GH Transcript Wednesday 9/15/10

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 9/15/10


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Patrick: This feels a little weird, being back in here. Don't you think?

Robin: Well, Lisa can't listen to our private conversations or stalk us or any of the other sick stuff that she's doing. But if you can't handle it...

Patrick: No, no, I can handle it. I've just got one question. Is this your idea, or Uncle Mac's?

Mr. Buckley: Madison Prep has a reputation. We graduate high achievers and future leaders. We are not in the business of rehabilitating felons. In fact, Mr. Corinthos, I warrant, this is the first time we have ever made such an exception.

Michael: Well, my parents are very grateful, Mr. Buckley.

Mr. Buckley: Not surprisingly, a number of parents are worried about their children attending school with you. So tell me, Michael, do they have a reason to worry?

Carly: Okay, Josslyn, I need your help with something, okay? We need to give your daddy a wake-up call. That's right, so he doesn't even think about chasing the past. Want one? Yeah?

Jax: Hey. I didn't expect to see you here.

Carly: Well, don't read anything into it.

Lulu: Who needs an alarm clock when I have you?

Dante: I'm better than a double mocha latte in the wake-up department.

Lulu: [Giggles] Speaking of...

Dante: What, coffee?

Lulu: Mm-hmm.

Dante: You want some?

Lulu: Mm-hmm.

Dante: Hmm. Okay. Ahh.

[Cell phone rings]

Dante: Oh, can you get that for me?


Lulu: Detective Falconeri's phone.

Lucky: Lulu?

Lulu: Lucky? Why are you calling Dante's phone? Did you find Dad?

Lucky: No, not yet. You know how it is. Passport control and customs--

Man: Good evening, O'Reilly. Good to see you.

Lucky: Cheers, mate.

Man: Back in a moment.

Lucky: Listen, as soon as I get out of the Heathrow airport, I'll be right on Dad's trail.

Maxie: Shame on you! Robin and Patrick have enough to deal with.

Mac: I'm sorry, but Patrick cheating on Robin is not acceptable.

Maxie: At least he's crawling through glass to try to get her back.

Mac: Patrick doesn't deserve to have Robin back after the way he broke her heart.

Maxie: They love each other, and you know it. Besides, Emma deserves to have her parents together. So try to cooperate.

Mac: Look, I don't trust Patrick. He doesn't feel bad about cheating on Robin. He just feels bad about getting caught. And if Lisa Niles wasn't such a nutcase, he'd probably be sneaking around with her right now.

Patrick: Lisa has to believe that we're so far apart and you're going over the edge that she has a chance with me.

Robin: Well, then I'll have to convince her to hate the sight of you.

Patrick: Robin, do you think we can just talk about us for a second?

Robin: Don't, okay? Let's just stay focused on--

Patrick: I just--

Robin: No. On Emma, and protecting her.

Patrick: All right. Well, I think Lisa will incriminate herself if she feels that she has a legitimate chance of getting me back.

Robin: Because you're such a prize. Well, today is my review for my suspension.

Patrick: Yeah.

Robin: It's a perfect opportunity for me to push you back into the arms of your mistress.

Mr. Buckley: I had a nephew who got into trouble with the police. And I know how kids can make mistakes. And I know that, given half a chance, they can get their lives back on track.

Michael: I appreciate that.

Mr. Buckley: Unfortunately, the Madison parents board sees things differently. However, your father and stepfather made a generous endowment. And that is why you have been given this chance.

Michael: I get it, sir. No one's happy about me being here.

Mr. Buckley: Not true. No. No. If you are willing to apply yourself, we are willing to give you a shot. But the parents have legitimate concerns. You need to be above reproach. First sign of trouble, I'll expel you.

Michael: Well, sir, I don't intend to get into any trouble.

Mr. Buckley: Good.

[School bell rings]

Mr. Buckley: Well, get to class. Oh, and, uh, Michael, fix that tie. You're a Madison boy.

Jax: Wow, so you and Josslyn just happened to be where I get my coffee every morning.

Carly: Guess it's a coincidence.

Jax: That's one of the things I love about you. You can sit there with a straight face and expect me to believe that.

