GH Transcript Tuesday 9/13/16

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 9/13/16


Episode #13641 ~ Franco seeks advice from Kiki about telling Elizabeth the big secret; the PCPD work with André on the GH patient-murder case; Morgan surprises Kiki by insinuating that her life is going nowhere; Darby suggests he start cheating at school; Tracy asks for Finn's help in persuading the hospital board not to shut GH down; Paul stalks Monica.

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Jordan: Thank you for coming.

André: Hard to say no to a command performance.  What do you need?

Jordan: Your help. In finding the General Hospital killer. Before bad publicity shuts the hospital down.

Paul: Oh, happy birthday, sweetheart. I hope it's a good one and that you got the cake that I ordered for you. I wish I could be there to celebrate it with you. But I have a commitment to fulfill for you, and I'm finally almost there. I know you understand, but I... I just can't leave until I'm finished.

Jordan: Four dead. Barely a lead to be found, and almost no physical evidence. Not one suspect.

Nathan: Yeah, and the paper's crying to have the hospital shut down until we can get this case closed.

Jordan: We can't let that happen.

André: Then let's get to work.

Kiki: They replaced those quickly.

Morgan: Yeah.

Kiki: Oh, they look really good, Morgan.

Morgan: Well, the color's not right, and the font's not exactly what I had pictured in my head. But...whatever.

Kiki: But the company name is spelled right.

Morgan: Yeah. Whatever. I mean, life is too short to get all bent out of shape over logos, right?

Kiki: Good answer. Hey, why don't we, uh, take that a little bit further and go over to the lake? Go for a swim.

Morgan: Don't you work?

Kiki: I can just call out. I have a very strong feeling that my boss, aka your mom, would say yes. Your only customer is whoever left these books. So, just leave them a comp latte and let's hit it.

Morgan: No, no, no, those are mine.

Kiki: What are yours?

Morgan: The books.

Kiki: [Scoffs] Good one.

Morgan: I read. I do.

Kiki: Since when?

Morgan: Since I applied for a fall semester at PCU.

Kiki: Are you -- are you kidding?

Morgan: Surprise.

Sabrina: Tracy, hi.

Tracy: Wow, hi.

Sabrina: As you see, I took your advice. I'm back on staff, and I'm about to start my first shift.

Tracy: Great. Um, I think you -- I-I think you should keep your résumé updated. The hospital... might be closed by tomorrow.

Hayden: [Sighs] Finn?

Finn: Hi.

Hayden: Hi.

Finn: Could you help me?

Hayden: Yeah.

Finn: Could just pull this -- pull this tight? That's good.

[Monitor beeping]

Franco: I know that people usually sleep a lot... after surgery, but if you don't wake up in the next two minutes, I'm gonna take it intensely personally. All right. I'm gonna give you some incentive to wake up, okay? Guess what. No, really, guess what? You have a sister. That's right. You have a secret sister.

Morgan: I didn't think I was gonna get enrolled because I was late for fall registration, but, you know -- and I didn't have a-a transcript or whatever. But parents made a few calls, and I'm in. I know it's not, like, the most noble way to get in, but, I mean, it worked.

Kiki: Wow, yeah. Good for you.

Morgan: Well, I mean, calm down. Don't strain yourself being so excited for me.

Kiki: No, I am happy. It's just... what, you're studying business and marketing?

Morgan: Yeah, I mean, I can -- I can apply what I learn right here to Perks. It's perfect.

Kiki: It's just it's a pretty heavy workload for anyone. You really think that you're gonna have the time to commit to that?

Morgan: So, since when have you been worried about my time management? It's fine, you can say it -- you don't believe in me.

Paul: Make the most of your day, sweetheart. And if everything goes the way I'm planning it, my business will be finished and I will never miss your birthday again. I'm gonna have to cut this short, sweetheart. I-I have one last present on my list, and she just walked in. I love you.

Monica: Oh, good. You're on time. Listen, I've got to make this short. I've got a security briefing in less than an hour and back-to-back meetings all day.

