GH Transcript Tuesday 12/22/09

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 12/22/09


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Rebecca: I don't want to antagonize you. I just wish you well in your new life.

Elizabeth: Would you hurry up and get on with it?

Rebecca: My only regret is that I'm not going to be around to see you get what you deserve. Too bad Lucky's life is going to be hell.

Lucky: [Sighs] I thought you guys were through with this. What happened?

Sonny: Glad you could make it. Did you grow since the last time I saw you?

Morgan: No, I'm exactly the same size.

Sonny: Could have fooled me. How you doin', buddy?

Michael: I'm good, Dad. Mom wouldn't tell us why you wanted to see us.

Sonny: Well, I just want to see my kids. You know, 'tis the season, and -- when a father gathers his children around and makes them a great, big Italian feast!


[Door opens]

Kristina: Hi, Dad. Milo wouldn't say why you sent him to pick me up. Did I do something wrong?

Sonny: No, not at all.

Michael: Dad wants to have a family dinner.

Sonny: Just want to, you know, spend time with my kids and break some bread.

Kristina: Oh, you should have let me know before I came over here.

[Josslyn cooing]

Carly: Did you find it?

Jax: What?

Carly: Josslyn's hat. Did you not get my message?

Jax: No, I got your message. It wasn't in the car.

Carly: Aww. My mom got her that hat, and it's so adorable on her.

Jax: Well, everything's adorable on her.

Carly: I know. What's in the bag?

Jax: What bag?

Carly: The bag you're holding! That's my Christmas present, isn't it? And you're such a wonderful and amazing husband, I know you're not going to make me wait till Christmas Day, right?

Dominic: Ronnie, is this something Franco said to you when he was here? "You choose?" What, is that for Jason?

Jason: Choose what? Choose what?! I don't know what the hell Franco wants from me!

Rebecca: You're right, Lucky. Being mad at Elizabeth is a big, fat waste of time. So I'm letting it go. There's one piece of baggage that I don't have to carry when I leave Port Charles.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry, for Emily's sake, that all of this turned out so badly.

Rebecca: You're not sorry, Elizabeth. You never even tried.

Elizabeth: Well, still, out of love and respect for Emily, I hope you find some peace of mind.

Rebecca: Out of love and respect for Emily? There's something Lucky needs to know. And you might not want to be around to hear it.

Lucky: There's nothing you can say that Elizabeth can't hear, okay? We don't keep secrets from each other.

Rebecca: Lucky, you were great to me when I first came to town. You were sweet and you were fun, and you made me feel welcome. My mistake was having my priorities all screwed up. I wish that I paid attention to what a great guy you are. I wish that I had given you a chance when you offered it to me. But most of all, Lucky, I wish you happiness. Because you deserve it. And I hope you find it.

Lucky: Well, I already have, Rebecca. Thank you.

Rebecca: Bye. [Sighs] [Scoffs]

Lucky: Well, maybe now that Rebecca's leaving town, you can tell me why the two of you hate each other so much.

Michael: Take it easy, Krissy.

Kristina: I don't know anything about having dinner.

Morgan: Neither did we.

Sonny: That's okay. It's okay. I just thought it would be a nice surprise.

Kristina: It is, but I can't stay. I made a commitment at school. My English teacher is taking maternity leave, and I promised to help out at her going away party tonight. I wish I could stay.

Sonny: No, you go. Are you going back with her?

Kristina: He's not in my class.

Morgan: Michael and I promised to help decorate the church.

Sonny: Well, when I asked your mother, she didn't --

Michael: Yeah, we were going to surprise her. Father Coates said he'd give us a shout-out in the sermon.

Morgan: Do we still have to go?

Sonny: Look it, of course you do. This is all my fault. I thought I -- I should have planned better. I thought, since you're spending time, you know, at Christmas, with your mothers, that it was my only chance, so --

Michael: Maybe we can all come over the day after Christmas and spend the morning with you.

