GH Transcript Monday 4/4/16

General Hospital Transcript Monday 4/4/16


Episode #13529 ~ Sam & Jason visit Shawn in prison to pursue a theory about Hayden's shooting; Curtis offers his services to Hayden who is in danger from Nikolas; Nina vents her anger at Julian when Curtis tells her he's his own magazine's saboteur.

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Maxie: You used to be married, and you didn't tell me because it didn't end well?

Nathan: Yeah.

Maxie: I cannot believe this is happening. I thought you would always be honest with me. First, you call me Claudette. Then you tell me she's your dog. Then you say she's your girlfriend, and now you're telling me that she was your wife?

Nathan: Ex-wife, Ma-- and -- and not even that. Our marriage was annulled.

Maxie: Is that supposed to make me feel better?

Curtis: I found out who's behind the sabotage.

Nina: Tell me. What low-life weasel's trying to tank Crimson?

Julian: Am I interrupting something?

Curtis: Uh, it's kind of a sensitive matter.

Nina: No, no. In fact, you're right on time.

Julian: Is that right?

Nina: Curtis is about to deliver the story of the year.

Julian: No kidding. Well, I'd love to hear it.

[Elevator bell dings]

Dr. Obrecht: Dr. Finn, a moment, please. We need to talk.

Finn: No, Dr. Obrecht, you need to talk. I need to tend to my patient.

Franco: I think you missed your moment.

Elizabeth: Excuse me?

Franco: In the housing market. It isn't pretty.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, I don't have time to wait for it to improve. My house was a total loss with the explosion.

Franco: I think I know a place you can go to in a pinch.

Elizabeth: You think I -- I can move in with you?

Franco: No, I -- uh... [Sighs] Nina and I don't have that kind of room.

Elizabeth: So, what are you talking about?

Franco: Well, I was thinking you could move in with Jason.

Jason: I might've dragged you up here for nothing.

Sam: You don't think Shawn's gonna cooperate?

Jason: Oh, I don't know why he'd want to help me. He did try to shoot me.

Sam: Well, you and Shawn used to be really good friends. I'm sure he feels guilty about trying to kill you, even if he doesn't recognize you at the time. Besides, if we're right, it wasn't Shawn's bullet that hit Hayden.

Nikolas: That prenup is iron-clad.

Hayden: Prenup doesn't apply.

Nikolas: The hell it doesn't.

Hayden: It doesn't apply because we're not getting a divorce.

Nikolas: And why is that?

Hayden: Because of what I know about you.

Nikolas: What you know about me? What does that even mean?

Hayden: I'm referring to your recent history of bad decisions and even faultier execution. And now it's time for you to pay.

Maxie: You say your marriage was annulled, like that is supposed to fix everything.

Nathan: Oh, so I see now that it doesn't.

Maxie: Maybe in the eyes of God, your marriage never happened. But in my eyes, you definitely walked down that aisle, took vows, kissed this girl, and made her your wife and never said a single thing to me about it. Were you married when we met?

Nathan: No.

Maxie: Don't act like that's a crazy idea, okay? We've been together over a year, and you never once mentioned that you were married.

Nathan: I'm saying something now.

Maxie: Barely.

Nathan: Look, come on, Maxie, please. I -- I will tell you everything. I'll tell you how it happened. Please just hear me out.

Julian: I'm sorry. Do we know each other?

Nina: This is Curtis Ashford. Curtis, this is, uh, Julian Jerome, our publisher. You may recognize Curtis' name. He was one of the main winners in our real women, real cash contest.

Julian: Real women. Oh, well, congratulations.

Curtis: Never prouder to be a real woman.

Nina: [Laughs]

Julian: So, what is the story? Uh, character profile on you because you won?

Nina: Uh, that's actually a very good idea.

Julian: Good.

Nina: Thank you. Um, but in addition to Curtis being a very resourceful winner, he's also a very resourceful PI.

Julian: Is that right?

Nina: Mm-hmm. I hired him to find out who's sabotaging Crimson.

Julian: You know, Nina, I, uh, told you to let that go.

