GH Transcript Wednesday 2/24/16

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 2/24/16


Episode #13502 ~ Sonny rises from his chair just in the nick of time; Kiki fights for her life at General Hospital; Lucas treats Nathan for a gunshot wound; Carly informs Ava that her daughter has been shot; Carly is furious with Sonny for lying to her about his ability to walk and blames him for Morgan's involvement in mob violence; Dante rescues Lulu from drowning and realizes how much he loves her.

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Dante: Lulu, it's me again. I'm on The Haunted Star. The lights are on, the doors are unlocked. I have your purse in my hand, but you are not here. I keep calling you and calling you, and it just goes to voicemail. I'm getting worried. Can you please call me back? Lulu, can you hear me?! [Sighs] Lulu, answer me!

Lulu: [Gasps] [Gasps]

Morgan: Get me out of here! Let me out!

Michael: Morgan, they're not gonna -- they're not gonna release you if you don't calm down!

Morgan: Uncuff me! I'm going back to Kiki right now! Right now!

Jordan: Morgan! Morgan, if you don't sit down and shut up, the only place that you're going is a holding cell.

Morgan: You can't arrest me. I'm suing you and you and you! Everybody!

Jordan: Really? Really? Morgan, you admitted to stealing a gun and then shooting at someone.

Michael: Okay, C-Commissioner, my brother has no -- is not in control of himself right now, and he has no idea what he's saying. You can't take anything he told you as admissions of anything.

Morgan: I'm not guilty, okay?! I -- you know what? I should have shot all of them! They disrespected Dad, Michael! I should have shot them!

Michael: You have to stop!

Morgan: Screw you! Screw everybody! Get me out of here! Get me out of here!

Jordan: You know what? Call two officers right now with transport shackles. I want him restrained, and I want him to a holding cell right now!

Andre: You're not doing any such thing with my patient.

Morgan: God, get me out of here, man. I got to go back to Kiki. Come on.

Anna: They're here, they're here, they're here.

EMT: Out here, out here. Let's go. Come on.

Anna: Okay, right over here.

EMT: Step back, please. We'll take it from here.

Carly: She, um... she -- one bullet wound to the chest. I don't think there's anything else, and I don't think it went through.

EMT: How long ago?

Carly: I don't know.

Anna: Uh, 10 minutes, maybe 15.

Carly: Yeah, I-I performed CPR. I think she's breathing again.

EMT: She's lost a lot of blood. She's got diminished lung size on the right side.

[Police radio chatter]

Paul: How's the girl?

Anna: "How's the girl?" She should never have been shot. This whole engagement was a disaster! You realize that? And to top it off, our primary target got away.

Paul: Great.

Dixon: So much for heroes, huh? What a shame.

Maxie: It's okay. Stay awake.

Dixon: Oh, look. The cripple wants to be a hero, too, huh? You know, you might be a cripple, but you're clearly the leader of this little group, so if I kill you, it makes it that much easier to keep the rest of them in line.

Sonny: Unless you have another option. I already told you. There's a car waiting for you out front, $2 million cash in the backseat.

Dixon: I don't trust you. Besides, why should I let you live when it's your kid's fault I'm in this mess, you know? You should have heard him going on and on about his father, the great Sonny Corinthos. Well, maybe someone here --

Alexis: Don't -- don't! Please don't!

Dixon: ...Can let him know about how you died for his sins!

Alexis: You don't want to shoot a man in a wheelchair in front of his daughter.

EMT: Ready? Let's go.

Carly: I'm gonna ride with you.

Paul: I have some questions for you, Mrs. Corinthos.

EMT: We can't wait.

Carly: What?

Paul: What was your son doing here? How did Morgan know about the gun deal?

Carly: I don't know. I don't care.

Paul: Well, you better start caring. Your son jeopardized a major operation.

Anna: Oh, just give it a rest, Paul! A girl has been shot because of your major operation!

Paul: Which wasn't supposed to happen, because Morgan Corinthos wasn't supposed to be here! So why was he?!

