GH Transcript Monday 7/18/11

General Hospital Transcript Monday 7/18/11


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Carly: This is like déja vu. Do you remember when Michael locked me and Sonny in the basement, hoping to get us back together? Clearly, Morgan was paying attention, and now, he has Molly's help. Who are these kids?

Jason: Let's not get too crazy. At least we know it's the kids. It's not Anthony or Franco or anybody else.

Carly: Ok. I know. I know I have no right to judge anyone else's crazy plan. But if Jax finds out about this, there goes my chance at any kind of a custody agreement.

Morgan: Still nothing?

Molly: It's taking too long. Carly should have responded by now.

Morgan: Maybe the email didn't go through.

Molly: No. It would have bounced back. I think we need to send another one, only more threatening.

Morgan: That's a bad strategy. You don't want to come off too anxious. We made the demand. Now it's up to the other guy.

Molly: That's quite an insight.

Morgan: Comes with having a mob boss dad.

Brenda: That's perfect. Can you--is there an adjoining room to that room? Great. Ok. Thank you. You have my credit card on file, right? Ok. Thanks. Ok. Bye.

Sonny: Who are you talking to?

Brenda: Uh, just...

Sonny: What are you doing?

Brenda: What are you doing?

Sonny: You unload on me, and then, you take off, and you make me chase you home.

Brenda: Right. But this is your home. This isn't my home.

Sonny: What's wrong? What's wrong with you?

Brenda: I'm leaving you.

Lulu: [Pants] Nothing's going to happen between us until you tell me where my father is.

Javier: You're in no position to throw rules at me. You keep looking at the closet. If you expect somebody to leap out in your defense...guess not.

[Lulu and Javier grunting]

Javier: I'm sick of playing games with you. You promised me something. Now it's time you delivered.

Dante: [Coughs] Thank you. Oh, that's much better. Had you worried there for a minute, though, didn't I? Thought you had a bit of a situation on your hands? Started considering the consequences of following a cop? I'll let you follow that logical line of thinking to its conclusion. Oh, wait a minute. Then, we can talk about how you can save your own life.

Lulu: You're not going to do this.

Javier: And why is that?

Lulu: 'Cause you know what will happen to you if you do. My father will hunt you down and --

Javier: Tell me when I should tremble in my boots.

Lulu: Just tell me where my father is, and we can pretend that none of this ever happened.

Javier: You brought the law into my establishment. It's because of you that I lost Lupe, my top moneymaker. I'm going to have to clean up this mess by taking out your cop boyfriend. You've caused me way too much trouble already simply to walk away.

[Javier and Lulu panting and grunting]

Carly: This is ridiculous. I'm going to put an end to it.

Jason: What are you doing?

Carly: I'm going to bust my kid. I'm going to email Morgan and tell him to get home with his sister, where he's going to stay for the rest of his natural--

Jason: No. Don't do that.

Carly: Why not?

Jason: Because if Morgan knows we're onto him, he and Molly could take Josslyn and run.

Carly: Do you really think they'd do that?

Jason: I think that they think that they're on some kind of adventure right now. With Molly involved, who knows where they would end up?

Carly: God, you're right. Little Miss "Isn't life romantic?"

Jason: I say that we wait them out, ok, and give them time to think about what they're doing and reconsider.

Carly: I just can't sit and do nothing.

Jason: You think I don't know that. So we’re going to start a search. But we don't want this to go public. If they find out that we're looking for them, and they take off, they could be in a lot of danger.

Olivia: Hey. Honey, thanks for meeting me.

Steve: It's nice to be asked, although I get the feeling this isn't a social occasion.

Olivia: This is a cry for help. I need to bounce this off of somebody, and I really respect your opinion.

Steve: You've been my sounding board plenty enough. I'm happy to return the favor.

Olivia: Thank you. Ohh. Ok. You got to promise me something, though, ok? Afterwards I'm talking, if I choose to not take a single word of your advice, you're not going to think badly of me, right?