Tracy: Postpone them.

Monica: [Laughs] Yes, I realize that Tracy's agenda trumps everybody else's agenda, but I am in the middle of a full-blown catastrophe at GH.

Tracy: There may not be a GH by the end of the day.

Monica: What the hell does that mean?

Tracy: I just came from a meeting -- an emergency meeting. The board wants to close General Hospital.

Franco: I promised myself I wasn't gonna do this. But it's true. Here's the deal -- you have a sister -- a secret sister -- and her name --

[Door opens]

Sabrina: Excuse me, what are you doing?

Franco: I'm keeping vigil. What does it look like I'm doing? She's stable, she's just not awake.

Sabrina: Well, thank you for the update.

Franco: Why won't she wake up?

Sabrina: [Sighs] Um, well, she just had emergency surgery... less than 12 hours ago, and rest promotes healing. Have you been here all night?

Franco: Yeah. Elizabeth's here, I'm here. Where else would I be?

Sabrina: You need to leave.

Franco: No, no, no, no, no. Doctor said I could stay here. What are you talk--

Sabrina: Uh, yes, but if you are delirious from lack of sleep and Elizabeth finally wakes up, you're gonna do her more harm than good. So, go get something to eat...

Franco: I don't want anything to eat.

Sabrina: ...Grab a quick nap.

Franco: I don't want a nap.

Sabrina: I will call you as soon as she wakes up, okay?

Franco: Why would you do that? You don't care about me.

Sabrina: Yeah, but Elizabeth does, and that's good enough for me.

[Door closes]

Finn: [Groans] [Sighs] Thank you for the assist.

Hayden: Sure.

Finn: How are you feeling?

Hayden: I'm better than I was yesterday -- in the interrogation room at the police station. Thank you, again, for helping me.

Finn: I owed you.

Hayden: Hardly. You know, I can do more for you, Finn.

Finn: No. I don't want you any deeper in this than you already are. My disease, my problem.

Hayden: Uh, really, in point of fact, it's not just your disease. There are other people that are sick from this, right? That are dying from it? You may be too proud to let me help you, but are you too proud to let me help other people? I didn't think so.

Jordan: Here's what we know -- the dead. Ellis, Jenkins, Prescott.

Nathan: All patients of GH, all found dead in their beds, May 5th, May 18th, and July 29th.

Jordan: Dr. Mayes.

Nathan: Employed by GH, found dead July 1st.

Jordan: Bobbie Spencer, Lucas Jones.

Nathan: Both attacked May 25th, both survived. Derisifol was used in each incident.

Jordan: There was a near miss on August 31st, when a loaded derisifol syringe was found discarded in the GH staff locker room.

André: Anything in the timing of the murders?

Jordan: None that we can see. I mean, the dates seem all random.

André: And nothing to connect the victims? Church, school, work, neighborhood?

Jordan: Well, they were all patients, except for Dr. Mayes and Lucas. But Lucas was the exception -- I mean, it appears that he was targeted, because he surprised the killer when he was actually going after Bobbie.

André: So Mayes was the only victim who's also a staff member.

Nathan: Until the night of the power outage.

Jordan: Right, like I said, the syringe was found in the locker room. Maybe the target was another staff member.

Elizabeth: [Groans] Franco. Franco. What secret sister?

Jordan: The discarded syringe indicates that the killer was maybe thrown off his intended target that night?

Nathan: Because of the power outage?

André: You don't think the outage was part of the plan?

Jordan: And we talked about that.

Nathan: It would be a good way to create a distraction. And the electrical system was tampered with.

Jordan: I think that we need to proceed as if the two things were related.

André: No one was injected, but there was a casualty -- Elizabeth Webber was pushed down the stairs.

Jordan: Are you saying...?

André: Maybe the power outage, the abandoned syringe, and the attack on Elizabeth Webber are all connected.

Monica: Well, reconvene the board and tell them to back off.

Tracy: Oh, that'll be very effective, I'm sure.

