GH Transcript Wednesday 12/23/09

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 12/23/09


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Carly: Jax, is the coast clear?

Jax: Yeah.

Carly: Okay.

Jax: Here.

Carly: All right. You're gonna keep a lookout, and I'm going to run straight into the kitchen and into the laundry room and drop those off and hide them in there until I get a chance to wrap them. Okay.

Jax: Well, the boys are playing video games upstairs, so I think we're safe.

Carly: Oh, do you think unlimited video games on Christmas Eve is, you know, a little much? Is it going overboard?

Jax: Well, I think we've gone overboard on Christmas so much already, I think it doesn't really matter.

Carly: All right, all right, I know I got carried away with all the lights. But I have to tell you, Iíve been driving around; we have the best Rudolph in town.

Jax: Yeah. I know.

Carly: It looks like heís flying off the edge of the house. Itís awesome!

 Jax: Yeah. You donít think that we went a little overboad draping the entire house with lights?

Carly: No! I love Christmas.

Jax: Okay,

Carly: I love you, I love our family, I love our life. Mwah!

Jax: Okay. Very good.

Carly: Is that my present? That's my present.

Jax: No. No, no, no. It's for your mother.

Carly: Oh, whatever. I don't think so.

Jax: It's for your mother. You really think I'd be wrapping your special gift in our living room on Christmas Eve? Hmm?

Carly: You might as well tell me where you hid it, 'cause I'm gonna find it, anyway.

Jax: Yeah. No. That is never gonna happen.

Carly: We'll see about that. Hmm?


Robin: Um, babe, 3 cables are enough.

Patrick: I think 5 is better.

Robin: [Chuckling] I was exaggerating, okay? There is almost no chance of Emma pulling the tree on top of herself.

Patrick: It's Christmas Eve, honey. Anything can happen.

Robin: That only applies to good things.

Patrick: Hey, you're the one that came up with the statistics.

Robin: Okay, I made it up. All right? I admit. I wanted the smaller tree. There are no statistics about the bigger the tree is, the more likely the toddler is to pull it on top of themselves.

Patrick: Still, you know what? I feel better knowing that that tree is secure.

Robin: What about all those holes you just put in the wall?

Patrick: Worry about it next year. Right now, I'm just excited that it's just 3 of us-- no extended family, no surprise visits. Here. Robin?

Robin: Hmm?

Patrick: You didn't invite people over to get back at me because I got the tree I wanted, did you?

Luke: Oh! Well, if it ain't the artful dodger. What's shakin', kid?

Ethan: Well, you know, I thought I might find you here.

Luke: I thought Lucky invited you over to the house for Christmas Eve.

Ethan: Lucky invited you, too.

Luke: Yeah. But, see... afraid I can't make it this year. You'll have to go for both of us. I'm busy.

Lulu: It was a bad idea to steal Kate's tree.

Maxie: I didn't steal it. We picked it out, I had it taken to her house, and then the art department decorated it.

Lulu: And then you had the delivery guy bring it over here.

Maxie: Well, Kate's in Europe. Why does she need a tree? So, what else do you think we could do?

Lulu: It doesn't matter how much you decorate. Spinelli's not gonna forget that you cheated on him.

Maxie: Uhh. I'm trying to show Spinelli how much I love him by giving him the most wonderful, stylish Christmas he has ever seen.

[Knock on door]

Maxie: And I'm sorry. If you're not gonna help me, would you at least get the door?

Lulu: Oh, I live to serve! [Sighs]

Spinelli: Most hearty yuletide greetings... 

Robin: [Chuckling] I can't believe you would suggest that I would invite my family over to get back at you for winning the Christmas tree battle.

Patrick: Robin, you're a sore loser.

Robin: I am not.

Patrick: You're a sore loser.

Robin: I am very much looking forward to this quiet little Christmas with you. I have you all to myself.

Patrick: So, there's no chance your parents are gonna parachute in?

Robin: Mmm, I don't think so. Mom is on assignment somewhere. I got a text from her. And my dad, too. And... Emma has received many presents without postmarks on them.

Patrick: Did you ever have Christmas with your parents growing up?

Robin: Yeah. When I was little. And then after that, Uncle Mac made sure I had a great Christmas every year.

Patrick: Ah, maybe we should have invited him.

Robin: Um... I did.

Patrick: I knew it.

Robin: Well--

Patrick: You're bad.

