GH Transcript Monday 11/9/15

General Hospital Transcript Monday 11/9/15


Episode #13431 ~ The truth about Jason's identity rocks Port Charles; Michael & Morgan testify for Sonny at Avery's custody hearing; Kiki unexpectedly testifies against her mother.

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[Glass shatters]

Ava: I have to be ready. I have to go. I-I can't be late for the hearing, you know, and...

Paul: Yeah.

Ava: I'm not gonna let Sonny take my daughter from me.

Paul: Just do that thing we discussed before we, uh, did that thing with our tongues.

[Knock on door]

Paul: Avery will be yours forever.

Anna: Um...oh, is everything okay? I heard -- I guess this is a bad time.

Paul: No, I'm good.

Anna: Uh, no, it's a bad time for me. You know, she's here.

Ava: Settle down, twitchy. I'm leaving. Thank you very much, DA Hornsby.

Paul: Ms. Jerome.

Sonny: Is it really too much for the court to have a working wheelchair ramp? I mean, you're a lawyer, right? Is-- isn't that the law?

Ric: They're making improvements, but --

Sonny: Improvements? When a man can't get into a building -- another man has to, like, carry him up the steps.

Morgan: Hey, it's good to see you out of the hospital. How's it feel?

Sonny: Well, as soon as we get this over with, you know, the better. Every minute that Ava's holding my daughter is a minute too long.

Michael: Okay, look, Dad, it's gonna be fine. There's no doubt in my mind you're gonna -- you're gonna win this hearing.

Ric: Hey, listen, uh, I don't want to make you upset here, but in order for us to present this two-person alternative to Ava, we're gonna need your wife present in the courtroom.

Sonny: Speaking of -- Morgan, have you heard from your mom?

Morgan: No. Uh, no. You mean you haven't?

Sonny: Not since last night.

[Audience murmuring]

Elizabeth: Jake. Where were you? I've been so worried.

Jason: Uh, I know. I'm sorry. I had to find Carly. She was in a wreck.

Patrick: Carly, are you all right?

Lucas: Sis, you look pretty banged up.

Carly: No, I'm fine. The paramedics checked me out.

Patrick: We should probably get you to the hospital just to make sure.

Lucas: I mean, you're in shock.

Carly: I'm okay, I'm okay. Look, I had to get here as fast as I can.

Sam: Why? What's going on?

Elizabeth: [Chuckles] What's going on is we're about to get married, and if the best woman says she's okay, then let's start the wedding. Could someone call Epiphany and have her bring back the boys?

Jason: No, no. They shouldn't be here for this. They wouldn't understand. I, uh -- I barely understand myself, but, um... I think that I discovered who I am.

Ava: Looking for someone? Oh. Sonny, I didn't even realize you were here. You're so low to the ground I didn't see you.

Morgan: Ava, stop.

Ric: Okay, do we need to get a leash for you so you don't attack Sonny again?

Ava: Oh, no. Don't worry about it. You're no threat to me. So, what -- is the dutiful wife a no show? Maybe she isn't all that eager to be a mommy to a little baby when she already has to be a mother to you. Maybe she doesn't want the baby that you and I made in AJ's crypt. See you in court.

Ric: Okay, we got that out of the way. Now, under no circumstances, are you to lose your cool no matter what she says, okay?

Sonny: I know, Ric.

Ric: All right.

Sonny: You, too, Morgan.

Morgan: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Just don't let her bait you. All we have to do is get through this and Avery's coming home.

Morgan: Michael's right. We're gonna crush Ava in there.

Ava: Well, hey, I don't suppose either one of you managed to convince Kiki to come, huh?

Julian: Well, I called her a few times, but, uh, I'm sorry. She chose to ignore me.

Scott: I think she's blocked my number.

Ava: Brilliant work as usual, Scott. Thank you.

Scott: [Groans]

Julian: Listen, have you, uh, considered sharing custody of Avery with Sonny? Now, after a rocky start, Olivia and I managed to reach an amicable agreement.

Ava: No, no, my clever counselor already tried to ram that idea down my throat. Absolutely not. No.

Julian: I-it's just -- Ava. Why leave it up to the courts? We both know that judges can be bought. Now, if you and Sonny can hammer something out, you're guaranteed a chance to be Avery's mom.