Anna: It would be really helpful, Carly, if you could give us any information at all about your son's activity. When I was at your house, Michael said that Morgan had left Kiki a message. What was that?

Carly: He said there was something going down here at the pier. He told Kiki he was gonna figure out what it was. She was worried. She called Michael. I guess she showed up here to stop him. I don't know!

Paul: Dixon was going to shoot your son, and Kiki tried to push Morgan out of the way. That's how she got hit.

Morgan: Why is he here? Why is my therapist here?

Michael: I called him.

Morgan: I don't need a session, dude! I need to get out of here and go to Kiki!

Andre: Morgan Corinthos is under my care.

Jordan: He's also under arrest, okay? He admitted to stealing a gun and then shooting at someone.

And does that sound rational? Do perps commonly volunteer stealing a gun and firing it?

Jordan: He is a material witness in an ongoing investigation.

Morgan appears to be experiencing a manic episode. He needs monitoring and sedation.

Jordan: And what? You think you can just walk in here, confiscate a suspect in custody, and then what? Take him to the ER for -- for tranquilizers? Come on.

Minus the sarcasm, that's exactly what I think. My patient needs to come with me right now.

Morgan: Dad needs to know about this. He'll get me out of here.

Dixon: [Scoffs] Sonny... [Scoffs] You didn't tell me another one of your kids was here. Which one is she?

Sonny: We're getting off the topic, buddy. You gonna shoot me, or do you want the $2 million cash?

Dixon: One thing at a time. The bride broke the rules. You know the penalty, right? $5 million. Excuse me?

Julian: Sonny offered you $2 million. I'm gonna raise that to $5 million if you leave here without hurting anyone.

Dixon: Why don't you take your seat, and I'll think about it? The same goes for the bride. Now, I made an allowances because, you know, it's your wedding night, and I'm kind of sentimental like that. But the next one of you who gets out of their seat gets shot just like -- hey. How's your -- how's your boyfriend doing, Blondie?

Maxie: [Voice breaking] I can't stop the bleeding. I need help.

Dixon: Too bad.

Maxie: Please. Lucas is a doctor, and he can do more for him than I can.

Lucas: See, I'll take your place. I-I volunteer. Let me take her place.

Dixon: No need. That won't be necessary. I'll just kill him, right? And then Maxie can go back to her seat, and you can stay in yours.

Nina: Oh, my God! I can't take this anymore.

Dixon: Hey, hey, hey! Do you have some kind of special interest in him? That guy lying on the floor? Or are you just looking for a little extra attention?

Nina: He's my brother.

Dixon: Yeah? Well, for your brother's sake, I hope that Maxie knows how to make a pressure bandage, 'cause no one else is leaving their seat.

Nikolas: I have access to a helicopter.

Dixon: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey. Did I say you could speak?

Nikolas: You didn't say I couldn't. Look, I have -- I have resources that you could use.

Dixon: I'm listening.

Nikolas: I have a pilot and a helicopter on standby. He can pick you up and take you across the border into Canada.

Dixon: [Chuckling] No, no. That's too easy to track. But, you know, thanks for playing. Wh-- hey, who are you, anyway?

Nikolas: My name's Nikolas Cassadine.

Dixon: And the pretty lady sitting next to you?

Nikolas: My wife.

Dixon: So, what are you doing here, Nikolas? How do you know the happy couple?

Nikolas: [Sighs] The bride is my aunt.

Dixon: Great! Great. So you can probably fill me in about the three girls in the front row, right? Because I'm assuming they're her daughters.

Nikolas: That's right.

Dixon: Which one of them is also Sonny's daughter?

Dante: Lulu, can you hear me?!

Lulu: [Gasps] Dante.

Dante: Lulu?

Lulu: [Gasps]

Dante: Lulu?! [Jumps into the water] Lulu?! Lulu, where are you?!

Lulu: [Gasping]

Dante: [Breathing heavily] I got you. I got you, baby. Come on.

Paul: Did Morgan hear about the gun shipment from his father?

Carly: [Sighs] Absolutely not.

