GH Transcript Wednesday 12/10/14

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 12/10/14


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Sam: Look, I am fine, Spinelli. Yes, Faison should be locked up for a lot of reasons, but the one that matters to me the most is that he killed Jason. And now that bastard is walking around because that gunman had me as hostage. I think the only lead the cops have is that Faison was dropped off at the harbor and escaped by boat.

Dante: Hey. You Hooper?

Hooper: Hey, at your service. Just so you know, if you want to charter the orca right now, it's gonna cost you. Between the wind, the weather, the cold, it's all pretty rough out there.

Dante: Oh. Well, no, that's cool. I, uh -- I don't want to charter the boat. I just want to ask you some questions about Cesar Faison.

Fluke: And I see they're sticking to the fluke thing. [Chuckling] It's catchy. "Fluke." But it's not accurate. It's no fluke that I'm here.

Carly: Oh, my God, Sonny.

Delia: Deck my hair with bows and holly fa la la la la, la la la... hey, guys, welcome to Ryan's Bar. Uh, ready to order? Holy moly. It's you.

[Pot crashing]

Nina: Hi, Jaime. Good morning, Jaime. Oh, did you have a good sleep? Oh. Oh, my God, she's gone.

Silas: Ava. Wake up. I have a surprise for you. hello, there! You're so beautiful!

Ava: [Crying] You're so beautiful. Do you have any idea how much your mommy missed you? Do you? How did you find her?

Silas: I didn't.

Ava: [Gasps] No! No!

Silas: Hey. What is it? What's wrong?

Ava: I dreamt that you found her... that you found my baby and you brought her here. And I was holding her right here, and she was safe. Just a dream. Nina still has my precious little girl.

Nina: Oh, my God. Where did she go? Where'd she go? Franco? Franco! Franco! Oh, thank God. Are you kidding me?

Franco: What?

Nina: You scared me half to death! I thought -- I thought... she was gone.

Franco: I'm sorry.

Nina: I didn't know where she was. Jaime summers was, you know, kind of -- she had cabin fever, literally, and so I took her out so that she didn't wake you up.

Nina: Well, you could have left me a note.

Franco: I did leave you a note. That's a note.

Nina: Oh. Oh. "Dear Nina, I took the baby for a walk. Back in a little while." It's a note. "F."

Franco: For "Franco."

Nina: Yeah. Sorry. A little...freaked out.

Franco: Yeah, you are freaked out. Otherwise, you would've seen the note.

Nina: Okay. I know. I know that. Just... I think I -- I -- I'm just... nervous because, um... these last few weeks have been... some of the best in my life, and I am just... I'm scared. I'm just scared that I'm gonna lose what we have. That's all.

Morgan: Oh.

Delia: It's you. You're Ava's daughter. You're Lauren.

Kiki: I go by Kiki, but...

Delia: I don't care what you call yourself. You're my granddaughter.

Kiki: [Chuckles]

Hooper: So, what kind of name is "phase-on"?

Dante: I don't know. You never heard of Cesar Faison?

Hooper: No.

Dante: He's an international terrorist.

Hooper: Oh.

Dante: Yeah.

Hooper: Well, see, I'm on the boat before sunup, home and in bed before 9:00. I don't have a lot of time for current events.

Dante: Right. I guess you don't read the paper?

Hooper: Well, in my world, the paper's all used to wrap fish.

Dante: That's right. Well, just so you know, Cesar Faison has been spending probably about the last year posing as Luke Spencer.

Fluke: Michael. Hey, you caught me talking to myself. I got used to that at Miscavige. I guess I was my own best friend.

Michael: Yeah, well, after what you've been through, you don't owe anyone any explanations.

Fluke: Well, I was just telling fluke there that no matter what he did in my name, I am still here.

Michael: Must feel pretty good to be back.

Fluke: You have no idea. I feel like I should apologize to you.

Michael: For what?

Fluke: Well, Tracy told me that Faison put you through hell when he was pretending to be me.

Michael: Yeah, he, uh... he made life difficult, but I've been through worse. Trust me. Thanks to Sonny.

Carly: What happened?

Sonny: It's nothing.

Carly: Nothing? You're in pain, and you're covered with bruises. Who the hell did this to you?

Dante: You know, this is a criminal investigation, so I advise you to cooperate.

