GH Transcript Wednesday 2/10/16

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 2/10/16


Episode #13492 ~ After assuring Laura he'll be careful, Nikolas searches for answers as to who Hayden really is; Hayden informs Tracy that she had to sign a prenup before marrying Nikolas, but she has leverage on him; Dillon convinces Maxie to pose for the upcoming Crimson issue.

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Hayden: Oh, my gosh. How many thresholds are in this place?

Nikolas: Plenty, and I can't wait to cross each one with you.

Hayden: Mmm.

Laura: Hello, newlyweds.

Nikolas: Oh.

Laura: Welcome home.

Nikolas: Oh, happy to be home, Mother.

Hayden: Hello.

Nikolas: Champagne? That's very thoughtful of you.

Laura: Oh, I can't take credit for that. You can thank your son when he gets home from school. He also left you a message.

[Both laugh]

Spencer: "Congratulations, Father and Hayden. Told you so."

Nina: [Gasps] Hey, J. What a lovely surprise. Hi. I didn't know you were gonna be here. Maxie and I are meeting for coffee to discuss the real woman photo shoot. Maxie!

Nathan: Uh, Nina, Nina -- Maxie's, uh, Maxie's not here.

Nina: Where is she?

Nathan: She's at the photo shoot.

Dillon: How's our other star?

Olivia: Oh, he was sound asleep minutes after we stopped. I guess breastfeeding for the cameras really wore him out.

[Both chuckle]

Dillon: Well, he worked hard today. But it was all worth it. Aww. I mean, look how great these shots are. Look at how Leo's looking up at you in this one.

Olivia: [Gasps]

Dillon: Look at that. And then check it out. He, like, looks up to the lens in this one.

Olivia: Oh.

Maxie: Aww.

Olivia: Dillon, thank you so much for making us look so great. You two made my job so easy.

Olivia: [Chuckles]

Maxie: I think that is definitely the one.

Julian: The one what? What are you guys looking at?

Tracy: Hmm. Have you seen this morning's financials? There's been a lot of activity in Seattle. We've got to keep our eye on that. Could be a perfect addition to the ELQ portfolio.

Michael: Yeah. Assuming we actually regain control of the company. You know, I thought we would have made a lot more progress with the lawsuit by now.

Sonny: Do me a favor -- don't tell Graciela, but this French toast is as good or better than the one she makes.

Carly: [Laughs] What's good is seeing you here. And you're in such a great mood, and you're happy. There's this new energy about you.

Sonny: [Sighs] Well, I'm not gonna hide out forever. You know, I mean, whatever life brings, I'm gonna face it head-on.

Carly: We're gonna face it head-on. We're a team, right? Everything okay?

Sonny: Yeah, I'm fine.

Max: Mrs. C. Sorry to interrupt.

Carly: Hi.

Max: Mind if I talk to the boss real quick?

Carly: He's all yours.

Max: All right, thank you.

Sonny: [Clears throat] What's the update?

Max: They're landing another arms shipment. Soon.

Sonny: I figured as much. Well, you know what, we do this right, we're gonna stop the gun runners, and we're gonna shut down the Jeromes.

Nikolas: Shall we?

Hayden: Yes.

Laura: Uh, my work here is done. I've got a few errands to go run, so...

Nikolas: Mother, please stay, will you, and celebrate with us?

Laura: Okay. To my son and his new wife. May your love be the sun that warms your hearts and the star that guides you home. I wish you both many happy years together.

[Glasses clinking]

Hayden: Thank you for such a wonderful toast, Laura.

Nina: No. No, no, no, Maxie. Don't give it a second thought. It's fine. I'm just glad you were there to supervise the shoot. And, um, can't wait to see the proofs. I-I'll see you when I get back to the office. And keep your eye on Julian, please.

Nathan: Everything okay?

Nina: Yeah, yeah. The good news is, the shoot went off without a hitch,'s successful. Let's hope our readers like it.

Nathan: Yeah, I got to -- [Clears throat] I got to say, I was a little nervous when Maxie told me you two would be working together, but it seems to have turned into a pretty good partnership. I'm very happy for you both.

Nina: Thank you. I'm very happy for you, too.

Nathan: Yeah?

