GH Transcript Tuesday 12/15/09

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 12/15/09


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Robin: Two victims coming up from ER, both female, early twenties.

Epiphany: I'll prep O.R.s 1 and 2 and get teams in place.

Patrick: We need two O.R.s stat for--

Robin: Already on it.

Lisa: What happened?

Patrick: Car and a bus collided. Car won. One patient has severe head trauma. I've got her. Another patient has severe spinal cord damage. We don't know how bad it is until we open her up.

Epiphany: Dr. Hunter is still in Boston.

Patrick: Call Morucci.

Robin: It's at least 30 minutes till he gets here.

Patrick: We don't have time--

Lisa: I'll do the spine surgery.

Patrick: Just call Mercy and make sure there's somebody there to come over.

Lisa: I said I can handle it.

Patrick: Let's just wait if somebody comes from Mercy first.

Lucky: Lulu take off?

Dominic: Yeah, she’s not too thrilled about us being here, though.

Lucky:  Well. I’ll talk to her about it. Hey, by the way, now that I know you’re a cop I’m cool with you dating my sister, just as long as you treat her good and do everything you can to keep her safe.

Dominic: Well, you know, Lulu's a great girl, although I am not too sure how much she really likes me yet. Anyway...

Lucky: Really? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see. All right, let's get down to business.

Dominic: Yeah.

Lucky: Now I got a call back from Paris.

Dominic: Oh, yeah?

Lucky: Yeah.

Dominic: Really? That fast? They got anything we can use?

Lucky: Well, over the last 5 years, there have been a string of unsolved murders duplicating staged crime scenes from Franco's art. The police suspect some sort of copycat killer.

Dominic: So wait. What-- the artwork comes out first and then the killing, or is it the other way around?

Lucky: No, Franco creates the crime scenes in his art, and then later on, the real crime takes place. Somebody dies, and the body is posed the exact same way that Franco does it in his art.

Dominic: Wow.

Lucky: Yeah.

Dominic: We are dealing with one sick puppy here.

Spinelli: The darkly focused one seemed deeply insulted. Stone Cold might remember how just the other day, I was conveying to him that an artist of Franco's renown might be extremely sensitive.

Jason: Hey, Franco knows that Michael killed Claudia, and he told me that to force my hand. He wants me to come after him.

Lulu: Breaking and entering into a world-famous artist's studio doesn't seem like such a good idea.

Maxie: Well, Franco never asked my permission to take weird photos of me and send them to people that I know, and just because I had sex with him doesn't give him the right.

Lulu: They could end up on display in a gallery somewhere.

Maxie: No. No, I mean, I mean, they won't, because I'm gonna insist that he destroy all of them. He's gonna delete them from his camera, tear up the prints, whatever. [Rattles knob] Open.

Lulu: Hello?

Maxie: Uh, Franco, it's Maxie, from the other night.

[Flicks switch]


Lulu: I have a bad feeling about this.

Patrick: Epiphany will find someone else for this one.

Lisa: That is so like a neurosurgeon, always thinking they're better at spines than orthopods.

Robin: Just try not to take it personally. Neurosurgeons think they're better at almost everything.

Lisa: It's ultimately why I didn't choose spines as my specialty. I got tired of being marginalized by those massive egos.

Patrick: Patient has severe injuries. It might be more than one surgeon can handle on their own.

Lisa: Meanwhile, you're wasting time the patient doesn't have. I'm here. Use me.

Robin: Why don't I scrub in with Lisa? I've backed up Patrick before, and hopefully some of his genius has rubbed off on me.

Lisa: That would be great. Who's the anesthesiologist?

Epiphany: There are a couple on call.

Man on pa: 3-4-0-7. Dr. Gallner, call...

Robin: Are you okay with this?

Patrick: Lisa needs you more than I do on this one.

Robin: Yeah. We'll be fine. You go be a hero.

Tracy: I can't help it. I'm worried.

Luke: Aw, come on, baby. The month has been slow. The holidays are always flush. We'll be fine.

Tracy: I'm not talking about the casino. I'm talking about you. Whatever is eating at you is getting worse.

Luke: Karma's a bitch, ain't she?

Tracy: I wish you could trust me.

Luke: Surprisingly, I do.

Tracy: Tell me what the problem is.

