GH Transcript Thursday 8/18/16

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 8/18/16


Episode #13624 ~ Maxie & Lulu discuss wedding plans; Claudette gets hired at GH and goes after Griffin; Nina informs Alexis and Sonny that Julian is delusional and planning to get his family back; Valerie makes an important discovery about the hospital killer; Sonny hires Brick to keep tabs on Julian.

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Maxie: Nathan?

Nathan: [Groans]

Maxie: Are you awake?

Nathan: Yep. I am now.

Maxie: I had the most awesome dream.

Nathan: Oh, yeah? What happened?

Maxie: Well, it was our wedding day, and I was marrying the kindest, most wonderful, most gorgeous man. Safe and secure in the knowledge that Claudette had slithered right out of our lives. That doesn't have to be a dream, right, Nathan? It can be our reality.

Nathan: Max... [Scoffs] I'm sorry, but, you know, Claudette, she's made it pretty clear -- she's not going anywhere.

[Muffled scream]

Nina: Yes, this is Nina Reeves. I am checking up on a particular person for an article that we're doing. Um, you handled his extradition. Valentin Cassadine. You know, actually, on second thought, I'm gonna have my assistant call you to get more information. Thank you very much for your time.

Claudette: Nina. How nice to see you.

Nina: Well, I'm easy to be seen because I live here in Port Charles. I thought you left.

Claudette: Change of plans.

Nina: Let me make this crystal clear -- you're not getting your job back at Crimson.

Claudette: [Gasps] The thought never occurred to me. I-I've sought out other opportunities.

Nurse: Dr. Munro, I've got a message for you. I'm sorry. I meant to give it to you earlier.

Griffin: Oh, well, thanks for tracking me down.

Nurse: The woman said it was very important.

Griffin: I've had about enough of your surprises, Claudette. [Sighs]

[Knock on door]

Finn: Hi. Griffin, can I help you?

Griffin: I heard you were back in the lab.

Finn: I am, as, uh -- as you can see. And I'm a little -- I'm a little busy.

Griffin: Well, I-I just wanted to touch base. You know, for a few days there, you seemed to be in a little rocky shape.

Finn: Yeah, thank you for noticing. Listen, you've assured me that your intentions are good. And I assure you, if I need someone to talk to, you're gonna be my first call.

Griffin: And until then, I should mind my own business?

Finn: Something like that.

Griffin: [Inhales sharply] Well, glad to see you're feeling better.

Finn: Mm. Sorry about that. Where was I? Hmm. G.A. Series serum 3-9-1, compound six, human trial. Tests of the latest cure iteration yields a 5% increase in the rate of cellular regeneration. This compound has proven to be the most promising yet.

[Recorder beeps]

Finn: Sounds good, right, Reiko? I'm one step closer to saving everyone that's got this thing. I just couldn't save you.

Kevin: Well, that was a moving service. It was...simple. Stayed true to Nikolas' memory.

Laura: I'm so glad Lucky was able to make it.

Lulu: Did he have to leave right after the service?

Dante: Yeah, I'm sure he -- he had his reasons.

Hayden (to Curtis): Thanks for sticking by my side at the funeral. It's nice to know I've got at least one friend.

Lulu: It was nice to see Molly, Sam, and Kristina. I was kind of surprised that Alexis didn't show up.

Dante: Yeah, me too. Maybe she's busy preparing for Julian's trial.

Alexis: [Groans]

[Doorbell rings]

Alexis: [Sighs]

Sonny: Did I wake you, or...?

Alexis: Do you care? What time is it?

Sonny: 10:00.

Alexis: Oh! I missed Nikolas' funeral!

Maxie: Why is this happening to us? We are good people. Mostly. [Groans] We're in love. And we've overcome all kinds of obstacles. And just when it's our chance to be happy, this she-devil enters our lives and refuses to leave.

Nathan: Hey. Don't waste your energy on her, all right? You remember our deal? Claudette's only a threat if we let her be.

Maxie: Hello. You used to love her.

Nathan: Maxie. [Sighs] Hey. My life begins and ends with you. Okay? Tell me what else I can do to prove that to you.

Maxie: Well... I could think of a few things. But you have to get to work. And I have to go catch up with Lulu, so...

Nathan: Well, you should come and kiss me.