Nina: You seem happy. [Chuckles] It seems like things are going great between you and Maxie.

Nathan: Mm-hmm.

Nina: Right? Since you didn't go back to your place this morning. You're still here.

Nathan: Oh, this is my place. I live here now.

Dillon: Yeah, we're just going over the proofs now.

Julian: Oh. Nice.

Maxie: We weren't expecting to see you here, Mr. Jerome.

Julian: Uh, "Julian" would be fine. I just thought I'd stop by, see how the photo shoot's going.

Olivia: It went great. The prints are already finished.

Maxie: I am happy to say that Olivia and Leo nailed it.

Julian: Oh. Well, that's excellent. You mind if I have a look at the pictures?

Dillon: Sure.

Maxie: I think Dillon really captured the bond between mother and child.

Olivia: And -- and -- and, uh, that was very good of you, Dillon. Thank you for keeping it so tasteful.

Dillon: Oh, hey, it was all Nina's vision. She really wanted the pictures to show breastfeeding as natural and beautiful, and you and Leo did a really great job.

Julian: Hm. So, uh... these pictures are gonna appear in Crimson?

Maxie: Well, one of them will. Uh, Nina needs to review all of the photos and then make her final decision. Speaking of our leader, Nina would like to see us at the office, so she can review all of these.

Dillon: No problem.

Julian: Yeah.

Dillon: I've already got all of the files sorted for her on this flash drive.

Julian: Actually, I'm headed to the office now. I can drop that drive off for you.

[Keyboard clacking]

Maxie: Oh, no. You're the big boss. We can handle the small stuff.

Julian: [Sighs] No, no. I'm more than happy to do that for you.

Olivia: You know what -- you know, why don't I go with you?

Julian: You're not even dressed.

Olivia: Well, just give me five minutes.

Julian: And what about Leo?

Olivia: Well, the sitter is on her way over to pick him up, and, anyway, I want to see Nina's reaction.

Julian: Anything else?

Olivia: [Sighs] Okay, yeah, I want to make sure you don't destroy the photos on the way.

Julian: [Sighs]

Michael: Those shares you gave to the Cassadines to ransom Luke...

Tracy: Are you gonna bring that up again?

Michael: My point is, those shares weren't legally yours. They can't legally belong to Nikolas, either.

Gee, what a shame we don't have a lawyer that can argue that in court. Oh, wait, yes, we do. That's why you hired Alexis. Why don't you let her handle it?

Michael: Okay, it's not unreasonable to ask for an update.

Alexis: Oh, there you are. I'm so sorry I'm late. But I'm here now.

Michael: It's fine. Here, have a seat.

Alexis: Thank you so much. Appreciate it. Thank you.

Michael: So, how's Sam?

Alexis: Sam is doing much better. Thank you for asking. Jason is there, which allows me to be here. I just wish that I had better news.

Michael: Is there a problem with the lawsuit?

Alexis: Nothing wrong, per se. It's that Nikolas has filed a motion to dismiss.

Michael: Okay, well, did the judge grant the motion?

Alexis: No. Just a formality. It's legal sabre-rattling. But I do anticipate that the judge is going to want us to settle, and I just want to make sure that you are both... certain that you want to pursue this.

Michael: Oh, yeah, I'm 100% certain I want to pursue this.

Sonny: When is the exchange going down?

Max: It's set for the 19th.

Sonny: Yes. Okay, that'll work. Do you know what time?

Max: My guy hasn't heard yet.

Sonny: They're probably gonna wait until the day before to set the time, but it's not gonna matter. Because I'm gonna intercept these bastards and shut them down.

Max: You think you're gonna be ready for that kind of action?

Sonny: I'm getting stronger every day. I'll be ready. I want them to think that I'm weak in a wheelchair. You know, let them get comfortable that I'm vulnerable.

Max: And you'll blow them all away when you get out of that chair.

Sonny: I don't want anybody to know this. Especially my family.

Carly: Okay, boys. Business has to wait. You have an appointment at General Hospital to meet your new doctor.

Maxie: Nina warned me that Julian would be somewhat lukewarm about Olivia and Leo participating in this shoot.

Dillon: Olivia and Nina have nothing to worry about. Even if Julian manages to somehow destroy the flash drive, accidentally or on purpose, I always keep a backup.