Luke: There's nothing we can do. Our hands are tied.

Nikolas: Ah. Came for some poker. You wanna play? Come on. Deal it up.

Luke: We're closed.

Nikolas: I'm family. You can make an exception for me.

Luke: The hell you are, you slimy bastard.

Lucky: Four unsolved murders; each crime scene mimics one of Franco's works.

Dominic: Okay, so Franco creates pieces that show violent crime scenes. Those scenes become reality, life imitating art.

Lucky: Yeah. It's not a huge leap to think that Franco could be a serial killer.

Jason: Franco saw me and Sam arrive at the cabin when Claudia died, and he claims that he saw Michael kneeling over Claudia's body.

Spinelli: Doesn't he realize that that's a confession that could get him eliminated?

Jason: Franco wants to make sure that I take him very seriously. For some reason, it's important to him.

Sam: He's challenging him.

Jason: Yeah. He actually wants me to come after him so he can prove he's better than me.

Spinelli: Well, that's disturbing.

Sam: Well, the more dangerous Franco thinks Jason is, the more important it is for him to beat him at his own game.

Jason: Yeah, so I have to find out what kind of proof he has against Michael.

Sam: Yeah, we need any sort of evidence--photographs, whatever--that could have been taken from the cabin, and he could have left it with someone to be opened in the event of his death.

Jason: I received another photo that I know was taken by Franco, and I'm sorry. I didn't wanna do this, but I really need to know if this photo came from the same camera as the picture of Claudia.

Spinelli: It's Maximista.

Sam: It was taken the night--

Spinelli: I'm all too painfully aware of where Maximista was that night.

[Door shuts]

Maxie: What are you doing?

Lulu: Calling Lucky before this gets any weirder.

Maxie: This isn't weird. This is artistic.

Lulu: And weird.

Maxie: Franco likes to throw people off-balance.

Lulu: You're seriously gonna stand here and tell me that this does not creep you out?

Maxie: Okay, look, the decor could use a little work. I'll give you that. But calling the cops on Franco isn't gonna get us what we came here for.

Lulu: Oh, so you're just gonna ask him to destroy a whole bunch of pictures of you and while he's at it, do a "Crimson" photo shoot? Wow. You don't expect much at all, do you?

Maxie: Well, I won't be getting either unless I ask first.


["Mad World" playing]

Lulu: Maxie, what is this?

Maxie: Uh, Franco is a quirky guy.

Lulu: This is all about Jason.

Maxie: Which makes sense, because Franco likes to use crime as a subject for his art, and there's not a bigger criminal out there than Jason.

Lulu: Oh, my God. Maxie, he's obsessed.

Maxie: No, no, an artist needs to have a certain sort of detachment from his work.

Lulu: Yeah, his sanity is clearly detached from reality.

[Door opens]

[Both yelp]

[Door closes]

Lisa: How familiar are you with cervical spine injuries?

Robin: The MRI shows the patient's C6, C7, and T1 received the worst damage. There's also some compression on the spinal cord.

Lisa: We'll keep an eye on the patient's blood pressure.

Robin: I already ordered BP meds just in case.

Lisa: Ah. No wonder why Patrick was so flipped out. He wanted you in on his surgery. And here I thought you were all distracted by something.

Robin: I was just thinking that a couple of hours ago, Shannon Kwon was a perfectly healthy college student coming out of her class at PCU. Now she'll be lucky if she lives, let alone walk again.

Lisa: I'm not a big-picture person, Robin. I have to look at this woman one vertebra at a time.

[Heart monitor beeping]

Lucky: All right, let's walk through this one more time just to see what we actually have. You busted Franco.

Dominic: 2003. He was a tagger, a nobody. The bus stop at half a block from a major crime scene. Cut to 6 years later, the image of that original crime scene shows up on display in an art gallery.

Lucky: All right, Franco has a prior arrest. The booking number is co77x. That same number gets spray-painted on the street where Joey Limbo was murdered.

Dominic: Joey limbo's throat is crushed. His body's posed, which we now know is the signature of Franco's artwork. I mean, I don't-- I don't see what else we need.

Lucky: I just don't see how we can get a warrant without blowing your cover. You know, and even if we got around that, there's no forensics tying Franco to Joey’s murder. And then there's the added complication that Joey was already bleeding from a gunshot wound allegedly inflicted by Jason Morgan.

