GH Transcript Wednesday 4/28/10

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 4/28/10


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Spencer: We're related to Santa Claus?

Helena: [Laughs] No, silly. Not Santa Claus, Stanislaus. He was your great-grandfather's grandfather, and he was the most powerful of all the Cassadines, just as bloodthirsty and cutthroat as he was a rebel. And you know that Stanislaus tripled our family power base? That was before meeting with a most unfortunate and untimely demise. And do you know how he used to pay back his most hated enemies for their crimes? No? He would... chop their heads clean off.

Nikolas: What the hell are you doing?

Helena: Well, Nikolas, please. Such language in front of your young, impressionable son.

Nikolas: Spencer, your grandmother likes to tell a lot of silly stories. Just remember they're just stories, okay?

Helena: Now, there's absolutely no reason why we can't teach Spencer about our family's history. No, he should revel in it, as will your newest child.

Steve: Hey, look who it is.

Elizabeth: Oh, hey. Guys...

Steve: What are you doing here? I thought this was mommy's day off.

Cameron: Hi, Uncle Steve.

Steve: Hey.

Elizabeth: It is my day off, but we're here to pick up Shirley. She's here for an appointment, and then we're gonna take her to the park. What's wrong? Did something happen?

[Door opens]

Maya: Good morning, Michael Corinthos III.

Michael: Room service in the boathouse.

Maya: Hey, even fugitives need to eat, right? So I got you a little bit of everything, you know. And by the way, that buffet down there, crazy.

Michael: [Sighs] You are the best. Thank you.

Maya: Oh, just lookin' out for my little cousin. Yeah, let's see what we got.

Michael: Yeah.

Lulu: Dante, do you wanna get some breakf-- Dante!

[Elevator door opens]

Dante: Hey. What's wrong?

Lulu: I was about to freak out.

Dante: Why? What's going on?

Lulu: Well, because I came up here, and your place was like this, and I just thought that something might have happened to you.

Dante: Something like what? What would happen?

Lulu: Well, if Jason--like he would have grabbed you and forced you to tell him where Michael was.

[Dante laughs]

Claire: I don't even know if Michael's back in the country. It's just, well, we've already gone to jury, so it's just-- oh, you know what? I'm gonna have to call you back. Okay. Bye-bye. Uh, hi.

Johnny: Got your message. What do you want?

Claire: Thanks for coming. I wanted to apologize for how I treated you in court. I was hoping it would be justified by Sonny's conviction, but unfortunately the jury's still stalled. I was able to get some inside info on their deliberations, and there's only one juror who thinks Sonny's innocent, and in a murder case, that's still enough for a mistrial.

Johnny: Okay, then. So what exactly do you need me to do to turn this juror so that we can obtain a conviction? 

Nikolas: I think it's time for another trip to the park. What do you say, buddy?

Spencer: Let's go.

Nikolas: All right. Let's go.

Thor: Ms. Cassadine.

Helena: Yes.

Thor: I was able to locate the item you requested.

Helena: Oh. Excellent. Thank you.

Nikolas: Another assistant, Grandmother?

Helena: Oh. I'm sorry. This is Thor, one of the most talented manservants it's been my pleasure to have. It--no.

Nikolas: I have plenty of staff on the property. I really have no need for another whatever it is.

Helena: Indeed, that's nonsense. Thor will be working directly with me, as I require a more personal touch. Now, I need you to take care of that other matter we discussed.

Thor: Consider it done.

Helena: Now, this is something for you. Why don't you put it over there? It's a little something that's been handed down in our family for many generations. It's a little piece of history.

Nikolas: All right.

Spencer: Cool!

Nikolas: All right, we're gonna take a look at this later. Okay? Right now, I want you to go upstairs, grab all your toys so we can take 'em to the park, okay? Go on.

Helena: Well, you would have preferred that I gifted our young Cassadine with a choo-choo?

Nikolas: He's not yours. He's mine. He's nowhere near old enough for something like this.

[Helena scoffs]

Helena: You know, it's so disappointing to see how bourgeois you have become. Our family is rich in tradition. And if you want to make Spencer into an appropriate heir, then you have to pass the traditions on to him and to your newest child.

