GH Transcript Thursday 9/30/10

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 9/30/10


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Jason: Brenda, think about this.

Brenda: I did.

Jason: You told me not to let you do this.

Brenda: I changed my mind.

Sonny: I didn't know you were here.

Brenda: Well, I almost didn't come.

Sonny: I'm glad. I'm glad you're here.

Brenda: You are?


Brenda: Sonny? Sonny? Sonny! Sonny! Sonny! Aah! No!

Jason: It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. It was just a dream.

Claire: It's so quiet here.

Sonny: Great way to wake up.

Claire: I know. All we can hear is the ocean. And it was a great way to wake up.

Sonny: I was thinkin' about tonight.

Claire: Already?

Sonny: Yeah. That's why I bought you a little somethin' I thought you might need.

Claire: Oh, it's gorgeous. And it's my size and everything. You know, you do think of everything. But then again, you've done this before, haven't you?

Patrick: I've already wasted a whole night in here. I can't believe Mac threw me in jail.

Steve: Yeah. Well, Mac overreacts sometimes, but he's all over this if it makes you feel better.

Patrick: How's Emma? She all right?

Steve: Yeah, she's fine. She's fine. A little confused, I'm sure, but Judy Chen is taking good care of her.

Patrick: I'm sure she's wondering where her parents are. I gotta get out of here. I mean, there's no evidence against me. He can't just keep me in here.

Steve: Which means he'll have to release you soon. In the meantime, we'll work on your idea about tracking down Lisa's patients.

Patrick: Yeah, yeah, see if any of the patients have a cabin or a boathouse, somewhere remote that Lisa might have taken Robin. I think we should start with the wealthy patients, ones that had big procedures that Lisa got them through.

Steve: She's a gifted surgeon.

Patrick: Maybe somebody invited her to their guesthouse or their cabin, somewhere remote that she might have taken Robin.

Steve: I'll take care of it.

Lisa: Hey. Morning, guys. Hope I didn't miss the meeting. You wouldn't start without me?

Patrick: No. We were just going over surgical rotation.

Steve: I'm not sure how I'm gonna explain that my best neurosurgeon spent the night in jail.

Lisa: Yeah. Mac's completely gone over the top.

Patrick: Yeah, you could say that again.

Steve: Yeah, he gets carried away sometimes.

Lisa: Well, Robin's flair for the drama obviously runs in the family. You know what? Mac has to know that Patrick would never hurt his wife.

Patrick: Oh, no, no. I hurt her. There's no doubt about that.

Lisa: You're being too hard on yourself.

Patrick: I don't know what I'm doing right now.

Lisa: Okay, Robin is probably in a hotel room in New York reading "The Times," enjoying room service.

Steve: I hope you're right about that.

Lisa: I brought you some coffee and a sweet roll from Kelly's. I know it's not much, but I didn't know what else to do.

Patrick: Thank you. I could use all the friends I could get right now.

Lisa: You always have me.

Robin: Oh. Looks like I made it through the night. I promised you I would, baby girl. Everyone must be looking for me now. [Watch beeping] Ohh. It's my alarm for my meds. It's 10 minutes past time. It's my safety net so that I always remember to take my meds so I'll live for a long time and get to watch you grow up.

[Vacuum whirring]

[Knock on door]

Molly: Spinelli! Spinelli, open the door. Come on! I'm gonna drop these! Spinelli! Spinelli! Open the door, please! Spinelli!

[Vacuum stops]

Spinelli: The blossoms have arrived!

[Molly laughs]

Molly: Didn't you hear me yelling?

Spinelli: I apologize. I've been a bit absent-minded in my anticipation. How did you end up with the blooms that I requested?

Molly: My friend Trinity's mom runs the shop. The delivery van broke down, and I just happened to be there. Plus, she said it was a rush.

Spinelli: It is. Oh, gracious thanks! They are splendid.

Molly: So what's going on here?

Spinelli: She walks in beauty, like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies, and all that's best of dark and bright meets in her aspect and her eyes.

Molly: That's Byron.

