GH Transcript Friday 4/15/16

General Hospital Transcript Friday 4/15/16


Episode #13538 ~ Carlos refuses to accuse anyone before he's made the best deal for himself; Ava worries that Julian will lose everything unless they get rid of Carlos; Nina's words of advice about Maxie evoke an unexpected reaction from Nathan; Franco takes good care of Kiki.

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Carly: Dr. Finn, hello. Oh, my God. Dr. Finn? Dr. Finn, can you hear me? Dr. Finn, wake up. Dr. Fi-- what the...? What the hell did you do to yourself?

Franco: Here, drink this.

Kiki: I've already had two today.

Franco: Yeah, well, you'll have two more before this day is through. Come on. This one has mango in it.

Kiki: [Sighs] That's delicious.

Franco: Hi, um, Nina, it's me again, and, uh, I love you. And, um, I want you, and I'm gonna keep calling you until you, uh, well, until your phone explodes or until my own phone explodes all over my own head and... okay. I know we can, uh, work our way through whatever it is that's happened.

Nina: Well, look at this -- seven missed calls from Franco. Why does he even bother? There's no fixing this. Oh, you guys, thank you so much for your kindness. Being so nice to me last night and today. I really appreciate it. Thank you, Maxie, for being so empathetic and lovely... probably 'cause Mother. J, thanks for having my back.

Nathan: Well, you're my sister. That's a given.

Nina: I don't want to be alone. You guys get that, don't you? I can stay here for a while, can't I? I can never go back to my place.

Julian: [Sighs] Could you have picked a more isolated bench in the entire park?

Ava: Julian, I found a dead, bloody bird in my bed. Pardon me if I don't want to call too much attention to myself when I'm out in public. What did you find out?

Julian: Well, I spoke to Hammer. No one in the organization is gonna bother you again. The, uh, renegades who planted the bird have been handled.

Ava: What does that mean?

Julian: You know damn well what it means, Ava. No one's gonna trouble you again.

Ava: Really? Who gave the order?

Paul: Commissioner, a word?

Jordan: I'm busy.

Paul: I'm sure. But as district attorney, I need an update on Carlos Rivera.

Jordan: Um, Mr. Rivera is in holding after his trip back from Ecuador. Took several hours to process him.

Paul: And how's he doing?

Jordan: Oh, well, the paramedic who examined his gunshot wound said he'll be fine.

Paul: Well, I'm not concerned about Mr. Rivera's health. I want to know if he said anything.

Jordan: About what? Your part in this whole sorry mess? Or your allegations that Anna actually tried to kill him?

Anna: They took Carlos into custody as soon as we landed.

Griffin: You arrested Carlos. That must have taken everything you had not to take revenge.

Anna: I brought him back to face prosecution. It's on the justice department to determine what happens next.

[Telephone rings]

[Radio chatter]

Paul: What the hell happened, Anna? You've completely botched this.

Anna: What? What, I -- I stop Sonny from killing Carlos the way that you intended.

Paul: Do you realize what you've done to yourself?

Anna: Yes, I tracked down a murderer, and I brought him in to face charges. And I'm willing to handle the consequences. Are you?

Paul: Anna, I'm not gonna be the loser here. You will.

Jordan: Hey, leave her alone, Paul.

Paul: This woman chloroformed me and handcuffed me to a banister. I could have you arrested for unlawful imprisonment.

Jordan: First things first. There are more serious allegations to consider here, Anna. I need to ask you some questions. You're not under arrest, but you can call an attorney. I will allow it.

Anna: No, not necessary. It's fine. Just go ahead.

Jordan: DA Hornsby alleges that you tried to kill Carlos Rivera. Is that true?

Julian: Ah, come on, Ava. Can't you just, you know, say thank you and let it go?

Ava: I do thank you, but no, I can't let it go. You left the business, Julian. I hate to see you get pulled back in. And I know Alexis wouldn't like it.

Julian: Just accept that you're safe and move on. You know, go pick up Avery and get Kiki from the hospital, Ava.

Ava: Kiki was released from the hospital yesterday. I was too scared to have her at my place, so I sent her to stay with Franco.