Robin: I don't think he's coming. He said that he had work to do, or he didn't want to intrude, or something.

Patrick: Really?

Robin: Mm-hmm.

Patrick: That sounds a little bleak.

Robin: Well, I don't want to get my hopes up, but I'm thinking he might have a date.

Patrick: Mmm. Well, I don't want to sound selfish, but I'm really glad that it's just the 3 of us.

Robin: Oh. Me, too. This is really the perfect Christmas... my husband beside me, my daughter sleeping upstairs...

Patrick: Perfect tree.

Robin: Heh! Perfect tree... food in the oven--okay, it was delivery by Chez Loire, but who's counting, right? Oh, and next year, we need to get sugarplums, whatever the heck they are.

Patrick: Why?

Robin: Don't you want visions of sugarplums dancing in your daughter's head? Nobody read "The Night Before Christmas" to you, I'm taking it?

[Knock on door]

Patrick: Don't answer it.

Robin: Ohh.

Patrick: Don't--

Robin: But it's bad luck to not answer your door--

Patrick: There's no such thing as bad luck--

Robin: On Christmas Eve.

Patrick: Robin, please.

Robin: It is. You never heard that before? Heh. Hi, Uncle Mac!

Mac: Hi. Merry Christmas.

Robin: Merry Christmas.

Patrick: Hey! Mac.

Mac: I brought a little something for Emma.

Patrick: Wow, thank you so much.

Mac: All right? You're welcome.

Patrick: You want to come in, maybe have a glass of wine, celebrate with us?

Mac: Uh, actually, I have somewhere to go.

Robin: Really? Where are you going?

Mac: You know what? You get to have your quiet little Christmas, and I get to have plans. So, uh, make sure Emma gets that, give her a big hug, and...Happy Holidays. See you tomorrow for the game.

Patrick: Yeah, absolutely. Chips and beer.

Mac: All right. Bye.

Robin: [Singsong] Have fun.

[Door closes]

Patrick: You think he really has a date?

Robin: Yes. Come on, it's perfect. All of my hard work has finally paying off.

Ethan: Well, I can't exactly leave you all alone here on the holidays.

Luke: Really? This festive season turns you into one big, sloppy, sentimental marshmallow, does it?

Ethan: Yeah. You know where I was this time last year? New York City, in a sublet, teaching Rebecca how to run a con. And I thought we'd be on the beach sipping mojitos by now. But she's gone.

Luke: When?

Ethan: Yesterday. She called me from the airport.

Luke: I'm sorry, son.

Ethan: Ah, it's all right. It's fitting, really. You know, we met at an airport, so...[Sighs] But it was all over the minute she laid eyes on Nikolas. [Chuckles]

Luke: He seems to have that effect on women. What the hell is that about?

Ethan: [Chuckling] I see Nikolas has fallen from favor in your eyes, too, eh? Well, let's just skip this little shindig and stay here.

Luke: We could. Kill the bottle... Call a hooker, order pizza. But Lucky would be very disappointed if you didn't show.

Ethan: I doubt that.

Luke: You should get to know him better, dodge. You might find out that the two of you have more in common than you realize. And he's gonna need family, soon.

Ethan: Why is that? I mean, if he needs family, he needs you. So does Lulu, although she'll never admit it--

Luke: [Chuckling] Oh, please stop it! Come on. You're making me all proud and teary-eyed. Go on. Go to the party and leave me alone.

Ethan: All right, how about we settle this like gentlemen, eh? Cut the deck... leave it to chance.

Luke: I get the high card, you go to the party, no arguments.

Ethan: I get the high card, you come with me, no arguments.

Luke: All right, fine. Try not to cheat any more than usual.

Ethan: On Christmas Eve? Uhh. Jack of diamonds.

[Luke sighs deeply]

Maxie: Spinelli, I love this tree. It's so...less is more. Very minimalist.

Spinelli: There's no need to rationalize the Jackal's humble offering.

Maxie: Oh, who wants a huge tree like that? It's ridiculous. Heh.

Lulu: It's Kate's. She stole it.

Maxie: We borrowed it, because I wanted to make sure that we have the most amazing Christmas ever. Heh.

Spinelli: Actually, the Jackal would prefer to abstain from yuletide festivities inspired by guilt.

Maxie: Lulu, could you please tell Spinelli that this whole Franco thing would be over with if he would just pay me back?