Finn: So, Reiko. It's time to be realistic. And I know you always liked "optimistic Finn" best, but...time is running out. Disease is progressing de-- despite the meds. If I don't figure something out, I'm gonna be joining you. Which... I don't know. Would that be such a bad thing? I've made provisions for Roxy. She's gonna be the most pampered bearded dragon in the world. I don't have a lot. Pretty much left me all alone in this world. Oh, don't say that. Hayden doesn't count.

Hayden: You know, you don't have to stay. I know you've got other things to do, people to see.

Curtis: But, um, you know, I'm here with my friend, making sure she's okay, and that's kind of important.

Hayden: Thank you. And I'm truly grateful to have you in my corner. But the rest of it is, uh, a family affair.

Curtis: Are they really family?

Hayden: Whether they like it or not.

Curtis: I ain't but a phone call away.

Hayden: Thank you. Just don't put it on airplane mode, okay?

Curtis: I promise.

Finn: There's nothing between her and me. I mean... you see, Hayden, she did some things, you know, and, uh, she -- she's looking for redemption. I'm not a fool. She took me on as a project.

[Door opens]

Valerie: Dr. Finn?

Finn: What?!

Valerie: Didn't mean to interrupt.

Finn: Uh... uh, I'm sorry. This is a restricted area. My lab is off-limits.

Valerie: Not from me. The PCPD has full cooperation of the hospital board and, therefore, access to all areas. I'm conducting a sweep.

Finn: Very well. Do your, uh, sweep. Just, please, do not upset any of my research.

Valerie: I have no intentions... oh, you dropped your cuff link.

Finn: Yeah, that's, uh -- that's not mine. Feel free to leave it at the lost and found when you're done here.

Hayden: I've set up some food in the kitchen if anyone's hungry.

Laura: Thank you, Hayden. Don't have an appetite right now.

Hayden: Would it help if we, uh, talked about Nikolas? Maybe shared some of our favorite memories?

Lulu: That's a great idea. I think you should start. I would love to hear about whatever you did to drive my brother to fake his own death just to escape you.

Hayden: You should be thanking me.

Lulu: For driving my brother away?

Hayden: For preserving his memory.

Lulu: [Scoffs]

Hayden: If I told you why Nikolas and I were at odds, I'd ruin the image of your brother as a hero who could do no wrong.

Laura: Okay, let's take a break. Please. Come on, honey. Let's get you something to eat.

Dante: Actually, uh, I think we got to to go. I need to make an appearance at the station. Didn't you want to see Maxie before your appointment?

Laura: Yeah, I think you should go along, sweetie. You know, I think it'll do you some good to see Maxie.

Lulu: Are you trying to get rid of me?

Laura: No! Oh, my god. No, never. Unh-unh. Just know... your brother would want you to go on with your life and to be happy.

Lulu: [Sniffles]

Alexis: Oh, no. [Sighs] Now I'm gonna have to call Laura. Maybe I'll just drop her a note. "Dear Laura, I'm sorry I missed your son's funeral, but I don't really think he's dead. Don't worry. He'll be back. Cassadines always show up when you least expect it." Mm. I'm gonna have to apologize, anyway -- tell her I'm sorry for ignoring her grief.

Sonny: Al-Alexis?

Alexis: What?!

Sonny: Please don't yell at me.

Alexis: Sorry.

Sonny: You need to just breathe.

Alexis: You know, that's easy for you to say. Is it hot in here? [Sighs] Your husband didn't try to murder you. Your nephew's not presumed dead, and your children don't hate you. Do they?

Sonny: Well, you know what, it's pretty hard to wake up in the morning once you've had a little vino.

Alexis: More than a little.

Sonny: Okay, you're not one to drink by herself, so what-- what's going on here?

Alexis: You know what? I'm not doing a lot of things that I used to do. I don't feel like myself right now, and I also don't feel like talking about this.

Sonny: What's going on here, Alexis?

Alexis: Well, let's start with your daughter.

Sonny: Okay.

Alexis: Yeah. Your daughter found out that I talked to Parker about the breakup. And then she got really upset, which was totally understandable. And then she went on with a really long list of all the ways that I've failed her as a parent.

Sonny: Okay, you have clashed with Kristina many a time, okay? I have never seen you drown your sorrows in booze.

Alexis: I'm sorry if my reaction doesn't meet your approval.

Sonny: Okay.

Alexis: [Sighs]

Sonny: Listen to me. You're gonna tell me what's going on or I'm gonna pry it out of you.