Nikolas: If you expect to stay here, you're gonna have to live by my rules. Don't give my son knives or daggers or any other dangerous objects, for that matter. And violent tales of our family's history are not welcome. He's just a child.

Helena: He is a Cassadine heir.

Nikolas: He's my son, and I'll raise him my way. And I won't put up with any inappropriate behavior between you and your goon or whatever he is in this house. And the last rule, Elizabeth will have her own say in how this new baby is raised.

Elizabeth: Okay, I dropped the boys off at day care, so now you can tell me what's going on. Is Shirley okay?

Steve: Shirley's fine.

Elizabeth: Thank God. You had me really scared. Why do you have such a concerned look on your face? All right, let me guess. You think I'm spending too much time with her and that I'm investing too much in a patient who's terminal.

Steve: I think it's great that you and Shirley have hit it off. It was my idea to have you transferred to oncology in the first place, and I think it's given you some much-needed perspective on your own situation.

Elizabeth: Yes, it has. We're on the same page. So what's the problem?

Steve: Shirley has advanced cancer. Now, her condition is deteriorating, and I think you just need to remember that a trip to the park with 2 small kids might be a little too much for her.

Claire: I'm not suggesting that you influence a juror. That would be jury tampering, and that's a felony.

Johnny: Mmm. You know, I do love this hotel. That's why I spend so much time here. Isn't it true that the sequestered jury's being held here for the duration of the trial?

Claire: It's possible.

Johnny: Hmm. Well, then since I do spend so much time here, it would probably be wise of you to inform me as to which juror in particular this is so that we can steer clear of any accusations of tampering.

Claire: Well, I would definitely advise you to stay clear of the pretty blonde that was sitting in the front row in the jury box, Dr. Lisa Niles. It would be a shame if you inadvertently caused her to change her mind, especially if she's the one juror standing between Sonny and a life sentence.

Michael: Thanks again for the food. You're a lifesaver.

Maya: Maybe I just have a thing for fugitives, Michael Corinthos III.

Michael: Oh, so I'm not the first outlaw you've helped?

Maya: No. Unfortunately. But, hey, you are the first cousin fugitive. And listen. Not that it's, um, conditional or anything, but, I mean, how long do you plan on hiding out? I'm sure there are people who are worried sick about you.

Michael: Yeah. Yeah, there are. I'm gonna take care of that right now.

Maya: Hey, no. I got it. I got it. You know, we probably shouldn't leave together, right, Mr. Fugitive?

Michael: Good point. Never know when Edward's busting out his trusty binoculars.

Maya: Yeah.

Michael: But, no, thanks again for everything.

Maya: Yeah. No problem. And good luck with whatever you gotta do.

Michael: Thanks. I'm sure I'll see you around.

Maya: Yeah.

Ethan: Boo!

Maya: Oh, God. You again.

Ethan: So I hear you have a thing for bad boys. That's good to know.

Dante: I guess it does kinda look like a crime scene here. Oh, what can I say? You are officially dating a slob.

Lulu: Awesome.

Dante: Well, there's a story to this particular mess, you know, if you care to hear it.

Lulu: Ooh. Can't wait.

Dante: Okay. Well, the bed here is a mess because I had a severe case of insomnia last night, and when I can't sleep, I tend to tear up the sheets with my feet.

Lulu: Wow. I have so much to look forward to. An insomniac slob who might kick me while I'm sleeping. I sure know how to pick 'em.

Dante: Oh, wow. Relax. I said it only happens when I don't sleep, and I promise I would never kick you.

Lulu: Okay, well, I still might have to go track down my high school shinguards just in case.

Dante: Anyhoo, I think I was telling a story, remember?

Lulu: Right. Right. You were at the part where you're a slob who can't sleep and your big feet tore up the bed. [Laughs] What happens next?

Dante: Well, I got up to pace around, but it was dark, and so I stubbed my toe on that damn chair, and then I decided to punch it. And then finding band-AIDS in this place is enough of a story on its own.

Lulu: Oh, my gosh. [Kiss]

Dante: That's better.

Lulu: Poor baby. Well, I actually didn't sleep at all either. I tried to do some work, but I couldn't focus on anything.

Dante: I am sorry that I've dragged you into this mess. I mean, that is really all my fault.

Lulu: Well, this mess is gonna be all over soon, and it was my choice to come up here without calling. That's the only reason that I saw Michael.