Maxie: [Chuckles] Well... I think Nina has got a great issue here. Even though that green issue was kind of a fluke.

Dillon: [Chuckles] Come on, give Nina some credit. I mean, she sold the hell out of that issue.

Maxie: Yeah. It was inspired improvisation, which is a pretty way of saying we scrambled to cover our butts. But Nina -- she's got a really solid concept. I mean, the real woman issue gets people talking about fashion in a way we haven't done yet. It shows people that fashion comes in all shapes and sizes, from the natural, breastfeeding mother to the hard-hitting professional... except...

Dillon: We're missing something. Or someone. I mean, all of our real women are great, but they're all so mature. We need somebody who's gonna skew to our younger audience.

Maxie: Yeah. Yeah, we need somebody young and fresh and current. Somebody who knows how to walk into a room and own it.

Dillon: You are absolutely right. We need you.

Nina: Did I miss the memo? Or the housewarming party?

Nathan: No, no. This just happened last night.

Nina: Oh, wow. What happened to your place at Kelly's?

Nathan: I don't know. A pipe burst or something. I didn't have any heat, so I came here to crash with Maxie, and we decided to make it permanent.

Nina: I'm really happy for you.

Nathan: Thank you.

Nina: [Chuckles] Good for you!

Nathan: Right?

Nina: To be honest with you, I never really understood why Maxie insisted that the two of you have different addresses.

Nathan: Uh, Maxie had this idea that, you know, we should take our time, date, get to know each other.

Nina: Really? Wow. I mean, it's so clear that you two are crazy in love.

Nathan: [Chuckles]

Nina: I mean, why pretend like you're just dating? The pretending part's over. It was kind of cool. We started out as roommates, and things have come full-circle.

Nina: [Chuckles] Good. You seem really happy about it.

Nathan: I am. Things are a little tight with Lulu and Rocco here, but, uh... it just seemed right, you know? Being here with Maxie, together. You know what I mean?

Nina: I know exactly what you mean. It's how I feel about Franco.

Nathan: Yeah.

Nina: I know he's not your favorite person...

Nathan: If Franco makes you happy, I'm happy.

Nina: He makes me happy. I love him. We even talked about having a child together.

Michael: I had every expectation that this lawsuit would take time.

Alexis: It could be three years before we get a trial date.

Michael: Are you trying to inform me, or discourage me?

Alexis: I'm trying to be realistic. You have a very good case, but Nikolas has a viable argument.

Michael: Look, Alexis, I know that Nikolas is your nephew, so if you feel you have a conflict of interest, just say so. I will talk to Diane about taking over the case.

Alexis: Are you threatening to replace me?

Michael: Look, this isn't personal for me. Maybe it is for you. Look, Diane has done some amazing work for me and my family in the past, and, you know what, she's not related to the man that I'm suing.

Alexis: Well, Michael, you need to do what you need to do. But I want you to understand that I did not approve of the way Nikolas stole ELQ. And as far as being related, may I remind you that my grandson Danny is a Quartermaine. And while I love my nephew, I don't approve of his actions. So, my loyalty is with my grandson. And in that case, you have the best lawyer you could possibly have.

Tracy: Well, that makes perfect sense to me. Of course, Alexis is going to protect the interests of her grandson.

Alexis: Thank you, Tracy. So, both of you rest assured that my goal is to make sure that ELQ is returned to its proper owner. Nice to see you both.

Michael: See you. Since when do you defend Alexis?

Tracy: Since she has a horse in the race.

Michael: She also has divided loyalties. Diane doesn't. It was probably a mistake bringing Alexis in on this. [Sighs]

Tracy: Do you think that I am completely dependent upon Alexis' legal skills?

Michael: What do you mean?

Tracy: There's more than one approach to getting ELQ back. I have another way.

Nikolas: Everything okay?

Hayden: [Sighs] Actually, I need to get going.

Nikolas: [Chuckles] Wha-- go where? We -- we just got here.

Hayden: I know. That was Erin in R&D, and I want to see what she's prepping for the quarterly meeting.

Nikolas: [Sighs] You're married to the owner of the company, you know. You can take a break from work.

Hayden: Yeah. But then I wouldn't be able to show off my fabulous engagement ring.

