GH Transcript Friday 4/27/12

General Hospital Transcript Friday 4/27/12


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Spinelli: Elizabeth! A-apologies for my haste, but t-the situation is most dire.

Elizabeth: Spinelli, what are you doing here?

Spinelli: I am in the most urgent need of your assistance.

Elizabeth: Okay, just calm down.

Spinelli: T-t-there's no time to calm down! This is literally a matter of life and death.

Matt: Patrick?

Patrick: Hey.

Matt: Uh, I thought you'd be in bed. Epiphany says you weren't feeling so hot.

Patrick: Yeah, I, uh, whatever it is, it kicked my ass. I feel like crap.

Matt: Yeah, well, that makes two of us. Maxie's sentencing is today.

Patrick: I completely forgot.

Matt: My girlfriend is going to prison, and there is nothing I can do about it.

Alexis: Can I get you anything? Water? Coffee? Comfortable shoes?

Mac: Sorry.

Alexis: Don't be.

Mac: I just can't believe we're here. I mean, how did it come to this?

Alexis: If it's any consolation, I'm gonna do everything in my power to get Maxie a lighter sentence.

Ronnie: Hey, you don't write, you don't call. Where you been?

Dante: Memphis.

Ronnie: [Chuckle] Memphis. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

Dante: I had to look into something for my mother. Have you seen Lulu? I looked in the evidence room. She wasn't there. She's nowhere.

Ronnie: Stuck in traffic?

Dante: I got here fine.

Ronnie: Maybe she's out getting doughnuts for the precinct. A guy can dream, can't he?

Dante: [Sighs] "I'm back at work?"

[Cell phone vibrates]

Ronnie: Sorry, pal. I don't think your wife's coming in today.

Luke: Wow. You scrub up nice.

Anna: [Sighs] I would rather stay here in my pajamas, believe me.

Luke: Not a happy occasion?

Anna: They're gonna sentence Maxie today. I have to be with Mac.

Luke: Oh, poor guy must be out of his head.

Anna: Yeah. He devoted his whole life to those three girls. He took them in. Raised them. He loved them. And now. Georgie and Robin are dead, and it looks like Maxie's gonna go to prison. I don't know how much more he can take.

Alexis: I can get you another key if you want.

Mac: Guard should be fired bringing you here in handcuffs, Maxie.

Maxie: It's okay.

Mac: What the hell is wrong with these things?

Maxie: Dad. It's ok.

Mac: Nothing about this is okay. Handcuffs are for criminals.

Maxie: And that's exactly what I am.

Luke: That must be why I didn't hear from Lulu.

Anna: Are Lulu and Maxie close? I didn't know that.

Luke: Yes, they lived together before Lulu married Dante.

Anna: Why don't you come with me to the courtroom? Keep me company, huh?

[Cell phone rings]

Luke: All right. Oh. Excuse me. My ex-wife.

Anna: Oh. Send her my love.

Luke: Hello, Spanky.

Tracy: Good morning.

Luke: Is it?

Tracy: It could be.

Luke: What's that?

Tracy: Oh...nothing.

Luke: Then, if this is about you wanting me to whack your wackjob of a husband, then, answer is "No."

Tracy: You know what? I knew you were gonna say that, so I have, uh, taken matters into my own hands.

Luke: What did you do? Tracy, this would be a good time to start talking.

Tracy: What's left to say? My marriage needs to come to an end now, not in 20 years when he keels over. And if you're not gonna do anything about it, I have to take care of it myself. Duh.

Luke: How?

Tracy: Oh, he's coming.

Anthony: Where's my little flower of desire?

Tracy: Anthony, I'm in the den! Come on in! I made you breakfast! I put something real special in it.

Luke: Oh, this is so far from a good idea.

Anthony: Hello, Venus.

Tracy: Goodbye.

Luke: This is not good.

Anna: What's not good? Where you going?

Luke: To stop a murder.

Anna: Wait. What?

[Door closes]

Ronnie: Staring at it ain't gonna make it ring.

Dante: I just want to talk to Lulu.

Ronnie: What's so urgent?

Dante: Last time I saw her, she said she thought Eddie was innocent.

Ronnie: She said that?

Dante: Yeah, seemed convinced that we had the wrong guy.

Ronnie: How come?

Dante: I don't know. I had to go out of town before we could talk about it.

Ronnie: Look, Lulu does a decent job in the evidence room, but she's not a cop.