Nina: Yeah, you told me to let it go 'cause you said it was a waste of time, but it's not a waste of time, because guess what -- he found out who it is. He found out who's undermining the magazine. This man found out. He was just about to tell me that loser's identity.

Curtis: Um, maybe we should do this in private.

Nina: No! He's the publisher. Julian deserves to know. So, who is it? Don't keep us in suspense. I mean, who's the guilty party? Oh, my God. It's you.

Finn: Um... Elizabeth, right?

Elizabeth: Yes.

Finn: Hamilton Finn. The other day, you helped me with Roxy. Do you -- do you remember that?

Elizabeth: Yes. You're quite memorable.

Finn: Oh, thanks.

Elizabeth: I think it has something to do with Roxy.

Franco: Who's Roxy?

Elizabeth: His pet lizard.

Finn: Well, she's a bearded dragon, actually.

Franco: Uh-oh. Well, that makes a lot more sense.

Elizabeth: [Chuckles] Is there something I can help you with?

Finn: I need to schedule an MRI for Tracy Quartermaine.

Elizabeth: Okay, but I don't think you're on the list. Yeah, no. You're not -- you've not on the list.

Finn: Does it really matter what it says on -- on -- on the list? I mean, I'm standing right here and I'm telling you what needs to be done.

Elizabeth: I-I'm sorry, but tests can only be ordered by a listed member of the patient's team.

Finn: But Mayes is no longer on the case. I mean, um, I'm -- I'm the team. It's not much of a team, but I'm -- I'm the team.

Elizabeth: Not according to this chart.

Finn: Okay, what are we doing here? Are we -- are we practicing medicine or -- or paperwork, right? Why can't we just do what's rational and schedule the test?

Elizabeth: Dr. Finn, I don't mean to waste your time.

Finn: Please schedule the test for me.

Elizabeth: I have to follow procedure.

Dr. Obrecht: Schedule the test. As of today, Dr. Finn is granted full privileges here.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Finn: Finally deemed me worthy.

Dr. Obrecht: I expedited matters. If you stopped for a civilized conversation earlier, you'd know that.

Finn: Do I have to wear this?

Dr. Obrecht: Welcome aboard.

Finn: Mm. I'm happy to be here. Now I'm on the list.

Elizabeth: One MRI coming up.

Finn: I'm sorry if I was hard on you.

Dr. Obrecht: I loathe that man.

Elizabeth: He seems like a breath of fresh air to me.

Dr. Obrecht: Don't get used to it. Gott sei dank, he won't be here long.

Sam: Shawn took the rap for Hayden's shooting and pled guilty before the PCPD could finish its investigation.

Jason: Well, the DA did not present a case, so there might be some evidence somewhere in lockup, but, uh... well, you know, it makes sense. I mean, why would anybody go through it if the case is closed?

Sam: Exactly. I mean, for all we know, the bullet removed from Hayden didn't come from Shawn's gun at all. Maybe it came from one of the father's victims. Or maybe the father hired a gunman himself, because he was afraid that Hayden would walk away with the money that he stole that was never found.

Jason: That's a little shaky.

Sam: But it's worth checking out.

Nikolas: You think you've got something on me? Go ahead. Spill it.

Hayden: Okay. Picture it. Springtime at Wyndemere, you and I are hot and heavy. You insist it's just physical, but I know better. You try and kick me out. I beg you to open your heart and listen to reason. I urge you not to force my hand. I don't want to tell anyone the truth about Jake Doe.

Nikolas: That's an awful self-serving view of the events, Hayden.

Hayden: You think I'm bluffing? I'm not. Words are said. Feelings are hurt. And then I leave and find Sam and Jake at a garage, and I'm on the verge of telling them the truth when, suddenly, a shot rings out. Next thing I know, I wake up from a coma. The police say I was shot. In the head. A mistake, they say. The bullet was meant for someone else.

Nikolas: Why are we even going over this? Shawn Butler already confessed that he was there to kill Jake and shot you by accident.

