GH Transcript Wednesday 10/1/14

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 10/1/14


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Julian: No, no, as long as you're safe, I don't want to know where you are. You need to remember, Sonny's not the only one we need to be worried about. That boss of ours, he's not too pleased with you, either. And, Ava, you should know, he tried to have Michael killed last night.

Kiki: Little help here.

Michael: Thanks, but, uh, miss Jerome's always welcome here.

Guard: Go on in, miss. Thank you for your patience.

Kiki: No problem.

Michael: Hey.

Kiki: Wh...

Michael: So, you, uh, you want some breakfast?

Kiki: Why do you have a guard at your door?!

Michael: It's a long story.

Kiki: Does it have to do with why you insisted I stay home at the brownstone last night instead of here with you?

[Doorbell rings]

Morgan: [Sighs] Ava, someone's at the door. Stay out of sight. I'll handle it, all right? It's probably another missionary getting his preach on again.

[Doorbell rings]

Morgan: Get the hose, send him on his way. [Sighs] And I spoke too soon.

Anna: Of course, I support you, Robin. I just don't want you to be unhappy. You know, I mean, if you really feel that this divorce is something that you want, I... yeah. I'm here for you always. You understand that. Okay, I love you. Okay, bye-bye.

Nathan: This a good time?

Anna: Yeah, good as any.

Nathan: Thanks. [Clears throat]

Anna: You look well. Getting back into the swing of things?

Nathan: Best I can.

Anna: What can I do for you?

Nathan: Tell me why my mother is still in custody.

Alexis: I don't know if I'm still dreaming or I'm awake, but I am good either way.

Julian: Well, ask me again when we're finished.

Alexis: Mm-hmm.

Sam: So, look, I think we need to go to Amsterdam and ambush Luke, but first... we have to get this little guy to his doctor's appointment, right? Thanks for helping us out, by the way.

Patrick: Of course. Anytime. Danny and I are buddies now, right? You need anything, I'll fill in any time.

[Monitor beeping]

Epiphany: Nurse Webber, I never forget a schedule, and I know that you're not on duty this morning.

Elizabeth: I know. I couldn't stay away.

Epiphany: Is there some connection between you and this John doe that I know nothing about?

Elizabeth: I was here when they brought him in. And I promised him I would be here when he woke up.

Elizabeth: How is he?

Epiphany: It'll be awhile before he wakes up. If he wakes up at all.

Elizabeth: He made it through surgery okay.

Epiphany: A lot of surgery. This man's been in and out of the O.R. For 36 hours. People have been fusing together his bones and knitting together his internal organs and trying to piece back what's left of his face.

Elizabeth: How bad was it?

Epiphany: Well, John doe has had so much reconstructive surgery, for all we know, his loved ones could stare him straight in the eyes and have no idea who he is.

Patrick: Speaking of Amsterdam, are you sure that you want to go?

Sam: Yeah, of course. Why?

Patrick: I'm pretty confident that I can track down Luke on my own.

Sam: Really?

Patrick: You don't believe me?

Sam: [Chuckles] Okay. So, you've -- you've got some ink, and you've been a bad boy with the ladies, but let's just say you're more like Luke skywalker.

Patrick: Oh, okay. Good. So, I'm just like a boy hero.

Sam: Yeah, and -- and you're gonna need a han solo to get you in and out of trouble.

Patrick: Which I'm assuming is you.

Sam: Yes, absolutely.

Patrick: That's very Spinelli-like of you.

Sam: [Chuckles] Well, actually, my -- my brother, who Danny is named after, he was a huge "star wars" fan. So I'm going with you.

Patrick: Okay, let's just say, for argument's sake, if Luke is pulling the strings, Sam, it's gonna be a dangerous situation.

Sam: Let's just say, in case you didn't know, I was one of the bad guys until I decided not to be a bad guy, so you, my friend, you don't have to worry about me.

Patrick: I understand that, but I don't want you to risk getting hurt.

Sam: Well, some risks are worth taking a chance for. I want to put a close to this. Not just for Gabriel's sake, but for Rafe and everybody who loved him. So, I'm going.

Patrick: [Chuckles] Okay.

Nathan: As I understand it, my mother, Dr. Obrecht, is in a holding cell.

