GH Transcript Thursday 12/17/09

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 12/17/09


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Nikolas: Hey.

Lucky: Hey, man.

Nikolas: Listen. About the Haunted Star-- I'm really sorry about that.

Lucky: Look, if you and Dad have decided to hate each other again, there's nothing I can do about it. So, whatever's going on, it's not my fight.

Nikolas: Oh. So, you weren't on your way out to Wyndemere to see me?

Lucky: No, Rebecca asked to meet me here. So...

Rebecca: Oh, perfect timing. Glad you're both here. I really want Nikolas to hear what I have to say to you.

[Keys jingling]

Olivia: Oh, my God! What, are you trying to give me a heart attack?

Dominic: Hey, Ma.

Olivia: [Sighs] I can't take this anymore, Dante. I never know where you are, where you're gonna be, or when you're gonna just show up. What...

Dominic: Yeah, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.

Olivia: [Sighs] What's the matter with you? You look terrible. Talk to me.

Dominic: I--I need your advice.

Olivia: About what?

Dominic: Well, this case is probably gonna be over very soon. I found a way to make it happen. But there's a catch. I'd have to put a son against his father.

[Door closes]

Sonny: Michael seems to be doing a little better. I'm just gonna keep an eye on him. What's the update on this whack job Franco?

Jason: Now I know Franco knows that Michael killed Claudia. And he might have the proof.

Rebecca: I just want to be open and up front about this. I mean, we all know how damaging secrets can be.

Lucky: Uh, if this has anything to do with the accident, we should--

Rebecca: No, no, no. It's nothing like that. I mean, I know Nikolas didn't run me down on purpose. Although, sometimes getting hit by the unexpected can--can really put things into perspective.

Lucky: Not sure where you're going with this.

Rebecca: I know, Lucky. I just--I hope that we can still be friends.

Lucky: Yeah. Why wouldn't we be able to be friends?

Rebecca: I don't know. Maybe I worry too much, but I'm just afraid that now that Nikolas and I are over, won't want to have anything to do with me, either.

Elizabeth: Yes, Dr. Niles, I will check for you. Um, actually, I am looking at that file right now, and it doesn't look like...uh, yeah. The lab reports have not come back yet. Mm-hmm. I will call you when they do... like I said I would.

Epiphany: Please file these as soon as you can.

Elizabeth: I have an idea. Why don't you hire some more staff so I don't have to do every single thing that comes across this desk?

Epiphany: Nurse Webber, yesterday, you made a medication error that could have killed a patient if it hadn't been caught in time. That alone was grounds for suspension.

Elizabeth: I know. I'm sorry. And I'm sorry for snapping at you.

Epiphany: But you did.

Elizabeth: It's just--so many things are happening all at once. I...

Epiphany: You're not the only person on my staff with a complicated personal life. I suggest you find a way to handle it before I--

Elizabeth: I'm trying, okay?

Steve: Nurse Johnson, could I have a couple of minutes with my little sister?

Epiphany: I don't want to write you up, but I will if you don't adjust that attitude.

Steve: [Sighs] What were you thinking? Antagonizing Epiphany? Have all these feelings over Nikolas got you feeling suicidal?

[Door opens]

Sam: I have spent all day trying to get a lead on Franco. His agent is ignoring our calls. And you know what I think? They're probably down the street at some stupid coffee shop laughing at us right now.

Spinelli: Franco has mastered the art of being elusive. That's for sure.

Sam: Yeah. Well, once we get a money trail, I think we'll have a better idea of what he's up to.

Spinelli: The Jackal has constructed a search engine that's scouring the net for any payments from galleries in America and Europe whilst another search engine is sifting through income tax records to establish a connection between Franco and the aforementioned agent, Gillian Carlyle, but there's little to show. Do you and Stone Cold have a list of exceptions?

Sam: A what?

Spinelli: A mutually agreed upon list of people you can sleep with without it counting as cheating.

Olivia: Here you go. I'll do my best to listen without making any judgments.

Dominic: Ohh. Where to start? Well, Lucky Spencer knows I'm undercover.

Olivia: [Sighs] God. How did that happen?

Dominic: He caught me using the PCPD computer to find out more about that weird artist Franco. Turns out I busted him when I was a rookie.

Olivia: Oh, great. So, now taking down the Corinthos organization just isn't quite enough for you?

