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General Hospital Transcript Thursday 9/22/11


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Lulu: Did you just say you want me to shut up and marry you?

Dante: No. Yes, I did, because I want you to marry me. But this is--this is going really badly.

Lulu: I'm so sorry. I didn't know that you were proposing.

Dante: No, I--I had this perfect speech planned out. I wanted it to go right and then I just messed it up.

Lulu: Well, I just keep interrupting you and...

Dante: So I--I messed this up. Just give me a chance to make it right. Lesley Lu Spencer...will you marry me?

Spinelli: Maximista, while we're here, perhaps we should stop at the soup kitchen and offer up our services. Clam chowder's--

Maxie: We're supposed to be helping Sam and Jason--whoa--Spinelli, don't walk underneath that ladder. It's bad luck. You think this wedding needs any more complications?

Spinelli: Maximista worries for no reason. You know, I bet a cup of soup would help soothe your nerves.

Maxie: Forget the soup. Do you have any idea how much stuff is left to do before the wedding tomorrow? We have to get the rings re-engraved, the flowers resent to St. Timothy's, not St. Thomas' downtown, and we still need to find Sam another wedding dress. But you're right. I am overreacting. 'Cause my Jackal is back, and all this can be fixed with a few clicks on your computer board. Where is your laptop, anyway? Oh, wait! Kate's office. Come. Gonna put you to work. Let's go!

Franco: And they go. The other happy couple, non-couple, non-non-couple. But then again, who hasn't coupled with Maxie? I don't think she's gonna have to worry about camera coverage for the event.

Jason: I'm sorry, I shouldn't have come over here.

Sam: Of course you should.

Jason: No, 'cause you're upset, and then I broke some rule about seeing your wedding dress--

Sam: No, Jason, that is the problem. There are so many rules. I don't think I can go through with this.

Jason: What are you saying? You don't want to get married?

Johnny: Going somewhere?

Anthony: I got a date with a beautiful woman.

Johnny: Anyone I know?

Anthony: I get to have a private life.

Johnny: I guess you're right. I guess it's not so much a matter of who the unlucky lady is, it's more of a question of why.

[Telephone ringing]

Patrick: So, I didn't see my name on the surgical rotation.

Robin: For a good reason.

Patrick: Are we doing this again, Robin? Are you trying to teach me even more humility?

Robin: As if. No, we have a mandatory engagement.

Patrick: Really. Mandatory.

Robin: Yeah. We're going to Jason and Sam's wedding.

Patrick: No, we're not.

Sam: Of course I want to marry you. Yes.

Jason: Ok, then...

Sam: Then, Jason, this happy event has gotten a little bit out of hand, and you, you just got out of the hospital.

Jason: Yeah, so I can marry you. So I can stand up in front of all those people that are making you absolutely crazy...and say that I love you. And of course, to do this.

Sam: Ok. Now, I know that was against the rules. How about...breaking a couple more?

Jason: What does that mean? Should I be scared?

Sam: I don't know. Since we're already bucking tradition, I would like a dance.

Jason: Oh. So now you want to dance. Is that some kind of dare?

Sam: And you hate to dance.

Jason: Yeah, I do. But maybe it's time I break some of my own rules.

[Knock on door]

Sam: That's Maxie. Stay here.

Jason: Why?

Sam: Because if that's Maxie and she sees me in my dress and you here, she's gonna totally freak out.

Jason: But I'm not marrying Maxie.

Sam: You're right. You're not marrying Maxie, and I am the incredibly lucky, happy woman that you are marrying. So I can afford to be a little bit generous with the total hysteric who is planning the ceremony.

Jason: Hold on, hold on.

Sam: What?

Jason: So we are getting married after all?

[Knocking continues]

Sam: Unless you can come up with a better idea. Coming!

Lulu: You can get up.

Dante: Thank you. My knee was starting to hurt. I'm not complaining. The least you deserve is a proper proposal.