Ava: There are no guarantees with Sonny. If I'm not granted full custody, he will never let me anywhere near Avery.

Anna: What happened? Was there an earthquake? I didn't feel it?

Paul: Uh, Ms. Jerome threw a tantrum, and in the process, threw some of my belongings.

Anna: Really? She didn't seem angry. In fact, you two looked downright cozy.

Paul: Well, I live to serve.

Anna: It's interesting she would be here. She's the one that claimed Carlos shot Sonny. And you know that she's either covering for herself or her brother. Because as you have found out, Carlos died a long time before Sonny was ever ambushed in that warehouse.

Paul: Oh, I have a strategy for dealing with Ms. Jerome.

Anna: Oh, do you ever just give a straight answer? Do you? Are you as slippery with Ava as you are with me?

Paul: Oh, come on. I'm not that bad.

Anna: You are. You're worse than that. You just ooze innuendo. You're just like a blackmailer.

Paul: Blackmail? I never said any --

Anna: I am sick of playing games. I am.

Paul: Okay.

Anna: You're just holding my crime over my head like a -- like a hatchet. And I'm not gonna live like that. So, I have decided that I'm just gonna confess to killing Carlos.

Paul: Well, do what you have to do. But is that what you want for her?

Judge Long: We are here regarding Ava Jerome's request for order in the custody case of the minor Avery Jerome Corinthos. Who appears before this court?

Scott: Scott Baldwin, attorney for the petitioner, Ava Jerome.

Ric: Ric Lansing for the respondent, Michael Corinthos Jr.

Judge Long: It is my responsibility to decide what is in the best interest of the child. This is family court, and families are our main concern. To that end, I would like to first hear from the children of both parties.

Ric: Yes, your honor, um, two of Mr. Corinthos' sons are here to testify on his behalf. Unlike Ms. Jerome, who's only other child has chosen to not be here because of her constant estrangement from her mother.

Scott: Your honor, this is ridiculous.

Ric: Yes, it is ridiculous, your honor, that -- that a mother would alienate her own child.

Judge Long: [Raps desk] Settle, gentlemen. There is no jury to impress, Mr. Lansing, so let's get down to business.

Ric: My apologies, your honor. Yes, we would like to call Morgan Stone Corinthos to the stand.

Hayden: Here we go.

Elizabeth: You know who you are?

Carly: He just found out.

Sam: Carly, is that Spinelli's computer?

Carly: Yes.

Sam: Did he find a match?

Elizabeth: Jake. I don't understand.

Jason: Look, I-I never stopped investigating my identity, and Spinelli thought he found a way to, uh, find out who I am.

Sam: Spinelli left me a message and he said he wasn't able to finish. He was on his way to Portland.

Carly: He ran into me in the hospital and, uh, he left his computer with me. The facial-recognition program was still running.

Sam: Really? So, did -- did we find a match?

Carly: It's a face I recognize.

Sam: Okay, well, who is it? Jake, who are you?

Jason: Um...I'm Jason. Jason Morgan.

Ava: Kiki. You came.

Judge Long: Ms. Jerome, please sit down.

Scott: I'm sorry, your honor. This is Ava Jerome's daughter, Lauren Jerome, also known as Kiki.

Judge Long: Are you here to testify, Ms. Jerome?

Kiki: Oh, yes, absolutely. Changed my mind, Mom.

Judge Long: Very well. Take a seat. Mr. Lansing, proceed with your witness.

Morgan: My dad and I have had our, uh, our ups and downs, I think like any father and son. But he always has my back.

Scott: Your honor, Morgan's mother was so worried that Sonny would get him shot that she sent him to boarding school for years.

Judge Long: Is this true, Mr. Corinthos? Were you sent to school because your father's house was too dangerous? You're under oath.

Morgan: No, your honor, absolutely not. Mr. Baldwin's got it wrong. I wanted to go to school. That was -- that was my choice. My father is totally committed to his kids. He does not take the easy way out. He's always loving. He's always supportive. Um, but on the same hand, he's not afraid to confront one of us when we've done something wrong.

Ric: Morgan, have you ever seen your father with Avery?

Morgan: Yes.