Nikolas: Okay. All right, I'll miss you.

Hayden: Mm. I'll be back before you know it.

Nikolas: Okay.

Hayden: Bye.

Laura: Bye.

Nikolas: You were very kind to Hayden.

Laura: I am trying.

Nikolas: And I appreciate that. But I know you're holding something back. Tell me what's really on your mind.

Sonny: So, Epiphany, tell me about this new doctor.

Epiphany: I think he's the one for you.

Sonny: Yeah?

Carly: Oh, that's good, because we've burned through all the ones here.

Epiphany: [Laughs] True. You sent that doctor from that awful reality show running for the hills.


Carly: He was not nice.

Epiphany: But I've got a feeling about this one.

Sonny: Yeah?

Epiphany: From what I've seen, he's quite capable.

Carly: Ooh.

Griffin: Epiphany, I'm expecting my new patient -- a Michael Corinthos Jr.

Epiphany: Unh-unh. Sonny Corinthos. Nobody calls him Michael. And he's right here.

Sonny: We met in the chapel.

Griffin: So we did. I didn't realize.

Sonny: Well, usually my reputation precedes me.

Griffin: What reputation would that be?

Epiphany: He's a difficult patient.

Carly: [Chuckles]

Griffin: So I guess I've been warned. Uh, Griffin Munro. I've just been assigned your case.

Sonny: Nice to meet you.

Griffin: I had no idea we'd be working together.

Sonny: This is Carly, my wife.

Griffin: Hi. It's nice to meet you.

Carly: You know, we've been looking for a doctor to oversee Sonny's recovery since Patrick Drake left. Epiphany says that you're great. [Chuckles]

Griffin: Does she?

Carly: Yeah.

Griffin: Well, I'm flattered.

Carly: What brings you to General Hospital?

Griffin: Oh, well, the neuro department is one of the finest in the country. I've been hearing about it for years. And I went to med school with one of the trauma surgeons on staff, Dr. Lucas Jones. He called me not long ago about an opening.

Carly: Okay, Lucas is my brother. [Chuckles] So if he invited you here, that means you're good.

Griffin: Well, I hope I can live up to your brother. Lucas was a year behind me, but he was top of his class.

Sonny: My brother-in-law's recommendation counts a lot, but I want to know what you can do for me, Dr. Munro.

Laura: You made a commitment to a stranger. You don't know what secrets she's keeping from you.

Nikolas: Who was that just now?

Hayden: Someone who clearly doesn't know my name. Hayden Barnes...Cassadine.

Nikolas: You're right. There's a lot I don't know about my wife.

Laura: And?

Nikolas: And, like I said, I find her intriguing, and Spencer adores her.

Laura: Spencer adored Britt, too. He's a little boy who wants a mom, and I know you want him to have one, but there are so many unknowns with Hayden.

Nikolas: I respect your concerns. But if you really want to give me a proper wedding gift, trust that I know what I'm doing.

Nathan: Having a child is a, uh -- is a huge step in any relationship.

Nina: Oh, you sound like Franco right now.

Nathan: Well, come on.

Nina: He thinks we're gonna have a hard time adopting because of our past transgressions.

Nathan: Yeah, well, he might have a point.

Nina: He doesn't want to pass on his DNA to any child. I disagree with him. But I understand how he feels. Adoption is different. He doesn't think he'll be a good dad, and I disagree with him. Anyway, we went back and forth, around, around in circles, until he told me that tabling the conversation was for the best. What do you think?

Dillon: I can't believe I didn't see this before.

Maxie: Uh...

Dillon: We need a fresh, young, real woman. You are a fix.

Maxie: I am an associate editor.

Dillon: Of a fashion magazine, Maxie. Balancing your professional and personal lives. I mean, come on. You're fun. You don't hold back. Your intentions are supported by love.

Maxie: You got that off the yoga sign at the gym.

Dillon: You're loyal to a fault. You're a fierce friend. I mean, just ask Lulu. You are a dedicated mother to Georgie. You fly out to see her whenever you get a chance.

Maxie: Well, she is the best part of me.

Dillon: Exactly. You're a rock-solid professional. You put this entire shoot together. Okay, yeah, maybe Nina had the brilliant ideas, but you execute them. Your experience puts the magazines on the stands.