Alexis: If you want an update on my life, I'm not in the mood.

Sonny: Uh, no, I just need you to revise the lease agreement for the coffee kiosk.

Alexis: You know what, it's not in anyone's best interest for me to be involved in anything related to Kristina at this moment.

Sonny: Why is Kristina gonna be upset if you follow up on a contract that you wrote in the first place? It was her idea for me to run the coffee house, right? And it was her idea for you to do the legal business. So what's -- what's the problem?

Alexis: The problem is that I'm not a lawyer anymore. And I don't know if I'm -- I'm gonna be one again.

Hayden: And then there were three.

Laura: Hayden, I'm sorry about what my daughter said. She's hurt.

Hayden: I'm not surprised she lashed out.

Laura: Thank you for not shattering my daughter's image of her brother.

Hayden: I'll be the first to admit that my marriage to Nikolas was doomed, but it wasn't all bad. I mean, we had our moments. Maybe we just, um... needed more time to figure things out. You know, you always think you have plenty of time. Then you wake up one day, and you have none.

Curtis: Hey, Doc. Yo, we missed you this morning.

Finn: Oh. Where was I supposed to be?

Curtis: I figured you'd make an appearance at Nikolas Cassadine's funeral.

[Vending machine rattles]

Finn: Oh, I didn't really know him.

Curtis: Oh, right. Well, uh... I'm sure you know his widow, right? Hayden? I mean, aren't you two besties?

Finn: Did Hayden t-tell you that?

Curtis: [Scoffs] Nah. She didn't have to. You see, I kind of just pick up on stuff. It's my special skill.

Finn: She didn't -- she didn't mention anything about the funeral to me.

Curtis: No, it wouldn't occur to her to expect it, or -- or even ask for emotional support. It's not really in her nature. But I will say, the next time you see Hayden, be really, really nice to her. Because she could use a friend.

Finn: Noted. Um, now, if you'll excuse me, I have a patient to tend to.

Curtis: Right. Of course. Go forth and save the world.

Finn: [Chuckles] Okay. Yeah.

Curtis: Oh! Oh, Doc. Have you seen Officer Valerie Spencer? I know she was assigned to the hospital.

Finn: Yeah, try the lab.

Curtis: The lab.

Valerie: [Sighs] I'll take this to lost and found after lunch. What are you working on, Doc? [Falls to the floor after someone strikes her from behind.]

Alexis: I've been suspended from practicing law for the period of one year. [Sniffles]

Sonny: I'm sorry. I really am.

Alexis: Yeah. Will you please don't say this to anyone? The girls don't know yet, and they need to hear it from me.

Sonny: Of course.

Alexis: Thank you.

[Doorbell rings]

Alexis: [Sighs] Why does everyone keep bothering me? [Gasps] It's Nina Reeves! What the hell is she doing here?

Nina: Uh, I could hear you. [Clears throat] Is it a bad time?

Alexis: Would it matter? What do you want, Nina?

Nina: Um... what I'm about to say, actually, Sonny, involves you. Uh, at least I think it would.

Sonny: Why?

Nina: Uh, last night... Julian tried to escape.

Hayden: You've been, uh, incredibly kind to me. I wonder what Nikolas would think if he could see us now -- you and I bonding.

Kevin: Well, I think Nikolas would take solace in the knowledge that you're bringing each other comfort.

[Cell phone rings]

Hayden: Um, I'm sorry. This is my mother. If you'll excuse me. Hello, Mother. Thank you for calling and checking on me. Uh... I have no idea how the prenup would be affected by Nikolas' death. Do you actually think I might have something coming to me?

Kevin: Laura...

Laura: Hm?

Kevin: You're amazing.

Laura: [Scoffs]

Kevin: Even after a day like today, you're still able to show kindness to Hayden.

Laura: Yes, well, there isn't much left for me and Hayden to fight about [Voice breaking] 'Cause Nikolas is gone. And he's not coming back. I-I need a minute to just...

Kevin: Of course. I'm sorry.

Hayden: I guess it's something that I could look into. I don't see why my prenup should be voided just because Nikolas is dead. I mean, theoretically, I'm still entitled to a settlement. [Gasps]

Laura: If you want to pick my son's bones, you're gonna have to go through me.

Maxie: Hi! I am so sorry I'm late. Please tell me you ordered me a latte.

Lulu: With almond milk. It'll be out any second.