Steve: How about if I don't give you any advice unless you ask? Or we could just have a couple of beers and play darts.

Olivia: I'm acting like a crazy woman, aren't I?

Steve: You're acting like someone who's really, really worried.

Olivia: I am, and with good reason. See, this custody thing with Carly and Jax, it is getting really, really ugly.

Steve: He mentioned he wanted sole custody.

Olivia: And he was very confident that everything was going in his favor. All of a sudden, I get a call from Sonny this morning asking me to go over and meet him in his office. Ok, no big deal. I go over there. Immediately, Sonny starts fishing around, trying to figure out if I would be willing to help Carly.

Steve: I take it that's code for sabotage Jax.

Olivia: I told him, on no uncertain terms, unequivocally, I was not interested in anything that he had going on. I didn't want to hear about it, 'cause I didn't want to feel like I had to go warn Jax that Sonny was up to something. I didn't want the thing to escalate.

Steve: Wise choice.

Olivia: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Ok. So I'm walking out of Sonny's office, and I see this other woman walking in--very put-together, very well-dressed. Sonny doesn't offer any introductions. And that's just fine with me, you know? The less I know about this thing, the better. Right? So I got a meeting with Jax later in the afternoon at his suite. As I'm leaving his office, who is standing on the other side of the door? The same freakin' woman. Jax introduces her as Grace Yang, the court-appointed mediator for the custody case.

Steve: Ooh. Not good.

Olivia: Mm-mmm. It gets a whole lot worse.

[Jax grunts]

Michael: Jax? Why are you in handcuffs?

Jax: You need to ask your father.

Michael: Wait. What did my father do now?

Jax: You really want to know?

Michael: Yeah.

Jax: He bribed the mediator in our custody hearing to drug me, and he also planted illegal drugs in my hotel suite, which would be the hotel suite that your baby sister sleeps in.

Michael: Why would my dad do that?

Jax: To win custody for Carly.

Ronnie: Hey. What's up, kid? You here to pay your stepfather's bail?

Michael: No. I'm here about a parking ticket. I didn't know Jax was here. Look, I don't have the kind of money you need. But what else could I do for you?

Jax: You can get Carly to pay my bail. You can tell her that it will convince me that she had nothing to do with this.

Michael: Look, I don't think I should get in the middle of this situation between you and my mom.

Jax: Just asking you to be the messenger, Michael. That's all I'm asking you to do here.

Brenda: Did you ever think about, you know, when you were planning this whole thing, and you were going to have someone slip Jax drugs, that you could have killed him, and that you would take--rip--this father out of Josslyn's life? How's that any better than ripping Josslyn's mother out of her life?

Sonny: You're assuming I had something to do with this.

Brenda: Tell me you didn't.

Sonny: You got proof?

Brenda: Deflection.

Sonny: Well, it's not fair to convict me when there's no evidence.

Brenda: I'm sorry. What? What are you talking about? This isn't a court of law. This is your life. I'm your wife. Are you really going to stand here and lie to my--of course you're going to stand here and lie to my face. That's what you've done to me my whole life. My whole life, you've done this to me--for 20 years. And now, you're going to do this to me again, right? You gave Jax drugs. You planted more drugs in his suite. You framed him. Right, Sonny? Admit it to me.

Sonny: Maybe they were his drugs.

Brenda: No. They're not his drugs.

Sonny: But why? Because he said so?

Brenda: No. Because Jax doesn't do drugs.

Sonny: Well, drug addicts don't really announce that they do drugs.

Brenda: Oh. Are you really going to tell me this story right now? Because you know I know Jax better than anyone. I lived with him. I almost married him. And he doesn't do drugs. You know what I think you should do? I think you should stop treating me like one of your stupid ex-wives.

Sonny: With all due respect to your relationship with Jax, you haven't been a couple for a long time. Maybe he doesn't choose to tell you the truth of how much he's changed.

