GH Transcript Tuesday 12/27/11

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 12/27/11


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Dante: No, no, no, no. Not so fast. I want to do this the right way.

Lulu: What are you talking about? No, no, no. Dante, no. I don't like this.

Dante: Why? Why not? I want to get this marriage started off on the right foot.

Lulu: When did you become superstitious?

Dante: Since I married the woman of my dreams, and I don't want to jinx it.

Lulu: I'm too heavy for you.

Dante: Look, do you want to stand here and bicker like an old married couple, or do you want to embrace our newlywed status?

Lulu: I'm embracing it. Just don't hurt yourself anymore. Okay. Oh. Wow.

Dante: [Chuckles] Does it feel different?

Lulu: Yeah.

Dante: Welcome home, Mrs. Falconeri.

Kate: Well, you were right again. A side trip to Chicago was exactly what I needed. Traveling during the holidays is such an ordeal, but seeing you always makes me feel so much better. [Chuckles] Yeah. Well, I think that maybe--oh, um, I have to go. I'll--I'll talk soon. What are you doing here?

Sonny: Uh, I just came to apologize.

Carly: Well, it was so good seeing you. And have fun with the Desousas. Be careful skiing. Okay. Oh, Morgan, I love you. Bye.

Shawn: How is he?

Carly: Oh, heís great. Heís great. And heís so excited to go to aspen. I mean, itís awesome that his friendís family is taking him on that trip, you know?

Shawn: Morganís really getting settled in at school, huh?

Carly: Yeah. Thanks for going with me to see him.

Shawn: I was doing my job.

Carly: Well, it was Christmas, you know. I'm sure you have people you would have liked to spend it with, where itís not just doing your job.

Shawn: We've been over this, Carly. I was where I needed to be.

Carly: I know. I'm asking where you wanted to be.

Waitress: Here we are.

Sam: Thank you. Can I have some coffee, please? Thank you.

[Knock on door]

Robin: Hey, I'm sorry for just showing up. I just really need to talk to you.

Jason: You don't need an appointment.

Robin: You've already turned me down, and I know I should respect that. I just don't have anywhere else to go.

Jason: You haven't told Patrick yet?

Robin: I know that you do not agree with my decision to go away, but --

Jason: Robin, I canít--I canít help you disappear.

Robin: I sent my test results to a doctor in Africa. Heís done groundbreaking work with HIV patients there, and he is considered a foremost authority.

Jason: Okay. What did he say?

Robin: Wait and see. That the protocol I'm on--it could work, it should work, but I need to be prepared for the worst.

Waitress: Anything else?

Sam: Um, no. Actually, I was just wondering, do you have any idea who this might belong to?

Waitress: A man was sitting here a little while ago.

Sam: What did he look like?

Waitress: Dark hair, nice smile, attractive.

Sam: How long ago did he leave?

Waitress: Um --

Patrick: Hi. Hey. Hey, Sam. Excuse me. Did I leave a, um--thatís mine.

Sam: This is yours?

Patrick: [Chuckles] Thank God I found this thing. Um, itís not mine. Itís--itís Emmaís--one of her Christmas presents, and, of course, itís the most important Christmas present that sheís ever gotten. What do I owe you?

Sam: Don't be ridiculous.

Patrick: No, you have no idea the meltdown that you just saved me. Itís one of the lesser joys of parenting, but itís all part of the bittersweet of it, isn't it? I wouldn't change it for the world.

Jason: If you're telling me you're giving up, I don't want to hear it.

Robin: I'm not.

Jason: Well, it sounds that way.

Robin: No. I-I-I've lived with HIV for 20 years, okay? I mean, do you know what a gift that is? Stone didn't even get one year.

Jason: Well, you have so many more options than stone ever had.

Robin: And what is that? To keep trying more protocols to see which one will magically work for me?

Jason: Maybe you already found it. You're on medication right now, aren't you?

