GH Transcript Monday 8/25/14

General Hospital Transcript Monday 8/25/14


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Kiki: If you want more time with Alice, I can always reschedule with my mom.

Michael: No, no, that's fine. I mean, I'll be the first one to admit that I know absolutely nothing about wrestling. I was so confused.

Kiki: [Laughs]

Michael: Alice and Morgan were screaming at the television, yelling things like "piledriver!"

Kiki: That's a famous finishing move. What? Wrestling's really fun to watch.

Michael: Well, still, I think I'll let the super fans bond without having to worry about me asking them a hundred questions. Which means I'm all yours tonight.

Kiki: Oh, good. Then what are we waiting for? Let's go grab dinner with my mother.

Julian: Where the hell have you been?

Ava: Grocery shopping. You can put the bags in the kitchen.

Julian: [Sighs] Well, I certainly hired a full-service protection detail, didn't I? Man even carries your groceries. Good thing he didn't have to draw his gun.

Ava: I'm not gonna be lugging around groceries in my condition.

Julian: Even taking a guard with you, it was still pretty risky for you to leave the apartment. I mean, have you forgotten that Sonny's just waiting for a chance to get you and that baby back into his clutches?

Sonny: Yeah, I just need you to keep an eye on the shipment, Shawn, 'cause you know what? Julian's, uh, trying to convince everybody he's out of the game. Um, now that Alexis' house was torched, his cover's blown, so he may try to do something. And if that hap-- you heard what I said, right? All right. I'll see you later. Well, this is a surprise. I mean, you've kind of been avoiding me lately.

Dante: Yeah, I know.

Sonny: I'm not complaining. I figured you'd be busy. Your -- your mom said that you had a fertility test or something like that?

Dante: Yeah, we didn't make it.

Olivia: Okay, so since you got the movie tickets, the drinks are all on me.

Ned: No, no, no, no, no.

Olivia: What are you talking about? No, no, that's not fair, 'cause you got the jump on me by buying the tickets ahead of time.

Ned: It was my pleasure. Plea. Your money's no good here.

Olivia: Well, I thank you, Ned. And my son thanks you, too. I'm sorry.

Ned: How so? What's -- what's up?

Olivia: Well, Lulu is going in for fertility treatments today, and I called them last night just to let them know, you know, that I'm there for them, whatever they need -- a ride, anything at all, and I still haven't heard back from them, which I suppose means that they would prefer it if I would back off and stop smothering them.

Ned: Well, an offer of help hardly sounds like smothering.

Olivia: I got a history of smothering. I'm just -- I can't think of any other reason why I wouldn't have heard from them.

Dante: Look, I know I've been, uh... I've been pretty harsh with you about what happened with my mother. [Sighs] I need a favor.

Sonny: Anything.

Dante: Maxie and Lulu were kidnapped last night.

Maxie: Come on. Oh, yes.

[Footsteps approaching]

[Door opens]

Levi: Miss me?

Maxie: No. Levi, where is Lulu?

Nikolas: I'm not interested in your rates. My sister is missing, and I hired you to find her, so get to work.

Elizabeth: Is that your private security firm?

Nikolas: Yeah. Anna had to pull some cops off the search to handle other crimes. I hired private security, but at this point, my fear is that Levi has had too much lead time for them to make a difference.

Britt: Hey, hey, my brother and Dante have been on the case since the moment the girls were taken. You know they'll do anything to find them.

Nikolas: I know. I'm sure that they are doing all they can. But it's been too long since the coast guard found that swamped boat.

Britt: Well, the desk sergeant told me that Nathan's on his way back from following up a lead. I'm -- I'm sure he'll have good news.

Elizabeth: The boat was empty. There's no reason to believe Lulu and Maxie aren't fine.

[Door opens]

Got a floater on pier 12. Floater.

Elizabeth: Floater? They don't mean...

Nikolas: A body?

Maxie: Levi, say something! Where is Lulu?! Oh, my God. What did you do to her?

Ned: Ah. I knew you were a rebel. You're supposed to return those 3d glasses after the movie, miss Falconeri.

Olivia: Oh, for Pete's sake. I swear I forget every time.