Spinelli: Well, could you tell Maximista that the Jackal has realized that her "list of exceptions" solution is unsatisfactory in the extreme? It is folly to assume that one heartbreaking incident can override and heal another.

Lulu: Please don't put me in the middle of this.

Maxie: Would you please tell Spinelli that I know I made a mistake, and I'm just trying to fix it?

Spinelli: Well, can you tell Maximista that her decision to sleep with Franco was not only dangerous but speaks to ongoing self-destructive behavior that--

Maxie: Well, tell Spinelli he knew I was a mess when he wouldn't marry me!

[Knock on door]

Lulu: Oh, thank God it's you!

Dominic: Oh.

Lulu: Ohh.

Dominic: Look, you probably don't want to hear this, but Lucky has invited me to do Christmas--

Lulu: Yes! I would love to. Thanks.

Dominic: Okay.

All: Merry Christmas!

Lucky: Oh! Good to see you guys! Hey, you want to come see the tree?

Cameron: Yeah!

Lucky: Want to come see what I did with it?

Elizabeth: They are so excited to see that tree.

Lucky: Yeah? What do you think?

Cameron: The tree looks beautiful.

Lucky: Oh, thank you.

Elizabeth: Aw. It does.

Lucky: Heh heh. Thanks for bringing the extra decorations. Ours have got kind of scattered over the years.

Elizabeth: Sure.

Cameron: Can we stay here tonight, Mommy?

Lucky: Oh. Um... You know what? Santa knows where you live, and we don't want to confuse him.

Elizabeth: But you know what? We're gonna write Santa a note that says we will all be together next year. Okay?

Cameron: Okay.

Elizabeth: Okay, here. Why don't you take your brother and go upstairs in the playroom. You guys can have a cookie, okay?

Cameron: Okay.

Lucky: Yeah.

Elizabeth: There you go. Come on, this way. Go up to the playroom. Here, brother's got your cookie. Go on, go get him before he eats it!

Lucky: Heh.

Elizabeth: Heh.

Lucky: Ohh.

Elizabeth: Ohh.

Lucky: That was, uh, that was an excellent answer.

Elizabeth: Oh, well, maybe. But you will always be a better storyteller than I am.

Lucky: Well, we can thank my dad for that.

Elizabeth: Do you think he's gonna show up?

Lucky: I don't know. I mean, he knows he's invited. So is Tracy. I'm not sure what else I can do. Bobbie's in Seattle with Lucas.

Elizabeth: Gram and Steve are feeding the homeless tonight, but they are coming over for dinner tomorrow night.

Lucky: Really?

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Lucky: Oh. That's nice.

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Lucky: Nikolas and Spencer should be here.

[Knock on door]

Lucky: Oh, maybe that's them. Ethan.

Ethan: Hey, Merry Christmas.

Lucky: Come on in. Glad you could make it.

Ethan: Thank you.

Elizabeth: And you're bearing gifts, which is even better.

Ethan: Well...[Chuckling]

Lucky: What do you got there?

Ethan: We got rum, fruitcake, and jellybeans for the joeys.

Elizabeth: Oh, yay. More sugar.

Ethan: Well, that's what Christmas is all about, yeah?

Elizabeth: You're right, thank you. Hey, guys, look what Ethan brought you!

Lucky: Any luck with Dad?

Cameron: Candy!

Ethan: No. Sorry, mate.


Diane: Don't you have anything that's just a little more festive than...cocoa?

Alexis: What's more festive than cocoa at Christmas?

Diane: Well, Christmas could also be about dressing up. It doesn't have to be about fuzzy slippers.

Alexis: You don't like my slippers? I like my slippers. And it's my living room, so I get to wear whatever I want.

Diane: Yes, but aren't you setting a rather slovenly precedent for your children?

Alexis: Since I pay the mortgage, I get to be the one that sets the dress code. Look here, I know what's going on. Which one of them invited you?

Diane: You know, if you came to work for me, we could have fuzzy slipper evenings all the time.

Alexis: Did they bribe you?

Diane: [Stammers] Of course not.

Alexis: How many cupcakes did it take?

Diane: I don't know what you're talking about.

Alexis: Mm-hmm.

[Knock on door]

Max: Hi.

Molly: What a surprise!

Max: Merry Christmas.

Diane: Max! Your children are perfect in every way. Aah!

Max: Oh. Mwah.

Diane: Mwah.

Max: Good to see you. Oh, here you go, Molly.

Molly: Oh, thank you!

Max: You're welcome.

