GH Transcript Monday 8/22/16

General Hospital Transcript Monday 8/22/16


Episode #13626 ~ Morgan gets into a fistfight defending Kiki but stops himself from going too far; Ava concocts a sinister plan to make sure Morgan runs out of his Lithium pills; Elizabeth sees a mysterious package sent to Nikolas at Wyndemere; Nelle steps in to help Carly take care of Avery.

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Jordan: Just tell the mayor that I will -- I'll update her as soon as I have something to report. No, no. I'm -- I'm at home. I'm reachable, though. I mean, if anything develops with the hospital killings, just reach me -- okay.

[Object clatters]

[Gun cocks]

Jordan: Freeze! Hands where I can see them.

André: [Exhales sharply] Don't shoot. Surprise.

Jordan: [Sighs]

Morgan: Hey. This is a surprise. An awesome one.

Kiki: I just wanted to see you, come say hi.

Morgan: Great. More than great.

Kiki: I'm not distracting you, am I?

Morgan: Yes, always. No, I'm just kidding. Business is slow this time of night. So, I'm pretty sure this visit will go by with no interruptions.

Kiki: Good.


Carly: Hey, hey.

Sonny: Hey, hey.

Carly: Hi. Hmm.

Sonny: How you doing?

Carly: Is everything okay? You were supposed to be home earlier.

Sonny: Well, you know, I had business to take care of. So, where's my little girl?

Carly: Oh, she's at the library with Deirdre for story hour.

Sonny: How's the nanny doing?

Carly: So far, so good. Avery seems to like her. Although they're running late, and I told Deirdre that Ava was picking up Avery tonight, so.

Sonny: Well, anything that inconveniences Ava is okay in my book. Don't tell me one of these are for Ava.

Carly: No way!

Sonny: [Laughs]

Carly: Are you kidding? Unless there's poison on the menu. It will be a cold day in hell before I ever break bread with Ava Jerome, that's for sure.

Sonny: Yeah. So, who's it for? Michael?

[Doorbell rings]

Carly: Uh, nope. He's with Sabrina.

Sonny: Let me guess. Bobbie?

Carly: Nope.

Sonny: Who?

Carly: Come on.

Lucy: Doc! Hi! Oh, hi! You're out of the hospital!

Kevin: Aah! Aah!

Lucy: Oh. Ooh, ooh, ooh, sorry. I am so sorry. So, I guess your shoulder's still a little sore?

Kevin: I was shot, Lucy.

Lucy: [Sighs] I'm sorry. Just -- thank god you're okay. Wow. Look at you. You look like you're wearing a new suit. And, um, hey, you're headed up to the restaurant at a very fashionable hour. [Gasps] You have a date with Laura, don't you?

Laura: Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Hi.

Laura: Hi. Oh, you didn't have to come over here, honey.

Elizabeth: Oh, I know. I'm so sorry I had to leave the funeral and go right to work. We're just so understaffed, and I couldn't find anybody to sub for me.

Laura: It's okay. You didn't miss much -- just awkward conversations.

Elizabeth: Well, I didn't want to leave you alone.

Laura: Thank you. But you really don't have to worry about me. Actually, um, Kevin invited me out to dinner. A-a date.

Elizabeth: Oh. A date. That's -- that's nice.

Laura: Yeah, I think he just wants to distract me.

Elizabeth: Not easily done. I know. How's Spencer doing? I noticed he kind of kept to himself during the funeral.

Laura: He, um, slept in my room last night. I think that if he's not in his own bedroom, it doesn't hurt him as much that this father doesn't come in to say goodnight to him.

Elizabeth: Oh, that poor kid.

Laura: Yeah. We had a pretty interesting conversation, though. He wants to go to boarding school.

Elizabeth: What? Where?

Laura: In France. Apparently, Nikolas had set this up before, when he was setting up faking his death.

Elizabeth: Oh. Well, I-I know it's not easy for Spencer to be here. For so long, it was just him and his dad, you know?