Carly: I'm insulted that you would put Brenda on the cover of your magazine. And since Josslyn is sitting here with us, I'm gonna have to make nice.

Jax: HI, Josslyn. When your mommy stops being annoyed, could you explain to her that I'm sorry about the misunderstanding, and that she is the only woman that I love.

Carly: Could you please tell your father that I'm not falling for that line again?

Jax: Now you're just being unreasonable.

Carly: How did you think I would feel to see Brenda's face all through your magazine? Did you even think about that for one second?

Jax: Daddy put Brenda on the cover because it was good for business. But his feelings for Brenda went bye-bye a long, long time ago, when Daddy met someone that made him forget about every other woman that he'd ever known. Now if we can only convince Mommy, that would be a start.

Lulu: Do you know anyone in London who can help look for Dad?

Lucky: Sort of. Where's Dante?

Lulu: He's right here. Well, give Dad my love and stay out of trouble. [Mouthing]

Dante: Hey, what's up?

Lucky: Listen, is Lulu out of the room?

Dante: Yeah.

Lucky: OK. I'm not in London, looking for my dad.

Dante: Okay, you've got my attention.

Lucky: I'm in Galway, Ireland. I'm pretending to be a gun for hire named Ronan O'Reilly.

Dante: Yeah, of course, that was going to be my next guess. Seriously.

Lucky: I am serious. Look, Interpol brought me in. I happen to be a dead ringer for the guy who's dead. I can't tell you any more now, but I need your help.

Dante: Okay, sure, what kind?

Lucky: What can you tell me about Galway United?

Dante: Well, they, uh, they have a soccer team, but if you're Irish, you can call it football.

Lucky: That much I know, but I need more. Interpol gave me background on this O'Reilly. Apparently he died in an accident at a soccer match. Look, I need you to upload a file from my computer at work. I can't access it from here. It'll give me at least enough information to fake it with the locals.

Dante: Oh, okay, so football is going to be the least of your problems. How much prep time did they give you for this?

Lucky: 10 hours.

Dante: Okay. You want some advice from someone who's been trained in undercover work? If you're passing yourself off as a cold-blooded killer, listen more than you speak, and the first guy that messes with you, you take him down.

Mac: I need to go in there, okay? Robin looks like she needs me.

Maxie: No. What Robin needs is for you to trust her, okay? If Patrick and Robin work together to expose Lisa, it could be what they need to repair their marriage.

Mac: Lisa Niles is a serious whack job. Potentially a danger to Robin and Emma. Look, even if I didn't love Robin as much as I do, that makes it my business.

Maxie: Please, just give them a chance to work this out.

Mac: Maxie, I don't want them to work it out. Patrick has shown his true colors. Robin needs to leave that cheater.

Maxie: Cheaters can love, too, Mac. I should know.

Mac: Maxie, I didn't...

Robin: I don't want to drag this thing out any longer. If Lisa is as unstable as we think she is, she shouldn't be allowed near patients.

Patrick: I agree. The sooner we can get Lisa out of our lives, the sooner we can start working on us.

Robin: [Scoffs] I don't know. I don't know, Patrick. I'm just--I am so angry right now.

Patrick: I realize you're angry.

Robin: No, actually, angry doesn't even begin to describe the way that I feel. Betrayed, foolish. I can't believe, when people ask me about it, I defended you. I said you were just friends.

Patrick: We were just friends.

Robin: And then you weren't. You know, part of me suspected, but I didn't want to be that woman. I did not want to be the wife that checked up on her husband. I wanted to be able to trust you. I'll tell you one thing-- I will never second guess my instincts ever again.

Mac: You two need to wrap this up. We need this room.

Robin: We're done.

Patrick: Thanks for letting us use the room, Mac. I guess I'll see you at the meeting.

Robin: You know what, I'm so angry right now, I don't know what I'll say. At least I'll give Lisa a good reason to think we're through.

Patrick: Robin, I'm truly sorry that you have to go through this.

Mac: Go be truly sorry somewhere else.

Robin: Mac... I didn't know that I could hurt this much.

Mac: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but try to remember that when you're thinking about forgiving him.

Taylor: You know, I'm the one that's supposed to be nervous today, remember? It's my first day. You're the old pro.