Kristina: Thanks, Max.

Molly: Nice.

Kristina: Ooh.

Girls: Ooh!

[Giggling and chattering]

Alexis: Looking at payola here?

Sam: Oh, come on. Where's your Christmas spirit?

Alexis: Mm-hmm.

[Girls chattering]

Alexis: Uh-huh.

Morgan: If it's a decent present, it won't be underneath the couch.

Michael: A video game would fit, and so would a new phone.

Morgan: Well, Mom would never hide anything in such an easy place.

Carly: Wow, what are you guys doing?

Morgan: Nothing.

Michael: Have you, uh, seen my phone?

Carly: You're gonna have to do a lot better than that.

Morgan: What do you mean?

Carly: What do I mean? You guys are looking for your Christmas presents, but you're not gonna find it. You have to wait till morning.

Michael: You're right. Anybody could hide a present under a...couch.

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Michael: I'm sure you've come up with something a lot more creative.

Carly: Yeah. Okay, if you had to hide a Christmas present, where would you hide it?

Morgan: I don't know. Could you give us some ideas?

Michael: Ah, that's pretty sneaky.

Carly: That is pretty sneaky. Let's try this another way. Let's say, I don't know, you were Jax. And you were trying to hide a present from me. Where would you hide it?

Morgan: Well--

Michael: Don't fall for that, Morgan.

Carly: Have you guys seen the baby monitor? I haven't seen it. I really need that baby monitor.

Michael: Mmm, you're gonna send me upstairs, aren't you?

Carly: Well, you don't mind, do you?

Morgan: I'll go get it.

Carly: No. You stay. Your brother will be more than happy to help. Right?

Michael: Sure. Mom's getting rid of me so she can make you talk.

Carly: I would never do something like that, never. I really need that monitor.

Michael: You're on your own.

Carly: Okay. Name your price-- ice cream, candy. I'll let you win a snowball fight. What's it gonna take for you to tell me where Jax hid my present?

Morgan: What present?

Carly: Ohh. You're right. Jax thinks you're way too young to keep a secret like that.

Morgan: He does not.

Carly: Oh, it's okay. It's okay, sweetie. I mean, I don't mean to upset you. I know that Jax and Michael know where my present is. But they can't tell you, because you're just not ready.

Morgan: They can, too.

Carly: It's okay. You don't have to get upset. I understand. All right?

Morgan: It's in the attic!

Carly: Ha ha ha! You are the best! You're the best! You're the best!

Morgan: Mom!

Carly: So easy!

Michael: Morgan!

Maxie: Why can't you just admit that you're mad at me?

Spinelli: Isn't it obvious?

Maxie: I'm trying to fix things, Spinelli, and I don't understand why you won't let me.

Spinelli: Because you can't just--you can't just fix it.

Maxie: All you have to do is have sex with someone else to get back at me, and we can move on.

Spinelli: Okay. I've decided I'm not gonna put myself through meaningless sex just to make you feel better.

Maxie: But it wouldn't make me feel better. It would make me feel awful. That's the point.

Spinelli: Okay. You don't get to be unfaithful to me and then dictate how I respond. My heart is broken, okay? It's not gonna be so easily mended. Franco is a dangerous man. You risked your life and our non-marriage simply to convince him to do a photo shoot? I don't know how to get around that.

Maxie: [Voice quavering] That photo shoot is not why I had sex with him.

Spinelli: Well, then why?

Maxie: I don't know. I'm really good at destroying what I love in my life.

Spinelli: To me, you are the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega, the very light of my existence.

Maxie: I feel the same way about you.

Spinelli: To Franco, you are a means to an end. You are bait. are nothing. He's terrifying. Why didn't you see that? When I went to his studio of horrors, I had to stop myself from picturing you blindfolded, lying in a chalk outline.

Maxie: I am so sorry.

Spinelli: He was using you to send a message to Stone Cold. Why--how could you allow that to happen? Knowing all that you could lose?

Maxie: Oh, Spinelli, I hate myself for lying to you. I hate myself for making a stupid decision and...for tearing up the best part of my life!

Spinelli: And yet you have.

Maxie: Please...I just want you to tell me what I can do to make this better.

[Knock on door]

Maxie: No, no, no. Don't answer that door, okay? I don't care who it is. We need to work this out. I want us to be the way we were.

[Knock on door]

Mac: Maxie, are you all right?