Laura: I know. What should I do? Do you think I should let him go away to school?

Hayden: Over my dead body.

Jordan: [Scoffs] André?!

André: Well, you sure do know how to make one hell of an entrance, you know that?

Jordan: What are you -- what are you doing here?

André: You gave me a key. And we were supposed to meet up here after you got off work.

Jordan: Oh, my God.

André: I was just putting something special together for us.

Jordan: I'm -- I'm so sorry. I-I totally forgot. I'm not used to -- I'm not used to having people in my place when I'm not here.

André: Ah, no worries. I'll make sure I text next time to make sure you don't mistake me for an intruder. [Sighs]

Jordan: Is that...?

André: Pad Thai, yeah.

Jordan: My -- my favorite?

André: Yeah.

Jordan: It smells amazing. Where did you order it from?

André: Come on. What do you take me for? That is my own recipe.

Jordan: You do not make your own pad Thai.

André: Yes, I studied in Bangkok my junior year of college, and I picked up a few tricks from the host family. Trust me. That puts takeout to shame.

Jordan: Wow.

André: Yeah.

Jordan: Okay. Clearly, I still have so much to learn about you.

André: Well, let me get dressed, and you can ask me whatever you want.

Jordan: Actually... I think I have a better idea.

[Door closes]

Nelle: These are for you.

Carly: Ooh!

Nelle: Hi, Mr. Corinthos.

Sonny: Hi.

Carly: These are beautiful. I'm gonna get you settled, and then I'll put them in some water. Sorry Josslyn's not here. She went to a nick Jonas concert.

Nelle: [Chuckles] I understand.

Carly: And, well, dinner's not quite ready yet, so I can get you some iced tea or find you a soda.

Nelle: Yeah, iced tea would be great.

Carly: Okay. Great.

Nelle: Sorry I'm a little early. The bus was faster than I expected. When does that ever happen?

Carly: The bus? You took the bus? I would have sent a car for you.

Nelle: Oh, no, no, no. I didn't want to inconvenience you. Besides, there's a bus stop right next to my motel.

Carly: Okay, wait a second. You are not staying at that place off Route 8, are you? Here you go.

Nelle: Oh, it's really not that bad.

Carly: Oh, oh, yes, it is that bad. I'm going to comp you at the Metro Court.

Nelle: No, you know, I really appreciate the offer. But paying my own way? That's something that's very important to me.

Sonny: [Sighs] I can respect that 'cause I was the same way when I was your age.

Carly: Hmm. I hate that.

Nelle: [Chuckles]

Carly: I'm gonna check on dinner and put those flowers in water.

Sonny: All right. So um, she set everything up outside. Do you want to sit down?

Nelle: Yeah.

Sonny: Yeah.

Kiki: Mom. What are you doing here?

Ava: Oh, don't mind me. Just popped in for a cup of coffee.

Morgan: Doubt that.

Kiki: Uh, yeah. I'm actually surprised that you would show your face here, considering you just tried to recruit someone to break us up.

Morgan: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. I'm sorry. What?

Kiki: Oh, yeah. My mom's dropped to an all-time low. Is there anything that you wouldn't do to try to drive us apart?

Ava: [Recalls stealing some of Morgan's pills] I was trying to protect you. One day, if and when you're lucky enough to be a mother, you'll understand.

Morgan: [Scoffs]

Kiki: "One day if and when I'm lucky enough to be a mother," I'm gonna trust my children to manage their own lives. I'm not gonna lie to them and try to manipulate them to control them.

Morgan: Okay. Whoa, whoa, whoa. What the hell happened?

Ava: I had no idea that a private conversation I had would get back to you.

Kiki: Well, that's where you don't understand what's going on here. He told me because he's my friend. Have you ever had one of those?

Ava: Once.

Kiki: In what world did you think Dillon wasn't gonna warn me about what you were up to?

Morgan: Dillon? Dillon? Why didn't you say anything to me?