Ric: She ever appear to be afraid of him?

Morgan: Not at all. My dad's great with Avery. Avery loves my dad. Any time that he's in the room, she wants to go straight to him. I mean, I think if Avery was here right now, you could see that for yourself. My dad just wants a stable home for Avery with two amazing parents.

Scott: Who have been divorced and married half a dozen times, your honor. Do you see two parents here? 'Cause I see one.

Elizabeth: You're Jason? How?

Sam: No, no, no, Jason? That's -- that's not possible. What are you doing?

Carly: It's true, Sam, it's true.

Sam: No, it's not. What do you mean? He's been here over a year and now you're trying to tell me --

Carly: You know I wouldn't say this unless I was absolutely sure. Sam, it's true. He's Jason. I promise you.

Patrick: Carly, how did you come to this conclusion?

Carly: Spinelli's program. He was able to reconstruct Jason's original face. Look at this.

Elizabeth: Jason. It's you.

Carly: I know it is a lot to take in. It is -- I mean, Jason has been here with us the whole time, and how did we not know, right? But you know what? I think we did. I think we really did, because how else can we explain how quickly we cared about Jake? We just couldn't make the connection, because we were so convinced that Jason was dead.

Patrick: Okay, this is a computer program, right? Spinelli could've easily manipulated that --

Carly: No, he didn't.

Sam: Exactly.

Carly: He did not. He did not.

Jason: There was also a DNA test done.

Carly: I had it run by an independent lab, okay, by a friend of mine. He didn't know Jason or anyone involved. He would have no reason to falsify the results. The tests are conclusive. He's Jason. Jason's DNA was in the criminal database, and we compared Jake's DNA to that, and it matched. Sam, it's a 100% match. If you guys aren't convinced, run your own damn test! Compare it against Danny and -- and Jake. Michael, my God, but it's still gonna have the same results! He's Jason!

Hayden: Did you know anything about this?

Patrick: According to the, uh, samples, it looks like it's a perfect --

Sam: No, it's not. Come on. Spinelli got this wrong. The lab got it wrong.

Carly: Sam! There's no mistake. It's Jason.

Sam: No, how -- how... can it be you? I...

Anna: How dare you? I let you into my house the night my granddaughter's there, and now I tell you I'm going to confess, and you wave her photograph in my face?

Paul: I was just wondering why you would choose to go to prison for years when you have a granddaughter who adores you?

Anna: Bollocks. You know if I confessed that it would implicate you. That body that you claimed was Carlos is someone else. You faked the autopsy report. I have no idea who you fished out of the water, or how you pulled off that stunt. But you are guilty of something, and you don't want me to take you down, so now you're threatening a child.

Paul: You bite your tongue, woman! I can't even conceive of harming a child. I have children of my own. I returned to Port Charles with the express purpose of being closer with my son.

Anna: And now you're Acting DA. Isn't that convenient?

Paul: I told you that I would like to have grandchildren one day. I took this photo because I admire your bond with Emma, and I'm showing it to you now, because I don't think you should deprive Emma of her grandmother to go to prison for what I would consider a justifiable homicide.

Anna: Yeah, well, that better be what you're saying, because if you go anywhere near my granddaughter, you will die, just like Carlos.

Morgan: My mother loves Avery as if, you know, she were her own daughter. My mom if a far better mother for Avery than the murderer she's with now.

Scott: Your honor! Those charges were dropped.

Ric: Your honor, Ms. Jerome was charged with premeditated murder of Connie Falconeri. Now, a vital piece of evidence went missing, causing the charges to be dropped without prejudice. Those charges will be re-filed once that evidence is recovered.

Judge Long: This court cannot concern itself with charges that might be filed at a later date. From now on, stick to the facts, Mr. Corinthos.

Morgan: The fact is that Ava Jerome killed a woman, Judge. What kind of mom does that?

Scott: Sonny Corinthos killed his son's own biological father. What kind of a father is that?

Sonny: I went to prison. I did my time. The governor pardoned me. Ava's the one who, you know, ran away and abandoned her own daughter.

Ava: That's a lie.

Sonny: That is not a lie. That's true.

Ava: I came back for her.

Judge Long: [Bangs gavel]

Ava: I came back both of my daughters!