Paul: Why so grim, ladies?

Tracy: Have a seat.

Paul: Well, what topic are we on?

Monica: Tracy just informed me that the board wants to close the hospital until the killer is caught.

Tracy: Four people have died -- three of them patients -- and the media's all over it. What's getting lost in the hype is how important General Hospital is to the community, how may people depend on us for care.

Paul: Shouldn't the board take that into account?

Tracy: They're being pressured by the mayor. Lomax advised the board to shut the hospital down until the murders have been solved, and God knows when that's gonna be, given the stalled investigation.

Paul: Can the hospital survive a shutdown like that?

Monica: [Sighs]

Elizabeth: [Groans]

Sabrina: Easy, easy, okay. You good?

Elizabeth: Yeah. Ugh.

Sabrina: So, what were you saying about a secret sister?

Elizabeth: What?

Sabrina: Something you just said.

Elizabeth: Uh, I don't remember.

Sabrina: Totally normal.

Elizabeth: Why are you in your scrubs?

Sabrina: I'm back on staff. [Chuckles]

Elizabeth: [Chuckles]

Sabrina: You're my first rotation.

Elizabeth: Yay!

Sabrina: Yay!

Elizabeth: That's awesome.

[Object clatters]

Elizabeth: Why am I so groggy? What happened?

Sabrina: You had an emergency partial splenectomy.

Elizabeth: Oh, how bad was it?

Sabrina: There was some trouble with the blood supply.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I have a very rare blood type.

Sabrina: Yeah, well, fortunately, someone came forward and donated what you needed.

Elizabeth: [Sighs] What about my boys? They okay?

Sabrina: Yeah, they're totally fine. They're with your grandmother, and I will call to let them know that you're awake. They're probably gonna want to see you, but they're gonna have to get in line. Franco was here all night. Oh, fair warning. The police might want to insist on screening your visitors.

Elizabeth: Why? Hayden's the one who pushed me down the stairs, and they arrested her. That much I remember.

Sabrina: Hayden was released last night.

Hayden: Hold that thought.

Finn: What exact-- wait, no.

[Zipper zips]

Finn: What exactly did you have in mind, Hayden?

Hayden: Well, first -- first thing's first.

Finn: First thing's first, what --

Hayden: This deserves documentation.

Finn: What are you doing?

Hayden: Ready, ready? [Chuckles]

Finn: Oh. What are y--

Hayden: It's the moment you admitted defeat.

Finn: I didn't admit anything.

Hayden: To me.

Finn: And that makes you happy?

Hayden: Yeah -- well, no. I don't know, I'm getting there.

Finn: Enlighten me.

Hayden: Okay. Well, as you know, I made a deal with Franco. I gave blood to save Elizabeth's life in exchange for my diamonds -- and the promise that Elizabeth won't go to the Feds.

Finn: We've been over this. We already established that you would've given blood regardless.

Hayden: Yeah, well, that's not the point. Franco's gonna give the diamonds back to me. And when he does, I'll sell them and use the proceeds to fund your research.

Finn: [Scoffs] No, maybe not the best use of the money.

Hayden: No, it is to me. And to you. And to a lot of other people.

Finn: I'll tell you what, ma-maybe we have this conversation when you have the diamonds in your hand.

Hayden: Would you prefer we explore our feelings for each other?

Finn: Huh? Feelings? [Chuckles]

Hayden: Well...yeah. The ones you acted on when you kissed me on the promenade?

Finn: Ah, yes, the... the kiss. I was wondering when we were gonna get to that.

Hayden: Mm-hmm.

Finn: Well, in your defense, um, you had been drinking...

Hayden: I wasn't drunk.

Finn: ...Heavily.

Hayden: No.

Finn: And neither one of us were...thinking straight, and everything that had gone on with Elizabeth --

Hayden: Elizabeth is fine. Which means I'm free and clear, which means the two of us are right back where we started.

Finn: You're right. Nothing's changed. I'm still dying. And I'm still in love with my wife.