Julian: Well, there you go. What a difference a day makes, huh? Looks like you're gonna be around another spring and summer to enjoy with your family. [Exhales] Not so sure I will.

Franco: How you feeling?

Kiki: Pretty much exactly the same as I was five minutes ago when you were calling Nina for the 100th time.

Franco: You know what -- you're right. And I'm sorry. Ordinarily, I'm -- I'm way more suave, right?

Kiki: Do you want to talk about it? I mean, obviously you and Nina had a pretty big disagreement on the topic of kids.

Franco: Yeah, no, that's putting it nicely. Nina wants to have children. I do not.

Kiki: Why don't you? I mean, were you just faking the whole time that you thought you were my dad?

Franco: No, of course I wasn't faking it. Kiki, I was over-the-moon happy when I found out that your mom was pregnant, and I thought you were mine. And then when she told me that she was a liar and that you weren't mine, my world kind of fell apart. But, Kiki, you're the only kid that I ever need. You're kind of enough.

Maxie: To be fair, you and Franco still love each other. Maybe you need to think about --

Nina: I'm not giving Franco another chance.

Maxie: I can see the pain is still very fresh, but, Nina, don't close the door on love.

Nina: I can't believe you're saying this to me.

Nathan: Uh, Maxie's speaking from experience. We just had our own thing. Uh, but we talked it out and cleared the air about my ex-wife, Claudette, and we're -- we're gonna put it behind us.

Maxie: You know what you need, Nina? A "me" day. Why don't you just stay here, relax, and I'll take care of everything at the office.

Nina: Thank you. That's very sweet. Hey, uh, do you mind stopping by the store and getting some more rocky road ice cream. I finished it all last night.

Maxie: It's possible by the end of the day, you'll see things differently. Right, Nathan?

Nathan: Yeah, yeah. I, uh, hope that we can put things into perspective soon. [Chuckles lightly] [Clears throat]

Nina: J.

Nathan: Yeah?

Nina: What did I miss last night when I was wallowing in my terrible troubles?

Nathan: [Inhales deeply]

Carly: Sandy, it's Carly. Look, I have a situation in Room 501. I need you to call --

Finn: I'm fine. I'm fine. Put the phone down now.

Carly: Um, you know what -- cancel that. I'm -- I'm good. I got it under control.

Finn: Didn't we talk about you coming into my room. What are the neighbors gonna think?

Carly: You know, you didn't answer any of your wake-up calls, and when I saw you downstairs, you looked like hell.

Finn: I told you I had a long night in the OR and surgery. And I'm sorry I wasn't my normal effervescent self.

Carly: I was concerned about you, okay? And by the way, I banged on that door -- pounded on that door -- before I came in here.

Finn: I thought that was drums.

Carly: It wasn't drums! And I came in here, and you're passed out on the couch with that needle next to you, you know, those marks on your arms. I thought you overdosed.

Finn: I didn't OD.

Carly: Okay, you need to tell me what the hell is going on here.

Finn: Now, I'm a paying guest, and what I do in my room is my business.

Carly: I just found you passed out. I was yelling your name, shaking you. I thought you were dead.

Finn: Clearly, you were mistaken.

Carly: I am allowing you to have a reptile --

Finn: Service lizard!

Carly: It makes no sense at all. So at least in return you could tell me everything. What the hell is going on?

Finn: Fine. May I have a glass of water first?

[Cabinet door opens, closes]

Finn: Thank you.

Carly: What is wrong?

Finn: I'm diabetic. I must have injected myself with too much insulin and brought my blood sugar down too low.

Carly: Okay. I know something about diabetics -- my brother's type 1. His needles don't look anything like yours. He doesn't have those track marks on arm. He injects in his leg.

Finn: Well, that's very nice for him. But I'm type 2, and I treat my condition as I see fit. And I would hope that you would respect that and respect my privacy. Now, if this little inquisition is over, I need to get ready for a meeting at the hospital.

Dr. Obrecht: Don't bother, Dr. Finn. It's too late.

Nathan: I met this girl -- Claudette. And she was French-Canadian, and she needed a green card, and I don't know, I thought I could rescue her or something. And I married her.

Nina: And?

Nathan: And I fell in love. She did not. She actually was cheating on me the whole time we were married.

Nina: Sorry.