Dominic: All right, so how do we come up with something to make this all stick?

Lucky: Well, I'll contact the Paris police about the Brooklyn arrest. I'll see if co77x has turned up in proximity to any of their unsolved murders. I'll also ask them to keep a watch on Franco's movements in France. Beyond that, if we don't have any more solid evidence, this case could be stuck in neutral.

Spinelli: I fear Maximista may have been coerced into taking that photo.

Sam: Maxie never said she was threatened.

Spinelli: How long have you two been privy to this information?

Jason: I got it the day after the art show.

Sam: She begged us not to show you, Spinelli. The last thing she wants to do is hurt you.

Spinelli: I'm all too aware of what drives Maximista's guilt.

Jason: Whatever is goin' on with you guys, Spinelli, I'm sorry.

Spinelli: There are bigger dragons to slay than my romantic tribulations. The darkly focused one's mind appears to pose a real threat. I stand ready to assist in any way I can.

Jason: Okay, Franco has been studying me and planning for months, so now we need to figure out a way to catch up to him.

Sam: Obviously this guy is gifted at playing mind games, because he knew the second he dropped the bomb on Jason about Michael killing Claudia that he had him right where he wanted him.

Spinelli: Well, perhaps we can figure out what he was planning to do with that information.

Sam: Follow the money. I mean, that's where we start any investigation. Just follow the money.

Jason: Yeah. We need to know where Franco's been, what he's bought, who he's talked to, okay?

Spinelli: Okay. I'll again look into his bank records and phone records.

Sam: Why don't you track his agent, too, Gillian Carlyle. I guarantee you with the kind of money this guy brings in, she's never said no to him.

Woman: Who are you, and why are you here?

Maxie: We're looking for Franco. Who are you?

Woman: Someone with a key. I didn't need to break in to Franco's studio.

Maxie: You're Gillian Carlyle. I recognize your voice. We've talked on the phone before. I never thought I would meet you in person. Look, if you're calling Franco, could you please tell him that Maxie needs to speak with him?

Gillian: Yeah, Maxie who? I'm sure the police'll want to know.

Lulu: See? You should have let me call Lucky.

Maxie: No, no, I'm Maxie Jones. I work for "Crimson" magazine. We've actually spoke on the phone about a dozen times. This is my co-worker, Lulu Spencer, and we just came by to have a little chat with Franco.

Gillian: No, no. Don't hang up. I want to--it's inappropriate for you to be here.

Maxie: Well, the door was unlocked, and I have a personal relationship with Franco.

Gillian: If that were true, you'd know that Franco's gone back to Paris. Look, the fact that your magazine sponsored my client's show does not give you free rein to break in to his studio. So I'm warning you, back off, or I'll be forced to tell Kate Howard about your behavior.

Lulu: Whoa. Hey. Lady. Sorry. Um, Maxie has some unfinished business with Franco, so if you wanna start this, you'll actually be on the losing end of a very public battle with Kate Howard.

Maxie: Lulu, it's all right. You know what? I don't want any more trouble. We're gonna go.

Gillian: Yeah.

Tracy: I'm sorry, Nikolas. We are closed, family or not.

Luke: You heard the lady. Get out.

Nikolas: Heh heh heh heh heh. You know, Tracy, I've never really been bothered by Luke’s opinion of me. When he despised me, it didn't matter. When he tolerated me, it only made it easier for my brother and sister. Still didn't matter. And now that he's back to despising me, who cares?

Luke: That's right. Not you. You don't care about anything but yourself.

Nikolas: Heh. What a hypocrite, Luke. What a hypocrite.

Tracy: Nikolas, I think you ought to go.

Nikolas: You're right. I'll do that. Don't ever criticize me again after what you did to my mother.

Luke: Let me tell you one thing. Nicky, Nicky, Nicky. Heh heh heh. As long as I have known you, you--

Lucky: Whoa! Wait! Hey! Hey! Hey! Come on. Get off of him! What the hell is goin' on?!

Anesthesiologist: Blood pressure's dropping fast.

Robin: I noticed some shadowing around the spleen, but the radiologist reported it was clear.