Hooper: And I am cooperating with you, detective. I don't know anything about Luke Spencer or your buddy Faison. Like I said, I'm on the boat all day, every single day, and when I'm not on the boat, I'm right here on the pier.

Dante: That's perfect. That's perfect. 'Cause this guy, he was on this very pier last night. He was traveling with another man.

Hooper: Who?

Dante: We don't know. See, his accomplice was wearing a mask.

Sam: Well, that gunman grabbed me inside the PCPD, and he took me out the main door. Now I know they have security cameras in there, and I need to see the footage. I am begging you -- please, can you fire up your hacking skills for a worthy cause one more time? Guess that security footage is the only way for me to get a good look at that bastard who to free Jason's killer.

Delia: I can't believe my eyes. You're my granddaughter. You're even prettier than your pictures.

Kiki: Thank you. [Chuckles]

Delia: Oh, and is this Michael, your boyfriend?

Morgan: Uh, no. My name's Morgan.

Delia: Oh, Morgan. I knew it was an "m" name.

Kiki: No, you got it right the first time. My boyfriend's name is Michael. We... we just broke up.

Fluke: Yeah, Tracy told me that Corinthos killed AJ. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Michael: Thank you.

Fluke: It's terrible, that kind of thing, finding out that your father is dead and that Corinthos is responsible. For what it's worth, I say Sonny acted like a coward, with no honor. Prison's too good for him.

Sonny: I can't even touch you.

Sonny: No contact with the prisoners.

Carly: You know what I mean. The last time I was here... we weren't separated by this glass. We weren't talking on phones.

Sonny: This is how they treat the general population.

Carly: Do they beat up the general population? Because you've been attacked, Sonny. You see this?

Sonny: Okay. You know what? No one's reporting anything.

Carly: You're obviously a target, and people need to know about it.

Sonny: No, I... nothing's happened that I wasn't prepared for. I'm handling it.

Carly: It doesn't look like you're handling it, Sonny. Look at you.

Sonny: I don't want to fight, Carly. Can we just not do that?

Carly: Sorry. It's just, I'm worried about you.

Sonny: I don't care what happens to me. I just -- I want to know what's going on with the baby.

Delia: Oh, Kiki, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to step in it.

Kiki: That's fine.

Delia: Well, at least you're back up on the horse. And a mighty good-looking one at that. Oh, don't worry. That was a compliment, young man.

Morgan: Uh, no, I-I appreciate that. It's just, we're --

Kiki: No, Morgan and I are not together. We're not dating.

Delia: You're not?

Morgan: No. We have history, but we're...

Kiki: I mean, we used to be married for a little while, but it's over now.

Delia: Oh, married and divorced. You kids work mighty fast.

Kiki: Look, we're actually here on a mission. A baby was kidnapped.

Morgan: And I may be the baby's father.

Delia: Oh, my God. That's terrible. And more than a little weird, 'cause Ava's baby was just kidnapped. That's one hell of a coincidence.

Kiki: It's actually not a coincidence.

Morgan: No, it's the same baby.

Franco: I know you've been through a lot these last few weeks, especially since we left port Charles, but we have a deal, remember? It's you and me and little Jaime against the whole world. Our bitchin' little family.

Nina: Shh.

Franco: Sorry.

Nina: Yeah, I wish I could believe that.

Franco: You can believe that.

Nina: Okay.

Franco: You're not getting rid of me. You're stuck with me. So is baby Jaime. So just stop worrying, and you're not gonna lose me.

Nina: Okay. You just said that a lot of people would be looking for the baby. Um...and so, since we have her, I'm -- I'm just nervous, you know, that someone's gonna come by, just knock on the door out of nowhere.

Franco: Nobody even knows we're here. Trust me. Nobody's gonna knock on that door.

[Knock on door]

Silas: I'll get it.

Ava: Thank you.

Silas: It's gonna be okay. We're gonna find your daughter.

Ava: I still can't believe you're standing by me... after everything that's happened. Just wish it wasn't a wild goose chase. You know, I know we're no closer to finding my baby than we were before we got here.

Silas: That's not exactly true.

Sam: Hey, um, listen, I-I've got to go. But just work your magic, please? Okay. [Chuckles] All right, thanks. Bye. Hey. Hi.

Jason: Uh, I hope I'm not interrupting here.

Sam: No. Gosh, no. Actually, um, I was just talking to someone, and I need them to do something for me, so... you did me a favor.