Nathan: Yeah, me too. Anyway, I thought it was --it was all in the past, you know, until I accidentally said her name to Maxie. And then, like an idiot, I lied to cover it up, which, of course, only made her more curious.

Nina: All right, that surprises you?

Nathan: No.

Nina: [Chuckles]

Nathan: No, which is why I told her the truth about my brief and much-regretted marriage to Claudette. [Clears throat] And I thought that would be the end of it, that Maxie would be okay with it. But obviously she's not.

Nina: I don't blame her.

Maxie: Seriously, Lulu, where are you? I'm at crisis level 10. Nina is my new roommate, which means she's rearranging everything you left in the closet. I can't promise she won't borrow your accessories. Oh, and Nathan has an ex-wife. That's right. I said ex-wife.

[Elevator dings]

Maxie: Call me. Please. [Sighs] [Scoffs]

Griffin: I'm sorry. I -- I didn't mean to.

Maxie: Obviously, or else you wouldn't be anywhere near me, would you?

Griffin: I'm not sure what you mean.

Maxie: Um, aren't you the one that said you wanted to keep your distance from me? Because you can't be anywhere near an attractive woman you can't have. I don't believe that for one second.

Griffin: You don't?

Maxie: No. I think you have a secret. I don't know what it is, nor do I care. You're just one more man who won't tell the whole truth.

Griffin: Um, we barely know each other, so I'm fairly certain that I am not the one you're really mad at right now.

Maxie: Oh! Now you're gonna psychoanalyze me?

Griffin: No. You know what -- not today. I have my own problem -- the man who murdered my father has just been taken into police custody.

Julian: I got an update from your friend, Paul Hornsby. They found Carlos. He's in lockup at the PCPD.

Ava: Carlos? I never thought he'd let himself get caught.

Julian: Hm, I guess his luck ran out. And when it did, so did mine. I ordered Carlos to kill Duke Lavery. That's conspiracy to commit murder.

Ava: What about Sonny's shooting?

Julian: No, that had nothing to do with me. That was all Carlos. Honestly, though, I doesn't even matter, because Carlos has enough on me to put me away for so long I may never enjoy another spring day like this ever again.

Ava: Well, we know he turned on me, as evidence by the fact that he shot me. But after everything you've done for him, do you think that he would turn on you?

Julian: Hornsby's convinced he will.

Jordan: We need to talk. Alone.

Paul: As the DA, I should be present for questioning.

Jordan: Why? Anna's not under arrest. I'm just talking to my friend. Start from the beginning. You said that you committed a crime, but you couldn't say what.

Anna: I shot Carlos Rivera.

Jordan: Walk me through it.

Anna: It was the afternoon of May 15th of last year, and I went to Sabrina, and I asked her to call Carlos. And he told her that he was on the pier -- Pier 54 -- waiting for a boat to take him out of the country. So I went there to intercept him, which I did.

Jordan: And what happened?

Anna: I arrested him for Duke's murder. Uh, he started out denying it, and then he said that he would plead self-defense and that there would be enough room for reasonable doubt, that he wouldn't be convicted. I know Duke wasn't an innocent. He put a hit out on you, which he called off, but --

Jordan: Because of you.

Anna: Well, because our love for each other was stronger than his loyalty to the mob. We should have had a future together. But Carlos took that away that night. And he was right. He would have gone free. That just seems so wrong, you know? Unfair. A perversion of justice. I couldn't stand for that. Jordan. I shot Carlos four times in the chest point-blank.

Jordan: You said you arrested him. Was he --

Anna: No, he wasn't -- he was not handcuffed, but he was unarmed. There's no question that it was attempted murder, and that was exactly what Carlos wanted. He intended for that.

Jordan: I -- I'm sorry -- I don't follow.

Anna: It was a setup. The whole thing was just a setup. He was wearing, like, a bulletproof vest. He had blood capsules, and he goaded me into shooting him. And I played right into his hand.

Jordan: I knew something was wrong. I knew it. I had your back. And I knew that you were in pain. I just -- I didn't have any idea how severe it was.