Hayden: But something just doesn't feel right to me. Is it possible the police got it wrong? Could I have been the intended victim? So this, Nikolas, is my point. Shawn Butler wasn't the only man with a gun at the garage that day. There was another hit man -- the one you sent. You tried to have me killed.

Nina: You dirty rat!

Julian: Stop and listen!

Curtis: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Watch your head.

Nina: You hired me to save Crimson!

Julian: Okay, it's not so black and white now.

Nina: Oh, my God. And all the time, you were working against me.

Julian: Put that -- Nina, put that down.


Julian: Don't even think of throwing that.


Nina: All that time. All that effort.

Curtis: That was actually a really good throw.

Nina: My blood, sweat, tears!

Julian: Okay, okay. You know what? You just need to --


Julian: Don't even come near me with that. Nina! Nina! Hey, hey!

Curtis: Uh, I'm gonna leave you guys to this, and I'll send you an invoice, Nina.

Julian: Nina!

[Glass breaking]

Julian: Ow!

Curtis: That right there is gonna need stitches.

Julian: Damn it, Nina! Ow!

Maxie: Fine. Fine. [Chuckles] Tell me everything. Quickly. And don't leave anything out, okay? I can take it. I'm a big girl.

Nathan: All right, so, [Sighs] It was a few years ago, before I moved here. I was still in New York. I was still a uniform. And, uh, there was this bar, uh, me and some of the guys from the precinct used to go to. So, we were there one night at the bar, me and some of my buddies, and this girl walks up and starts a conversation.

Maxie: Claudette.

Nathan: Yeah. And she's different than other girls. She's -- she's French-Canadian. She's smart. She's funny. She had this...allure that made me want to keep talking to her.

Maxie: Okay. I know I said not to leave anything out, but these accolades don't add to the story, so...

Nathan: I'm sorry. So, we went out. And it went well. And then we went out again, and...

Maxie: And what?

Nathan: I asked her to marry me. She said yes.

Maxie: [Scoffs]

Finn: Obrecht and the secret police have given me permission to treat you.

Tracy: And if they hadn't, would you have let that stop you?

Finn: No, of course not. How are you feeling?

Tracy: I'm feeling pretty good. My head is much clearer. I think the treatment's working.

Finn: Hmm. We won't know if the parasite's been completely eradicated until your scans are clear for two weeks.

Tracy: Okay. But I'm feeling much better.

Finn: Mm-hmm.

Tracy: So, I don't think I should have to convalesce here in the hospital. I think I could do it at home. Would you get me my bag, please?

Franco: Jake told me Jason has an apartment. I just figured you could stay there.

Elizabeth: [Chuckles] I am not gonna show up on Jason's doorstep with all my boys, begging for shelter. But you know what? I am going to do this on my own. I've got a job. I've got savings. I've got my grandmother. And you know what else I've got? I've got will. I know I've made a lot of bad mistakes in the past, but I think I have a pretty good head on my shoulders. I've made it this far on my own. I'm just gonna keep on going.

Franco: Wow.

Elizabeth: Wow, what? What snarky remark are you gonna give me this time?

Franco: I'm proud of you.

Sam: Hi, Shawn.

Shawn: Sam. What do you want?

Sam: How are you?

Shawn: You didn't come here to catch up.

Sam: We actually, um -- we have a few questions to ask you, if that's okay.

Shawn: [Sighs] Well, after what I did to Jason, the least I owe you are some answers, so what do you want to know?

Sam: You're in here because you confessed to shooting Hayden Barnes.

Shawn: What of it?

Sam: Did you know at the time who she really is?

Shawn: Who is she really?

Sam: Her name is Rachel Berlin.

Shawn: Like Raymond Berlin, the one who committed investment fraud?

Sam: Yeah. She's his daughter. And we were thinking that there are plenty of people with a motive to kill her. Because of your confession, the police never fully investigated. And we wondered if Hayden actually was the intended target for that day.

Shawn: Well, you're not the first to come to me with that theory.

Hayden: So, basically, if you make me unhappy, you're on the hook for attempted murder.

