GH Transcript Tuesday 5/27/14

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 5/27/14


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Sabrina: Oh, I can't tell you how good it feels to be back in here with you again. You gave us quite the scare the other night -- you know that? But you're doing so much better now. My strong boy. The doctors gave your daddy and me the all clear to come back in, and thank goodness, too, because I don't think I could have spent another second looking in from that window.

[Knock on window]

Elizabeth: Remind me to call Patrick and thank him for picking you up from school today and for bringing you here 'cause now I get to spend some time with you before your playdate with Emma.

Cameron: I made this for you at school today.

Elizabeth: Aww. Thank you, honey. What is it?

Cameron: Read it and find out.

Elizabeth: Okay. ""

Cameron: Now open it.

Elizabeth: "...Dinner with me tonight?" Well, I appreciate the creativity, but I think you know the answer to this question. We have dinner together every night.

Cameron: I'm not the one asking.

Elizabeth: You're not? Who is?

Ric: That would be me.

Dante: Hey, babe.

Lulu: Oh, hey.

Dante: Baby. [Smooches] What's on the menu?

Lulu: His or ours?

Dante: His.

Lulu: Mashed green beans and cereal.

Dante: Oh, nice. That's -- that's exactly what I wanted.

Lulu: [Chuckles]

Dante: Sorry I'm late. It was, uh, crazy at the station with the Jerome bust.

Lulu: I bet.

Dante: So, any, uh -- any word on Lucas?

Lulu: Uh, I just spoke to Bobbie, and he's still heavily sedated but stable. Thank God. It looks like he's gonna be okay.

Dante: Well, good. That's great news. I mean, especially after the scare you guys had with Carly. You deserve that.

Lulu: Tell me about it.

Rocco: [Coos]

Lulu: I just -- I can't believe that he was shot. Lucas is so sweet, and he never causes trouble for anyone. What kind of person would want him dead?

Luke: At last.

[Tube hissing]

Can I help you?

Julian: [Sighs]

You can't go in there.

Alejandro: Can I get you anything? Um, maybe a piņa colada? Or a daiquiri?

Ava: [Chuckles] Oh, Alejandro, I do love your ways with the blender, but unfortunately, I'm gonna be leaving soon. Mr. Corinthos is sending someone for me.

Sonny: What the hell's going on, Carly?

Carly: I went to, um, general hospital to find AJ's cell phone.

Sonny: Right.

Carly: It turns out, uh, that AJ recorded the fight he had with Ava the night you shot him. And guess what -- surprise, surprise -- Ava's been lying to you. They were not arguing over a job.

Sonny: Okay, what -- what were they arguing about, Carly?

Carly: You'll see. There we go.

Ava: AJ, what are you doing here?

AJ: I know you did it. I know you killed Connie.

Sonny: Where'd you get this? This some kind of joke or something?

Carly: No, it's -- it's not a joke -- it's the truth. AJ didn't kill Connie. Ava did.

Sonny: I don't -- listen. We -- AJ killed her. We both -- we've known that for months.

Carly: No, we thought AJ Killed her. We were wrong. Ava set up AJ.

Sonny: It was AJ's gun. He even remembers being here the night she was shot.

Carly: What he didn't remember is that Ava was here, too, okay? And Ava watched AJ walk out of here with a gun in his hand, and he dropped it, and he kept going.

Sonny: Yeah, after he shot --

Carly: No, no, no. Listen to me. When Ava came in here, Connie was still alive.

Sonny: That's not true. He -- he shot her, and then he left.

Carly: Sonny, look at me. Ava used AJ's gun to kill Connie.

Sonny: Connie told me she wrote his name with her blood -- "AJ."

Carly: "Ava Jerome." It's her initials, Sonny.

Sonny: No. No. Does not make sense at all.

Carly: Oh, yeah, it will make sense. Listen.

[Cell phone rings]

Ava: Kiki.

Kiki: Yes, mother, it's me.

Ava: [Chuckles] Hello. This is a very nice surprise. How are you?

Kiki: Okay.