Dante: That's true. It was bad timing on your part. But, no, I mean, it's forced you to have to keep quiet about this whole thing, and now it's put you against people like Carly and other people that matter to you.

Lulu: That part's not the greatest, but I'm still backing you. You matter most to me out of anyone, and I trust you, and I do believe that you're gonna do the right thing. In this situation, I think that you're the only person who can.

Johnny: Hello.

Olivia: Oh, my--

Johnny: Oh, my God.

[Olivia sighs]

Johnny: It's okay.

Olivia: What do you think you're doing?

Johnny: I just--it's okay--thought I would come by and say hello. Hello.

Olivia: Hello. Well, I guess this means you're not mad at me anymore for not movin' in with you, huh?

Johnny: I'm a Zacchara, and we don't stop until we get what we want, no matter how long it takes.

Olivia: Hmm.

Johnny: In the meantime, I guess I'll just have to be okay ambushing you like this.

Olivia: Hmm. Sounds fun.

[Both chuckle]

[Cell phone rings]

Olivia: [Laughs] Now let's see. Nelson in accounting. Didn't know we have a Nelson in accounting. Okay, I gotta go handle this.

Johnny: All right.

Olivia: I'll be right back.

Johnny: Okay.

Lisa: Well, I guess if we have to be sequestered, a 5-star hotel with a full gym makes it a little more bearable.

Alice: Yeah.

Lisa: I'll definitely need to get another juror to help me spot you next time, though. How could you possibly lift so much weight?

Alice: It's genetics. You know, my mom was a 2-time wrestling champion in college.

Lisa: I'm impressed.

Alice: You know, I don't think it's against the rules for me to tell you how impressed I am with your tenacity. Those other jurors are really givin' you the row for being the one holdout vote. But I'm gonna tell you, if you need to stick it out all the way, I'm with you.

Lisa: I'm sure you are. Heh.

Alice: What?

Lisa: I mean, it's obvious that you love jury duty.

Alice: Okay, so I do like getting away from the everyday. That's nice. But I do feel obligated to do my duty as a citizen of this country, and it's our job as jurors to make sure that we go over every single aspect of this case. I don't care if it takes a few hours. I don't care if it takes a few days, if it takes a few months. Whatever it takes to get a good verdict. That's the price of justice.

Maya: So you're spying on me now?

Ethan: What? No. No, not at all. I was just here to commandeer a Quartermaine boat.

Maya: Yeah.

Ethan: But I saw you were harboring a fugitive. Did your fugitive happen to mention he's been subpoenaed to testify in his father that's a mob boss' murder trial?

Maya: That's none of my business. Michael is sleeping in a boathouse, so I thought I'd be nice and bring him some food. End of story.

Ethan: Hey, look, if you're looking for a bad boy, you know, I'm right here, and it would be a shame to waste me. Unless you're into younger guys.

Maya: It's none of your business who I'm into. I'm not interested in young, little, immature boys who walk around like they're immortal.

Ethan: You know all that about me from 2 1/2 conversations?

Maya: Whatever. You know, I don't have time for this, okay? If you're gonna call the cops on Michael, be my guest.

Ethan: Oh, please. That's not my style, and besides, his father's only tried to kill me once. Why would I wanna revisit any of that?

Maya: Whatever.

Ethan: Maya. Hey, Maya. Just a friendly heads-up. Okay? Michael is in the middle of something very ugly, violent, and dangerous, okay? And trust me, you don't want any part of it.

Maya: Okay. I'll take that under advisement.

[Ethan sighs]

Mayor Floyd: The longer your jury stays out, the more chance there is for a mistrial.

Claire: Thanks. I wasn't aware.

Mayor Floyd: Hmm. So what do you intend to do about it?

Claire: I presented the strongest case I could.

Mayor Floyd: I warned you about building your case around Michael Corinthos, but you just wouldn't listen. Even after all your grandstanding, you still couldn't produce him.

Claire: You know, mayor, thanks for your valuable input, but if you don't mind, I'm kinda busy here.

Mayor Floyd: Sonny Corinthos is going to be put back out on my streets thanks to you.

[Computer chimes]

Carly: You're not welcome here. After what you did to my kids, I want you to get the hell out.