Dominic: Look, I kept seeing this tag all over town, "co77x." I got curious. He caught me trying to find out more about this guy.

Olivia: You do know that Sonny and Luke have been dear friends for many, many years, right?

Dominic: Yeah. But that's not the father and son I'm talking about. Lucky thinks Michael knows who killed Claudia, and I agree. Michael definitely knows more than he's saying.

Olivia: So--so, you're talking about Sonny and Michael.

Dominic: If Michael can prove Sonny killed Claudia, that's the last piece of evidence I'll need. But--and I never expected myself to be saying this-- do I have the right to put Michael up against his own father?

[Olivia sighs]

Sonny: What are you saying? Franco followed you to the cabin that night?

Jason: Yeah. That's why he sent me the picture of Claudia-- to prove that he was there. But Michael is just a means to an end--a way for Franco to get me to do what he wants me to do.

Sonny: You mean blackmail?

Jason: No, I mean obsession. This guy is crazy, man. He thinks I'm an artist-- we're artists of death. That's what he kept saying. Those were his words.

Sonny: Maybe he's just messing with you. Why didn't you just kill him when you had the chance?

Rebecca: How long has it been since you had a friendly game of pool at Jake’s?

Lucky: Uh, it's been a while.

Rebecca: Heh. Okay. Well, I'd love to celebrate getting out of the hospital. But hey, you know, if you don't have time, you don't have time.

Lucky: Oh. Um... no. I mean, I could play a game of pool--

Rebecca: Yeah?

Lucky: As long as you understand that I'm engaged to Elizabeth, and it's gonna stay that way.

Rebecca: Yeah. Understood. See you there in half an hour?

Lucky: Okay.

Rebecca: All right.

Lucky: Okay. I'll see you.

Nikolas: Okay.


Lucky: What?

Nikolas: It's--

Lucky: She's Emily’s sister.

Nikolas: I know.

Lucky: Why shouldn't we be friends?

Nikolas: Well--well, I guess she does deserve some kindness after the way I treated her.

Elizabeth: I thought about not even coming in to work today, but of course, we're short-staffed.

Steve: You are a very responsible employee. That's one reason so many people are standing up for you. But what you're doing right now isn't working.

Elizabeth: I just feel so incredibly trapped. You know I have loved Lucky forever, and we're so close to having the life we want. And every time I turn around, there's Nikolas.

Steve: Sounds like you need some perspective.

Elizabeth: I need to tell myself that I don't have a future with Nikolas.

Steve: Well, have you told him to back off?

Elizabeth: Yes! Yes, of course I have. Sometimes I don't really mean it. It's just incredibly self-destructive, and I don't understand why I'm handling it so badly. I mean, I have everything I want right in front of me, and I just can't seem to grab it.

Steve: Okay. If one of your kids was standing in the middle of a pile of toys throwing a fit because he couldn't decide which one he wanted, what would you do?

Elizabeth: Well, I'd tell him he can't play with any toys until he calms down.

Steve: That would be excellent advice.

Elizabeth: So, what are you-- are you saying that's what I should do?

Steve: Break things down into little choices. Like here at work, don't try to do 5 things at once to keep yourself busy so you don't have to feel. Do one thing at a time--preferably something that prevents the rest of us from having to suffer epiphany's wrath.

Elizabeth: I'm so glad you're back.

Steve: Well, I'm not saying I'm the expert here. Just try to be honest with yourself and everyone else. Forget the big picture. Concentrate on the little picture, moment to moment, hour to hour, and see if that doesn't help you get through this, find your way out.

Sam: Well, what are all those numbers? Do we have something?

Spinelli: No, it's a false hit. I need to refocus my program and...perhaps my approach with Maximista.

Sam: I'm gonna check the other accounts, see if there's anything else on the other lists.

Spinelli: A list can be an extremely effective tool.

Sam: Yeah, I know. I agree.

Spinelli: If fair Samantha were to have a list of exceptions, who would be on it?

Sam: Spinelli, I don't think we're talking about an actual list here.

Spinelli: Are you sure? I mean, there is a certain logic to it. Maximista feels guilty about sleeping with Franco, and so she thinks if I have an affair of my own, that's appropriate payback. Indeed, she's vowed to end our non-marriage if I don't cooperate.

Sam: She is not gonna break up with you.

Spinelli: Perhaps not, but her logic does have a certain appeal. 'Cause if--if one action can truly cancel out the other, then maybe--maybe the pain would go away.