Nikolas: [Chuckles] You tell a good story, Hayden. Too bad that's all it is.

Hayden: Do I look like the kind of woman who would resort to a move like this if I didn't have the means to back it up? My father always said, "Never play unless you're sure to win," and I'm sure. Because I heard it from your own mouth, Nikolas. You and your mother were talking all about it.

Nikolas: Well, you misunderstood whatever it is you heard.

Hayden: I didn't want to believe it at first, but I had to know. So, I went looking for proof, and I found it. that we know where we stand, let's discuss what happens next. You're gonna drop all talk of divorce, and you're gonna play the part of the adoring husband, seeing to my every need... and sign over control of ELQ to me.

Nikolas: Oh, not a chance.

Hayden: Then I go to the police.

Nikolas: No, you won't. No, you won't. Because you will reveal yourself at the same time. You'll lose everything.

Hayden: Not as much as you, and you know it. Your only option is to do what I say. What? Don't be upset. One day, we'll laugh all about this. I mean, think about it. You tried to have me killed, because you were so scared the truth coming out would mean you would lose ELQ to the Quartermaines. Only the truth came out anyway, and you lost ELQ to me. I think that qualifies as ironic.

Elizabeth: You're proud of me?

Franco: Yeah! Do you remember the state you were in when Jason first ditched you. You were a mess. Like -- like time to call FEMA mess. And now look at you. You're standing tall. You're talking tough. It's quite a turnaround. It's very impressive.

Elizabeth: Well, I don't really know what to say.

Franco: Well, don't say anything. Keep doing what you're doing. You're right. You got this.

Elizabeth: Okay [Chuckles] I-I got to go. I have to meet with Nikolas. We're looking at rentals.

Franco: Great.

Elizabeth: Um, Franco... thank you.

Julian: Hey, hey! Okay, okay, you know what? You've drawn blood here. Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa. You've drawn blood. Isn't that enough?

Nina: No, it's not nearly enough! Me, Dillon, Maxie -- my entire staff busting our asses, trying to pull Crimson out of the flame, and the entire time, you're fanning the flame!

Julian: Okay, easy. Easy. Easy. Hey, hey, hey. The magazine was hemorrhaging money. I needed the tax write-off. It had to die, Nina.

Nina: You hired me to kill it, right? You hired me to kill it. Instead, I nursed Crimson back to health. It's a huge success. I surpassed all expectations. Not only are we setting trends, we're creating the trends! I proved all the naysayers wrong despite your efforts to see me fail. You know what? Let me tell you something. Last year, I would have fed you to a printing press. Good thing for you I've mellowed.

Julian: Okay. Uh, what are you doing?

Nina: I am calling the police. You're going down.

Maxie: Wait a second. Back up. I-I know you skipped a bunch of stuff, right? 'Cause there's no way that you would propose to someone after a second date.

Nathan: No, I did.

Maxie: What did you do for the third date, get married?

Nathan: Maxie, come on. You said you were gonna give me a chance here.

Maxie: I-I'm trying. This is a lot for me to take in, okay? More than I thought.

Nathan: I get that. I get that. And it'll make more sense when I'm through, okay? Second date -- Claudette suggests we do all this New York stuff -- you know, things that New Yorkers never do 'cause you live there and you take it for granted. You could do it anytime. So, we hit the Bronx Zoo and we rode the Cyclone and we took the ferry across to Governors Island. And while we're doing all this stuff, it becomes clear to me that -- that Claudette is just checking boxes off a list 'cause pretty soon she's not gonna be a New Yorker anymore. Her visa had expired.

Maxie: Right. You said she was Canadian.

Nathan: Yeah. So, she had built this whole life for herself in New York, but it was for nothing. Her citizenship application had gotten all fouled up. She was gonna have to go home soon unless --

Maxie: Unless some decent guy went and married her so she could get her green card, like I did with Levi.

Nathan: Yeah. You know, I-I thought Claudette deserved a chance. I-I was single, and I wasn't doing anything.

Maxie: So you married her. Of course, you did.