Anna: I understand having Carlos in custody means that I'm gonna face criminal charges. And I know -- I know I'll be arrested. And the only reason that I'm willing to accept that is because Carlos will be facing charges, too. And so will Julian because he ordered the hit. And I think that when Julian is convicted, and he goes down, that's when I'm gonna feel that I have done what I wanted to do for Duke.

Jordan: And what is Paul's connection to all of this?

Anna: Okay, well, Paul -- the last thing he wanted was for Carlos to come back here alive. He thought Sonny would take care of that. And then the truth, you know, would just go away.

Jordan: Okay, so what exactly does Carlos know about Paul?

Carly: Do you have any manners? You ever heard of knocking?

Dr. Obrecht: The door's open, then it's an invitation to enter.

Carly: We were in the middle of a private conversation. I'd really like for you to leave.

Dr. Obrecht: And I would really liked it if Dr. Finn had managed to give his lecture. But it appears that neither of us is getting what we wanted.

Finn: Give me a minute. I'll make it right back to the hospital.

Dr. Obrecht: Are you deaf? I said it was too late. I dismissed the residents. Ah, I see your famous Australian pogona. She is waving her arm in the bearded dragon's classic gesture of submission. To me.

Carly: Who could blame her?

Dr. Obrecht: Dr. Quartermaine was adamant about presenting you to the hiring committee, as she felt you would be a valuable addition to the staff. Your behavior today proves otherwise. If you are disorganized enough to miss a lecture you were scheduled to give, [Chuckles lightly] How could I possibly trust you to the have the discipline necessary to save our patients' lives? Must have been pure luck you managed to heal Tracy Quartermaine.

Carly: Okay, wait, now, that's not fair. All right, Dr. Finn is very organized. He's a serious doctor.

Finn: Carly, please.

Carly: You are.

Finn: Thank you. But, um, Dr. Obrecht is in -- in the right, uh, being angry with me. She's absolutely in the right.

Dr. Obrecht: As soon as your work with Ms. Quartermaine is finished, so are you. General Hospital has no need for unmotivated lackluster layabouts.

Carly: What are you -- what are you doing?

[Door closes]

Carly: Why didn't you tell Dr. Obrecht that you're a diabetic?

Franco: You know, in a way, it's kind of the best of both worlds 'cause I get to love you as if were my daughter, but I don't have to worry about you actually being my child, you know. You know, I'm certain that my biological child would never turn out as great as you. And, uh, I just don't think I could ever be a good parent.

Kiki: I would have to disagree with you on that considering you're doing a pretty good job parenting me, so...

Franco: Yeah, but I don't want to do it to my own kids.

Kiki: I get that.

Franco: You do, really? You get that?

Kiki: Yeah. I mean, parenting isn't for everyone. I'm just glad I could be the only kid you ever want. I just wish there was something that I could do to help you with Nina.

Nathan: Wow. I kind of thought you'd be on my side.

Nina: Oh, come on. I'm always on your side. You know that. Which is why I have to point out the obvious -- why did you lie to Maxie?

Nathan: I didn't exactly lie.

Nina: A lie of omission -- that's not like you.

Nathan: Well -- you got to understand the situation.

Nina: All right, explain it to me. What's the situation? You and Maxie have been together for a while. Didn't the subject of exes come up?

Nathan: No. No, it just never came up. I don't know. I, uh... and then, you know, after everything that Maxie and I have been through to be together, I just didn't want to burden her with the weight of some bad decision that I made years ago.

Nina: Oh, come on. That's not like you. You're an open book. You have been since you've been a little boy. You'd rat yourself out for things that you didn't even do. You confessed to the most miniscule things when you didn't even have to. So, why this? Why would you be any less truthful to Maxie?

Maxie: Wow, okay. I'm really sorry. Uh, would like to sit down?

Griffin: At this moment, I'm not sure what I want.

Maxie: Please, just sit for a second. Um, I'm really sorry for being so over-the-top rude. I'm trying to be more aware of other people's feelings, and it's not working.

Griffin: It's fine.

Maxie: It's not...really. I mean, your dad was murdered, and that's traumatic no matter how you cut it.

Griffin: Yeah, well... he died before I ever had the chance to meet him.

Maxie: Do you mind if I ask how?

Griffin: Yeah, uh... my mother hid my existence from him. And I didn't know that he even existed till after my mother died. By then it was too late.