Brenda: Well, I don't really know anything about him anymore. But maybe it's just that you haven't changed, and I haven't wanted to accept that.

Sonny: I'm the same man that you've always known, loving you the same way I always have.

Brenda: Sonny, but you know I've always known what you do, right? I've always known who you really are.

Sonny: Right.

Brenda: Always accepted that. I remember you used to have boundaries. After Stone, you promised me--

Sonny: What, are bringing up Stone now? I don't want to bring up Stone.

Brenda: You don't want to bring up Stone? What is that? Stone is everything. Stone was everything to us. Stone got HIV from having sex with some girl who does drugs. And you promised me--you promised me you'd never get involved in drugs.

Sonny: I don't move drugs. I don't sell drugs.

Brenda: Oh, but--oh. Really?

Sonny: I don't. I don't.

Brenda: What am I, stupid? Oh, but you don't mind having someone slip drugs to Jax, right, and destroying that man's life. You don't mind doing that? You know what the truth is? I'm so sorry I didn't see this before. The truth is that you used to stand for something, and now, you stand for nothing. And you know why? Because you decided to give everything up. Why, Sonny? You decided to give everything up for that bitch.

Molly: I'm not sure this make-them-wait approach is the most effective way to go. I think we need to stay proactive.

Morgan: How about we meet in the middle, give it another half hour or so?

Molly: I suppose that's fair.

Morgan: The only problem is, even if Mom and Jax come together, it doesn't mean they'll stay that way.

Molly: Well, it's about proximity, bonding in a moment of mutual distress.

Morgan: I don't know.

Molly: Well, come on. Let's review. Carly bailed on Jax, mostly because she was insecure about Brenda. She thought Jax would eventually answer to the siren call of an old love. So Carly basically made it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Morgan: Ok. So...

Molly: So Jax got mad at being dumped and got back at Carly by filing for custody of Josslyn. But it's all petty stuff, misunderstandings and reactions to hurt feelings, nothing worth a permanent breakup. And Carly and Jax will see that when they have to band together to rescue their little girl.

Morgan: How can you be so sure?

Molly: I've read tons of books and seen 3 movies that ended just that way.

Morgan: I'd still like to have some sort of guarantee.

Molly: You know what? You're absolutely right.

Morgan: I am?

Molly: Yeah. I've got a decent legal vocabulary, enough to write up a contract of reconciliation. We'll make Jax and Carly sign it before they can get Josslyn back.

Morgan: Genius.

Molly: Right?

Kristina: So it's settled. We'll go to Vegas the last week of July, when my father is safely out of town.

Ethan: Yeah. That week doesn't work for me.

Kristina: But it has to.

Ethan: But it doesn't. I have to go either before that or after that.

Kristina: Why?

Ethan: Because.

Kristina: That's your answer?

Ethan: Timing is very important with these sorts of things.

Kristina: You're going to Vegas to gamble with high rollers, right?

Ethan: Right.

Kristina: Well, isn't Vegas, like, the high roller capital of the world? Aren't they always there?

Ethan: Maybe.

Kristina: So it doesn't really matter what week we go. On the other hand, this is the only time that I have to play with. It will be so great--you and me in Vegas, not having to worry about my parents, you know, barging in on us and accusing us of getting married. On the other hand, you know, Vegas is the quickie marriage capital of the world--

Ethan: Hey, bite your tongue. Been there, got my heart stomped on, thank you very much. We're not getting married in Vegas--what am I talking about? We're not even going to Vegas.

Carly: Hey. Hey. Have you heard from your sister?

Kristina: No.

Jason: We're looking for Molly.

Ethan: Oh, yeah. She was here earlier.

Jason: Did she say or do anything that might have looked suspicious?

Ethan: She seemed anxious to connect with Morgan, but other than that...

Kristina: What's going on?

Jason: Molly and Morgan took off with Josslyn.

Kristina: Why would they do that?

Carly: It's a long story. But right now, we have to find them as quickly and quietly as possible.

Jason: Right. So any help you guys can give us, we'll take it.