Kiki: It was a non-event, okay? [Scoffs] Dillon refused to be a part of my mom's plot. And I just -- I-I know how you get about him, so I was trying not to make things worse.

Morgan: But you don't need to shield me from the truth. I'm better now. I can handle complications.

Ava: History has proven otherwise. Of course Kiki was afraid to tell you. You lash out at problems, Morgan, rather than using your words.

Morgan: Well, actually, Ava, that's where you're wrong, because I have a few words for you right now.

Elizabeth: Laura is Spencer's grandmother. Any decision about Spencer is hers to make.

Laura: Spencer asked to go to boarding school. He doesn't want to be here in Port Charles. You don't think it breaks my heart to think of sending him off to school? But at some point, you know, I-I do have to consider his wishes.

Hayden: Spencer is a child who just lost his father. He shouldn't have a say in important matters like this.

Elizabeth: No, you shouldn't have a say.

Hayden: I am Spencer's stepmother.

Elizabeth: [Scoffs]

Hayden: Nikolas married me. Honestly, Elizabeth, he might be the only guy in town you haven't fathered a child with.

Elizabeth: You are in no position to make judgments, Rachel.

Laura: That's enough! That's enough, Hayden. I know that you and Spencer have become close, but there's another reason that I have to consider his request pretty seriously. This boarding school that he wants to go to, it caters to the most elite families from all over the world. And therefore, the security is very tight. It's almost impenetrable.

Hayden: So he can't break out if he decides he hates it there?

Laura: We don't know how much of a threat Valentin Cassadine is going to be, and Spencer would be safe there.

Hayden: Well, it might keep him physically safe. But if you send Spencer away, you will lose him forever.

Laura: [Sighs]

[Indistinct conversations]

Lucy: Well, uh, Doc, I do believe you are blushing.

Kevin: Lucy, let it go.

Lucy: Well, no, 'cause the signs are all there, you know? And I do know you. This is a first date, and it's new, and you're not quite sure where this relationship might go.

Kevin: Well, wherever it is or is not going, it's not something I really want to discuss with you.

Lucy: I think that's just because you're afraid that if you say it out loud to someone, you might just jinx it. Like, maybe someone would possibly put the evil eye on it. [Holds up her index and little fingers]

Kevin: You want to put that away?

Lucy: Okay. Wait a minute. Now you're the superstitious one? I might have just been telling you, "Doc, rock on."

Kevin: What are you, Ozzy Osborne? Lucy, I'm very happy that we've taken steps to be friends again, but this is really none of your business.

[Cell phone rings]

Kevin: [Clears throat] Lucy!

Lucy: Oh, let me see. "I'm sorry I may be a bit late. Family issue. Laura."

Elizabeth: Laura doesn't need to be guilted by someone who has no idea what she's talking about.

Hayden: Well, consider me the voice of experience. Spencer and Nikolas's relationship reminded me a lot of mine with my father.

Elizabeth: Oh, heaven help us if that's true.

Hayden: I was a precocious little kid. But my father loved me for it. We were inseparable. Everything I did was special in his eyes, and my father could do anything.

Laura: Okay, so that does sound a little bit like Spencer and Nikolas.

Hayden: But right before high school, everything changed. My father got distant. He and my mother were fighting a lot. About what, I don't know. But I guess they thought it wasn't good for me to be around all that. So to protect me, they sent me away. They packed me up and sent me to boarding school. I was miserable and lonely, and I never forgave either one of them for it.

Naomi: Really? Is that so?

Nelle: You know, I'm working towards my credential, but it's slow going. I can only take a few units per semester.

Can't you take out a student loan so you can go full time?

Nelle: You know, I don't want to take on that much debt. Besides, you know, I like being a teacher's aide. It gives me more one-on-one time with the kids.

Carly: Aww.

Deirdre: Hey, we're home!

Carly: Oh, they're back. Hi! Hey, sweetie. How are you? Oh!

Deirdre: Yeah, sorry. We were having so much fun, we lost track of time.

Carly: Oh, that's okay. Next time, just give me a heads-up, all right?