Ned: And you pulled me into your web of crime.

Olivia: That's right. And if you don't want me, uh, ratting you out to the cops, I get to pick the movies from now on.

Ned: Well, that actually might be a real threat if you hadn't proven your good taste tonight. Picking "guardians of the galaxy." That was a great flick.

Olivia: Yeah.

Ned: And here I thought you were gonna drag me off to some art house film.

Olivia: Who, me? Ned, no, no, give me -- give me a good popcorn flick every time. You know, Lois and I, we used to spend every single day of the summer in the movie theater, and it was not just for the, uh, air conditioning.

Ned: Of course. Lois took me to that theater on one of my very first trips to Bensonhurst. She loved that place.

Olivia: Oh, there are so many good memories there. You know, I remember this one time, we let Connie tag along -- God rest her soul -- we let her tag along with us going to see, uh, "red dawn."

Ned: "Red dawn." The "rag-tag band of kids takes on the Russians" movie.

Olivia: Yeah, yeah, whatever. But we were all in love with Patrick Swayze, okay? God, God rest his soul, too. So, anyway, we go up to the ticket counter. We say to the guy, "three tickets for 'red dawn,' please," and all of a sudden, the guy looks at Connie, says she's too young to get in. It was the first pg-13 movie.

Ned: Oh, that's right. A bunch of parents got all bent out of shape because of that -- what movie was it?

Olivia: "Gremlins."

Ned: "Gremlins."

Olivia: Yeah, they got all freaked out. It was too scary, it was too violent. And a new movie rating was created just in time to keep us from seeing the Swayze.

Ned: [Laughs]

Olivia: Yeah. What about you? What did you do for fun when you were young?

Ned: My aunt Monica.

Ava: I know all too well that Sonny can't wait to get his hands on me and this baby.

Julian: Well, then, maybe you should leave the shopping to someone else.

Ava: I didn't have a choice. I had to risk it. Kiki is coming over tonight.

Julian: [Chuckles] I know you love your daughter, but you risked Sonny abducting you again so you could bond over a home-cooked meal?

Ava: I needed supplies. Michael's coming, too.

Julian: Oh.

Ava: Yeah.

Julian: So, you decided to comply with the boss's demands, huh?

Ava: Reluctantly. This whole thing makes me sick. But like you said, I don't have much of a choice. I can't risk this Luke Spencer look-alike retaliating by going after Kiki. I have to keep my daughter safe. Even if that means that Michael has to die.

Michael: I could use a night away from the hospital, yeah. Does your mom know where she's gonna take us to eat? I imagine it's not gonna be the Metro Court. I don't think she wants to run into either of my parents.

Kiki: Somewhat surprisingly, she actually invited us over her house.

Michael: Oh, okay.

Kiki: "Oh," as in I shouldn't have accepted the invitation? I know that you aren't the biggest fan of my mom, and you have your reasons. My mom has just been trying lately, and I-I just thought it would be...

Michael: Look, I'm -- I'm willing to try with your mom for your sake and for the baby that might be my sibling or my niece or nephew. So it's not about your mom. It's, uh, it's about her penthouse. It's where AJ. Was shot.

Julian: So, what are you planning on doing? You gonna blow Michael away while Kiki's in the bathroom, slit his throat with a steak knife right in front of her? By killing him here, you're only setting yourself up to go down for his murder.

Ava: You've never known me to be careless before. And despite my feelings about this, I'm not gonna start getting sloppy now. It'll only hurt Kiki more if she knew I was responsible.

Julian: So, what's your course of action?

Ava: Something subtle.

Dante: So, the guy we thought was the immigration agent turns out to be Levi's accomplice. He pulls a gun, grabs Lulu. I mean, there was nothing I could do. Took Lulu and Maxie and the Aztec jewelry and got on a boat they had waiting. By the time the coast guard found it, the boat was sinking. It had been abandoned, and we've been looking for leads ever since.

Sonny: Tell me what you need and it's done.

Dante: I was hoping you'd be able to help us find them.

Nikolas: So, what's up? I overheard a cop talking about a body in the water.