Lisa: It must have ruptured. Scalpel.

[Heart monitor beeping]

Robin: The spleen has ruptured. Can you tie it off?

Lisa: I can't see anything in here. Retractor.

[Alarm tone sounding]

Epiphany: V-fib.

Lisa: Charge the paddles.

Robin: Epiphany.

Tracy: Here it comes.

Luke: That's all right. I got it.

Lucky: You should probably leave. Come on. Let's go.

Nikolas: Hey, whatever he tells you, you remember that you're my brother and I love you.

Luke: He's a liar!

Lucky: Tracy, can you help me out here?

[Tracy sighs]

Tracy: I give up. But if you figure it out, clue me in.

Lucky: What the hell is goin' on with you? Huh? You and Nikolas had finally made some peace, and now it's worse than ever. I mean, you callin' him a liar? What's he lyin' about?

Luke: Heh heh. That's not for me to say.

Lucky: I swear you pull this stuff just to test me and Lulu, make us choose between the people we love. Well, you might wanna be careful with that strategy, dad, because I honestly don't know where that'll take us.

Luke: How did this happen, cowboy? How did I become the first person you doubt and you last person you trust?

Maxie: If Franco left town, I don't have anything to worry about.

Lulu: Oh, I get it. Maybe Spinelli won't have to find out about your one-night stand, and you can pretend it never happened. You were saying?

Maxie: I know all those pictures and articles of Jason made Franco seem pretty obsessed, but we don't even know if Franco's a real threat, and like his agent said, he's in Paris now, so...

Lulu: Well, if he's in Paris, why is his agent still here? And since when has an agent ever said anything remotely true about their client?

Maxie: Okay, maybe I should tell Jason about this.

Lulu: Bye.

Spinelli: The world of art dealership is ripe for under-the-table transactions. His agent may have disguised his funds and moved them around in such a manner that they'd be impossible to track.

Sam: Well, what about Franco himself? Does he have a U.S. cell phone?

Spinelli: None that I've found.

Jason: Hey, why not look under my name? You know, he rented the studio under my name. Maybe he got a cell phone or a credit card.

Spinelli: All right, the darkly focused one becomes more diabolical by the minute. All right, necessity dictates that we devote our full power to the pursuit of the artist and his agent. Our P.I. office has software that might help in this quest.

Sam: Okay, good. Keep in touch.

Spinelli: Although Maximista may not have been forced to take that picture, I mean, it's altogether possible that she was deceived, right?

Jason: Manipulating people is what Franco does best.

Spinelli: Yeah. That's just as I suspected.

Sam: Well, you are right, Jason. Franco is a gifted manipulator, and I am afraid of what he's doing to you.

[Lulu screams]

Coleman: Well, look at you, you beautiful woman. Long time, no see.

Kate: Heh heh heh.

Coleman: Ha ha ha!

Kate: Hi.

Coleman: Hey, guess what. I ordered a very special champagne just for you.

Kate: Just for me? Which one?

Coleman: Oh, honey, this stuff is so high-end, I can't even pronounce it.

Kate: Well, that's always a good sign. So I don't remember a movie poster being up in here before.

Coleman: Oh, yeah. It's for "Nine."

Kate: Fabulous. Very sexy.

Coleman: Yeah, especially Penelope Cruz.

Kate: Oh, so you like Penelope.

Coleman: Oh, honey, she makes my mustache curl. The idea of her sharing the screen with Kate Hudson, now that's--you know, I better not say.

Kate: Yeah, you better not. Men, so predictable.

Coleman: Why, did I mention that Sophia Loren is in the movie as well?

Kate: Sophia Loren. Well, now you surprise me, Coleman.

Coleman: I will have you know that I have seen every one of her movies. I mean, come on. She's one elegant broad.

Kate: Hmm. Well, the movie poster certainly classes up the joint.

Coleman: Baby, you class up the place.

Kate: So when does "Nine" open? Maybe I'll get tickets to the premiere.

Coleman: Ah, Christmas Day. Ho ho ho.

Kate: It's a date.

Lisa: I really don't know why we're here. Drinking to drown out your problems is for people who have problems, and that's really not me.

Robin: You lost a patient.

Lisa: I'm a doctor. It happens. It's not like somebody--

Robin: What? Died?