Anna: Oh, we all know that Sonny is well-connected. Come on. Now, was it possible that he found out some inside information about a deal going down on his territory and he shared it with Morgan?

Carly: Sonny wouldn't want Morgan anywhere near this.

Caldwell: All due respect, our priority has to be finding Dixon.

Carly: That's your priority. It is not mine. Kiki is alone in that ambulance, and I have to get to her family. And she is at All Saints, and so is Sonny, and he's there with Morgan. Excuse me.

Paul: Hold on a minute.

Carly: Don't touch me! I am leaving, unless you plan on arresting me. And I have the best lawyer in this state, and we will blow this into the biggest scandal you've ever seen.

Paul: You're in no position to make threats.

Anna: Just let her go.

Carly: The hell I'm not!

Anna: Go. Just go, Carly. I'm sorry for all this. Just go.

Carly: Yeah, I'm sorry, too.

Paul: That -- her kid is the reason the Jerome girl got hit, okay?! He jeopardized the entire operation!

Anna: Since you are not a trained agent, have little or no expertise in this area, let me fill you in. This whole operation was a disaster waiting to happen. The mere fact that a bystander interfered and blew the whole thing apart --

Paul: He wasn't a bystander! Listen to me! Morgan Corinthos is not a bystander! He showed up armed! Maybe he had an intention of -- of hijacking the shipment!

Anna: By himself?! What was he gonna do? Walk out of here with six crates of assault rifles on his back?

Paul: I never said he was smart. I don't even think the kid is sane. But he's leverage. If we play this right, he can help us take down Sonny Corinthos!

Anna: You know what? We have a more pressing matter, and that is Dixon, who is the target of this whole debacle and managed to walk out of here while we were arresting his flunkies. You're the only one that had a face-to-face with him. So you tell me -- where would he have run, huh?

Paul: The only contact he has in Port Charles is Ava.

Morgan: What's going on?

Michael: Dr. Maddox wants to bring you to the hospital.

Morgan: No, I'm not -- there's nothing wrong with me! I don't need to go!

Michael: Morgan, you want to be at the hospital. That's where they're taking Kiki. Does it matter why you go as long as you're there with her, right?

Morgan: Right.

Michael: Right, okay.

Andre: Morgan is a danger to himself and others. If he's left alone in a cell, he's a suicide risk.

Jordan: Okay, you make a valid point, but I don't like the way you handled this, okay? I am in charge here. You can't just walk in off the street and start barking orders.

Andre: I'm not challenging your authority. I'm advocating for my patient. Morgan has bipolar 1. He's in the middle of an acute manic episode. Trust me. You don't want the liability of keeping him. The best option is to let me take him to the hospital.

Jordan: Ramirez.

Ramirez: Yeah?

Jordan: I want you to facilitate the transport of Mr. Corinthos to General Hospital. Once he's actually in the emergency room, you can go ahead and release him to Dr. Maddox's custody.

Ramirez: Right.

Andre: Thank you.

Michael: Is the commissioner gonna let Morgan go to the hospital?

Andre: In my custody. You need to understand what that means, Morgan.

Morgan: [Voice breaking] Can you just -- can you explain it on the way? I just want to go.

Andre: You can see Kiki as long as you cooperate with the doctors.

Morgan: Okay. I'll cooperate. Let's go. I-I got to go to Kiki.

Andre: All right, Officer, we're ready.

Jordan: Don't make me regret this. Where are we on the whole APB on Landon Dixon? We need the support of the ATF on this. You know what? Expand the search area for a whole 10-block radius.

Officer: Well, it's outside our search perimeter, but we did get a 911 call. Someone claims to have heard shooting coming from All Saints chapel.

Dixon: Now, come on. Let's not play any games, okay? Which one of these lovely ladies is your daughter, Sonny?

Sonny: Why do you care?!

Dixon: As I mentioned, I'm only in this cluster because of your kid. And because it's true I-I only need one hostage, I'm gonna pay you back by taking your daughter. Which one of you is it?

Sam: It's me. It's me.

Dixon: Ahh. That was easy. Too bad it's a lie.

Sam: I'm not lying.