Kristina: Yeah! We'll make you pancakes.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, Christmas, after, whatever. Just go. You guys go. Bye.

Kristina: Bye, Dad.

Morgan: Bye, Dad.

Michael: Come on.

[Door closes]

Jax: What makes you think that your Christmas present is in this bag?

Carly: Because it's almost Christmas and I've had one hell of a year and I deserve the best Christmas ever.

Jax: And you think the best Christmas ever is in this little bag?

Carly: Mm-hmm. Good things come in small packages.

Jax: Yes, that is true, but technically speaking, this is not your gift.

Carly: I don't believe you.

Jax: Just like that, the trust goes out the window.

Carly: Just show me what's in the bag. I mean, I have your present all ready for you.

Jax: Is that so?

Carly: Mm-hmm. I was going to make you wait till Christmas Eve, but -- [Sigh] Oh, you know, it's been such a long, long time.

Jax: Oh. Are you offering me sexual favors for this, Mrs. Jacks?

Carly: Well, Kelly said if you were nice to me for the holidays, I could be nice to you.

Jax: Oh, really? All I have to do is show you what's in the bag?

Carly: Yep, I'm easy.

Jax: Yeah, we've established that. All right, here you go. You happy?

Carly: Almost.

Jax: Ah, ah, ah, ah!

Carly: Hey!

Jax: No touching.

Carly: No! That's not fair. What's in the envelope? Come on!

Jax: It's a piece of paper.

Carly: Oh! What's on the piece of paper?

Jax: Hmm, okay, it has instructions on it, how to retrieve your gift. But it won't be ready until tomorrow. So -- now that you've got it out of me, pay up.

Carly: No. You get your present when I get mine.

Jax: Okay, well, I'll take that preview. Whatever that's going to be. I'll take that.

[Carly laughs]

Jason: Tell me what else Franco said when he was here.

Dominic: Ronnie. Hey, Ronnie!

Lulu: I'm going to get the doctor.

Jason: I don't understand why Franco would go after a mid-level guy like Ronnie. Franco's not even in the business.

Dominic: Well, maybe it was just that random. Maybe he did it so he could prove that he could get to any one of us.

Jason: Nothing Franco does is random. He's sending me a message.

Robin: Excuse me. Here.

Dominic: What's the word, Doctor?

Robin: Mr. Dimestico has lost a lot of blood.

Lulu: So what can you do for him?

Robin: Keep him transfused and hope he regains consciousness.

[Dominic sighs]

Lulu: What's that?

Jason: It's another message from Franco. Telling me where I can find him.

Olivia: Hey.

Sonny: Hey.

Olivia: Sorry to bother you.

Sonny: No, not all. You want some eggnog?

Olivia: No. No, um -- this is actually a little bit awkward. That's why I came in person. Um, your bill at the hotel is due. It's actually -- it's way past due.

Sonny: I'm sorry. What bill?

Olivia: For the party, for Claudia's -- [Sighs] I know, some party, right? But you asked for the best, and so that's what we gave you, I guess. I didn't mean to come at you with this until after the first, but the accountant really wanted the books closed --

Sonny: Don't worry about it. You know what; I should have taken care of that a month ago.

Olivia: Right.

Sonny: [Exhales] It's just that I'm just glad to put that behind me.

Olivia: Yeah.

Sonny: You know?

Olivia: I do.

Sonny: Still got the wedding ring because my lawyer advised me not to take it off.

Olivia: Really?

Sonny: Yeah.

Olivia: [Chuckles] Hard be it for me to challenge Diane Miller, but you had to find out that Claudia was responsible for getting your kid shot. I mean, I would think that if she hadn't disappeared, you probably would have divorced her by now.

Sonny: At least.

Olivia: The ring causes you distress?

Sonny: No, no.

Olivia: Can I see it?

Sonny: What?

Olivia: The ring.

Sonny: You want to see the ring?

Olivia: Give it.