Deirdre: Sure.

Carly: Uh, well, Deirdre, this is Nelle. She's um -- well, she's a family friend. And Nelle, this is Deirdre.

Nelle: Nice to meet you.

Deirdre: Nice to meet you.

Nelle: And who's this?

Sonny: That's my daughter, Avery.

Nelle: Aww. She's adorable.

Carly: [Laughs]

Deirdre: Oh, my God. Those earrings are so fire.

Carly: Oh. That's a good thing, right?

Nelle: Yeah, a very good thing.

Deirdre: Oh, I wish I could afford those. I love them.

Carly: Unfortunately, so does Avery, so I have to take them off. Honey, can you take her? Go to Daddy.

Deirdre: I'm gonna go repack Avery's diaper bag before her mother gets here.

Carly: Great. Thank you so much.

Nelle: Her mother?

Carly: Uh, well, I'm Avery's stepmom. Although I love her like she's my own.

Sonny: You see, my relationship with Avery's biological mother is contentious at best.

Nelle: But she still gets to see Avery?

Sonny: On a limited basis. Uh, Ava is kind of, how would you say -- difficult to deal with?

Carly: Well, Sonny wants Avery to have a relationship with her mother for Avery's sake.

Nelle: Well, that's amazing. You know, some of the kids I work with, their parents are broken up, fighting all the time. The kids are just stuck in the middle. You would not believe the petty back-and-forth -- "Who's gonna pick up on this day?" You know, "Who's 10 minutes late?" They get so caught up in keeping score against each other that they don't realize the toll it's taking on the child. It's really sad.

Sonny: Well, that's a situation that I want to avoid with -- with her.

Carly: There's nothing more important to Sonny than what's best for his kids.

Nelle: It must be nice to grow up like that. She's a lucky girl.

Ava: Well, what is it you want to say to me?

Morgan: You need to back off. Kiki and I are together. There's nothing you can do about it.

Ava: Sooner or later, you're gonna hurt Kiki again. And I am not gonna stand idly by and let that happen.

Man: He signed on the dotted line without blinking an eye. That's a six-figure commission coming my way. [Chuckles] Yeah. Drinks tomorrow definitely. But you're buying. [Sighs] Hello? [Taps on counter] Can I get some service over here?

Kiki: He just stepped away for a second.

Man: The guy has one job -- serve coffee. [Sniffs] What about you? Don't suppose you could whip up something hot for me.

Kiki: Hard pass.

Man: Hold on. What's the matter? Why so unfriendly?

[Cell phone rings]

Ava: It's the gallery. I have to take this.

Kiki: Excuse me, but I don't know you. Why did you touch me? And, come to think of it, why are you even talking to me?

Man: I just want to get to know you better. Why don't you relax?

Kiki: Why don't you drop dead?

Man: [Scoffs] See, how this works is you dial down the hostility, we have a conversation. I tell you who I am, what I do, you tell me who you are and what you like. Oh, did I mention I pulled down six figures? So I can afford to pay for more than the coffee.

Kiki: I'm not for sale.

Man: I haven't made my formal bid yet--

Morgan: Hey! Hey. Do we have a problem here?

Jordan: Ohh. Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

André: See? What did I tell you?

Jordan: No, I -- well, I just -- I feel bad for your patients, really.

André: [Chuckling] What?

Jordan: Well, I mean, as commissioner, I'm ordering you to quit your job and just cook.

André: Oh, really?

Jordan: Yeah.

André: That's all? Nothing else?

Jordan: Well, I mean, I suppose I can make an exception for some things.

André: Uh...

Jordan: No?

André: No.

Jordan: [Chuckles] Mm.

André: Oh, sorry. What's that?

Jordan: Uh, it's work. Just some evidence I'm looking over. Is something wrong?

André: Well, I've seen that before.

Hayden: Mother, what are you doing back here in Port Charles?

Naomi: Honey, I heard the stress in your voice when we were talking on the phone earlier. I figured maybe you could use my support. And, Laura, I am so sorry about Nikolas.