Spinelli: A romantic of the first order. Heh.

Molly: Are you getting back together with Maxie? Oh, I think that's just great. You and Maxie belong together.

Spinelli: Maximista is no longer an option. Heh.

Molly: Oh. Well, then what's going on?

Spinelli: Well, Stone Cold is winging his way from Italy as we speak with the divine one by his side, and she will reside here until the threat of danger passes.

Molly: The divine one?

Spinelli: Yes. Stone Cold's luminous ex-wife Brenda Barrett.

Molly: My uncle's supermodel ex-girlfriend?

Spinelli: The very same. She will find a safe harbor here with Stone Cold keeping a watchful eye and the Jackal attending to her every need.

Molly: I cannot believe Brenda Barrett will actually be living here.

Spinelli: I'll be sharing my home with an angel, a shining light of patience, kindness, and generosity. [Sniffs]

Brenda: I hate that you're making me do this. You know, I'd rather go anyplace in the world than Port Charles. And now everyone's staring at me like I'm a weird. Hello.

Jason: They're not. Just what's your problem? You fly all the time for A.S.E.C.

Brenda: It's ASEC. It's different.

Jason: Why is it different?

Brenda: I'm not with you.

Jason: You said that I make you feel safe.

Brenda: Hey, listen. You don't make me feel safe when we are on our way to Port Charles.

Jason: Is there any way that you can go back to sleep?

Brenda: No. I'm awake now, and I'd love to turn this plane around.

Jason: Port Charles is the safest place for you right now.

Brenda: It's not gonna matter after we crash.

Jason: We're not gonna crash.

Brenda: You know what? I actually hope that we crash.

Jason: Why would you hope--

Brenda: This is my hope now, that we crash and drown together. But you know what will happen with my luck? We will crash and end up on some island, the two of us, together for the rest of our lives.

Jason: Can you stop?

Brenda: No. [Sighs]

Jason: Do you want a drink?

Brenda: Yes.

Jason: Great.

Brenda: I hate you forever.

Jason: It's fine. The plane's fine. We're almost to Port Charles. Okay? It's been a smooth flight. Just try to sit back and relax.

[Plane rattling]

Claire: It's gorgeous.

Sonny: You don't like it?

Claire: Well, we're on a tropical island. Why do we have to get all dressed up?

Sonny: Because the casino has a strict dress code.

Claire: There's a casino?

Sonny: Oh. It was late last-- you didn't see the lights. I own a hotel, a casino. I own everything, the docks and, you know...

Claire: Uh-huh. Oh, I see. Okay, late-night arrival.

Sonny: Right.

Claire: Quiet morning.

Sonny: Right.

Claire: Lots of privacy and then the dress and then the casino. So what is this, the standard Sonny Corinthos getaway package?

Sonny: Okay, I admit that, you know, I have brought women here and given 'em a dress, and we've gone gambling and done other things, you know.

Claire: So let me guess. You nod your head to the dealer, and the woman can't stop winning.

Sonny: See that? That's the sign to let the lady win. But we don't have to go to the casino. We could do whatever you want.

Claire: You know, I don't think I can be one of many.

Sonny: I'm startin' to appreciate that. So just tell me what you wanna do, and we'll do.

Claire: All right, but I don't think you'll like it.

Lulu: Ohh. Oh, at least we have this place all to ourselves.

Dante: Yep. Who needs running water, anyway?

Lulu: Or heat? You think any of that wood's dry?

Dante: Mm-mmm. It's all drenched, and we don't have any matches, anyway.

Lulu: Do you think we'll be able to get the car started?

Dante: I guess we'll find out. That's assuming we can find our way back to it.

Lulu: Well, we have to get over there and at least get it out of the road before it starts to--

Dante: No, no, no. Don't say that. Don't say that. It's one of those, you know, "if you say it, it happens" things. Old Irish superstition.

Lulu: What? How do you know about Irish superstitions?

Dante: Well, I dated Katy O'Connor, the third daughter in one of the only Irish families in the neighborhood.