Lulu: I'm just, um, I'm really surprised, because we were broken up--

Dante: Broken up. I know. And I hate--and I hate fighting with you and missing you, and most of all I hate that you think you can't trust me. Look, I'm, uh, I'm trying to get with the program here. I know I'm a work in progress. But I think I'm a good investment. That's what I want. I want--I want us to invest in each other. 'Cause I want you in my life. Not just sharing an apartment or a stupid nameplate. I want us to share a real future together. I'm learning to be a better man, because being with you makes me feel like being that better man. When you said you still loved me, I...I knew there was still a real possibility. You and me, husband and wife. I'm sweatin' over here, baby. Come on, you gotta help me out. Say something. Say...say you'll marry me.

Lulu: I don't know what to say.

Dante: I do. I mean...say yes.

Lulu: I can't.

Dante: My mother told me I would muck this up. Bad timing, right?

Lulu: No, no. Don't jump to conclusions.

Dante: You didn't say yes.

Lulu: No, I said that I can't. I can't yet.

Dante: Now you're just messing with me.

Lulu: We went from being over to "shut up and marry me" without a break. You know? I need to--I need to breathe. I need to--I need to think. So, um, when I...when I give you my answer, I need to do it the right way.

Dante: I'm not fussy, you know. I mean, just a nod or a thumbs-up. As long as you're looking me in the eye when you make or break the rest of my life.

Lulu: I will.

Maxie: Canceling on me is like canceling on Crimson. You will never play Vivaldi in this town again. Spinelli, I need you to get online right now and book a string quartet for tomorrow.

Spinelli: I must regretfully remind Maximista of my--my metacarpal injury that I sustained during my act of heroism. You know, a matter of life and death--

Maxie: This is a matter of life and death, at least it is to me. I seem to care more about this wedding than the actual bride and groom, but it's because I want it to be perfect. And now that you're back to being the assassin of cyberspace, it can't be too hard to just hack into a symphony schedule and pilfer a few musicians.

Spinelli: I shall use my best efforts.

Maxie: And I am so glad you emailed out the invitations, otherwise Sam and Jason would be saying their vows in an empty church.

Johnny: So this whole courtship of Luke Spencer's wife, are you back laundering money through ELQ?

Anthony: Maybe I enjoy her company.

Johnny: Yeah, you and your strong women. That's why you were so tough on Claudia. So what's really going on here, huh? What's Skye given you on Tracy?

Anthony: A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell.

Johnny: Gentleman. Yeah, get over here. I got a job for you.

Robin: I'm married to you because of Jason. Because there was a time in my life when I didn't think I could go on, and he was the one that taught me to live again.

Patrick: That was a long time ago.

Robin: Time doesn't change the fact that he's still my friend. And I've always wanted him to be able to find love, and he did that. Just like I was able to do with you.

Patrick: Well, good for them. So call him, congratulate him, but tell him that you're not gonna go because you don't want to risk your life.

Robin: I am going, ok? I'm going, because I want to be able to tell him to his face how happy I am for him and for Sam. So if you don't want to go, fine. I'll go alone.

Sam: This wedding is completely out of control. Maxie just sent somebody here to pick up my dress. My dress. I'm not allowed to have my dress on my wedding night in my house because she doesn't trust me with it. And not only that, she told me that I'm not allowed to do my own hair and makeup. She's got her own people for that.

Jason: Sam, Sam, it's ok. Just tell her no.

Sam: Jason, I can't. I don't want to hurt her feelings. And if I do shut her down, what about my mom and Spinelli and my sisters? I mean, everybody has their own idea about this wedding. I don't even know what they picked out for the flowers or the reception or anything. But I guarantee you it's gonna be way over the top.

Jason: I thought you wanted a big wedding.

Sam: [Sighs] Yeah, Jason, I thought I did, too. But you know what? I can shout my love for you over this rooftop in these ugly, stupid boots that Maxie bought me. I don't need flowers or a ceremony or all of these complications that are coming along with this.

Jason: Ok. Let's just forget about what everybody else wants, ok? Let's just focus on what we want.

Sam: Ok.