Sam: Uh, okay. Wait. So, do actually have a list of exceptions?

Spinelli: Um, Anne Hathaway? The actress, not to be confused with the misunderstood and controversial wife of Shakespeare--but you probably knew that.

Sam: Oh, yeah, of course. Who else?

Spinelli: Uh, Zena, queen of the galaxy.

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Spinelli: Elena, the all-seeing goddess of Zune, and, of course, Iralina, the siren of the vast and mysterious void.

Sam: Yeah. These are all... characters in your games, though, right?

Spinelli: That is correct.

Sam: Yeah. That's, um, that's what I thought. I don't think Maxie is talking about that. [Door opens] I think she probably had something else in mind that...

Maxie: So, have you decided who you're gonna cheat on me with?

Dominic: Michael admires his father. I mean, he tries to be just like him--all cold and shut down. I heard the guys used to call him "little Sonny." Not in front of the boss, of course. The last thing Sonny wants is for his kids to be like him.

Olivia: Well, a parent would do anything to keep their kid from becoming a gangster.

Dominic: Michael doesn't have Sonny's ice-cold focus, though. He's a tough kid. I mean, he survived what would have killed most people. But he's impulsive, he takes things to heart, he attacks without thinking, and he tends to run away from all his problems.

Olivia: So, we're talking about a 17-year-old kid. Right?

Dominic: Michael's never had to fend for himself. Whatever he does, he believes Sonny can fix it.

Jason: He's planted evidence against Michael somewhere. If Franco dies, the truth will come out.

Sonny: He's bluffing.

Jason: No, I don't think he's bluffing. Franco's worked really hard to set this up. He wants me to come after him so he can prove that he's better than me.

Sonny: That's insane.

Jason: But now, Franco has vanished, and we're trying to track him. It's like this weird game, but I don't know the rules. And if I make a mistake, Michael's gonna pay.

Sonny: This whack job has you... hesitating, second-guessing yourself. Whatever game Franco is playing, he's winning... because you're doubting yourself.

Nikolas: Is Elizabeth around?

Epiphany: I don't know where Nurse Webber is. And since she can't be bothered to sign out or communicate with the rest of the staff, I have no idea when she'll be back.

Steve: Nurse Johnson is an outstanding administrator, but she can be touchy.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Steve: It's been a long time, Nikolas.

Nikolas: Yeah. Welcome back. As a board member, I signed off on your deal.

Steve: Well, I appreciate that. I've heard that you keep a pretty close eye on what goes on around here.

Nikolas: Yeah, I try to.

Steve: Then you must know Elizabeth is having some major problems, at home and at work, because of you.

Nikolas: I'd rather not have this discussion right now.

Steve: Look, I didn't come all the way from Memphis to try and run my little sister's life.

Nikolas: And I'm sure she appreciates that.

Steve: It's killing her to be cheating on Lucky with you.

Nikolas: Excuse me?

Steve: Tell me the truth, Nikolas. When was the last time you heard Elizabeth laugh? Because I haven't since I got here. I've--I've almost every day seen her cry.

Nikolas: Look, I'm not trying to hurt her, okay?

Steve: Then I know you'll do the decent thing and walk away.

Maxie: Um, here. I know you couldn't pick anyone from the last few issues that I gave you, but that one's not even out yet.

Spinelli: My question remains unchanged. Why would I want to sleep with a random, albeit beautiful, stranger?

Maxie: Would you help me out here? Tell Spinelli that it's okay to even the score. And I'm not ruling out Anne Hathaway. I just have to figure out how to get in touch with her people.

Sam: Um, it isn't that simple.

Maxie: Yeah, no kidding. Do you know how many layers of people there are between Anne Hathaway and Damian Spinelli? Not that she wouldn't really like you if she met you.

Sam: Even if you could set something up, I really don't think it matters, because payback doesn't erase infidelity. Trust me. I mean, I know.

Maxie: But you did all sorts of weird things and lied to ruin your relationship with Jason-- not that he didn't--I mean, it was totally mutual. But... I'm just looking to do something different. I mean, I--I want to make things right.

Spinelli: That sounds fair enough.

Sam: I've been where you are now. And you wish you could go back and make like nothing ever happened and make different choices. I know.

Maxie: I wish that I hadn't broken Spinelli's heart.