Kristina: I'm just worried about Michael. I guilted him into coming back to Madison because I wanted him close. Which was selfish, because, of course, some of the snottier kids are bound to give him a hard time.

Taylor: Well, try to focus on the positives. I mean, we are so far ahead in AP history that we could sleep through fall quarter.

Michael: Hey.

Kristina: Feels weird to be back, doesn't it?

Michael: Ah, it's okay.

Kristina: Oh, you remember Taylor. He was my study partner.

Michael: Yeah, Kristina tells me you're new at Madison.

Taylor: Yeah. First day is almost over. Only 4 hours, 12 minutes left.

Michael: Yeah, but who's counting, right?

Bryce: Kristina, do you ever answer your emails anymore?

Kristina: I've been busy. Bryce, this is Taylor Wallace. He just transferred to Madison. Taylor, this is Bryce Hawthorne.

Bryce: So that's why you didn't show up at Kiefer's funeral? You were busy with Taylor.

Taylor: I, uh, I need a lot of help catching up, you know. I'm grateful to Krissie for taking pity on me.

Bryce: Just be careful crossing the street. Her mom might run you down.

Michael: All right, you need to leave. Now.

Bryce: 5 minutes in prison and you think you're so tough. Well, bring it on, Corinthos.

Carly: We can't decide if we want to be together from one minute to the next, and I'm not supposed to be upset when you decide to put your great lost love on the cover of your magazine?

Jax: I saw an article on Brenda and all the good that she was doing, and I thought that she was a good match for "Crimson". I don't understand why you're so jealous.

Carly: I don't understand why you're in such denial. I've seen you tied up in knots over Brenda. And now you literally jumped on the first chance you got to make contact.

Jax: She has been out of my life forever, okay? She's dating a movie star. Who does his own stunts.

Carly: You've never been afraid of competition.

Jax: And neither have you.

Carly: No, I'm just not going to invest in us when you could be this easily distracted.

Jax: Okay, Daddy needs to take a shower, and you need to be in the office at 11:00 to sign the papers for the expansion. And I would love to continue this conversation if you promise to listen, so...bye, Joss, see you. Oh, wow, Daddy needs his coffee.

[Josslyn giggles]

Carly: That went well, huh? Let's go. Wanna go? Let's go. Oh. Hi.

Brook Lynn: Hi.

Nikolas: Hey. Everything all right here?

Carly: Not really. You're the one hanging out with the traitor who will double cross you, but that's your business.

Brook Lynn: Well, that was... Very Carly. Hey, I hope that you don't believe her.

Nikolas: That you'd double cross me? Sure I do. I'm just not going to give you the chance.

Lulu: I'm missing a shoe.

Dante: Yeah, I think it got up and walked out of here when you were in the shower.

Lulu: Thank you. Ah. I got it.

Dante: You all right?

Lulu: Yeah. So you never said what Lucky wanted.

Dante: Well, it was police business, you know? He wanted me to run something through the database.

Lulu: Okay. So, hypothetically, if my dad were in some kind of legal trouble, would you tell me?

Dante: Ah, probably, but since that's not the scenario, I really don't know.

Lulu: You know how much I hate secrets.

Dante: Yeah, I do. But, you know, if your brother wanted you to know, he would have told you.

Lulu: Well, the problem is, Lucky knows that if I knew my dad was in trouble, I would fly to London to help.

Dante: But you wouldn't leave me here half naked and alone, would you?

Lulu: No, I wouldn't.

Steve: Sit down.

Robin: Thank you.

Steve: Mm-hmm. [Sighs] Okay. Chief of staff, Dr. Steve Webber, joined by the following doctors--Patrick Drake, Lisa Niles, Robin Scorpio Drake, to review the events that lead to the suspension of Dr. Scorpio Drake on September 7th, 2010. Dr. Scorpio Drake physically attacked Dr. Niles, and before we can take further action, Dr. Niles needs to give input.

Lisa: Ahem. Um... all right, well, I believe that Robin Scorpio Drake needs psychiatric counseling. She ran me down with her car. She boiled her own child's toy and then she blamed it on me. She threatened me publicly and privately. And these increasingly erratic behaviors are basically just a cry for help. And I think that we need to intervene to be able to help--

Robin: I'm not the one who needs therapy, you child-stealing, homewrecking bitch.