Lulu: No!

[Lulu and Javier grunting]

Javier: Lucky for you, I'm not turned off by a woman who fights back, though I tend to give as good as I get.

Lulu: Please, stop. You have no idea how much trouble you're asking for.

Javier: Anything that happens, you brought upon yourself.

[Lulu and Javier grunt]

Javier: Ahh! Hey, I'm running out of patience with you.

Dante: Look, man. I got no beef with you, ok? So I'm going to be a good guy, and I'm going to give you a shot. You cut me loose, and you get out of here.

Thug: Javier will kill me.

Dante: Javier's going to be too busy saving his own ass. He's going to be in prison with inmates who don't look kindly on guys who rape and murder women. That's what he's doing right now upstairs to my girlfriend, ok? These are heavy duty felony charges, not prostitution. Ok? I'm telling you. Cut me loose. Get out of here while you still can.

[Lulu crying]

Javier: That's more like it. We can do this easy, or we can do this rough. It's your choice.

Kristina: Molly's not answering or replying to my texts.

Ethan: So what does that mean?

Kristina: That my little sister is too smart for her own good. She didn't bring her phone so the GPS can't track her.

Ethan: Oh. That is smart.

Kristina: I just hope my sister's ok, because I want her fully conscious when I kill her. This is probably the worst idea

Ethan: Well, the good news is, both Molly and Morgan are too young to drive, so they can't have gone too far.

Kristina: Thank God for that.

Ethan: And, I mean, how many places can they really go with a toddler and not be noticed, right?

Kristina: In the meantime, we just hope and pray that Jax does not find out. He could totally use this against Carly.

Ethan: Oh, that's right. They're in that custody battle thing.

Kristina: It's more like a war. With Morgan and Josslyn disappearing out of Carly's watch, that gives him pretty serious ammunition.

Ethan: So which side are you rooting for?

Kristina: I try to stay neutral. Jax is my godfather, and he's always been great to me.

Ethan: I did not know that.

Kristina: I'm a constant revelation.

Ethan: Yes, you are.

Kristina: On the other hand, I like Carly. I know I'm probably not supposed to, but I think she's cool. She's all fierce, but caring at the same time.

Ethan: Well, she certainly doesn't suffer fools lightly. I've got to admire that.

Kristina: Jax is saying that she's a bad mother, that she's dangerous for her kids to be around, so she shouldn't have Josslyn.

Ethan: Well, that's more about Sonny and Jason than Carly, right?

Kristina: Well, that's what Jax is saying. But honestly, I think he's just upset that their marriage didn't work out--which is totally unfair, using Josslyn to get back at Carly. The whole thing just makes me sad because Jax is better than this.

Ethan: Well, love makes asses of us all.

Kristina: Who said that?

Ethan: I just did.

Kristina: Profound.

Ethan: I know, right? I'm a thinker. [Laughs]

Kristina: Oh, my God. You totally helped me figure this out.

Ethan: Good for me! Figure out what?

Kristina: Well, I had to veer off track, but I know exactly where Morgan and Molly took Josslyn.

Carly: Have you heard from Molly or Morgan?

Michael: No. Why? Should I have? I don't understand.

Carly: That's not from Anthony. Morgan and Molly took off with Josslyn. If they send that to Jax, he's going to forward it straight to the courts.

Michael: All right, look. I wouldn't worry about Jax. He's got more than enough problems right now.

Jason: What happened?

Michael: Well, I went to the PCPD to pay a parking ticket. Jax was there, handcuffed.

Carly: Jax was arrested?

Michael: There was an incident at the Metro Court involving a court-appointed mediator, raging, drugged-out Jax, more drugs found in his room, and he was resisting arrest.

Carly: Really.

Michael: He said if you bail him out, it will count in your favor in court.

Brenda: I'm never going to listen to you defend Carly again. This is a woman who comes right out and says that she hates me and that she wants to hurt me. I'm your wife. Your loyalties are supposed to be with me.