Sam: Okay, look. You are both my friends, okay? And that's the only reason why I'm gonna open my mouth about a basically really awful point in my life--to help you guys from making the same mistakes. Infidelity is a really bad idea when you actually love each other. And you're either gonna have to fight your way through it or figure out if the pain is worth it or you would rather just let go.

Olivia: This is got to be your call, baby.

[Dominic chuckles]

Olivia: It's not mine.

Dominic: Figures. Just what I need--your opinion.

Olivia: Ohh. Honey, I am so proud of you. You have learned every single thing that I tried to teach you when you were growing up--to be honest, to ask yourself the hard questions before you do anything that's gonna hurt anybody else.

Dominic: So, you're saying I shouldn't question Michael.

Olivia: I--I'm saying listen to your heart. You know, think about how everyone's gonna be affected if Michael falls apart because of what he tells you. Is being a good cop really worth that?

Dominic: I don't know. I mean, isn't that what my job is?

Olivia: Well, then what are you asking me for? Go ask another cop. If--if your heart tells you that it's wrong to use Michael against Sonny, then you got to find another way. Okay? That's my advice to you as your mother. Now, whatever you decide, you know that I'll support you any way I can.

Dominic: You always know what to say to me.

Olivia: Yeah, except you never listen.

[Dominic sighs]

Dominic: Michael is the silver bullet. I mean, if he can prove that Sonny killed Claudia, the whole Corinthos organization will just come crashing down. No one gets shot, no bloodshed, nobody getting whacked...and there would be no more violence. Just one kid ruined for the rest of his life. It was like Lulu has told me before--nothing is just black and white. The difference between right and wrong can be pretty complicated.

Olivia: That's very true.

Dominic: Look, Sonny's a criminal, but he's a good father. He's great to his kids.

Olivia: Heh.

Dominic: Michael's the eldest. He's got a special place in his heart. Sonny does not want to see Michael suffer the way he will...if I get a chance to talk to him.

Olivia: Okay. No father wants to hurt their son. And no son wants to destroy their father.

Sonny: Why do you let this artist get you so off balance?

Jason: There's a lot of weird stuff in his studio. And Franco pops out and starts treating me like we're long-lost friends.

Sonny: He's been sniffing paint fumes too long.

Jason: [Sighs] Franco killed Limbo.

Sonny: Is that why you're so upset?

Jason: No. While I was there, you know, it was like... it was like we were circling each other, waiting to see who was gonna make the first move. And I finally got tired of that, so I started for the door. And that's when Franco said that he knows that Michael killed Claudia. And I wasn't even that surprised...because it's exactly what I would have done. It's like I'm playing this game against myself, but I still can't figure it out.

Sonny: Well, don't play head games with Franco. He's got you--he's got you acting all strange. You're distracted. Michael can't afford it. You know that.

Jason: [Sighs] Yeah, I know. I'll take care of it.

[Door closes]

[Sonny sighs]

Sonny: Dominic, come by my house. I have a job for you.

[Jazz music playing]

Lucky: Hey, Rebecca.

Rebecca: Hey! All right. Root beer for you, a beer for me, and a friendly game of pool. Sounds like a pretty good way to spend some time, doesn't it?

Lucky: It does, actually. Heh.

Rebecca: Lucky, I'm really sorry. I know I was acting weird around Nikolas.

Lucky: No, you don't have to say that. I completely understand. Hey, congratulations on being out of the hospital.

Rebecca: Thanks.

Lucky: So, you want to play a game?

Rebecca: Yeah, sure.

Lucky: All right.

Rebecca: I'm probably gonna embarrass myself. I don't play very often.

Lucky: Ahh. You think I don't know a pool shark when I see one?

Rebecca: [Chuckles] It takes one to know one.

Lucky: I'll break.

Rebecca: Okay.


Nikolas: Look, I didn't just-- I didn't just wake up bored one day and decide to betray my brother or cause Elizabeth or myself any pain.

Steve: Well, if everybody's hurting, the logical choice would be to stop.

Nikolas: And as her brother, I appreciate your concern. But I'm in love with her, and I can't stop it. I don't want to.

Steve: Elizabeth has a lot going on right now, as you know. And top of the list are a couple of kids who really need her.

Nikolas: I'm well aware of that.

Steve: Look... she made a serious mistake with a patient yesterday. And if it weren't for the support of most of the staff around here, she'd be out of a job.

Nikolas: I don't know what else to say, all right? I--I love your sister.

