GH Transcript Friday 12/11/09

General Hospital Transcript Friday 12/11/09


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Rebecca: Going to Lucky's was a spur of the moment decision. I honestly didn't know that I'd made it until I was across the street from his house. Then after that, everything happened so quickly. I stepped out onto the street, immediately getting pinned by Nikolas' headlights--

Nikolas: That's my fault. I should have been more--

Rebecca: You probably shouldn't have been speeding, either.

Nikolas: I told you, I'm really sorry.

Ethan: We know you're sorry. You're a sorry son of a bitch. But finish the rest. I mean, why would-- you're not one to walk out in traffic.

Rebecca: Well, I have to admit, I was a little distracted. Ordinarily, I'd call it even and not throw stones, but this situation isn't ordinary.

Ethan: You still haven't told us why you were so eager to go to Lucky's.

Lucky: Why would you, a known lieutenant in Sonny's organization, be in a restricted area of the PCPD, trying to access confidential police records? Thinking maybe you can make evidence against your boss disappear? Maybe something that implicates Sonny in Claudia's death? Nah, that would be pretty stupid of you. I think you're smarter than that. So why don't you save us both an extra trip around the block and just tell me what's going on?

Sam: Jason is out there risking his life, and all you care about is covering up the fact that you slept with Franco?

Maxie: That wasn't nice.

Sam: The truth can be hard to hear.

Maxie: Why are you being so judgmental? You're supposed to be my friend.

Sam: I am your friend. But guess what, I'm Spinelli's friend, too.

Maxie: Well, then, take a page from his book and try to think the best of me first, instead of accusing me of cheating with Franco when you don't know what really happened.

Franco: Can I offer you anything? Champagne, hors d'oeuvres, I've got beer, chips and dip. Uh, m&Ms? Only have the red ones, though. The other colors taste different. Did you ever notice that?

Jason: I didn't come here to eat.

Franco: He speaks. We're making progress.

Jason: What do you want?

Franco: You're not much for small talk, are you? You sure I can't tempt you? You're a beer man, right?

Jason: You set me up so I could find you. Why?

Franco: Why the hell not? 

Dominic: You know what, you caught me, dead to rights. I'm working on something of a personal mission here, so, uh, maybe we can work something out and you look the other way.

Lucky: You offering me a bribe?

Dominic: No, actually, I'm not doing that at all. I'm flush out of cash. What I'm trying to do is appeal to your more human side, and maybe you can see the quandary that I'm in, and feel the sudden urge to get a coffee or something. By the time you come back, it'll be like I was never here.

Lucky: I just saw my sister in the squad room. That makes me think you used her as a diversion. So this is kind of personal for me, too, now. And I'm rather busy, so why don't you just tell me what you're doing here, or I'm going to arrest you.

Dominic: Okay, good enough. You win. I'm out of here.

Lucky: Whoa, whoa, hey, hey, you're not going anywhere. What are you doing? Let's see what we got.

Dominic: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what are you doing?

Lucky: I'm undoing.

Dominic: Uh, what?

Lucky: Okay. Log of arrests from 2003. Arresting officer, one Dante Falconeri. That's just like Olivia. Does your mother know you're a cop?

Diane: A summons from the master. Just when I was feeling a little guilty about my exorbitant retainer. What can I do for you, sire?

Sonny: I need you to get the case on Claudia closed.

Diane: Yes, well, that would be quite a trick if I could pull that--

[Sonny sighs]

Diane: You're serious.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, I'm very serious.

Diane: Okay, why don't you explain to me exactly what you mean by "closing the case."

Sonny: Okay, get Claudia legally declared missing as opposed to a possible murder victim.

Diane: Sonny, you should have thought about this particular point in the process before you threatened Claudia in front of a banquet room full of--

Diane: Diane, please, I don't need your lecture right now. We're moving forward. Claudia's a hot mess. It's easy to assume that she's lying low. That she's enjoying the drama that her disappearance is causing.

Diane: It's also easy to assume that Claudia's now part of the foundation over at the new condo complex on Elm Street.

Sonny: I need the cops to back off. They're reaching out to Michael.

Diane: Michael?

Sonny: Yeah, Lucky's all over him.

Diane: Well, there's gotta be a reason for that. Perhaps Michael knows something.

Sonny: Okay, no, no, no. We don't want to talk about Michael. He's been through too much. I'm just letting you know why I need Claudia off the radar.