Sonny: They are.

Brenda: No they're not.

Sonny: What? Why?

Brenda: No, they're not. No. You tell me why. Why do you let that woman walk in our house anytime she wants when you know how much it hurts me?

Sonny: I don't know how many times I've told you. She's the mother of my sons. I don't know. What do you want me--

Brenda: Please, don't tell me it's about the kids again. It's not the kids. Now you and I have a child together, right? So isn't it time for me to come first? Don't I come first now?

Sonny: But you do come first--

Brenda: No, I don't come first.

Sonny: Why?

Brenda: I come second. Can't you see that? I come second to you. And now, you don't care about ruining this man's life? But it's ok, right? You'll ruin anyone's life for this girl. As long as Carly's happy.

Sonny: Ok. You know what? Forget--here's what--the only thing that matters right now is that I love you, and I am committed to you. Nothing has happened to change that.

Brenda: Something has happened to change it. You're lying to me.

Sonny: I'll do anything right now, if you want. What do you want me to do? You want--give me a chance. Do we even have a possibility?

[Lulu crying]

Lulu: Let me up.

Javier: First, you got to be nice.

Lulu: No. Get off me. Please.

[Javier and Lulu grunt]

Javier: Next time, it will be your face. And it won't be a nick.

[Lulu cries]

[Javier grunting]

Dante: I told you I'd kill you if you touch her, didn't I?

Lulu: Stop, stop, stop, stop!

Dante: No one's going to miss this freak, Lulu. Nobody's going to find his body.

Javier: I've got something the lady wants.

Lulu: You know where my father is?

Javier: Not exactly.

Dante: Well, then, you're useless, aren't you?

Javier: I know Luke's working on a score. He's meeting up with a woman. He told me her name.

Lulu: Laura?

Javier: No. Helena.

Olivia: Front desk clerk said that Jax was raving, incoherent. We got six calls from people on his floor saying that they heard the sounds of a woman being threatened.

Steve: The same woman or mediator?

Olivia: What are the odds? She's at Sonny's office this morning, and then, all of a sudden, Jax loses his marbles and attacks her this afternoon?

Steve: It was a setup.

Olivia: Yeah. And a very thorough one, too, because the police went through Jax's suite. They find cocaine and a number of other controlled substances.

Steve: Jax was using cocaine?

Olivia: Absolutely not. I've been working for this man for two and a half years. The man is not using drugs.

Steve: Where is he now?

Olivia: He's in police custody. I made a call to his lawyers. He should be released anytime. I talked to a friend down at the police station. They said this Grace Yang woman claims he came at her so hard, she had to lock herself in the bathroom to escape from him.

Steve: Sounds pretty damning.

Olivia: Mm-hmm. You know what? People have called Sonny Corinthos a number of things, very rarely stupid. He's like--he's like a heat-seeking missile for everybody's weakness, and then, he exploits it as ruthlessly as he possibly can. Ok. Say what you got to say.

Steve: I wasn't going to give you advice, remember?

Olivia: I could go to the station. I could tell the investigating officer that this so-called victim was at Sonny's office this morning.

Steve: It isn't proof, but it would cast a lot of doubt on her story.

Olivia: The problem is...I can't save Jax without giving up Sonny, and I just don't know how to do that.

Sonny: I don't understand why you're making everything that happens between us, you know, about Jax and Carly.

Brenda: I'm not making it about--

Sonny: This is our marriage, not theirs. I mean, you know--

Brenda: It's not about Jax and Carly. It's--really, to be honest, it's about Carly, right? It's about Carly. She's unstable. You know that. She treats me like crap.

Sonny: Can you accept--look, whatever. I'm just asking you to accept that she's the mother of my sons.

Brenda: I have accepted she's the mother of your--oh, is it really difficult for you that she's the mother of your sons?

Sonny: Yeah.

Brenda: Why?

Sonny: What do you mean why?