Robin: Itís too soon to know if itís working.

Jason: Well, then you need to give it some time.

Robin: And then what? And then it fails, just like the last one did, and then the virus is even more relentless and stronger than it was before and--[Sighs deeply] Sorry.

Jason: Don't apologize. You get to be angry, and you get to smash through the wall if thereís no other way around it.

Robin: Smashing a wall isn't gonna fix anything.

Jason: Well, then you need to tell Patrick so you guys can figure out what to do together.

Robin: Please. [Sighs] Thereís nothing I can say to change your mind?

Jason: I'm sorry. You can ask me to do anything else.

Robin: You know what? There is something you can do for me. You can go in for your post-surgical checkup.

Jason: [Sighs] Robin, I already told you that I'm fine.

Robin: Tell that to someone that doesn't know you. Jason, you have to take care of this. You could have serious consequences.

Jason: You need to tell Patrick whatís going on.

Robin: Look, I would just like to preserve the memory of the man that I love--the arrogant, charming, smiling, happy man. I don't want to have to see him carrying this burden, forcing a lightness he doesn't feel, just to keep my spirits up.

Jason: How up do you think they're gonna feel when you disappear without a trace? You are not sparing your family. You are cheating them.

Dante: What is all this stuff?

Lulu: It looks like Oliviaís been busy.

Dante: Pretty soon I'm gonna have to have a little chat with my mother.

Lulu: Why?

Dante: Boundaries.

Lulu: No!

Dante: She let herself into our apartment.

Lulu: I think this is really sweet. Itís really thoughtful. And she left us a tray, which is perfect for breakfast in bed.

Dante: Well, I kind of like that idea.

Lulu: And, look, she gave us a new coffee maker, which is great, because your old one makes really bad coffee.

Dante: I don't know if it was the coffee makerís fault that it was bad coffee.

Lulu: Well, she gave us enough food so we don't have to leave to go shopping.

Dante: You sure it doesn't bother you?

Lulu: No. I mean, if she did it all the time, it might, but, you know, this is her way of showing that sheís happy for us.

Dante: So you're good? No regrets?

Lulu: I know it took me a long time to decide that I wanted to be married to you, but once I decided, I am in. I'm all in.

Dante: Thatís what I like about you.

Lulu: I'm gonna put this stuff away. You should read the note that she left.

Dante: I don't think itís, uh, my motherís handwriting. No. Itís from Sonny. "Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Falconeri. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness. Hereís a little something to help get you started." Well, itís a cashierís check for $100,000.

Lulu: What?

Dante: Yeah. What do you think of that?

Lulu: I think thatís a lot of money. I--do you think itís from his coffee business?

Dante: I don't know. I don't know. What--do you want to--I don't--do we keep this?

Lulu: I don't know. I think thatís up to you. You're his son.

Dante: No. We're married now. That means itís a decision we make together. This is a lot of money. This pays a lot of bills for a long time.

Lulu: I think itís more than about the money. I think the real question is, do you want a relationship with your father?

Dante: Well, the easy answer is no.

Lulu: But what would the truth be?

Kate: I assume this sudden urge to apologize stems from the way we left things in Manhattan.

Sonny: Uh, well, I kind of left you hanging.

Kate: Oh, duty called. Hey, no one else understands better how business can wreck a getaway.

Sonny: So, yeah, thatís true. Did you just come back?

Kate: I did. I, uh, I have to prep a photo shoot. I just flew in and came straight from the airport.

Sonny: When?

Kate: I'm sorry?

Sonny: Well, I-I called the hotel at Christmas 'cause I wanted to see if you wanted to go out to dinner, to make up for what happened. They said you checked out.

Kate: Yeah, something came up.

Sonny: So, the photo shoot--is it gonna take all night or...

Kate: Well, you never can tell, can you?

Sonny: Well, I was thinking, if you wanted to come by my house afterwards, uh--well, hereís the thing. Santa Claus, right? He left two presents under the tree, and I think he mixed up the houses.