Diane: Sonny, you've got to be reasonable. We're still operating within a standard timeframe here. The cops are barely halfway through their investigation. They're going to plod along to the end, and if things remain true to form, they will have nothing to show for their efforts, because my client is Teflon-man. So why do you want off the boat?

[Knock on door]

Olivia: What do you need, Sonny?

Diane: And now it suddenly all makes sense.

Sam: I'm really sorry. This weirdness with Franco and Jason just has me on edge right now. And if I sounded judgmental, and if I accused you of doing something that you didn't, I... I apologize. [Sighs]

Maxie: Oh, this is so wrong. You shouldn't be apologizing. You didn't sleep with Franco behind your boyfriend's back. I did that. And I guess that I got offended because you acted like me sleeping with Franco was a given or something. And I don't want you to think that I planned it or expected it, it just... it just sort of happened.

Sam: What do you mean, it just happened?

Maxie: Well, I felt like I got swept up in something that I couldn't necessarily get out of. I don't even know how I actually ended up sleeping with him. I wish I could tell you that I was wasted or something, but I wasn't. It's like he willed it and it had to be. And I know that sounds crazy, but it's true.

Sam: He is that charismatic?

Maxie: More than that. It's like...hypnotic.

Sam: Oh. Well, that's disturbing. It sounds like he could potentially be a cult leader.

Maxie: Yeah, he totally could. And I guarantee that if you were in the same position as me under the same circumstances, you would have slept with him, too.

Sam: No, no. No.

Maxie: Yeah, 'cause you're, you know, so much older than me and more evolved. But...[Sighs] Look, what happened with Franco that night was the closest that I ever want to come to having my will taken over by someone else. Anyway, Spinelli, he... it would kill him if he knew what I did. It would break his trust.

Sam: I think you've already done that.

Maxie: I know, Sam, just promise me you're not going to be--

Sam: No, are you kidding me? Don't worry. I have no desire to be the messenger at all.

Maxie: Thank you.

Sam: Maxie, you should consider yourself really lucky. I mean, you slept with this guy and you got away. And I am sure there are many cases where that didn't happen.

Maxie: Do you really think Franco could be a killer?

Sam: I think that he is a...dangerous man who could do anything for reasons that none of us can comprehend. And now he's fixated on Jason.

Franco: On trial for murder twice. Conviction set aside for the murder of Luis Alcazar. Acquitted in the trial of his brother Lorenzo. What is it with you and that family?

Jason: They piss me off.

Franco: Oh, whoa! Point taken. And, you shot up a church. You ever worry about eternal damnation there, Jas? Not too much, huh?

Jason: How long are we going to play games?

Franco: [Chuckles] Come on, don't tell me you don't jerk the police around whenever you feel like it. I mean, how else would you whack so many guys and never see a single day in prison?

Jason: Obviously you spent a lot of time digging into my past. Why?

[Franco laughs]

Jason: Something to do with your work?

Franco: One might say we're in the same line. We should compare notes. Discuss concept and execution. Approach and process. I mean, maybe we could teach each other a trick or two.

Jason: I don't think so. I'm a coffee importer.

Franco: Don't patronize me! I'm not like everyone else, remember that.

["Mad world" playing]

Franco: [Exhales] [Chuckles] Oh, you're good. That was a test, wasn't it?

Jason: What?

Franco: Trying to piss me off so I might crack and say something I don't want you to know. It won't work a second time.

Jason: I don't know what you're talking about.

Franco: Clearly we have a trust issue here. Too bad. I would have thought that you saw it instantly.

Jason: See what?

Franco: Us. We're the same. [Sighs] This is going to be harder than I thought.

Rebecca: I need to speak to Nikolas alone.

Ethan: Okay, I don't think that's a good idea.

Rebecca: I'm asking you to step outside.

Ethan: Okay.

P.A. Announcer: Dr. Robin Scorpio, call...

Nikolas: So...[Sighs] [Door closes] Let's stop circling each other, shall we? If you wanted Lucky to know the truth about Elizabeth and me, it'd already be done. So what do you want?

Rebecca: Not you.

Nikolas: But you want something.

Rebecca: You're right, Nikolas. I do want something. And you're going to make sure I get it.

Steve: Lizzie.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Steve: Hey. Got a minute?