Dixon: Ah, sure you are. I can see it in Sonny's face. He's, uh, you know, he's too calm. There's no fear in his eyes, no blind panic. You're not his daughter. Sit down. That leaves the two of you. Which one of you two likes to call Sonny "Dad"?

Sonny: Okay, you know what? Listen, it doesn't matter. You hurt one of those girls, you're a dead man! That simple!

Dixon: Yeah? What are you gonna do? Kill me with harsh language? Glare me to death from your wheelchair? You're not that different from your son. You both make these big threats, but you have no way to carry them out. At least he's able to stand. You're helpless.

Sonny: You think so?

Dixon: You know what I think? I think you're stalling. And it's beginning to annoy me. Move. Move! Ava. [Sighs] Anything to contribute? I mean, you were my contact. The only reason I'm here is because of you. And so far, you've been no help whatsoever.

Ava: My advice is that you accept Sonny and Julian's offer.

Sonny: Money's on the table, buddy.

Dixon: Fine. I'll tell you where and when to deliver it. Just as soon as I get where I'm going with your daughter. Come on, girls. Hey, come on. One of you can save your sister by admitting the truth.

Ava: Enough! [Gasps] You need a hostage. Take me.

Dante: Okay. Okay, okay. We made it. We made it. We're back, baby. We're back. Come on. I need you to breathe. Come on, baby. Come on. Come on, Lulu. I need you to breathe, okay? Breathe. Come on, baby. Rocco needs you. I need you. I love you so much. Come on, baby. Breathe!

Andre: Commissioner Ashford said to release him to my custody once we got to the hospital. We're here.

Officer Ramirez: Suit yourself. But you're taking a risk.

Andre: Noted. Remove the cuffs, please. Thank you. Okay. I want you to have a seat over here while I get the admissions process started.

Morgan: No, I don't need to be admitted. I played along 'cause I don't want to be with the cops.

Andre: Morgan, the only reason you're here is because it's too dangerous to leave you in a holding cell. I want you to sit here with your brother while I get you admitted. If you can't manage that, then I'll have to have you restrained. Is that what you want?

Morgan: I don't want any of this.

Michael: Okay, hey, hey, hey. Whoa, whoa. Look, we'll be right here.

Andre: Okay. Have a seat.

Michael: Morgan, sit down. Sit down. [Sighs]

Morgan: What now?

Michael: We'll wait for Dr. Maddox. Do whatever he tells us.

Morgan: "We" don't need to do anything. You're not the one being admitted to a psych ward.

[Telephones ringing]

Doctor: What do we got?

EMT: Got a female, early 20s.

Morgan: Kiki!

Michael: Come on! Hey! Hey!

Morgan: Screw you! Let me be with Kiki!

Michael: Let the doctors help!

EMT: Right side thorax, decreased lung sounds, tracheal deviation.

Doctor: Let's get her into trauma one.

Morgan: Kiki!

Doctor: Hang two bags of O-neg stat.

Morgan: Kiki!

Doctor: Call Radiology for chest X-ray and prep for chest tube placement.

Ava: You need a hostage. I'm volunteering.

Dixon: Who's gonna pay $5 million for you?

Ava: My brother.

Dixon: I doubt it. Besides, taking you does nothing to hurt Sonny. Back in your seat.

Ava: Don't be stupid. Those girls will just make you a bigger target.


[All gasp]

Dixon: I said back in your seat. Hmm? Huh? Huh?

[Girls sobbing]

Dixon: Eeny, meeny, miney, moe.

Alexis: No, no, no. No!

Molly: Please don't hurt me!

Dixon: Sit down!

Alexis: No, no, no!

Sam: Please no!

Alexis: No!

Molly: Please! Please!

Kristina: It's me! I'm Sonny's daughter!

Sam: No, no!

Sonny: Hey!

Molly: No! No!

Kristina: It's my initials! KCD! The C is for Corinthos! I swear! I swear!

Sonny: Hey! Alexis!

Alexis: Please!

Dixon: Ah, hey. Hey, hey, so you're the girl for me, huh?