Kiki: You know what, Morgan? That's really unfair. I have stuck by you through everything, and you know that.

Morgan: No, no. I tell you I'm going back to school, you doubt, you laugh, and I don't even think you said congratulations to me.

Kiki: Because I didn't see this coming. You have never once expressed interest to me in going back to college, and now you've got your parents "helping you" get in? You've already decided on a major?

Morgan: Yeah, because I'm tired of spinning my wheels, Kiki. I'm tired of just not having a purpose. I'm tired of sitting here and -- and handing out espressos!

Kiki: Do you really think that you're gonna find all of that at PCU? [Scoffs] You don't like school. I know that, you know that. I'm sure that the records clerk at Vanderbilt knows that. Honest, did you even get a 1.5 your first term?

Morgan: Why are we -- why are we talking about this? Because it was years ago, okay? I didn't have a -- I didn't have a purpose. I wasn't thinking about the future. Now I am, I'm on track, and I would think you would be happy about that. 'Cause I'm not just some unmedicated, you know, nut job now.

Kiki: It's just it came out of nowhere -- it's like you didn't give it any thought.

Morgan: If you have a problem in my plans to succeed, maybe you should look at yourself, because you know what? I think you're threatened.

Kiki: Um, I'm sorry, but excuse me? What do you mean by "threatened"?

Morgan: What I mean is you're just sitting there at my mom's job making stupid tips, and I'm trying to actually do something with my life. That came out bad, I'm sorry.

Kiki: I'm gonna go.

Morgan: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Stop, I'm sorry. Hey! I'm sorry. Let's just l-- I'm pumped, I'm pumped. I'm just into it, I'm excited about it. Let's just go to the lake, and we can sit down and we can talk things out.

Kiki: No, you have to get back to hitting the books, and I have to get back to going nowhere.

Morgan: So, how are you?

Darby: Not bad. You? Take care of that MG?

Morgan: Uh, yeah. Antibiotics worked. You?

Darby: Same. No big.

Morgan: Yeah. No big. Just I had to tell my girlfriend I gave her an STI.

Darby: Please. Miss Drama Queen needs to take a step back and realize what she's got in you.

Morgan: Yeah, we learn new things about each other every day.

Franco: Hey.

Kiki: Hey. What are you doing here? I thought you'd still be at the hospital with Elizabeth.

Franco: Yeah, some nurse tossed me out.

Kiki: Mm. What'd you do?

Franco: Nothing. I don't -- I don't know. I mean, apparently, I can't take good care of Elizabeth if I don't take care of myself, and I'm starving. So would you get me some eggs, please, and some toast?

Kiki: I'll put your order in.

Franco: Oh, hey, before you go, sorry, um, do you have any pointers on how best to deal with Elizabeth after she gets out of the hospital?

Kiki: Are you guys, like, moving in together?

Franco: Well, that's the plan.

Kiki: Does she know?

Franco: Does she know? No, not yet, but she will. Yeah, I'll tell her -- as soon as she wakes up. She's just -- she's recovering from surgery, so yeah.

Kiki: Franco!

Franco: What?

Kiki: Do you guys even have that kind of relationship?

Franco: Yes, we have a caring -- we care about each other. We respect each other. Yes.

Kiki: That's great.

Franco: Yes, it is!

Kiki: Want to know my first piece of advice? Yes, go ahead.

Kiki: Back off.

Franco: From Elizabeth?

Kiki: Yes. She hasn't even woken up from surgery.

Franco: But she will.

Kiki: Yeah, that's not really the point. You're over here, you're ready to measure for curtains.

Franco: Yeah, no, I prefer blinds.

Kiki: Franco! It's not funny, okay? You know who you remind me of right now? You are acting like Morgan.

Franco: Oh, no, no, no.

Kiki: Yeah, this is exactly like something that he would do.

Franco: Don't compare me to Morgan.

Kiki: Well, then, don't act like him.

Franco: Okay. What is it that you think I should do?