Steve: Look, if you really love my little sister, you'll man up and leave her alone. Look, I understand you have a ton of money--more money than God. So, now would be a good time to take yourself on an extended vacation, someplace nobody's ever heard of before, preferably on the other side of the planet, where you can't get a cell signal. Find something else to think about. Get a good rest. Enjoy yourself. And give my little sister the time and space she needs to heal.

[Nikolas sighs]

Dominic: Hey.

Ronnie: What, you can't check your messages anymore? You forgot how to text?

Dominic: Sorry. I've been busy.

Ronnie: Doing what?

Dominic: Look, I want this bust as badly as you do, but I've already risked my life giving you plenty enough for a warrant.

Ronnie: Well, the judge didn't see it that way.

Dominic: [Sighs] All right. Well, the truth is, if I push any harder, I might end up right next to Claudia Zacchara.

Ronnie: Which would be where?

Dominic: I'm working on it.

Ronnie: Look, I know you're frustrated. Okay? But we are so close on the Claudia Zacchara murder. You've given me a fragment of the bloody shirt that Sonny wore the night it happened and a recording where Sonny comes so close to incriminating himself. All we need is one more good piece of evidence.

Dominic: I may have found a witness.

[Door closes]

Sonny: Thanks for stopping by last night. The cookies-- delicious.

Michael: Heh heh. You're welcome. But, uh, it was mostly an excuse to get out of that house. They were decorating the tree.

Sonny: Your mother's crazy about Christmas.

Michael: It's okay to get straight to the point, Dad. Why did you ask me over?

Sonny: I'm worried about you.

Michael: Have you been talking to Mom?

Sonny: Maybe. She didn't put me up to this, if that's what you're asking. I know you're going through a lot, and it's tough. Uh--we just need to stick together.

Michael: I already apologized to Lucky and Mom. I know that it was stupid to lose it with a cop.

Sonny: I know it's difficult to keep the secret. But... it has to be kept. So, I'm gonna ask you a question. You're not gonna get in trouble. Just tell me the truth.

Michael: I--I understand.

Sonny: Have you told anybody else that you killed Claudia?

Jason: Find anything on Franco?

Spinelli: Nothing of consequence.

Sam: And his agent is avoiding me. I spent all day knocking on doors, showing everybody his picture. No one seems to have seen him.

Spinelli: Indeed, Franco has proven masterful at covering his tracks, both financial and otherwise. The only real lead we have is the studio itself.

Sam: Yeah. And I'm thinking he probably wants you to look for him--not that I like that idea at all.

Spinelli: Neither do I.

Jason: Well, maybe he's pushing me toward the studio to keep me away from someplace else.

Rebecca: [Chuckles] Wow.

Lucky: Yeah, I can't even remember the last time I played pool.

Rebecca: Uh, you could have fooled me. [Chuckling]

Lucky: Well, I guess it's one of those things you don't really forget--sort of like riding a bike.

Rebecca: Do you remember your first game?

Lucky: Uh...seems like I've always known how to play. I mean, my dad would hold me up so I could shoot. He won a kid-sized cue for me once in a poker game. I used to stand on bar stools so I could reach the table. But in terms of the first game, no. I mean, I was too young. All I remember was my dad and I just having a lot of fun together, traveling all over the world, hustling pool.

Rebecca: Must have been amazing to travel all over the world like that.

Lucky: We used to hang out at this pub in Ireland--

Rebecca: Mm-hmm.

Lucky: 'Cause we lived right around the corner for a time. And Dad and I would hustle the tourists.

[Rebecca chuckling]

Lucky: And we'd always give the owner a cut. But sometimes, Dad would pretend to be a native. It was hilarious. You haven't heard anything until you've heard Luke Spencer do an Irish brogue.

Rebecca: What about you? I mean, I can picture this cute little boy with an Irish brogue trying to play pool.

Lucky: Well, most of the time, I'd just pretend to be too shy to talk. Dad would tell them it was my first time playing pool, and I'd pretend like I couldn't hold the stick. I'm surprised anyone actually fell for it.

[Balls clink]

Rebecca: Well, it looks like you're remembering something.

Lucky: [Chuckling] Yeah. Um...Dad and I had this bit where I'd pretend to be blind.

Rebecca: Ohh. Good grief! Luke is shameless.