Kate: Sonny, you do not have to do that. The trip was more than enough.

Sonny: How come you seem a little distant right now?

Kate: I'm sorry. I'm--I'm just in my work mode, you know?

Sonny: Can we--can you give me a couple seconds?

Kate: I'm sorry. I'm listening.

Sonny: Okay. Uh, when we were in Manhattan, I told you that things were different, right? And they are. I mean, you know, things have shifted. We're not playing any more games. We're not testing the waters.

Kate: I agree.

Sonny: And I want that momentum to keep going, and I'm gonna do whatever I can on my part to make sure that happens. No matter how hard it is, I'm gonna try to be more open with you.

Kate: More?

Sonny: Okay. Open. [Chuckles]

Kate: Thatís very commendable, Sonny. Thank you. I wonder about the timing, though.

Sonny: Well, look, we had fun--a lot of fun, right? And I felt like there was hope, okay? And I'm not done working on myself, and, you know, but I know that I canít fix it alone, so...I think you came back into my life to kind of like patch up the past. Now I need you in the present, and I need you now...if we're gonna have a future together.

Sam: You seem pretty relieved to have found that doll.

Patrick: You have no idea what we had to do to get this thing.

Sam: Tell me.

Patrick: Yeah?

Sam: Yeah.

Patrick: This is the only doll that Emma wanted--this exact doll. Not a reasonable facsimile. She had to have this one. And, of course, every store was sold out of it for the last month.

Sam: [Chuckles] Isn't that always the way?

Patrick: Yeah. So I don't know how my wife did it, but she found some guy selling them out of the back of a trunk on 7th street.

Sam: Nice. A healthy markup, I am sure.

Patrick: Yeah, it wasn't cheap, but itís worth it when you see your daughter open it up for the first morning.

Sam: I guess you had a great Christmas.

Patrick: Yeah, it was amazing. It was really, really good--one of the best ever.

Sam: You probably say that every year.

Patrick: No, no. I mean--I mean it was--it was awesome. Robin was determined to make this a Christmas that Emma would never forget, and you know Robin when sheís determined.

Sam: Yeah.

Patrick: Speaking of, how was your first Christmas as a married couple?

Sam: Married. Um, good, good. I mean, it was--it was quiet. You know, low-key. Itís kind of the way we wanted it.

Patrick: [Chuckles] The opposite of ours. Actually, I don't even think we were married our first Christmas.

Sam: No. No, you weren't. If I can remember correctly, uh, your first shot at a ceremony--Emma came.

Patrick: Yeah, we had a baby. Then we had a ceremony. Not necessarily conventional.

Sam: Oh, conventionís overrated.

Patrick: Yeah, I agree with you. Plus, it kind of helped with the whole, um, annoying questions of when you're gonna have kids, which I'm sure you're getting by now.

Sam: No. People tend to steer the other direction with that--children, us, you know? [Chuckles]

Patrick: I apologize. That wasn't very smart.

Sam: Forget it. No harm done.

Patrick: Well, no harm intended.

Sam: I know that.

Patrick: And speaking of Jason, how is he? You know, he hasn't come in with his follow-up exam.

Sam: Um, you know, we've--we've been dealing with a lot.

Patrick: Well, itís important. Even if you have to drag him in, heís got to come in.

Sam: Yeah, I know. I'm--come on. "Drag him in"? Have you met my husband? Heís a pretty big guy. Refill?

Patrick: Thank you.

Sam: Um, actually, I think I'm gonna go with some herbal tea. Thank you.

Patrick: Thank you.

Robin: This is not even up for discussion. You have to go in for your checkup.

Jason: I'll get to it.

Robin: Jason, this is serious. I mean, if you're not gonna take care of your health for yourself, do it for Sam. Do it for Carly or Monica or all the other women who were so scared for you when you went back into surgery. I mean, I had faith in Patrickís abilities, but there were a lot of potential variables.