Kiki: Just slow down. Be steady, but let her family be there for her right now.

Franco: Okay. Yeah. I mean, her family's at least been there for her... and not the ways that you would expect, either.

Hayden: You're still in love with your wife.

Finn: I told you I would never lie to you, so there it is. [Sighs] The reason I get up in the morning is to find a cure for the disease that took her from me.

Hayden: I know that.

Finn: If she hadn't died, I'd --

Hayden: You'd still be with her. You never would have come to port Charles, I never would have met you.

Finn: I'd like to think our paths still would have crossed somehow.

Hayden: Isn't it pretty to think so? [Chuckles]

Finn: Yeah. Hemingway... "The Sun Also Rises," if memory serves. I'm impressed, Hayden.

Hayden: Yeah, well, it's the perfect way to... sum up some things that just aren't meant to be.

Finn: Perhaps if things were different.

Hayden: But they're not. [Sniffles] Honestly, um... I don't really have a handle on my own feelings. And technically, I'm still in mourning, too. Not that I'm comparing my feelings for Nikolas to you, for your wife, but, um, loss is loss. And a rebound relationship is a bad idea under any circumstances. None of which will keep me from making good on my promise.

Finn: What are you gonna do?

Hayden: I'm gonna make good on my word and make things right... for once.

Elizabeth: What? Hayden can't be out of jail.

Sabrina: Look, you -- you need to rest. I'm gonna go let your doc--

Elizabeth: S-Sabrina, stop. The police didn't let her go, right?

Sabrina: I only know what I heard.

Elizabeth: [Voice breaking] Well, she did this to me. She pushed me down the stairs, and now she's getting away with it?

Sabrina: Look, you need to get some rest, okay? Just take it easy. I'm sure that the police have it all under control!

Elizabeth: No, if the police can't keep her, I can.

Sabrina: No, no, no! Elizabeth! You just had surgery.

Elizabeth: You don't understand!

Sabrina: You cannot get out of bed!

Elizabeth: I have something on her, and she knows it! Just -- and she's probably trying to get out of town right now.

Sabrina: Just tell me what you need, and I will do it for you, as long as you promise to stay in this bed!

Elizabeth: I don't want to get you involved. This is my problem.

Sabrina: Wha-- no, no. You getting sepsis is my problem, okay? Look...

Elizabeth: [Groans]

Sabrina: I'll take of it. Just... stay in bed. Start talking, because I-I'm not gonna let you leave.

Elizabeth: [Normal voice] Okay. I have something of Hayden's -- it's a-a pouch full of diamonds. It's worth a fortune. Her father bought them with the money he took from his clients. Hayden withheld them from the government. That's a federal offense. If I turn them over, then she goes directly to prison. [Exhales sharply]

Sabrina: Okay, I'll go. Just tell me where they are.

Elizabeth: They're in my house, in the kitchen. They're a drawer from the bottom underneath the silverware drawer.

Sabrina: What?! That's where you keep them?!

Elizabeth: Sabrina, please.

Sabrina: Okay, okay, fine, fine, I'll go, okay? I'll go get them and take them straight to the police, as long as you promise not to leave this bed. Okay?

Elizabeth: I promise.

Sabrina: Good.

Elizabeth: Okay, go.

Sabrina: Okay. I'll be back when it's done.

Elizabeth: Okay.

[Door opens, closes]

Nathan: It's too coincidental for there to be two would-be murderers skulking around General Hospital in the same night.

André: Okay, so, let's say the same person who murdered Ellis, Jenkins, Prescott, and Mayes also tried to kill Elizabeth Webber.

Jordan: But why would the killer deviate from the script? Why risk pushing the victim?

André: Situational -- the killer didn't plan it. The opportunity presented itself, and he took it.

Jordan: So, Elizabeth Webber had no connection to the script at all?

André: Uh, it's possible. It's possible that she lucked into something about the killer and has no idea. Before Elizabeth, the killer was meticulous -- his methods fixed and his victims carefully selected. He was very specific about who he wanted dead.

