doing?

[Franco assaults Tom Baker in his brother's house on Oak Street.]

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