GH Transcript Friday 5/13/16

General Hospital Transcript Friday 5/13/16


Episode #13558 ~ Griffin stuns Sonny & Anna by revealing that he's a Catholic priest; Alexis suspects Julian killed Carlos with the Cassadine dagger; Hayden & Nikolas make plans to drive each other crazy; Elizabeth is glad to be getting out of Wyndemere.

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Anna: We need to get a statement from Carlos. This is our last chance to get it on record that Julian wanted him to kill Duke.

Sonny: We don't even know if he can talk.

Anna: Okay.

Dr. Wilson: Where's the damn priest?!

Carlos: Tell Sabrina... I love her.

Anna: Carlos, listen to me. You have to tell the truth. You need to admit that Julian ordered you to kill Duke.

Sonny: Easy. Breathe.

Anna: Say it! Just say it! Just say it.

Griffin: Anna.

Anna: Say it!

Griffin: You need to back off. I'm going to give Carlos his last rites.

Nikolas: Pretty early for packing. Clearly you and the boys want to get out of this place.

Elizabeth: [Chuckles] Please. It's not you.

Nikolas: I know.

Elizabeth: Or Spencer or your mother, but you know that.

Nikolas: Of course, I do.

Elizabeth: It's just time.

Nikolas: You told me that weeks ago.

Elizabeth: And I meant it then, too, but it wasn't practical for all of us to be living with my grandmother. And now I have found this cute little house.

Nikolas: And you want to be far, far away from Hayden, right?

Elizabeth: If only you felt the same.

Nikolas: How do you really feel?

Elizabeth: Oh. Well, since you asked me, this good mood you're in has me a little nervous. Please don't tell me you had a nauseating reunion with Hayden, and you've actually forgiven her.

Nikolas: Actually, quite the opposite.

Curtis: [Grunting]

Hayden: [Sighs]

Curtis: Yeah?

Hayden: Oh, God. It smells in here. How can you stand it?

Curtis: It's a gym. It's where people come to sweat. But I'm guessing that's not why you're here.

Hayden: First of all, I don't sweat. I glow. And secondly, I came here to see you.

Curtis: Uh, right. I'm sure it's not for the pleasure of my company. You obviously need help again. What is it this time?

Hayden: I need you to steal diamonds from my estranged husband.

Curtis: [Scoffs]

Hayden: I'm not joking. I'm dead serious.

Curtis: No. I figured you weren't.

Hayden: So you'll do it.

Curtis: I got two words for you -- "Hell no."

Julian: [Sniffles] Thought you were gonna go change.

Alexis: I was. I just got a call from a contact at the PCPD. They found Carlos wounded on Pier 54.

Julian: Son of bitch. H-- how is he? Is he okay?

Alexis: He made it to the ER. He's still alive. You look surprised. Why is that?

Anna: I-I need to question him! We don't have time for some religious ceremony!

[Monitor beeping]

Anna: Griffin!

Dr. Wilson: I'd start if I were you.

Griffin: In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit...

Carlos: Amen.

Anna: Are you kidding me?

Sonny: It's not for Carlos. When a priest invokes the name of the holy spirit, you cross yourself. It's just a thing.

Elizabeth: I'm hoping the opposite of you getting back together with Hayden is something like you finally decided to kick her to the curb, and she's getting nothing in the divorce?

Nikolas: No, we're not -- no. Not just yet.

Elizabeth: Come on. What are you waiting for? Are you holding on to the delusion that she's gonna change? 'Cause I have to tell you, she is not capable of change. I'm sure she came out of the womb greedy and treacherous, and you know her first word was a lie.

Nikolas: I know what I'm up against with Hayden, okay? I've spent many a sleepless night taking stock of my life. All the mistakes that I've made, all the bad decisions that I've made. But I've learned from them, and I know have a plan.

Elizabeth: Which is what?

Nikolas: I'm gonna make Hayden's life an absolute living hell.

Hayden: Can't you just take a break? I need your full attention.

Curtis: [Chuckles] Now, when have you ever taken my advice? Oh, wait a minute. Never.

Hayden: Curtis. Curtis, you know I don't beg. But if there's ever a day to start, today would be that day.