Monica: General Hospital survived two closures during my tenure. The first was a financial mismanagement that brought it to the brink of collapse, and the other was a complete collapse when it burned to the ground.

Tracy: Insurance rebuilt it, but I don't think the hospital's umbrella policy covers serial killers, do you?

Monica: We can take care of the victims' families. The big problem is the longer this hospital is closed, the greater the need for the staff to find other employment. And without doctors and nurses, we'll never reopen. General Hospital will be finished, Tracy!

Tracy: The board has not voted yet. We can lobby to block the closure. You need to light a fire under your police department, tell them what's at stake. If they don't find the killer, General Hospital is gonna close for good!

Darby: What's up with these?

Morgan: Uh, school.

Darby: No way.

Morgan: Why -- why does everyone think I can't do this?

Darby: I didn't say that. I totally think you can do it. I'm just surprised that you want to.

Morgan: Well, I do.

Darby: Mm. Congrats. What are you taking?

Morgan: Uh, I got intro to finance, uh, global economy and business, and society and ethics.

Darby: [Scoffs] Man, yuck. Business courses are my nightmare. I couldn't imagine taking one of these.

Morgan: Yeah. Well, all I did was imagine it, and then, you know, I just didn't think it would be this hard starting two weeks late, and I already have a paper due.

Darby: On?

Morgan: Something I haven't even read yet.

Darby: That's okay. Don't -- don't stress about it.

Morgan: Yeah, well, that's easy for you to say.

Darby: No, it's easy for you to pay.

Morgan: What?

Darby: Your paper -- buy one online. Problem solved.

Nathan: But none of this explains why the killer went after Dr. Mayes. I mean, the other victims were patients. They have that in common.

André: Serial killers are notoriously rigid about their patterns. It's part of what they get off on -- doing something that seems obvious and then watching while people like us squirm to find out how.

Nathan: Okay, so what did we miss? What is the pattern here?

André: [Clears throat] Maybe he's not a serial killer. Maybe... we're looking for something that is simply not there.

Jordan: What are you getting at?

André: Maybe this person isn't killing in the service of an abnormal psychological gratification. Maybe this is someone with a particular ax to grind against a particular group of people. Of the patient victims, what symptoms caused them to be hospitalized?

Jordan: [Sighs] Ellis had a breathing issue. Jenkins -- some sort infection. And Prescott -- he was recovering from a procedure. Wait.

André: What?

Jordan: There's a note about gastrointestinal distress on all of the charts. They all had the similar stomach bug.

André: Hmm, it's no accident those patients wound up at GH. They didn't just happen to be there -- they were brought there.

Jordan: To die.

Finn: Hi.

Tracy: Oh! Perfect timing. I am on the hunt for allies.

Finn: You look nice in red. What's up?

Tracy: [Laughs] Well... impeding doom.

Finn: Before lunch? How refreshing.

Tracy: As much as I appreciate your talent for sarcasm, what I need now is your medical expertise. Actually, what I need is your -- the full weight of your professional reputation.

Kiki: Hey. Slow down there, cowboy. You're not gonna be very much good to Elizabeth if you choke on those eggs.

Franco: Mm. And toast, too. Toast is my lucky breakfast food.

Kiki: Mm-hmm. Whatever you say.

Franco: Yeah, you're probably right. If I were a lucky guy, I would have been able to stop Elizabeth from getting hurt. I would have stopped her from going down those stairs.

Kiki: Uh, I'm sorry -- are you actually blaming yourself right now for not sensing that Elizabeth was in danger? Because that is not only self-absorbed, that is a little crazy.

Franco: I suppose it is.

Kiki: You know what, I know you that you are just worried and you want help, but sometimes, all you can do is just... show up and be present.

Franco: No, no, no. I can help. I helped. I did. You know that blood that Elizabeth got for the transfusion? I got that for her from Hayden. I made that happen.

Kiki: Huh? I thought those two hate each other.