Ava: Still recuperating from the Nurses' Ball, I bet. I saw it on TV. You were wonderful. So proud of you.

Kiki: [Scoffs]

Ava: I'm glad they have satellite here.

Kiki: Define "here." Where have you been?

Ava: Oh, just on a little escape. I was in desperate need of some R&R.

Kiki: Really?

Ava: Really.

Kiki: Are you sure you weren't just lying low so you wouldn't get busted with Uncle Julian?

Julian: You are not hearing me. I need to get into that room right now.

Guard: Nice try, Mr. Jerome.

Julian: Oh, so you know my name. Congratulations.

Guard: Aren't you supposed to be in custody?

Julian: Doesn't the P.D. give you updates around here? I made bail. If you don't believe me, call the station. I'm sure D.A. Baldwin will be happy to fill you in.

Guard: Maybe I will.

Julian: What the hell would I be doing here if I was a fugitive, anyway? It's a public hospital. I'd be pretty foolish, wouldn't I? Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going into that room.

Guard: You're not on the approved list.

Julian: Screw your list! I'm his father!

[Tube hissing]

Julian: Get the hell away from my son.

Dante: Thanks. I don't know why someone would target Lucas.

Lulu: Do you have any leads?

Dante: No, nothing's panned out. I mean, it would help if I could ask the shooter what he was doing at the gallery.

Lulu: Oh, it's pretty hard when he's still at large.

Dante: Lulu.

Lulu: What?

Dante: He's not at large. He's...

Lulu: He's what? What does that mean?

Dante: He's -- he's D-E-A-D.

Lulu: You know that he can't speak, right?

Dante: I don't -- I don't want to have this conversation in front of my kid.

Lulu: [Chuckling] Okay. Fine. Um, when did you find him D-E-A-D? When? How? Where?

Dante: He was shot in the park last night.

Lulu: What? Are you kidding?

Dante: No.

Lulu: 'Cause we were there.

Rocco: [Coos]

Dante: [Chuckles] You were in the park?

Lulu: Yeah.

Dante: Last night? Why?

Lulu: Uh, Rocco -- he was -- he was fussing, and so I took him for a walk to calm him down. We actually ran into my father. We sat there and talked for a while. I-I can't even believe that we were that close to a dangerous situation.

Dante: Well, I'm just glad you're okay.

Lulu: Me, too.

Dante: Hey, you, come here.

Lulu: [Chuckles]

Dante: Come here for a second. I want to talk to you. I thought we had an agreement. We were gonna work together -- make mommy's life as easy as possible. Right? How about it? You got to give your old man a hand with that. Want to shake on it? Let's shake on it so I know I can trust you and you're being honest with me. Yeah.

Lulu: I have a confession.

Patrick: Someone wanted to see you.

Sabrina: I can see that. Hi. Ohh, I missed you so much.

Emma: I missed you, too. These are for you.

Sabrina: [Gasps] They're so beautiful. [Sniffs] Oh, and they smell so good.

Emma: Better than the hospital?

Sabrina: Uh, yeah. Much better. Thank you so much.

Emma: You're welcome. I brought something else, too.

Sabrina: Did you?

Emma: For the baby.

Sabrina: Oh, my goodness! Oh, he's gonna love it. But, Emma, isn't this one yours?

Emma: That's okay. I have a lot. My little brother doesn't have any.

Patrick: She insisted.

Sabrina: [Sighs]

Emma: And since he's stuck here, I thought he could use a friend.

Sabrina: What's this one's name again?

Emma: Scorpio.

Sabrina: Right. Well, it's very nice to see you again, Scorpio. You're about to make a little boy very happy.

Emma: What's my little brother's name?

Patrick: Actually, he doesn't have a name yet.

Emma: My brother's a few weeks old now. Did it take you that long to name me?

Patrick: No, no.

Emma: My brother's a few weeks old now. Did it take you that long to name me?

Patrick: No. Mommy and I named you pretty quickly.

Emma: Then why are we still calling him "baby"?