Anna: Yeah. That's correct.

Nathan: Well, has she been charged?

Anna: Not yet. No.

Nathan: Is she going to be charged?

Anna: I don't know, Nathan. I am weighing my options.

Nathan: Well, might I ask what those are?

Anna: [Chuckles]

Nathan: Just, Britt is getting antsy, all right, and she's threatening to encourage reporters to come here and investigate why our mother's being punished, and I'm worried that if she does, that it's gonna paint you and the department in a negative light.

Anna: Claiming what? The woman who helped lead the charge at Crichton-Clark is being, I don't know, let's say victimized, shall we, by the police commissioner, who is trying to exact revenge on a personal grudge. Am I warm?

Nathan: Yeah, yeah, something like that.

Anna: Thanks for looking out for me.

Nathan: Yeah. You took a chance on me when you didn't have to, so I hope I can continue to justify your faith in me.

Anna: I have no doubt. You're a fine officer. And you've conducted yourself professionally given your relationship with said doctor. And victor Cassadine.

Nathan: I'm not thinking about my father. He's...dead. And truthfully, uh, I'd really just like to put the whole Crichton-Clark thing behind me.

Anna: Yeah, that's probably wise.

Nathan: Thing is, I, uh, feel like I'm missing something. Did my mother do something at the facility that I'm not aware of?

[Telephone buzzes]

Anna: Just a minute. Yes? Yes, that's fine. Uh, I-I have some business that I have to deal with.

Nathan: What -- what business?

Jordan: Mine.

Maxie: Hey, Morgan. Can I come in?

Morgan: No.

Maxie: What do you mean, no? I said please.

Morgan: Uh, no, you didn't. And look, I'm sorry you got kidnapped, and I'm glad you're back and you're safe, now take a hike.

Maxie: No, Morgan! Please! There, I said it this time.

Morgan: What? So you can come in and declare yourself a squatter? No, thank you. You can go down to the docks and protest the save the whales.

Maxie: I'm not here to protest! I just want to talk. It won't take that long. You won't regret it.

Morgan: Can you just make it quick?

Maxie: Yes, I will make it... muffins. Do you have company?

Michael: Like I said, it's a long story, okay? Do you want some pancakes?

Kiki: Michael, you can make me whatever you want. Just please tell me what happened... please tell me that this is wine.

Michael: No, it's -- it's blood.

Kiki: Is it yours?

Michael: No, someone else's.

Kiki: Michael, whose?

Michael: The man who tried to kill me last night.

Julian: [Sighs]

Alexis: [Sighs] I'm awake now.

Julian: Yeah. Me, too. Where's your phone?

Alexis: I have no idea. I think I left it out -- out in the other room. Why?

Julian: 'Cause you need to make a call.

Alexis: Who do I have to call?

Julian: Ned. You need to call that preppy and his boat shoes, and you need to tell him to look elsewhere for companionship because you're through with him. I want you all to myself.

Alexis: Do you?

Julian: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: Well, good. Just keep kissing me. Go to the left.

Julian: Hmm. And I will brook no dissent.

Alexis: And I'm not arguing with you. But I am not going to make some gloating phone call on your behalf to Ned. I'm not gonna do it. Although I do need to call our daughter and tell her why I didn't call her last night and tell her that we didn't have any information about Luke.

Julian: Because you found something better to do with your time.

Alexis: Because you assured me that there was nothing to tell her.

Julian: [Clears throat]

Alexis: I got to call molly while I'm at it. I'll be back.

Julian: Bring coffee!

Alexis: Let's see. If I were a phone, where -- there it is.

Sonny: What are you looking for?

Alexis: [Gasps]

Sonny: If it's your dignity, you lost it when you crawled back into bed with Julian. Hope it was worth it, because now it's time to pay.

Maxie: Those are some, uh, gourmet muffins you got there. Must be someone pretty special to rate top-class baked goods. Got a new girlfriend?

Morgan: No, they're for Kiki.

Maxie: You and Kiki got back together?

Morgan: No, no.

Maxie: Then what gives? Those are not roommate muffins.

Morgan: Okay, it's breakfast, Maxie.

Maxie: Nice flower, too. Where is Kiki?