Jason: Mm.

Sam: Sit down, please. Please. Sorry. Yeah.

Jason: You know, you're certainly cheerful for somebody who was just taken hostage last night.

Sam: You know about that?

Jason: Well, yeah. Elizabeth and I saw the news footage.

Sam: Oh.

Jason: Did he hurt you?

Sam: Not really. I mean, he -- he wasn't gentle. He just -- he used me to free Faison. I guess I was just...a means to an end.

Jason: Do you know who the gunman is? Cops have any leads?

Dante: So you didn't see the gunman.

Hooper: If he's wearing a mask, detective, how could I have seen him?

Dante: That's cute. You know, your buddy Quint, he's doing some time in prison right now for aiding and abetting a kidnapping of my wife.

Hooper: Yeah, well, I didn't have anything to do with that. So if you're trying to intimidate me with that, that's not gonna work.

Dante: You listen to me! Listen to me, you smug son of a bitch! Cesar Faison was arrested. Less than 24 hours later, someone walks into the PCPD, breaks him out, and shoots my partner. Now you tell me what you know!

Hooper: Fine!

Dante: Or you spend some nice time getting cozy with your buddy Quint.

Hooper: Just ease up! Tell me everything you know about Cesar Faison's escape.

Hooper: Like I told you, nothing. Okay? But I can point you toward someone else.

Dante: And who would that be?

Hooper: Another criminal. Name starts with an "F."

[Knock on door]

Nina: What do we do?

Franco: We do nothing.

Nina: Okay.

Franco: He'll go away.

Nina: Shh!

[Knock continues]

[Jamie coos]

Nina: Shh!

Franco: Okay, here.

[Knocking continues]

Nina: I'm gonna go over here. Over here. We're just gonna hide.

Ava: Do you have a lead on the baby?

Silas: I don't know. While you were sleeping, I... I took the liberty of calling some of the gallery people that you had on your list, the people that knew Franco.

Ava: Everybody knew Franco. The problem is, he alienated most of them.

Silas: Then what about this one? This one gallery owner, he gave me a lead, someone who may know where Franco would've gone.

Ava: Who -- who? Who's the contact?

Silas: I don't know. They, uh -- they agreed to meet with us, but they didn't want me to give up their name.

Ava: Well, how will we recognize them.

Silas: Had to send the gallery owner a picture of you and a picture of me, and the lead, whoever they are, they're gonna approach us. So, uh, what do you say we get a move on? We're maybe one step closer to finding your daughter. Come on.

Carly: I'm sorry. There's no news about the baby.

Sonny: You're telling me, all this time, the cops can't come up with a decent lead? Franco's traveling around with an infant and a woman who needs a keeper, and --

Carly: The police are on it, Sonny.

Sonny: Well, the police don't give a damn, Carly.

Carly: Dante gives a damn.

Sonny: I know Dante -- Dante's trying everything he can, but...

Carly: The police are spread too thin dealing with Faison.

Sonny: What're you talking about? What -- what -- what does he have to do with it? What happened?

Carly: Um, well... he was supposed to be in a Supermax prison in Switzerland for the past year. Actually, he was here in port Charles... running the Jerome organization.

Sonny: What the hell you talking about, Carly?

Carly: Julian's mystery boss, the man who's been pulling the strings? Julian's been answering to Faison, who was posing as Luke Spencer.

Michael: You and Sonny have been friends for as long as I can remember. He was the silent partner in your old club.

Fluke: Yeah. Oh, I've had many dealings with Sonny through the years. And I think he deserves what he got. Don't you?

Michael: Do I think he should be punished for murdering my father? Yeah, I do. I just didn't think you shared that opinion.

Fluke: Well, don't get me wrong, son. He's a friend of mine. But he's also a study in violence and ruthlessness, and some people seem to think that he's greedy. You know? He takes what he wants. He doesn't care who it belongs to. All this started a long time before you were even born, Michael. He wanted frank smith's territory, and so he took it. It was a bloodbath. And then he wanted AJ's son, so he took you. And then he wanted AJ dead. And there you have it.

Michael: You never had a problem with Sonny before.

Fluke: Well, I like Sonny. I really do. But...spending time in a mental institution like I did changes your priorities. You start to look at life as something very fragile and very precious. And Sonny took AJ's life. And let's face it -- from what I heard, your father could barely get through the day, so he was no threat to Sonny. Sonny killed AJ because he could. It's power run amok. It's the same kind of sickness that creates people like Faison.