Claire: What I've done? How 'bout what you've done. Do you ever look in the mirror? I mean, what kind of loving mother supports the bastard that gets her son shot in the head?

Robin: This is such a great idea.

Patrick: Want some strawberries?

Robin: Perfect weather, right?

Patrick: I know. 2 days in a row, it's gorgeous out. Or you want a grape?

Emma: Grape.

Robin: You saw Nikolas here yesterday, right?

Patrick: Yeah. He was having some father-son time with Spencer.

Robin: Did he seem happy, excited about Elizabeth’s baby?

Patrick: Well, he seemed a little jealous of my fatherly expertise, to be honest with you.

Robin: Oh, really? Well, who wouldn't be?

Patrick: Heh.

Robin: No, this is a big transition for Nikolas. He's basically flying solo with Spencer and, you know, taking a bigger role in his life. I'm proud of him for that. He doesn't wanna raise Spencer the way he was raised.

Patrick: Yeah. I should have picked his brain a little bit for some of that Cassadine expertise or that...

Robin: Oh, come on. Please do not joke about that. That is a very regimented way to grow up.

Patrick: Oh.

Robin: I'm sure Nikolas was jealous of your bond with Emma.

Patrick: Actually, he was asking for advice. I tried to explain to him that it wasn't anything I did in particular, but you make it easy, don't you?

Robin: Oh, thank you very much. Thank you.

Patrick: I can't believe I didn't want one of these.

[Robin laughs]

Patrick: Seriously.

Robin: Me neither.

Patrick: It's like she's become the center of my world, and I have you to thank for that.

Emma: Hey.

Patrick: Because of your trust in me, I got to this point. Right?

Robin: Ohh. Thank you. It's nice of you to say.

Patrick: High five. Good girl.

Robin: Maybe you should listen to me more often.

Patrick: Ooh, I don't know about that, hey, little one?


Patrick: Damn.

Robin: What?

Robin: What are you doing?

Patrick: Callin' the police.

Robin: Why?

Patrick: What do you mean, "why?" They’ve been lookin' for Michael for weeks.

Robin: Yeah, but Sonny's case has already gone to the jury. It's too late for Michael to testify.

Patrick: Robin, they need to know...

Robin: Just leave it alone.

Patrick: Michael is back.

Robin: So that you can just deliver Michael to the cops so he can testify against his own father? I mean, come on. Michael has been through hell already. I mean, you should know that. You were his surgeon.

Patrick: Yeah, so here we go again.

Robin: What?

Patrick: This is about you protecting Sonny.

Alexis: I think that we should make a date every time you have your counseling session. We'll go out for some ice cream, spend time, just the two of us. What do you think?

Kristina: Thanks. But we don't have to, like, celebrate every time. It's just something I'm gonna have to get used to.

Alexis: I'm so proud of you. You did so great. You really did, and I know that it's very difficult to talk to someone you barely know about things that are so painful and personal.

Kristina: I talked to my dad, too. I went to see him last night, and we were able to talk about some things. It's not like we're suddenly okay and I'm cool with what he does, but I asked him if he thought I was with Kiefer because of him, and he didn't get mad. He just tried to help me.

Alexis: Having a relationship with your father's a very complicated thing, and I'm just still trying to work that out. I'm glad that you felt comfortable enough to go talk to him. I really am. And while I don't think that I know much about anything right now, I can be absolutely certain that your father loves you very much.

Carly: You don't know anything about me or my kids. You're a self-serving bitch trying to use my kids to advance your career. That makes you pathetic, Claire, not to mention heartless.

Claire: That's just rich, okay? Married to a mobster, and you stay with him even though you know you're putting your kids in the middle of all this violence. Sonny is a criminal, and your kids are safer without him around. You should be thanking me.

Carly: When hell freezes over.

Claire: You claim to be this protecting and loving mother. Well, you put Sonny's welfare above your kids any chance you get. So what is it? What? You got so lost and caught up being his savior that you didn't even bother to consider the danger he poses to your kids? [Scoffs]

Carly: Wow. That's a cute kid. Obviously not yours. Gee, are we having a midlife crisis? Here's a tip. Don't ever become a mother. You don't have at all what it takes.

Claire: You know what? If I am a mother someday, I'm gonna be nothing like you.