Elizabeth: Sure.

Steve: Your initials, right?

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Steve: Dr. Drake prescribed a change of medication. Is that the correct dosage for a patient with this medical history?

Elizabeth: Um, yeah.

Steve: Look again.

Elizabeth: Oh, I'm sorry. I looked--

Steve: Yeah. How many patients have you seen today?

Elizabeth: I just came on duty. Only Mr. Murphy.

Steve: [Sighs] I'll go check on him. Sign yourself out and go home.

Lucky: It all fits together now. The night I caught you in warehouse 15 with a shipment of drugs. You were cool as could be. Didn't give me a bunch of crap excuses, just came along nicely. Then all of a sudden, a flurry of phone calls were made between Mac and Ada Addison. Lo and behold, you just sailed right out of the lock-up. Undercover in Sonny's organization. I'm impressed.

Dominic: Well, my department back in Brooklyn thought it would be a good idea if Mac knew, in case I needed a friend.

Lucky: I'm sure that's come in handy. How long you been working the case?

Dominic: A year with the Zaccharas, used that to position myself with Sonny.

Lucky: That calls for a high level of patience.

Dominic: I did what needed to be done.

Lucky: So Lulu must know, then. That would explain why she helped you access this room.

Dominic: Yeah, she knows. She never lets me forget about it.

Lucky: I'm relieved, in a way. At least you're on our side. My sister dated John Zacchara. She's friends with Sonny and Spinelli. I like thinking she would draw the line at helping a mobster hack into confidential police records. It's a gutsy move, man.

Dominic: Yeah, or a dumb one, depending on how you look at it. I mean, I did get caught.

Lucky: Well, at least it was me and not someone else. You do know Sonny has moles in the department, right?

Dominic: Yeah.

Lucky: So what on this computer was worth risking getting caught by one of them, huh?

Sonny: You can go ahead and go. We're finished.

Diane: Oh, actually, we're not.

[Sonny sighs]

Diane: Might I ask what you are doing here?

Olivia: Well, I got a message from Sonny saying that he needed to see me immediately, so I came right over. What's so urgent?

Diane: Yes, Sonny, enlighten us. What's the rush?

Sonny: What do you mean, "us?" When did this get to be your business?

Diane: Because it's my job to keep you from doing stupid things that get you in trouble with law enforcement.

Sonny: I just invited my old friend over here--

Diane: Oh, do you honestly not see the horrendous timing of courting another woman so soon after your wife is declared, euphemistically, missing?

Olivia: Whoa, whoa, whoa, I am not being courted here by anybody.

Diane: Perception is everything. You want the police off your back? You want out from under the harassment? Don't give them any more reason than they've already go to expect you've got a motive for murder.

Olivia: Diane, if this puts you at ease at all, whether Sonny's pursuing me or not, it doesn't matter. I'm very much involved with John Zacchara.

Sonny: Like I said, we're just-- we're friends.

Olivia: Right.

Sonny: I was just wondering if you wanted to go out to dinner tonight.

Olivia: I can't. I'm having dinner with John, as I always will be. So don't bother asking again. And I won't be responding to any more directives.

[Door closes]

Diane: I like her!

Sonny: You would.

[Diane laughs]

Sonny: Thank you for that. That was nice.

Diane: What?

Sonny: I should dock your pay. What do you think?

Diane: On what grounds, Sonny? Trying to protect you from yourself?

[Sonny groans]

Diane: Look, I'll see what I can do about having Claudia declared legally missing. But I'm not kidding about this. You keep that wedding ring on your finger, and you remember that you are still technically legally married. So stop chasing Olivia, or any other woman.

Sonny: Stop acting like my mother!

Diane: Then you stop acting like a hormonal teenager. Honestly. No wonder there's just a surplus of Corinthos progeny.

[Door closes]

Franco: Are you trying to upset me again? Not taking advantage of my hospitality. I mean, I know you're checking the place out, trying to figure out if this is a trap or how to escape or how to kill me. But you could at least have some chips and dip while you do it. Spinach and artichoke.

Jason: You said we're the same. What did you mean?

Franco: Well, let's review. We're both psychopaths. But today, who isn't? We're both obsessed with death. And we're both artistes.

Jason: No, we're not.

Franco: [Chuckles] Please, humor me. It's the only way you're going to find out what you want to know. All right. [Clears throat] When do you feel most alive?