Michael: I never thought of it that way.

Fluke: Well, this is a hell of a conversation to have first thing in the morning. I apologize. My social graces are sort of sketchy at the moment. Say, why don't we have a look at the sports page. You can help me take a look at Sunday's lineup before I reacquaint myself with my bookie.

Michael: I'm sorry, but I got to get over to ELQ.

Fluke: Oh, okay. Of course. But before you go, I need to talk to you about something important.

Delia: So, if you are the father, then you spent some time with my daughter.

Morgan: Yes, ma'am.

Delia: Well, she always had an eye for a good-looking guy, I'll tell you that. So, let me get this straight. You were married to Kiki, who's Ava's daughter, and then...

Morgan: Yeah, that was after...

Kiki: Yes, after we broke up -- right after.

Delia: Mm. And then Ava turned on you and slept with your father. So, you're Sonny Corinthos' kid.

Morgan: Yes, ma'am.

Delia: Oh, no, please, call me Delia.

Morgan: Delia.

Delia: Listen, I'm sorry about your dad. I mean, it's no fun loving someone who's behind bars, and I'm really sorry about Ava, because the papers say that she just ran off... wait a second. Are you both here because you think I'm hiding her? Well, I swear to you, I'm not. I mean, she's my daughter, but she killed someone, and I may not be a saint, but I don't turn my head when it comes to murder. She has not set one foot in this establishment.

Delia: Oh, Ava, speak of the devil...

Kiki: I asked you if you'd seen my mom, and you said no.

Silas: I know. I'm sorry. At the time we spoke, I didn't know what Ava had done. I found out from you in the course of the conversation.

Kiki: So you're still covering for her.

Ava: Don't be angry with Silas, Kiki. He's trying to help me find your baby sister.

Kiki: Really? You're really searching for her, or are you just trying to save yourself?

Ava: That baby girl needs her mother. I couldn't risk being arrested while she's still missing. You understand that, don't you, Morgan?

Morgan: No, I don't understand that. That baby girl might be mine, too, Ava. But me and you, we're nothing alike.

Ava: Well, I know that you still feel things for me, Morgan. You protected me when Sonny was after me.

Morgan: I didn't protect you. I told my dad where to find you.

Sonny: Let me get this straight. Faison was pretending to be Luke?

Carly: Apparently. I should've known something was up when "uncle Luke" didn't come around trying to comp a room or booze up at the bar. Very unlike him.

Sonny: Well, it makes sense to why he was turned against me, which now I know he wasn't.

Carly: Well, I'm getting all this information from lulu, so it's secondhand, but that seems to be what Luke is most upset about. And obviously being locked up for the better part of a year in a mental ward.

Sonny: There are worse places than Pentonville.

Carly: You need to know that Faison was using Luke's identity to try and take over your territory.

Sonny: My territory's well taken care of. And Faison's gonna have to pay for it, you know? For what he did -- killing Jason, what he did to Luke. Have you talked to lulu? Is Luke recovering?

Carly: Yeah, he seems to be. Lulu said he settled in at the Quartermaines, safe and sound, where he belongs.

Fluke: Like I said, Tracy has been filling me in on the mess that Faison made in my name.

Michael: Yeah. Um, well, it was hardest on Tracy. She thought she was working with the man she loves. Turns out it was Faison, using her to gain control of ELQ.

Fluke: I know. Larry Ashton, Faison, jerry jacks. I mean, this is a very unlikely trio. And now they have 15% of your company.

Michael: Well, it could've been worse. She actually wanted to give them more.

Fluke: Well, that's because she thought she was gonna save me. That's why I feel responsible.

Michael: No, don't blame yourself. You were Faison's biggest victim.

Fluke: Well, I object to the word "victim." And, see, the point is, I need to prove the difference. I need to show that I am not the guy who's been using my face. Look, Michael... please believe me. I would never make a pass at a girl younger than my daughter. It sickens me to think what Faison did in my name to Kiki. So if you could find out from her if there's any way that I can apologize or make it better, I would like, next time she comes over, to put all this behind us.

Michael: You're gonna have to make those arrangements on your own. Kiki aren't together anymore.

Michael: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

Michael: No, don't be. It's for the best. Kiki is completely out of my life.