Robin: You've never missed a chance to tell me what you and Patrick had in the past; how I was the boring wife at home and you were the party girl.

Lisa: Yeah, I never knew you were so unstable.

Robin: And then when my husband refused to continue to sleep with you, you freaked out and took our child from our home. That is a fact.

Lisa: I took Emma for ice cream.

Robin: You're trying to steal my life--my husband and my child, and now you're trying to take my job? You know what, you can have him, because obviously, he is not worth fighting for. But stay away from my daughter and stay away from my job. They are mine, and I am not willing to lose them.

Lisa: I don't see another alternative. I mean, Robin's in no place to handle her hospital duties. I mean, don't you agree, Patrick?

Michael: I don't want any trouble.

Bryce: You'll kill a woman with an ax handle, but you're too big of a wuss to take on someone your own size.

Kristina: Stop it, Bryce.

Taylor: Everyone chill, all right? This isn't the way to start the year.

Bryce: You gonna hide behind your sister and this guy, Corinthos, or are you going to fight?

Michael: I'm not fighting anyone.

Bryce: You couldn't last in prison. Good thing your mommy paid to get you out.

Michael: All right, back off.

Bryce: Or what? I'm not afraid of you. You're a coward. I could prove it.

Kristina: Stop it!

Ronnie: Hey. I tried to get into our shared case files. I was denied access.

Dante: Yeah, well, you know, as far as I'm concerned, you suppressed evidence. That pretty much makes you a dirty cop, Ronnie.

Ronnie: You know, your old man commits countless crimes, including murder. Okay, and you're the one that always gets him out of it. So you're the dirty cop, not me.

Dante: You got rid of John Zacchara's gun so you could bring up false charges of attempted murder? That's breaking a lot of laws, Ronnie.

Ronnie: Haven't you ever crossed the line?

Bartender: Siobhan. I won't have trouble in my place.

Lucky: Why don't I buy Siobhan a drink? She can tell me what's bothering her.

Siobhan: I'll kick you in the clackers if you try. And you! How dare you play host to Donny's killer!

Bartender: Donny, may he rest in peace, knew what he was getting into when he tangled with Ronan. You do well to take a lesson, missy.

Siobhan: Oh, go back to counting your blood money, why don't you. I'm not afraid of you, you heartless son of a bitch. May the devil swallow you sideways. [Spits]

Man: You maggot! You got nerve showing up here.

Siobhan: Liam, don't. Not here in front of everyone.

Liam: I warned this bastard what would happen if he showed his face again.

Bartender: Your brother is dead, okay? Donny took his chances, and he died how he lived. Now, there's no point in you throwing your life away as well.

Lucky: Listen to the man, Liam. Don't make the same mistake your idiot brother did.

[All grunting]

Lisa: Robin refuses to get help. She is in no shape to practice medicine.

Robin: Can't you see that she's setting me up? Don't you two even care?

Patrick: Robin, come on. Of course I care. Look, this is all my fault. I'm the one that was unfaithful.

Robin: That's exactly right. That's why I left you.

Patrick: That isn't going to help. You know, maybe my actions have pushed you over the edge, and that's my fault. So maybe I'm the one that should be punished.

Robin: And you think you wouldn't have a better job within the hour? I'm sorry, you don't get to play noble here, not after what you've done.

Steve: Take it easy.

Robin: Trashed our marriage, you tore our baby girl's home apart, and for what? For what, for this skank? I don't even know why we're having this hearing. You know what, you and I should leave and Patrick and Lisa can do it on the conference table, just like they did back in med school. Or better yet, why don't you take her to our home and screw her on the couch that we took so long to pick out?

Steve: Robin, you're not doing yourself any favors.

Robin: You don't want to admit that Lisa is setting me up, do you? Better for you to sit back and wait for the dust to settle. Then that way, you and Lisa could live happily ever after.

Patrick: Robin, I don't want to be with Lisa.

Robin: Who are you kidding? Of course you want to be with her.

Nikolas: I can draw my own conclusions about you without the help of Carly or my sister.