Sabrina: Well, he came so early that your daddy and I didn't really have a name ready for him, and we'd only just found out that he was a boy.

Patrick: Yeah, and names are really important. I mean, you have it for life.

Emma: I like mine.

Patrick: I like yours, too.

Sabrina: Yeah, you got a good name. Well, we started talking about names the other night, but then... [Sighs]

Patrick: Then something happened, and we didn't. But I think the point is, you're right. I think it's time to name your little brother.

Sabrina: [Chuckles]

Ric: Thank you for the assist, cam.

Cameron: No problem. Did you see mom's face?

Ric: Oh, it was kind of hard to miss.

Cameron: She was totally surprised.

Elizabeth: Totally.

Ric: Mm.

Elizabeth: Come on, little cupid. Let's go sit down. You can have your snack over here.

Cameron: Pretzels and peanut butter?

Elizabeth: No, spinach and Brussels sprouts.

Cameron: Ew.

Elizabeth: Of course it's pretzels. Open your bag. Stay right there where I can see you. [Chuckles]

Ric: Hope you didn't mind that I drafted cam into service.

Elizabeth: Ah, shameless. You should learn how to do your own origami.

Ric: It's second on the list.

Elizabeth: Oh, only second? What's first?

Ric: Getting your answer.

Elizabeth: [Inhales deeply] Okay, yes. I'll go to dinner with you.

Ric: Yes!

Elizabeth: I mean, after an effort like this, how could I say no?

Ric: Ah, precisely my plan.

Elizabeth: [Chuckling] Oh. You want to go to Kelly's? I can be out of here by 7:30.

Ric: Uh, no. Um, with all due respect to Kelly's and their amazing BLT, I had something a little bit more special in mind.

Julian: You get the hell away from him, or I swear to God...

Guard: Don't force me to physically remove you, Jerome.

Julian: I've got every right to be here.

Guard: You're not on the list!

Julian: You know what you can do with your damn list?

Luke: If I may intervene, officer, this gentleman is my nephew's father. I vouch for him.

Guard: He's also a notorious mob kingpin.

Luke: Well, that may be, but I assure you he had nothing to do with his son being shot. I mean, cut him a little slack, will you? Look -- he's crazy with worry.

Guard: I'm right outside.

Luke: Thank you kindly, officer. You're welcome.

Julian: Hey, Lucas, it's me, Julian. I'm right here. You're gonna be just fine.

Luke: Your fatherly devotion is very touching, but, uh, from what I understand, your son can't hear anything. He's all kinds of doped up.

Julian: And why is that? It's because of you, you son of a bitch.

Luke: Whoa, whoa.

Julian: You wanted him dead, and just before I walked in here, you were about to finish the damn job.

Luke: And what, exactly, are you going to do about that?

Kiki: It is a simple question, mother, unless you haven't heard about uncle Julian's arrest.

Ava: No, I've heard. And I heard about his son getting shot, as well. Is Lucas all right?

Kiki: It was touch-and-go for a little while, but he had surgery last night. They think he's gonna be okay.

Ava: Well, good. Good. I'm glad there's a piece of good news mixed up in all this madness. The things that Julian gets himself involved in...

Kiki: Just Julian?

Ava: Are you suggesting that I knew about a drug operation?

Kiki: Did you?

Ava: No. Absolutely not. Can I be honest with you?

Kiki: Well, there's a first time for everything.

Ava: [Sighs] Well, to be honest, I've been distancing myself from Julian lately. I wasn't happy with the way he was running things.

Kiki: I thought you were running things together.

Ava: Your uncle had different ideas.

Kiki: So, you're just out?

Ava: More like moved to the other side. For a while now, I've been sharing information with Sonny, hoping to put an end to this ridiculous feuding.

Kiki: Huh.

Ava: What does that mean -- "huh"?

Kiki: From what I heard, that's not all you've been doing with Sonny Corinthos.

Ava: The twit had fallen ass-backwards onto the truth about my brother. She was on the verge of telling Sonny that Derek Wells was Julian Jerome. Well, I certainly couldn't let that happen.

Carly: You believe me now?