Jason: Do we know what we want?

Sam: Well, I thought, um, we wanted--wanted...simple.

Jason: Simple.

Sam: Yeah.

Jason: Ok. Simple. I love you. We love each other. And that's all that matters.

Sam: I know, 'cause look. I've got a rock...

Jason: Ok.

Sam: And a lug nut to prove it. What else do we need?

Jason: Let's go.

Sam: Where?

Jason: Come on.

Sam: Where are we going? Ohh. It smells good. I am starving. The only bit of food I had today, this little piece of duck that Maxie gave me. It was disgusting. It made me so hungry.

Jason: Uh, excuse me. Can we order something before it gets too late?

Older man: I'm sorry. We're closed.

Sam: Closed? Oh. Ohh. Ok. Well, let's go find some pizza.

Jason: Pizza again?

Younger man: I heard you pull up. What are you riding?

Jason: Harley.

Younger man: Mine's the two-stroker three-fifty outside.

Jason: That's a fast bike.

Sam: Yeah, but actually, I noticed the black and orange. It's pretty cool.

Younger man: I'm Robert Yi. My family owns this place. We can put together a plate for these two people, can't we, Grandpa?

Sam: Oh, please, don't go through the trouble. That's ok.

Mr. Yi: No trouble. No trouble.

Robert: Have a seat.

Sam: I feel really guilty. I feel like I was sulking about the pizza.

Robert: No, not at all. It was kind of funny that you guys came in here. I mean, this is a neighborhood restaurant, and you definitely don't look like you're from the neighborhood.

Jason: Yeah, we were just out for a ride.

Sam: We were so desperate to get away, we weren't even paying attention to where we were going.

Robert: If you're on the run from the law, do us all a favor and get back on the road.

Sam: Oh, no, no.

Jason: It's nothing like that at all.

Sam: No, actually...we're on the run from our own wedding.

Maxie: Ok, I just booked Sam an A-list of makeup artists. Are you working on the flowers?

Spinelli: The problem is suddenly more complex than initially understood, so...

Lulu: Ohh! Hi. Um, hey, I'm--I need to talk to you.

Maxie: Unless you're here to help me, I don't have time.

Lulu: I'm sorry, who was the one who covered for you with Kate?

Maxie: And why did I need you to cover for me with Kate? So I could salvage Jason and Sam's wedding, which is actually what I'm trying to do right now.

Lulu: Um, you're my friend and I need some advice. It's important.

Spinelli: I should probably give you some privacy--

Maxie: No, no, no, no. Stay. Work. Ok, come on in. What's the crisis?

Lulu: Dante asked me to marry him.

Maxie: You're getting married? Oh, my gosh! That's wonderful! Congratulations! No.

Lulu: I didn't give him an answer. I didn't know what to say.

Dante: Hey.

Lucky: Hey.

Dante: You got a minute?

Lucky: Yeah, I got more than that. I got as much time as you want. I'm just, uh, packing up Siobhan's stuff, so...

Dante: Ah. Lulu would probably do that stuff for you.

Lucky: Yeah, I know. But I have to face it sooner or later, but not in the next 10 minutes. What's up?

Dante: Nothing. I'm just trying to tie up the bakery case. The coroner confirms the last two bodies that came in were Rudy Trujillo and a low-level dealer by the name of John Thomas Dykstra?

Lucky: Yeah, JT. He's the dealer I was meeting with. He got me shot up.

Dante: Oh. Well, anyway, three of these bodies--JT, Joey Bruzetta, and the guy that was working at the hospital as a janitor, Darryl Hayes--they all did time together at Pentonville.

Lucky: Let me guess--their sentences overlapped with Anthony Zacchara's.

Dante: Yeah, so did thousands. So there's no way of tying this back to Anthony Zacchara, and we don't know how much of this stuff is out on the streets anyway.

Lucky: So we're at a dead end.

Dante: Yeah. Uh...speaking of dead ends, I, uh...asked your sister to marry me tonight.

Lucky: What?