Lucky: No, no, it was my idea, actually. Um, we'd work on it really hard. I mean, I'd practice blindfolded or with my eyes closed. Let me see if I can still do it. Hold on. All right.

[Balls clink]

Rebecca: Oh, I am so out of my league. Heh.

Lucky: Well, we dropped the blind bit after a while. My mom thought it was in really bad taste, which it probably was, even for a couple of hustlers. Man. I haven't thought about this stuff in a long time. Once, we were in Johannesburg. I don't know if I'm actually remembering this or if I've just heard the story so many times that I just think I do. But anyway, we had to leave Istanbul in the dead of the night. And we had spent all of our money on plane tickets. Dad and mom, they were having trouble finding work. So, I mean, we were down to, like $100, literally.

Rebecca: Uh-huh.

Lucky: We stumbled into this nice-looking pub, and Dad and I just went for it. We went right into the routine, you know-- shy little kid never known how to play pool. And Dad bet every dollar we had on me that night.

Rebecca: How old were you?

Lucky: I don't know. Probably 5 years old. But the target was this guy who looked like a college professor.

Rebecca: And you were 5 years old?

Lucky: Yeah. And I would start out. I'd miss shots. I'd get all upset, act like I was crying. You know. And, um--but the guy, he just kept playing. You know? So, eventually, I start playing. I start making shots. And he doesn't stop. I just keep winning. And he just keeps playing. So, eventually, he just gets so pissed off, he just throws a wad of cash on the table and walks out of the place--3200 bucks.

Rebecca: What?

Lucky: I'm not kidding-- 3200 bucks. It was amazing. Anyway, I'm just rambling on. I'm sorry.

Rebecca: No, no, please. Don't be. I like hearing your stories. It's one more thing I wish I'd paid attention to while I had the chance.

Ronnie: What about this witness? Do I need to get a subpoena?

Dominic: [Sighs] You know, Carly Jacks, she's got enough money to fight off a hundred subpoenas.

Ronnie: That's true. Besides-- an ex-wife never makes a good witness. Ohh. There's gotta be an easier way. Uh, maybe-- maybe a housekeeper or a guard who's having second thoughts.

Dominic: No. Sonny's people are way too loyal.

Ronnie: What about one of the kids? Maybe they overheard something in the house.

Dominic: Y-you think you're gonna get a warrant off some hearsay from a kid? No, Sonny doesn't talk talk about business around the kids.

Ronnie: So, you're sure that the only witnesses to the murder are Carly, Sam, and Jason?

Dominic: Unless you want to count Claudia.

Ronnie: Well, find out where she's buried.

Dominic: I don't think she's gonna be able to say very much.

Ronnie: Just see what you can do, because if we can't find a witness, we'll have to settle for a corpse.

Michael: I told Johnny that Claudia got what she deserved, and I accidentally let it slip to Lucky that I know that Claudia's dead.

Sonny: That was a mistake.

Michael: I shouldn't have even been talking to Lucky, but it just pisses me off that he went against his father and became a cop.

Sonny: You don't know the whole story. You can't be passing judgment.

Michael: Okay. I'm sorry. Outside of that, I haven't even hinted to anyone that I killed Claudia.

Sonny: That's good.

Michael: Yeah.

Sonny: 'Cause you need to--you need to see this the right way. Claudia's death was an accident. I know I've told you this a lot, okay? You were protecting your mother. You were protecting your baby sister. It does not make you a killer. You were taking care of your family. That's a good thing. I don't want you to feel guilty.

Michael: I don't feel guilty.

Sonny: Well, good, because guilt will rip you up from the inside out. Okay?

Michael: I'm okay, Dad.

Sonny: I know you are. That's why I want you to stay that way. Understand? Okay?

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: So, if anybody comes up to you, they're asking you questions, they bother you-- you come straight to me. I will handle the situation.

Michael: Why are you so worried about this? Did something happen?

Sonny: Nothing happened. And nothing's gonna happen.

["Joy to the World" playing]

Lulu: Okay, we have to find a tree--precisely 8 feet tall, not an inch more or less. Is Kate a sadist? Why are we even doing this? She's spending the holiday in Zurich. How are we supposed to find a tree with, and I quote, "Bavarian splendor"? What the hell is Bavarian splendor? Hello? Maxie?

Maxie: Huh?

Lulu: You're not listening to a word that I'm saying.

Maxie: Excuse me, but I happen to be a little distracted. I just betrayed the person that I love most in the world.