Brook Lynn: So what conclusions have you drawn?

Nikolas: Well, you're independent and I admire that. But, you know, you wouldn't have to fend for yourself if you were willing to cash in on the Quartermaines.

Brook Lynn: No, no, I'm not willing to give up control of my life.

Nikolas: Good. Takes a lot of courage to stand up to that kind of pressure. But as it happens, I can help you, right? Just don't mistake me for some ongoing benefactor, because I hired you to do a job, and when it's over, we're over.

Brook Lynn: Oh, yes. Well, believe me, I have no illusions. And you only get what you paid for.

Nikolas: Okay. All right, so, you've had your share of warning about me, right?

Brook Lynn: Mm-hmm.

Nikolas: Alexis made it very clear that I'm just about as crazy as every other Cassadine. So I have to ask, why didn't you heed her warning?

Brook Lynn: Well, that's easy. I need money. Look, you could hire anybody for this job without all the grief that you're getting. So...

Nikolas: Sure. What, do you want me to fire you?

Brook Lynn: Oh, and have to move out of the castle? I don't know. I would be depressed for at least a few weeks.

Nikolas: Ah.

Brook Lynn: [Chuckles] I was just questioning your motive.

Nikolas: Don't complicate this. I need a date for a dinner party, and that's all. Oh, and by the way, your wardrobe, it's just-- it's completely inappropriate. We're going to have to change that. You ever been shopping with a prince before?

Maxie: This is a disaster, Jax. Kate's going to go nuclear.

Jax: I made up my mind, Maxie, okay?

Maxie: You don't promise Kate Howard that Brenda Barrett is going to be on the cover of her magazine, and then just not deliver.

Jax: Well, that's the way it is, okay? No Brenda on the cover of "Crimson".

Maxie: This month.

Jax: Any month. No photos, no articles, ever. Okay?

Maxie: Brenda is the face of Cartullo's ad campaign, and they're, like, our biggest advertisers. So what am I supposed to do when they send us their winter ads and Brenda's all over them?

Jax: Well, that can't be helped. Although I might encourage Cartullo to use an alternate campaign for "Crimson"-

Carly: Stop. Nice try. You couldn't be more transparent.

Jax: What are you talking about?

Carly: You're the one that said there's no such thing as coincidence. Like, you calling me to your office right when you're having a meeting about taking Brenda off the cover.

Dante: You all right?

Michael: Yeah.

Dante: What was the fight about?

Michael: That's not really--

Mr. Buckley: Michael went after another student, a senior, an athlete. Michael threw him to the ground and punched him in the ribs.

Dante: Any broken bones?

Mr. Buckley: Bryce is beat up pretty good, and we all had a scare, but no one's headed to the hospital.

Dante: If there are any other witnesses, I'd like to speak to them.

Girl: Poor Krissie. I mean, it's no surprise that Michael would snap like that. But how awful for you.

Kristina: What's that supposed to mean?

Second girl: People go on to prison and they never come out the same.

Kristina: You're over generalizing.

Second girl: Really? I did a study. The recidivism rate for prisoners is, like, ridiculous.

Kristina: You can't even begin to understand.

Dante: Kristina. What happened?

Kristina: I was standing here with my friend Taylor Wallace, and Michael, when Bryce Hawthorne started harassing me.

Dante: Where's Taylor?

Kristina: He's getting books out of his car. But he can tell you how he started insulting me and Michael.

Mr. Buckley: Kristina, you're Michael's sister, you can't be objective about this.

Dante: Did you guys see what happened?

Boy: It was the coolest take-down ever. Okay, out of nowhere, Corinthos body slams Bryce into the ground, and brings a world of pain down on him.

Kristina: How about the way that Bryce grabbed my brother?

Dante: Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa, it's all right.

Mr. Buckley: Mr. Hawthorne, did the nurse sign your release slip?

Bryce: Yes, sir, I'm going home.

Dante: Actually, I'd like you to stick around. I wouldn't mind hearing your version of what happened.

Bryce: Michael Corinthos attacked me unprovoked.

Kristina: That's a lie. He was totally provoked.

Bryce: I said something about Michael being back, maybe made a joke about being in prison, and he completely lost it.