Sonny: All right. Why? What are you --


Olivia: Ahh. Merry Christmas, Sonny.

Sonny: Did you just do what I think you did?

Olivia: Don't say I never gave you nothin'.

[Sonny chuckles]

Elizabeth: There's no explaining chemistry. You know how sometimes you meet someone and there's an immediate connection, and other times you just hate each other? I never trusted Rebecca. She lied about everything.

Lucky: I know, but she changed. I mean, you had to have seen it. Her feelings for Nikolas were real, when she got close to him. You're telling me that you didn't feel the slightest bit sorry for Rebecca when Nikolas broke up with her?

Elizabeth: No.

Lucky: Not even a little?

Elizabeth: No, no. Because I never bought that she had Nikolas' best interest at heart.

Lucky: So you just threw all that attitude at her?

Elizabeth: And she dished it right back. I'm sorry, but I am thrilled that she's leaving Port Charles. That woman just brings out the worst in me.

Lucky: I have to confess, Elizabeth, that it's kind of fun when you get all fired up like this. I like that side of you.

Dominic: If you hadn't shown up when you did, Ronnie probably would have died. I owe you.

Lulu: No, you don't.

Dominic: No, I do.

Lulu: Okay. Then tell me Franco's connection with Ronnie.

Dominic: I don't even know. I wish I knew.

Lulu: Okay, then Franco the artist is the same as graffiti guy, right?

Dominic: Co77x.

Lulu: Well, that makes sense, how Jason ran out of here when he found the matchbook.

Dominic: Okay, look, this guy -- he is off the charts dangerous. You need to go home and lay low for a while. And don't be a part of any of this stuff.

Lulu: What about you?

Dominic: I don't know. I probably won't be seeing you for a while.

Lulu: What, like a day?

Dominic: No, I don't know. Just -- until I can figure out how to nail this Franco guy.

Carly: This was my dream. It seemed impossible.

Jax: Yeah.

Carly: That we'd all be together. You, me and Morgan. Now Michael's back with us. And our little girl, she's so safe and perfect. After that complicated pregnancy and that insane birth. Everything about my life right now feels like a miracle.

Jax: Well, it is that time of the year.

Carly: Hmm.

Jax: You think you can enjoy this without worrying?

Carly: Oh!

Jax: Hmm?

Carly: I don't know. Just when you think it's safe to breathe, something happens.

Jax: What are you worried about?

Carly: I'm worried about Michael. Worried that all the choices I made for him will come back to haunt him and hurt him. God, I just wished I knew what my life looked like a year from now, you know?

Jax: It'll look like us, and next year, and all the years to come after that, it will look like us. And then soon, our kids will be bringing their kids over for Christmas with the grandparents. Hmm? Hey, look at me. I'm not going anywhere.

Bartender: He couldn't wait.

Jason: Who?

Bartender: Your friend, Mr. Franco. He couldn't wait. But he asked me to give this to you. What is that?

Jason: It's my goddaughter's.

Olivia: Oh, thanks.

Sonny: Diane's going to have my head on a silver platter. But I gotta be honest with you -- this finger feels a lot better without that ring on it. Thank you.

Olivia: It's my pleasure, honestly. And thank you for paying your bill. I told them all in accounting, Sonny Corinthos always pays his debts.

Sonny: You did a great job at the party, planning it. You know?

Olivia: Let's just never talk about that night again, okay? And whatever you're cooking, it smells fantastic.

Sonny: I had this really great idea to have this family dinner with my three kids.

Olivia: Oh, that's so sweet.

Sonny: But I kind of blew it because I assumed that they would be available. And, you know -- they're growing up. So, I mean, they're not just sitting around waiting for their mother and father to see what they're doing, you know?

Olivia: Yeah, I remember the year Dante turned 16. You know, I did like I always did. I got a cake, a big home-cooked meal, you know. And then I got the call. You know, he wanted to spend the day with his friends. What could I do? I smiled, I told him, "have a good time." I had such a pain in my heart. Ahh. It's hard to cut them loose, you know?