Jason: When I'm in danger, I guess.

Franco: Exactly. You feel alive in proximity to death.

Jason: No, I feel the most alive when my life is on the line. I never think about dying.

Franco: Like I said. Soul mates. You don't give a second thought to those you kill. I mean, you're not eaten up with regret and guilt. You murder, and then you leave the emotional baggage for someone else. That is art.

Jason: Is that what you do? Do you kill people? How many?

Franco: Gosh. Who keeps count these days? Do you actually put notches somewhere?

Jason: I don't believe you.

Franco: [Chuckles] I've killed dozens of times. In many different ways. And all in my imagination. But you, you're the real thing.

Jason: How do you know that? Who have you seen me kill?

Franco: [Chuckles] Well, I can't be all obvious about it. You might as well just come right out and ask me point blank.

Jason: Ask you what?

Franco: [Chuckles] You want to know if I saw you kill Claudia Corinthos.

Sonny: Johnny, I need you for a job.

Johnny: Oh, couldn't see that one coming.

Sonny: Did you say something?

Johnny: Yeah, I said, "What’s the job?"

Sonny: Louie Reno's pushing product on pier 17.

Johnny: Really?

Sonny: Yeah.

Johnny: Hadn't heard that.

Sonny: I'd appreciate if you didn't question it.

Johnny: Just saying.

Sonny: Here's what I need-- I need you to go there. Be there as long as it takes. If you gotta be there all night, you gotta be there all night. Pier 17 is too close to my operation. I don't want Louie sniffing around. I don't want you to kill him. Just do whatever it takes to take care of the situation.

Johnny: Yeah.

Sonny: All right, try not to muck it up.

Johnny: Right. Because I always muck it up. That's why you keep sending me out.

Sonny: You know what, Johnny, I'm just trying to be professional. It would be nice if you did the same.

Max: Not to butt in, Mr. C, but your info may be faulty. Louie Reno? Back to Miami last week.

Sonny: Yeah, I know, I just needed Johnny occupied.

Milo: How come, boss?

Max: Don't question the boss.

Sonny: That's okay. I have plans, and I don't want Johnny to muck it up. So I've eliminated that possibility.

Dominic: Couple of months ago, I was behind Kelly's. You know, the alleyway in the back, there was something up on the wall there, and--

Lulu: Oh, I can explain. Um, this is all-- this is all my fault.

Dominic: No, it's okay.

Lucky: What's your fault?

Lulu: Uh, wh--what's happening. I set this into motion. I asked Dominic to look something up for Maxie.

Lucky: About what?

Lulu: About work.

Lucky: Fashion stuff on this computer--

Lulu: No, no, no, not work. About Mac.

[Lucky and Dominic laugh]

Lulu: What? Why am I-- I'm funny?

Dominic: You are hysterical, but you are very cute.

Lucky: It's priceless. I wish Dad could see you now. His little cupcake covering for a cop.

Dominic: Cupcake!

Lulu: You know?

Lucky: Yeah.

Dominic: Lucky figured it out.

Lucky: Dominic using his badge number to log into the system was my first clue.

Dominic: I tried to erase it, but whiz kid here got in there and brought it back up.

Lucky: So, Lulu, how long has this been going on?

Lulu: What?

Lucky: You and Dominic? I'm assuming Dad doesn't know about it, right? 'Cause, you know, I'd love to be there when you tell him.

Lulu: Wait, no, no, no. Dad doesn't know anything, because there is no me and Dominic. Right?

Dominic: Well, actually, we're dating.


Jason: [Sighs] About Claudia Corinthos...

Franco: [Exhales] 1,023. Ahh. That seemed like that took forever, didn't it? From now on, I'm not counting on you for picking up the conversation.

Jason: Why'd you bring her up?

Franco: Well, your attention was starting to drift.

Jason: Yeah, but why Claudia?

Franco: Well, it was sloppy. Not like Front Street. Now that was a work of art. [Guffaws] Well, you don't have much of a sense of humor either, do you?

Jason: How'd you know I'd be there?

Franco: How do you think?

Jason: [Exhales] Okay, how long you been following me?

Franco: I watched you check out the sight the day before. No surprises, right? [Chuckles] And Limbo and his clowns thought they were ambushing you.

Jason: Yeah, why don't you tell me what happened afterwards?