Morgan: You lied to me, and you lied to Kiki. Okay, you told us both that you were hiding from my dad because you knew he shot AJ, which was a load of crap. You were hiding from him because you murdered Connie.

Ava: I made a terrible mistake, Morgan.

Morgan: And not that you care, but Connie was a great person, and she never did a damn thing to you, and you shot her, and you left her to bleed to death. So please do not stand there acting all tragic, like you're the victim.

Silas: Look, you have every right to be pissed --

Morgan: Let go of me. We're gonna do this right here, and we're gonna do this right now.

Ava: Please, would you keep it down? Please?

Morgan: Why? Why? You afraid someone's gonna call the cops?

Delia: Uh, maybe we should get you a table.

Ava: I'm afraid because my daughter, who might be your daughter, is still out there with Nina, who's insane, and Franco, who's a sociopath.

Morgan: Nina's legitimately crazy, and Franco's a sociopath. What's your excuse?

Ava: Oh, come on. We loved each other.

Morgan: Ava, I knew you were a user, but you know what? I actually thought things were different between you and I.

Ava: Things were different between us.

Morgan: You betrayed me.

Ava: You betrayed me. You told Sonny where to find me, knowing he was gonna kill me.

Morgan: I didn't know you had the baby already.

Ava: Well, you knew he was gonna kill me just as soon as I gave birth. I don't understand. How -- how could you do that? After everything we've been through... did you actually want to see me dead? Did you really not care if Sonny killed me?

Dante: Do you have information on Franco's whereabouts?

Hooper: Franco charters my boat a few weeks ago. He's supposed to be the only passenger. Then he shows up with some woman carrying a baby. Now, these are the people that you're looking for, right?

Dante: I thought you didn't read the papers.

Hooper: Yeah, and I don't. They were talking about that at the bait shop. They said that Franco fled port Charles with a woman and a baby the same day that those three got on my boat.

Dante: So where'd you take them, Hooper?

Franco: I do like eggs. Hi.

Zoe: Hi.

Franco: Uh, can I help you with something?

Zoe: Uh, sorry to just show up like this, but I saw you outside with that adorable baby. You dropped this in the snow.

Franco: Oh, thank you.

Zoe: It's pretty cold out here. I wouldn't want the baby's hands to get frostbite.

Franco: Right. Thank you very much.

Zoe: Wait. Don't I know you from somewhere?

Morgan: Of course, I'd care if my father killed you.

Ava: Then how could you turn me over to him?

Morgan: Because I was angry, Ava. All right? I felt terrible for him, and I wasn't thinking of the outcome, and like I already said, I didn't know you had the baby. Okay? I thought he'd still have time to change his mind.

Ava: don't want me dead.

Morgan: No. But that doesn't mean I don't think you should pay for what you did. I think you should be tried, I think you should be found guilty, and I think you should go to jail, just like you deserve.

Ava: Okay. So, is that why you're here? You here to track me down?

Kiki: No. We're here to track down Franco.

[Baby crying]

Franco: No, I don't think that we've met!

Zoe: Are -- are you sure?

Franco: Yeah, I'm sure! I get that a lot! I have one of those faces! Thanks so much! Okay! Hoo! That was close.

Dante: Don't stop now. Tell me where you took Franco and Nina and that baby.

Hooper: I need some assurances first.

Dante: What are you talking about?

Hooper: Well, you said it yourself -- Quint's in prison right now for ferrying the kidnapper. I don't intend on joining him.

Dante: We don't care about you, man. We care about getting this kid back. We don't want to prosecute you. You have my word we will not do that.

Hooper: No! No, your word is not enough for this. I need the details in writing.

Kiki: Morgan and I were hoping to find some sort of lead. We know that Franco has a lot of relationships with art galleries out here. We were hoping to talk to one of his old friends from the art world and see if maybe he knew... maybe they knew where he and Nina had taken the baby.

Kiki: Yeah. What?

Silas: Great minds think alike.

Ava: We're here for the same reason.

Silas: And we're one step ahead of you.

Fluke: Hell, now I've put my foot in it.

Michael: No, it's okay.

Fluke: Well, let me get to the point. I really feel like I need to take back my identity -- you know, to prove that I am the same Luke Spencer I've always been. Just a new and improved version with priorities intact. I mean, I... I know the damage that Faison did to ELQ, and I would like somehow to help you repair it.