Dante: I'm aware of that, Ronnie.

Ronnie: I'm just saying, you know, you should take her theory with a grain of salt. I mean, for all you know, she saw Padilla upset and she felt bad for her. You know how girls are.

Dante: I know how my wife is, and I know this wasn't just sympathy.

Ronnie: She have evidence?

Dante: No, I told you, we didn't get a chance to talk --

Ronnie: Guess what? We -- we -- we do. We have a whole shoe box full of it. Picture after picture of all the dancers Eddie attacked.

Dante: Allegedly attacked.

Ronnie: Come on. Give me a break. I mean, why else would they be stashed in his closet if he wasn't the perp?

Dante: I don't know.

Ronnie: Look, I don't mean to be disrespectful here. Bottom line is, Lulu is off base.

Dante: Maybe. I guess we'll see when she gets to work.

Maxie: Look, I know this is hard for you.

Mac: Hard?

Maxie: I did what I did, okay? It's time to face the music.

Alexis: We have a little time before the music starts, so I am going to go in there and refine my argument.

Maxie: Alexis. There is no argument. I'm guilty.

Alexis: Mac hired me to defend you, and no matter how difficult you make it, that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

Maxie: I can't stand seeing you like this. Say something. Please.

Mac: I don't know what you want me to say.

Maxie: I need you to believe that this is for the best.

Mac: Maxie, do you know who I see standing in front of me? Not just the beautiful, accomplished woman I know. I see when you were 6 and you were so sick. I see you when you were 10 and you gave Georgie that lopsided haircut that took forever to grow out. I-I see you when you passed your driving test. I see you the day you brought home your first layout for the magazine. I watched you grow up. I've seen your limitless potential. So, you tell me, how can you being behind bars possibly be for the best?

Spinelli: Surely you're aware that Maxie's being sentenced today.

Elizabeth: Yes and I feel terrible about it, but if Maxie doesn't change her story, what can anyone do?

Patrick: So, Maxie could go to prison?

Matt: Will go. Will go.

Patrick: Doesn't that worry her?

Matt: She wants to be punished.

Patrick: For something that she didn't do.

Matt: She is convinced that Robin is no longer here because of her, and nothing anyone says is gonna convince her otherwise.

Patrick: Just another reason why I wish Robin was here. She was the only one that could get through to Maxie.

Matt: Yeah, unlike me.

Patrick: I'm sorry.

Matt: Me, too. It's gotten so bad, uh -- wait for it -- I've teamed up with Spinelli.

Patrick: To do what?

Spinelli: In order for Maxie to be released, th-- the real culprit has to be found.

Elizabeth: I understand that would be ideal but time is running out --

Spinelli: I found him. The real killer.

Elizabeth: What?

Patrick: So, has this dream team come up with anything?

Matt: Oh, he is full of a bunch of half-baked theories. First up was he was accusing Keenan.

Patrick: Keenan? Of murder?

Matt: Turns out, he was on Spoon Island that night. He's the one who saved Elizabeth.

Prick: So, why didn't he say so?

Matt: I -- you know, Spinelli thought he had something to hide.

Patrick: What do you think?

Matt: I asked him. He said that he made sure that Elizabeth was safe and then he went to go treat his patient at Wyndemere.

Patrick: So, it was a false lead.

Matt: Yeah, but Spinelli is not easily discouraged. When that theory didn't pan out, Spinelli came up with someone else.

Elizabeth: You know who killed Lisa Niles?

Spinelli: I am 100% certain.

Patrick: Who?

Matt: It doesn't matter. It's completely ridiculous.

Elizabeth: Come on, Spinelli. Just tell me already.

Spinelli: All right, but I'm -- I'm quite certain you won't like it.

Patrick: Matt, come on. You can't stop now. Tell me. Who does Spinelli think the real killer is?

Matt: You.

Spinelli: It's Matt.

Elizabeth: [Chuckles] This is the craziest thing I've ever heard.

Spinelli: Please keep -- keep your voice down.

Elizabeth: You honestly think Matt killed Dr. Niles?

Spinelli: Okay, my concerns regarding your displeasure was clearly well-founded.

Elizabeth: Okay, I'm sorry. This just doesn't make any sense.

Spinelli: Actually, no, I-it does. Okay, look, initially, my suspicions rested on the elder brother.

Elizabeth: Patrick?