Sonny: If you haven't eaten, why don't you join me?

[Door opens]

Dominic: Hey. Sorry, I just wanted to give you an update on things.

Sonny: Is it urgent?

Dominic: No.

Sonny: Okay, forget business for tonight. I just asked Olivia if she wanted to have dinner.

Olivia: And I didn't answer, so --

Sonny: That pretty much means yeah. Um -- you know what, Dominic, are you hungry?

Dominic: Me?

Sonny: Yeah. 'Cause I got, you know, a kitchen full of food, and, you know, it's the holidays and I'm just going to try convince my childhood pal here that I have no ulterior motives with the meal. You know what, you can be the chaperone.

Olivia: Someone's got to keep an eye on you.

Sonny: You see what I'm talking about? She -- the woman has trust issues.

Jason: Hey, is everything okay?

Carly: Yeah. Why wouldn't it be?

Jason: [Exhales] Okay, where's Jax?

Carly: Doing some last minute Christmas shopping. I'm sure he bought all the entire infant department of Wyndham's. What's up, man? You look worried.

Jason: I just have a lot on my mind right now.

Carly: Yeah, me, too. Michael.

Jason: What, did something happen?

Carly: No, no, Sonny came over and asked if the boys could come over for dinner. And it all seemed so normal, but it'll never be normal, not after what happened with Claudia, so it's just -- you're not here because of Michael.

Jason: [Sighs] You've seen this, right?

Carly: Oh, my gosh! It's Josslyn's hat. My mom got this for her. We were looking all over the place -- where did you find this?

Jason: It was left for me as a message by Franco.

Carly: Franco? The artist? Why would he have Josslyn's hat?

Lucky: You get to leave a message?

Nikolas: I've already left three. She must be getting things in order before her flight. Monica says she's leaving for France.

Lucky: Well, maybe she doesn't want to call you back, you know? I mean, you've already apologized to her. Anything else is just going to be more salt on the wound.

Nikolas: Yeah, I know. So you're saying I shouldn't expect to hear from her?

Lucky: Oh, I'm just saying that maybe, at the end of the day, it's better if you just let her go.

[Elevator dings]

Elizabeth: Look, there's daddy.

Cameron: Daddy!

Lucky: What's up, buddy? Can you say hi to your Uncle Nikolas?

Cameron: Hi, Uncle Nikolas! We're going to go get a Christmas tree!

Nikolas: That sounds like a lot of fun.

Lucky: Yes, it does. All right, man, we'll see you soon, okay?

Nikolas: Yeah.

Lucky: All right, come on, bud.

Elizabeth: Good night.

Nikolas: Good night.

Dominic: Look, you want to get out of here? I'll make something up, okay?

Olivia: Would you stop it? It's the holidays, and the poor man is all alone.

Dominic: Poor man? What are those, violins I'm hearing?

Olivia: Just show a little bit of compassion, okay? It's one lousy meal, that's all.

Sonny: All right. Does this look familiar, Olivia?

Olivia: Are you kidding me? You made chicken braciola.

Dominic: It smells really good, Sonny. Just like my grandma's.

Sonny: I got the ingredients from Olivia's mother a long time ago.

Olivia: Actually, you got that from Mrs. Cerullo, who stole it from my mother. I was always very surprised that Gloria would stoop to theft, but her husband Carmine is crazy for this recipe, so I guess she got a little bit desperate. Is it hot in here?

Sonny: I always considered it a family recipe because of the secret ingredient.

Dominic: Oh, yeah, what's that?

Sonny: Oh, I can't tell you that.

Olivia: Secret ingredient. The secret ingredient is that you crush the garlic instead --

Sonny: How could you say -- your mom said she'd kill me if that got out!

Olivia: The kid obviously couldn't know his way around a kitchen if he tried.