Maxie: That's incredibly heartbreaking.

Griffin: And now the man who murdered him has been apprehended, and he's here -- Port Charles.

Maxie: The killer's here? My boyfriend's a cop.

Griffin: Yeah, you mentioned that before.

Maxie: He mentioned that Anna Devane captured this perp that they were looking for. Carlos Rivera. He killed Duke Lavery. Did he murder your father, too?

Griffin: Duke Lavery is my father.

Maxie: Duke had son? And you're him?

Griffin: Yes.

Maxie: You have no idea what that means. My mom and stepdad loved your father. He was a great man and a great friend to my family. I am really sorry you never got the chance to meet him.

Ava: Carlos was always loyal to you, Julian.

Julian: Mm-hmm. Well, Carlos has a family now. You know, he might reconsider his loyalty to all things Jerome.

Ava: So, what are you gonna do now that he's in custody?

Julian: You know, when I found out Carlos was alive, I sent some people out there to search for him. Unfortunately, Sonny and his new best friend, Anna Devane, found him first.

Ava: When you say "people," do you mean Jerome people? Like Hammer?

Julian: Yeah.

Anna: Did you sleep well, Carlos? I did. I had the best night's sleep since Duke's murder. Well, the DA and the commissioner are here waiting for your statement. And I will probably be arrested on the spot. So do what you need to do.

Kiki: You know, it's a proven fact that a watched phone never rings.

Franco: I've tried calling her. I've texted her. I tried the whole skywriting thing. Maybe it's time I go see Nina.

Kiki: Oh, great, I'll come with you.

Franco: No, no, no, no. You stay here. This couch is your home. You stay.

Kiki: I am not a puppy. I can come ride in the car with you. Some fresh air would be good for me.

Franco: No, what would be good-er for you is if you stay here and binge watch "Gilmore Girls."

Kiki: I don't want to stay here when you're gone.

Franco: Why not? Kiki, are you afraid to be here by yourself?

Kiki: That's silly.

Franco: Are you? It would be perfectly natural for you to be anxious after everything you've been through.

Kiki: You sound like a shrink.

Franco: I'm just saying you were shot. That's got to leave a mark in more ways that one.

Kiki: Go, go find Nina. I'm fine.

Franco: There's no room for bravery here.

[Vehicle approaches & backfires on TV]

Kiki: Aah! Oh, my God! What was that?! What was that?

Franco: Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Kiki: [Breathing heavily]

Nathan: Look, I had my reasons for not telling Maxie about Claudette.

Nina: All right. What are your reasons?

Nathan: I don't know how you get to come down so hard on me about not being honest with Maxie when you couldn't be honest with Franco.

Nina: Whoa! What are you talking about?

Nathan: He told you he didn't want to have kids. And you reluctantly agreed. And then immediately went to go get a test to see if you still could have kids, and when you couldn't, you were devastated. Franco, naturally comforts you. That doesn't make him a hypocrite. That makes him a loving, caring, empathetic boyfriend. But you shut him down.

Nina: Okay, thank you very much. We're done here. We're done here. I'll get some work done. [Exhales sharply]

Nathan: Nina.

Nina: You know, you're just projecting. You're projecting. It doesn't matter to me. This isn't even my -- my tablet. It's Maxie's.

Nathan: Can't believe she left the house without it.

Nina: I can't believe who she was researching.

Nathan: Who?

Nina: Claudette West.

Maxie: When Duke died, my parents were heartbroken. They miss him every day. He was really a great person. He was sophisticated and charming with an amazing sense of humor and a little bit danger. I think you would have really liked him.

Griffin: You know, by the way everyone describes him, I'm sure I would have.

Maxie: I'm not sure if this is gonna be any comfort to you at all, but I don't believe that love dies. I told Anna at Duke's funeral that I still feel my sister all the time.

Griffin: Your sister?

Maxie: Her name was Georgie. She was murdered about nine years ago.

Griffin: Wow. That's, uh -- that's a lot to handle.

Maxie: Yeah, it is, but I've made my peace with it. Sort of.

Griffin: Sort of?

Maxie: Well, I'm never gonna forgive the man who took Georgie away from me. Just like I'm pretty sure you'll never forgive Carlos.