Dante: Yeah.

Lucky: You proposed to Lulu?

Dante: Yeah, yeah, tonight.

Lucky: And?

Dante: She said she would think about it.

Lucky: Oh.

Dante: What? What's that?

Lucky: I didn't say anything.

Dante: No, no. She said you have this way of knowing what she's thinking, some Spencer code or something like that. So, I don't know, how do I convince her to marry me?

Lucky: Are you sure you want to be a part of this family?

Sam: My--no, stop, I'm trying to tell him. My head really started to shut off right about when I had to decide between roses and lilies. I didn't think it was important, but apparently it is. Thank you so much. The food is delicious here.

Mrs. Yi: [Speaking Chinese]

Sam: What did she say?

Robert: My grandmother says lilies for your flowers.

Sam: Oh. Well, for any particular reason?

Mrs. Yi: [Speaking Chinese]

Robert: Lilies represent unity and spirit and one hundred years of love.

Sam: Ooh.

Mr. Yi: [Speaking Chinese]

[Mrs. Yi laughs]

Robert: My grandfather said they're halfway there. They've been married for 50 years.

Sam: Wow. That is impressive. Intimidating, though.

Robert: Marriage is a big step. You enter into it with the expectation that you'll be with this person forever.

Jason: Yeah, it's not really the commitment we have the problem with.

Sam: No, it's not, actually. It's the ceremony and the reception. That's the problem. I mean, to give everybody this so-called perfect wedding is just...not who we are.

Jason: That's right. If it were up to me...I'd marry you right here.

Robert: As it happens, you can.

Dante: Look, don't get me wrong. I'm gonna get along with your family and everything, but I'm not marrying the family, I'm marrying your sister. Hopefully.

Lucky: Right. Yeah, but you know how it is. You marry a Spencer, we're a package deal.

Dante: Ok. Even more reason for you to try and give me some insight into what she's thinking.

Lucky: I would if I could, but we Spencers are unpredictable, my friend. Look at my dad. I thought I knew him and he still managed to blindside me.

Dante: I'm sorry, man. You're doing what you're doing right now, and I'm gonna take my foot out of my mouth and try to make a graceful exit.

Lucky: No, no, no, hey, look. You and Lulu, you're totally different than Siobhan and me. You guys are gonna know you love each other going into the marriage.

Dante: That isn't the problem. It's all this baggage we're carrying around.

Lucky: You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna give you the benefit of my mistakes. If you really love Lulu and you want to spend the rest of your life with her...

Dante: Yeah. Yeah, I wouldn't be doing all this if I didn't.

Lucky: Ok. Then don't hold anything back. All right? Don't play it safe. Don't try to protect yourself from pain. Because we don't know if today is the last chance we're gonna get to love the people that we've been given.

Maxie: Do you really want to risk losing the thing you want most in the world because you're scared?

Lulu: But you couldn't go through with your marriage to Spinelli.

Maxie: Why do you think I'm pushing this so hard? Do you love Dante?

Lulu: Yes.

Maxie: And out of all the men you've ever met, do you think you could spend the rest of your life with him?

Lulu: Yes.

Maxie: Well, there you go. My work is done.

Lulu: Wait, wait, wait. Actually...hang on. Ok. I told him if I was gonna give him my answer, I was gonna do it the right way. So, um, if I do this, I need you to help me out. You have a lot of contacts in Manhattan, right?

Maxie: You know I do. Where are you going with this?

Lulu: I just want to make sure you can get me what I need.

Maxie: Of course I can. Look at what I've done for Jason and Sam's wedding.

Jason: So--hold on. You're--you're saying that we could actually be married here?

Robert: I'm an ordained minister. It balances out all the tattoos and the bike fetish. But you'd have to have a license.

Jason: Actually...

Sam: did you know?

Jason: I didn't. It was for later.

Mrs. Yi: [Speaking Chinese]

Robert: My grandmother says it's meant to be. She says that's why you stopped here of all places.

Sam: Jason, we didn't just end up here on impulse. What if this is fate?