Maxie: [Sighs] Thank you so much. There's just so much going on, and I was with Nathan... enough about that. Um, how are you? How was the funeral?

Lulu: Funeral. Nothing you can really say about that. What is on your neck?

Maxie: What do you mean?

Lulu: Look at it. Is that a hickey, Maxie Jones?

Maxie: No!

[Both gasp]

Lulu: I had no idea that Nathan -- would -- was so enthusiastic.

Maxie: His, uh, technique is usually impeccable. We were just running short on time.

Lulu: Is that why you were late?! [Gasps] You kept me waiting. I'm just giving you a hard time. I'm happy for you. I can't wait for the wedding.

Maxie: Me, either. If we pull it off.

Lulu: Why wouldn't you?

Maxie: Claudette.

Griffin: Excuse me. Is this where the staff meeting's taking place?

[Pen clacks]

Claudette: Welcome. You can sit wherever you want. You're a little early. But that's okay. We can talk before the rest of the staff arrives.

Griffin: What are you doing here? Is this part of your "surprise" that you mentioned in your message?

Claudette: This is the surprise. I got a job here at General Hospital.

Dante: What's up, man?

Nathan: Hey. I've, uh, been reading about Valentin Cassadine. Extradition went off without a hitch.

Dante: Yeah. Feds picked him up. He should be in a maximum-security cell in Greece by now. [Sighs] How about you? Everything, uh... how's that investigation going over at the hospital?

Nathan: Fine. It's fine. I'm gonna head there pretty soon, actually. We've got an update meeting with the staff. Great if you could make it. We could use a fresh set of eyes.

Dante: Yeah. What's the latest?

Nathan: Well, we got patrolmen walking the halls in eight-hour shifts. Uh, but the body count's up to four. Including attempts on, uh, Lucas Jones and Bobbie Spencer. I don't know when we're gonna get a break on this thing, man, or how many more people need to die before we do.

Curtis: Officer Spencer? Valerie. Valerie! Val. Come on, Officer. Come on. All right. Don't go nowhere, all right? Stay with me. Val.

Nina: So, I had my attorneys draw up some revised documents giving me exclusive control of Crimson.

Sonny: Well, what does that have to do with Julian attempting to escape?

Nina: Well, when I went to him to have him sign the documents, I found him on the ground, trying to retrieve the keys that somebody left on the floor.

Sonny: The guard was bribed, and he left the keys.

Nina: Exactly.

Nina: Yeah. That's what I thought. That's why I took the keys and gave them to the desk sergeant.

Sonny: [Laughs] Good. Good. All right. Well, I'm glad you, uh, brought this to my attention. I'm gonna go take care of it right now.

Alexis: What do you mean you're gonna go take care of it? I don't want you to ta-- don't take care of it!

Sonny: I'm not gonna do anything. But I'm gonna stop that psychopath from doing something.

Alexis: Don't --

[Door slams]

Alexis: ...Slam the door.

Nina: He seems to know what he's doing.

Alexis: Yeah, that's what I'm worried about.

Nina: I'm glad he left. I wanted to talk to you privately.

Alexis: About what?

Nina: Alexis, when Julian was signing the papers, he told me something about you.

Alexis: What?

Nina: That you're still in love with him.

Curtis: Valerie, come on. Please, come back.

Valerie: Okay.

Curtis: Oh! You're back.

Valerie: What? Where --

Curtis: You're at GH. You're in the lab, okay?

Valerie: [Sighs]

Curtis: I'm gonna get you some -- can I get some help in here?!

Valerie: No, not so loud.

Curtis: Oh.

Valerie: My head is killing me.

Curtis: All right. Yeah. How did you wind up on the floor?

Valerie: I was attacked.

Curtis: Did you see who did it?

Valerie: No, I was conducting a sweep. Dr. Finn left the lab. I was looking at something on the table, and then just...stars, and I was out.

Curtis: All right. Yeah. Come on. Come on. Probably got a little concussion, okay? We'll call Jordan.

Valerie: No. No, no. I need to secure the scene.

Curtis: Listen to me. Treatment before procedure.

Valerie: No, the -- maybe the person --

Curtis: Maybe nothing, okay? We got to get you out of here. Come on. Let's go. Come on.

Valerie: Fine. I can call it in on the way.

Curtis: All right.

Valerie: Um... where'd it go?

Curtis: What? Your phone? It's right here.

Valerie: No. It was a cuff link. I found it here. And then I put it in my pocket, and I was gonna take it to lost and found. It's gone.