Nathan: She was nice. You know, she was -- she was fun. She needed help. It wasn't love.

Maxie: So, you were just helping her out. It was a marriage of convenience. [Chuckles]

Nathan: At first.

Maxie: [Sighs]

Nikolas: This isn't what you want, Hayden.

Hayden: Really? After what I just told you, you still think you have any idea what I'm truly feeling?

Nikolas: If money and ELQ were your goal, you could have just taken it instead of going these lengths. But you didn't. Because you were happy. You had everything you wanted. You had me. We had each other. That's why you want to stay married to me. Not because of revenge, because you want to fix things. You want to rebuild what you broke. You still love me.

Sam: Someone else came to ask Shawn about the exact same thing.

Jason: Who?

Sam: Wait a minute. So, someone came to you and asked about what happened in the garage that night Hayden was shot?

Shawn: Well, this person went so far as to suggest Hayden was the intended victim all along.

Sam: Oh. Okay. Well, who was it?

Shawn: Hayden Barnes herself.

Finn: What the hell are you doing? Am I having a conversation with myself here? Get back in that bed! If -- if you don't, I swear I'll sic your sister-in-law on you.

Tracy: Oh, that's dirty pool.

Finn: Oh, I'll use every resource at my disposal.

Tracy: Ugh. I feel like I have been in this hospital since the Carter administration.

Finn: Well, if you want to live as long as he has, you'll listen to me. Listen, we -- we don't yet know the long-term effects of the parasite, okay? I don't want you checking out of this hospital and having a seizure in a crosswalk or behind the wheel. I want my patients to live. I'm funny that way.

Tracy: Could that happen?

Finn: Would I lie to you?

Tracy: I haven't know you long enough. I wouldn't know.

Finn: You're staying here. You know what? Since you're my only patient, I have all the time in the world to hang out and make sure you do.

Tracy: Do you charge by the hour?

Finn: You have insurance, right?

Julian: Okay. You're not gonna call anybody.

Nina: Why? My brother, the detective, would be very interested to hear this story. You've broken like 10 laws, by the way.

Julian: Oh, oh, really? Uh, which ones might those be? Throwing good money after bad? Oh, oh, wait, wait, wait. Conspiracy to ruin a magazine. Is that it?

Nina: Fraud. How about fraud? Taking money from advertisers for a magazine ad that you never intended to see print. Hmm. That's one count of fraud for every ad. About 450 ads per magazine, two issues, that's about, what, 900 ads? 900 counts of fraud. Wow. You're gonna be pressing a lot of license plates.

Julian: Mm-hmm. Yes. But if you turn me in, the advertisers are gonna sue, Crimson will be bankrupted, and you won't have a magazine to run.

Nina: So, you're saying it's in our own best interests to keep our mouths shut?

Julian: Exactly.

Nina: Wrong. My story of success despite your efforts to see me fail will make me a hot commodity. Elle and Couture will come after me within a week. Unless you have a better idea.

Julian: What do you want?

Nina: I thought you'd never ask.

Maxie: It was a marriage of convenience at first? What happened?

Nathan: Claudette moved in. She had to, or when the ins came by, the whole act would have been for nothing. We had to know everything about each other, Max. We had to know each other's habits, our passions, our pet peeves. And I liked what I learned. You know, I-I started looking out for her just on instinct after a while. I would -- I would bring flowers home after work. And...[Chuckles] There was one time I knocked this guy's lights out at a bar for coming on to her, and... I don't know. Somewhere along the line, I fell in love. And she did not.

Maxie: I find that hard to believe.

Nathan: Well, it was pretty clear when I figured out she was cheating on me the whole time.

Maxie: What?

Nathan: Claudette had manipulated me into getting married. I was just a green card to her. Finding out nearly killed me. It definitely killed our marriage. You know, I could not forgive her for that, and she didn't care. She wasn't sorry. She said that love was never a part of our arrangement. And I was angry, and I was bitter, and I didn't want to pretend anymore just so she could stay in the country, and we got an annulment.

Maxie: So, what happened to her?