Morgan: She had to go.

Maxie: Oh, good. I am starving. Ah. Oh, so good. Yes.

Morgan: I thought you were off the carbs.

Maxie: It's a cheat day.

Morgan: Wait, what are you doing here, again?

Maxie: Well, I didn't tell you, but I will now. I came over to say that I was sorry.

Kiki: Can you tell me what happened?

Michael: [Sighs] Look, a man showed up here yesterday. He pulled a gun out on me. And luckily Shawn showed up, and he was able to distract him long enough for me to get my hands on the gun.

Kiki: So, does that mean...

Michael: We struggled for the gun. It went off. He died.

Kiki: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Michael: Technically, it was self-defense, but since I've already been to prison for manslaughter, my father thought it was best to just, you know, make the situation go away.

Kiki: Situation? Someone tried to kill you, and you had to kill them?

Michael: Look, it's over. It's not gonna happen again. My father made sure of it. I'm protected.

Kiki: No, your father is in no position to protect you from anything.

Michael: I know this is a lot to take in.

Kiki: You almost got killed because of your father.

Michael: Look, this is just something that happens in my father's business sometimes, and I learned to accept the rules of my father's world a long time ago.

Alexis: How did you get in here?

Sonny: I flew. What do you think?

Alexis: I know how you got in here. How did you get past Julian's security?

Sonny: They're a little lax these days. He needs a little, you know, better human resources.

Alexis: Get up. Get up and get out of here.

Sonny: Get up and get out? What do you mean? It defeats the purpose.

Alexis: Stop screwing around with me and tell me what you want!

Julian: Hey, how about we make some -- breakfast.

Sonny: Oh, it's okay. I already ate.

Julian: [Sighs]

Sonny: But I do want some answers, okay? Like... what you tried to do to Michael last night.

Julian: [Sighs]

Jordan: Look, I'm sorry for dropping in out of the blue.

Anna: As you should be.

Jordan: Okay.

Anna: You're a DEA undercover agent, and you risk blowing that every time you step foot in this station.

Jordan: Well, it's a good thing that I'm here on legitimate police business.

Anna: All right. Yeah.

Jordan: Okay. I'm just here as a citizen dutifully following up on a car accident that I was involved in last night.

Nathan: I read about that. You hit a John doe? He's at the ICU at GH.

Anna: I read the report.

Jordan: Well, the report's inaccurate.

Anna: In what respect?

Jordan: I wasn't the one driving the car that hit him.

Elizabeth: Aside from facial reconstruction, what's his prognosis?

Epiphany: He absorbed one hell of a TBI. There's no telling what his cognitive function will be when they take him off sedation.

Elizabeth: Well, they must have taken scans, right?

Epiphany: Oh, they did, and the films are in the file, but the neurologist hasn't been by yet.

Elizabeth: Why not?

Epiphany: Well, everybody knows that neurology took a hit when frau farbissina decided to give drake junior the axe. And if anyone should be taking a look-see at those scans and letting us know the quality of life that John doe here is gonna have, it's Patrick.

[Monitor beeping]

Silas: Good morning. Hey, buddy. You ready for your checkup this morning?


Sam: Someone's a little crabby today.

Silas: You know what we do to grumpies in my office?

Sam: What's that?

Silas: We do...this. We load them up with candy.

Sam: Wow. You're gonna load him up with sugar.

Silas: Well, you know...

Sam: You want to try that?

Silas: He'll perk right up for the appointment. He'll be out like a light before you get home.

Sam: You're an evil genius, you know that?

Silas: Something like that. So, what do you say, buddy? You want to go do this? [Laughs] Let's try anyway, all right? You be joining us, doctor?

Patrick: No, just giving a hand. I'm here to see the board about my appeal.

Silas: Good luck with that.

Patrick: Thank you.

Silas: Okay.

Sam: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Patrick.

Patrick: Hey. How are you?

Elizabeth: You're just the man I wanted to see. I have a job for you.

Maxie: I'm not going to shirk responsibility for my part of the sit-in, but it was Levi's idea, and he wasn't even Levi.

Morgan: He wasn't?

Maxie: Haven't you heard?

Morgan: No, I guess I missed the tweet.