Mr. Buckley: I don't see that I have any other choice but to expel Michael from Madison, and notify the courts. Truthfully, I think he might be better suited to a different type of school.

Dante: It amazes me how willing you are to believe that Michael would fly off the handle like this. Okay, every situation in the past, he's dealt with nothing but calm and maturity. So I have to ask myself, what's different about this situation?

Kristina: What's different is Bryce attacked Michael first.

Dante: All right, did you guys see anything?

Taylor: Me. I was with Krissie and Michael when Bryce went crazy on him. Bryce got in Krissie's face about Kiefer, and then he turned on Michael, challenged him to a fight. The kid's a bully.

Dante: Yeah, sounds like it.

Taylor: And Michael said he didn't want to fight, so Bryce grabbed him by the throat and pushed him against the wall. That's when Michael fought back. He was defending himself, that's all.

Dante: How about you guys, is that pretty much how it went down?

Boy: Yeah. I guess that's the way it went down.

Second girl: Yeah, Bryce pretty much made the first move.

Dante: Well, it seems to me like we can actually charge Bryce with assault. I mean, we've got, what, 5 witnesses?

Bryce: Are you kidding me? My dad will have your badge so fast! Michael is a killer and a felon--

Michael: Let's just let it go, Dante, okay? Just forget it ever happened.

Jax: I'm sorry. I thought that this meeting would have been over by the time you got here.

Maxie: Ahem. Okay. I'm going to tell Kate that you refuse to change your mind, and I'll just find someone else to put on the cover.

Jax: Thank you.

Carly: Who called you and told you I was on my way up? It doesn't matter, forget it. I can't believe that you think I would be so stupid to fall for this. And it's totally insulting for you to think that I would just get over everything just because you took Brenda off the cover.

Jax: I'm not a magician, Carly. There's no way I could have known that you were listening when I was talking to Maxie.

Carly: Jax!

Jax: Okay, I admit I was hoping that you would.

Carly: I knew it.

Jax: There you go, you're always twisting things around to make it work for you.

Carly: Don't you dare make this out to be my fault! You're the one who put her on the cover!

Jax: Yes, and now I've decided not to. Because it's not worth it to me to see you so upset.

Carly: Don't you get it? I don't care that Brenda is in your magazine! I care that she’s in your heart.

Steve: Sit down, both of you. I'd like to get back to the objective of this review.

Robin: The objective of trashing me when I've done nothing wrong?

Patrick: That's not what we're doing.

Steve: Your outbursts were compromising patient care. And personally, I don't think Lisa's suggestion that you get counseling is unreasonable. And once you get yourself checked in, then maybe we can see what your options are. You might be able to start working again, at least part time.

Robin: Don't do me any favors. Steve, I thought you were a friend.

Steve: I am your friend. This is a work situation.

Robin: No, I should have known better. I should have known that you would be on Lisa's side.

Steve: I'm not on anyone's side.

Robin: Oh, really? You slept with her, too. She only slept with you to make Patrick jealous. And you fell for it. So you know what, knock yourselves out. This entire review is a joke.

Steve: I'm doing what's best for the hospital.

Robin: Really? Sleeping with that skank is what's best3 the hospital? She steals my husband. You know, the three of you probably worked this whole thing out before I even came in; got all your little duckies in a row. But you know what, I'm not playing that game. I will not get counseling that I don't need, and I'm not going to stand here and Lisa's not try life. And I will not work with who are plotting against me.

Patrick: Nobody's plotting against you.

Steve: You definitely won't get counseling?

Robin: I just told you that.

Steve: Well, I don't think I have a choice. Your suspension will continue, and I'm g have to ask you to leave the premises.

Robin: Fine. This is the last place I want to be. This miserable excuse for a hospital. You win. Congratulations, Lisa. [Exhales]

Lisa: Wow.

Siobhan: Donny wouldn't want you to be dying for revenge.

Lucky: Siobhan, you're spoiling my fun. If Liam here wants to meet his maker, it'll be my pleasure to help him out.

Liam: If I don't get payback for my brother, who will?

Lucky: Ask yourself a question, man. What good is Donny rotting in his grave? Ask yourself how many years he could have lived to make his woman happy? Ask yourself what your brother wouldn't give to trade places with you now? You don't have to die. But I promise you, if you don't lower this blade, you're damn well going to.