Lulu: Okay. So, what, you guys just, like, discussed Irish superstitions?

Dante: Yeah, all the time. It's one of those things where you talk about it, you know, you basically bring it down upon you, so don't mention it raining, you know.

[Thunder crashes]

Lulu: Wow. Good job. I'm gonna beat you to the car before it rains.

Maxie: I just grabbed a few things off the rack, but we have a new line coming in from New York in a couple hours, so you should be able to find something. So what's the deal? Are you working a case that involves haute couture?

Sam: No. Actually, it's kind of embarrassing.

Maxie: Oh, what is it? Does it involve rich people? That's why you need to look fabulous?

Sam: Jason's ex is coming back into town.

Maxie: His ex, as in Brenda Barrett?

Sam: Mm-hmm. It's the one. There's some big security risk, so she's gotta lay low for a little while.

Maxie: And the only place in the whole entire world she can lay low is with Jason?

Sam: Yeah. I mean, that's what he told me, anyway. Whatever. They're on their way back from Italy right now, and I'm okay with it, really. I'm not insecure or anything at all. You know what? They barely even get along, I don't think, so...

Maxie: Well, it doesn't hurt to look extra hot when your guy's ex is gonna be around.

Sam: Aha. Let's just say I wanna look really good when Jason gets home.

Maxie: Well, Robin'll be really excited. She and Brenda were really good friends when I was growing up.

Sam: I don't think Robin's gonna be the only one who's excited. You can add Jax to the list and Sonny to the list, too, and I'm sure--Maxie, are you okay?

Maxie: It's Robin. She's missing.

Sonny: Okay. Everything's set just like you want.

Claire: Beer?

Sonny: Check.

Claire: Rods and reels?

Sonny: Several of those on the boat.

Claire: A driver who knows what he's doing?

Sonny: Heh heh. That's good. You know, when I was a kid, I used to fish out here a lot. When I first bought the island, I was gonna live here permanently.

Claire: Ah. So that's why your file was blank for a couple of years. You were out here.

Sonny: I wasn't planning on, you know, going back to the mainland or anything.

Claire: So you went into retirement, your own personal island.

Sonny: Nobody was supposed to find me.

Claire: Why'd you come back?

Sonny: The quiet was starting to get to me, was starting to drink too much, and I started to miss my life. I got lonely.

Brenda: Where's the key?

Jason: Just knock on the door.

Brenda: Just give me the key. Where's the key?

Jason: Just knock on the door.

Brenda: Is the key in your pants?

Spinelli: Gracious greetings. Oh. Please enter.

Jason: Yeah. Enter. Go.

Brenda: Go?

Jason: Yeah, yeah. Go.

Brenda: Hi.

Spinelli: Hi. Welcome to the safe harbor of the master and his faithful grasshopper. Benvenuto a casa di Stone Cold.

Brenda: Hello. I'm Brenda.

Spinelli: Yes. Yes. I'm the Jackal, the assassin of the internet. Well, I rule cyberspace while faithfully serving my master, Stone Cold.

Brenda: Oh, you're the computer guy. I think we almost spoke on the phone.

Spinelli: Yes. That is correct.

Brenda: Oh. Well, it's very nice to meet you, Spinelli. Or do you like to be called--what is it? The Jackal?

Jason: No, people call him Spinelli.

Brenda: Oh. Well, then nice to meet you, Spinelli.

Jason: So he has your old room, so you take the guest room, okay?

Spinelli: Actually, I would gladly vacate my former quarters. In fact, I restored it to the original configuration in honor of your presence.

Brenda: Oh, you don't have to do that. Actually, I don't--

Spinelli: It's my honor. I would happily sleep in the weight room during the course of your stay. And I will dispatch your baggage forthwith, but first, would you like a refreshment?

Brenda: Oh, seriously? Yes. I'm starving. There's refreshments at Jason's house now?

Spinelli: I have prepared strong coffee to ward off the jetlag.

Brenda: Oh, gosh. You are the greatest human being ever created by God. Thank you. Oh, where'd you get this biscotti?