Spinelli: Yeah, well, he has the strongest motive. I mean, you know, driven by his grief over unleashing Lisa Niles in the first place, coupled with his desire to protect Robin.

Elizabeth: Okay, first of all, Patrick would never kill anyone, and he would never let Maxie pay for his crime.

Spinelli: Right, but then -- then -- then I speculated that perhaps he -- he was so traumatized by the killing that he -- he blocked it out. You know, research indicates that that happens.

Elizabeth: Spinelli, back to Matt being the murderer, please.

Spinelli: Okay, so, when I informed Matt of my theory of Patrick being the unknowing killer, he said something along the lines of "No way."

Elizabeth: Okay.

Spinelli: But then he went further to say that if anyone had blocked out anything from that night, it would have been him, because he had been so over-served, as it were. And -- and you were with him for most of the evening, correct?

Elizabeth: Well, until Lisa threw me overboard, yeah.

Spinelli: Right. How -- how drunk was he?

Elizabeth: He had some champagne. He had a lot of champagne.

Spinelli: Drunk enough to do something drastic and not remember it?

Elizabeth: Oh, God. I can't believe we're even talking about this. Do you have proof?

Spinelli: Whatever proof there is, unfortunately, rests in -- in the recesses of his faulty memory.

Matt: You okay?

Patrick: Spinelli thinks I killed Lisa.

Matt: Yeah.

Patrick: And I'm letting Maxie be punished in my place.

Matt: Oh, he claims that you just don't remember.

Patrick: I don't remember killing someone?

Matt: He says it's PTSD. You just blocked the whole thing out.

Patrick: No, I wanted Lisa dead, but I didn't do it.

Matt: Look, you don't have to convince me, okay? I-I told Spinelli it's just... just keeps going on and on about your motive and your baggage.

Patrick: Yeah, well, course I have baggage. I cheated on my wife.

Matt: Okay, we don't have to go there. We both know you're innocent. It's not even...

Patrick: But we both know Maxie is, too.

Matt: Yeah. Well, let's just hope she figures that out.

Mac: I don't want to fight with you today.

Maxie: I know.

Mac: Do you? Do you, Maxie? Do you know that I will always think of you as my little girl?

Maxie: I'm sorry I was such a disappointment.

Mac: Nothing you do could ever make me stop loving you. Frisco's your father. I don't begrudge him that. Well, maybe I do sometimes, but I always tried to be the best dad I could.

Maxie: And you were. Me, Georgie, Robin. [Chuckles] I mean, how did you do it? None of us were yours, but you never made us feel that way.

Mac: Cause I never felt that way. [Sighs] My three beautiful girls.

Maxie: You didn't lose faith in me.

Mac: Then why don't you fight for yourself?

Maxie: Because there's nothing to fight for. I deserve this.

Mac: No, Maxie, you do not belong behind bars.

Maxie: Yes, I do. Okay, but none of this is your fault. Please tell me that you get that.

Mac: I can't.

Maxie: Look, you are the kindest, most loving, definitely the most patient father that any girl could ever ask for. And I am forever grateful.

Mac: Me, too, Maxie. Me, too.

Maxie: I'm gonna go inside.

Mac: All right, I'll -- I'll see you in there.

Anna: What happened? Did they sentence her already?

Mac: [Sighs] No. [Sniffles] [Sighs] But they're going to. [Sighs] She's all I have left, Anna, and I'm gonna lose her, too. [Sighs]

Anthony: I knew you were holding out on me. My Venus can cook after all.

Tracy: Only when the mood strikes.

Anthony: Well, I'm glad it struck today. I am famished.

Tracy: I can honestly say I'm thoroughly enjoyed preparing this meal for you.

Anthony: Hmm. Such kind words from such a beautiful woman. I'm a very lucky man. Okay to dig in?

Tracy: Oh, knock yourself out.

Luke: Don't eat that! [Panting]

Anthony: What the hell's the matter with you?

Luke: Spanky only cooks for me.

Anthony: I thought you didn't cook for anyone.

Tracy: Only on special occasions.

Luke: I'll pay for your dry cleaning.

Anthony: I am getting real sick of this "jealous ex" routine, Spencer.

Luke: I-I-I don't know about "jealous."

Anthony: Well, I do know about "ex." You walked away, remember? Your loss, my gain. I'm sorry he ruined your breakfast.

Tracy: No sorrier than I.

Anthony: Rain check?

Tracy: Count on it.

Anthony: I guess I'll go change. Do not be here when I get back.