Anna: Go ahead. We're all waiting. Just make your statement.

Carlos: I'd like to speak to the district attorney first.

Jordan: Out of the question, Rivera.

Anna: Forget about Paul! This is between you and me. Let's just finish it. Do it!

Carlos: District attorney.

Jordan: I need to be present for this.

Paul: I'm the district attorney, right? I take the lead on this, and you know it.

Jordan: Let's go.

Anna: Okay, you'll get your answers eventually. Don't worry, you will.

Carlos: Those two were fired up.

Paul: You shut the hell up, Rivera, and listen to me good. You're charged with the murder of Duke Lavery and the attempted murder of Sonny Corinthos. If convicted, you serve two life sentences.

Carlos: I'm not hearing any solutions.

Paul: Well, I'm gonna go easy on you as long as you... roll over on your boss, Julian Jerome.

Ava: I'm grateful that you intervened on my behalf, but if I'm the reason that you got sucked back into the business, I'll never forgive myself.

Julian: Okay, look. Don't worry about it. Okay?

Ava: I am worried. You love your life now. You're married, you have kids, you have a family, and you could lose all of that if you go back to the old life.

Julian: Okay, just -- just relax. This isn't that serious. It's not that deep. And my current involvement is, uh, temporary. Okay, it was just to protect you. It was just to protect myself from what Rivera has on me. The only thing is, is that I didn't find him first.

Finn: I'm sure that Herr Obrecht would frown on my condition.

Carly: Dr. Obrecht can't say a word about you being a diabetic. You could slap her with a discrimination lawsuit.

Finn: It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. You heard Obrecht, all right. As soon as my patient's released, I'm -- I'm out of here. Carly, I don't see any point in discussing my health issues with anyone.

Carly: Okay.

Finn: Okay.

Carly: You know, when you and that lizard check out of here, I better not find any worms or crickets around here, or you're gonna be hit with a hefty charge to your bill.

Finn: Hey, wait -- wait a second. Would you?

Kiki: [Breathing heavily]

Franco: Hey. It's okay. It's okay. I'm right here.

Kiki: I'm sorry.

Franco: It's all right.

Kiki: That sound -- it was just so loud I thought it was so close.

Franco: It was a car backfiring. And you're really safe here. You know that, right?

Kiki: Yeah.

Franco: Okay. Of course. Nothing's gonna happen to you. You believe me? Good. I'm not gonna let anybody hurt you. It's not gonna happen on my watch. Drink up.

Kiki: [Breathes deeply]

Franco: Good.

Kiki: [Sighs]

Franco: How you feeling?

Kiki: I'm fine. I -- I'm so sorry.

Franco: Don't be. Kiki, stop it. You don't ever have to be sorry. Don't ever say you're sorry, not to me. Come here.

Kiki: [Sighs]

Nathan: Can't believe how many Claudette Wests there are. I found a teacher in Des Moines, an architect in Seattle, and a sales rep in New Orleans, none of which are my ex.

Nina: You got lucky this time. I don't know what you're hiding, but you better make it right with Maxie.

Nathan: You don't get to tell me to come clean to Maxie when you were less than honest with Franco.

Nina: Okay, I understand, thank you. I lied to Franco. I realized that. But I'm gonna work that out. Right now I'm talking about you and Maxie. So, if you want to make this right with her...

Nathan: [Sighs]

Nina: ...And get back the love that you had, I'll tell you what to do.

Nathan: [Inhales] Okay. What?

Nina: Okay. You tell Maxie that you just want to see her happy, and you will do anything to see her happy. You will forsake everything. You'll move mountains. And you'll part seas and give her anything she wants. And you have to tell her that you live to make her happy. And even if that means you'll sacrifice all the things you never thought you would, but you don't want to lose her. And you'll give up everything, and you'll give it all to her... so she stays with you forever.

Griffin: The definition of forgiveness is a conscious decision to release feelings of resentment towards those who have harmed you. When Carlos was distant, an abstract idea, forgiveness was easy, it was hypothetical. But now he's here -- the flesh and blood man who killed my father. And I am confronted with everything I lost, everything I'll never know about a man who could have loved me, who I could have loved. It's not right.