Kristina: No! No!

Dixon: Sit down and shut up!

Kristina: No! No!

Dixon: Shut up!

Kristina: No! No! No!

Dixon: Sit down! Everyone sit down and shut up!

Sonny: Okay.

Dixon: Okay?!

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Dixon: Okay?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah.

Dixon: You'll hear from me about where and when to drop the money, okay? And if anyone tries to follow me... she dies.

Molly: No!!

[Women screaming as Sonny gets up and punches Dixon]

Dixon: Aah!

[Women sobbing]

Sonny: Who is helpless now, you son of a bitch? Get on your knees.

Olivia: Sonny, wait for the cops.

Get on your knees now! I'm gonna make you pay for threatening my daughter! Don't move.

Dixon: [Sighs]

Carly: Sonny?

Sonny: I'll talk -- I'll talk about this with you later. Not now.

Carly: What the hell are you doing?

Sonny: I'll talk about this --

Anna: Nobody move!

Sonny: You're a little late.

Dante: Come on, baby. Lulu, come on. Can you hear me? Come on! Come back to me! Lulu, come back to me. Come on, baby. Come on. I need you. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Lulu: [Coughs]

Dante: Yeah. Oh, my God. Yes, yes.

Lulu: [Coughs]

Dante: Okay. Okay. Okay. Get it out, baby. Get it out.

Lulu: [Breathing heavily] Hey.

Dante: Hey. I got you. I got you. [Smooches] I love you. I love you so much. Come on. Come on.

Lulu: [Breathing heavily]

EMT: BP is 95 over 55. Vitals are good. We're ready to transport.

Lucas: Okay. See you at the hospital.

Maxie: Um, uh, can I ride with him? I know I'm not technically family or anything.

Nina: Go ahead. We'll meet you there.

Maxie: Yeah, okay.

Brad: No. It's fine. Go. I'll see you at home, okay?

Lucas: You okay?

Brad: Yeah. One thing I'll say for your family -- never boring. [Sighs]

Lucas: [Sighs]

Jordan: So, Paul, Anna, this is your operation. How do you want to handle the prisoner?

Anna: Take him to the station. There's a senior ATF agent on the way to interview him.

Paul: I need to sit in on that interview.

Anna: Go for it. Don't let us keep you.

Paul: Well, there are a few things I have to handle here first.

Jordan: Okay, well, it's your call. I have about 20 statements to take now.

Anna: I'm gonna talk to Sonny. Where is he?

Olivia: [Breathes deeply] That was very brave what you did. Volunteering to be his hostage.

Ava: For all the good it did.

Olivia: What did he mean when he said he came here because of you?

Molly: Why did you tell him who you were?

Kristina: I-I wasn't gonna let h-him take you in my place. Besides, if you hadn't gotten all hysterical, my dad might not have been able to jump him.

Julian: Hey, speaking of which, how in the hell did that happen? I mean, how -- how long has Sonny been able to -- to walk?

Paul: If I could have your attention, we're gonna need you all to stay around here until you are interviewed and given the okay to leave.

[All groaning]

Paul: I realize this has been a traumatic experience, and we will try and get you out of here as -- as quickly as possible. But your preliminary statements are crucial.

Morgan: She needs me. I just want to make sure --

Michael: You can't be in there.

Morgan: Just let me go make sure she's okay!

Michael: You're only gonna get in the way!

Andre: What is going on here? Our agreement was that you --

Morgan: I don't care about the agreement! Screw the agreement! I need to be with her! I need to fix this right now!

Andre: You can't fix it, Morgan, because you can't fix yourself. You are in grave danger of doing irrevocable damage to yourself and to others, and you need to stop! You need to trust me, Morgan. Can you do that?

Anna: You recognize the weapon?

Sonny: Yeah, it's a Beretta 9mm. It's pretty common. I own one.

Anna: Oh, is that right?

Sonny: Yeah.

Anna: It's nice to see you standing, Mr. Corinthos.

Sonny: Well, uh, desperate times calls for, uh...desperate action.