Lisa: I'm an experienced surgeon. Occasionally you lose one. It's part of the job description. I hate it, but sometimes you draw the short straw, and you get a Shannon Jwon who's too far gone to save.

Robin: Hmm.

Coleman: Hello, girls. You celebrating tonight?

Robin: Hello.

Lisa: Hi. Just another day at the office. Two shots of tequila.

Robin: A virgin margarita for me.

Coleman: I love it when you talk dirty, girl. [Laughs]

Robin: I'm on meds.

Lisa: I know. I ordered them both for me.

Epiphany: Ah, that was a long haul.

Patrick: Yeah, it was, but she's all right. Patient's in recovery. We need to up the cefoxitin for S.W.I. for the first 24 hours. How'd Dr. Niles' procedure go?

[Epiphany sighs]

Patrick: What happened?

Epiphany: Hypovolemic shock.

Steve: Dr. Niles is new, isn't she?

Epiphany: She's new here, but she came to us from providence in Houston.

Patrick: What's that got to do with anything?

Steve: Is she in the staff lounge?

Epiphany: Dr. Niles and Dr. Scorpio signed out already.

Steve: Where is the surgical report? Thank you.

Patrick: Dr. Niles did everything she could for the patient with Robin consulting. I'm sure of it.

Steve: So you've already seen the report?

Patrick: No. The patient was probably too far gone.

Steve: If there were never questions, we wouldn't have to fill out reports, but there are, and we do.

Mr. Kwon: I'm looking for the doctor who operated on my sister, Shannon Kwon.

Patrick: Yes, that's Dr. Niles. She's not available right now. I'm Dr. Drake. I'm a surgeon here. I operated on the other crash victim.

Mr. Kwon: Well, I want you to explain to me how you screwed up and let my sister die.

Dominic: I'm sorry. I stuck around after Lucky took off.

Lulu: To scare the crap out of me.

Dominic: No. To explain why we appropriated your apartment for police business. Are you okay?

Lulu: Yes. I'm sorry. Just the reason I was that jumpy is that I was already freaked out.

Dominic: Why? What happened?

Lulu: Nothing. I just-- God, Maxie convinced me to do something stupid.

Dominic: Oh. How stupid?

Lulu: Maxie's idea of damage control is taking something that's bad and making it worse, and I knew better than to go along. I should just learn to tell people no.

Dominic: Well, you tell me no all the time.

Lulu: But you never listen.

Dominic: Yeah.

Lulu: What if Maxie was the one who walked in here? She should be the last person to find out that you're undercover.

Dominic: Unlike you, who I trust with my life.

Sam: There has to be something you're not remembering, some sort of clue.

Jason: Well, I got to the studio, and it was empty, and I looked around, and suddenly Franco walked up and offered me a drink.

Sam: A drink? What were you doing when he decided to play host?

Jason: I was looking at all the pictures and articles he had spread out.

Sam: Uhh. This whole thing makes my skin crawl.

[Knock on door]

Maxie: Spinelli here?

Jason: No, he went to the office.

Maxie: Good. Let's get this over with, because you're not gonna like it. No, you're gonna hate it. I went back to Franco's studio.

Jason: Why would you do something so stupid?

Maxie: You know that I had my reasons, and you'll thank me when I tell you what I saw there. Jason, he had a spread of pictures and articles all about you. It was freaky.

Sam: Was Franco there?

Maxie: No. His agent told me that he went back to Paris.

Sam: You spoke to his agent?

Maxie: She interrupted me and Lulu. Why are you not horrified that he had a shrine dedicated to you?

Jason: Because I know all about it. I was there, and so was Spinelli.

Maxie: You took Spinelli back to Franco's studio?

Jason: No, Spinelli went on his own just like you did. You guys won't believe that Franco's dangerous. All right, I had to show the photograph that Franco took of you to Spinelli.

Dominic: I am a little worried Lucky might end up blowing my cover.

Lulu: He wouldn't do that. He's smart.

Dominic: No, I know he's smart, but he's so relieved that I'm not in the mob that he's actin' way too cool about you dating me.

Lulu: Oh. For starters, my brother doesn't get to decide who I date, and more importantly, that doesn't matter, because we're not dating.

Dominic: Are you sure?