Nathan: I don't know. I-I haven't seen her since. She's probably back in Canada.

Maxie: Wearing plaid and shivering through endless winters, I hope. Look, Nathan, it's a terrible story, and I'm very sorry for what happened to you, but...

Nathan: What?

Maxie: You did a good thing. And you had to know that I would never hold that against you, so... there is another reason you didn't tell me about Claudette.

Nathan: Yeah. There is.

Sam: Hayden came to you, wondering if you meant to kill her? Well, not quite.

Shawn: She told me she was nearly certain I hadn't shot her at all. Hayden thought someone else was involved -- because of Jordan's interference, my bullet went wide, but that someone else's bullet found its target.

Sam: Okay, well, what did she expect to get from you?

Shawn: Same as you two expected, I suppose. You know, some memory or a piece of evidence that would prove the presence of a second shooter.

Sam: Well, what did you tell her?

Shawn: Well, I had nothing to tell. Look, if someone else was in the garage taking shots, I wasn't aware. I told her to go to the cops, but she was afraid if she pushed the issue, her would-be killer would find out and make a second attempt.

Sam: Or maybe she was afraid the cops would uncover her past as Rachel Berlin.

Shawn: Well, at the time, she told me she needed to go to the police with more than just a hunch. She wanted proof. I never heard anything more about it.

Sam: Well, when did she visit?

Shawn: November...uh, before Thanksgiving. I guess Hayden never found her proof. And she's still alive, right? Well, so either she was just wrong and paranoid, or whoever wanted her dead changed their mind.

Nikolas: You fell in love with me. And I fell in love with you. And those feelings don't just disappear, you know? They have to be cared for and nurtured. But if you do this -- if you blackmail me into giving up ELQ and force me to stay in this farce of a marriage... we have no chance at rebuilding anything together.

Hayden: You honestly think that we have a chance of that? A real marriage?

[Lock beeps]

Hayden: We have nothing to rebuild. You saw to that. Hello, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: What are you doing here?

Hayden: I came for my husband. I'll wait for you at home. Take time, uh, packing up, but dinner's at 7:00. Don't be late. The table will be set for two. Wherever you and your brats stayed last night, plan to stay there indefinitely. You're no longer welcome at Wyndemere. [Crying]

Elizabeth: What the hell did I just walk in on?

Nikolas: My ruin.

Finn: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. You've got to be kidding me.

Tracy: [Sighs] Well, hello, Doctor. Thank you for checking in to my hotel yet again. That'll be $1,200.

Finn: $1,200?! You got -- that's, like, everything I got. You're cleaning me out here. $100, $200, $400...

Tracy: How is it -- oof -- that a sought-after doctor like you can devote yourself to a single patient?

Finn: Well, that was lucky. I've got...other projects, research I'm conducting. Ah.

Tracy: Saving the world from infectious disease?

Finn: At this moment, I'm just losing money and saving you.

Tracy: I'm grateful. I was pretty sure there for a while that I was dying. I know. Don't say it. Please don't say it again. You think everybody's dying from the moment they're born. I just thought it was gonna happen a lot sooner. Thanks for proving me wrong.

Finn: Anytime.

Franco: Hey. I'm done for the day. You want to get a drink?

Dr. Obrecht: I'm afraid I must decline. I need to keep an eye on that Dr. Finn. He's obviously a born troublemaker. And you would do well to keep an eye on your own behavior.

Franco: Me? What are you talking about?

Dr. Obrecht: If you must cheat on Nina, be a little more discreet about it. You can do a lot better than that ninny Nurse Webber.

Nikolas: Hayden knows I tried to have her killed. She's known for months.

Elizabeth: Oh, my God.

Nikolas: And all this time, I thought she was falling in love with me. She knew. When you and my mother tried to warn me not to trust her, she knew. She was just biding her time. Patiently, patiently worked me until she backed me into a corner.

Elizabeth: And she wants to stay with you? Why?

Nikolas: Why? Because she doesn't just want my money and ELQ. She wants to punish me.

Elizabeth: So, will you go to the police?