Sonny: Ava killed Connie.

Carly: 'Cause she, uh, couldn't risk Connie revealing [Sighs] Julian's true identity.

Sonny: [Scoffs] Ava killed Connie.

Carly: You okay?

Sonny: She shot the woman I love for nothing. Derek Wells -- Julian Jerome -- who cares? The truth was gonna come out anyway.

Carly: I know.

Sonny: That's why she... that's why she had to die? 'Cause she was -- she was... she was gonna -- she was just trying to warn me. She was just trying to get to me, so she was doing it for me. She was trying to do something, right? She found out something that she shouldn't have found out. Two -- two minutes later, everybody else found out. It's not right.

Carly: No. No, it's not right. Hey. Look, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I hate that -- I really hate that I had to be the one to tell you, but you needed to know the truth.

Sonny: That's what AJ was trying to -- was trying to get out. I kept asking him -- "did you kill Connie?" And he kept -- he kept denying it and denying it. It made me furious, so I thought he was a coward.

Carly: I know.

Sonny: But he was trying to say...Ava's name... when I pulled the trigger. [Voice breaking] I killed an innocent man.

Carly: First of all, AJ was far from innocent.

Sonny: You know what I mean, Carly.

Carly: Yeah, I know.

Sonny: I killed AJ. I mean, look, he -- he was a man that -- that -- that Michael considered a-a father -- that he begged me -- begged me not to -- to just protect him, and I killed him.

Carly: But you didn't know, okay? You didn't know.

Sonny: It doesn't matter whether I knew or not. Yeah, I hated him, but he didn't deserve to die for a crime he didn't commit.

Carly: Okay, look, I-I want to make this better for you. I just don't know how.

Sonny: The only good thing about breaking that promise to Michael was I was -- I was doing it for the greater good 'cause I thought I was getting justice for Connie so her death wouldn't be in vain. Now what I do I got? I got -- I got -- I got innocent blood on my hands... because of her!

Ava: Kiki, I don't know what you heard.

Kiki: It's disturbing, but I'll just come out and say it. I know that you slept with Michael's father.

Ava: [Chuckles] W-with Sonny?

Kiki: Save it. Morgan already told me everything.

Ava: He did?

Kiki: Yeah, Morgan told me how he walked in on you guys after AJ's funeral. Crypt sex, really?

Ava: It's not what you think.

Kiki: I actually don't know what to think, except I guess it explains how you lost your earring.

Ava: I do understand. It's shocking.

Kiki: That's the biggest understatement ever. Mom, you slept with your boyfriend's father -- a man I thought you hated, by the way. How does something like that even happen?

Sonny: Ava's been playing me from the second I shot AJ. She's been using it to her advantage. First, she -- she tried to egg me on to finish him. When I said I wouldn't do that, she covered it up. And I started thinking to myself, "why would Ava do that?" Now I know. It's to save her own ass. Everything she's done was to protect herself. Had nothing to do with me. Did I -- did I see that? No.

Carly: Stop blaming yourself.

Sonny: And then she has me send her to Puerto Rico so she can be safe from her brother. Now she's probably drinking rum drinks, right? You know what? She told me! You know what she told me? That she understood me -- like we're a lot alike. Then she says to me, "let it go -- your guilt -- because it's not doing good for anyone."

Carly: She said that because she didn't want you to find out what she'd done.

Sonny: But I bought it! That's the thing -- I bought it! She used my secret -- excuse me -- our secret -- to isolate me from the people that I love so I wouldn't go to anybody but to her. And you know what, Carly? I did it. I plotted with her, commiserated with her, I ev--

Carly: What? What, Sonny? You even what?

Emma: I can help.

Patrick: Oh, yeah?

Sabrina: Really?

Patrick: All right.

Emma: Sure. I named all my stuffed animals.

Sabrina: Oh, and...

Patrick: That's true.

Sabrina: ...Quite creatively, might I add?

Emma: [Chuckles] And I have the perfect name for the baby.

Sabrina: Do you?

Patrick: What is it?