Lulu: Yeah. Pretty positive.

Dominic: All right, that's my mistake then, 'cause I was just judging by all the hours and hours we spend together, and sometimes we kiss, and there was that night we spent the night together.

Lulu: I was unconscious.

Dominic: Ah, that's details.

[Lulu scoffs]

Dominic: Well, as long as, you know, for future reference, you let me know when we are dating.

Lulu: Really. Well, that's easy, because we won't be.

Dominic: Oh. All right, well, thanks for clearing that up.

Lulu: Okay. Heh.

[Dominic sighs]

Dominic: Okay, well, good night, person that I'm not dating.

[Door clatters]

[Lulu laughs]

Dominic: Sweet dreams.

Lucky: You wanna know why I don't trust you, Dad? It's 'cause you're like the wind. I never know where you're gonna be. You might be there 9 times out of 10, but I don't know if I'm gonna get that one time where you're just gone. We could even be in the same room sometimes, and you're not there. I'm sittin' here, talkin' to you right now. You're not even hearin'.

[Luke scoffs]

Luke: Oh, I'm here, cowboy, but you just can't see me 'cause you're wearin' blinders. Yes, I think the worst about people. I do. And you think the best of everyone, except me. You live your life to prove me wrong. You live your life to make sure that you're not gonna be me, and it's blinding you to the truth.

Lucky: If I'm blind to the truth, enlighten me. Please. If I'm in the dark, turn the light on, for God's sake, and stop bitchin' about how naive I am. I'm not trying to prove you wrong, Dad. You know what? Yeah. Some of the things I've done in the past, maybe they were a way to get back at you. That was a long time ago. I'm not 15 years old. I'm not living my life to give you the finger.

Luke: No, you're not 15. You're a grown man. You're my firstborn, and I love you more than life itself. And that's why it's difficult, because I see you doin' things just to make sure that you're not me. I see you wearin' a cop's badge on your belt and goin' for a third round with Elizabeth and her kids just to make sure everybody knows you're not me. You would rather stick your head in the sand than be like me and chase the wind.

Lucky: How narcissistic are you? Seriously? You think everything in my life comes back to you? What Elizabeth and I have has nothing to do with you, Dad. The love I have for her is mine. As for bein' a cop, you know, maybe I did choose that as a way to stick it to you. I don't know. But I stay with it because I wanna believe in something, just like I believe that puttin' down roots isn't the beginning of the end. It has nothing to do with proving you wrong. I'm just bein' me, just living my life. And if I get hurt, I'll deal with it, and it won't be your fault. This is not your responsibility. Are you hearing me, Dad?

Luke: I hear you.

Mr. Kwon: I want someone to page the doctor.

Patrick: Dr. Niles has left for the evening.

Mr. Kwon: What is she running from, a malpractice suit?

Patrick: Sir, your sister had severe spinal cord damage. It was complicated by internal bleeding.

Mr. Kwon: What about her friend Melody? She was driving. She lived, didn't she? I mean, the police said she went through the windshield.

Patrick: Difficulty of stopping an auxiliary bleed in the middle of a surgery is just--

Mr. Kwon: I'm not interested in your excuses. My sister is dead!

Steve: Mr. Kwon, Dr. Steve Webber, chief of staff. I am very sorry for your loss. Why don't you come with me? I'll do whatever I can--

Patrick: I've got this, Dr. Webber.

Steve: That's okay. I got it.

Man on pa: Code red, pathology. Code red, pathology.

Robin: So where did you say you did your internship?

Lisa: St. John's, Atlanta, the 'hood. It was rough from day one, especially weekends. The GSWS would start showin' up on Friday night...

Robin: And not stop until Monday morning, right?

Lisa: No matter how good you are, you cannot beat multiple gunshot wounds. It used to piss me off. So many of those deaths were preventable. So I learned to step back, pick myself up, and move on to the ones that I can save.

Robin: But it never gets easy.

Kate: I still can't believe we didn't get Franco for that photo shoot.

Coleman: Well, maybe you should try again.

Kate: We can’t. He flew back to Europe. That's what I get for sending a girl in to do a woman's job.

Coleman: Ah, come on. Don't blame Maxie. You know those mixed-media, neo-expressionist dudes never stay around in one place for very long.