Judge Long: [Bangs gavel]

Sonny: You didn't do anything!

Judge Long: Mr. Lansing, Mr. Baldwin, please get control of your clients.

Scott: Yes.

Judge Long: Leeway is not synonymous with free for all.

Ric: Understood, your honor.

Judge Long: In deference to Mr. Corinthos' current state of health, can we please skip the sniping?

Michael: Now, when I was growing up, all I wanted to do was make my father proud. He was my hero, and, uh, he worked very hard to protect me.

Ric: Thank you. No further questions, your honor.

Scott: You say that Sonny Corinthos was protecting you.

Michael: Yes, I did.

Scott: Is that what he was doing when you got shot in the head?

Michael: Yes, I was hit by a ricochet bullet meant for my father. It was a terrible accident that happened years ago, but Avery will never be in that kind of danger.

Scott: But yet, your father was shot. Now he's in a wheelchair.

Michael: Yes.

Scott: Just a few months ago, right?

Michael: Because he was trying to save a kid's life. He put himself on the line so that TJ Ashford wouldn't die.

Scott: Well, isn't it true that you petitioned the courts for custody of Avery? You testified that Sonny was a killer and you didn't think that Avery would be safe?

Lucas: Thank you all for coming, but I don't think there's gonna be a wedding today.

Hayden: I, uh, think he means us, too.

Nikolas: I'm not leaving Elizabeth.

Carly: Can you just give them a minute?

Sam: I have dreamed of this for so long. You have no idea. I dreamed of Jason coming back to me. Months, years even, I spent. I was -- I was convinced that he was still alive. Everyone of you told me to give up on him, and God knows I tried. I really did. And every -- every time I thought I -- I had, I realized I hadn't -- I couldn't. And now you're -- you're -- you're -- you're telling me that -- that you're Jason and that you're alive. [Sighs]

Jason: All I know is what the test says.

Sam: I -- then I-I need a new test. Because this doesn't make sense, because Jason and I, we were married and -- and we had a son. We have a -- oh, my God. Danny. Every time he saw you, he would run up to you and... do you think there's somehow a way that he knew?

Jason: I don't know. I-I-I suppose so.

Elizabeth: I believe Jake knew, too. He's been drawn to you ever since he came home. And -- and the name. The name Jake -- that's why it was so familiar to you. You've been remembering our son.

Sam: Wait a minute, if this is true... do you... do you remember me? Do you remember our life together?

Michael: Your honor, when I fought my father for custody, I was...reacting to the death of my biological father.

Ava: Who Sonny murdered.

Judge Long: Ms. Jerome, contain yourself, please.

Ava: I'm sorry, your honor. I just want to be certain that you know the facts.

Judge Long: I am aware of the circumstances surrounding the death of Alan Quartermaine, Jr. Would you like to hear the letter that the governor wrote to me on the matter?

Ava: No, no, thank you.

Scott: Your honor, not all of Sonny's children are here today. He has a son that he didn't even know about. Said son grew up, was an adult and undercover -- Detective Falconeri -- who Sonny shot.

Ric: Your honor, Detective Falconeri is not present here in the courtroom today, because the hearing was moved up on a short notice. I do, however, have a signed affidavit that is in support of his father. I can also produce him as a witness if your honor wishes to have him here in person.

Scott: And what about his daughter, Kristina?

Ric: She wanted to be here, but she just couldn't.

Michael: That -- that -- that's true, your honor. Um, Kristina wanted to be here, but, uh, she's in the middle of college midterms. And she couldn't adjust her schedule on such a short notice.

Ric: Yes, and I also have a written affidavit from Kristina Corinthos Davis, as well, your honor.

Judge Long: I have noted the affidavits and will review them. Are you finished with this witness, Mr. Baldwin?

Scott: Well, no, your honor. Mr. Corinthos, he has a very dark and complicated relationship with all of his children. So, I think there's a -- a lot more to discuss.

Judge Long: Then I'd like to hear his testimony, not yours. Please continue with your questions for Mr. Corinthos.

Scott: That's my point exactly. Are you now a Corinthos? 'Cause didn't you legally change your name to Quartermaine?