Nikolas: No. No, and you won't, either. When you and my mother found out what I did, I made you accessories after the fact. I'm not going to prison, and neither are you.

Elizabeth: Well, so what are you gonna do? Are you just gonna spend the rest of your days with this greedy bitch lording over you?

Nikolas: [Chuckles] Not on your life. But Hayden's is another matter.

Curtis: Figured you could use some company, the way you sounded on the phone.

Hayden: Thanks.

Curtis: You want to explain to me why you're so tense?

Hayden: I need to make sure you have your own copies of the findings from that, uh, job I hired you to do -- all the photos, documentation, whatever it is that you collected.

Curtis: All right. Yeah. I got all that, except for the bullet I took from the garage. Gave that to you.

Hayden: Yeah, I still have that. I want to make sure you take everything you have and put it someplace safe where no one else can find it.

Curtis: Already done. Why are you so concerned?

Hayden: I need an insurance policy in case something happens to my copies.

Curtis: Oh. I guess, um, all is not well on the island compound, huh?

Hayden: A situation came up with Nikolas. I had to tell him I know what he did, at least what he tried to do.

Curtis: Huh. I bet that made for some uncomfortable pillow talk.

Hayden: It's not what I wanted, but everything's under control. Nikolas will do whatever I say.

Curtis: Wait a minute. You're staying with the guy?

Hayden: Yeah. I'm on my way back to Wyndemere right now.

Curtis: The hell you are.

Sam: Thank you for talking to us.

Shawn: You gonna keep looking into this?

Sam: Yes, of course. And I'll be in touch if I find anything out that can get you out of here quicker.

Shawn: Yeah, I appreciate that, but it doesn't make a difference. Nothing you find will change the fact that I went to that garage with the intent to commit murder. Just -- can I talk to Jason, please?

Sam: Wants to talk to you.

Jason: Thanks for the help.

Shawn: That's not why I asked to speak to you. I need you to know that the floor fell out from underneath me when Hayden told me who Jake Doe really was. And I've replayed that day countless times, knowing that if things had gone just a tiny bit different, I might have killed the man I call my friend, whether you remember or not.

Jason: Sometimes, things happen for a reason. Maybe there's a reason why you couldn't get a clean shot.

[Door opens]

Guard: Butler, time to go.

Shawn: Good luck, my friend.

Jason: You, too.

Nathan: Look, I didn't tell you about Claudette because I was ashamed of myself, Maxie. Please. I made an impulsive decision, and I let my emotions cloud my judgment.

Maxie: You're right. I've never been in that situation before. How could I possibly understand?

Nathan: I'm sorry. I should have known that you, above all people, would be able to sympathize. It's just -- it's a part of my past I worked really hard to bury, you know? I-I haven't even spoken Claudette's name in years. I thought I was over it. I swear I never think of her.

Maxie: Until you did.

Nathan: It was her glove, Maxie. It was her glove that you found in my tux, okay? And that just -- just brought her name back. And then, in the hospital, I was too drugged to make any sense, and that's all that was.

Maxie: Are you sure?

Nathan: Yes. Maxie, I love you. I have no room in my heart for anybody but you? You forgive me?

Maxie: That depends.

Nathan: On...?

Maxie: No more secrets?

Nathan: No more secrets. Everything's out in the open.

Nina: I keep my mouth shut about what you did to Crimson. In return, you give me Crimson.

Julian: [Laughs] Give you -- Nina, I can't just give you the magazine. I-I can -- I can sell it to you for, uh, a very good price.

Nina: I'm rich. I'm not rich enough to buy Crimson outright.

Julian: Yes, okay. But if I simply hand it over -- the ownership of the magazine to you -- the IRS would get very suspicious, and I'd be right back to where I started. So...

Nina: You give me full control of the magazine. You're out of every decision-making process. You still write the checks, which will be significantly larger, by the way. But you have no involvement with the magazine anymore. That's the extent.

Julian: Has it, I don't know, occurred to you that half the magazine's success is due to me? I mean, you might not be able to put out a magazine under normal circumstances.