Nathan: So, you can, uh, make the meeting at the hospital?

Dante: Uh, yeah. Uh, I'll head over there after Lulu's appointment.

Nathan: Maybe one more thing while I'm begging favors?

Dante: Uh, sure.

Nathan: Will you be my best man?

Dante: Dude. That's not a favor. That -- that's an honor. Yeah, I'd love to stand up for you at your wedding, man. So, what? cool with, like, a-a Vegas bachelor party?

Nathan: [Laughs] If there's time, man. We bumped up the wedding date.

Dante: Whose idea was that?

Nathan: Kind of a mutual thing. I think, uh -- I think we'll both feel better when this is done.

Dante: Feel better about what?

Nathan: My ex-wife, Claudette. She has decided to stick around Port Charles.

Maxie: So, after that night of being trapped together in the car, reminiscing about their life together, Claudette makes the not-so-shocking decision to stick around town. And in the middle of all that, Nathan wants to get married. Like, yesterday. Which would be wonderful and romantic if I wasn't so afraid it was a secret reaction to Claudette. You're supposed to tell me what I think about all this.

Lulu: You're supposed to stop acting like a lunatic. [Laughs] If you want to marry Nathan, and you want to stay married to Nathan, you can start by trusting his love for you and yours for him.

Maxie: Mm. That sounds vaguely familiar.

Lulu: Yeah, remember when you said the exact same thing to me and you were right?

Maxie: Mm.

Lulu: I don't care what past Claudette had with him. You are the only thing that matters to Nathan. Claudette can't hold a candle to you.

Griffin: This is a joke, right?

Claudette: No. Crimson wasn't a good fit, but I don't know. General Hospital just feels right.

Griffin: Why? Because you're out of Maxie's proximity and into mine?

Claudette: Is that a problem?

Griffin: No. Not for long.

Claudette: What does that mean?

Griffin: In some backward, very twisted kind of way, I'm actually glad you're here. Made me realize that I can't wait for you to make things right. I have to do it myself. I need to admit what I did.

Claudette: So you're going to -- to what? To tell Nathan that it was you that he shot?

Griffin: You're always talking about forgiveness, Claudette. You should be fine with this.

Claudette: Uh, no, no, no, no. Guess what? I'm not.

Griffin: It would have been selfish to tell Nathan any earlier. I would have been unburdening my conscience at his expense and causing stress in Maxie and his' relationship. Now the circumstances have changed. I can help ease his guilt about shooting me and open his eyes about you.

Laura: I can't believe that I bought into your routine about wanting a chance at a real marriage. It was about the money! It was the whole time, wasn't it?

Hayden: That's not true. That's not true. I wasn't even thinking about the prenup until my mother mentioned it --

Laura: Shut up! You're gonna get what's coming to you and not a penny more, because you are capable of surviving the world, and Spencer is not.

Hayden: I would never do anything to cheat that little boy --

Laura: Good. Good. And you'd be wise not to. Because you're gonna find out just how hard I can fight for my family.

[Cell phone clatters]

[Door closes]

Hayden: What are you doing here?

Finn: I was -- I just, um... nowhere near your neighborhood. This is for you.

Hayden: It's a cactus.

Finn: It is a cactus. I didn't know what you would like, and, um, you didn't strike me as a bouquet-of-sunflowers kind of girl.

Hayden: [Scoffs] Thank you.

Finn: You're welcome.

Hayden: I'll try to find the right place for it.

Finn: Okay. This is none of my business, and, um, it's not like I had hurt feelings or anything, but I was just wondering why you never mentioned anything about Nikolas' funeral.

Hayden: What would you have done if I did?

Finn: Well, I guess we'll never know. Hey, you know, I-I think it's gonna be all right for a little while.

Hayden: Yeah?

Finn: Yeah.

Hayden: Why, um, a little while?

Finn: Yeah. I think you could use a drink. You choose the place. I'm buying.

Kevin: Well, it looks like you got that fight you were hoping for.

Laura: [Scoffs] I was hoping for a modicum of common ground. I mean, look, the second I turn my back, she's grasping for his money? I mean, th-that is Spencer's inheritance. I mean, does she think that I would just let that happen? She probably thinks that I would fail my grandson the way I've failed my own son!

Kevin: No. No. Laura, you never failed Nikolas.