Brenda: Your relationship is completely inappropriate. And Jax tried to tell me about this, and I wouldn't listen to him.

Sonny: Oh, but Jax is so perfect. He doesn't have ulterior motives, right? But hey. Bottom line--when you married me, you knew my life was dangerous. You knew it was complicated.

Brenda: I did know that!

Sonny: And you wanted to share it with me anyway.

Brenda: And I tried. Do you remember--do you have any idea how hard I tried? Even after that woman showed up at our wedding and tried to ruin it, I still tried to find a way to make that girl work in our lives.

Sonny: And I try to find a way to make Jax work in our lives.

Brenda: What are you talking about? That's such a ridiculous comparison.

Sonny: Why?

Brenda: 'Cause Jax isn't even--barely in my life.

Sonny: Mmm...

Brenda: Look, here's the bottom line. Here's the bottom line. I'm a mother now.

Sonny: Right.

Brenda: This is my boy. I don't want him to think that it's just ok to destroy an innocent person's life, and then come home, kiss your wife, and act like everything's fine. I don't want him to hurt people. I don't want him to kill people. I don't want him in this life, and I know that what you really want from me is that you want me to be silent, and I won't. I can't do it anymore, Sonny. I won't be silent. So, unfortunately, that means that I have to go. So I have to go.

Sonny: Come here--

Brenda: And I don't want you to touch me. Please, don't touch me. [Sobbing]

Carly: So, how was Jax? Was he still high or messed-up from the drugs?

Michael: No, I don't think so. He was rational, in control, like usual. He looked like hell, though.

Carly: God. All right. Well, what did he say about this deal? If I bail him out--

Jason: No, no, no, Carly.

Michael: It would prove to him that you weren't involved in the frame-up, and that can go to your advantage in court.

Jason: Ok. Listen to me. You cannot let Jax bully you into getting involved in this. You had nothing to do with whatever happened to him. You let him clean this up. We need to focus on finding Morgan and Molly before Jax figures out what happened.

Carly: Well, Jax is in lockup. He's probably not going to find out about what happened with Morgan and Molly. But if I leave him there, Jason, will I be throwing away my last chance at peace? I mean, don't I owe Josslyn that?

Molly: "Said reconciliation to include living together--" wait. "Said reconciliation to include cohabitation." That's better, right?

Morgan: Sounds official.

Molly: "And no fewer than two romantic date nights per week."

Morgan: That's too far.

Molly: But if we don't make spending quality time part of the contract, it might not take--

Kristina: You guys are in so much trouble.

Molly: How did you find us?

Ethan: Well, your sister knows you well. Apparently, the country club is right down the road.

Kristina: Well, the pizza shack used to be your favorite stop-off for a snack. You don't like the food at the club, and you're upset that it didn't open.

Ethan: Plus, this place is in walking distance from Carly's house, so you didn't have to take Joss on public transportation.

Molly: Excellent detective work. You guys should go work with Sam.

Kristina: Do you realize the potential train wreck you could have set in motion by taking Josslyn?

Morgan: We were just trying to get Mom and Jax back together.

Kristina: Well, this isn't the way to do it. Grab your things.

Molly: But they're supposed to show up together to pick Josslyn up.

Kristina: You emailed Jax, too?

Molly: No, just Carly, with instructions for both.

Kristina: Thank God. You realize Jax could use this to strengthen the custody case against Carly? Never mind. Let's go. We need to get Josslyn home and hope that Jax never finds out that she was gone.

Lulu: My dad said he was working with Helena Cassadine?

Javier: No, he didn't give me her last name. He just said the broad was filthy rich, and she came from European nobility.

Lulu: What is he doing hooking up with her?

Javier: Luke said she had some access to some serious gems.

Dante: How do you fit into this? Fence? Any more questions for this loser?

Lulu: No.

Dante: Ok. Here's what you're going to do then. You're going to admit that you're a sick freak, that you never should have laid a finger on Lulu, and you're going to apologize to her.

Javier: Lulu, I'm sorry.