Franco: Wait, you're skipping the best part. Talk about clanging. I mean, you just stood right up. You stepped right out there firing, no thought of cover. I mean, like, bullets couldn't touch you. Like nothing could. I swear, I almost started crying--for joy. I mean, you just totally broke cover, completely exposing yourself, daring them to shoot you. Because it made your blood race. You don't get off unless you know you can die.

Jason: When I left, Joey Limbo was alive.

Franco: Yeah. What was up with that? A little sloppy. Not your best work. You're not slipping, are you? It would break my heart.

Jason: Why'd you kill him?

Franco: Well, I was cleaning up your mess. Ahem. It's not like Morgan the magnificent to leave any eyewitnesses. Although Joey went pretty quickly. You did most of the work. But still, an artist like you... unless... you left him for me. So we could work together. I mean, you wanted me to kill him for you? Thank you. Thank you so much. [Chuckles] Now tell me we weren't separated at birth.

Franco: I'm thinking we can do more jobs together. I never understood why you needed Sonny, anyway. The man takes all the credit while you get it done, huh? Ha, maybe he can import coffee.

Jason: Leave Sonny out of this.

Franco: Nothing I'd like better. So what do you say? You kill him, I turn it into art.

Jason: Are you serious?

Franco: All right, I get it. You're taking the serious risks, and I'm making the coin. 40/60 split, my way. I mean, I do have the connections.

Jason: I work alone.

Franco: Not on Front Street, you didn't. You had me. I mean, why do you think I posed Joey's body? To throw the police off your trail! That, plus it's what I do. So how did you know I was there? You didn't, did you? You didn't even sense my presence? Your guardian angel, ready to clean up after you?

Jason: I was trying to keep my people from getting shot.

Franco: You're trying really hard to discourage me. That's a bad idea.

Jason: You want to help me? Tell me what I need to know.

Franco: About Claudia Corinthos.

Jason: Yeah, that's right. What did you see?

Franco: This will end when I say so, not before. You want answers, play nice.

Lulu: Okay, first of all, we are not dating. And secondly, you can wipe that smug, self-satisfied look off your face.

Lucky: I was just looking at you.

Lulu: Well, I don't think that I'm an object of your amusement. I don't find the situation very funny. My stomach has been in knots ever since I found out this guy was undercover. You want to talk about conflict of interest? I've been worried about him, scared that his stupid big head's going to get shot off any minute.

Dominic: She's crazy about me.

Lulu: Yeah, well, I haven't even mentioned Sonny, and I know you're not supposed to, but I happen to like him. I think he's been really good to our family. And then there's Carly and I haven't mentioned how she's affected in this, and how I feel guiltier every single day for not at least warning her.

Lucky: It really wasn't fair of you to put my sister in this position.

Dominic: I didn't--

Lulu: He didn't put me in the position. I found out on my own. And I really wish that I hadn't.

Dominic: Well, you know what, this whole thing is going to be over really soon, anyway.

Lulu: Oh, goody. Then we can all trek through the nuclear fallout.

Lucky: I know that you have affection for Sonny. So do I. He was a good friend. He was almost like a mentor growing up. But Sonny made decisions about how he wants to live his life, just like Dominic, just like me.

Dominic: Okay, you know what, not to interrupt this wonderful bonding moment, but the only thing I can think about right now are those cops you mentioned before.

Lucky: The ones on Sonny's payroll?

Dominic: Yeah. So I think I should get what I need to get and split.

Lulu: All right, let's call up graffiti guy.

Lucky: Just a second.

Dominic: What, we still have a problem?

Lucky: Yeah. You can't stay here.

Elizabeth: How's the patient?

Steve: You got lucky. Epiphany caught your mistake and straightened it out with Dr. Drake. If she hadn't, Mr. Murphy could have died.

Elizabeth: Oh, God.

Steve: I need to know what's going on with you. As your brother and your boss.

Elizabeth: I swear, Steve, this is not me. I don't normally make mistakes like this.

Steve: That's exactly what Epiphany and Dr. Drake said. You have got a strong support system at that hospital, not to mention an outstanding rep. But this was a major screw-up.

Elizabeth: I know.

Steve: I don't want my first act as chief of staff to be firing my little sister. So you've got to help me out here, Lizzie. This have anything to do with that Rebecca?

Elizabeth: Ugh, oh, God, I hate her, but no, she's the least of my problems right now.