Dominic: Wow. Well, you can't blame me, because my mother never let me set foot in her kitchen, so --

Olivia: I'm sure your mother had very good reasons. Okay, um -- would anyone mind if I say grace?

Sonny: Go ahead.

Olivia: [Sighs] Dear God, thank you for this wonderful meal, for the warmth of this home, for this year that we've enjoyed. Thank you for bringing us safely to this night. For friends and for family. Please, uh, God, give us your guidance and let us know what it is that you would like us to do. Amen.

Dominic: Amen.

Sonny: One hell of a sermon, Falconeri.

[Dominic and Sonny chuckle]

Olivia: Food for thought, Corinthos. You know, believe it or not, I think my mother would be very flattered that you were still using the recipe. Which, if I ever told her, which I never would.

Dominic: Why wouldn't you?

Sonny: Why? Because her family hated my guts. But, you know, actually her mother, I think she had a little crush on me. It was her brothers that wanted to kill me.

Olivia: Actually, Sonny, you would be wrong about that. My mother hated you, also.

Sonny: What? Can you -- you know, a man has to be pretty strong to be able to take that kind of abuse, you know what I mean? So I thought you would be in Bensonhurst having Christmas with your family, your son Dante.

Olivia: No, Dante's working. He's out of town.

Sonny: Well, that's too bad.

Olivia: Does anyone want some more wine?

Dominic: Thank you.

Sonny: Okay. Can I make a toast here? Merry Christmas to old friends -- and new friends.

Jason: Where did you meet Franco?

Carly: I didn't. I have no idea how he got this hat.

Jason: Well, think. I mean, did you meet anyone new, any strangers?

Carly: No. There was a guy at the Christmas tree lot. He was dark hair, I guess early thirties, kinda weird. I mean, I only talked to him for a second.

Jason: Okay, what did he say to you?

Carly: You're freakin' me out!

Jason: Can you just please try to remember, Carly?

Carly: I don't know! He just rambled. I was there to get a tree. I had Josslyn with me. He went on about how he'd lost his daughter. And then he said weird stuff. He said that if someone extends an invitation, invites you into their home -- that you should show respect and not treat them like something you'd scrape off the bottom of your shoe. I don't know why he was saying that stuff to me. Wait a second, he also said to tell your friend that he -- I guess you -- that you should have shown more respect.

Jason: You're the messenger. Franco wanted you to tell me.

Carly: I don't understand.

Jason: Neither do I.

Carly: Whoa, whoa, you seemed really worried. And you never get worried. You're scaring me.

Jason: I'm okay. I just need to take care of this.

Lucky: I'm trying to remember what the tree looks like.

Elizabeth: Oh, there it is. Follow me. Come here, guys. Come look at the tree Daddy found. Come here. Come here, baby.

Lucky: This is perfect.

Elizabeth: Oh, but it's sold! Actually, a lot of those trees are sold.

Lucky: Shoot. Hey, look at this one. Here. Come check this one out. This doesn't have a red tag on it. Look at this. This is perfect, beautiful. What do you think, Cameron?

Cameron: That one kinda looks weird.

Lucky: Weird? What, you mean because it has a split on the top?

Cameron: Mm-hmm.

Lucky: Don't you know, that's a good luck tree.

Cameron: No!

Elizabeth: Really? Good luck?

Lucky: Yeah, absolutely. Grandma Laura always said that if you can find a tree that has a split on the top, you'll have good luck all the way until next Christmas.

Cameron: Really?

Lucky: Yeah. And it's true. I mean, look at this family. Look how lucky I am.

Nikolas: [Sighs] Oh, there you go. Ahh.

[Wind blowing]

Nikolas: Well, it looks like your sister was already here. Rebecca probably told you that she was leaving. And -- I imagine she probably didn't say why. I'll tell you why. It's because of all the lousy choices that I have made since you left me. And, you know, I'm talking about life-changing, life-destroying choices that I have made. And Elizabeth and Lucky, and -- and those two kids. They're so beautiful, you know, and it really hit me today when I saw them all together. And that is, no matter how in love with Elizabeth I am, I can never really have her, can I? Yeah, I didn't think so. [Chuckles] But it's just not fair that -- [Sniffles] to make their lives so chaotic just because mine is. I want to turn it around, babe. I'm going to turn it around, you know, make it better for everybody. And that's my Christmas gift to you this year.