Lulu: I thought you were over that.

Maxie: Over it?

Lulu: Well, like, that you balanced the scales by giving Spinelli permission to cheat on you, too, or something.

Maxie: It'll never balance, Lulu, because I slept with a babelicious, world-famous avant-garde artist who happens to be a hot mess, and... Spinelli--I mean, is he gonna even be able to meet someone like that?

Lulu: Sometimes, I don't think you're hearing the words that come out of your mouth.

Maxie: What if Sam was right? I mean, what it infidelity can't be equalized by letting your partner cheat on your? What if Spinelli and I are already over?

Jason: I know that we've been through this a lot. Let's just go from the beginning. Franco lives in Paris and somehow comes across my name.

Spinelli: Yeah. He was in Paris for how long?

Sam: 5 years.

Jason: Then he decides that I'm an artist.

Spinelli: Yeah, an artist of death.

Jason: Right. Why? Because I've been a suspect in so many murders but I've never gone to prison?

Spinelli: Yeah, a dubious honor which does not reflect the true nature of Stone Cold.

Jason: Okay, it does, Spinelli. That's the whole point.

Sam: Okay. Well, assuming this is all true, let's move on. He's been in the states for a few months now.

Spinelli: Yeah, September, as far as we know.

Jason: And he rents a studio in my name. He starts to follow me to search for vulnerable areas in my life, and that's how he ends up at the cabin the night Claudia died.

Spinelli: He sends you a photo of Claudia's dead body in order to--

Sam: Wait! Whoa, whoa. Where are you going?

Sam: I'm coming with you.

[Door slams]

Elizabeth: I saw you at the hospital with my brother. What were you talking about?

Nikolas: Uh--he told me to leave you alone. And I told him that I couldn't do that because-- because I'm in love with you.

Elizabeth: Well, that's a little inappropriate. Don't you think?

Nikolas: Well, someone needs to start being honest here.

Elizabeth: I am being honest... with you.

Nikolas: Well, anyway, Rebecca has begun to do exactly what she said she was gonna do. Right in front of me, she invited Lucky to play a friendly game of pool with her.

Elizabeth: What's that supposed to mean?

Nikolas: It means they're at Jake’s right now playing pool together.

Elizabeth: How could you let that happen? She's gonna tell him everything.

[Jazz music playing]

Lucky: I'm really glad that you're out of the hospital and that you're feeling better.

Rebecca: Thank you. Yeah, me, too. Lucky, I was such an idiot to choose Nikolas over you.

Lucky: [Sighs] Rebecca, look. My brother hurt you, and that's the only reason why I look good by comparison.

Rebecca: No, it's a lot more than that. Thank you.

Lucky: Okay. Look. I know you're hurting right now, but this-- this is not the answer, okay? I'm not the answer. Uh, Elizabeth and I are engaged to be married.

Rebecca: Lucky, she doesn't deserve you.

Lucky: [Sighs] We just enjoyed a nice game of pool--

[Rebecca chuckling]

Lucky: Nice time together as friends. Let's not ruin it by attacking Elizabeth, okay?

Rebecca: I don't care about Elizabeth one way or another, but you have a right to the truth.

Dominic: Hey. I'm sorry for the delay. I just got your message. What's going on?

Sonny: [Sighs] Situation with Claudia just got more serious.

Dominic: What, because of the cops?

Sonny: No, because the whack job Franco is focused on Jason. For whatever reason, Jason is letting him get to him. And I just need you to back Jason up.

Dominic: Okay.

Sonny: I need you to, you know, make sure Jason is doing what needs to be done. I'm--I'm gonna trust you on this. Don't mess up.

Dominic: I will not mess this up.

Sonny: Okay. What we want to do, we want to go cover our tracks. Go to the Pine Barrens where the body was buried. Make sure no one's sniffing around out there.


[Sam panting]

Jason: Damn it.

Sam: Are you sure we're in the right place? I mean, these pines go on for miles. There could be another--

Jason: I stood...

[Owl hooting]

Jason: Right beside this tree the night Max and Milo buried Claudia. Franco had the picture in his studio. I saw it. He practically drew a map for me.

Sam: Wait a minute. You think that Franco dug up Claudia?

Jason: He took the body!

Sam: Okay, okay. I don't even want to think about this, but why?

[Franco whistling "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow"]

[Keys jingling]

[Franco continues whistling]

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