Jason: But what about your dress?

Sam: You already saw me in my dress. And we'd be getting married on the same day. I think this is lucky. I think it's lucky.

Jason: Are you sure?

Sam: Yeah. This feels right.

Jason: Ok. We would like to be married.

Coma Doctor: The protocol is in the early stages of development. There's no guarantee it's gonna have the desired effect.

Anthony: That woman is in a coma, Doc. If the drugs don't work, how much worse off could she be?

Coma doctor: Well, Dr. Niles can't tell us how she'd want to proceed.

Anthony: I know what she'd want. That's why she gave me power of attorney. I can authorize treatment, correct?

Coma Doctor: Maybe you want to consult another specialist.

Anthony: I have total faith in you, Doctor. Listen, I'm willing to dump a lot of money into this place to keep the brain-dead breathing. My generosity should count for something, shouldn't it?

Robin: Can we not do this, please? I don't want to fight. I certainly don't want to go to this wedding alone.

Patrick: Robin, I always respect your feelings towards Jason, but I need you to respect mine towards Sonny.

Robin: I'm not going because of him. And--can we just have a nice time, in spite of Sonny?

Patrick: Sonny is going to be there. Us going to this wedding, I don't want to make it some big stand we're taking against him.

Robin: What about taking a stand for us? We survived the whole Lisa thing and we came out fighting on the other side. What about showing everyone how much we love each other and--

Patrick: That's not fair.

Robin: I was just thinking that we could get a sitter for Emma and get a hotel room, have a nice night, kind of, you know, like a second honeymoon.

Patrick: See, now you're just playing dirty.

Robin: Will you please, please go with me? Please.

Patrick: Fine. I'll go because it's important to you. But I reserve the right to slap or punch Sonny if he causes any trouble.

Robin: Oh, right, because he's the thug and you're the man of reason.

Patrick: I'm not gonna let him deprive me of a nice evening out with my wife.

Robin: Thank you. I know it's not an easy decision for you.

Patrick: The important thing is we're together. We can't let anybody or anything come between that.

Anthony: It's settled. Shoot her up.

Johnny: There's no room for error. You understand what you gotta do?

Cole: Offload the drugs from the boat in the harbor.

Johnny: Yeah. And I'll plant them in the Corinthos-Morgan coffee warehouse.

Cole: I thought that place was legit.

Johnny: Exactly. It's the last place anybody, especially Sonny, is gonna suspect. Then I make an anonymous tip to the cops, it leads 'em right to the front door.

Cole: Sonny'll figure it was you.

Johnny: He's got no proof.

Cole: A lot could go wrong.

Johnny: Just make sure the drugs are ready to unload, all right? When Sonny's raising a glass toasting the happy couple, I'll be taking him down.

Mrs. Yi: [Speaking Chinese]

Jason: Wow.

Sam: Oh, isn't this beautiful?

Mr. Yi: My wife thought it would be more appropriate to have the ceremony out here in back.

Robert: I hope you don't mind my grandmother adding a few touches from our culture.

Sam: Oh, gosh, no. I would be happy to follow in the lead of a woman who's been married for over 50 years.

Mrs. Yi: [Speaking Chinese]

Sam: What did she just say?

Robert: Loosely translated, she said those shoes rock.

Sam: Oh! Well, thank you.

Robert: Let's get started.

Jason: Ok.

Robert: So, Jason, I'm gonna have you stand here.

Jason: Ok.

Robert: And, Sam, right here. Look here, Sam.

[Jason takes deep breath]

Robert: Jason, you stand beneath the symbol of the dragon. Sam, you stand beneath the symbol of the phoenix. For the union between a bride and a groom is the union between phoenix and the dragon. The dragon, the symbol of strength, can scare off evil spirits, protect the innocent, bless those around him with safety, and bring wealth to those who hold his emblem. The phoenix, goddess of all winged creatures, harvests luck, success, and prosperity. She can turn bad luck into good. Together, the phoenix and the dragon are the ultimate sign of yin and yang. Male, female. Strength and beauty. Alone, they bring happiness, but together, they bring double happiness. Do you have rings to share?