Curtis: [Sighs] Okay, so, first you need my help, now you want my sympathy 'cause you got it so, so rough, huh?

Hayden: Okay. I get it. Our lives are very different. I pay you to keep my deepest secrets while you're working out in this dump.

Curtis: Whoa, whoa. Careful now. This place belongs to Sonny Corinthos himself. Word on the street is that he's pretty fond of this place. You wouldn't want to offend him.

Hayden: Well, no offense intended toward Mr. Corinthos or toward you. The simple fact is I don't have any family to turn to or any friends, for that matter. You're the only person I can count on. So put your gloves back on and hit the bag, but please, please just talk to me. W-what are you doing?

Curtis: I am gonna show you another way to work through your crap.

Julian: Of course, I am surprised. I didn't know that Carlos had been found, much less injured. Or are you suggesting that I had something to do with it?

Alexis: I-it's just that no one has more to gain than you do from Carlos being dead.

Julian: [Scoffs] You know what? There is a long list of people who want Carlos dead, starting with Sonny Corinthos.

Alexis: I don't care about Sonny. I care about you, just you.

Julian: [Sighs]

Alexis: Tell me. Just say it. Just promise me that you didn't send someone to the pier to kill Carlos last night.

Griffin: Before I begin, are there any sins you want to confess?

Carlos: [Labored] No.

Anna: He can't even be honest with a priest.

Sonny: Do you really think he was gonna confess to us?

Griffin: Let us pray.

Anna: Oh, God. I don't believe this.

Jordan: How's Carlos?

Paul: Well, it's my experience that, um, when you call in the priest, that's not a good sign.

Griffin: Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespassed against us.

Carlos: [Gasping] And lead us... and lead us not into temptation... but deliver us from evil. Santa Maria, madre de dios, ruega por nosotros pecadora, ahora y en la hora de nuestra muerte. [Sobs] Amen.

Griffin: Amen.

Anna: This has to stop. This has to stop.

Griffin: You need to stop, Anna.

Anna: No, you need to stop. Because a deathbed confession is admissible in court. Now, you've said all your prayers and everything, so now he needs to tell us that Julian Jerome ordered him to kill your father.

Griffin: I am not here as Duke Lavery's son. I'm a Catholic priest, and I am here to fulfill my office.

Anna: Do you really think you're the right person to save his soul, to ask God to grant him mercy on his behalf? Do you really think so? Because he certainly didn't show your father any mercy. I don't understand why you want to comfort this man.

Griffin: What I want and what I am duty-bound to do for my God are sometimes in complete opposition, and that is the very definition of faith.

Jordan: I have to run something by Forensics and then make another stop. Call me when this turns into a murder charge.

Paul: Will do.

Jordan: Is Sonny in there?

Paul: Mm. Between Michael's involvement in this and his father's, I would imagine that Sonny's high up on the list of suspects.

Jordan: Oh, trust me, I'm far from done with him.

Paul: Now, what are you getting for Forensics?

Jordan: Well, the hospital released the pen that Carlos used to stab Dante, the one that lead to the accident and then their escape. If I can trace it to its owner, then it'll tell me who's been helping Carlos.

Paul: I realize the solution isn't perfect. But that's all I can do. Well, keep me apprised of any developments.

Jordan: Trust me, you'll be the first to know.

Julian: I promise you I did not send any of my people down to docks last night for any reason. You want to -- you want to look through my phone, see if I called any of my associates last night?

Alexis: Why did Anna Devane call you?

Julian: Pretty much to ask me the same questions you're asking me. Okay. So, what exactly did your associates say about Carlos' condition?

Alexis: All I know is that he's in the hospital.

Julian: Okay.

Alexis: Where are you going?

Julian: I'm going to the hospital.

Alexis: No, no, no! You can't go to the hospital. You can't go anywhere near the hospital. Carlos was making a deal to testify against you. You are the person of interest. You go near that hospital, you -- you check up on him, you're asking to be picked up!

Julian: Okay, pretending that -- that, you know, Carlos living or dying has no impact on me, on us, it solves nothing. I need to go to the hospital, and I need to find out what in the hell's going on.