Spinelli: From an excellent local Italian bakery. Since the divine one was residing in Rome, I had hoped to make her feel more at home, as it were.

Brenda: I'm the divine one?

Jason: Spinelli, why don't you take the bags upstairs?

Spinelli: Yes. Of course.

Brenda: No, you don't need to take the bags upstairs. I'd love for you to have coffee with me, actually. Where'd your pool table go and your ugly leather couch?

Spinelli: The divine one is pleased?

Brenda: Yes. I am. Come and have coffee with me and biscotti. Here. So where'd you come from? You should call me Brenda. Please call me Brenda.

Spinelli: Brenda.

Dante: Well, at least we got the car out of the road and into the bushes. Not that it matters, because there were no tire tracks. No one is driving this far out.

Lulu: Well, I'm just happy that we found some stale coffee and sugar in the car.

Dante: Yeah, I know. We just gotta figure out where the hell we are.

Lulu: So which way do you think it is to Bally Lynde?

Dante: You know what Katy O'Connor used to do? It sounds ridiculous, but she used to pray to Saint Brigid for a sign.

Lulu: Really?

Dante: Yeah.

Lulu: Okay. Ha ha. Saint Brigid, hello. We need a sign.

[Sheep bleating]

Dante: What the hell was that?

Lulu: It was sheep.

Dante: Oh, really? I thought it might have been crickets.

Lulu: Smart.

Dante: Or a wild goat or maybe a mad cow coming to attack you.

Lulu: Cows don't attack me.

Dante: Oh. Well, you know, I'm a city boy. What do I know?

Lulu: You know what I think it was? I think it was Saint Brigid saying that we need to hang out with some sheep.

Dante: Hang out with them? Really?

Lulu: Yeah. What else are we gonna do?

Dante: Well, I guess--yeah. Let's go.

Lisa: Hey, Mac cannot keep you in here indefinitely.

Patrick: He hasn't even let me make a phone call.

Lisa: Yeah. Well, it's easier for Mac to blame you than to just admit that Robin took off.

Patrick: Of course, because look what I did.

Lisa: Can you imagine if Robin had been unfaithful to you? Because of course it would still be your fault.

Patrick: I just want Robin to be back safe for Emma's sake.

Lisa: Emma's gonna be fine. I was actually thinking about bringing her some ice cream, chocolate ice cream, this afternoon. If that's all right with you.

Mac: Well, isn't this cozy? There's nothing like broadcasting your motive for getting rid of your wife.

Robin: Hey! Is anyone there?! Help! Okay. Nothing's broken. I mean, I fell a couple of times, but everything's good. Everything's fine. I'm gonna get out of here okay. Nothing's broken. I mean, I fell a couple of times, but everything's good. Everything's fine. I'm gonna get out of here somehow, baby girl. I promise. Even if it takes a miracle. Miracles do happen. You happened.

Maxie: Mac is totally freaking out. He won't tell me anything. He keeps saying that's because he doesn't want to get civilians involved, but I know it's because he doesn't want me to make things worse or get in trouble.

Sam: Well, Mac's a cop. He thinks like one.

Maxie: Yeah. Well, I promised him I would stay out of trouble, so being here, helping you is keeping me out of trouble.

Sam: Are you sure? Because finding me a dress seems pretty trivial at the moment.

Maxie: Helping me keep my promise to Mac is not trivial.

Sam: Okay. Well, what do you recommend?

Maxie: Well, you wear a lot of black. There's no reason to shy away from, like, a bold color or a strong print or two, maybe something that'll catch Jason's eye.

Sam: This is silly. Jason doesn't even notice clothes.

Maxie: Well, you're kind of doing this for yourself anyway to help you feel pretty and confident. There's nothing wrong with that.

Sam: Yeah. You know, I've been hearing about Brenda for years. Now I finally get to meet her.

[Knock on door]

Michael: You're home.

Jason: Hey. Was just about to call you, actually.

Michael: Glad you're back.

Jason: Come on. I hear you've been getting in a little bit of trouble.

Michael: Yeah.

Jason: What's going on?