Michael: You -- you want to work for ELQ.

Fluke: Well, believe it or not, I already did, once. I mean, Edward hired me back in the day.

Michael: Yeah. Uh... the company's changed a lot since then.

Fluke: Well, of course. Michael, everything has. Look, I'm not asking for a six-figure salary or a corner office. I mean, the whole idea of an office job makes me want to jump in front of the nearest bus. I just thought maybe I could, you know, make a suggestion now and then, whenever it's needed.

Michael: No, I-I-I understand. I appreciate the gesture -- I do. It's just, the company's been fending off an enemy with your face for months.

Fluke: Well, you see, that's the whole point, isn't it? I need to prove to you and everybody else that I'm trustworthy.

Michael: I'll -- I'll consider it, of course. It's -- it's gonna take some time to adjust... even though I know you're not the man who did those things.

Sonny: At least Luke's free. That's something, I guess.

Carly: I wish you were the one who was --

Sonny: Wishes are a waste of time.

Carly: I know you hate being hit.

Sonny: Everybody hates getting hit.

Carly: That's not what I meant. Okay, you cut a deal, you pled guilty, you accepted your sentence. That doesn't mean you get to be a target or a punching bag. I don't care what you say, I'm gonna report it.

Sonny: I asked you not to.

Carly: I care more about your safety than your pride, Sonny.

Sonny: If you ask for help in here, it shows weakness. If you're weak, you get killed. Is that what you want?

Carly: No! I -- I don't want you black and blue.

Sonny: Then don't worry. I'm handling it. I know how power works. I know how to get it. And I know how to keep it. Soon as this is all over... these inmates are gonna... they're gonna respect me. Then I'll be safe.

Carly: Okay. Okay. Well, I'm gonna light a fire under Anna Devane, and if she doesn't make the kidnapping a top priority, I'm -- I'll go to the mayor.

Sonny: That's what you should be doing -- you should put your energies into trying to find the baby.

Carly: The next time I come back here, I hope I have good news for you.

Sonny: I don't want you to come back.

Jason: You're trying to find the gunman, aren't you?

Sam: [Chuckles] Is it that obvious?

Jason: Well, you know, I get the impulse. Something happens to you, you want to know why, you want to know who was behind it. Not that I'm having a lot of luck finding the answers to what happened to me, but, hey, I do understand the impulse.

Sam: That guy, Faison... he killed my husband.

Jason: I know. Elizabeth told me.

Sam: I wanted him to pay. I wanted to be able to tell my son that the bastard who killed his father was...rotting away in prison, and I can't do that. Because this gunman set him free, and he used me to do it.

Jason: I'm sorry.

Sam: He was a pro. I mean, he was -- he was focused, efficient. He -- he grabbed me from behind, and he took me out the front doors of the PCPD. He used me as a human shield so the police couldn't get a shot. And then once the chaos built up... that's -- that's when he... he shot one of the detectives. And he didn't shoot him to kill him, by no means. He knew exactly what he was doing. He was...very calculated.

Jason: The cops had to have collected some sort of physical evidence.

Sam: Are you kidding me? The cops -- what do they have? They have one shell casing, one bullet. It's not gonna have enough evidence on it. This guy didn't leave a trail. I mean, he's a pro. And I'm sure Faison paid him a fortune. And I'm sure as hell not gonna allow him to spend it.

Jason: I'm sorry. You're gonna find the gunman that the police are having a hard time apprehending.

Sam: I have resources that they don't.

Jason: Really?

Sam: Yeah, really. You know that guy who I was talking to when you came in here? His name is Spinelli. I don't know if anyone's mentioned him to you yet. Have they?

Jason: Spinelli?

Sam: Yes.

Jason: Uh, no, I don't know that name.

Sam: You don't. He's probably the greatest hacker on the planet.

Jason: Well, that's impressive.

Sam: Yes, it is. If I -- I if tell you something, will you keep it between us?

Jason: Yes, of course.

Sam: Okay. Well, I asked Spinelli to acquire security footage from the police department. That way, I can get a better look at the guy who used me as a human shield and find out who the hell he is.

Jason: Mm.

Jason: Okay. So how long until this -- Spinelli?

Sam: Yep.

Jason: Spinelli. How long until he delivers the goods?

Sam: I don't know. Pretty soon, I imagine.