Anna: So don't go anywhere. I might have a few more questions. Excuse me.

Carly: How long have you been lying to me? Making me believe you couldn't walk?

Sonny: [Sighs] I --

Carly: Never mind. Don't.

Sonny: Uh, Car--

Carly: Don't. Uh, no. Ava.

Ava: What is it, Carly?

Carly: I'm sorry. Kiki's been shot.

Ava: N-nothing has happened to Kiki. Kiki isn't even here.

Carly: She was on the dock. She was worried about Morgan, and when she went to help him, she was shot.

Ava: Is this blood?

Carly: I stayed with her until the ambulance came.

Ava: [Voice breaking] She alive? Is she alive?

Carly: She went to the hospital with the ambulance. That's -- that's all I know.

Paul: You're gonna have to wait to be interviewed.

Ava: You son of a bitch! My daughter was shot because of you!

Paul: [Sighs]

Sonny: [Sighs]

Kristina: Hey. Dad, I can't believe it. You were amazing.

Sonny: It's over.

Carly: Hey, um, I wasn't held hostage, and I don't know anything that happened here, so can I go?

Anna: Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Um, wait. Thank you for everything you did for Kiki. Really.

Carly: Okay.

Sonny: You all right? He didn't hurt you, right?

Kristina: I'm fine because of you. I'm really glad you came to the wedding.

Sonny: Yeah, me, too.

Sam: Hey. How you holding up?

Alexis: This shouldn't have happened.

Sam: I know.

Alexis: No, shootouts only happen at Sonny's wedding. This should not have happened to my family. We should not have been targeted.

Sam: You weren't targeted. Ava was here. He came looking for Ava.

Alexis: That woman Ava -- I don't even want to know how she was involved.

Nikolas: Hey. You're shaking.

Hayden: I guess, uh, being held hostage has that effect on me.

Nikolas: You seemed pretty calm while it was happening.

Hayden: Yeah, I was probably too terrified to move.

Nikolas: Come on.

Olivia: [Sighs]

Julian: [Sighs] Sorry about all this.

Olivia: Yeah, well, I'm very, very glad that I didn't bring our son to the wedding today.

Julian: Me, too.

Olivia: I guess this is what my premonition meant. Wasn't literally blood on your hands. It was this, what happened today.

Julian: Yeah.

Alexis: Thank you for saving our daughter's life.

Sonny: I'm just glad I was here.

Alexis: Hmm. I see that your condition has greatly improved. Girls, can I have a moment alone with Sonny?

Molly: Sure you can. Good night, Uncle Sonny.

Sonny: Good night. Thank you again.

Molly: Thank you.

Kristina: Thank you, Daddy, for saving my life.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: What do you know about what happened tonight?

Sonny: [Sighs] Uh, w-whatever you know. I mean, Ava has some dangerous friends. So does Julian.

Alexis: Julian has nothing to do with it, and you know it.

Sonny: I wish you all the happiness in the world. And I hope it does work out.

Alexis: [Sighs]

Andy: What have we got?

EMT: Male, early 30s, GSW to the left shoulder. Bullet went through. There was a doctor treating him on scene. He's following us in.

Lucas: Got this, Andy.

Andy: All yours. We're busy in here tonight.

Lucas: He's awake.

Maxie: He woke up in the ambulance.

Nathan: Maxie says you -- you got him in custody.

Maxie: He is in custody now, okay? And you are my hero.

Nina: Mine, too. But if you ever do anything like this again, I'll never forgive you.

Nathan: Right.

Lucas: Bullet passed all the way through. We just need to close him up and do a complete eval. Get him to 2.

Maxie: Don't even think about asking me to wait outside.

Lucas: Wouldn't dream of it.

Nina: I didn't get a chance to tell you, you're my hero, too.

Franco: Why am I your hero?

Nina: Because you stalled the gunman. You tried to distract him. You put your life on the line.

Franco: I love that you think the best of me, Nina. It's very sweet. But let's face it. I'm -- I'm selfish and I'm a coward, and if you ever think that I'm generous and brave, you're probably wrong.

Nina: I wasn't wrong today.