Michael: Well, if it wasn't for Dante, I would have got kicked out of school my first day.

Jason: Is it getting any easier?

Michael: Well, there's no more fights. I think most of the kids there are kind of afraid of me, though. Sometimes I'm afraid of myself. You know, no one understands what it's like, Jason, except for you.

Jason: I'm sorry I took off like I did.

Michael: Don't be. You don't have to stick around in town just to baby-sit me. It's fine. Just I had a lot of people helpin' me out anyways, you know. You know, mom whether I like it or not, Dante, Sam. Actually, you know, Sam thinks you need to talk about Pentonville.

Jason: She said that?

Michael: Well, even though she's trying to get me to talk to her, I could see that. All right, she thinks that maybe if I talk about what happened, that somehow it'll be easier. Sorry.

Jason: I mean, if you want to talk about it...

Brenda: Hey, Jason, is Spinelli around? Hi.

Michael: Hi.

Brenda: Who's this?

Maxie: Kate is ranting on about service in Paris, and the new batch of samples is stuck in traffic on the Tappan Zee Bridge. Still no word from Mac.

Sam: Well, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Maxie: Anything that isn't "we found Robin, and she's okay" is bad news.

Sam: True.

Maxie: I like this one. I think you should mix it up a little, try color.

Sam: Maxie, why am I even doing this? Jason loves me for me.

Maxie: I'm sure that's true, but there's nothing wrong with trying to look your best. Sam, you don't deserve to go around looking like you're gonna get in a shootout every minute. Try some of these on, and if they don't work, we'll find some new ones.

Brenda: Are you Michael?

Michael: Yeah. Yeah, I'm Michael.

Brenda: Oh, wow. Wow. You were a baby when I left. You were obsessed with the Yankees. You're huge.

Michael: Yeah. Well, I still like the Yankees.

Jason: You know what, Brenda? We're kind of in the middle of a conversation.

Michael: That's okay, Jason. It's fine.

Brenda: So are you-- you're in high school.

Michael: Yeah. I'm a senior at Madison.

Brenda: Oh, senior year can be torturous. Or it can be a lot of fun.

Michael: Yeah. It's all right, I guess.

Sonny: You won. There's no question about it.

Claire: You know what? I am really trying to figure out how you can rig a fishing trip.

Sonny: That's what--I'm trying to tell you that you won.

Claire: Mm-hmm. Are you sure you didn't throw one back when I wasn't looking?

Sonny: No, I didn't do that.

Claire: All right, I heard a splash.

Sonny: Okay, listen to me. I appreciate that you caught our dinner. Now I'm gonna have the chef prep it, right? And then I'm gonna grill it. Unless you wanna go to the restaurant.

Claire: Here's what I'd rather have.

Patrick: Let me out of here, Mac. I should be looking for Robin.

Mac: You in on this together? Robin made it uncomfortable for both of you at the hospital, so you got her suspended, and now you've gotten rid of her.

Patrick: Are you kidding?

Mac: Where the hell is Robin?

Patrick: I don't know!

Mac: You know more than you're sayin'.

Lisa: Patrick has nothing to do with Robin's disappearance. All right? She's taken off before. I mean, this is obviously some sort of act to try and get attention because her marriage is falling apart and because she's been having so many problems at work.

Mac: Keep talking. I'll lock you up, too.

Lisa: All right, this is ridiculous. We both have patients to see.

Mac: He's not goin' anywhere.

Lisa: It didn't need to come to this.

Mac: Is that a threat?

Lisa: No, but the fact that you would leap to that conclusion is just more proof that you're completely out of control.

Lulu: That old man was really nice.

Dante: Yeah. Too bad he doesn't know how to fix cars.

Lulu: Well, at least he gave us a whole bunch of supplies and said we could stay here.

Dante: And we found out there's a town 7 miles from here, that there's a bus that goes there every day, too.

Lulu: So do you think the bus can take us to Bally Lynde?

Dante: I highly doubt the guy that we were supposed to meet for Lucky is gonna be there by now, anyway, so I don't think so.