Kate: Really? Is that so, Coleman?

Coleman: Hey, Maxie Jones would move heaven and earth for you. If she couldn't land Frankie, wasn't for lack of tryin'.

Kate: Yeah. You're probably right.

Coleman: Yeah.

Kate: I probably shouldn't have pressured her so hard. Wasn't fair.

Coleman: But you are right about one thing. Kate Howard could have sealed the deal. No man can refuse you, girl.

Kate: Really? Even a mixed-media, neo-impressionist dude? How about a cool, sexy, trouble-loving, but always intriguing bartender?

Maxie: You had to do it? You had to show Spinelli that picture?

Sam: Yeah. Maxie, Jason had to. We're sorry. This has become about more than protecting you.

Maxie: If Franco is really as dangerous as you guys think, then I guess I should be grateful that that's the worst thing that happened to me. At least I don't have to go around carrying all that secret guilt. I should just be honest with Spinelli. I mean, I can do that. He loves me, and I hurt him.

Jason: He's also afraid for you.

Maxie: Yeah, that's typical Spinelli, worried for me when he should be furious. Do you really think that I was in danger when I was with Franco?

Jason: Yes. He's definitely unstable, so please stay away from him. Don't try to contact him. If he calls you, just call me before you do anything.

Maxie: I promise. I'm sorry.

Jason: Maybe you need to tell Spinelli.

Maxie: I'm gonna go find him at the office and tell him the truth; just pray he forgives me.

Steve: Could you give me the surgical reports for the past 2 weeks?

Patrick: Don't ever do that again.

Steve: Easy, Doc. I was just trying to defuse the situa--

Patrick: No, what you did was pull rank in front of the patient's family.

Steve: I read the report. You were right. There was nothing more Dr. Niles could have done to save Shannon Kwon.

Patrick: So did you protect Dr. Niles to the patient's family? Because if you don't protect us, you're not gonna last very long here.

Steve: You seem to be doing fine at protecting yourself, but I come from the school that says when you treat a patient, you have a responsibility to their family.

Patrick: Dr. Webber, my job is to be the best surgeon that I can possibly be. Now let's compromise. You let me do my job, and I'll let you do yours.

Lisa: I love having someone's life in my hands and knowing that I'm the one that can fix them. That's sort of sick, isn't it?

Robin: Well, it's the doctor's disease--perfectionism and power. Take 2 humility pills and call me in the morning.

Lisa: But I love that rush of getting it right, you know, pulling off a miracle. I mean, we only get one body, and it's so damn vulnerable. You can't just let anyone mess with it.

Robin: That's funny. I've heard Patrick say the exact same thing.

Lisa: Well, it's easy to imagine why he became a surgeon--that cockiness, the knowledge that you are changing people's lives.

Robin: Well, I may not be a surgeon, but I definitely understand the rush.

Lisa: No matter what Patrick says, deep down he's going to believe that he could have saved my patient, and there's a tiny, little part of me that's afraid he's right.

Kate: Maxie is sometimes her own worst enemy, but for all her mistakes, I see promise.

Coleman: She reminds you of yourself.

Kate: Why do you say that?

Coleman: I've watched you watching her. There's a glint in your eye that's kind of like pride and just a little bit of sadness.

Kate: Really? That's deep, Coleman.

Coleman: That's the way I roll, Kate.

Kate: Yes, I have made my share of sacrifices, and Maxie could have the moon if she was willing to make some of her own.

Coleman: Is that what you have, Kate Howard, the moon?

Kate: Hmm. And a sprinkling of stars.

Coleman: I believe I can see 'em, and I think I'm gonna kiss you now.

Spinelli: Well, under normal circumstances, I would be thrilled to see you--

Maxie: Pick one.

Jason: You know, Franco believes that he and I have a lot in common.

Sam: Well, that's ridiculous.

Jason: He said we're both the best at what we do because we love it--you know, him and his art, me and--and he's convinced that protecting people is just my excuse, that I would--that I would kill anyway because that's who I am.

Sam: Just wait a second. I'm not sure. Is that Franco talking right now, or is it you? Come on, Jason. Don't buy into this guy. He fights dirty. He wants you to question yourself, because it makes you vulnerable.

Jason: Well, maybe I'm more like him than I'm willing to admit.

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