Ava: Excuse me. My daughter is here. Kiki Jerome. Could you tell me where they've taken her, please?

Nurse: We are very busy tonight.

Ava: She's been shot!

Franco: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Ava: She's here somewhere! Just find her for me, please!

Franco: Ava.

Ava: Yes. Carly told me that this happened out on the pier, and I saw Carly's coat covered in blood, in Kiki's blood.

Franco: Kiki Jerome.

Ava: Lauren.

Franco: She's a 22-year-old female.

Dante: Need some help! I need some help here, please. Hey. Okay, okay. You all right?

Lulu: [Shivering] I'm okay.

Doctor: Step back, please. What happened?

Dante: Uh, she almost drowned. She wasn't breathing. I-I got her out, I did chest compressions, got her breathing again, I got her here.

Doctor: Can I get her name?

Dante: Lulu Falconeri. She's my wife.

Doctor: Okay. I'm gonna check your wife for hypothermia. Get her warmed up.

Dante: Okay.

Doctor: I need this patient moved to cubicle 1!

Dante: I'm right here, baby.

Morgan: Can you just go check on her, Michael? Please. Just make sure she's okay.

Michael: You heard what Dr. Maddox said.

Morgan: Yeah, I heard what he said. He said that I couldn't go anywhere near her, because I'm the crazy one. You can! So please go check on her.

Ava: Where is she?! Where have they taken her?!

Michael: She's --

Morgan: I tried to go --

Michael: They're treating her in the trauma room right now.

Morgan: They wouldn't let me go with her.

Ava: Good! You did this to her!

Michael: Okay, you need to calm down.

Ava: Don't you tell me to calm down! I know what happened! It's your fault! It's your fault she was at the pier!

Morgan: I would never hurt her!

Ava: It's your fault that she was shot! She could die because of you, you selfish bastard!

Michael: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Morgan: Get -- get -- get -- get off!

Franco: Hey, hey, hey.

[Ava sobs]

Franco: Hey, they're not gonna let you see Kiki if you're like this, okay? Take a breath with me, all right? Yeah. You're not doing anybody any good screaming at Morgan. Let's go find your daughter. Come on.

Ava: [Breathing heavily]

Morgan: I didn't hurt her! I would never -- I would never hurt Kiki. [Sighs]

Sonny: If you don't have any more questions, I'm gonna go ahead and leave.

Paul: I have some questions for you first.

Sonny: Okay. Well, I already -- I gave a statement to the cop, and, uh, so if you need anything else, I'll just call my lawyer.

Anna: Yeah, we'll do that. Um, from what I've been told, this whole situation could have been a lot worse if you hadn't taken action, so thank you for that.

Sonny: Well, thank me by bringing whoever did this to justice. [Scoffs]

Jordan: So, we finished all the preliminary questioning. Unless you want to interview someone personally, I think we can let these people go.

Paul: That's fine. If we need anything further, they can, uh, come down to the station.

Jordan: Well, I'll expect to be notified.

Paul: Mm-hmm.

Jordan: Yeah, you have a habit of forgetting to tell me things, DA Hornsby. Now, one of my detectives have been shot, and Kiki Jerome is now fighting for her life.

Paul: [Breathes deeply] I admit this was, uh, far from a textbook operation. But the target is in custody, and the guns have been confiscated. You and I make a hell of a team.

Anna: What?! Can you even hear yourself? God, you are such an arrogant son of a bitch.

Caldwell: How long before we get someone here to document this? Patch the call through to the van. I'm on my way to take it up there.

Carly: [Voice breaking] What the hell just happened here? [Sniffles] [Sighs] What... ...the hell... ...happened?! [Throwing rifles into water]

Sonny: Carly, Carly, Carly!

Carly: What?!

Sonny: What are you doing?!

Carly: [Breathing heavily] What are you doing?! What are you doing?! Why did you lie to me?!

Anna: This bust was not well-planned.

Paul: It wasn't planned at all.

Anna: And when one person, even a loose cannon like Morgan, should not have been able to cause that level of chaos.