Jason: Like who I'd be when I woke up. Yeah, I think Sam was scared that I would be Jason Quartermaine. And I'm sure Monica was hoping that I would be.

Robin: And I knew that there was a possibility you wouldn't make it.

Jason: Yeah, and they knew the--the possibility that I could die, too, but, see, thatís the good thing, because they had the chance to say whatever they needed to say while I was still around to hear them. Thatís exactly what Patrick and Emma deserve, is that chance.

Robin: We're not talking about me right now. Have you wondered why you suddenly have these rage explosions?

Jason: Well, maybe I'm just mad.

Robin: No, I think itís something neurological. When did they first start to happen?

Jason: Stop trying to shift the focus right now. Why--why are you pushing this?

Robin: Because I want to help you while I can.

Carly: Don't you ever want to spend time with family and friends? I mean, itís Christmas. I'm sure they missed you. And you probably could have used a break after, you know, what happened, probably to recover.

Shawn: Recover from what?

Carly: I was there. I know the shooting at Sonnyís brought up a lot of baggage for you.

Shawn: Look, I'm fine, but thanks for caring.

Carly: Don't do that.

Shawn: Do what?

Carly: Don't shut down on me, okay? I get that you're not an open book, but we've talked enough for me to know that you're still dealing with what happened to you in Afghanistan.

Shawn: Look, did the shooting trigger memories? Yes. But I've been dealing with this crap for a long time. Look, I know how to get through it.

Carly: Well, I think you're still having a hard time with it. I mean, if you ask me.

Shawn: Well, I didn't. Now, can we drop it?

Carly: Thatís your answer to everything, huh? You just want to drop it? Can you open your heart enough to let someone in just to help you?

Shawn: I don't put a suit on every day and do eight hours and come home in time for dinner, all right? I have to be ready for anything at anytime. I don't have--I don't have room for baggage. You know all this. I've tried to explain it.

Carly: I know. I know. Because if you get too close, thereís a potential for a mistake, and I would just be a mistake waiting to happen.

Shawn: Only if I allow it. Look, itís nothing against you. Look, I think you're wonderful. You're funny, you're --

Carly: Okay, whatever. You know, just because you're like this doesn't mean that you canít be happy. And I've given this a lot of thought, and I think today is your lucky day. Prepare to fall in love.

Shawn: Okay, Carly --

Carly: Mercedes!

Shawn: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Carly: Isn't she wonderful? Go. Go get him. [Chuckles]

Sonny: You know Michaelís girlfriend, right?

Kate: Yeah. Abby. Sure.

Sonny: She--she was killed. [Sighs]

Kate: What?

Sonny: Accident at a construction site in Chicago.

Kate: Any chance it was business-related?

Sonny: I wish it was, because that way, I could relate to it, and I'd be able to, you know, help Michael.

Kate: An eye for an eye.

Sonny: Sometimes. When you experience that kind of pain, you want the person responsible to feel that kind of pain, too. But in this situation, in Abbyís situation, it was random. So thereís no rivals, thereís no message to send--nothing to make you feel better. And thatís all that matters with your kids, is making them feel better.

Kate: I'm not the person to be talking to about this, being childless and all.

Sonny: You did get me to stare down my demons, so I was thinking that helping me fix this with Michael would be easy.

Kate: You canít fix it, Sonny. Michaelís gonna hurt in some way for the rest of his life. You canít do anything about it. You don't get over losing someone you love, especially your first.

[Telephone ringing]

Sonny: I guess you got to get back to work, right?

Kate: I'm very sorry. I don't think I've been very helpful.

Sonny: No, you've been great. Hey, you know what? You do what you always do. You just listen to me, and thatís a lot. So, offerís still open if you want to come by after you get off. We just hang out.

[Footsteps depart]

Shawn: Mercedes got a dog?

Carly: No. I did. I got her from the shelter. I named her Wilma.