Maxie: Dillon, I'm not a model, okay?

Dillon: Well [Chuckles] None of our real women are models, Maxie. But you have exactly what this issue needs to make it pop.

Maxie: So what you're saying is you would like to take my picture?

Olivia: Wow, I had no idea I could look like that.

Julian: Yeah, well, we're not using that one.

Olivia: Why not?

[Keyboard clacking]

Julian: Because you can see know.

Olivia: You cannot see any... oh, yeah. [Chuckling] You can. Go, go, click -- click over. Pass.

Julian: All right, the lighting's off on that one. Leo's looking down on that one. That one's a definite possibility. We're definitely not using that one.

Olivia: Wait, wait, wait. No, no. I mean, you're covering your -- go back, go back, go back, go back. What's -- there's nothing showing in that one.

Julian: Well, you're right, but that is way too risqué for Crimson.

Olivia: That's not any risqué-ier than any of the other ones.

Julian: Come on, you're practically daring the camera to come in for a closer look.

Olivia: Okay, now you're just overreacting.

Julian: No, I'm being honest. And you know what, I just [Chuckles] I don't want you in my magazine for the entire world to see, so...

Olivia: Okay, since when did you become the boss of me? Uh, we're not a couple, Julian, and if we were, you sure as hell wouldn't be dictating my choices. So what's going on here?

Julian: What are you talking about?

Olivia: I'm talking about, you're acting like a jealous boyfriend. You're marrying someone else, and you don't want anyone looking at me? I mean... [Scoffs]

Julian: I --

Alexis: Excuse me?

Michael: What are you up to, Tracy?

Tracy: I have a plan.

Michael: We have a lawsuit, and you don't even own any shares in ELQ. I mean, this whole suit is predicated on the idea that those shares belong to Jason.

Tracy: Do you really think that I'm gonna use something as pedestrian as shares... to prevent me from engineering a corporate takeover?

Michael: No.

Tracy: I am not gonna rest until ELQ is back in the family.

Michael: So what's this plan of yours?

Tracy: Oh, sorry. Need to know. You don't need to.

Michael: You're the one who cleared the way for the Cassadine takeover when you gave up the first block of stock, okay? Don't do anything to make it worse.

[Door opens]

Tracy: Duly noted. Uh, you can go.

Michael: So, are you dismissing me?

Tracy: The purpose of this breakfast was to meet with Alexis. We did. Now, I am clearly irritating you. You are most definitely irritating me. So why don't we just retreat to our neutral corners?

Michael: Oh. All right. Just -- just be careful, Tracy, all right? Don't ruin our best chance to get ELQ back.

Hayden: [Clears throat]

Tracy: Where have you been?

Hayden: Vegas.

Tracy: Wow. Laura was right.

Hayden: You talked about me with Laura?

Tracy: I told her I needed to discuss ELQ. She said she thought you had eloped. Is it true?

Hayden: Well... see for yourself. I'm Mrs. Nikolas Cassadine.

Griffin: Well, I have reviewed all of Dr. Drake's notes on your case.

[Keyboard clacking]

Griffin: Before we get started today, I would like to go over your medical history.

Sonny: Sure.

Griffin: I see that this injury was the result of a gunshot wound sustained several months ago.

Sonny: Yeah.

Griffin: And what is your pain like right now?

Sonny: [Sighs] Well, it depends on the PT session, you know. I mean, I don't... I don't really feel any pain.

Griffin: Well, let's talk about your PT plan. What type of progress have you made in your physical therapy?

Sonny: My upper-body strength is -- is, you know, great. And, uh, I'm feeling something in my legs. But, movement.

Griffin: Hmm. Well, returning sensation is definitely progress. Uh, why don't you let me do a quick exam?

Sonny: [Sighs]

Nathan: I think that if you and Franco decide to have kids, those kids would be lucky to have you.

Nina: You mean that?

Nathan: Yeah. Nina, look, you went through a hard time, but fundamentally, you are a good person. Okay, you're smart, you're generous, you're loving. I would know -- I'm your little brother. I had the best big sister a guy could ask for. And I know that you'll be a wonderful mother. And who knows? With your influence, Franco might even make a decent father.