Luke: Are you insane?

Tracy: What?

Luke: You hate to cook.

Tracy: So?

Luke: So, suddenly you're Julia Child slaving over a hot skillet?

Tracy: Hmm. I don't know what you're talking about.

Luke: The hell you don't. You're trying to poison the geezer.

Dante: She should be here by now. [Sighs] Voicemail again.

Ronnie: Why don't you leave another message? Maybe the fifth time's the charm.

Dante: Well, I'm glad you find this amusing.

Ronnie: I just don't see what the big deal is.

Dante: The big deal is I can't find my wife.

Ronnie: Maybe you should go down to the courthouse. Isn't Maxie Jones being sentenced today?

Dante: Yeah. Yeah, you're right. She's there. I should -- I should be there with her.

Ronnie: So, then get the hell out of here.

Dante: Yeah?

Ronnie: Yeah, yeah. Absolutely. I'll hold down the fort.

Dante: Thanks. I owe you one.

Ronnie: Don't worry. I've already collected.

Spinelli: You know, perhaps I could accompany you in to see Dr. Keenan. You know, r-request that he does hypnosis to retrieve Matt's deeply buried memories.

Elizabeth: Okay, first of all, Dr. Keenan hasn't even poked his head out to ask why I slammed his door, so I'm guessing he's not in there. And second of all, what are you gonna do? You gonna go up to Matt and say, "Hey, I know this sounds crazy, but I think you killed somebody. Let's get hypnotized and figure it out"?

Spinelli: Maybe not in such a blatant, naked manner, but, yeah, that was the gist. Look, I-I-I'm not unaware of the inherent pitfalls of the plan. It's just that I'm- I'm running out of time. I need to find the real killer before Maxie takes the fall.

Elizabeth: The real killer, like Ewen?

Spinelli: He clearly shared my unfortunate rush to judgment with you.

Elizabeth: Like Patrick and now Matt? Epiphany? I mean, who's next? Right?

Spinelli: The sentencing begins any moment.

Elizabeth: You need to be with Maxie. She needs your support.

Spinelli: No, what she needs and deserves is her freedom, Liz. And if there's no longer time for hypnosis, I must confront Matt myself.

Elizabeth: Spinelli.

Spinelli: No, this is Maxie's last chance. I have to take it.

Elizabeth: [Sighs]

Matt: I should get going.

Patrick: You know what? I'll come with you. I just need to shower and shave. I got to pick up Emma.

Matt: No, you don't. Are you kidding -- no. No, you got enough on your plate right now. It's fine.

Patrick: Matt, you're my brother, all right? I should be there.

Matt: Yeah, I-I appreciate that, but you just lost Robin. And, you know, I'm running around town with Spinelli, of all people.

Patrick: That's for a good reason, right? Somebody you love is in trouble.

Matt: Yeah. She is.

Anna: For Robin, I promised that I was gonna be a bigger part of this family. And I meant it. I mean it. All right? Come here.

Mac: You know that I woke up every morning and wondered, "Is this really my life?" Hair dryers blasting, pop music blaring, and non-stop phone chatter. Forget it.

Anna: I guess that's girls for you, right?

Mac: [Sighs] I loved every minute.

Anna: I know you did.

Mac: I never cared that I wasn't their biological father.

Anna: [Sighs]

Mac: I don't know. Maybe that makes me a fool.

Anna: No, no. It means you're very special.

Mac: So special Felicia didn't stick around.

Anna: Oh, come on. Geez. Yes. She a good friend, but I'm in no position to judge. But I think that was the biggest mistake of her life -- leaving you.

Mac: She left something pretty wonderful behind.

Anna: Yeah.

Mac: Maxie and Georgie.

Anna: Right.

Mac: And along with Robin. You know. My three greatest gifts.

Anna: I think you were theirs. You were the greatest gift, 'cause you were there for them all the time when the rest of us were just off doing something important.

Mac: Come on, Anna. Come on. You and Robert didn't have a choice. I mean, you know, you were forced away from Robin against your will. But Frisco and Felicia, I'll never -- I'll never understand how they could leave Maxie and Georgie.

Anna: Well, you know, espionage. It's very addictive. That adrenaline, constantly reinventing yourself and living other lives, being other people. I mean, for Frisco, you know, he could never deal with any kind of emotional consequence, so he was just always wanting to go off on an adventure. It still shocks me how Felicia could... leave her children to go after him.