Michael: When I found out that my father killed AJ Quartermaine, I was absolutely furious, okay? I was grief stricken. I wanted to punish him. But I couldn't take into account all the years of animosity between them or the chaotic situation that happened that night. I wasn't being objective about AJ's death. I wanted to punish my father. I wanted to hurt him as badly as I could, so I attacked him where he's most vulnerable -- his love for his children. And I changed my name to wound him. I wanted to destroy any bond between us, but... that's impossible. He's my father. He's -- he's the man who raised me. He taught me how to swim, he taught me how to throw a baseball. But the most important thing he did teach me was that family is more important than anything. And I knew how much he loved Avery, and I wanted to break his heart. So that's why I filed for custody. I love my baby sister too much to deprive her of the father that I had -- the father who put her good above his own. A father that will love her unconditionally and give her a safe and happy childhood. She belongs with her father, and she belongs with my mother, who will be her mother. Your honor, I let Avery go home, and I hope you do the same.

Bailiff: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

Kiki: I do.

Scott: Kiki. Thank you so much for showing up and testifying on your mother's behalf.

Kiki: Oh, um, no, see, actually, I'm not here to testify on her behalf. I'm here to swear in a court of law that Ava Jerome is a liar, a cheater, and a killer who's ruined my life and should never be allowed to raise another child.

Paul: I understand your desire to protect your own. I'm as passionate about my family as you are. We're kindred spirits.

Anna: Oh, yeah. Two hearts beating as one.

Paul: I also understand why you -- you killed Carlos. Because he murdered the man you loved.

Anna: Yeah, I didn't have the right to take matters into my own hands.

Paul: You were crazed with grief so you killed a killer. You did the world a favor.

Anna: I -- honestly, I don't think Sabrina sees it like that or Carlos' family.

Paul: Did Carlos consider you when he gunned down Duke? I don't think so! He saw Duke a-a-as a target. Do you think for one minute that Carlos had any remorse for what he did?

Anna: No, he didn't. He said that there would not be enough evidence against him for a conviction, and -- and -- and he said he would never pay for what he did.

Paul: That's right. I'd have gunned him down, too. Listen to me. You think about all the good that you've done, how much more you have to accomplish. Doesn't that outweigh this one crime? Hey, don't you sacrifice your life for Carlos. Emma needs you.

Anna: I don't know what good I am to her! I'm just racked with guilt.

Sam: Do you remember anything? Me? You and...our family?

Jason: I don't remember anything more about my past than I did the day I woke up in the hospital.

Carly: You just found out, Jason. Give it some time. You'll remember.

Jason: The only memories I have are the ones that I lived through in the past year.

Sam: So, looking at me right now, you -- you don't remember anything?

Jason: I remember thinking, uh... how lucky Jason was to have been loved by you every time you talked about him. What an idiot he was for leaving you that night and getting shot. You deserve to have him back, even if he doesn't deserve to have you. But Sam, I look at you, I see my friend. I don't see my wife. That DNA test says I'm Jason Morgan, but I do not feel it inside myself. I'm sorry, I...

Patrick: Sam.

Sam: [Crying]

Elizabeth: You're not living Jason Morgan's life. You're a new man. You're Jake Doe.

Jason: But I'm not. I'm Jason Morgan. I had a life, and it was stolen from me. No, this wasn't an accident. It was planned. Somebody kept this from me. They buried my entire life, and they kept it from me.

Elizabeth: Jake. Oh!

Jason: Why don't you tell me why, huh?

Nikolas: [Laughs] Can you tell me why? Tell me what happened!

Jason: Okay, your grandmother took me away. You knew all about me. She took me from my life, man, and I know you ordered the DNA test. You knew the truth about me. Say it! Say it! Hayden, did he tell you I was Jason?

Hayden: Let go of him!

Patrick: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Knock it off!

Elizabeth: Jake, don't hurt him!

Jason: Move.

Carly: Look at me -- you cannot kill him. You will go to prison for 20 years, and we cannot lose you again, okay?

Jason: You think I'm done with you? No, I'm coming for you. I'll beat the truth out of you if I have to. You're gonna tell me what happened!

Elizabeth: You can -- you can be angry, but you're taking it out on the wrong person.

Carly: Don't defend him, Elizabeth.