Laura: Thank you.

Hayden: How about we grab dinner, Mother, somewhere else? Starting to feel unwelcome in my own home.

Naomi: Sure. Uh, it was nice to see you again despite the circumstances.

[Footsteps fade]

Lucy: [Sighs] Hmm. I just wonder who this Laura person could be that's actually texting you.

Kevin: That's enough. We're having dinner here tonight.

Lucy: Aha!

Kevin: It doesn't mean anything.

Lucy: I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! Not yet. But that's kind of the plan, huh? 'Cause look at you. You sure are dressed nicely to show off the goods.

Kevin: Well, what would be your plan?

Lucy: Pardon?

Kevin: Well, that's quite a dress you're wearing, yourself.

Lucy: Thank you.

Kevin: You wouldn't be meeting someone, would you?

Lucy: [Sighs] Scott. I hope that isn't gonna be an issue.

Man: I don't know what you're so pissed about, all right?

Morgan: Don't talk to her.

Man: I'm just being friendly, right?

Morgan: Don't talk to her.

Kiki: Morgan.

Morgan: Get lost.

Man: I guess the coffee's not the only thing around here that's weak. [Chuckles]

Morgan: Aw. Oops. Whoops.

Man: You're gonna pay for that!

Morgan: [Gasps]

Kiki: Morgan? Morgan?

Morgan: [Grunts]

Sonny: Kiki, what's up?

Kiki: Get down to Perks. Morgan's in trouble.

Sonny: [Sighs] All right, I'm on my way.

Morgan: How far you want to take this, man?

Man: As far as you want to go.

Morgan: Yeah?

Man: Yeah. You just bought yourself a boatload of trouble, my friend.

Sonny: Honey, I got to go.

Carly: Hey. Is everything okay?

Sonny: Yeah, nothing major. It's just, you know.

Carly: Hmm.

Sonny: Go ahead and eat. You know, start dessert without me. Okay?

Carly: Okay.

Sonny: All right, bye.

Carly: [Sighs]

Nelle: Sounds like Mr. Corinthos has a pretty important job.

Carly: You don't know the half of it. [Laughs] Right? Right?

Nelle: I'll just take these into the kitchen.

Carly: Okay.

Deirdre: Carly, everything's ready to go for Avery's overnight. I'm gonna take off.

Carly: Okay, uh, use your key in the morning, and be here when Ava drops her off.

Deirdre: Will do. Good night.

Carly: Good night. Oh!

Nelle: Oh, my god. I'm so sorry. I am such a klutz.

Deirdre: No worries. It's fine.

Carly: Hold on. What the hell are you doing with these?

Deirdre: [Exhales sharply]

Kiki: Morgan, stop it.

Man: Your girlfriend should be a little nicer. You stuck up bitch.

Kiki: Morgan, no!

Morgan: You want to take it that far?

Kiki: Morgan, stop and think. Stop and think about this.

Ava: What the hell is going on here?

Kiki: Mom, please.

Ava: Do you really want to live the rest of your life like this?

Kiki: Mother, I am handling this. Go away.

Ava: Kiki, he will hurt you!

Kiki: Go. Please.

Morgan: You know what? Kiki's right. You're not worth my time.

Kiki: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Morgan: I'm sorry. I'm sorry I scared you. I'm sorry. I just -- ugh! I want to punch that guy, Kiki. I've never been able to hold myself back once I got -- got mad.

Kiki: This time, you did, okay? You did. Good job.

Morgan: You know what? Get out of here, dude. I can change my mind real quick.

Man: I'm not going anywhere. Assault? Destroying my property? I'm calling the cops.

Carly: Why were my earrings in your purse, Deirdre?

Deirdre: I have no idea how they got there. I swear.

Nelle: Really?

Carly: After you went on and on about how you wished you could afford a pair of these.

Deirdre: [Exhales sharply] Mrs. Corinthos, I promise I didn't try to steal from you.