Franco: Mm. They do. And if either one of them ever know the truth...

Kiki: Ah, what truth?

Franco: [Muffled] Okay. [Normal voice] You -- [Chuckles] [Laughs] I think it's best that I don't tell you.

Kiki: But you're the one who brought it up.

Franco: Yeah. It's just -- okay, I'm trying to help out Elizabeth, and there's this thing that I know that could potentially affect her, and I don't know what to do. I mean, if I tell her, I could make her unhappy. I could do that, or I could say nothing, and she could just go on her merry way. And I don't know what to do. What do you think I should do?

Kiki: Never mind what I think. What do you think?

[Monitor beeping]

[Door opens]

Elizabeth: Mm? Sabrina, are you back already?

Hayden: Guess again.

Morgan: Wow, Darby. That's a great idea. Yeah, I'll just buy a paper my first week back to school.

Darby: You're the one who told me you're already behind. It's so easy, Morgan. You can literally download a research paper on anything for 20 bucks.

Morgan: Do you do that?

Darby: Fine Arts majors don't really need research papers, but my friends do, though.

Morgan: People get caught?

Darby: Dumb ones that don't use the better sites. You have to do some work, like change up a sentence here or there. And don't do it all the time. Just when you're stuck.

Morgan: Mm. Yeah, I don't want to cheat.

Darby: [Chuckles] Think of it as help.

Morgan: But what's the point of going to school if I'm not gonna learn anything?

Darby: How noble. Anyway, see you on campus.

Morgan: Yep. See you.

Jordan: I had Epiphany Johnson search the hospital records. The only patients admitted to General Hospital who had similar symptoms to this stomach bug were the victims.

Nathan: What the hell? So -- so the killer infects his victims with this -- this stomach bug just to kill them on -- on hospital grounds? Why do that? Why -- why increase the risk of getting caught?

Jordan: Well, the killer generates a raft of bad publicity for the hospital, and now the hospital is on the brink of closing.

André: It could be that General Hospital itself is another victim.

Finn: How can the board support closing the hospital?

Tracy: Liability. If they ignore the danger, then they leave themselves open to lawsuits, not to mention the little problem of a psychopath on the loose. The board might be correct in their concern there could be more patients at risk.

Tracy: What about the patients who need treatment? Closing GH would compromise the medical care for the entire city. Mercy can't handle that overflow.

Tracy: Not to mention the fact that if the hospital does close for any length of time, the staff will seek other employment, and then the hospital will never reopen.

Finn: On a personal note, I can't move my research to another lab at this point.

Tracy: You see the problem.

Kiki: Do you think that you should tell Elizabeth whatever this secret is?

Franco: I don't know. That's why I asked you.

Kiki: All right. I think that you should just... trust your instincts. Do whatever you think is right. But if I were in your place, I would probably... choose diplomacy. Some people are better off living in their own little worlds. And as much as you may want to give them a wake-up call... they might not agree.

Franco: So, I don't tell Elizabeth the secret?

Kiki: No, that's not what I was saying at all.

Franco: It kind of is.

Kiki: No, you need to do what feels right to you. [Sighs] I have to go do the same thing.

[Cell phone rings]

Franco: Hello?

Sabrina: Franco. It's Sabrina. Elizabeth is awake and alert, and I'm sure she'd like to see you.

Elizabeth: Someone help me!

Hayden: What? Elizabeth, are you okay? Do you need a doctor?

Elizabeth: Someone call the police.

Hayden: What?

Elizabeth: Call the police.

Hayden: F-for me? What the hell did I do?

Elizabeth: You tried to kill me.

Hayden: Oh, my God! I didn't push you down the stairs.

Elizabeth: You may have talked your way out of jail, but I know the truth.

Hayden: The truth is you wouldn't be here screaming like an idiot I-if I hadn't donated the blood that saved your life.

Elizabeth: What?!

Hayden: What? Franco didn't tell you that we have the same rare blood type?

Elizabeth: Ugh, you're crazy.