Maxie: [Scoffs] He's peter, which is really confusing because "a," he looks like a Levi, and "b," his dad's peter, too. So, we'll just go ahead and keep calling him Levi. Anyway --

Morgan: Oh, good. There's more.

Maxie: I'm really sorry that I let him bamboozle me into giving you grief and Michael and Kiki.

Morgan: Oh, unlike now.

Maxie: Levi was a fraud. He convinced me he was acting on principle, when it turns out he had no principles at all.

Morgan: Uh-huh. Well, apology accepted.

Maxie: No, no, no! That's very sweet of you, but I'm not finished. I never should have fallen for Levi's crunchy-granola "let's give the earth a hug" schtick, but I wasn't in the right head space to be making decisions about my romantic prospects.

Morgan: Oh, okay, well, your head's screwed on right now, so good luck and so long.

Maxie: No, Morgan! I wish it was, but I can't be trusted enough to tell the difference between black and navy! That's where you come in! Can I go on this date with Nathan tonight?

Jordan: So, Ava took off in her car while I waited around for the first responders.

Anna: And took the rap. Just the same way you did for Julian when he killed Mickey diamond. You seem to be making quite a habit out of covering for these people.

Jordan: Yeah. Look, my job is to take down the Jeromes, okay? And more importantly, the man who's behind them.

Anna: I know.

Jordan: Okay, so I don't have any value in this operation if Ava and Julian don't trust me.

Nathan: But if the accident was actually an accident, then why would Ava flee the scene?

Jordan: Because Ava's got a target on her back, and she figured if she ended up in the hospital or the police station, she'd be a sitting duck.

Anna: For whom?

Jordan: Sonny Corinthos. If he finds her, he's gonna execute her.

Julian: Alexis, go back to the bedroom. Wait for me there.

Alexis: Oh, I'm not going anywhere.

Sonny: Yeah, you don't want to miss this, 'cause things are gonna get real interesting right now.

Shawn: Yeah, I thought you might want to know that, uh, your men are indisposed.

Sonny: You know, it's, like, so hard to get good help these days. I don't know what it is.

Alexis: Seriously?! This is ridiculous.

Sonny: Is it? Go ahead, Julian. Tell her why you came to my house.

Julian: [Sighs]

Sonny: Tell her. Cat got your tongue? You were real chatty before. Let me jog your memory. You said you were gonna use my family, right? You were -- you were gonna finish me!

Julian: That's because you tried to kidnap my sister.

Sonny: Okay, so you retaliated by going after my son? But you failed. Just like you fail at everything else you touch.

Julian: [Sighs]

Alexis: Is that true?

Julian: I had absolutely nothing to do with any attempt on Michael's life.

Sonny: Is that right? 'Cause I have reason to believe that you're lying.

Michael: Bodyguards have always been a fact of my life. When Morgan and I were kids, max and Milo would bring us to the park, and they'd stand around in suits while we rode bikes.

Kiki: And that's just a sweet childhood memory for you?

Michael: I mean, my childhood was mostly great. I mean, a few bad times. But yeah.

Kiki: Michael, you killed someone last night. Doesn't that bother you? Don't you get that normal people don't have to deal with stuff like this?

Michael: What, normal meaning...?

Kiki: Meaning don't you ever wonder what it would be like if you weren't a Corinthos, how much safer and saner you would be without having to deal with the complications of being your father's son, the crimes and the lies. It's -- [Sighs]

Michael: But I am a Corinthos. It's -- it's definitely not always easy. It can be difficult, but they're family. Not my mom, my dad, my brothers, my sister -- renouncing the Corinthos name is not an option.

Kiki: Maybe it should be.

Michael: Where's this coming from? You've always known who my father is and never had a problem with it before.

Kiki: I didn't. Until -- until you had to kill someone, Michael.

Michael: I'm sorry, but I-I didn't have a choice.

Kiki: I know you didn't. This isn't your fault. It's your father's fault.

Michael: No, he's done everything he could to protect me. Why do you keep blaming him?

Morgan: I get what you're saying about Mikey's right to know, and -- and normally I would agree, but if Michael found out that our dad killed AJ. And that our mom helped him, it would kill him.