Paul: And yet we managed to pull it off.

Anna: We didn't do anything. I mean, I cooperated with you because this whole train wreck was already in motion. And I thought maybe I could just minimize the damage.

Paul: Deny it all you want, Anna. The two of us work well together, and tonight is the proof. We stopped a major gun shipment and arrested a pivotal figure in the syndicate.

Anna: Well, okay. Yeah. You know, y-y-you just -- you go ahead and you take all the credit, because I don't want to be associated with you, honestly.

Julian: Some wedding, huh?

Alexis: It certainly wasn't the one I expected.

Julian: No. I'm sorry about that.

Alexis: I know very well that this wasn't your fault. So, our wedding was a disaster.

Julian: Hmm.

Alexis: But the good news is that our children are all well, all of them, yours, mine, and ours. And we managed to make it through the vows.

Julian: That's true. We are married. You know I love you.

Alexis: And I love you.

[Monitor beeping]

Lulu: Dante.

Dante: Hey. You're supposed to be resting.

Lulu: You saved my life.

Dante: I'm glad I was there.

Lulu: I wasn't supposed to be on the boat. How did you know where I was?

Dante: I just knew.

[Monitor beeping]

Ava: Kiki. Baby. I didn't mean for this to happen to you. This wasn't supposed to happen to you.

[Ventilator hissing]

Michael: Okay. You saw her. We have to go now.

Morgan: What if she dies?

Michael: She's not going to die.

Morgan: If she dies, it's my fault. It's 'cause I screwed everything up.

Carly: I know you have to have a reason, a really good reason that -- that you could lie to me every day, that you could let me grieve for you while you struggle, why you pretended to struggle. I know you have to have a good reason why you would lie to your kids, why you'd let Morgan leave the house knowing that you were lying to him.

Sonny: Carly, Morgan had to hit rock bottom before he was gonna accept help.

Carly: Right, and you will be happy to know that that happened here tonight, right here. While you were at the church pretending that you couldn't walk, Morgan had a full-blown manic episode, okay? He stole your gun from the house, and he came down here, and he was gonna intercept the shipment. And he called Kiki, and she was worried about him, and the only reason our son isn't dead is because Kiki was shot instead.

Sonny: Wait, ki-- Kiki got shot?

Carly: This is her blood, Sonny! I performed CPR on her right here until the ambulance showed up, and I overheard the cops and the ATF team, and they were all talking about the guns. These guns right here. Look at them! They're hideous! Kiki was shot because of these, and our son almost died because of these! And you knew about it!

Sonny: I-I didn't know that Morgan was gonna try to intercept the shipment, Carly.

Carly: Oh, my God! You knew it was gonna happen! Right? Come on! You knew it was gonna happen, and you were gonna intercept it, because you wanted to take your enemies by surprise because they thought you couldn't walk!

Sonny: Look at the -- look at the crates. "Jerome Gallery." Ava was in it up to her neck! These were dangerous people! I had to protect Avery. I had to protect the family, Carly.

Carly: I know. You had to lie.

Sonny: And I lied. And I hated every minute of it. But I got to tell you, it was necessary, and I'd do it again.

Carly: Really?

Sonny: Yes.

Carly: You'd let our son leave the house, knowing he wasn't taking his medication, knowing that he will do anything to prove himself to you, knowing that there was a shipment showing up here tonight? You would let all of this happen again? Really?

Sonny: Morgan wasn't supposed to be a part of this at all!

Carly: But, of course, he's a part of it, Sonny, because he's our kid! This was always waiting for him! The violence, the guns, the blood on the ground -- all of it, Sonny! We made this happen! I just didn't realize it till now. [Sniffles] [Sighs]

On the next "General Hospital" --

Dante (to Olivia): I love Lulu with everything in me.

Elizabeth (to Monica): I am so sorry for the pain I caused you.

Curtis (to Hayden): What are you doing here?

Laura (to Nikolas): I don't want to see you go to prison.

Morgan (to Michael): Stop lying to me!

Ava (to Griffin): Are you saying my daughter might be paralyzed?

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