Morgan: Mmm, I can't believe I fell for the "poor little brother" routine and told Mom your special gift's in the attic.

Jax: You know what? Don't worry about it. Your mother's very good at working people. You know? That's what she does. It's not your fault.

Michael: Hey, where's Mom?

Jax: I thought she was up in the attic trying to pick the lock still.

Michael: No, and I waited up there a long time. Are you sure she's not down here?

Jax: Have you seen her?

Morgan: [Muffled] Well, she brought me some cookies 'cause I felt bad about--

Jax: Hey, we're not sure.

Michael: You let her sneak out while you were sitting right there?

Jax: Check the car. No. Car's still in the driveway.

Michael: Well, she couldn't have gotten very far.

Morgan: But why would she go outside? There's only one way into the attic.

Jax: Wait. Through the solar panels, there's a hatch underneath the--

Michael: But she'd have to climb out the side--

Carly: Aah!


Michael: Whoa!

Morgan: Mom!

Jax: Carly!

Tracy: Happy holidays, Lucky.

Lucky: Hey.

Tracy: These are for the children.

Lucky: All right.

Tracy: I'll get the door. I tried to...convince your father to come, but he wouldn't budge.

Lucky: Well, glad you're here, anyway.

Tracy: Thank you. I'm gonna spend Christmas Day with the Quartermaines, all day, so it'll make Christmas Eve with the Spencers quite enjoyable by comparison.

Ethan: Well, it sounds like she's finally warming up, eh? [Chuckling]

Tracy: Oh. You can be quiet and make me a drink.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry about your dad.

Lucky: Oh, it's okay. You know, he told me from the start that he wasn't gonna show up. I was just hoping he'd change his mind.

Elizabeth: You know holidays aren't his thing.

Lucky: It's more than that. He's been dealing with something for a while now. I just wish he would tell me what it is.

Elizabeth: Well, maybe Christmas isn't the best time to deal with it.

Lucky: Maybe it's the perfect time. You know what? I still have some time. I'm gonna go see him. Okay? I'll be back as soon as I can. Okay? [Whispering] I love you. Okay. [Clears throat]

Elizabeth: Ohh.

Patrick: So, how long do you think she's gonna be sleeping for?

Robin: Oh, hopefully the rest of the night. [Chuckling]

Patrick: Mmm. 'Cause you know, next year, she's gonna be running around here all hopped up on sugar and waiting for Santa.

Robin: That's right. That means that this Christmas is probably our last private Christmas--

Patrick: Yes.

Robin: For a while.

Patrick: We should probably make the most of it.

[Knock on door]

Robin: Uhh. It's either the door or the phone! Don't get it.

Patrick: You just said it's bad luck if I don't get it.

Robin: Ohh. All right.

Patrick: Okay.

[Indistinct chattering]

Matt: Hey. Merry Christmas!

Lisa: Merry Christmas!

Patrick: Merry Christmas.

Robin: Hi!

Lisa: Hi. I hope you don't mind if we crash the party.

Robin: Oh, are you kidding me?

Lisa: Here you go.

Robin: You are the party.

Lisa: Ohh.

Robin: Merry Christmas.

Lisa: Merry Christmas.

Robin: Thank you.

Lisa: You're welcome.

Mac: You have any idea what this holiday is like for Maxie?

Spinelli: While I appreciate your--

Mac: Appreciate it? If you appreciated Maxie... you'd know that she's missing Georgie right now. Or have you forgotten that Georgie died in December? Have you bothered to ask her about her mom, you know, if she called or where she is, any of that? Why am I wasting my breath with you? Come on, get your coat. We're going to Robin's.

Maxie: No, I'm not.

Mac: You need to be with your family, Maxie, not this nincompoop. Whatíd he say to you?

Maxie:  Trust me, this is all my fault.

Mac: Now heís got you blaming yourself? Are you kidding me? Get your coat. Letís go. I'm taking you out of here.

Maxie: No. Mac, I love you. And yeah, you were right about Georgie, okay? I miss her. Iíve been thinking about her a lot today. She would have come home from some fan dragged all the "Messiah" sing-along at the Civic Center or something. And mom called. She left me a message. But I don't plan on calling her back.

Mac: Is any of this registering with you, or do you just think Maxie was put on this earth to tell you what a great guy you are?

Maxie: Dad... I'm not a little girl anymore. You can't just walk in here and fix my life.

Mac: I can sure as hell try.