Nikolas: As I told you before, my grandmother didn't give me any answers about you. I don't know the truth about you, and I don't know where the hell you've been for the past few years.

Jason: What about you, Hayden, huh?

Nikolas: Leave her alone.

Jason: What do you know?

Nikolas: She doesn't -- she doesn't have any answers, either. None of us do. So, I suggest that you quit throwing a tantrum and work it out with Elizabeth and Sam, wherever she is. Come on, this is none of our business.

Carly: Let me tell you something. If Jason is right, and you took him away from the people he loves, those people will make you pay.

Nikolas: [Laughs] Charming as always, Carly.

Carly: That's funny.

Nikolas: Elizabeth, I'm sorry that you didn't get to have the wedding that you were hoping for, but we will certainly speak soon.

Jason: You need to leave.

Sam: Nikolas. If you knew about this, I will never forgive you.

Elizabeth: Knowing who you are doesn't change how I feel about you or what we mean to each other.

Carly: He can't ignore who he is, Elizabeth. Your time playing house with Jake doe is over.

Jason: Carly --

Elizabeth: You're still the same man. The man who wants to marry me and be a father to my boys. I'm gonna love you no matter what your name is, and yes, this complicates things, but it doesn't have to change anything.

Jason: It kind of changes everything.

Carly: Yeah, for God's sake, Elizabeth, you can't marry Jason. He's -- he's married to Sam.

Jason: Will you stop? Can everybody just stop? I need to figure this out.

Sam: Jason.

Carly: I have to go find him.

Elizabeth: Carly, no. He was gonna marry me. He loves me, and right now, he needs me.

Lucas: No, Carly, Carly, Carly.

Carly: What?

Lucas: Just wait. Wait. Drop it right now, okay?

Carly: I ca--

Lucas: You got to get to Sonny.

Carly: Oh, my God, Sonny. I got to tell Sonny about Jason. I got to get to the hospital.

Lucas: Wait, wait, he didn't call you?

Carly: No, why? I don't -- my phone's broke. Why?

Lucas: Okay, okay, Sonny's not at the hospital. Avery's custody hearing got moved up to today. It's happening right now.

Carly: Oh, my God, I-I don't have a car. I have to get there.

Lucas: Okay, I'll take you, I'll take you. Let's go.

Carly: [Sighs] I got to go. Go.

Sam: [Sniffles]

Anna: I am haunted by what I did. If -- if I'm asleep or awake, I see Carlos... fall, and I see the look on his face, and just blood and -- and -- and if prison were to take that away from me, I'm not afraid. It would be a relief.

Paul: You don't need to go to prison. You're punishing yourself more than any cinderblock cell ever could.

Anna: Well, that's for a jury to decide, and I'm not sure that they would agree with you.

Paul: Please, you're so much better than that simplistic thinking. Don't give up what little joy you have to atone for the death of a man that didn't have the decency to regret his crimes. You said you were no good to Emma because of your guilt. But I saw how you look at her. Now look at that face. Look at her smile. She loves you. Now, her mother left her -- are you going to do this same thing?

Anna: Don't talk about Robin. Please, please.

Paul: But Emma needs you and you're good for her. I saw how giving you were just to make sure she was happy. When I saw you two picking out her Halloween costume together, it was the first time I saw you smile. Don't you let that go.

Anna: What do you want from me? Tell me. Or I'm gonna march down that hallway, and I'm gonna give a full confession about what I did, and then I'm gonna tell them what you did, too, by making that body look like Carlos.

Paul: I want us to work together.

Ava: Kiki, how could you do this?

Kiki: All I had to do is remember how you, uh, slept with my boyfriend, how you got this get-out-of-jail-free card, and how, after my father died, you still didn't tell me who you really were.

Scott: Your honor --

Kiki: All I had to do was remember how you tried to pass me off as a Quartermaine so that you could get your hands on their money. How you murdered Connie Falconeri... just because she found out Uncle Julian was a mobster. Any other questions, Mom?

Judge Long: I think this would be a good time for a break. 15 minute recess. [Bangs gavel]

Bailiff: All rise.

Ric: I'm gonna try Carly again.

Sonny: Thank you for, uh, helping today.