Emma: "Early," because he came early.

Sabrina: [Chuckles] "Early."

Patrick: I like it. It's got a nice ring to it.

Sabrina: Early Santiago. Well, yeah, it does have a nice ring to it. But what happens if, when the baby grows up, sometimes he's late?

Patrick: Yeah. Like, "Early, you're late."

[Both chuckle]

Patrick: It doesn't...

Emma: That would be confusing.

Patrick: A little confusing.

Sabrina: Yeah, a little bit.

Patrick: You know what? Since he's gonna be living at Sabrina's house, maybe we should let her name him.

Emma: Okay.

Patrick: Yeah?

Sabrina: Okay, but you really have to help me because I kind of -- I'm stuck. So, if the baby had been a girl, I would have named her after my mother, Gabriela.

Emma: What's wrong with that?

Patrick: Well, that's a beautiful name. It's just not really a boy's name.

Sabrina: But maybe you're onto something.

Rocco: [Coos]

Dante: You made an appointment with Dr. Chu?

Lulu: Don't be mad.

Dante: I'm not mad.

Lulu: It's just for a consultation to see if it's even possible for me to carry a child.

Dante: Instead of using a surrogate?

Lulu: But we're not in any rush. I didn't mean to do it behind your back. It's just, you know, we were -- we were talking about it, and then you got called off to work.

Dante: Yeah, that's right. We were talking about it, and then we said we'd table the conversation. You wouldn't do anything without me.

Lulu: I know. I'm sorry. I-I-I was still thinking about it. Before I knew it, I was on the phone with Dr. Chu's office.

Dante: Before you knew it?

Lulu: I acted impulsively.

Dante: You? Impulsive? No way.

Lulu: This is a big decision, okay? This is one that we're gonna make together. I truly get that. You want me to cancel this appointment... I will.

Rocco: [Coos]

Luke: I'll tell you what you're gonna do about it -- nothing. Nothing. You think Lucas is my only target? I could hit Alexis. I could hit Samantha. Even that little grandson of yours.

Julian: You wouldn't dare.

Luke: Oh, but I would. [Sighs] See, that's the, uh, disadvantage of finding this long-lost family of yours. I have a plethora of targets that I can now choose from.

Julian: You forgot one major problem.

Luke: And what is that?

Julian: You see, I know your game. I can protect them now.

Luke: Not all at the same time, you can't. Whichever one you leave in the open I can go after -- one by one -- until you are the last Jerome standing. From where I'm standing, you're screwed.

Julian: Not if I turn you in.

Luke: Yeah, Alexis said that was up for discussion -- you turning in the big, bad boss man.

Julian: Yeah, so what the hell was that, anyway -- paying her a visit?

Luke: Hey, Alexis is an old friend.

Julian: Well, she was the one who told me that turning in my boss was a no-brainer.

Luke: Right. And you told her that it was risky because of retaliation, and that was very astute of you, Jules, because your family is not safe...even if you send me to prison. My reach is long.

Julian: I'll get police protection.

Luke: From this rinky-dink force?

Julian: Anna Devane's the real deal.

Luke: Yeah, she hates your guts. She's made it a personal mission to bring you down. You really want to trust your family's safety to her?

Julian: No. But my loved ones are innocent. Anyone can see that -- even Anna Devane. So, Alexis, Sam, Danny, Lucas -- they don't deserve to pay for my crimes.

Luke: No, they don't. But life isn't fair. It isn't just. Hmm. So, you know, what would be best would be if you just gave up all this nonsense and got your ass back to work. Isn't that right, Lucas?

Ric: So, I already talked to Audrey.

Elizabeth: You did?

Ric: Yes, and she consented to taking care of and watching cam and Aiden, and Molly is crazy-busy studying for all of her finals, so it's just gonna be you and me for the night.

Elizabeth: Ooh, lord. You've put a lot of work into this.

Ric: Oh, I wouldn't call it work.

Elizabeth: So, no Kelly's?

Ric: No.

Elizabeth: What do you have in mind?