Dante: No. I didn't hear the "sick freak" part. I really want to hear that part.

Javier: I'm a sick freak, all right? I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Lulu. I didn't mean to touch you.

Dante: Good. Get up. Get up. Put your hands behind your head. Do it. Don't look at me. Look ahead. Get out of here. Walk. Ohh.

Lulu: I'm ok.

Dante: Bastard had a knife to you?

Lulu: No. It's fine. I'm ok.

Dante: What did he do to you?

Lulu: He didn't rape me. If you didn't come in when you did, it would have been a different story.

Dante: I'm sorry you had to go through that.

Lulu: I'm so sorry. I've been ignoring the danger here, and you've been smarter than me all along. I've been stubborn and unreasonable, and I can't believe that you put up with me.

Dante: Well, yeah. I don't expect that to change anytime soon.

Lulu: I love you more than anything. So what happened to you?

Dante: Ahh, nothing. His guys roughed me up a little bit, and when I woke up, I--

Lulu: They beat you unconscious?

Dante: It was nothing. It was just a little nap. It's nothing.

Lulu: Oh, my God.

Dante: When I woke up, I convinced the guy who was guarding me that it was a bad idea to kill a cop. So he let me go, and then, he took off.

Lulu: I am so sorry. I'm so sorry. Well, so what's going to happen with Javier?

Dante: I left him in cuffs for the local authorities.

Lulu: What happens if he gets away?

Dante: It's safe to say that son of a bitch won't be assaulting any women anytime soon.

Steve: Thanks.

Olivia: Sonny and I have been friends our entire lives. We were running through the streets playing stickball before we ever went on our first date. I have been keeping Sonny's secrets my entire life, you know? I know this sounds ridiculous, but it's a really hard habit to break.

Steve: There's a rule in medicine we have--"first, do no harm." I'm all in favor for the solution that brings the least amount of damage to everyone involved, especially you.

Olivia: Yeah. I don't stand to lose my kid, though.

Steve: You know what? Sonny and Carly and Jax are very capable, very motivated adults. They all have access to legal counsel. They'll figure this out. You don't have to sit here and tear yourself apart about it. Just gave you advice, didn't I?

Olivia: It sounded a lot like common sense to me. I love a man who can throw down with the Hippocratic oath like that. The whole "first, do no harm" thing? It's very much like the law in the old neighborhood, which is "mind your own damn business." So thank you for pointing that out to me.

Steve: My pleasure.

Olivia: You're pretty smart. You know that?

Steve: Well, I try.

Olivia: I bet you still suck at darts, though.

Steve: Why don't we find out?

Carly: You are in so much trouble, I don't even know where to start.

Morgan: Sorry I scared you, Mom.

Carly: Sorry doesn't cut it. Come here, baby. I don't want to yell at you in front of your sister. I think she's had a hard enough day, don't you?

Jason: Here. I'll take her to Mercedes. Come on.

Carly: Thank you.

Jason: There you go.

Carly: Go on, sweetie.

Jason: Oh, yeah. You're fine.

Michael: Nice going, Morgan.

Carly: Thank you both for finding them.

Ethan: Well, Kristina deserves all the credit.

Carly: Don't even try to justify this or come up with some kind of excuse, ok?

Molly: Please, don't be too hard on Morgan. This was all my idea. I thought if you and Jax were forced to reunite for Josslyn's sake, you'd realize that you still love each other and get back together.

Carly: Ok. I'm speaking to both of you when I say this. What you did was wrong, and not to mention really dangerous. You know Josslyn is still recovering from a kidney transplant? What if something went wrong?

Morgan: We took her medicine with us, Mom.

Carly: If there was a real crisis, the medication wouldn't have mattered. Do you realize that?

Molly: I guess we didn't think it out very well.

Carly: There is more than just one reason this was a really bad idea. Why do you think we have guards all around?

Morgan: Because Dad has enemies?