Carlos: Ohh! [Grunts]

Griffin: Carlos, I'm going to administer the sacrament of the anointing of the sick.

Anna: Oh, this is unbelievable.

Griffin: Through this holy anointing, may the Lord, with his love and mercy, help you with the grace of the holy spirit.

Carlos: [Labored breathing]

Griffin: May the Lord, who frees you of sin, save you and raise you up. By this sign... thou art anointed with the grace of the atonement of Jesus Christ, and thou art absolved from all past error and sin and freed to find his place in the world he has prepared for us. In my father's house, there are many mansions. If this weren't so, I would have told you. So I go to prepare a place for you.

[Monitor beeping]

Carlos: [Labored breathing]

Griffin: Do you have something to say, something you want to confess?

Sonny: Come on, Carlos. Say it. Do one thing good in your life! Admit that Julian gave the order to kill Duke. Admit it!

Anna: Carlos, if you want to go to heaven, you just need to confess. Carlos, come on.


Dr. Wilson: He's gone.

Anna: Bring him back! Just try again! No, no, no! He was gonna say it! He was gonna say something!

Sonny: Anna. Anna, leave it.

Griffin: Time of death -- 7:06 a.m.

Anna: He was trying to say something. Did you see that? He would have given up Julian if we hadn't wasted time with that pointless ritual.

Alexis: I don't understand. Why do you have to check on Carlos? You can't help him.

Julian: You know, believe it or not, Alexis, Carlos -- he was a friend of mine, okay? I consider him a friend. It might help him to see a friendly face.

Alexis: What are you talking about? What? He's not your friend! What are you -- "friendly face"? You were gonna use your gun, because you thought you needed to protect yourself against him, and now you feel compelled to go visit him in the hospital? In court we'd use that for impeachment.

Julian: Okay, you know, you're right. I-I did jump to the worst case scenario, which was a mistake.

Alexis: [Exhales sharply] I put that gun away. I locked it up, and you left and you went to Crimson. And then Sonny came here, and then we left. So there was a window, a time where the house was empty and the gun was unaccounted for. [Sighs] Did you double back for it? Did you come back for it?

Julian: You know --

Alexis: Did you shoot Carlos?

[Knock on door]

Julian: Oh, brilliant.

[Door opens]

Jordan: Thank you, Paul, for the update. I will be in touch. May I come in?

Alexis: Um, of course.

Jordan: I came to talk to the both of you about Carlos Rivera. He was assaulted in the early morning hours on Pier 54. But I just got word from our DA that changes everything.

Julian: What does that mean?

Jordan: Carlos Rivera is dead.

Anna: This is exactly the worst thing that could have happened. Carlos is dead without giving a confession, and now there's no ties between Julian and Duke.

Sonny: Julian can still be handled.

Anna: I don't want him handled. I want justice. It counts for nothing if he turns up in an alley with two bullets to the back of his head. Although you might go for a subtler approach, given that the man is Kristina's stepfather. You don't want to create any disharmony in your extended family, so you might arrange for some time timely accident.

Sonny: Anna. I'm not your enemy. I want to bring him down just like you do.

Anna: But you're not gonna get what you want, and neither am I! Because Carlos is dead. And now, again, Julian gets away with everything!

Paul: I'm so sorry that Carlos died before you could get a confession.

Anna: Oh, God! Do you ever tell the truth?! Do you? You wanted him out of the picture just as much as Julian.

Sonny: It's rough, ain't it? I'm just -- I'm just curious. Why do you want Carlos Rivera dead?

Paul: I didn't. Anna's clearly overwrought.

Sonny: Doesn't make her wrong. When we were going to get Carlos, she mentioned that you wanted Carlos gone. Is there -- does Carlos have something on you?

Paul: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Sonny: So it's just a coincidence that you ordered a transfer and Carlos escaped -- now he's dead? It's just a coincidence that she's dealing with the arms syndicate and you arranged the bust?

Paul: What does that have to do with --

Sonny: I'm just thinking out loud. Like, you're connected to Ava, Ava's connected to Julian, Julian's connected to Carlos, and Carlos is connected to you.

Paul: Only in Anna's mind. She's been deteriorating emotionally for months now.

Sonny: Anna's a pro, a lot tougher than you are.