Michael: Kiki. Why do you have a problem with my father all of a sudden?

Elizabeth: So, is this you back on the job? Are you picking up your lab coat?

Patrick: No, I wish. The board is dragging their feet where I'm concerned.

Elizabeth: [Sighs] That's too bad. We could really use you back on the rounds right now.

Patrick: Any "we" in particular?

Elizabeth: A patient in ICU. He was hit by a car, and we're unclear as to what his brain functions are.

Patrick: You want me to weigh in.

Elizabeth: Not officially, of course. I was just hoping that you could give me a ballpark of what his chances of recovery might be. You know, 'cause the more informed I am, the better informed he will be.

Patrick: And I'm sure the attending neurosurgeon --

Elizabeth: The attending neurosurgeon is not available, and the attending neurosurgeon is also not you.

Patrick: Yeah, well, neither am I until the board says so.

Elizabeth: Is there any harm in just looking at his films?

Patrick: Yeah, if Obrecht finds out.

Elizabeth: Anna has her in custody again.

Patrick: Well, okay, knowing Obrecht, that can't be very long.

Elizabeth: Exactly! So we got to hurry.

Patrick: Elizabeth, I don't know if --

Elizabeth: Patrick, please. I'm not asking you to treat the patient. I just want your opinion. I have a feeling if anyone can help this guy, it's you.

Silas: Am I mistaken or was this appointment scheduled for next week?

Sam: No, you're not mistaken, actually. Um, yes, I moved his appointment because I had -- I had somewhere else to go.

Silas: Hmm. Okay.

Sam: I actually got a lead on Rafe's case, so, um, I've got to go out of town, so, yes, I-I moved his appointment up. [Laughs] Get that out of the way.

Silas: Okay. Is, um... is drake going with you?

Sam: Well, he hired -- he hired me, so, yeah, he is.

Silas: [Sniffs] Can I ask you something?

Sam: Sure.

Silas: You two a couple now?

[Monitor beeping]

[Door opens]

Epiphany: Nurse Webber, what do we have here?

Elizabeth: Look who I found.

Epiphany: I have no idea what you mean. I hadn't seen a thing.

Patrick: Okay, give me the rundown.

Elizabeth: Okay, car versus pedestrian, TBI, severe facial edema, and a long list of other surgeries. Here you go.

Patrick: Wait a second. What have we got here?

Elizabeth: What is it? What do you see?

Sam: There's nothing going on between me and Patrick. This trip is about bringing the case to a close. That's it.

Silas: You think you can solve this thing?

Sam: Actually, I-I-I do. I think I actually have a good lead. I think that we were able to figure out who asked Rafe to cause Patrick's accident.

Silas: Who?

Sam: I can't tell you.

Silas: Rafe was my nephew. I think maybe I have a right to know.

Sam: No, no, I completely understand that, but we're just going on a theory here. We have nothing, like, actually concrete, so I don't want to tarnish somebody's name if they're not the one who actually did it.

Silas: So, you can't tell me, but you can tell drake? Forget it. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have -- forget I said that, all right? Um, what do you say we get on with this?

Elizabeth: What is it? What do you see?

Patrick: It's all over his scans. See, look, here, here.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but what am I looking at?

Patrick: It's scar tissue, and lots of it. Your John doe has had brain surgery before, and probably more than one round.

Elizabeth: Is there any indication what that surgery was meant to correct?

Patrick: No, there's not enough to go off of here.

Elizabeth: Too bad we don't know who performed the surgery.

[Monitor beeping]

Elizabeth: Maybe then we could figure out who you really are.

Michael: Why are you suddenly against my father?

Kiki: I'm not against your father. I'm against the consequences of being close to him. If you weren't his son, would last night have even happened?

Michael: I survived last night before of my father, because Shawn works for him.

Kiki: That's not an answer.

Michael: I love my dad. Like you love your mother. You're not gonna give up on her, are you?

Kiki: Being Ava's daughter never almost got me killed.

Michael: All right, you know what? The bottom line is, it's over, okay? I'm okay.

Kiki: Yeah, because Shawn showed up at the right time.

Michael: Well, to be fair, it wasn't just Shawn. Rosalie helped, too.