Carly: What, a strong woman who just wants to protect her kids?

Claire: No. No, if you were protecting your kids, you'd help me convict Sonny. I have done more to protect your kids than you ever have.

Dante: Okay, I am almost ready. Just gotta find a clean shirt, and then we can go to breakfast. You, uh--that was really sweet of you to clean everything up for me. Thank you.

Lulu: Well, don't get used to this whole maid thing, though. I just needed an outlet for my anxiety today.

Dante: I appreciate it. I think maybe after a good breakfast, we can both decompress, you know.

Lulu: So when you weren't sleeping, did you come up with a decision about Michael? Assuming that you find him.

Dante: Well, I meant what I said to Jason. I want Sonny to go to prison, and I definitely wanna do everything I can to make sure Michael doesn't get hurt.

Lulu: So that means that you're going to wait for the jury to come back with a verdict and hope that they find Sonny guilty?

Robin: I am so tired of having to defend myself about Sonny, you know? He's a friend of mine. We go way back, and it's just this shouldn't be something that keeps coming up between us.

Patrick: So, Robin, I'm supposed to just accept the fact that you're willing to break the law for Sonny?

[Robin sighs]

Robin: What law?

Patrick: We should have called the cops when Michael walked by. They need to know that he's back.

Robin: You're being ridiculous. It's none of our business.

Patrick: How am I being--Robin, we live in this city, we're raising our daughter here, and Sonny is a constant source of violence. It took me a while to realize it, but when Sonny shot his son, a cop, well, that's proof that he needs to be locked away, and I'm sick and tired of him hiding behind all the innocent people who love him, like you and his kids.

Robin: No, you're wrong about that, because it's my choice to defend Sonny. It's not something he's making me do.

Patrick: Every time you defend Sonny or make excuses for him, you help perpetuate the violence. So I'm supposed to sympathize with Sonny, a criminal, just because he hasn't shot you or Emma yet?

Robin: You know, obviously that part of my life, the part of my life with Stone, having to watch him die, Sonny helping me through all of those things...

Patrick: Oh, come on.

Robin: Means nothing to you. But that's part of who I am. You know, that's made me who I am.

Spencer: Grammy Hella, are you coming to the park, too?

Nikolas: Why, yes, Grammy Hella, why don't you join us? You and Spencer can play in the sandbox and enjoy a delicious corn dog together.

Helena: Grammy Hella will take you out for a more suitable activity sometime soon, okay?

Nikolas: We'll see about that. I think we're ready. Let's do it. Come on.

Helena: Has the task we discussed been handled?

Thor: Our friend the lab technician has met with the most unfortunate accident.

Helena: Oh, excellent. Now no one will ever know that Elizabeth’s child is really a Spencer.

Dante: You know what? If Sonny's acquitted, that'll be disastrous for Michael. He'll see that laws can be broken and that Sonny doesn't have to pay for his crimes.

Lulu: And then you think Michael will wanna be even more like Sonny?

Dante: Exactly.

Lulu: I don't know. I think that Michael's kind of already at that point. He's wanted to be like Sonny since before any of this happened.

Dante: That is true, and I get that. Michael's just looking for validation, but I need to get him to see that his father's not someone he wants to emulate.

Lulu: Well, you won't have to if the jury finds him guilty.

Dante: Well, then that'll just make Michael wanna come forward and confess to save his father. As a cop, it's my duty to disclose that Michael killed Claudia and then let the jury decide what to do after that. Just doesn't feel right.

[Elevator whirring]

Claire: Well, isn't this a surprise? Where's Michael?

Cameron: Mommy, can we go play on the swings?

Elizabeth: Yeah, of course. Just make sure you stay where I can see you, okay, and keep an eye on your brother.

Cameron: Okay.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Shirley: They're so precious, aren't they?

Elizabeth: Heh. When they're not exhausting me. But it's all worth it. Are you doin' okay? Are you too hot, cold? Can I get you anything?

Shirley: I'm fine. Perfect, actually. How could anyone complain with weather like this? Of course there are a few exceptions. My first husband, Leonard, he was allergic to nearly everything. I'm sure he would have hated this. If he hadn't been so good between the sheets, we never would have lasted 5 years.

Elizabeth: Wow. Whole 5 years, huh?