Griffin: [Sighs] Help me, Father, come to peace with my own failings. You know the questions I've carried my whole life about my father. The hope when I found out his name, and disappointment when I realized he was dead. The turmoil when I realized Carlos Rivera took my father from me before I ever had the chance to meet him. Please, help me forgive the satisfaction I felt when I witnessed Carlos' last breath. And I ask of you... please welcome Carlos into your kingdom and your forgiveness, as there was none for him in this world.

Curtis: Good. Now give me a right-left-right combo.

Hayden: [Grunts]

Curtis: Good! Good! Don't that feel good? I do some of my best thinking right here in the ring.

Hayden: Yeah, well, at this point, I'll try anything. I need to figure out something to get out of my disaster of a marriage.

Curtis: Okay, now, I'm probably gonna regret this, but can we take it back to, uh, when you asked me to steal diamonds from your husband?

Hayden: Yeah. Nikolas realized that he needed something on me to counter the leverage I had on him. He managed to discover a stash of diamonds originally purchased by my father that no one's supposed to know I held on to. [Grunts]

Curtis: Okay, so, the diamonds trump a bullet in the head?

Hayden: You know as well as I do that my chances of proving that Nikolas had me shot are mediocre at best. The diamonds incriminate me. While Nikolas is in possession, he's actually in a stronger position than I am. At this point, I'm just bluffing to keep us in a standoff, but my resources are dwindling. [Sighs]

Curtis: What about that big-ass ring?

Hayden: What about it?

Curtis: Nikolas gave that to you, right?

Hayden: It's my engagement ring.

Curtis: And he gave it to you free and clear?

Hayden: Yeah. So?

Curtis: So has it ever occurred to you that maybe you could sell that bad boy online to make enough money to retire to Tahiti?

Hayden: When Nikolas gave this to me it -- it meant so much more to me than what he paid for it.

Curtis: Okay, but that was then, this is now. Does it still have that much sentimental value to you?

Hayden: Surprisingly, yes, it does. Not that I have any illusions about a future between me and Nikolas. But when he put this ring on my finger and for a little while after that, we were truly happy, maybe the happiest I've ever been in my entire life. This is all I have left of that time, and I'm not gonna sell it -- even to get to Tahiti.

Curtis: Okay, not the ring. But isn't Nikolas' house filled with a lot of priceless stuff that you could sell online? You see, it's like a two-fer, okay? You can raise enough funds for yourself, and you can deprive old Nikolas of his possessions.

Hayden: You mean take the money as a consolation prize?

Curtis: That's what I would do.

Hayden: I love that idea. Will you help me?

Elizabeth: Your idea of making Hayden's life a living hell is to stay married to her? She gets to live here in this castle and be waited on by your full staff?

Nikolas: Look, a loveless marriage is no day at the beach, Liz.

Elizabeth: But this is Hayden we're talking about. The woman's got no soul. She doesn't care if you despise her as long as she's living in the lap of luxury. And she knows she has the upper hand.

Nikolas: Well, let's just say that there's a few things in play that weren't before. I have something on her now.

Elizabeth: Which is [Clears throat] Why she hasn't turned you in on her attempted murder?

Nikolas: What I have on her will bring her down just as fast as what she has on me.

Elizabeth: So, stalemate. Still, if you ask me, it's a win for Hayden, 'cause she gets to live here for free.

Nikolas: You know, now that you mentioned it, you just --

Elizabeth: What? What did I mention?

Nikolas: You know, you gave me a fantastic idea.

Elizabeth: What? Wha--

Nikolas: Excuse me.

Griffin: It's ironic that I gave last rites to the man who took my father's life. But I accept that's part of your plan.

Anna: If you've finished communing with a higher power, I wonder if you could explain yourself to me. Carlos Rivera murdered your father. We had one chance to get a deathbed statement from him, and you squandered that on a religious ceremony, one you're evidently equipped to carry out, 'cause apparently you are a Roman Catholic priest. A fact you neglected to mention to me while you were insinuating yourself into my life. So... "Father"... Griffin Munro, if that's how we're supposed to address you... why have you been lying to me since you came to Port Charles?