Maxie: But Spinelli and I have some things that we need to work out on our own.

[Mac breathes deeply]

Mac: Merry Christmas, sweetheart. I love you. Okay? You make her cry again, and I'll throw you in jail.

[Door opens and closes]

Maxie: I don't know what to say.

Spinelli: Might I share with you my Christmas wish?

Elizabeth: Hey.

Nikolas: Hi.

Elizabeth: Merry Christmas, you guys.

Nikolas: Merry Christmas.

Elizabeth: Come on in.

Nikolas: Sorry--

Elizabeth: Hi, Spence.

Nikolas: Sorry we're late. We had an issue with the mistletoe, you know, I gave him.

[Elizabeth chuckling]

Nikolas: He insisted that we bring it. Right, Spence?

Spencer: You have to kiss.

Elizabeth: Merry Christmas. Come upstairs. The boys are playing. Okay?

Nikolas: Go ahead.

Dominic: [Clears throat] Well, Merry Christmas, Mrs. Spencer.

Tracy: Well. And what are you doing here? Let me guess. You invited yourself.

Dominic: Heh. Have I told you how lovely you look tonight?

[Sighs and clears throat]

Ethan: I can't believe you're dating that guy.

Lulu: Who says we're dating?

[Ethan chuckling]

Dominic: Mmm. Hey. Uh, I think Tracy really likes me.

Lulu: Well, there's a candy cane.

Dominic: Thank you.

Nikolas: Hey. Where's Lucky?

Elizabeth: He's with Luke.

Nikolas: Well.

Luke: Hey. Cowboy.

Lucky: Hey, Dad. Why are you, uh, sitting here alone?

Luke: Heh. I'm not alone. You're here. Ethan was here. Tracy was here. The place has been Grand Central Station all night.

Lucky: Can you, uh, tell me what's been going on with you lately?

Luke: [Sighs] I just brewed some coffee. Have you got time for a cup?

Lucky: Sure. Yeah.

Luke: Okay.

Lucky: Mom called this morning.

Luke: Oh?

Lucky: Yeah. She, uh, she wants me and Elizabeth to bring the kids to Paris next year for Christmas.

Luke: Well, that would be nice. Paris is so beautiful at Christmastime. Do you remember... that year that we were stranded there through the holidays? You were just a kid--I don't know, 8, 9 years old maybe. And we had that cheap walk-up apartment in Bigale behind Moulin Rouge. In the front, you could see the gutter from the back. You could see Sacre-Coeur.

Lucky: Yeah. Were you doing some sort of art scam with a cabdriver or something? Was that then?

Luke: Yeah.

Lucky: What was that guy's name?

Luke: Um... Jean Pierre Lebon.

Lucky: Yeah.

Luke: From Marseille--

Lucky: Yeah, I remember him.

Luke: He was a good guy-- really good guy.

Lucky: Did he come to Christmas dressed as Santa Claus? Was that the same guy? With a bunch of presents and everything?

Luke: That was Jean Pierre.

Lucky: That was him?

Luke: I talked him into doing Santa Claus for us one year. Yeah.

[Lucky chuckling]

Luke: Yeah, that was sweet. Your mother had found that scrawny old tree and decorated it beautifully and put her angel on the top. That was sweet.

Lucky: Man, I haven't thought about that in a long time.

Luke: Heh. Me, either.

Lucky: [Sniffs] I loved my childhood, Dad.

Luke: Did you?

Lucky: Yeah. You and Mom, you gave me an incredible life... the kind of life most people only dream about.

Luke: Well, that was a long time ago.

Lucky: Yeah, I miss those times. But there's no going back, is there? You know, people make choices. Some of it's pretty ugly. It's hard not to... carry the damage with you. You know? But that doesn't mean that the good didn't happen... because it did. That doesn't mean that the love wasn't real. Because it was.

Morgan: Mom killed Rudolph.

Jax: Yeah.

Carly: I'm sorry. I kind of grabbed his leg when I slipped, and I didn't expect it to rip off, honey. I'm sorry.

Michael: You realize Santa and the rest of his reindeer are dangling off the house?

Jax: Well, I guess we don't have the best Rudolph in town anymore. Well, it's lucky that he softened your fall.

Carly: I think it's a good thing we planted those hedges close to the house.

Jax: Mmm. We were just wondering what you were doing up there.

Carly: I was checking on those solar panels.

Jax: Oh.

Michael: Mom, it's dark.