Kiki: My mother kept me from my father my whole life. I don't want that for Avery. You've always been good to me. You never tried to keep me from my sister. Plus, you raised two pretty great sons. I love them both.

Sonny: They were champs today.

Kiki: Sonny, I am so sorry that you were injured like this. Really, it made me happy to do what I could to help after you almost died saving my friend TJ. I think you're the champ here. Avery will be lucky to have you.

Sonny: What do you want?

Ava: Wow. That was quite a display -- your sons singing your praises like a Sunday choir. Apparently you're Saint Joseph and Bob Cratchit all rolled into one perfect dad. [Chuckles] But no, actually. Bob Cratchit isn't quite accurate, is it? Because it was his son that was handicapped. Not him.

Sonny: You can go ahead and you can go away now, okay?

Ava: Why don't we just get real, okay? In your new world, Tiny Tim would be taking care of you instead of the other way around. And isn't that our daughter's fate if you win custody? Avery will grow up having to take care of her weak, vulnerable father.

Anna: You want me to work for you? Doing what?

Paul: Well, your particular skill set, uh, could be very useful to me.

Anna: Oh, what? You want me to be your own personal assassin?

Paul: [Chuckling] Nothing of the kind. With your work in law enforcement, your experience at the WSB... I'd like to hire you as an investigative consultant for the DA's office.

Anna: So, I'm supposed to... what, do everything you ask? Even if I'm compromising my own ethics?

Paul: Aren't they already compromised?

Anna: Aren't yours?

Paul: We both understand the occasional needs to step outside the lines. But if it makes you uncomfortable... feel free to turn down the offer.

Morgan: Mom, what happened to you?

Michael: Are you all right?

Morgan: Are you okay?

Carly: Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine. What's going on with your dad?

Morgan: Uh, it's okay. He's riding high right now.

Michael: Uh, yeah, yeah, no, it's looking really good for him.

Ava: Let me assure you. Sons may have professed their devotion up there, but...I saw pity in their eyes and in the judge's.

Sonny: You need to shut your mouth right now.

Ava: No, it's a natural reaction to a man in a wheelchair. Isn't their fault. Michael and Morgan have already begun to feel that... itchy ache of pity -- the one that feels good and bad at the same time. They feel so sorry for you, but yet, they're happy that it isn't them in that chair. And poor Carly. Oh -- oh, she's such a... a vital, sexy woman, right? Stuck with a feeble little man. How long will she want an invalid that she has to help into bed? A weakling who can't even stand up and put his arms around her? A patient instead of a husband who can't even keep her satisfied.

Sonny: I can still load a gun and aim and shoot to kill. I can blast you with so many bullets they won't be able to recognize the body.

Hayden: That was one bizarre bombshell. Who knew, right? The way you handled yourself when Jake -- [Laughs] I mean, Jason went after you. I was impressed.

Nikolas: He needed someone to lash out to. Suppose I was a convenient target.

Hayden: The way you defended me was so chivalrous. You really did sound convincing when you said I didn't know who Jake was. It got me fluttery somewhere just north of my thighs. But Jason, he won't rest until he digs up the rest of this story -- who did this to him and why. Doesn't that worry you?

Nikolas: Should it, Hayden? Should it?

Hayden: [Chuckles] How long do you think it'll take before he uncovers the truth?

Nikolas: What truth are you referring to?

Hayden: That you and Elizabeth have known for months that Jake Doe is Jason Morgan.

Patrick: I know what you just heard is, uh...pretty indescribable. I'm sure it feels like your life just got turned upside down. I just want you to know that I'm here for you. Sam.

Sam: Do you think the DNA test is valid?

Patrick: I don't know, but it appears it is.

Sam: I think so, too. Jason's alive. He came back. And he's my husband.

Elizabeth: Jason? I told you this view looked familiar -- something about the lights and looking down at the city.

Jason: Did I come up here a lot?

Elizabeth: Jason. Please look at me. I'm so sorry.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Nikolas (to Hayden): What could possibly give you a reason not to trust me?

Elizabeth (to Jason): You're gonna walk away, aren't you?

Carly: There's so much going on here that you don't know.

Patrick (to Sam): When you found out that Jake was Jason, did you just stop loving me?

Ava: You wouldn't kill the mother of your own child?

Sonny: With pleasure.

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