Julian: I assume you're here because you think I'm somehow related to whatever happened to Carlos.

Jordan: He did used to work for you. Maybe he still was.

Julian: Well, I was at the Crimson offices last night working. I have two witnesses, one of them being my wife.

Jordan: What time did you see him there?

Alexis: Commissioner, if you are going to formally question us --

Jordan: Alexis, it's a simple question. Just -- what time did you see Julian at Crimson?

Alexis: 2:30 a.m.

Jordan: Carlos was attacked before then, just based on when the 911 call was made.

Julian: Well, let me be clear -- I was at Crimson the whole evening. Nina Reeves can vouch for me.

Alexis: I-I saw him there with Nina. Commissioner, he didn't shoot Carlos, because I had the gun locked up before he left.

Jordan: Who said Carlos Rivera was shot?

Paul: Carlos Rivera's murder goes to the top of our case list. I want an arrest as soon as possible.

Sonny: I got to say, you put on a hell of an act. It's amazing. It really is.

Paul: And, if you'll excuse me, I have work to do, including this murder case.

Sonny: Well, you got to have a suspect if you're gonna arrest somebody. You might as well start with, um, the fancy pen that Carlos used to stab my son.

Paul: Now how could you possibly know about that? If Detective Falconeri disclosed details of an ongoing investigation --

Sonny: No, no. What happened is I saw Dante come into the hospital, and he was stabbed. And I'm a big contributor to General Hospital and the staff is great and they talk. And especially when you're talking about, like, a -- a pen used as a weapon. That's something to talk about. I just -- what sticks in my head is, like, where did the pen come from?

Paul: Is that all?

Sonny: You know, you and Anna Devane -- you're kind of at odds, right? She doesn't like you very much.

Paul: Well, uh, that's where you're mistaken, sir. You see, Anna's a valued colleague who happens to be, unfortunately, going through a difficult time.

Sonny: Well, Anna's daughter -- I respect her very much. And... that's why I respect Anna very much. You know what I mean?

Paul: I do, because I respect her, too. Do you have any idea how inappropriate it is for you to have an ongoing relationship, a known mob kingpin...

Sonny: Alleged.

Paul: ...In alignment with a special investigator from the DA's office? You understand the problem here?

Sonny: Yeah. Well, let me tell you, Anna's above that. If I did anything to break the law, she'd bust me in a second. But there's no chance of that.

Paul: Right, because you're such a law-abiding citizen, right?

Sonny: Not as law-abiding as you are. Now let me tell you something -- if Carlos had stuck that -- that pen in my son's throat, he'd be dead, just like he almost died in -- when the van crashed. And I'm a father, and that concerns me. Now, I can't do anything about Carlos, obviously. But who ever put that pen in Carlos' hands, I'm gonna deal with that.

Paul: Well, I assure you, there will be a through investigation.

Sonny: Well, you better get to it right away.

Griffin: I have taken holy orders, but I am not currently a practicing priest.

Anna: You didn't think that was worth mentioning?

Griffin: I planned on telling you at some point. I certainly didn't expect anyone to find out the way it happened.

Anna: Well, if only you had concerned yourself more with getting justice for Duke and less with cleansing the soul of his killer.

Griffin: Our Lord taught us "judge not, lest ye be judged." Every Catholic baptized in a church has the right to sacrament, even murderers, even my father's murderer.

Anna: Well, Duke had a right to go on living. He had a right to meet you and know you, and Carlos deprived him of that as he deprived us of Duke.

Griffin: I understand you're upset...

Anna: Oh, God.

Griffin: ...But this is a time for healing to begin. If you'll let me, I'd like to try to help you forgive.

Anna: That's your answer for everything, isn't it?

Griffin: I'd really like to try and help you let go of the anger, the pain, the grief. I know things didn't turn out the way you wanted them to, but Carlos is gone now, and in time you're gonna --

Anna: Oh! Okay, I get that your faith gives you comfort, or maybe it's simply that you didn't know Duke in life, that that's what makes his murder less outrageous to you than it is to me. But your lectures on forgiveness are insulting.