Nathan: It wasn't -- it wasn't Lulu or Maxie's body.

Elizabeth: Oh, thank God.

Nathan: I know, after we found Maxie's veil in the water, we thought... but it's not. It's not Maxie's body. It's, uh... I helped pull her out of the water. It was a jumper from the footbridge.

Nikolas: But are there any other updates, any signs that Maxie and Lulu survived the storm? I mean...

Nathan: No. We don't have any evidence one way or the other.

Elizabeth: Well, there's no reason to believe they didn't survive. Nobody is more resourceful than those two girls, especially when they're together.

Nathan: But they're still out there, and sitting here isn't getting us any closer to finding them.

Maxie: Tell me what happened to Lulu! If you did anything to her, I'm gonna kill you!

Levi: Really? Like your old man tried to do?

Maxie: Is that supposed to scare me? That you shot Mac? Because it's just one more reason to make you pay. You know, you obviously don't believe in any of the stuff you used to babble about, like karma. But it exists.

Levi: [Laughs]

Maxie: And it's gonna come back to bite you for shooting an innocent unarmed man.

Levi: Would you pipe down? I only winged the guy.

Maxie: Lulu!

Levi: And as for your friend...

Lulu: I'm fine.

Levi: We only needed her the clear the supplies out of the car.

Lulu: Yeah, God forbid either of you cowards do any actual work.

Levi: Well, may as well put one of you able-bodied hostages to good use. What do you think, Scribs?

Scribner: Shut up. Put that over there.

[Door closes]

Scribner: Time to tie you up, my little pack mule. Sit and give me your hands.

Lulu: Cranky. Master plan not working out so well?

Scribner: Don't take it personally. I have to put these ropes back --

Lulu: I don't think so.

Olivia: That sounded a lot like what you just said was that you slept with Monica Quartermaine. Your aunt.

Ned: By marriage.

Olivia: Right. Right, because otherwise that would be creepy.

Ned: Hey, we were both consenting adults.

Olivia: Mm-hmm. You know, I heard -- I heard about that, uh, that song getting cut from the nurses' ball with the lyric "Monica likes to have her fun," but still --

Ned: There's a song?

Olivia: Let's focus, focus, focus. Stay on point.

Ned: Okay. In my defense, first of all, I didn't know she was my aunt. I grew up in a boarding school, and I never went home. And then when I graduated high school, I decided to, uh, strike out on my own. So I, uh, started working at a tennis club as an instructor. And I, uh, met an older woman.

Olivia: One thing led to another?

Ned: Pretty much.

Olivia: Mm-hmm.

Ned: [Chuckles] It was ironic, actually. I, um, in my attempt to break away from my family, I ended up taking a path that led me right back to them.

Olivia: Well, I, for one, am very glad that your family found you, because otherwise you never would have met Lois and... we wouldn't be here tonight.

Ned: No. No, we wouldn't.

Olivia: I mean, you know, as -- as friends.

Ned: Exactly.

Olivia: Right.

Julian: So, what do you have there that's gonna take out Corinthos iii? Is he allergic to shellfish and you're gonna sprinkle some clam juice into his lasagna?

Ava: Unfortunately, Michael doesn't have any allergies. I checked. So I made a stop on the way back from the supermarket -- an old contact of mine who excels in discreet matters such as these -- and he gave me the name of a local supplier.

Julian: Of?

Ava: Flowers. A botanist gone bad, I guess you could say. This powder is derived from oleander. Most people don't know they're toxic.

Julian: So, you think you could just sprinkle it on his food and he won't notice?

Ava: Well, if it's mixed with a bittersweet dessert, he won't. And Michael, he's far too well-mannered to criticize his host's cooking.

Julian: And when his family demands an autopsy after he suddenly dies?

Ava: The coroner won't find that unless they're looking for it specifically. The effects will start six or so hours later. He'll go home. Probably die in his sleep.

Julian: How does it work?

Ava: Slows the heart. Leading to paralysis and then death.

Julian: [Sighs]

Ava: They'll think he died of sudden heart failure.

Julian: Well, there's an irony for you. His beloved maid gets a new heart. His gives out.