Ric: Well, I was just thinking, you know, maybe we could get a little dressed up and have a nice, quiet, romantic dinner, and...see where the evening takes us. Or if I'm being too forward, you know... am I being too forward?

Elizabeth: I'll tell you later...once I see where the evening takes us.

Sabrina: Well, "Gabriela" is a girl's name. The boy version is "Gabriel," which means "Dios es mi fuerza."

Patrick: Translation?

[Both chuckle]

Sabrina: It means, "God is my strength." What do you think?

Both: I like it.

Sabrina: All right. Then it's settled. Gabriel Santiago.

Emma: But what about his middle name?

Sabrina: I almost forgot.

Patrick: Well, not everybody needs a middle name. It's not, uh, mandatory.

Emma: I think it's nice to have one.

Patrick: Yeah?

Emma: Mine's "grace."

Patrick: Yeah.

Sabrina: I think he should have one, too. So, since his first name is Gabriel after my mother, maybe his middle name could be after you.

Emma: Me?

Sabrina: Mm-hmm.

Patrick: That sounds like fun, huh?

Emma: But there's no boy version of "Emma" or "grace."

Patrick: [Chuckles]

Emma: Is there?

Sabrina: No. Not that I know of. But you're forgetting your last name -- drake.

Emma: Gabriel drake?

Sabrina: Mm-hmm. In honor of you...and your dad.

Ava: It's all very complicated.

Kiki: Well, try. How did you end up sleeping with Sonny? And please don't tell me it was because you walked in on Morgan comforting me.

Ava: No.

Kiki: Okay, because he was just being a friend -- I swear.

Ava: It had nothing to do with Morgan. It had nothing to do with you.

Kiki: Well, then what? This makes no sense to me. I thought you said you loved Morgan.

Ava: I did. I do.

Kiki: Then how could you sleep with his father?

Ava: The way you slept with his brother?

Kiki: Wow.

Ava: I'm sorry.

Kiki: That was a completely different situation.

Ava: Yes, I know. Of course, it was.

Kiki: Unless you are in love with Sonny Corinthos?

Ava: No. No, I'm -- I'm very sorry. I shouldn't have said that. I'm just -- I'm a little bit on edge. Would you please forgive me?

Kiki: Just tell me what happened. Can you do that?

Ava: I'm trying. It's just that the truth is, I don't -- I don't really know. It's just one of those things, you know? Two people getting caught up in the heat of the moment.

Kiki: At a funeral.

Ava: I know it sounds crazy, but both Sonny and I were in a very bad place.

Kiki: So you thought having sex would be a good idea?

Ava: No. It wasn't an idea at all. That's the point. One minute, we were talking, and the next... luckily, we've put it behind us.

Kiki: Even with the whole Morgan thing?

Ava: Well, no. That situation is still terrible, but as far as Sonny and I are concerned, we're actually on pretty decent terms.

Carly: Sonny, talk to me. You even did what?

Sonny: I'm so sorry I betrayed your memory.

Carly: You did not betray Connie.

Sonny: Yes, I did.

Carly: No, you didn't. You had no idea!

Sonny: In league with her killer?

Carly: You had no idea what Ava was doing! She's evil, but she's smart, and she covered her tracks well. None of this is your fault.

Sonny: Yeah, it is.

Carly: No, it's not. It's Ava's fault, okay? She tricked you, and she used a very plausible suspect, so unless you're a mind reader, you'd have no idea what was going on.

Sonny: Who else knows about this?

Carly: Franco. That's it.

Sonny: Franco?!

Carly: Yes, and he's not going to say anything.

Sonny: What -- [Sighs] What about the police?

Carly: No, the police don't know. I mean, I-I would have loved to have gone to the police so Ava would get exactly what she deserves, but you're implicated, too, and even if we erase that off the phone, you know, it's still there, and once Ava's arrested, she'd turn on you in a second. I couldn't let that happen -- not to you or to Michael. What are you gonna do?

Sonny: I'm gonna kill her.

Carly: Wait. Wait. Come on. Are you sure you want to do this?