Shirley: Yeah. 5 years is long enough for Leonard and me. Any longer, we would have killed each other.

Elizabeth: Heh. Well, you got me beat. I used to dream about days like this--a beautiful day at the park, boys having fun, a baby growing inside me.

Shirley: Sounds greeting-card perfect. But life doesn't work that way. For the record, neither does death. You know those sappy get-well cards that makes you wanna hurt somebody?

Elizabeth: I know. Me, too. Well, my baby has the wrong father, and I know I need to accept it. I'm just not there yet.

Shirley: Look at it this way. Some women would kill to have a baby, no matter who the father is.


Shirley: Speak of the devil.

Spencer: Hi. How's the baby doin'?

Elizabeth: Hi, honey. The baby's doing great. How are you?

Spencer: I'm fine. Thank you.

Elizabeth: This is my good friend Shirley, Spencer. Shirley, this is Spencer Cassadine, with a whole bunch of names in the middle. I can just never remember them.

Nikolas: It's actually Spencer Stefan Nikolossovich Cassadine, but...

Elizabeth: You see?

Nikolas: He just prefers Spencer.

Shirley: Nice to meet you, Spencer.

Spencer: Nice to meet you, too.

Shirley: I'm very impressed with your manners.

Spencer: Thank you.

Elizabeth: The boys are playing on the swings over there. You wanna go play?

Nikolas: Yeah. Go on. Go ahead.

Elizabeth: Go on. Have fun.

Nikolas: Well, it looks like we all had the same idea today. It's a pleasure to see you again, Shirley.

Shirley: We were just talking about you.

[Knock on door]

[Door opens]

Lisa: Ah, hey.

Alice: Hey. A few of us are goin' over to the courtroom early. Wanna come with us?

Lisa: Actually I'm not quite ready yet. How much time do we have?

Alice: We got plenty of time. I just had some procedural questions of clerk Johnson.

Lisa: Mm. You know what? I'll meet you there.

Alice: Okay.

Lisa: Okay.

Alice: Take your time. [Laughs] Take--get it? It's a joke. Take your time.

Lisa: Uh...

Alice: Holdout juror.

Lisa: Okay. It's a good one.

Alice: Ha ha.

Lisa: Okay.

Alice: See you.

Lisa: Bye.


Lisa: What are you doing here?

[Knock on door]

Carly: You busy?

Olivia: No. Come on in. Heard from one of the waiters that there was some drama down in the restaurant today between you and Claire, huh?

Carly: Yeah.

Olivia: Is everything okay?

Carly: That woman needs to find somewhere else to hang out, 'cause it's not gonna be here.

Olivia: I'm assuming that you gave her that message loud and clear, huh?

Carly: I did. I'm here because I need to talk to you. I need to ask you a favor.

Olivia: Okay. What's up?

Carly: It's a big one.

Olivia: All right. Try me.

Carly: Have you heard from Dante?

Olivia: Carly, that would be the one area that I really can't help you out right now. We're just finally getting to a place with each other where it's really good and he can trust me. I can't do anything to--

Carly: Okay. Okay. But your son doesn't have anything to lose. Michael does. Dante has Michael somewhere in this town, and I need you to find out where that is and tell me.

Dante: I have no idea where Michael is right now.

Claire: This is a private conference between law enforcement.

Lulu: Funny that it's taking place in my boyfriend's loft. You should try officially scheduling one in your office.

Claire: Your call, Detective.

Lulu: It's okay. I'll go.

[Dante sighs]

Lulu: Why don't you call me when I can finish my breakfast?

Dante: Yeah.

Claire: So we're running out of time. Where's Michael?

Dante: I honestly lost him. No joke.

Johnny: I'm not gonna hurt you. I just wanna talk to you for a second about my sister.

Lisa: So you break into my room.

Johnny: Okay. I'm sorry about that. That probably wasn't very smart, but I figured if I knocked, you heard me on the other side, you wouldn't have opened up. Just hear me out for a second. Please? I--

Lisa: I am on the jury. I am not allowed to discuss this case.

Johnny: Okay. We're not even going to discuss any of the events of the night that Claudia died. I just wanna talk to you about who my sister really was.

Lisa: And I'm the lucky winner. Why?

Johnny: I don't know. You seemed approachable, I guess. I don't know. I think I've seen you at Jake’s before, so...