Lulu: You know what? I think you're right. Maybe we should stay here until we hear from Lucky and we can figure out what to do next. If you can handle that, city boy.

Dante: Oh. If I didn't know any better, I'd think, you know, you grew up on the run just like Lucky did.

Lulu: I would have liked that.

Patrick: I get it, Mac. You blame me, and you're scared. So am I.

Mac: That's a lie. You know more about this than you're sayin'.

Patrick: I would never hurt Robin.

Mac: Maybe you didn't hit her in the head and throw her in the trunk of your car, but you hurt Robin. You confirmed all her worst fears about gettin' married and havin' a family, and now she's gone.

Lisa: You know what? I'm sorry it's come to this, but I've contacted an attorney, Maggie Wentworth.

Patrick: That's my patient with tennis elbow?

Lisa: Mm-hmm.

Mac: You two are unbelievable.

Lisa: You haven't charged Patrick with anything, you have no evidence against him, and I actually talked her out of filing a harassment charge against you, at least for now. Okay, you can leave at any time and just collect your things with the desk sergeant.

Patrick: Thank you.

Mac: You two make quite a team. Fine, go on. Get out of here, both of you.

Lisa: I'll see you back at the hospital. Robin obviously needs psychiatric help.

Patrick: I agree.

Mac: Robin was doin' fine. She completely recovered from her postpartum depression.

Lisa: Well, sometimes the craziest people don't understand how crazy they are.

Sam: Mm-hmm. Robin Scorpio. She just vanished after a car accident. Yeah. Should be great. Thanks.

[Knock on door]

Sam: Okay. Let me know.

Molly: Oh, good.

Sam: Hey.

Molly: I'm so glad you're home. I have a huge favor.

Sam: Sure. What do you need?

Molly: Invite me over to Jason's.

Sam: Come on. You know you're welcome to Jason's anytime.

Molly: Well, yeah, but I wanna come over while Brenda's there.

Sam: You wanna meet Brenda?

Molly: Yeah. She helps a lot of kids through her charity, and I know this is kind of shallow, but she dated Murphy Sinclair, and she's the face of Cartullo. I think that's really cool.

Sam: Yeah. So do I. It's cool.

Brenda: So Josslyn is your baby sister.

Michael: Yeah. She's great.

Brenda: Mmm. I bet you're great with her.

Michael: Josslyn? Yeah, she hardly ever cries. She loves to be held. I'm teaching her how to play catch. Well, it's more so me rolling a ball back and forth with her, but she kind of goes crazy for it.

Brenda: Oh. Well, she's a lucky girl to have you for a brother. How old is she now? When was she born?

Jason: Hey, you know what? Brenda and I actually have some things to talk about.

Michael: Yeah, it's fine. We'll talk later, all right? It was nice meeting you, Brenda.

Brenda: Really nice to meet you.

Michael: You, too.

Brenda: What? What'd I do?

Jason: Nah, you didn't do anything. Sonny was married to a woman named Claudia Zacchara. It was a business arrangement, and she was crazy. Michael killed her.

Brenda: What?

Jason: Claudia kidnapped Carly at gunpoint. Carly was in labor. She had the baby. Claudia tried to steal the baby. Michael came through the door, hit Claudia with an ax handle, and killed her. He went to prison for it...

Brenda: Wow.

Jason: And he's out on parole right now.

Brenda: I'm speechless.

Jason: You asked why I went to prison. I went with Michael to look out for him. Just be careful with him, okay? He's goin' through hell.

Sonny: Hey. What do you wanna toast to?

Claire: Getting to know each other.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Claire: One question. One answer.

Sonny: Good.

Claire: Yeah?

Sonny: You first?

Claire: Why doesn't that surprise me?

Sonny: Why?

Claire: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: Because you surprise me in many ways. Where did you grow up?

Claire: All over. I'm a second-generation fed.

Sonny: Okay, that was not the first time you went deep-sea fishing, so where did you learn--

Claire: I'm supposed to get to the next question.

Sonny: Humor me, and I'll make it up to you.