Laura: [Voice breaking] Yes, I did! I left him with Helena! I mean, what kind of a mother abandons her own son?

Kevin: You were kidnapped. You -- you were kept prisoner.

Laura: No! A mother is supposed to put her child ahead of everything else. I didn't do that! I didn't do it for Nikolas. Damn it! [Sobbing] I traded him. I sacrificed him for my own freedom. I lost all those years. I lost all of those years, and I can't get them back, and he's gone now. He's gone.

Kevin: Laura. Laura, please, don't put this burden on yourself. All of this was out of your control.

Laura: No, it's my fault. It's my fault. [Inhales sharply] When I was faced with the easiest decision possible, for a mother to protect her son... I chose wrong. [Sobs] I chose wrong. I just...

Lulu: The more you focus on Claudette, the less you're focusing on your wedding. Don't give her that kind of power. You love Nathan. He loves you. Claudette is a nonissue.

Maxie: Okay. You're right. I can do this. Claudette? Nonissue.

Lulu: Perfect. My job here is done. No. No, it's not. We can talk color schemes and flowers in the car. Let's go. [Sighs] It's such a good thing that you decided to move up the wedding. I fully intend on being pregnant by the end of the month, and I don't want to buy a bigger dress.

Maxie: Wait. I'm sorry, what?

Lulu: Mm-hmm!

Claudette: You can't tell Nathan the truth. He's not over me. And if he finds out that you are my lover, he's... he's gonna kill you.

Griffin: I'll take my chance--

Claudette: Hey! This isn't a game.

Griffin: Well, it's funny you should say that, Claudette, because all you do is play games with people's emotions. I don't believe for one second it's coincidence that you're here in Port Charles. You want something from Nathan. If I tell him the truth about what I did, you have to do the same thing.

Claudette: Okay, fine. It's true. I came to Port Charles with an agenda to towards Nathan, but finding you called everything into question.

Griffin: Why?

Claudette: [Sighs] Because Nathan can't give me what I want, and you can. So just tell me the truth. Just tell me that you love me the way I love you. Tell me that you never stopped. Because I never did.

Valerie: I found it right here. I showed it to Dr. Finn, and I put it in my pocket.

Curtis: Are you sure you didn't drop it?

Valerie: Well, I'm guessing I shouldn't be leaning over to check. Do you mind?

Curtis: No, not at all. Yeah. I don't see nothing.

Valerie: That means that someone took it out of my pocket while I was unconscious.

Curtis: Same someone that knocked you out.

Valerie: Who else? Did you happen to see anyone in the corridor when you entered?

Curtis: [Sighs] Mm. No. Who would knock you out over a cuff link?

Valerie: Someone who knew it could be a clue that could connect them to a crime.

Curtis: Is there a particular crime you had in mind?

Valerie: Not just one. Five -- one assault and four murders.

Alexis: Nina, "A," I can't fathom why he would discuss me with you at all, and, "B," I can't fathom why you're here discussing it with me.

Nina: I-I'm discussing it with you, because I suggested that he not put his family and you through so much pain, and he should just plead guilty.

Alexis: How did he respond?

Nina: He said he wanted to fight for his freedom, he wanted to get his family back, and get everything back that he lost. I pointed out that he was, you know, way past denial, and he sort of... is delusional. He's a narcissist. He only sees his own reality. I mean, he's perfectly sane... for a narcissist, right? I mean, not to mention that he framed you for a crime he committed, and he tried to kill you. But he believes that you still love him. He believes that love conquers all.

Brick: [Chuckles]

Sonny: Brick.

Brick: What's up, Sonny? How you doing?

Sonny: Nice to see you again.

Brick: How's the family?

Sonny: Doing good. Doing good.

Brick: How's Carly these days? I know she must ask about me.

Sonny: [Chuckles] I don't think she's said anything, actually.

Brick: [Laughs] A man's got to try. A man's got to try. So, what's up, man? Why did you need to see me?

Sonny: What kind of manpower do you have at your disposal these days?

Brick: The best kind. Solid group. Talented. Loyal.

Sonny: Discreet?

Brick: Come on, now. How long we known each other?

Sonny: How long will it take you to round them up?

Brick: How soon do you need them?

Sonny: Yesterday.

Brick: I'll make the arrangements. What's the job?

Sonny: Julian Jerome.

Laura: I'm sorry.

Kevin: For what?

Laura: For that. You know, for just -- I'm sorry.