Carly: I want my key back.

Deirdre: What? I didn't do anything!

Nelle: Avery, do you want -- okay. Let's go.

Carly: I will pay you through the end of the week, but you are fired.

Deirdre: This is just a big mistake.

Carly: Turn around. Let's go. I'll walk you out.

Deirdre: [Sniffles]

[Avery babbling in distance]

Nelle: Hey. Where are the stars? Can you point them out to me?

Carly: I am so sorry that you had to be here for that.

Nelle: Oh, you know, maybe she was telling the truth. You know, the earrings could have fallen into her purse.

Carly: It's nice of you to see the good in people, but I don't have that luxury. I mean, Mr. Corinthos has an interesting job. I'm sure the guards were the first clue for you.

Nelle: Yeah, they're kind of hard to miss. [Chuckles nervously]

Carly: So, you know, I really have to be particular about certain security measures. And I know myself. If I don't trust Deirdre now, I never will.

Nelle: Yeah.

Carly: [Sighs] I guess my search for a nanny is back on.

Kiki: He assaulted you? [Scoffs] You're the one who grabbed my arm, and you're the one who threw the first punch.

Man: We'll see what the cops have to say.

Officer: Someone reported a disturbance.

Kiki: Um, not yet.

Morgan: Yeah, actually, I did.

[Door closes]

Jordan: You've seen this cufflink before?

André: Cufflink? That's a roman coin. Imperial Rome, 1st or 2nd century A.D.

Jordan: [Scoffs] Okay. You really are Indiana Jones.

André: Well, is this part of your case?

Jordan: You know, I really can't say. It's still an open investigation.

André: Are you talking about the hospital murders? You know I've already consulted on those.

Jordan: True. This is true. Okay. Uh... so, this coin was modified to become a cufflink. Valerie found it in the hospital lab. And shortly after that, she was attacked, and then the cufflink went missing.

André: Attacked at the hospital?

Jordan: Yes.

André: Is she okay?

Jordan: Yeah, no, no. She's just got a -- she got a bump on her head. But she was able to remember just enough detail to be able to pick out the design online.

André: You think the killer was wearing this cufflink and attacked Valerie to get it back?

Jordan: I mean, that's the working theory.

André: But you don't sound convinced.

Jordan: I believe Valerie. I think the cufflink is a good lead. I just... I have this feeling that I know who this cufflink belongs to. Like the killer is right under my nose, and I just can't see it.

Ava: So why did I just see a sobbing woman being escorted from the property?

Carly: Because I had to fire the new nanny for theft.

Ava: A thief, huh? Well, what kind of people are you letting into my daughter's life?

Carly: Everything okay?

Nelle: Yeah, she's fine.

Carly: Great.

Ava: And who's this? The next new nanny? Did you get her prints?

Carly: None of your business. Avery didn't wake up?

Ava: What do you mean wake up? Why is she asleep? You knew I was coming.

Carly: You were late.

Ava: 10 minutes!

Carly: I was not gonna keep Avery up when she's tired just to wait for you to get here.

Ava: Okay. All right, since you have a guest here, I'll happily get my daughter myself. Uh, if, of course, that's all right with you.

Carly: Yes, it's okay. And her diaper bag is in the foyer.

Ava: Really? You sure the nanny didn't steal that, too?

Carly: [Groans]

Nelle: So that's Avery's mother, huh?

Carly: Oh, unfortunately. [Chuckles]

Nelle: Mr. Corinthos wasn't kidding when he said things were contentious.

Carly: Oh, "contentious" is an understatement. But you know, I have to say, for months, we were just like those parents you described. We were. We were fighting, we were keeping score, and we had Avery right smack in the middle. And it was bad. It was really bad. And it was Sonny who realized that it was unfair. That we had to put Avery's interests first, so and since we made that decision, Ava's been somewhat under control. [Chuckles]

Nelle; So you're able to coexist for Avery's sake?

Carly: To a point. Ava Jerome cannot be trusted. You can never know what that woman has up her sleeve.