Shawn: Well, hello, there, Wilma. [Chuckles]

Carly: I knew you'd love her.

Shawn: Well, hard not to, with those big, old eyes staring at you.

Carly: From the moment I saw her, I knew she was perfect. I know sheís not some fancy purebred, but we're not gonna show her. I don't know. I love the way she looks. Sheís strong and solid but playful. Like a good girl, aren't you? Yes, you are. Yes, you are.

Shawn: Uh, thereís just one problem.

Carly: Whatís that?

Shawn: It seems Wilma is one big playful boy.

Olivia: Oh, shoot. You're here.

Lulu: Oh, shoot. You're not happy to see me.

Olivia: No, honey, I'm happy. I'm ecstatic. I just thought I was gonna be able to drop off these last few things and get out of here before you and Dante got back.

Lulu: Thereís more?

Olivia: Well, itís just a couple of staples. Itís nothing. Itís just some pasta, some tomatoes, peanut butter, stuff like that, which I'm sure you already know, but my son is completely happy with a peanut-butter sandwich if everything else fails, right? Sorry. I'm being intrusive.

Lulu: No, I think itís really, really thoughtful.

Olivia: [Laughs] You are such a good sport. I am so glad my son married you.

Lulu: I'm really happy about it, too.

Olivia: You sure you're not mad that all those Falconeris showed up at the ceremony?

Lulu: No, no, no. It was really, really fun meeting all them.

Olivia: Well, good, because thatís just the tip of the iceberg. Thereís about 50,000 more where that came from, speaking of which, you will get an invitation to Luciaís confirmation. Send a gift and make sure you find an excuse not to be there.

Lulu: Did I meet Lucia?

Olivia: Letís see. Lucia is the daughter of Theresa the sister-in-law, who, thank God, was not able to come to the ceremony.

Lulu: Why do you call her that?

Olivia: To distinguish her from my aunt Theresa, one of whom is the light of the family. The other one, you want to avoid at all costs.

Lulu: I'm, like, a little confused with it. I don't know.

Olivia: Well, luckily, you got the rest of your life to figure us all out.

Lulu: Uh, you know when you--actually, you dropped off the basket and stuff, did you, um--did you see a note?

Olivia: Uh, yes, addressed to Mr. And Mrs. Falconeri. Sonny sent that over.

Lulu: Did you know what was inside?

Olivia: Um, dare I hope that he was expressing well wishes for your wedding.

Lulu: There was a cashierís check for a lot of money.

Olivia: [Sighs] Honey, I'm sorry.

Lulu: Well, Dante and I have been talking it over, but we don't know if we should take it.

Dante: What are you doing?

Delores: Well, what do you think? Going through dead files for unclaimed watches so I can sell them on the internet.

Dante: Lose the attitude. And you don't have access to the evidence room.

Delores: The door was open.

Dante: That or you swiped a key card again. It wouldn't be the first time you did that.

Delores: Are you seriously gonna come down on me for going the extra mile? There are a bunch of cases here, sitting, waiting to be solved, victims who haven't seen justice served. I am paid to make sure that they see it, not to hang around the squad room playing fantasy football with you dudes.

Dante: That is one hell of a chip on your shoulder. You know that? And you got to get rid of it if you're gonna make any friends around here.

Delores: Really? And be the what? The nice, little Latina chick? I'm sure all you macho guys will love that--someone to make sure the coffee pot is full, the boring paperwork is done. Unh-unh. Sorry. Not me.

Dante: No kidding.

Delores: I have goals I intend to reach, even if I have to hustle three times as hard to reach them.

Dante: Great. How does being in here service those goals? What are you looking for?

Delores: I told you. I thought I saw a pattern.

Dante: This has to do with the stripper case?

Delores: Yes. What else? Unless you really think I'm stealing watches.

Dante: No, I don't think you're a thief. I mean, actually, everyone says you're a damn fine investigator.