Mac: You know, when, uh... [Sighs] When Georgie was murdered, I thought... "Okay, it can't get any worse than this." Now Robin. Maxie... [Voice breaking] I can't -- I can't do this.

Anna: You can. You can, 'cause. You're a Scorpio, for God's sake.

Mac: Without my girls, Anna, I don't know who I am.

Anna: [Sighs] Come here. .

Maxie: What are those?

Alexis: Letters of support.

Maxie: For me?

Alexis: From family and friends.

Maxie: No, absolutely not. I don't want anyone to say anything nice about me.

Alexis: Not up to you.

Maxie: I'm the client.

Alexis: Mac is paying your bill. I'm particularly impressed with this one.

Maxie: I don't want to hear it.

Alexis: "To whom it may concern, I'm writing this on behalf of Maxie Jones. Not only is she talented and exceptionally smart, she's also compassionate and loyal. I can, without hesitation, say she's changed my life for the better. Given the opportunity to prove herself, I guarantee Maxie won't disappoint you. I hope you take this into consideration when making your decision."

Maxie: Who wrote that? Spinelli? [Chuckles] I mean, honestly, Alexis, he's gonna lie no matter what, so you can't believe it because he's infatuated with me. Who? Matt?

Alexis: [Sighs] Sincerely yours...Dr. Robin Scorpio"?

Maxie: Is this some kind of sick joke?

Alexis: No.

Maxie: Robin couldn't have written this. She's dead.

Alexis: This wasn't meant for the judge. Robin wrote it for Crimson when you were applying for a job, and Lulu found it, and she gave it to me.

Maxie: Robin didn't mean those things.

Alexis: Then why did she write it?

Maxie: I was relentless about getting that job, okay? I was stuck working at the Metro Boutique, and when Kate Howard had an opening, I hounded Robin day and night. In fact, you know, I'm pretty sure that I refused to help her to decorate her place unless she would write me a letter of recommendation. So, really, if you think about it, that letter is the result of manipulation or extortion or something equally horrible.

Alexis: Maxie, Robin believed in you. She would want you to believe in yourself.

Dante: Hey. Mac. How you holding up?

Mac: I've had better days.

Dante: We're, uh, we're all pulling for Maxie.

Mac: Thank you.

Dante: I got to go catch up with Lulu.

Mac: Lulu isn't here.

Dante: What do you mean? Right now or -- or at all?

Mac: I haven't laid eyes on her all day. Something I should know about?

Dante: Uh, no. No, no, no. Nothing -- nothing for you to worry about.

Spinelli: Ah, gracious greetings. Um, have you seen Dr. Matt Hunter?

Anna: No, I haven't seen him. But Maxie is inside, all right?

Spinelli: Uh, apologies for interrupting, but if I could borrow Maxie for a moment?

Maxie: You know what? We're about to start, Spinelli, so why don't you take a seat? Or better yet, you know, just go home?

Alexis: Actually, you know what? We have a little bit of time, so I'll be out in the hall if you need me.

Maxie: Look, whatever you're about to say, Spinelli, just don't.

Spinelli: Maxie, it is not my intention to talk you out of anything.

Maxie: Good.

Spinelli: It is my intention to prove that you are not a killer. And I have.

Maxie: What?

Spinelli: You were not responsible for the demise of Lisa Niles. Matt Hunter was.

Patrick: Go. Maxie needs you. Seriously. You need to be there right now.

Matt: Are you sure?

Patrick: Yes. I'm fine. I got to go pick up Emma anyways.

Matt: Okay. I'll be back.

Patrick: Yeah, I know you will. Come on.

Elizabeth: [Sighs] Guess I should just gave him a note.

[Cell phone rings]

Elizabeth: Hey. How are you?

Patrick: Hey, Elizabeth. Um, I hate to ask you another favor, but can you pick up Emma from daycare today?

Elizabeth: Right now?

Patrick: Yeah. If -- if you're busy, I can get somebody else.

Elizabeth: No. I-I can do it. I'll bring her home in a little bit.

Patrick: Actually, I was hoping, uh, that she could spend the night with you again.

Elizabeth: Um, yeah, of course. Cameron loves having her over. Is everything okay?

Tracy: You think I poisoned my husband's breakfast?

Luke: That is a terrible route to take, by the way.

Tracy: Why is that?