Kiki: Rosalie was here?

Michael: Yeah, she stopped by to apologize for butting in the other day.

Kiki: So, while she was apologizing, the hitman just happened to show up?

Michael: Yeah. The hitman was very clear about not leaving any witnesses. Luckily Shawn showed up when he did before he could pull the trigger.

Kiki: And then Rosalie helped how?

Michael: She pretended to freak out and make a run for it.

Kiki: Why'd she have to pretend?

Michael: She mostly pretended, but when she ran, it gave me a chance to get my hands on the gun.

Kiki: That's funny, because I thought you said that Shawn was the one who caused the distraction.

Michael: It was like a group effort. The simple fact is, Rosalie and I would have died if it wasn't for Shawn.

Julian: Alexis, I swear to you, I did not try to have Michael killed last night.

Sonny: What are you trying to convince her for, Julian? I'm the one that has your life in my hands.

Julian: You know, you're gonna believe whatever you want. You're gonna do whatever you want. I only care what Alexis thinks.

Alexis: Well, I think that if Sonny's right and you did try to kill Michael, that we really shouldn't be seeing each other anymore.

Julian: Alexis, you know, I watched my own son get gunned down right in front of me. Hell, you were there. I held Lucas' hand in the hospital. I prayed by his bedside. Now, you should know that I would never put another man through that, not even Sonny.

Sonny: Well, my information says differently.

Julian: What information? No, come on! Come on! You say you've got proof? What is it? What have you got on me, and who gave it to you?!

Jordan: Ava was abducted in the hours leading up to the accident.

Anna: That's a pretty wild story. Does Ava have any proof to corroborate it?

Jordan: I'm the proof. I arrived at her apartment while the, uh, kidnapping was underway, and I put a stop to it.

Nathan: How do you know Sonny's behind it?

Jordan: Because I do.

Anna: Yeah, Jordan, that's -- that's not enough.

Jordan: Well, you're gonna just have to trust me.

Anna: This only works if I do trust you and you don't hold anything back. So, why do you think Corinthos is involved?

Jordan: Because the person leading the operation, um, was Sonny's number-one guy. Shawn butler.

Anna: That's a windfall right there.

Nathan: How do you mean?

Anna: Well, it's a big deal that we're building a case to bring down the Jeromes, but now it looks like we have an avenue to Sonny, as well, provided you're willing to testify against Shawn when the time comes.

Morgan: W-what? Who?

Maxie: Me and Nathan!

Morgan: Who the hell is Nathan?

Maxie: Nathan west! Are you even listening to me?

Morgan: You haven't really given me a choice. But, no, you haven't mentioned anyone named Nathan.

Maxie: Yes, I have. He arrested me for disturbing the peace and trespassing. We got handcuffed together.

Morgan: Oh, yeah. What -- what about him?

Maxie: Morgan, you have got to keep up. I really need your help, okay? Nathan told me he has feelings for me.

Morgan: Oh, wow. Congratulations. I hope you two have a very happy, long life together.

Maxie: No, this is not great, okay? I am very, very confused about my inner life! I don't even know what my own feelings are! And then he -- he kissed me, and I definitely wasn't confused about how I felt about that. And I thought everything would -- would change, but then he asked me to go out on a date with him tonight, and that got me thinking. Can I do that? Am I making a-a mistake? Am I just on the rebound? Is it fair of me to go out on a date with Nathan when I don't really know anything?

Morgan: Those are a lot of really deep questions.

Maxie: And I don't have an answer to one.

Morgan: Okay, so, where do I come in?

Maxie: Well, I need you to tell me what to do.

Sam: There you go.

Silas: Danny Morgan, you are still the very best patient I've ever had.

Sam: [Laughs] Thank you.

Silas: Yeah, well, he looks good, you know? No signs of visible recurrence. I mean, I'll let you know when his labs come back, but as far as I can see, he's still in remission.

Sam: Yes.

Silas: Buddy, I'm gonna give you a clean bill of health. High five. Right on!

Sam: We'll take it. Well, thank you for everything.

Silas: Seeing Danny healthy and happy is the only thanks I need.

Sam: Uh, I better get going.

Silas: Come on, big fella. We'll save these cars for next time.