Sonny: Never been more sure about anything in my life. And don't try to stop me.

Carly: Like I could if I tried. And I don't want to. And if I did, I would have never brought you that recording.

Sonny: You know me.

Carly: Better than anyone. Even more, I understand you.

Sonny: Then you understand there's no way in hell that I can let her get away with this.

Carly: Be careful. Watch your back.

Sonny: Thanks for having my back.

Carly: [Sighs]

Kiki: Great. I'm glad things are good for you and Sonny, but Morgan is in a lot of pain.

Ava: I know. So am I. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt anybody. [Scoffing] If I had a dollar for every time I said that, right? But this time, I mean it. And when I get home, things are gonna be different. I'm gonna be a better person.

Kiki: You don't have to say that.

Ava: I mean it. You'll see. It'll be like a fresh start for all of us. So, hey, how about we, um, go to dinner together tomorrow night to celebrate?

Kiki: Celebrate?

Ava: Well, [Chuckles] Okay, then. How about just to reconnect? Please, Kiki?

Kiki: [Sighs] Sure.

Ava: All right. Wonderful. I-I can't wait to see you.

Kiki: Are you traveling tonight or tomorrow?

Ava: Tonight. As a matter of fact, um, somebody should be here to pick me up any minute.

Kiki: All right, well, I'll let you go, then. Safe trip.

Ava: Thank you. I love you, Kiki. I'll see you tomorrow.

Patrick: You all ready for your playdate with Cameron?

Emma: They just put in a new swing set at the park.

Sabrina: What? Get out.

Emma: It has a climbing wall and a slide, too.

Sabrina: [Gasps]

Patrick: A climbing wall? With all that excitement, you still insisted on coming here first, huh?

Sabrina: Ohh. Well, Gabriel and I are so grateful for the flowers and the koala bear, but especially for you.

Emma: Make sure he gets Scorpio?

Sabrina: Mm-hmm. You got it.

Emma: I hope it makes him feel better.

Sabrina: Oh, it will. Thank you. Can I get a hug? [Chuckles] Mm.

Emma: I love you.

Sabrina: I love you, too, babe. I'll see you soon? You gonna give that swing set a real workout, right? Yeah.

Emma: Yeah.

Patrick: Okay, let's go. I'll be back in a second.

Emma: Bye, Scorpio.

Sabrina: Bye!

Patrick: Bye, Scorpio.

Emma: [Chuckles]

Dante: Okay. I'll, uh, see you when I get in.

Lulu: Anna?

Dante: Yeah. So, Scott Baldwin let Julian Jerome out on bail without consulting anyone at the P.D.

Lulu: Are you kidding?

Dante: No. I wish I was. Why? Why the hell would he do something like that?

Lulu: Well, are you asking me to explain Scott Baldwin? This is the man whose act at the Nurses' Ball was wrecking someone's marriage.

Dante: That's a good point.

Rocco: [Coos]

Dante: Yeah. I'm sorry. I got to run.

Lulu: Oh, no, don't be sorry. We have to go, too. Right, Rocco? Someone needs a nap.

Dante: Keep the appointment.

Lulu: Really?

Dante: Yeah. I mean, it's a consultation, right?

Lulu: Yeah, that's all it'll be. Are you sure?

Dante: Yeah, I mean, if it means that much to you, I'm sure. I mean, we're not committing to anything?

Lulu: No, not even close. We're just exploring our options.

Dante: Okay. Good. Then I'm in. I wouldn't mind getting started on another one of him.

Lulu: Have I mentioned how much I love you?

Dante: Yeah, I think you've said it a few times.

Lulu: Oh, I have. I have. Okay.

Dante: But not as much as I love you.

Lulu: Mm.

Luke: Jules, if you come back to the fold, all is forgiven. We can put all this unpleasantness behind us.

Julian: "Unpleasantness"? You had my son shot.

Luke: Yes, and wasn't it unpleasant? We should get back to doing what we do best, Jules -- running the operation.

Julian: What's left of it. Seriously, you lost ELQ. Your entire shipment was just raided. Your whole crew is behind bars. Should I go on?