Luke: Well, the word "obvious" springs to mind. I can't be the only one aware of your aversion to kitchens. So, suddenly you cook your husband a meal and he drops dead. A few eyebrows will raise.

Tracy: You have a point.

Luke: Just the one, dear?

Tracy: Which is why I will reiterate that you should be taking care of this.

Luke: Hey, I should put my neck in the noose.

Tracy: Well, this undertaking is --

Luke: Murder.

Tracy: ...More in your wheelhouse.

Luke: Thanks?

Tracy: My darling, you and I. We both know that you could do it with a lot more finesse.

Luke: Well, no doubt. Look, Anthony may be a lot of things --

Tracy: Yes, he's a goon, a thug, a blackmailing mobster.

Luke: But he's still a human being.

Tracy: [Laughs] When did you get so squeamish?

Luke: Just about the time I realized you're trying to tangle me up in a murder charge.

Anthony: You're still here.

Luke: You can thank me later.

Anthony: Three is getting to be kind of a crowd, Venus. Unless we move it to the bedroom.

Luke: I'm flattered.

Anthony: Oh, don't be crude.

Tracy: Ooh! He just called you crude.

Anthony: The third party would have to be of the female persuasion. How about your new roommate? That accent's hot. I bet she's a tiger in bed. What do you say, Venus? Any interest in a little threesome with Anna?

Tracy: Human being, huh?

Patrick: No, Elizabeth. Uh, everything's fine.

Elizabeth: I only ask because I... you know what? Never mind. It's none of my business.

Patrick: Go ahead. Say what you were gonna say.

Elizabeth: I just thought right now you'd -- you'd want to spend all your time with Emma. And since I had her last night...

Patrick: Yeah. No, I know. The timing is just terrible.

Elizabeth: Timing?

Patrick: I just got a call from Mercy, and they want me to do a consult on a surgery.

Elizabeth: Oh. You're working.

Patrick: Yeah. A different hospital. It's a little bit easier. There's no memories.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I totally understand.

Patrick: Okay. Um, well, should get going. I'm -- I'm already late.

Elizabeth: Okay. Uh, well, then, I'll pick up Emma in a bit and tell her we're having another sleepover.

Patrick: Thank you very much, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Anytime. And, Patrick, I'm glad to see you king the first steps, getting your life back.

Patrick: Tell Emma I'll see her in the morning. [Sighs]

Alexis: Maxie clearly didn't want me to leave, but I thought one last-ditch effort to talk some sense into her couldn't hurt, not that Spinelli ever talks sense.

Mac: We, believe me, I've had my issues with the guy, but no one cares more about my daughter than Spinelli.

Matt: Not even me?

Maxie: Have you been drinking?

Spinelli: Just my morning allotment of orange soda.

Maxie: Spiked?

Spinelli: Come on. surely you jest.

Maxie: I'm just trying to come up with a reason why you'd say that Matt killed Lisa Niles.

Spinelli: Because he did.

Maxie: That's insane, Spinelli. Matt would never murder anyone.

Spinelli: Maybe not in his right mind, but he was incredibly intoxicated that night.

Maxie: So, what? Now my boyfriend -- who just told me he loves me, by the way -- he's just gonna sit back and watch while I do time for a crime that he committed?

Spinelli: I-I believe Matt does not recall the incident.

Maxie: Oh, you believe. So, you don't have proof?

Spinelli: Not as of yet. But I will.

Maxie: How?

Spinelli: I-I haven't exactly mapped out a plan yet, but a-at the very least, Matt is a viable suspect. The judge has to take --

Maxie: No! The judge can't know anything about this.

Anthony: What's going on here?

Tracy: I don't know what you're talking about.

Anthony: The secret glances, talking in code.

Tracy: No, no, no. Talking in English.

Anthony: And you never said why you busted in the way you did.

Luke: Just homesick, I guess.

Anthony: Well, that's funny, because this isn't your home. You gave it up, along with my Venus and her bank account.

Tracy: Hmm. How sweet.

Anthony: A mistake? You betcha. But you made your bed, pal. Do us all a favor and go lie in it.

Luke: I'm beginning to see the rhyme to your reason.

Tracy: Told you.

Anthony: See, again with the code.

Luke: Well, I'll be going now.

Anthony: I don't think so.

[Computer keys clacking]

Ronnie: You find her?

Dante: No. No, she -- she wasn't at the courthouse.

Ronnie: Hey, maybe you should, uh, consider a GPS chip. Yeah, you could implant it in her.