Griffin: That was never my intention --

Anna: No, I'm sure it wasn't. But the truth is you know very little about the circumstances of Duke's life. And it appears that you know even less about his death. So here it is -- Carlos was the trigger man. The real killer is Julian Jerome, and he's still out there. I'm not gonna rest until he's brought to justice.

[Door closes]

Alexis: Carlos wasn't shot?

Jordan: No. He was stabbed multiple times. Of course, we have to wait for the autopsy to get measurements on the wounds, but, uh... must of been one hell of a blade.

Hayden: That's all I have to do?

Curtis: To upload a picture online for something you want to sell. Now, we can set you up an account, and then you're good to go. That simple.

Hayden: Yes! Love it! You know, last year before I was shot, I got into an argument with Nikolas and Elizabeth, and I threw one of his antique vases. He freaked out. Can you imagine what he's gonna do when he figures out I'm selling his precious heirlooms and keeping all the money for myself? He's gonna go crazy!

Curtis: Is that the goal, to drive him crazy?

Hayden: The goal is to wear him down, make him decide to honor the prenup and pay me my $5 million to get me to go quietly.

Curtis: [Chuckles] You know what? You're a piece of work, cupcake. You always keep it interesting.

Hayden: I meant what I said before. You really are the only person on earth that I trust. Thank you for being such a good friend to me.

Curtis: Aw, shoot. Look at that. A couple weeks ago, you didn't even want to admit that we were friends, and now I done been promoted, upgraded to a good one.

Hayden: I know! It's amazing, right?

Curtis: Mm-hmm.

Hayden: You even taught me how to throw a punch.

Curtis: Well, you're probably gonna need it when you, uh, go to battle with Nikolas.

Hayden: Yeah, well, the battle won't last that long. Nikolas is not that tough.

Nikolas: Okay. So, I've spoken to the housekeepers. They are emptying Hayden's closet. We're donating all of her clothes to charity, unless you want any of them. They're your size, of course.

Elizabeth: [Scoffs] No, thank you. But I do think Hayden's seeing her fancy clothes on a homeless person is going to drive her crazy.

Nikolas: I've instructed the staff to just keep a pair of her underwear and some ratty old sweat pants.

Elizabeth: Oh, that's good. That's really good. I appreciate your gamesmanship. Unless this game of chicken is just another chapter in your love story with Hayden.

Nikolas: Look, if -- if you're thinking that there's gonna be some sort of reconciliation, don't. Because I'm gonna torture her until she caves and leaves this house without a dime of my money.

Elizabeth: You know, this little game your playing, it almost makes me sad that I found another place to live.

Nikolas: Well, you know that you don't have to leave here.

Elizabeth: I said "almost."

Nikolas: [Chuckles]

Elizabeth: I don't have the stomach to watch this war. I just hope you do.

Anna: Where are the medical staff?

Sonny: I told them they could give me a minute.

Anna: To be alone with your grief.

Sonny: I just thought maybe you'd want to have a chance to say whatever you need to say one last time.

Anna: Thank you. Thank you. That's...

Sonny: Hey.

Anna: ...That's very thoughtful.

Sonny: Hey. Anna. I respect you, and I think your intelligent and strong and you got this drive to get justice. If the tables were reversed and someone took Carly from me the way someone took Duke from you, I would do everything I could to make them pay.

Anna: The difference being that you would kill them. See, that's not enough for me. I-I don't want that. I want Julian to go down in a court of law, and now he probably won't, you see.

Sonny: Maybe not for Duke's murder. But someone killed Carlos, and Julian has the strongest motive. So you may get your justice after all.

Anna: Is that what you were trying to tell me? That Julian murdered you? Isn't that ironic, that you carry out his orders, and you kill the man I love, and I hound you to the end of the earth, yet you stay loyal to him. You never gave Julian up. In the end that treacherous bastard murdered you anyway. [Sniffles] I should feel sorry for you. [Voice breaking] But I don't. I feel like you got what you deserved. And someday... somehow... Julian will, too.

Jordan: We haven't found the murder weapon yet, but I am confident that we will find it. I'd notify my lawyers if I were you. I'm pretty sure you're gonna need them.

[Door opens, closes]

Julian: [Sighs] You got to let me explain. [Sighs]

Alexis: "It must have been one hell of a blade."

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