[Door creaks]

Ava: I am not going to let you ruin my daughter's life, Morgan.

Morgan: This guy was getting rough with Kiki, so I called security. I'm guessing they're the ones who called it in.

Officer: We were in the area. Thought we'd check out the disturbance.

Man: It wasn't a disturbance. I was attacked.

Officer: [Snaps fingers] He accosted you?

Kiki: He didn't hurt me, but yeah. He grabbed my arm and wouldn't let go until Morgan intervened, and then he punched him.

Man: Yeah, he destroyed my headset.

Morgan: Oh, that was an accident.

Man: That's bull!

Officer: Settle down. You want to press charges?

Morgan: No, I just want him out of my sight, honestly.

Officer: Well, we'll walk you to your car now, sir.

Man: [Scoffs]

Kiki: Thank you, Officers.

Sonny: What happened? Everything okay?

Kiki: Yeah, actually. Morgan -- Morgan was on top of it.

Jordan: Looks like the killer chose his victims indiscriminately.

André: No. Five victims? That's a serial killer. There's always a pattern with them, something that drives them.

Jordan: I just wish I could get inside of their head. Any way you could help me out with that?

Kevin: I didn't know you were seeing Scott again.

Lucy: Well, I-I wouldn't call it seeing him. In fact, I-I'm not sure what you'd call it. It's just kind of a casual thing.

Kevin: Yeah. I got it.

Lucy: Look, uh, Doc. I'm so sorry. I-I didn't mean to rub it in your face.

Kevin: Lucy, I admit that when you cheated on me with Scott, it hurt a lot. But it doesn't anymore.

Lucy: Okay. You just seem upset.

Kevin: That's because Scott Baldwin never was and never will be good enough for you. That's your call. I just want you to be happy.

Lucy: [Chuckles] You know that-- [Exhales sharply] That's all I ever want for you, too. Mm.

Kevin: Okay.

Lucy: So, are we going to acknowledge the fact that we are two formerly married couples kind of switching partners?

Kevin: Yeah, I put that together, too.

Lucy: [Chuckles] Right?

Kevin: Hmm.

Lucy: Hmm.

Elizabeth: Shouldn't you be heading over to the Metro Court?

Laura: I think I'm gonna cancel.

Elizabeth: You're having second thoughts?

Laura: A first date the night of my son's memorial? It just -- it doesn't feel right.

Elizabeth: Yeah. The first time you start to live after losing a child -- the first moment of happiness is overwhelmed with guilt. I know. But Nikolas wouldn't want you to stop living. He'd want you to live a full life. And not for nothing, but I think Dr. Collins might be the only man Nikolas would deem worthy of you.

Hayden: Mother, I'm sorry for sounding harsh when I was talking about the way I grew up.

Naomi: Don't. It's fine. I didn't realize that you were still so angry about being sent to school.

Hayden: I'm not. It sucked, but... it's not something I dwell on. Elizabeth Webber just has a way of getting under my skin.

Naomi: Yes, I bet.

Hayden: Thank you for coming here to support me. It means a lot.

Naomi: Well, I am glad. But for once, I do have one of those ulterior motives you were always accusing me of. It's the estate.

Hayden: Well, support means a lot, but the estate is my future. What were you able to find out?

Naomi: I had my lawyers go over Nikolas' financials. And I'm afraid the news is not good.

Hayden: How bad?

Naomi: Nikolas named Laura as his trustee years ago.

Hayden: But I'm his wife.

Naomi: I know.

Hayden: I'm due something.

Naomi: Yes, and maybe you could make that case. But it would involve an international legal battle that would take years. And frankly, neither one of us can afford that.

Hayden: What am I supposed to do?

Naomi: Come back home with me to the city.

Hayden: No. No, that is the last thing I need.

Naomi: No, the last thing you need is to be anywhere near Port Charles or Elizabeth Webber.

Hayden: Elizabeth? What about her?