Sam: You keep them in here for him. Um, I just, I wanted to let you know that as soon as I find out what's going on, I will keep in touch with you.

Silas: Yeah, well, maybe just keep in touch anyway, okay?

Sam: Yeah, I will.

Silas: Good luck. Be careful.

Sam: Thank you.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Epiphany: Samantha.

Sam: Hi, epiphany. How are you?

Epiphany: And who is this very grown-up young man?

Sam: Isn't he handsome?

Epiphany: Looking just like his daddy.

Sam: I know. Hey, I was supposed to meet Patrick here. Do you know where he is?

Epiphany: Well, you didn't hear it from me, but he's definitely not down in the ICU, and he's definitely not taking a look at our John doe's brain scans.

Patrick: See, now, this is interesting. Other than the old scar tissue, there's no obvious sign of brain damage.

Elizabeth: So he's gonna be okay?

Patrick: No, I'm not gonna go that far. It's my unofficial opinion. We won't know for sure unless I examine him, which I can't do.

Elizabeth: Well, unless Obrecht stays locked up a little longer.

Patrick: All I can say is that you'll know more when he wakes up.

Elizabeth: I know a positive prognosis when I hear one. Thank you for peace of mind.

Patrick: I know that you care about your patients, but what's going on here?

Elizabeth: [Chuckles] Why am I so invested in a guy I don't even know?

Patrick: Yeah.

Elizabeth: There's just something about him. He was in such bad shape when they brought him in. We didn't think he was gonna make it. And now we have no idea who he is or who his family might be. He's all alone, and he needs help. Why shouldn't I give it to him?

Morgan: Why do you need my advice?

Maxie: Because everybody knows what a big heart you have.

Morgan: Oh, well, thank you for the vote of confidence.

Maxie: Morgan, just tell me what to do about Nathan!

Morgan: I'm not the right person to ask about relationships, okay? I just jump from one bad situation to another one.

Maxie: Yes, perfect! Use those valuable lessons you've learned!

Morgan: I don't know. I don't know.

Maxie: The quicker you do this for me, the quicker I will leave.

Morgan: [Sighing] Oh, man. Okay, you -- you got burned. You don't want to jump into anything else. The last so-called gat guy you were with ended up being, what, a psycho kidnapper, and then you completely blew it with the last decent guy. So this time you don't want to hurt anyone, including yourself, and I get that. Believe me. I'm all about taking things slow.

Maxie: Really? 'Cause that whole thing with Kiki's mom --

Morgan: Well, that's what I mean. I jumped into that relationship with Ava and left myself open and vulnerable, and I got my heart broken.

Maxie: Yeah, been there, done that. You don't really want to do it again.

Morgan: Exactly. And it sucks, right? And with us completely exposing ourselves, we're basically asking to get hurt, and who wants that?

Maxie: So, you don't think I should go on the date with Nathan.

Morgan: I mean, you could do that, but, I mean, what kind of life is that? Closing ourselves off to everyone? I mean, we have to allow ourselves to love other people and let them love us, or what's the point?

Maxie: What, indeed.

Morgan: It's kind of like this. Look at it this way. The worst days when you're in love are better than the best days when you're not.

Maxie: Hmm. So I should go on the date.

Morgan: Maxie, I don't know what the right thing is for you to do. Only you do. But you got to stop looking for answers from other people and look for them from yourself. I bet you know a lot more than you're leading on.

Jordan: Could you give me a minute alone with the commissioner?

Anna: We'll continue our conversation in awhile.

Nathan: All right.

Anna: Sorry. Okay, Jordan. Break it to me.

Jordan: Uh, I think that it would be a mistake if you put me on the stand against Shawn.

Anna: Yeah, I know. You're intimately involved with him because of T.J.

Jordan: Actually, uh, because I'm intimately involved with Shawn. Things with us have gotten, uh, a bit tricky.

Anna: Can you put a stop to that?

Jordan: Did you put a stop to you and Duke Lavery? I-I didn't mean for it to happen, but it did, and if I'm not careful, it's gonna compromise this whole operation. I just -- I don't know what to do, you know. I... I know I should probably just get out of it, but... I'm not sure I could bring myself to do that.