Nina: Wrong. But I'm not gonna hold that against you, because you've been wrong before. Do we have a deal or not?

Julian: You drive a hard bargain.

Nina: No, I don't. Hard...would have been forcing you to give up everything you have. I just want Crimson.

Julian: Oh, you couldn't possibly.

Nina: Oh, yes, I could. But I won't.

Julian: Really? So, uh, why is that?

Nina: Because I got what I want. I don't have to neuter you to empower myself as a woman.

Julian: Hm.

Nina: But make no mistake. If you come after me again, all bets are off. Do we have an understanding?

Julian: Oh, yes, yes. I-I think we do.

Maxie: Nina? I have news. Oh, my God. Did we have a break-in?

Nina: No, just a little excitement. That's all. Nothing I can't take care of.

Maxie: Okay.

Julian: Mm-hmm.

Nina: Julian was just leaving.

Julian: Yeah. Yes, I will get out of your way.

Nina: You certainly will. Oh, my God. I can't believe I just did that.

Maxie: Um, did what? Because it looks like you and Julian went a few a rounds and you won.

Nina: [Chuckling] Um, I just stole -- I just -- I just, um... stole Crimson out from under Julian.

Maxie: How?

Nina: Oh, I have to tell you over some champagne. Oh, my gosh. Okay, so, what's your news?

Maxie: Oh, um... well, it turns out Nathan's Claudette wasn't a dog after all. But she's definitely a bitch.

Dr. Obrecht: Hello?

Nathan: Hey. Hey, it's me. Just to give you a heads-up, be careful what you say if you run in to Maxie.

Dr. Obrecht: About what subject?

Nathan: Claudette. I told Maxie the truth about her.

Dr. Obrecht: You told her everything?

Nathan: No. Not everything.

Sam: [Sighs] I don't know about you, but I have more questions now than before we went in to talk to Shawn. If someone was trying to kill Hayden for reasons related to her father, why didn't they try again?

Jason: You don't get it. It's not about Raymond or his daughter, Rachel. Someone was trying to kill Hayden.

Nikolas: Keep the room tonight. Rest. I'll be in touch.

Elizabeth: No. No, no, no, no. You're not going anywhere until you tell me what you have in mind for Hayden. No. No, Nikolas. You won't try to kill her again, will you?

Curtis: You're not going back to the island compound.

Hayden: I can't leave Nikolas unsupervised. I mean, any time he has alone, he's gonna be plotting how to get out from under my thumb.

Curtis: Hayden, the closer you get to the guy, the more opportunity you give him to bury you, literally. He already tried to kill you once.

Hayden: Well... I mean, I guess now that I've tipped my hand, there's nothing to stop him from doing it again.

Curtis: Sure there is. You got me. Come on.

Tracy: Oh, I just need to stretch my legs. I can't stand being cooped up all day.

Finn: You just got to take it easy.

Tracy: Yeah. I wouldn't know how to do that.

Finn: Well, I'm gonna show you. So, we're gonna start nice and slow. We're gonna take a little stroll over to the vending machine. By the way, they have my favorite kind of candy bar, and if you play your cards right, I'll split it with you.

Tracy: Is it dark chocolate?

Finn: Oh, yeah.

Tracy: Get your own.

Finn: Greedy.

Tracy: I know what I like.

Finn: Wa-wait a second. Hey, you, you. Get a wheelchair, all right? Yeah, okay. I need a wheelchair over here right now! Hurry up.

Tracy: Wha-what -- what -- aah! Aah!

Finn: Easy, easy. Easy, easy, easy. Easy, easy. Hey! Need a nurse!

On the next "General Hospital" --

Laura: I'm sorry.

Nikolas: Are you?

Curtis (to Hayden): So you're willing to risk your life just to put a few bucks in your pocket?

Monica (to Elizabeth): Tracy had another seizure.

Ned (to Finn): Is our mother dying?

Dante (to Michael): If Carlos is found dead, Sonny is the prime suspect.

Griffin: (to Sonny): What brings you by?

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