Dominic: This is great, boss. Thanks for asking me.

Sonny: You know what; tonight I'm not the boss. I'm glad you're here, 'cause it's Christmas and I don't like to be alone. But, you know, Morgan's going to be upset that he didn't have dinner with you.

Dominic: Yeah, he is the awesome kid, man.

Sonny: You know what, Morgan thinks -- he worships Dominic, like he is the biggest deal in the world.

Dominic: You know what, he worships the Yankees. You can't blame him for that.

Sonny: He's got good taste. Another toast to a world champion Yankees and a repeat.

Dominic: And you know, wasn't Matsui amazing?

Sonny: They all stepped up, Phillies did great. What are you gonna do?

Dominic: Sorry, are we boring you, Ms. Falconeri?

Olivia: Oh, absolutely not. I love my Yankees.

Sonny: And that's no lie. Remember when you made me sneak you into Yankee stadium? The old stadium? We watched the Dodgers and the Yankees, and we watched Valenzuela pitch?

Olivia: Yeah. Yeah, we had Rags that year, though.

Sonny: Yeah, Dave Righetti.

Olivia: Oh, my brothers loved him. But he was Italian, what's not to like?

Dominic: Are you kidding me? They didn't throw you out?

Sonny: No, but it was pretty leaky security back then, you know? That's when I realized that --

Olivia: What, you realized how easy it was to break in places? I'm going to get blamed for this.

Sonny: No, that's not what I'm saying. You were happy that day. We went to the primo seats and right across from the first base line, guess who catches the foul ball.

Olivia: Yeah, it was in my hand about two seconds before the mook standing behind me yanked it away from me.

Dominic: [Chuckles] Wait, what did you do?

Sonny: What did I do? I jumped him.

[Dominic laughs]

Olivia: Grown man. Guy's built like a freakin' mountain, and this guy's just whalin' on him.

Sonny: Well, you know, he took my girlfriend's ball, and he says, yeah, you don't belong here. So I took him down and did what I had to do.

[Dominic laughs]

Sonny: I got your ball back, didn't I?

Olivia: Yes, you did. I still got that ball somewhere.

Sonny: She's still got the ball.

Dominic: Ahem.

Sam: I hope you don't mind.

Jason: I like it. No, it's just strange -- walking in and --

Sam: Seeing me here? Yeah, I know.

Jason: I like it.

Sam: Did you find Franco?

Jason: No. Not really. He ran a guy down the street. One of our lower-level guys.

Sam: Oh, my God, who?

Jason: This guy named Ronnie. He's alive, but he's in pretty bad shape. Franco found a way to get to Carly. This is all about sending me a message.

Sam: Well, any idea what it's supposed to mean?

Jason: He wants me to know that he knows everything about me. Who matters to me. I mean, he's made it very clear that I have to play his game to keep the people I care about safe.

Lucky: I remember when I was little, long time -- yeah, that's your bike, huh? My mom, your grandma Laura, brought home a tree just like this one, Cameron. And I was mad, too. Here. I was mad, too. Because all the trees that I had ever seen, well, they only had one point at the top. So I thought the tree looked pretty weird, too. But then, you know what, she told me the secret. And if you don't tell anyone else, then I'll tell you the secret, too.

Cameron: It is a secret from Mommy?

Lucky: No. No, of course not. We don't keep secrets from Mommy. If you can find a tree that has a split on the top, that Santa leaves an extra present or two. Did you know that?

Cameron: No.

Lucky: Because he knows how special the tree is.

Elizabeth: Well, I think that settles it. We're going to get this tree.

Lucky: All right.