Maxie: I know exactly how you feel.

Jordan: I'm grateful that Carlos didn't make a statement against you.

Anna: He will -- just give him time.

Jordan: Why do you think he hesitated?

Anna: Well, he wants to talk to Paul. God knows what kind of bargaining is going on in there right now.

Carlos: If I talk, what happens?

Paul: You may have to serve some kind of a sentence. A couple years.

Carlos: You're offering me a death sentence. If I talk, Jerome will not stop until he gets me. My baby will be an orphan.

Paul: I give you my word that you'll be protected. Just give me enough to put Jerome away.

Ava: Does Alexis know that you've been communicating with Hammer?

Julian: No. No, she doesn't need to know. And once this crisis is settled, the only business I'll be involved with is Derek Wells Media.

Ava: Unless Carlos talks.

Julian: Yeah. Well, as long as Carlos was presumed dead, I was safe, but Anna couldn't just leave it alone. She really wants me to pay for ordering that hit on Lavery.

Ava: I bet you Paul is with Carlos right now offering him everything he can think of to get him to turn on you.

Julian: Oh, I know. I was awake all night thinking about it.

Ava: There's only one way to stop Carlos from talking. And you know what that is.

Julian: Are you serious right now? You were just boo-hooing about me having to get back in the business, and now you're suggesting --

Ava: I'm just saying if you're in good with Hammer.

Julian: Nah.

Ava: Julian. Why should you have to lose the life that you worked so hard to build for yourself and for your family? Just think about it. Please.

Julian: Okay. You take care of yourself, okay? I'll do the same.

Carly: [Sighs]

Finn: Wait, wait a second. You know, I -- I should say thank you. You've gone above and beyond for me.

Carly: You're welcome.

Finn: Listen. Until Tracy's fully recovered I still have to work at the hospital with Obrecht. Could you maybe keep this little incident just between us?

Carly: Okay, no one's gonna hear about your "diabetes" from me.

Finn: Okay. [Sniffles] Don't look at me like that. I know I screwed up with my meds. I screw up at the hospital -- everything. What the hell am I gonna do now?

Franco: I promise I'll be right here when you wake up. You're not alone. Get some sleep.

Nina: [Clears throat] Hi.

Franco: I was worried about you. I called you, texted you. Doesn't matter now -- you're home.

Nina: Yeah, I'm here.

Franco: What does that mean?

Nina: Um, I had... a talk with my brother, and I've come to a decision... about us.

Maxie: So, do you feel better? I've been told I'm a good listener.

Griffin: I do feel better. And you are a great listener. I have to, uh, run and check in with the hospital. I'll be right back.

Maxie: Okay.

Nathan: Maxie. Hey. I checked your office first. Thank God I found you.

Maxie: What's wrong?

Nathan: Nothing. Everything. Ugh. You are the only woman in the world for me. I love you with every breath I take, with every beat of my heart. Your happiness matters to me more than anything in the world. I would do anything. I would sacrifice everything to make you happy. As long as you promise that we can spend the rest of our lives together. And I don't -- I don't have a ring, and you deserve the best ring in the world, and we'll get there. But I'm gonna ask you anyways. Maxie... will you marry me?

Maxie: [Sighs]

Griffin: Oh, my God. It's him.

Jordan: What the hell is going on in there? Carlos is my prisoner. I have a right to know and so does Anna.

Paul: Well, all Carlos said that he wanted his one phone call to call his lawyer.

Anna: [Scoffs] He took an awfully long time to say that.

Paul: Well, what can I say? The man has a flair for the dramatic. But the bottom line is whatever Carlos says, whomever he accuses or doesn't accuse is anybody's guess.

Carlos: Hey, boss.

Julian: I was wondering when I'd hear from you.

Carlos: I'm currently a guest of the PCPD's.

Julian: Have you said anything?

Carlos: You'll find out when you get here.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Julian (to Alexis): Everything that we feared has come to pass.

Carlos (to Paul): I may have to take that deal.

Griffin (to Sonny): What happens if he has his day in court only to go free.

Sam (to Kristina): Why are you avoiding Sonny?

Nina (to Franco): It's ? choice.

Nathan (to Maxie): This proposal is real. Just say, "Yes."

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