Nina: He'll be an incredible father. Amazing. He's so loving and sweet. [Exhales] We'll be great parents. I mean, I know that.

Nathan: Then I say go for it.

Nina: Oh, I don't know that. [Sighs] [Voice breaking] What if, um... what if growing up with Madeline warped me for life?

Nathan: I grew up with Madeline. I'm not warped.

Nina: You're not her biological child.

Nathan: That's true. But she raised me. I know why you would have doubts. I know the lies and the betrayal that went on in our family. I didn't think I'd trust anybody again until I met Maxie. And I trust her completely. Turned out to be the easiest thing I ever did.

Maxie: So, what am I supposed to do in this shoot?

Dillon: Don't sweat the small stuff. That's my job. You trust me, right?

Maxie: Of course, I do. You make magic with that camera.

Dillon: Okay, then. So, since we already have the place all set up, why don't we do a little test shoot?

Maxie: Really, Dillon? We need to get back to the office and show Nina those photos of Olivia and Leo.

Dillon: Yeah, but Nina loves surprises. Especially ones that are good for the magazine. So let's bring her back a little bonus -- a photo shoot with her fifth real woman.

Maxie: Okay, fine. Just tell me what to do.

Dillon: Smile.

[Camera shutter clicking]

[Up-tempo music plays]

Singer: When's it gonna be my way, my day? Take a leap, and I'm falling, falling waking up and not feeling waking up and not feeling anything for you give me a reason to hum the tune of a different song take another stab at being somebody but I'm always, always too late

[Clicking continues]

Singer: Hey, hey hey, hey

[Music continues]

Julian: Okay, before you say anything, there is nothing going on with me and Olivia.

Alexis: She's right. You are acting like a jealous boyfriend upset that someone's looking at your woman.

Julian: It's not like that at all.

Alexis: Really? Then how is it?

Julian: [Sighs] Okay, you know what? I've tried, all right? I have really tried to be okay with this, but I'm still Leo's father, and I don't think that Leo's mother should be exposing herself. There.

Alexis: Are you kidding me?

Julian: No.

Alexis: What, are you -- you understand that this is the attitude that we're trying to change with this lawsuit? She's not "exposing herself." She's breastfeeding her kid. And that is not supposed to be sexualized.

Julian: Yeah. And I'm completely on board with that message.

Alexis: Are you sure?

Julian: Yes!

Alexis: Because your attitude is reflecting the need to control the women in your life, and, aside from that being appallingly sexist, the last time I checked, Olivia wasn't one of them.

Julian: [Sighs] Fine. I admit I'm being a bit, um, patriarchal.

Alexis: Mm. A bit?

Julian: Okay, but let's just be clear, okay? You are the woman in my life, and there's no...other woman for me.

Alexis: [Chuckles]

Tracy: Clearly, the prince did not cheap out on the jewelry.

Hayden: The ceremony was surprisingly beautiful. Despite the Vegas kitsch.

Tracy: I'll take your word for it. Can we discuss something that's actually important, like ELQ and how you're gonna get your new husband to fork it over?

Hayden: Yeah. About that. There may be a slight problem.

Tracy: How slight?

Hayden: I had to sign a prenup.

Sonny: What's the verdict?

Griffin: Well, I have to say, Mr. Corinthos, you weren't kidding. Your upper-body strength is remarkable.

Carly: Okay, what about his legs? I mean, when do you think Sonny's gonna be able to walk again?

Griffin: Look, I'm sure you've heard this from Dr. Drake before. Even with the best equipment, facilities, and diagnostics, it's impossible to predict recovery. Now, please don't let what I'm saying be a reason for you to stop.

Carly: No, of course not. [Chuckles]

Griffin: I do believe that if you continue with your PT, in time, you will regain use of your legs. Mr. Corinthos, let me, uh, double-check something. If you guys could just give me a few minutes, I'll just be right back.

Carly: Of course. Thank you.

[Door opens, closes]

Griffin: Epiphany.

Epiphany: Dr. Munro, you're still standing? That's a good sign. [Chuckles]

Griffin: I know you've been working with Mr. Corinthos as a physical therapist. What can you tell me about the progress he's made?

Carly: You want me to get you something to drink?

Sonny: No, thank you. I just want to get out of here.