Delores: Everyone?

Dante: Yeah, the superiors you had at your last three precincts, which begs the question--why don't you stick anywhere?

Delores: [Clears throat] Well, what can I say? The department doesn't know what to do with me.

Dante: Come on. Cut the crap. If you put in for transfers, this ambition you say you have--your chance to move up the ranks happens if you stay in one place. This looks bad. It looks like you cut and run.

Delores: And this concerns you why?

Dante: Being my partner. One day, my life might depend on who you are underneath, but I don't think I'm gonna get a straight answer on that from you, so I have to go with what I think, and I think this has something to do with Rosa.

Delores: You did not just pull that name out of a hat. You background-checked me.

Dante: Like I said, we're partners.

Delores: That doesn't give you the right to look around in my records!

Dante: Look, your sister was murdered. The case was unsolved. That explains a lot about whatís going on with you.

Delores: I won't discuss this with you.

Dante: Okay, fine. We'll discuss it with Mac then. I'll tell him you had unauthorized access to the evidence room, and itís gonna be a shame, 'cause thereís gonna be a black mark on your new record. Everyoneís giving you high fives for the Lisa Niles case.

Delores: Listen carefully. I'm only saying this once, and then the subject is closed. My sister--she wasn't murdered. She was left to die in an alley, like garbage to be tossed, like food for rats, and she was left there to send a message.

Dante: And you want whoever did it to pay. You want revenge. I know a thing or two about that.

Delores: You know nothing! Nothing!

Dante: You got a short fuse. I mean, that concerns me.

Delores: Okay, so, whatís it gonna be, Detective? Are you gonna report me or not?

Dante: I already told you where I stand. Itís up to you.

Delores: Wow. I see what this is about. You know, for two seconds, I thought you might be different, but, you know, men --

Dante: What are you talking about?

Delores: They are all the same.

Dante: What are you doing? What are you doing? Stop.

Delores: I've got 30 seconds.

Dante: Stop. I'm not gonna report you, okay?

Delores: In exchange for what?

Dante: Keep me in the loop. Let me help you find what it is you're looking for.

Sonny: Uh, am I interrupting something? Um, I'm just here to congratulate you on your--on your wedding.

Delores: You got married?

Dante: Yeah, Christmas Eve.

Sonny: Can I have a second with my son?

Delores: Uh, Detective?

Dante: Give us a minute.

Delores: Okay. No problem.

Dante: Look, it doesn't do me any good with my fellow officers when you show up looking to have a heart-to-heart.

Sonny: The last thing I want to do is piss you off. I'm just here to say that I'm happy for you and itís a great thing that you got married.

Dante: Thank you. I appreciate the congratulations. I just--you know, it was bad timing.

Sonny: Maybe you can come by my office. We could talk, like, you know...

Dante: Yeah. I don't know. Maybe. We'll see.

Sonny: Well, you get some time off. I mean, thereís nothing wrong with coming to visit your father, right?

Dante: What did you come here for? Whatís so important?

Sonny: I need your help.

Sam: I so admire you and Robin.

Patrick: Mm. Really? Why is that?

Sam: Oh, why? Because after everything that you guys have been through, I mean, you've got this complete whack job trying to ruin your marriage, and you're still here. You're still happy. You're still celebrating the holidays together.

Patrick: Yeah.

Sam: Yeah. So, whatís your secret?

Patrick: [Chuckles] We don't have a secret, thatís for sure, but you're right. We have been through a lot. Robin and I got caught in a downward spiral, and, to be honest, I wasn't sure if we were ever gonna make it out. It was always there, you know? What I did to Robin, bringing Lisa into our lives, and then sleeping with her.

Sam: How'd you get past it?

Patrick: We both realized what we had. We wanted to keep it. We didn't want Emma to be--to grow up with divorced parents, so we stuck it out, rode out the bad, held on to the good, and here we are.