Kevin: There -- there's no apology necessary. We're human. You're grieving. These are all normal reactions.

Laura: I know, but I just... I can't be doing that anymore, you know? I have to pull myself together for Spencer.

Kevin: I think you're pulled together enough already.

Laura: [Scoffs]

Kevin: Laura, you faced down a maniac. You pulled a bullet out of me. You saved my life. And that's just in the last few weeks.

Laura: [Chuckles]

Kevin: I think we're beyond apologizing for being vulnerable.

Laura: You're my friend, but you don't have to be my therapist.

Kevin: Well, is that all we are to each other?


Hayden: I'm not very good with plants.

Finn: It's a cactus.

Hayden: Yeah, but what do they need to survive?

Finn: Light, air, water. An occasional smile. I think you can handle it.

Hayden: "An occasional smile"?

Finn: Mm.

Hayden: Who are you?

Finn: I'm Hamilton Finn, damn it.

Hayden: [Laughing] Yes, you are. Did you win the lottery or something? You seem different. Are you in a good mood?

Finn: I am. I may have had a breakthrough in my research today.

Hayden: Does that mean I'll be treated to more Dr. Hamilton Finn?

Finn: If my luck continues and yours runs out.

Curtis: Now, that theory of yours -- it's off the hook. It's plausible, but there are some holes, one of them being what was the killer doing here in the first place? Ain't no patients, no personnel. Just don't make sense.

Valerie: I can't answer that, and I can't explain how I know it's true. It

Curtis: Hold up. I believe you, right? But you're gonna have to do a whole lot better than just conjecture.

Valerie: Okay, I'll find the proof. But whoever that cuff link belongs to is the serial killer. I'd bet my life on it.

Griffin: I can't give you what you want.

Claudette: Yes, you can. All I want is to be with you, and we can do that. We can make it happen together. You're already walking away from the priesthood --

Griffin: It doesn't matter. We can't go back to what was, because we both know that wasn't right. It was a test, and I failed.

Claudette: Over and over and over again. [Sighs] Let's be honest. You don't feel guilty about Nathan. You don't even feel guilty about your broken vows. You feel guilty because you're not being true to yourself, about how you feel about me. And the only way to absolve yourself from this guilt is just to be with me the way you've always wanted.

Lulu: Hi.

Dante: Hey. Ready to go?

Lulu: Absolutely. Come here, babe. Mwah. I will have the table-setting suggestions narrowed down to 10 options by the end of the week.

Maxie: Thank you! I'm so happy you're my maid of honor.

Lulu: [Chuckles]

Maxie: Okay. Text me later.

Lulu: Okay.

Maxie: Come on.

Nathan: Bye.

Dante: See you. So, you want to go make a baby?

Maxie: Where are you headed?

Nathan: I am headed to the conference room. I have to update the staff on the investigation.

Maxie: Okay. I'll walk you over.

Nathan: All right.

Maxie: We can talk about where we're gonna go on our honeymoon.

Griffin: You have no idea what I want.

Claudette: It's standing right here in front of you.


Brick: All right. Got it. Thanks. Got it. [Sighs] We're all set, Sonny. Everything ready per your request.

Sonny: All right. I knew you were the right man for this.

Brick: Any details you care to disclose?

Sonny: Well, as you know, Julian Jerome is a -- how could I say this? -- Coward.

Brick: Mm.

Sonny: But he has resources.

Brick: You think he's gonna run?

Sonny: He's gonna try. And I don't trust the PCPD to, you know, keep him locked up while the trial's going on and everything, so your people are gonna keep me informed. Any contacts, visitors, if he has any conversations with the guard.

Brick: We'll also get you any information on any bank transfers in case Julian hires somebody to move the money. He'll need to pay his way.

Sonny: Probably his sister, Ava, you know.

Brick: You know she's already on the list.

Sonny: So glad you're helping me with this. 'Cause I tell you what, if the -- if the court won't exact justice on Julian... I will.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Sam (to Alexis): Jason and I got engaged again.

Elizabeth: That is big news.

Jake: It's not as big as Daddy's news.

Franco (to Valerie & Curtis): As the prime suspect, I feel like I have a right to know if you're looking at somebody else as the hospital killer.

Paul (to Jordan): Is everything being done to catch the killer?

Kevin: (to Laura): I am very sorry. That won't happen again.

Nathan (to Maxie): Father Munro knows exactly who Claudette is.

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