Carly: I'm sure Dr. Munro will be back soon. You know how doctors are -- time's on their side, not ours.

Sonny: What does he have to double-check? I mean, you saw him looking at the chart.

Carly: I like that he's being thorough, okay? All right. And you haven't tossed him out of here yet, so that's a plus.

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: And he seems to really get your situation. He's not talking over our heads like that last jerk did.

Sonny: Well, when I met him at the chapel, he seemed like a good guy. But a good guy doesn't mean he's a good doctor.

Carly: Okay.

[Door opens]

Sonny: All right, Dr. Munro.

[Door closes]

Sonny: Do you have a prognosis?

[Door closes]

Olivia: Oh, I hope you don't mind me looking at your computer. Julian just pulled up some of the pictures from the photo shoot.

Nina: No, it's fine. Uh, should I be nervous? I just saw Alexis and Julian out there, and they don't look happy.

Olivia: No, no, no. Nothing to worry about. It's just Julian being Julian. Alexis knows how to handle him.

Nina: Okay, let me -- let me take a look. Come on. Oh.

Olivia: Well, what do you think?

Nina: You've made my job very difficult. You're gorgeous.

Olivia: [Gasps] So you like them?

Nina: I'm ecstatic.

Olivia: [Laughs] Oh, my God.

Nina: I can't wait for this issue of crimson to hit the stands.

Julian: So we're good, right?

Alexis: We're good.

Julian: Good.

Alexis: I just overreacted because you overreacted.

Julian: Mm.

Alexis: We really shouldn't fight, though, 'cause our wedding is right around the corner.

Julian: Yeah, you're right about that. The 19th will be here before you know it. So, uh, you ready?

Alexis: I can't wait.

Julian: Mmm. Well, I feel the same way. I love you, Alexis Davis.

Alexis: Mmm.

Julian: Marrying you was the best decision I ever made. Mmm.

Tracy: Dare I hope... that you had a lawyer look at that prenup before you signed it?

Hayden: There wasn't time. He gave it to me minutes before the ceremony.

Tracy: Of course, he did. He wanted to catch you off-guard, and it worked. What happened to your assurances that you could handle Nikolas?

Hayden: I can.

Tracy: Not from where I'm sitting. That document negates our entire plan. Once Nikolas divorces you, you have no right to his ELQ stock.

Hayden: Tracy, have I let you down thus far?

Tracy: Uh, let's see, Rachel. You have not delivered ELQ in the allotted 30 days, so, mm, yeah, I think that working with you has been a colossal waste of time, and I'm gonna have to find another way to get back my family's company.

Hayden: Not if you'd just let me finish what we started. I just need a little bit more time.

Tracy: You have been saying that for months. And all you have to show for it is a quickie marriage with absolutely no leverage whatsoever, thanks to that prenup.

Hayden: Nikolas will never be able to enforce that prenup.

Tracy: Really? And why not?

Hayden: I've got something on my husband. Something...big.

Laura: I'm always gonna worry about you, Nikolas. It's part of being a parent. I'm sure you can understand that.

Nikolas: Yeah, Spencer teaches me every day.

Laura: Well, then put yourself in my place. How would you feel if Spencer married a woman that he didn't know that well, a woman who had lied to him in the past, a woman that he tried to have killed?

Nikolas: Hey. He would never do anything like that.

Laura: But you did. And you feel guilty about it. I know you do. And you want to make amends. So add that to your attraction to Hayden. And then, you know, there's this thing that she is the only one who seems to support your decision to take over ELQ. It's kind of a complex situation happening here. [Chuckles] And I don't think you can see that clearly.

Nikolas: Perhaps not, but my lawyers can. That's why they insisted on a prenup.

Laura: I don't think that's going to be enough to protect you, Nikolas. Real love develops over time. Through shared life experiences, from truly knowing each other. Don't assume anything, especially not where Hayden's concerned.

Nikolas: Okay, I promise I won't.

Laura: I'm really glad to hear that. Love you.

Nikolas: You, too.

Laura: Nikolas...

Nikolas: Yeah?

Laura: I really do hope that I'm wrong about Hayden. I hope that the two of you have a long and happy life together. But more than anything, I -- I hope that you will be loved the way you deserve to be loved.