Claire: Okay, deep-sea fishing.

Sonny: Right.

Claire: One of my cousins, a very distant cousin. I was 11. He was 17. I adored him. Kind of seemed like a crush, if that-- that sounds weird. Does it?

Sonny: Not really. No.

Claire: Well, he used to bring me along whenever he went fishing. He probably needed me to bait the hook or clean the fish, but he taught me a lot, and he didn't coddle me or anything or cut me any slack. He just expected me to be good, and I was. We even won some competitions down in Florida.

Sonny: Yeah? Well, did you keep in touch? Have you talked to him?

Claire: He was involved in a convenience-store robbery. He stood up for the owner, and he got shot. He died a hero, and he never lived to see his 18th birthday.

Sonny: Wow. I'm sorry to hear that.

Claire: Yeah, I think about him a lot.

Sonny: Is that why you went into law enforcement?

Claire: The shooter got off on a technicality, and that made an impression.

Sonny: Hey, I didn't mean to make you sad. That's not what I'm tryin' to do.

Claire: What do you want, Sonny?

Lulu: We should probably get some firewood and let it dry while I work on the fireplace.

Dante: I can't believe how comfortable you are with all this.

Lulu: Well, my parents and Lucky lived in Ireland for a while when he was a boy.

Dante: Yes, I know. You've told me that repeatedly.

Lulu: Well, you know, actually my mom also used to carry a carpetbag with her with everything imaginable. I think maybe I should get one of those.

Dante: Oh, yeah? And then what are you gonna do, just be like a full-time adventurer?

Lulu: Well, I used to tell myself that when I was a teenager living with my grandma. I was a complete pain in the ass then. I was resentful and angsty and convinced that I had been cheated out of the fun that Lucky got.

Dante: Hmm. Guess I don't know that much about that part of your life.

Lulu: I just missed out on a lot. What if we stayed here, and, like, we could travel with no itinerary, no plans?

Dante: Are you sure that's what you want, or are you just trying to live up to your Spencer last name?

Sonny: When I was a kid, I used to sell papers on the street, you know, for money. And I would tell myself that, one day, I'm gonna have everything that I want.

Claire: And did you get all those things?

Sonny: Every single thing.

Claire: Are you happy?

Sonny: What about you? What do you like, Claire? What makes you happy?

Claire: A day like this, a cold beer, good company, the ocean. I don't need fancy clothes or a night on the town or anything. I just need a connection, to look into a man's eyes and know we can trust each other.

Sonny: Yeah. That's what I need, too.

[Cell phone rings]

Sonny: Wait. You don't have to get that.

Claire: I gotta get this.

Sonny: Okay.

Claire: Claire Walsh. Yeah. No. No, of course. But does this have to happen now? No, absolutely. I'll be there. Thanks.

Sonny: I thought you weren't goin' to work.

Claire: It's all right. You don't have to come with me. You should stay here and enjoy this peace and quiet.

Sonny: You know what I wanna do?

Claire: Hmm?

Sonny: I wanna enjoy whatever time we got left.

Sam: Oh. Hello. Hi. Brenda?

Brenda: Yeah. I'm sorry. Who are you?

Patrick: Hey.

Lisa: Hey.

Patrick: Thank you for helping me back there.

Lisa: Yeah. It was my pleasure. I mean, you never should have been locked up in the first place.

Patrick: Those are surgical rotation?

Steve: Yeah. Talked to the PCPD. They said you were out.

Patrick: Yeah. Did you find anything?

Steve: Maybe. Donald Mulvaney, double knee replacement who credits Lisa for saving his golfing career. He has a cabin past the old fire road on Hunter Mountain.

Patrick: Well, that's some pretty rough territory.

Steve: Yeah. He built it for his now-ex-wife, who's in Florida. He's too busy to use it much, told Lisa she could use it anytime.

Patrick: Okay.

Robin: Help! I'm trapped down here! Someone'll find me. I promise, Emma. We're gonna be fine.

[Watch beeping]

Robin: That's the second dose I'm missing.

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