Carly: Yeah. They weren't hot.

Morgan: Mmm. You were trying to get into the attic.

Carly: Would I do something like that?

Boys: Yes.

Jax: You know, really, you could have hurt yourself, and that would have ruined our first family Christmas together.

Carly: If you're trying to make me feel guilty, it's so not working.

Jax: Well, you could have. And you shouldn't be--you know, we can't have you sliding off the roof at Christmastime. We really can't.

Carly: Well, there's one way to make sure that's not going to happen again. Gimme.

[Jax inhales]

Diane: Oh, no!

Max: Pay up.

[Knock on door]

Molly: [Gasps] Merry Christmas!

Mac: Merry Christmas.

Molly: Come right on in.

Mac: Thanks.

Molly: Hey, look who's here! Mac!

Alexis: Look. Look who's here. Hi!

Mac: Hi, everyone. Hi. Hi. Uh, interesting guest list.

Diane: He means you.

Max: Yeah, I'm aware of that.

Molly: Why, Mac, I believe you brought a present.

Mac: I certainly did. Alexis...

Sam: Aw. That's sweet.

Kristina: Aw.

Alexis: Thank you, Mac. You girls...

[Sam chuckling]

Alexis: I didn't get you anything because, silly me, I didn't expect company.

Sam: Well, just open it.

Kristina: Open it.

Molly: I bet it's something incredibly romantic.

Sam: Come on, Mom. Wow. That's nice.

Diane: This just became a horror movie.

Alexis: Thank you, Mac. I honestly needed this. You know, I think about getting this all the time, and I--

Mac: Not until you're whacking at your windshield in the freezing cold in the dark, when you're working late and it's snowing outside.

Alexis: Thank you for noticing.

Mac: Merry Christmas, Alexis.

Alexis: Merry Christmas.

Spinelli: The yuletide season is one of mystery...the darkest night giving way to brighter days that carry us through the deep winter...So, in honor of this winter solstice, this dark turning into light... I want us to forget what happened with Franco, just-- just to put it aside, at least for now. During these days and nights, I wish for nothing more than for us to celebrate the love that we still share... and to let the pain melt away... at least for now.

Maxie: I love you, Spinelli.

Spinelli: And I you.

Lucky: You know what I've been noticing lately? It's all these little miracles... like Ethan and I managing to be in the same room together... me staying sober, Elizabeth and I stumbling onto the perfect property for our new house. They're everywhere, Dad. I've been seeing them-- been seeing them lately. They're happening all the time. And all we have to do is just not look away. That's what I'm asking for tonight... not some huge miracle. Just a small one. Just my dad... With me on Christmas Eve. That would really make me happy.

[Christmas music playing]

Mac: Lucky 7.

Diane: Oh.

Molly: Come on, come on.

Max: You gonna play up, buddy?

[All talking at once]

Mac: Oh.

[Christmas music continues]

All: Ooh!

[Laughter and applause]

Man: I remember waking up, the air was cool and just enough, and I knew that it was coming

[Indistinct chattering]

Robin: Not yet...

Man: I remember all the folks sweeping leaves in their pea coats and I knew that it was coming, yeah, I knew that it was coming back around

Matt: Ready? 1, 2, 3.

Man: So, let it snow, fire up the furnace, and you'll know it's time to hang up all the mistletoe, and you know it's gonna be

Men: Know it's gonna be

Man: You know it's gonna be enough

Carly: Okay. Go ahead. Go ahead. Open it up. Come on.

Michael: Ta-da.

Carly: Ohh! [Chuckles]

Michael: We look pretty good. Look at Josslyn.

Man: Cuttin' down the old fir tree...

Carly: I love it. I love it...

Man: Stringin' lights in front of me, and I knew that it was coming, I was just a young, young boy makin' everything a toy, nutcrackers in the basement singin', yeah, everyone was singin' along, so, let it snow, fire up the furnace, and you'll know it's time to hang up all the mistletoe, and you know it's gonna be

Men: Know it's gonna be

Man: You know it's gonna be enough, just let it snow, pile on the presents, and we'll know it's time to join in with the carolers' songs, and you know it's gonna be

Men: Know it's gonna be

Man: You know it's gonna be enough...

Ethan: "The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there... while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads, and mama in her 'kerchief, and I in my cap, had just settled down..."

Man: I'll be waiting patient here when spring is gone and autumn's near, 'cause I know that you'll be coming back around

[Music continues]

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