Sam: Yeah.

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: Maxie got the inscriptions wrong on our rings.

Jason: This is, grandmother's ring. She wore it for over 50 years. Through it all they loved each other. My grandfather gave it to give to you.

Sam: Wow. Ohh...ok, um...your mother gave me this ring, and it was your father's. And she said that he would want you to have it, and their love lasted a lifetime. And so...oh, so will ours.

Robert: Do you, Samantha McCall, take this man to be your husband, to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, forsaking all others, as long as you both shall live?

Sam: Yes, I do.

Robert: Do you, Jason Morgan, take this woman to be your wife, to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, forsaking all others, as long as you both shall live?

Jason: I do.

Mrs. Yi: [Speaking Chinese] Here. Yeah.

[Speaking Chinese]

Robert: Red is the color of happiness. Tonight you are joined in happiness. Drink of the wine and the honey and your life will be sweet and rich.

Mrs. Yi: [Speaking Chinese]

Robert: From this moment forward, you are one world. Earth, water, air, and fire together, for all eternity. I now pronounce you husband and wife. I think you know the next thing.

Lulu: I realize that's complicated.

Maxie: I have handled worse.

Lulu: So you think that you can pull it off for me?

Maxie: Did I not just rescue the wedding of the century? All disasters have been averted and Jason and Sam are gonna have a perfect ceremony.

Spinelli: The Jackal has successfully brought up a page on wedding music, but alas, who knew there would be so many choices? What to do next. What to do. Huh. Control. Would that I had some in this matter. Mm...escape. I much preferred "course of action," but no, no, no, the Jackal cannot shirk his assigned task. Maximista and the nuptial pair are depending on me.

Dante: The first time I saw Lulu I, uh, I just thought she was this innocent, cute blonde. And 15 seconds later she was laughing in my face and blowing off my best pick-up lines, and then I was hooked. And the more I get to know her, the more I realize there is really just no one else like her.

Lucky: Well, then I guess you just have to be patient. You know? I mean, sometimes the scariest thing in life is actually getting what you want. And maybe Lulu just needs some more time to get used to the idea before she says yes. And I hope she does.

Dante: Hmm. Thank you. Nice to have the prospective brother-in-law's seal of approval.

Lucky: You got it.

Dante: Anyway, uh, enough about that stuff. Look, Anthony Zacchara, the fact that he lost a couple foot soldiers is not gonna slow this guy down, right?

Lucky: Yeah. Yeah, but we need to keep an eye on him, especially with Sam and Jason's wedding coming up.

Dante: That's what I'm thinking. Sonny and Jason distracted, it's a perfect time for someone else to make a move.

Johnny: Scope out the coffee warehouse. I want a detailed report on all the entrances and exits. No, you're not gonna say a word of this to anybody. My father knows nothing about it.

[Music playing]

Sam: You know what this reminds me of? That dinner that we had on the roof all those years ago when I decorated with Chinese lanterns.

Jason: Yeah, when it rained.

Sam: It didn't matter, Jason. It didn't matter, because when I kissed you, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I knew it that night.

Jason: We want to thank you for everything you've done for us.

Sam: Yes, thank you. You know, I, um, I want to thank you so much for your generosity. Please, take these, because you think they rock.

Mrs. Yi: Oh! [Speaking Chinese]

[Mrs. Yi and Sam laughing]

Robert: She says thank you, and they're just way too cool to refuse.

Sam: Ohh. The girl who gave them to me will be thrilled that you--Maxie. Jason, what are we gonna say to Maxie?

Maxie: How soon do you need this?

Lulu: Tomorrow night.

Dante: It's critical for us to be in place tomorrow night.

Johnny: It's gotta go down tomorrow night.

Sam: Jason, we should at least call.

Jason: No. We can tell everyone we're married tomorrow night.

Sam: Oh, ok.

Franco: See you tomorrow.

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