Ava: Do you think I'm enjoying this? This is the man my daughter loves. Now, thankfully, I've been told that this method is relatively painless, so Michael won't suffer. But Kiki -- Kiki will be devastated by the loss.

Julian: Well, our boss didn't give you a choice.

Ava: I'd rather Kiki be emotionally hurt than mortally wounded. And God willing, I will still be around to help her get through this.

Kiki: I'm so sorry, Michael. I wasn't even thinking about what happened to your dad at my mom's place. I'll call and cancel right away.

Michael: Oh, no, no. You don't have to do that.

Kiki: No, I do. At the very least, we can go out to a restaurant. You shouldn't have to be reminded of that horrible night.

Michael: Just glossing over what happened would only be dishonoring AJ's memory. Now, I've been trying to avoid what happened by throwing myself into one distraction after another -- ELQ, the brownstone, Alice. But I still dream about him getting shot. No, I do. I think that seeing where it happened might help me move on.

Kiki: Are you sure? Carlos Rivera is in prison. The person who took AJ from you is being punished.

Michael: As far as I'm concerned, Rivera got off easy. There was no justice. There was no closure. If I had it my way, my father's killer would be rotting in the ground.

Dante: My partner and I, we -- we just -- we hit a dead end. We found the owner of the boat, but he was no help. They made him jump off as soon as they left the haunted star, and he had no idea where they went.

Sonny: So, this was all about Felicia's family heirlooms?

Dante: That's got to be it. I mean, this was not some last-minute thing. This was, uh, you know, Levi targeting Maxie, finding out who her mother was, realizing she had these artifacts. This was a-a big operation, months in the making.

Sonny: You think Levi has someone standing by that could fence the jewels?

Dante: You're the one who's in this world. I mean, you know anyone -- anyone -- locally that Levi would contact?

Nathan: This is my fault, you know? I went in there after Levi, no backup, no nothing, like a rookie. [Scoffs]

Britt: You made a judgment call. It's your job. And if it's anything like mine, making it personal is where you get into trouble.

Nathan: But it is personal, though. I didn't play this by the book because I wanted to stop Levi before Maxie married him.

Britt: Why is that?

Nathan: Because she's a good person. She's my friend.

Britt: Sounds like you think of her as more than a friend.

Lulu: Thanks for the assist, Maxie.

Maxie: Somebody untie me right now.

Levi: Put the gun down, Lulu. We all know you're not gonna shoot anybody. You don't have it in you.

Lulu: Ha. Then you obviously haven't done your homework on me. I killed someone in self-defense before.

Maxie: Yeah. Yeah, and that guy was a disgusting creep, almost as awful as you two, and Lulu stabbed him to death.

Lulu: I wish it hadn't gotten that far, but I'll do what it takes to protect myself and my friends. Plus my husband is a cop.

Maxie: Yes, and Dante's an excellent shot, as we mentioned. He wanted to make sure Lulu could protect herself.

Lulu: What Maxie's saying is that I'm a pretty good shot myself so back off and let us out of here.

Scribner: All right. You've made your point. This will all be over soon enough. No need to get hysterical, honey.

Lulu: [Scoffs] I'm not your honey, jackass.

Scribner: [Laughs]

Levi: Fun's over, Lulu! Be a good little girl and put the gun down.

Lulu: No, you put your gun down.

Levi: I don't care how good you think you are. You can't drop me and Scribs before I shoot Maxie. So, I'm gonna count to three, and Maxie gets one right through that donor heart of hers. One... two... three!

Ava: Hey. Hi, you two. Come on in.

Kiki: This was quite a surprise.

Ava: Well, I just wanted to return the favor after you surprised me on my birthday.

Michael: Oh, uh, uh, this is sparkling cider. Uh, I was gonna get you wine, but I know you can't be drinking, so... that's for you.

Ava: Oh, thank you. That's -- that's very sweet of you.

Kiki: That's why I love him.

Ava: I-I'll just put this in the fridge.

Kiki: Are you all right?

Michael: Yeah. No, I mean, I'm fine. It's just, uh, it's a room, right? It shouldn't have any power over me.