Jason: That's quick.

Sam: Hey, I... what -- what are you doing here at the metro court, anyway? Did Elizabeth kick you out already?

Jason: Ha! Yeah. No, not yet, but if I don't find a job soon and start pulling my own weight, I'm gonna kick myself out. I hate freeloading.

Sam: Oh, please. I'm sure she doesn't mind.

Jason: I mind. Anyway, I found these job listings online, and... this place was looking for help right here. I just don't know who to talk to.

Sam: Oh, that would be Carly jacks -- or, Corinthos. I don't know which name she's going by these days.

Jason: Corinthos-jacks. Anyway, that's how she introduced herself to me.

Sam: Wait a minute. You know her?

Jason: I met her at the hospital. We talked a little while. That was before she was supposed to marry Franco.

Sam: [Scoffs] Yeah, Franco. Thank God she dodged that bullet.

Jason: You're not a fan of Franco, huh?

Sam: You know, I, um... oh, I hate Franco for many reasons. I'm not gonna bore you with the details. I know the wedding imploded. I'm sure she's very sad. But I'm just gonna say that she's better off.

Jason: Well, you know, I only met Franco once, but I have to agree with you.

Sam: I have no idea why she would want to marry that...freak in the first place.

Jason: You know, I'm not entirely sure she did.

Sam: What do you mean?

Jason: I got the feeling that she was still hung up on her ex, uh, Sonny.

Sam: Sonny.

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: Oh, Carly... she may have a lot of flaws, but you know, she has been very, very loyal to Sonny.

Jason: I read he killed somebody, and he went to jail.

Sam: Yeah, Sonny got arrested for... murdering his son's biological father. It's...a mess.

Jason: Yeah. I feel bad for Carly.

Carly: What do you mean?

Sonny: You heard me, Carly.

Carly: I heard you say something that I'm still trying to understand, so you better start explaining it to me.

Sonny: It's simple. Don't come back. I don't want you to visit me anymore.

Silas: Well, after a few false starts, we may actually have a lead. Person's on their way over here right now.

Kiki: Who is it?

Silas: Not exactly sure. Gallery owner said they might know someone who knows something about Franco.

Ava: So, please... could you two forget about me being a fugitive for now? Please, can we work together to find my baby?

Dante: So you're not gonna disclose where you took Franco and Nina and a kidnapped child because you want written assurance that we're not gonna prosecute you?

Hooper: Yeah, and I want D.A. Baldwin to sign off on it, too. You do that, and I'm happy to tell you what I did.

Dante: Do you realize how much time this is wasting?! This is gonna get so much worse for you and everyone else.

Hooper: You're the one that's wasting time, detective. If you want to find these people, these are my terms.

Dante: Fine. Go. Let's go.

Nina: Did she recognize you?

Franco: I-I don't know. Probably not. She's probably just being friendly.

[Knock on door]

Franco: Who is it?

Zoe: It's just me again.

Nina: I got to go up here.

Franco: Hey. Did you find the other mitten?

Zoe: [Chuckles] That's very funny.

Franco: Thanks.

Zoe: I remembered how I know you. You're Franco.

[Ringtone plays]

Michael: I got to get going. I have a conference call in a half-hour.

Fluke: Yeah, okay. Well, I won't keep you. Look, Michael, you know, I've seen a lot through the years, and my experience may be more valuable than you think.

Michael: All right, uh...

Fluke: Well, you know...

Michael: I'll keep it in mind.

Fluke: The offer's on the table. There you go. Hey, I appreciate that!

Michael: Yeah.

Fluke: Thanks, Michael! Thanks! Oh, you are Sonny's kid. [Chuckles] Get a little taste of power, and you don't want to share. Well... you and big daddy are about to learn the same lesson.

[Cell phone rings]

Fluke: Yeah, it's me. I know, I know. Well, I've been dealing with a minor annoyance. Okay. Yes, I'll meet you there. We have a lot to discuss. we have a lot to discuss.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Carly: (to Sonny) You breakin' up with me?

Fluke: Come out, come out, wherever you are...

Sam: (to Jason) That's our guy.

Elizabeth: (to Nathan) Well, someone has a secret admirer.

Silas: Are you here about Franco?

Dante: (to Anna) I might have information about where Ava Jerome's baby is.

Nina: (to Franco) We're in trouble.

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