Lisa: I might have been at Jake’s. I don't remember seeing you there. Okay, look, this is a really bad idea.

Johnny: Come on. Just give me 5 minutes of your time. That's all I'm askin' for, and then I'll be out of your hair. I will leave. I swear. I won't even take my coat off. All right?

Lisa: All right, fine. Say what you need to say, but make it quick, or I will call security.

Johnny: Thank you. I appreciate it. I just need to talk to somebody about how the sister that I knew and loved is not being fairly represented in this trial, and I know Claudia was no model citizen. I'll be the first to admit that. She was very harsh and rubbed people the wrong way and spoke very bluntly, and, yeah, sometimes she could be a total bitch, but--

Lisa: That's quite a ringing endorsement you got there.

Johnny: No, see, that's my point is that a lot of it was an act in order to protect herself. She would commonly put up a wall so that, you know, like, nobody could hurt her. And when it came to men, she just wanted to hang out and, you know, be one of the guys. But when that wall finally got broken down, you'd see that there was a real human being underneath there and that she was hurting. Ai yi yi. Very few people saw Claudia the way I saw her, and she loved me, and she was protective of me, God bless her. A lot of that is why I loved her so much, and--

Lisa: I mean, she was your sister.

Johnny: Yes. The biggest mistake Claudia ever made was getting involved with Sonny. She wanted so badly to have things right, and I believed that she honestly loved him. And Sonny, truth be told, just used her up, used her for her love, for her body, and when he was done with her, wiped his hands clean of her. He pushed her to that breaking point, and she finally snapped, and everything she did that night--the taking Carly hostage, the trying to steal that poor baby--it was all out of this need for self-preservation, this reaction to what Sonny was doin' to her. And she was Sonny's victim. She did not deserve to die, but she deserves justice, and you have the power to give that to her.

Olivia: I'm sorry. Carly, I'm not gonna trick Dante into telling me where Michael is.

Carly: Okay, look, I didn't condemn you or judge you when the truth came out about Dante being your son, the undercover cop. I understood why you lied for him for months. We're both mothers, Olivia. You did what you had to do to protect your son. I get that, but Dante doesn't need protecting this time. He doesn't have anything at stake.

Olivia: Anything at stake? Carly, how can you say that? Bein' a cop is Dante's life.

Carly: If Dante doesn't produce Michael, so what? He moves on to the next case. This is about the rest of my son's life. It will destroy Michael to sit in that courtroom and say what happened the night Claudia died. I will owe you forever, Olivia. I am begging you, please.

Claire: You've been walking a fine line ever since you found out Sonny's your father, and now you've crossed it.

Dante: What? So what? You think I'm lying to protect Michael? I mean, why would I have gone and got him in the first place? I would have just left him on whatever beach he was on somewhere, okay? But I didn’t. You know, Michael got away from me. I'm not too happy about that, okay?

Claire: You're good. Yeah, you're just like all the undercovers. You're a professional liar, and if I didn't know better, I'd actually be tempted to believe you. Now, if Michael got away, it's because you don't want your brother to testify against your father.

Dante: Hmm. You got it all figured out.

Claire: Yeah. It's called obstruction of justice, and if Sonny's acquitted, you can bet your badge I'll be turning you in.

Kristina: I know I've been saying that I want my dad to go to prison, but now I'm not so sure. Does that make me a hypocrite?

Alexis: No, honey. It makes you as confused as the rest of us. And whatever happens to Sonny is not your fault.

Kristina: I just feel bad. I mean, what if he does get a life sentence? Then I would have wasted the last few weeks I had with him.

Alexis: You can't blame yourself for things that you can't control.

Kristina: Yeah. Thanks, Mom. It really helps to talk to you.

Alexis: Good. I hope you do it more often. I'm here for you anytime, okay? I have something that I have to do. It's important, and it can't wait. Are you gonna be okay?

Kristina: Yeah. I think I'm just gonna chill and watch some TV.

Alexis: Okay, no news.

Kristina: Okay.

Alexis: All right. I love you.

Kristina: Talk to you in a bit.

Alexis: Okay.

Kristina: Michael! Oh, what are you doing here?

Michael: Yeah, I need to talk to you, all right? It's about Dad's trial.

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