Kiki: Michael, it's the place where your father was shot. You said that you wanted to confront it, and you have. We don't have to stay.

Michael: No, it'd be rude if we just take off.

Kiki: Michael, you don't have to do this for me.

Michael: I'm fine. Really, I want to stay.

Ava: [Sighs]

Kiki: Are you wearing an apron?

Ava: Ah! [Laughs] I guess. Yes. I forgot I had it on.

Kiki: I didn't even know you owned an apron.

Ava: What? Is it to shocking to you to think that I would cook for you?

Kiki: Yeah, considering my diet growing up was takeout. It was a little surprising.

Ava: Don't worry. I did order in. But I made the dessert myself.

Julian: Ah, your company's already here. Hello, Kiki. Michael.

Michael: Hi, Julian.

Kiki: I didn't know he'd be here.

Ava: No, he won't be. He's just leaving.

Julian: I'm sorry to disappoint you. Enjoy your evening.

Ava: [Sighs]

Julian: You gonna be okay?

Ava: No. But it has to be done. I've already stirred the oleander powder into Michael's chocolate mousse.

Julian: Gives a whole new meaning to death by chocolate.

Ava: Julian, get lost.

Sonny: I did get reports about someone trying to set up a fencing ring here in Port Charles, selling museum-quality artifacts to private collectors.

Dante: You didn't try to shut it down?

Sonny: No, I didn't -- well, it didn't interfere with my business, so I didn't ask any questions. I just hope that, uh, he's not involved.

Dante: Who?

Sonny: The person you should be asking questions to. Coleman.

Coleman: Hey, can I get you folks a refill?

Olivia: Hey.

Coleman: Olivia.

Olivia: [Laughs] Coleman. Hey. Long time, no see. You know Ned Ashton?

Coleman: Hey, man.

Ned: Good to see you again.

Coleman: Yeah. Yeah, I'm just covering Mac's shift after what happened.

Ned: What happened?

Coleman: He got shot.

Olivia: What? When? Is he okay?

Coleman: Yesterday. He's fine. Only Felicia's got her hands full trying to keep him in the hospital.

Olivia: God, what is it with you macho types? Why won't you just let yourselves heal? Why does he think he's got to go?

Coleman: Well, he wants to be part of the search. In fact, I'm surprised to see you here.

Olivia: What? Coleman, what are you talking about? What search?

Coleman: You don't know?

Ned: Obviously not.

Coleman: It all went down at the wedding. Maxie's fiancÚ shot Mac and, um, and then made off with her and Lulu.

Dante: Coleman? That can't be right. I mean, the guy hasn't fenced anything in years.

Sonny: Well, apparently he ran into some financial trouble last year, bad investments, and, you know, he sold the -- the bar to Mac.

Dante: No, I know, but what are you saying? He -- he got back into the black market to make ends meet?

Sonny: That's what I've been hearing. Look, I hope that I'm wrong, and I tell you what, if the guys who took Lulu and Maxie are trying to fence that jewelry, then chances are, Coleman's been in contact with them.

Nikolas: All the money in the world, and my team isn't doing any better than the PCPD.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but you've doubled the amount of people searching. Look, I know in my heart that Lulu and Maxie are gonna come home safely.

Nikolas: I appreciate you saying that and for calling me when Mac showed up in the E.R.

Elizabeth: I am so sorry I couldn't get here sooner. I-I couldn't get out of my shift. And I know you were up all night worried. I wish you didn't have to go through that alone.

Nikolas: I wasn't really alone. Britt was with me.

Britt: Did something happen between you and Maxie?

Nathan: [Chuckles] No, no, no, no. She was with Levi. We're just roommates.

Britt: Hmm. But you have feelings for her, don't you?

Nathan: It took me a long time to admit it to myself. I don't even know if Maxie feels the same way. I just... it might be too late.

Levi: We can't have you reaching for anything else, now can we? You won't be able to wiggle out of that. Even after all that yoga.

Maxie: Go to hell.

Levi: [Laughs] Come on, Scribs. Let's eat. I'm famished.

Lulu: I'm sorry, Maxie. I didn't think I was good enough to shoot both of them before Levi hurt you.