Dante: This isn't funny, Ronnie.

Ronnie: Oh, dude. Back off.

Dante: Okay, I'm sorry.

Ronnie: Maybe her family's heard from her.

Dante: Yeah. Yeah, maybe.

Anthony: I want to know what you two guys have got cooking.

[Cell phone rings]

Tracy: Besides breakfast?

Luke: Oh. My son-in-law. The cop. Dante. Hi. Listen, this is, uh, perfect timing.

Dante: Luke, have you, uh, have you talked to Lulu recently?

Luke: Not since last night.

Dante: Nothing since? Haven't seen her since?

Luke: What's going on?

Dante: I don't know. I'm just having a little -- a hard time tracking her down.

Luke: When she left me, she was coming to see you. She wanted to talk about a case.

Dante: She told you about that?

Luke: She wanted to unload about it, but I told her to unload on you. Did she?

Dante: Well, she told me she thought we had the wrong guy in the dancer beatings.

Luke: Is that all she said?

Dante: Yeah. We got cut off. Is -- is there more?

Luke: Well, you need to talk to her about it.

Dante: I-I would if I could find her.

Luke: Well, she's probably at the courthouse with Maxie.

Dante: I've -- I've tried there. No one's seen her.

Luke: Okay. Look, she's got a theory about who the real attacker is. But she was a little reluctant to tell you 'cause she's afraid you'll be upset.

Dante: Why? Who does she suspect?

Luke: Your buddy, Ronnie.

Ronnie: [Sighs]

Anthony: I'm starving. I'm gonna go see what I can scrounge up in the kitchen. Throw the trash out, would you?

Luke: Could she be right? Could Dimestico be the guy who's beating up on these women?

Dante: I don't know. I got to go.

Luke: Dante. Da--

[Computer keys clacking]

Tracy: What's wrong?

Luke: Lulu may have gotten herself involved in something she can't get out of.

Tracy: I guess she's her father's daughter.

Luke: That's what I'm afraid of.

Ronnie: Hey, man. I saved you a cruller, and we need to go --

Dante: Let's talk about Lulu first. When's the last time you saw her?

Ronnie: Yesterday, uh, sometime.

Dante: What time?

Ronnie: I don't know. Uh, I called you to come back from your dad's birthday about that perp that was gonna roll over on Steve Webber, and -- and your mom came with you, remember? And Lulu was, uh, here when I left.

Dante: You sure about that?

Ronnie: Yeah, I'm sure about that. She was standing right here when I walked out. Why?

Dante: I've known you most of my life, Ronnie, long enough to know when you're lying to me, and you're lying to me right now. You know something about Lulu, so why don't you tell me. Where is my wife?

Elizabeth: I'll be there soon to pick up the boys and Emma. I just have to leave someone a message first. Thanks, Jodi. Bye. Ewen? Oh, my -- Ewen? Ewen? Ewen! Ewen, can you hear me?

Patrick: [Sighs]

Matt: Sorry I was late.

Alexis: It's okay. The proceedings haven't started yet.

Matt: I was with Patrick.

Anna: How is he doing?

Matt: Not good. He wanted to be here.

Anna: Oh, he's got enough going on.

Matt: Yeah, that's exactly what I told him.

Mac: Look, about before, I wasn't implying --

Matt: I have not been the best boyfriend to Maxie. She'd be the first person to tell you that. But I want to help her any way I can.

Alexis: All right. Let's start by going over your character statement. We'll be right back.

Anna: You're gonna get through this, all right? You love Maxie. And she's gonna come to her senses soon, and then you will be able to exonerate her, okay? But you've got to stay strong.

Mac: I'm trying.

Anna: Maxie needs her family more than ever now.

Felicia: I couldn't agree more.

Alexis: All right, listen, I can't have any surprises in there. You better know exactly what you're gonna say.

Matt: I just don't think it's gonna make any difference.

Alexis: It could lighten Maxie's sentence.

Matt: There shouldn't be a sentence. She shouldn't be -- I just wish whoever it was would just -- they would come forward and -- [Drunkenly] Elizabeth! Are you up here? We're on a boat! We're on a boat.

Alexis: Matt. Are you all right?

Spinelli: I-it's called reasonable doubt.

Maxie: I don't care what it's called. You will not breathe a word of this to anyone.

Spinelli: But what if I'm right?

Maxie: What if Matt killed Lisa? I know he did. I saw him do it.

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