Carly: Yes. And if those enemies would have found out that you guys took off on your own, what do you think would have happened?

[Cell phone rings]

Carly: I'm not done with you. Carly Jacks. Ok. Thanks for calling. Well, the judge made a decision about Josslyn's custody.

Ronnie: Here you go. And a copy of all the paperwork's been forwarded over to your attorney.

Jax: Has the story gone public?

Ronnie: Yeah. It's--the media's aware.

Jax: Yeah. Sonny doesn't mess around, does he?

Ronnie: Oh, you should know that the judge in your custody case, he also requested a copy of the paperwork.

Jax: Did you tell him I was framed?

Ronnie: I sent it to him. But he wanted me to let you know that he'll be rendering a decision tomorrow on the custody case.

Dante: Well, this place cleared out pretty quick. There's no sign of anything leading to Luke's whereabouts, nothing.

Lulu: Thank you for checking.

Dante: Yeah.

Lulu: Can you imagine growing up here?

Dante: Nope.

Lulu: I've hated every minute in this place.

Dante: That's good. Me, too.

Lulu: I can't believe my dad was a little boy learning how not to care.

Dante: It's just desperate times, right?

Lulu: He shouldn't have to come back. No one else should, either.

Dante: What are you saying?

Lulu: Throw me the lighter. Lucky had the right idea, but the wrong house. Some places are meant to be burned to the ground.

Ethan: Well, my compliments. You managed to divert what could have been a disaster.

Kristina: I'm just glad that we got everybody back home. And hopefully, it ends here, and Jax will never have to know.

Ethan: Are you worried I'm going to tell on you?

Kristina: I trust you implicitly.

[Ethan chuckles]

Michael: hey.

Ethan: Hey.

Michael: I just dropped Molly off. She is one grounded young lady.

Kristina: I'm sure Mom is flipping out.

Michael: Yeah. Molly barely made it to the door when your mom confiscated her laptop.

Kristina: This is only the beginning. It's kind of weird, though, 'cause usually, I'm the one that's grounded.

Ethan: Well, this time, you were the heroine of the piece.

Michael: That's true. My mom might have lost Josslyn if Jax found out she was missing. So thank you for finding out where Molly and Morgan were.

Kristina: Well, you can pay me back.

Michael: Uh-oh.

Kristina: Dad is going to be gone the last week of July, and with my mom.

Michael: How come?

Kristina: Ethan is taking me to Vegas.

Sonny: Hey.

Brenda: I got to go. Alec and Julia, they're waiting in the car for me.

Sonny: Can you just not go? 'Cause, you know, this--this doesn't solve anything. We can work it out. I know we can.

Brenda: I feel like me staying here doesn't solve anything anymore. I just--after I realized that you did this to Jax, I knew in my heart that I don't like you anymore.

Sonny: Where are you going? Let me guess, the Metro Court. Jax's hotel.

Brenda: I'm sure Jax is still in jail.

Sonny: Oh, man. Uhh. Ohh. What are you--ohh. Don't go running to Jax. Don't. Please.

Brenda: I want you to know something. I'm not running to Jax. I'm just walking away from you.

Carly: Ok. So Molly and Morgan never sent the ransom email to Jax, so he never has to know that they took off with Josslyn, right?

Jason: That's great. And the judge never has to know, either.

Carly: Yeah. I'm really scared about this decision.

[Doorbell ringing]

Jason: I'll get it. Ok. Just--

Jax: Back off, all right? I'm not surprised to see you here. You know what? You can tell Sonny a message from me. Tell him congratulations on a game well played, but he's still going to lose. And so are you. I'd really like to believe that you had nothing to do with this.

Carly: I didn't.

Jax: I don't believe you. Because drugging people used to be your specialty, wasn't it? I mean, I'd ask AJ, but he's dead.

Carly: I had nothing to do with drugging or framing you.

Jax: Yeah. Of course. I don't expect you to admit it.

Carly: Jax.

Jax: But when I find out the truth--when I find out the truth...

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