Maxie: No, Lulu, stop. Don't apologize. This isn't your fault. This is all on me.

Scribner: We better eat fast. You told the buyer we made it to the safe house, right?

Levi: Of course. He'll be here any time now.

Olivia: Maxie's fiancÚ is a thief and somehow he and his accomplice took Maxie and Lulu away at gunpoint? God, no wonder Dante didn't call me back. But why didn't he tell me?

Ned: He's probably busy looking for Lulu.

Olivia: Okay, I got to get down to the station.

Ned: I'll drive. Let's go.

Olivia: Dante, hey. Coleman was just telling us what happened --

Dante: Well, that's good Coleman was answering some questions. Maybe you can answer some questions for me, too.

Kiki: This salad is delicious.

Ava: It is, isn't it? Yeah, I've been having, uh, a lot more salads. Kale is supposed to be very good for the baby.

Kiki: How is the pregnancy going?

Ava: Wonderfully. Um, I'm in my second trimester, and my energy is back.

Michael: I'm glad to hear it. That's my, uh... that's my, uh, relative that you're -- you're carrying, so...

Ava: Michael, I know that this is an incredibly awkward situation. But I never meant to hurt your brother.

Michael: Well, that doesn't change the fact that you did.

Ava: Well, sometimes certain things happen in life, and you end up doing things that you didn't expect to.

Michael: Look, uh... [Clears throat] It really doesn't matter how the baby was conceived. At the end of the day, that little person is part of my family. Doesn't matter if Morgan or my dad is the father. I'm gonna be a part of his or her life while they're growing up, no matter what.

Maxie: Everyone tried to warn me about Levi, but I refused to listen. I was so desperate to change myself that I fell for his act. I mean, he knew exactly who I needed him to be the day that he met me. He made sure he was the type of man I would fall head over heels in love with.

Lulu: You could never have known what a snake Levi was, okay? Just stop blaming yourself.

Maxie: Who else is there to blame? You should be with Dante right now. You're supposed to start that hormone therapy today. And instead, you're here with me tied to a chair. I really wish they had just taken me.

Lulu: Hey, look, we're in this together.

Maxie: That's why I tried so hard to change myself. It wasn't just for me and Georgie. It was -- it was for you, too, to prove to you that I was worthy of our friendship. Now all I've done is taken another child away from you.

Lulu: Please just stop talking like this, Maxie. Okay, yeah, it's true, all right? We didn't like Levi. We thought he was a goof. He was kind of controlling. But none of us suspected that he was a con artist or a thief.

Max: [Scoffs] How's the irony in that? I spent so much of my life lying, and then I can't tell when one person is lying to me about everything?

Lulu: No one could have known what he's capable of.

Maxie: Lulu, we still don't know what he's capable of. Not really.

Lulu: The only way that we are gonna get out of this is if we stay strong, okay? And we are going to get out of this, because... I have a son back home who needs me, and you have a daughter.

Maxie: Today's Georgie's birthday.

Lulu: I know.

Maxie: I should be with her right now. I should have been able to see her by now, but thanks to Levi, I mean, he convinced me not to go to my first hearing. And by the time I came to my senses and scheduled another one, he told the judge that I had lied. Nathan was right all along. And I didn't listen. Why didn't I listen to Nathan?

Nathan: I may never get the chance to tell Maxie how I feel about her. We found that veil in the water --

Britt: Okay, stop. Stop.

Nathan: What?

Britt: As far as we know, they're still alive. Are you giving up?

Nathan: No, I'm just -- I'm trying to face the facts here, all right? Once you cross the 24-hour mark, the chances of a successful recovery go down.

Britt: You're scared. You're scared. I get it. But, you know, I think this might be the one time we take a page from our mutter's handbook.

Nathan: Are you serious?

Britt: I know she's borderline psychotic. There's no denying that. But she never backs down from adversity. It's a part of her, and she passed that on to me, which means she passed it on to you, too.

Elizabeth: So, Britt was with you last night?

Nikolas: Yeah, yeah, but it's not what you think. Brad needed her out of the apartment for the night, so I told her she could stay in the guest room. It's not like I don't have plenty of room, right? That's the only reason I invited her.