Hayden: Fine. You know what? Just give me my diamonds, and I'm out of here.

Elizabeth: Why the hell would I do that?

Hayden: Where -- where is Franco? We made a deal. I give you blood, you give me diamonds.

Elizabeth: I have no idea what you're talking about, but the diamonds are gone. You're going back to jail.

[Cell phone rings]

Morgan: Hey.

Kiki: Hey, listen --

Morgan: I'm sorry.

Kiki: You are?

Morgan: Yeah. I-I-I was wrong. I mean, you -- you have so much going on in your life right now, with -- with everybody in it and -- and Avery and your mom and -- and Franco and me, and, I mean, it's no wonder that you got off track. But you will get back on track.

Kiki: Thank you. And I'm sorry, too. I'm with you, whatever you do -- school, work, all of it.

Morgan: Thank you. That means a lot.

Kiki: Yeah, no problem. Now, you get back to work, okay? Go crack those books.

Morgan: Way ahead of you.

[Computer dinging as Morgan completes a game of Solitaire]

Morgan: Whoo! Yes!

André: I would speculate the killer feels the hospital and the victims wronged him somehow. He's out to make it right by killing people and ruining the hospital as payback.

[Telephone rings]

Nathan: West. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I'll be right out.

Sabrina: Detective.

Nathan: Yeah.

Sabrina: The desk sergeant said that I should speak to you.

Nathan: What's up?

Sabrina: From Elizabeth Webber. She woke up from her surgery, sent me to her house for this, and asked that I deliver it to the police.

Nathan: Well, what is it? Where'd Elizabeth get these?

Sabrina: From Hayden Barnes.

Hayden: What did you do?

Elizabeth: What I should have done the moment I got those diamonds. I turned them in to the police. Better run. They're coming for you.

Hayden: You vindictive... little...bitch. You had no right getting into my business.

Elizabeth: And you had no right to those diamonds.

Hayden: You had no right to my blood, but I gave it to you anyway. I saved your life! And you repay me by interfering in something you know absolutely nothing about.

Elizabeth: I know you're a horrible person who belongs in prison.

Hayden: Watch your step, Elizabeth!

Elizabeth: Oh!

Hayden: The next time someone shoves your self-righteous ass down a flight of stairs, and you're bleeding out, don't come begging to me for blood. You won't get a drop!

Franco: Hey! That's enough. Cut it out. Be nice. Elizabeth is your sister.

André: The profile is taking shape.

Jordan: Which is great. Uh, but we need more. What is behind our killer's grudge against the hospital and his victims?

André: They're all connected. I'm sure of it. We just... need to dig deeper, find the common link between them.

Jordan: Before our guy kills again.

[Telephone rings]

Monica: [Sighs] Epiphany. Yes, I know I have a security meeting, but I'm not going to be able to make it. My assistant can handle it. I have more important things to do. And please clear my schedule for the rest of the day. I'm going to be very, very busy.

Tracy: I want you to speak to the board.

Finn: Why would the board want to listen to me?

Tracy: Uh, because you do quantifiable good at the hospital, and the board likes quantifiable things.

Finn: I have no seniority. There are so many people over there that could speak to this other than me. I mean, uh, Monica, for example.

Tracy: Monica is pursuing other avenues. That's why I need you.

Finn: Well, what's she doing?

Tracy: She's not going to take it lying down, I'll tell you that.

Monica: I have a lot to do, so I don't want any interruptions. Thank you, Epiphany.

[Paul grabs her from behind and begins to inject her.]

Monica: Aah!

On the next "General Hospital" --

Carly (to Sonny): That man is going to prison. We are finally gonna get our lives back.

Alexis (to Diane): It's going to be the beginning of the end for him.

Julian: I'm going to plead guilty.

Franco (to Elizabeth & Hayden): You two are sisters. I can prove it.

Tracy (to Michael): I want to know if you're planning a future with Sabrina & Teddy.

Sabrina: Oh, my God, Dr. Quartermaine!

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