André: Serial killers truly believe that their -- thank you -- that their actions are justified -- that the victims somehow got what was coming to them for offenses both real and imagined. They feel like they're bringing order to the chaos that infiltrated their lives.

Jordan: So this is about vengeance?

André: Mnh. It's about power and reclaiming that power wielding it over others. It's why they're often very arrogant micromanagers and usually very charismatic.

Jordan: Well, you just described half the doctors on the GH staff.

André: Mm.

Jordan: Who knows? Might even be you.

[Indistinct conversations]

Laura: Hi.

Kevin: Laura! Oh, you look beautiful!

Laura: Oh, thank you. You're not so bad yourself.

Kevin: [Chuckles]

Laura: I'm really sorry I kept you waiting.

Kevin: It's no problem.

Laura: You don't have to do all that. You're still healing from a gunshot wound.

Kevin: You know, my shoulder may be dinged, but my sense of chivalry remains intact.

Laura: Oh? Did they teach you that line in med school?

Kevin: Psych 101.

Laura: [Laughs] Um, uh, thank you.

Kevin: For what?

Laura: You know, encouraging me to get out of the house tonight.

Kevin: Uh... we, uh, didn't order this.

[Lucy sits at the bar staring at Kevin & Laura while making the evil eye sign with her hand.]

Elizabeth: I meant everything I told your mom. I know you'd want us to be happy and to move on and to love our lives. But, God, it's gonna be so hard without you. I miss you. [Sighs]

[A box arrives at Wyndemere addressed to Nikolas Cassadine sent by the Postmaster General of Cassadine Island.]

Naomi: It's not Elizabeth Webber per se. It's the entire situation. These peop-- these people have given you nothing but grief ever since you got involved with Nikolas. You need to get away from them.

Hayden: I have friends here. And I can't leave Spencer.

Naomi: Oh, honey. Do you really believe that family is going to let you anywhere near that boy? Face it, baby. Just like me, the only thing that you are gonna take away from this marriage is what you brought into it.

Hayden: Not even that. The diamonds are long gone.

Naomi: All the more reason for you to leave. Honey, end this horrible chapter in your life, and close the book on Port Charles for good.

Carly: Okay, I picked the worst-possible time to fire the nanny. Between one thing or another, Avery's siblings are all busy tomorrow. Well, I guess I could ask Max and Milo. I mean, they're perfectly capable, that's for sure.

Nelle: Who are Max and Milo?

Carly: Oh. Sonny's bodyguards. They're just like family. And they took wonderful care of Michael and Morgan when they were little. Not all the time, just when I needed help here and there. But you know if Ava finds out, she is going to freak out. She's gonna be all over it. She's gonna pitch a fit and scream and yell, and I just don't want to deal with the grief.

Nelle: So there's really no one to watch Avery besides the bodyguards?

Carly: What about you?

Kiki: I'm sorry that I jumped the gun, and I called you. I thought that things were getting out of hand.

Sonny: No that's all right.

Morgan: Meaning I was getting out of hand?

Kiki: I was completely wrong, and I'm sorry that I ever doubted you.

Morgan: No, it's fine. I don't blame you. Couple months ago, I probably would've bashed the guy's head in for taking a swing at me, but I felt... centered tonight. Like, I felt like I could think before I could act, you know? Felt like a different person, like a better one. I think my treatment's working, Dad.

Sonny: Well, you know. That's the idea. You did good tonight. I mean, you know what? You proved that you can handle anything as long as you stick to the therapy and you stay on your medication.

[Ava lifts a bottle of Lithium from Morgan's room.]

On the next "General Hospital" --

Carly (to Nelle): Please, you'd be doing me a huge favor.

Sonny (to Morgan): I can't wait to see what you do.

[Ava takes a handful of pills out of Morgan's Lithium prescription bottle.]

Elizabeth: Who left this here?

Kevin (to Laura): What do you say coming up to my room for a nightcap?

Nina (to Franco): I mentioned somebody who's a tall, dark, and handsome stranger.

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