Sonny: Seem a little confused. I don't have to prove anything to you. You have to convince me not to do to you what you tried to do to my son.

Julian: You're just grasping at any excuse to kill me right now, and the truth is, I have no idea who went after Michael. You know, I'm not your only enemy, Sonny. Right now, you're just latching on to the most convenient theory, which is lacking any shred of proof, by the way.

Sonny: It's not court, Julian. I'm not bound to the law!

Julian: Then do what you came here to do to me!

Alexis: Stop it! Both of you, shut up! You know very well that he didn't try to kill Michael.

Sonny: You don't know that!

Alexis: Yeah, I do know that, and so do you.

Sonny: Nope, I don't know nothing.

Alexis: Yeah, because if you had any proof that he had tried to kill Michael, you wouldn't be sitting there having a conversation with him right now. He'd already be dead.

Shawn: It appears your feelings for this man is clouding your judgment.

Alexis: You think? You think, Shawn? Really? Then kill him. Kill him. Go ahead. Blow him away! Blow away the only insurance policy my grandson has in case he gets sick again! You gonna do that? You gonna gamble with Jason's only son?

Nathan: Hey.

Maxie: Hi.

Nathan: I was just thinking of you.

Maxie: Uh, same here.

Nathan: I-I hadn't heard back yet, so I didn't know if we're still on for tonight?

Maxie: That's actually why I'm here, to give you an answer in person.

Michael: It almost sounds like you'd have preferred Rosalie not be there and that I'd gotten shot.

Kiki: That's not funny, Michael, at all.

Michael: I'm sorry. I'm just trying to explain Rosalie didn't mean to cause any trouble. She thought you and Morgan were keeping a secret from me, and it turns out, you were. Your big anniversary surprise.

Kiki: [Sighs] Right.

Michael: Right, so no harm, no foul. Wasn't like you were keeping a secret from me that would actually hurt me.

Sonny: If I find out you had anything to do with what happened to my son --

Julian: You won't, because I didn't.

Sonny: Okay, you know what? It's not gonna change anything between us. And I'm so sick and tired of you using your grandson to save your ass, 'cause sooner or later, I'm gonna find a donor match for Danny, and when I do, you will not be able to hide behind Jason's son anymore.

[Monitor beeping]

Sonny: You ready, Shawn?

Shawn: Yeah.

[Door opens]

Sonny: And, Alexis, one more thing. You're fired.

[Door closes]

Anna: Well, my professional conflict of interest or personal difficulties, however you want to spin it, that only came to an end when -- when Duke walked away from Sonny. And the same is gonna be true with you and Shawn.

Jordan: Well, then I don't see an out, because I am not giving up on this case.

Anna: Well, then you need to be aware that what is going on with you and Shawn is only going to get worse. You're not gonna compromise. There won't be one. One of you has to budge or else you're both gonna pay a high price.

Shawn: So, what do you want to do now?

Sonny: What I'm gonna do is get Jordan alone and see what I can get out of her.

Julian: I am so sorry that Sonny put you through that.

Alexis: Well, there's only one thing to be sorry about, and that's if you lied to me and Sonny.

Julian: I didn't. I'll swear to you a thousand times, I was not behind the attempt on Michael's life.

Alexis: Good. Because we're not gonna be able to go forward if you were lying about that.

Epiphany: Drake junior.

Patrick: Hey, you, uh, you see Sam?

Epiphany: Miss Morgan?

Patrick: Yeah.

Epiphany: Uh, yeah, I sent her down to the ICU looking for you.

Patrick: Okay. Thanks.

Sam: Hey, Elizabeth. Have you seen Patrick?

Elizabeth: You just missed him. He left maybe two minutes ago.

Sam: Oh, he did?

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Sam: Danny. Danny, wait.

[Monitor beeping]

On the next "General Hospital" --

Carly: (to Michael) You have to go away until it's safe!

Kiki: (to Morgan) Someone tried to kill Michael.

Sabrina: (to Patrick) Who do you think did it?

Patrick: Luke Spencer.

Lulu: (to Dante) It's impossible for me to believe that that person was my father.

Sam: (to Danny) Hey, what are you doin'?

Nathan: (to Maxie) You gonna go out with me or not?

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