Luke: No, no, I think I get the gist of it.

Julian: Oh.

Luke: But this list that you, uh, just ran down -- these are minor setbacks.

Julian: [Scoffs]

Luke: They're just bumps in the road to the big prize.

Julian: "Prize"? What "prize"? Your organization is toast.

Luke: Man, were you always this pessimistic? I am perfectly capable of rebuilding this empire with you by my side.

Julian: [Sighs]

Luke: You don't believe me? Settle back. I'll tell you exactly how I'm going to do it.

Elizabeth: Okay, just go over it with me one more time.

Ric: All right, fine. Okay. I'm gonna take them to the tattoo parlor, but only one tattoo a piece, right?

Emma: Um...

Ric: Ah, it's the way it's got to be. And then we're gonna go to the Rib, and we're gonna get some beers.

Both: Yay!

Elizabeth: You're so not funny.

Ric: Don't worry about it. We're gonna go to the park. New playground. And then get a hot pretzel and maybe some ice cream.

Cameron: Ice cream!

Ric: Ice cream. Then we're gonna rendezvous with Patrick and, uh, Audrey in about two hours at the fountain, right?

Elizabeth: Great.

Ric: Simple as that.

Elizabeth: All right. Thank you for doing this. Okay, you guys. Have fun.

Both: We will.

Elizabeth: Mwah! Mwah!

Emma: Bye.

Elizabeth: Love you.

Ric: [Clears throat] And as for you, I will see you tonight.

Elizabeth: Wait. Where am I going?

Ric: Oh, car's picking you up at 8:00. All you got to do is get in.

Sabrina: Well, don't leave me hanging. What do you think?

Patrick: [Chuckles] About what?

Sabrina: I was just telling Gabriel his name.

Patrick: Oh, yeah?

Sabrina: Mm-hmm.

Patrick: Does Gabriel Drake Santiago approve?

Sabrina: He gives it two thumbs up.

Patrick: Two tiny thumbs up?

Sabrina: Mm-hmm.

Patrick: You know, it's funny -- he looks like a "Gabriel."

Sabrina: He does, doesn't he?

Patrick: [Chuckles] I know why you wanted to wait. I was -- I was scared, too.

Sabrina: It just made it seem so real, you know? [Chuckling] But how crazy is that? Like a name would make losing him hurt any less...

Patrick: We're not gonna lose him.

Sabrina: No, you know what? I know. [Chuckles] And for the first time since the accident, I actually believe that, you know? I feel -- I feel hopeful -- just thinking about all the things we're gonna do with our son.

Patrick: I can't wait.

Sabrina: Neither can I. You hear that, Gabriel? Your mommy and daddy cannot wait to start our future with you.

Patrick: I love you, buddy.

Sabrina: So much it hurts.

Dante: See you at home?

Lulu: Yeah, we'll be there. Uh, good luck with the Julian situation.

Dante: Yeah, good luck with the nap.

Lulu: I think we're going to take a walk down to the docks, feed the ducks, try to tire him out a little bit.

[Cell phone rings]

Lulu: Oh, wait. Uh...

Rocco: [Giggles]

Dante: Yeah.

Lulu: Hey, Tracy. Sure. Well, about what? Okay, yeah, I'll see you in a little bit.

Dante: What did Tracy want?

Lulu: To talk to me about my father.

Luke: So, you see, I've got it all figured out, Julian, which leaves you with a choice. Come to back to the fold -- no questions asked -- or rat me out to the police and pay the consequences.

Julian: You call that a choice?

Luke: Yes. In the truest sense of the word. Big decision. Some might call it life and death. Take some time. Mull it over. You know where to find me. Oh, and by the way, I really like Lucas. I'm pulling for him.

Julian: Get the hell out of here.

Carly: Well, Sonny knows the truth. Maybe now, Connie, you can finally rest in peace.

Ava: Sonny, it's Ava. What is going on? When we spoke last night, you said you were sending someone for me today, and today is almost over. Is anyone coming for me?

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