Siobhan: Ronan's right. Nothing's worth dying over.

[Lucky and Liam breathing heavily]

Lucky: Ahh!

Patrick: Robin is a gifted diagnostician and a brilliant researcher.

Steve: I know. This hospital has been deprived of a great doctor because you wanted to rekindle an old flame. I hope it was worth it.

Patrick: Robin doesn't deserve this. All she wanted to do was build a family with me.

Lisa: I hate to say this, but it was bound to happen. You two were never happy.

Patrick: Well, we were for a little while.

Lisa: Mmm, you could never really be yourself with her, you know. And she was never right for you and she knew that on some level. That's why she was spiraling out. That's why she doesn't want to get help. She doesn't want to see the truth.

Patrick: Yeah. I mean, Robin's been through worse than this, so I--

Lisa: Okay, then she will find her way out. You need to focus on taking care of yourself and being a good dad and finding your way back to the man that you really are. You know, it will get easier. And, you know, if you need to talk to someone... I'm around.

[Door closes]

Ethan: Hey, you.

Kristina: You're one of the few people who I'm glad to see.

Ethan: Back at school already?

Kristina: Well, I had a great first day. This stupid jock named Bryce picked a fight with Michael.

Ethan: Is Michael okay?

Kristina: He's in a lot better shape than Bryce.

Ethan: All right, good for Michael.

Kristina: The principle blamed the whole thing on Michael. He would have been expelled, but Dante questioned a bunch of us, and the truth finally came out.

Ethan: Well, there you go. Justice was served.

Kristina: I'm just upset for Michael. He's changed a lot since prison. I guess that happens. Experiences in your life leave a mark.

Ethan: Well, good experiences can leave their mark, too. That's where you gotta focus your energy.

Kristina: It used to be so much easier to focus on the good. I've pretty much forgotten how. I don't know, I just feel like I've changed so much. I have these scars from when Kiefer hit me. And I know there are more that no one can see. But they're there, and just as permanent.

Ethan: You know, you're not alone, Kristina. Everybody has traumatic experiences in their lives. The only thing we can do is try to face it, you know, and move past it.

Kristina: I know I fought going to therapy, but it's really helped. For Michael, I don't know.

Ethan: The only thing that you can do is try to take care of yourself, all right. And that will help Michael. You're probably one of the most resilient people I've ever met.

Kristina: Really?

Ethan: Yes, really. I have total faith in you.

Kristina: I really needed to hear that. It means a lot.

Ethan: Well, any time you need reminding of how special you are, let me know. I'll see you.

Kristina: Thanks.

Maya: So? Where is the surprise you mentioned before?

Ethan: How long has it been since our first kiss?

Maya: I don't know, a month ago, maybe?

Ethan: Exactly. It's been way too long.

Dante: So, do you want to explain to me why you didn't give them your side of the fight?

Michael: Because there was no point, Dante. Buckley would never take the side of an ex-con over an honors student.

Dante: Bryce may be an honors student, but he's also a lying piece of crap. [Chuckles] You really didn't pull any punches with that kid, huh?

Michael: Bryce backed me into a corner. One thing I learned in Pentonville, is if you let somebody trap you... you know, you're right, I probably should have just walked away. I'll do that next time.

Dante: You know what, man, maybe it's time we talked about what happened to you in prison.

Jax: You're in my heart, Carly. How many times have I almost given up on us? I can't. I won't.

Carly: It just seems like there's always something there waiting to trip us up.

Jax: Yeah, and when we fall, we get back up again, because that's what we do. I love you. I love you. You're the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. You're the mother of our daughter. Whatever it takes, however long it takes, I will not--I will not give up on us, okay?

[Liam and Lucky grunting]

Lucky: Ahh! Ahh!

Lucky: What do you have to say for yourself now?

Siobhan: Don't kill him, you bastard!

Lucky: Ahh! Get the hell out before I change my mind.

Liam: This isn't over!

[Door opens, closes]

Lucky: Get this out of my sight.

Siobhan: Who the hell are you, and what have you done with Ronan O'Reilly?

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