Elizabeth: And we're going to have find one like this every year now.

Lucky: Well, I just saved Christmas. All right, kiddos, listen. Why don't you go over there to the basket and look for the best star that you can find in there, okay? Go find the best star!

Elizabeth: Go with your brother. Grab a star, okay? Go on! Oh! I love that story.

Lucky: Well, you know, if the kids can learn to appreciate the odd and unusual, then maybe someday they'll be able to understand how a kid like me ended up with a girl like you.

Elizabeth: There's nothing odd and unusual about you. You're perfect. You're the perfect man for me and I love you.

Rebecca: Oh, sorry, my boarding pass.

Man: Here you go. Rebecca Shaw.

Rebecca: Thank you. I guess I'm a little more nervous than I care to admit.

Man: Fear of flying?

Rebecca: No, no, it's not that. It's just that I've never lived overseas and I'm changing my whole life.

Man: Me, too. My company just transferred me to Paris. I've been so crazy packing and planning that I didn't realize until last night that I don't know a single person in the city.

Rebecca: Me, either. [Chuckles]

Man: Well, now you know me. I'm Aaron. I'm sorry. I don't mean to just keep staring at you.

Rebecca: But I look familiar, right? Like someone you know? [Chuckles]

Man: Not at all. I just -- I couldn't help noticing you have the most beautiful eyes.

[Both chuckle]

Sonny: So, Dominic, you are a Yankee fan, right? Who's your favorite Yankee?

Dominic: Oh, geez, where do I start? I've been a fan my whole life. Dwight Gooden. You know, I saw his no-hitter against the Mariners. That was amazing.

Sonny: Wait a minute, I was at that game.

Dominic: Really, you were?

Sonny: Yeah. I mean, I didn't go very often 'cause I was living here, but -- small world.

Dominic: Huh.

Olivia: Yeah. You know what; I really have to get going.

Sonny: All right.

Olivia: Um, Sonny, thank you. This really was so lovely.

Dominic: Yeah, thanks for including me.

Sonny: I enjoyed myself. Sometimes, you know, the things you don't plan turn out to be the best.

Jax: Merry Christmas. Santa got you something early this year.

Carly: I guess I'll just put that under the tree.

Jax: You okay?

Carly: Look.

Jax: I knew that it would show up. Where did you find it?

Carly: Jason brought it over. He found it.

Jax: Well, you must be relieved. Come on, come open this now.

Carly: Are you sure Santa won't mind?

Jax: Oh, no, Santa can't wait.

Carly: Oh. Let me see. [Laughs] Wow. That is, um, very nice, and see through.

Jax: Mm-hmm.

Carly: Maybe I'll wear this for you, I don't know, next year on your birthday or something.

Jax: Oh, you will do no such thing.

Carly: Thank you.

Jax: You're welcome.

Carly: You know what?

Jax: What?

Carly: I was thinking about what you were saying earlier. I don't want to worry. I don't want to worry at all. I want to enjoy every moment that we have. I want to enjoy Christmas Eve at church, and Christmas morning under the tree. I want to have a big dinner with all the people that we love, in this house that we built for us. And if Santa can give me that, I'm a lucky lady. Look, I love presents, you know that. But the truth is -- hi.

Jax: Hi, cutie.

Carly: I have everything I could possibly wish for. Look at her.

Sam: You did not invite Franco into your life. You didn't ask him to fixate on you, and it's not your fault he is crazy.

Jason: You're right, I didn't invite him, but he picked me anyway. And there was a reason for that.

Sam: Franco is not retribution for the life you lived. And no matter how many times he says that, you are not alike.

Jason: Thank you. For trying to help, just for everything.

Sam: Oh, well, thank you for letting me.

Jason: Since Mexico, everything's -- changed.

Sam: Yeah.

Jason: And I don't know if you want to hear it, because I don't want you to feel pressured, but, you know, with everything that's going on, I think I should tell you -- that I love you.

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