Nikolas: [Sighs] I hope so, too.

[Keyboard clacking]

Tracy: You've got something that can negate a prenup? I'm all ears.

Hayden: The same way that you've got leverage over me, I've got leverage over Nikolas. Why don't we just leave it at that?

Tracy: Okay. I don't need to know, just as long as you're willing to use it to get Nikolas to sign over ELQ.

Hayden: Of course.

Tracy: Was that hesitation?

Hayden: No, never.

Tracy: Good. 'Cause I can make your life miserable, Rachel. Just make sure that Nikolas...

Hayden: Just make sure that Nikolas what? Tracy? H-hello, Tracy? Tracy?

Tracy: What?

[Dillon chuckles]

Maxie: Please delete that one.

Dillon: Why? Look at your smile. That is the realness that this campaign is all about.

Maxie: Okay, well, I look like a flamingo in that one.

Dillon: Well, I will crop it, but you look amazing in this one.

Maxie: The only reason I look like that is because I have an amazing photographer.

Dillon: It takes two people to make this happen. You're gorgeous. But you know that. I've watched you use it. I've seen people be so distracted by your looks they miss what's underneath. You seem to want it that way. You pretend to be so shallow and vapid, but you cannot fool the camera. I saw it when we were working on that movie, and I see it right here. The camera loves more than just your face. It somehow finds a way to your soul. And that... is even more beautiful.

[Nathan walks in.]

Julian: Mm, you know, I really could do that all day.

Alexis: Okay, I'll clear my calendar.

Julian: Well, mm, you might not want to do that, because we have to pick out rings today. Wouldn't be much of a wedding without those. Unless, of course, um, you have something better to do on the 19th. Hmm?

Alexis: I got nothing better to do.

Julian: Mmm. Good. Let's go.

Alexis: [Chuckles]

Nina: You and Leo are so sweet together. Peaceful. Beautiful. I think that every woman, deep down, wants to have this bond. And thank you for giving us a chance to portray it for our readers. [Clears throat]

Olivia: Well, you know, I had...big misgivings about doing this whole thing, in the beginning, but I got to say, I'm very happy to be one of Crimson's real women.

Nina: I'm glad. That's great. You know, it was that article about you being arrested for breastfeeding, or arguing with the mayor about breastfeeding. And I thought to myself, you know, fashion has always been sort of unattainable fantasy, and I wanted to give our readers a chance to see the beauty in every woman.

Olivia: This could be a hell of an issue.

Nina: It is. I agree, I agree. We have a few real women candidates coming today. Our building -- I mean, we're just gonna be blinded by all the radiance here. [Chuckles] Ah, and here's a shining example right now.

[Epiphany chuckles]

Griffin: Hey. Dr. Drake was very thorough, but in the interest of getting the best diagnosis possible, I would like to arrange another round of scans.

Carly: Oh. Well -- well, that's okay with me. What about you?

Sonny: Yeah, it's fine with me.

[Cell phone ringing]

Carly: Oh, excuse me. [Clears throat] Oh. No. [Sighs]

Sonny: What's wrong?

Carly: I got a booking conflict with two of my biggest clients. I've got to get to the hotel and calm these people down.

Sonny: Yeah, go, go. Make some peace.

Carly: I'm sorry.

Sonny: I'll see you at home.

Carly: Okay?

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: It was nice meeting you, Dr. Munro. Hopefully we'll be working together.

Griffin: Sure. The pleasure was all mine, Mrs. Corinthos.

Carly: Bye.

Sonny: Bye.

Griffin: You're a very lucky man, Mr. Corinthos.

Sonny: Yeah, I am. She's been by my side the whole time. Never lets me give up, doesn't give up on me. She's -- she's my rock.

Griffin: Wow. You know, a supportive partner like your wife by your side can make all the difference during recovery. Why are you lying to her?

On the next "General Hospital" --

Molly (walking in with balloons): Surprise!

Nikolas (on his computer): Let's see who you are.

Hayden (to Tracy): Don't ever mention my father to me again.

Maxie (to Nathan): I love you and only you.

Jake (to Jason & Elizabeth): Does that mean we're a family again?

Griffin (to Sonny): Why are you keeping your wife in the dark?

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