Sam: Here you are. Love is a powerful thing.

Patrick: Yeah. And so is having nothing left to lose. You know, Robin and I realize that with honesty and living a truthful life, that we could kind of survive anything, and thatís what we've done. We've based our relationship off honesty.

Robin: No matter how it might look to you, I really am trying to fight and stay positive. But itís hard, you know, because I'm not only the patient, I'm a doctor. I know exactly all the ways that my condition can deteriorate. [Sighs] So all I have left is to take care of the people that I love, to make sure that you're set up to live long, happy lives, and that includes you. I'm just--I'm afraid for you, Jason. I feel like something is seriously wrong.

Jason: I'm okay.

Robin: What if the rage episodes get worse? What if you hurt someone closest to you, like Sam?

Jason: Thatís--thatís not gonna happen.

Robin: But when the anger hits, you're not in control, Jason. That is neurological.

Jason: I know why the anger started. It has nothing to do with the surgery.

Robin: What about Sam? Does she know whatís going on? Does she know the extent and the depth of the anger that you're feeling? I didn't think so.

Jason: I don't want her to worry about it.

Robin: Mm-hmm. So, let me get this straight. You are pushing me to tell Patrick, implying that you will tell him if I don't. So, how would you feel if I did the same thing with Sam?

Shawn: So, let me get this straight. On impulse, you descended on a shelter to save a dog but didn't bother to ask if it was a boy or a girl?

Carly: Well, who cares? Wilma was on death row, and now sheís not, huh?

Shawn: Excuse me. That would be a he.

Carly: Oh, whatever. Whatever. Okay. Letís, uh, letís name him Wilson. What do you think about that? Wilson. Do you like Wilson?

Shawn: Okay, well, you know thereís more to dog ownership than coming up with a name. You know, letting it out twice a day and feeding it.

Carly: I know that. You didn't think I knew that?

Shawn: A dog is not like a cat.

Carly: Really?

Shawn: Yeah. A catís more independent. Dogs are needy, and they like attention and lots of it.

Carly: Well, I don't think Wilsonís gonna have a problem in that area. Do you? No. [Chuckles]

Shawn: You know what? You're right. Josslyn is gonna lose her little mind when she sees that guy.

Carly: Josslyn? Wilsonís not for Josslyn. Wilsonís for you.

Olivia: I probably should have sent that envelope right back to Sonny, but it--it just didn't seem fair, you know, that I got to be there for the ceremony and then I turn around, I don't even let him leave a note?

Lulu: Well, he can congratulate us. I just wish he did it in a different way.

Olivia: Thatís just typical Sonny. He throws money at something if it intimidates him.

Lulu: Intimidate?

Olivia: Hell, yeah. You think heís not shaking in his boots right now? Sonny wants to find a place in Danteís life, and he knows that you, Danteís beloved bride, hate his guts--and for good reason.

Lulu: Well, I've been angry with Sonny recently. Obviously, I'm not gonna get over the fact that he shot Dante, but itís complicated. I don't want Dante to feel guilty about wanting a relationship with his father.

Olivia: You see that right there? What you just said--that is how I know that you two are gonna make it as a couple. Because of that respect and the consideration--honey, those are the cornerstones of any successful marriage.

Lulu: I hope you're right, because I haven't seen many successful marriages. Actually, I haven't seen any successful marriages.

Olivia: You know what? I have. My parents and all four of my brothers. And you know what it is? Itís respect, and itís honesty. And it doesn't hurt if at least one party knows how to cook.

Lulu: Oh, g--great. I'm really excited about that part, because I couldn't even find the kitchen until I realized one morning I needed a cup of coffee.

Olivia: [Chuckles] Your Thanksgiving dinner wasn't so terrible.

Lulu: Right. Thanksgiving. And, um, do you remember the last time I tried to cook an Italian meal? You had to do everything.