Elizabeth: Stop, stop, stop. You don't -- you don't need to explain. I need to call my grandmother and check on the boys.

Nathan: Thanks for the pep talk.

Britt: You're welcome. Now go find Maxie and Lulu.

Nathan: Yeah, I got to -- I got to check in with Dante. I got a text from him. I can't believe I didn't even notice.

Britt: Well, there's a lot going on. What does it say?

Nathan: He's following up a lead at the Floating Rib.

Olivia: Wait!

Dante: Sit down! Sit down! I want you to tell me everything you know!

Olivia: Honey, it's okay! Coleman doesn't know anything!

Dante: Oh, is that right?! Is that right?! Haven't you heard this guy's got a little side project going, a little black market fencing antiques going on! I want you to tell me about a couple of your customers, Scribner and Dunkleman. Those names ring any bells to you?

Olivia: You're involved in this?

Coleman: It wasn't supposed to go do like this. I didn't know anybody was gonna get hurt or kidnapped.

Dante: They got my wife out there, so you -- unless you want to see it real ugly really fast, you better tell me what you know right now.

Ava: Michael, is something wrong? Kiki told me that this was your favorite dish here. Chicken marsala and au gratin potatoes.

Kiki: Not to mention that chocolate mousse you said you made. It's like you cooked him his last meal.

Ava: Well, you barely touched your food. Is something the matter?

Michael: I'm sorry. I'm, uh... I'm just...wondering where it happened.

Ava: Where what happened?

Kiki: Carlos shot his father here.

Ava: Oh, Michael, I'm -- I'm so sorry. I didn't think.

Michael: It's not your fault.

Ava: Well, it is. I wasn't here when it happened, but Carlos did work for me and Julian. I swear to you, I had no idea that Carlos was going to rob your house.

Kiki: Mom, we know you had nothing to do with it. Michael and I aren't blaming you for what happened to AJ.

Lulu: Okay, enough crying. We need to make a plan.

Maxie: How is that gonna help us? We are tied up.

Lulu: Well, you got an arm loose before. Maybe one of us can do that now.

Maxie: Yeah, but the knots seem a lot tighter than they were before.

Lulu: Okay, wait, my arms are tied in front. Maybe if I can get close enough, I can work on yours.

Levi: So, what are you two talking about?

Maxie: Just how excited we will be to see the two of you sentenced to 20 years in prison, that is assuming you're not shot on sight.

Lulu: Unless you wise up and leave, seeing as how you have the jewels. You don't even really want us.

Levi: I don't know. Maxie and I had some fun, didn't we, max?

Maxie: How do I put this? See, I thought I was on a spiritual journey to transcend the physical, and I thought he was just trying to help me, and I didn't want to hurt his feelings, which is why I never told him that he is way below average in the sack. I mean, way. All that fun he thought we were having, never happened for me. Not once.

Lulu: I can't say that I'm surprised.

Levi: Oh, shut up, the both of you!

Maxie: Oh, I'm sorry. You don't want me talking about your...inadequacies, you should probably just let us go.

Lulu: You only took us so that you could escape.

Maxie: And hello! You've escaped, so just untie us, let us walk out of here. We will never look back, and you guys will definitely get away.

Scribner: We're not ready to let you go just yet. Those jewels are worth nothing to us as they are. Soon as we complete the transaction with the buyer and have that cash in our hands, then we'll let you go.

Levi: [Scoffs] Sure we will.

Scribner: What's that supposed to mean?

Nathan: Dante. What's going on?

Dante: Oh, Coleman here is just gonna tell me everything about Levi's plan.

Nathan: He's conspiring with Dunkleman?

Coleman: Ease up! There's no conspiracy.

Dante: I don't think you understand quite the gravity of the situation here. I mean, Maxie and Lulu are related pretty much to every major player in the city here on both sides of the law. Now that I think about it, this could be a whole new era of cooperation between Sonny and the commissioner.

Coleman: Look, I don't want trouble with Sonny or the commissioner.

Nathan: You don't want trouble? Then you tell us where you fit in to all of this.

Coleman: I started hawking stolen goods awhile back, all right, made a whole bunch of connections.

Dante: Coleman here's a fence, among other things.

Coleman: Some rich folks don't mind going through me to add to their private collections. No questions asked, right?

Dante: What are you smiling at?

Coleman: I'm not smiling.

Dante: Then cut to the chase, Coleman!

Coleman: So a couple months back, this guy approaches me who calls himself Scribner, all right? And he said he wants to make a play for Felicia's Aztec jewelry collection.

Olivia: But you know Felicia.

Coleman: Times are tough, all right? And besides, Felicia never wore the jewels anyway until that Levi guy started talking her up about them.

Dante: No, but kidnapping's fine with you, right? No problem with that whatsoever?

Coleman: Man, I was just in it to turn a profit. I had no idea that things would go this far, all right?

Nathan: When? When was the sale gonna go down?

Coleman: Two nights ago, Scribner told me they'd have the jewels sooner. I should have the money ready when they call. They never called, all right? So when I heard about the boat sinking, then I just figured they, uh, they ran into some --

Dante: The sale! The sale, Coleman! When was this supposed to go down?

Levi: I haven't been completely honest with you.

Scribner: What the hell does that mean?

Levi: I have no intention of letting them go.

Nikolas: Thanks for the update. I'm gonna call my security team and tell them to follow up at the Floating Rib.

Elizabeth: Any progress?

Britt: Dante might have another lead. Elizabeth, thank you. I know Nikolas really appreciates you calling as soon as you found out about Lulu, even though it was so late. You should have seen his face when he heard his sister was in trouble.

Elizabeth: Really? You want to do this right now?

Britt: Do what right now?

Elizabeth: Using this tragedy to try to get closer to Nikolas, trying to catch me off guard by hinting that you were with him last night when I called?

Britt: I was just trying to make sure there aren't any hard feelings.

Elizabeth: About what? Nikolas already told me that he invited you to stay in the guest room.

Britt: Oh. Did he also tell you that right when you called, we were about to have sex?

Olivia: What the hell's the matter with you, Coleman? Connie just -- she thought the world of you, and you're running around involved in something like this?

Coleman: How was I supposed to know that Lulu would get caught up in this? I had no idea things would get this out of hand, Olivia.

Olivia: Save it! Why don't you just save it?!

Ned: Liv, Liv, Liv, Liv, Liv! Just ignore him, okay? The squad car's on its way.

Olivia: Good. Good. And I hope they lock him up for a really long time. And you know what else, Coleman? You listen to me. If they don't find Maxie and Lulu without one scratch on them, and I mean not one scratch, I will make you wish you were dead.

Dante: Any movement?

Nathan: No.

Dante: Let's go. PCPD! Oh, God.

Sonny: Max, I just want my people on top of this. I've been turning a blind eye. Everybody's trying to, you know, make money off my territory. If they kidnapped my daughter-in-law, they crossed the line! That's all I got to say! Anybody harbors Levi has got to deal with me!

Man: Boss, you've got a visitor.

Sonny: Not right now, 'cause I'm busy.

Man: I think this is somebody you're gonna want to see.

Sonny: [Sighs] Fine. Who is it?

Julian: That would be me. It's been a long time since we've had a word.

Kiki: How are you doing? I know this wasn't easy for you.

Michael: [Sighs] Well, I couldn't avoid this place forever. And I have to hand it to Ava. She knows her way around a takeout menu.

Kiki: [Chuckles] She does, right? Oh, it was spectacular.

Michael: Yeah. I'm pretty stuffed.

Kiki: Me, too. [Chuckles]

Ava: Oh, come now, Michael. Surely you saved room for dessert.

Kiki: Oh, my gosh.

On the next "General Hospital" -

Dante: (with Nathan) Police! Don't move!

Julian: (to Sonny) I want to do you a favor.

Ned: (to Tracy) Dammit, Mother! Will you just shut up?!!

Lucy: (to Scott) Do not touch me again until you have made a decision.

Franco: (to Carly) What are you doin' here?

Ava: (to Michael, who is about to eat the chocolate mousse) What are you waiting for? Dig in.

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