Olivia: Honey, you started out with bracciole. Thatís not a starterís meal. [Chuckles]

Lulu: I-I-I know. Maybe my expectations are a little bit high. I'm not gonna do this all the time, but I-I really like the idea of me cooking our first meal as a married couple.

Olivia: "Married couple." Honey, I love it when you say that. [Chuckling]

Sonny: What I need you to do is reach out to Michael.

Dante: Why? Whatís wrong?

Sonny: He arranged Abby to go to Chicago on some ELQ business--right?--To protect her from some guy who was--I guess heís beating up on strippers.

Dante: Yeah. Good. Smart.

Sonny: Well, it didn't work out too well, because, uh, Abby died.

Dante: What? What happened?

Sonny: Random construction, you know, accident. Wrong place at the wrong time.

Dante: Michael must be devastated right now.

Sonny: Heís--heís--if you saw him, you--heís blaming himself, you know, 'cause he feels he could have done something to prevent that from happening.

Dante: Okay, well, I'll--I'll talk to him. I can give him someone to vent to, but I--I mean, professionally, I don't know. If it was an accident, thereís not a hell of a lot I can do.

Sonny: Yeah, well, there is something you can do. You can catch the bastard who Michael was protecting Abby from and before he hurts any more of her friends.

Kate: Hey. Itís me. I'm might need you to keep me from making a huge mistake. When can I see you again?

Shawn: Why would you give me a dog?

Carly: 'Cause I saw how much the one at the hospital helped you. I mean, he really calmed you down. And I thought, you know, why go through all the red tape of applying for a service dog when we can just go down to the pound and save one? Now look. Now Wilson--there you go--Wilson has a home, and you have someone you can turn to when things get tough. I think itís a win-win.

Shawn: Look, I appreciate what you're trying to do, okay? I-I do.

Carly: You don't have to thank me. I mean, really, this is a gift that I really wanted to give to you.

Shawn: I'm sorry, Carly. I canít accept.

[Wilson growling]

Lulu: What do you think?

Olivia: Okay. It looks just like my great-grandmaís. Uh, doesn't taste exactly like my great-grandmaís.

Lulu: Well, maybe not exactly.

Olivia: Um, I don't know exactly how to describe this. Um...

Lulu: Is it really that bad? [Coughs] Oh, my God. Thatís foul.

Olivia: [Chuckling] Yes.

Lulu: What am I gonna do?

Olivia: Well, I think you just order a pizza.

Lulu: No! Aren't you supposed to have an Italian-mom trick to make this taste better?

Olivia: I might at that. A nice bottle of wine. You put that on the table. It makes everything taste a lot better.

Dante: Any new info from those, uh, statements?

Delores: No. In every case, the women were grabbed from behind. Nobody saw his face.

Dante: What about those old cases you thought might be connected?

Delores: No. Same MO. Probably why the trail went cold--no solid leads to follow.

Dante: Well, we got to find one. We got to get this guy in a jail cell.

Delores: Why the sudden interest in the stripper case? Up until five minutes ago, I was the only one around here who gave a damn to solve it.

Dante: Will you settle down, okay? I'm on your team, okay?

Delores: I know. I'm sorry. [Sighs] I have a tendency to overreact.

Dante: Yeah, you're telling me. Look, if anyone bothers you about being in here, say you're here on my orders. I'll back you up. I get what you're doing--'cause of your sister.

Delores: [Scoffs] We're not gonna bond over this, okay?

Dante: Itís okay. Relax. We're not gonna be friends. I know.

Delores: Hey. Congratulations on your marriage.

Dante: Oh. Thank you.

Jason: Look, Sam knows that thereís things that I canít say. Itís just the nature of the business that I'm in.

Robin: What? Business? This is about your relationship with your wife--Sam. She has a right to know.

Jason: What about Patrickís right to know?

Robin: So, what? What? We're at an impasse?

Jason: You know what? I'll--I'll come to the hospital for my follow-up exam...if you tell Patrick.

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