[Both sigh]

Steve: Is it Lucky? I thought things were good there. I mean, you guys are getting married again.

Elizabeth: Do you really want to know what the problem is?

Steve: Of course I want to know.

Elizabeth: Okay, I'm going to tell you. I'm engaged to Lucky and I am sleeping with his brother. I know, I know. It's...terrible. I'm an awful person. But no matter how many times I swear I will never see Nikolas again, it keeps happening, and I can't make it stop.

Rebecca: I've made a lot of mistakes since I've been in Port Charles. And I'm beginning to realize that the worst was going after you when Lucky expressed interest in me. I mean, I didn't realize at the time how much better he is than you. See, I was focused on the end result--the money. And then I made a huge mistake, number two. I fell in love with you. But boy am I clear on that now. See, I get the difference. You're dark and you're moody and twisted and disgusting. And Lucky is positive and straightforward, loyal, sensitive, unselfish, and way too good for that slut that he's engaged to.

Nikolas: Don't heap all the blame on Elizabeth. I'm the one who's at fault here.

Rebecca: Oh, isn't that sweet, Nikolas? The way you're so willing to rush to her defense. You obviously want her. Fine, yeah, okay. Take your shot. I'm not going to stand in your way. As long as I get my shot with Lucky.

Nikolas: You honestly expect me to believe that you want to be with Lucky?

Rebecca: Why is that such a shock to you?

Nikolas: Because I think you're playing games. Again. Just looking for a way to hurt me and Elizabeth.

Rebecca: You honestly don't think I could get him, do you? Don't kid yourself, Nikolas. All it would take is blowing the whistle on your sleazy little affair with Elizabeth, and then being around to pick up the pieces. No, wait, that wouldn't really do. Because then I'd be the rebound girl. And I already did that with you. So you can take that petrified little look off of your face. I won't be telling your brother how horrifically you betrayed him. Not because of you, but because it gets in the way of what I want.

Nikolas: Let me make sure I understand this correctly. You won't get in the way of me and Elizabeth as long as you end up with Lucky.

Rebecca: Oh, look at you. Already drooling. This works out a-okay for you, doesn't it? You get to keep having sex with your brother's woman as often as you want without pesky little distractions like remorse or guilt. You and that snake deserve each other. Lucky deserves better.

Nikolas: Heh, and what? That would be you? Saint little Rebecca who didn't try and run a con on me or sleep with Ethan when she was supposed--

Rebecca: Oh, I wouldn't insult me if I were you, Nikolas. See, I'm going to be the one who's going to make it possible for you to get what you want. However long that lasts. So just don't get an attack of conscience and try to spoil this for me. Because if you do, I swear, I'll bury you, and your little slut, too.

Olivia: [Laughs] Look at you. Bringing me a flower. How sweet are you?

Johnny: I am, but it's not that big of a deal, 'cause I just took it out of that arrangement over there.

[Both laugh]

Johnny: I gotta cancel tonight.

Olivia: [Sighs] Let me guess--Sonny?

Johnny: What can I do, huh? He's the boss.

[Olivia sighs]

Clerk: Ms. Falconeri?

Olivia: Yeah?

Clerk: Mr. Loyola in 1710 is complaining about the turndown service.

Olivia: Is he the same guy who was just complaining about the towels ten freakin' minutes ago?

Clerk: And room service, and the view. He insists on speaking to a manager. Should I send the head of housekeeping?

Olivia: No, honey, I'll take care of it myself. It's not like I got anything better to do.

Dominic: What I was telling you was a few months ago, I started seeing this graffiti tag around town, co77x.

Lucky: Mm-hmm. I've seen that. That was at the murder scene where Joey Limbo was killed.

Dominic: Okay, yeah, but it's been nagging at me. I knew I noticed it from somewhere, but I couldn't place it.

Lucky: And what, you've placed it now?

Dominic: Yeah, winter of '03, my first week on the job. I arrested a tagger half a block from the murder scene. That same murder scene, almost the identical picture of it in Franco's show. I mean, I don't know about you, but that's too much of a coincidence. So that's why I'm here. I want to figure this out.

Lucky: Pulling up the tagger bust.

Dominic: No mugshot. I bet you any money, this same guy shows up in the system doing something else.

Lucky: Like what?

Dominic: Nothing good.

Franco: I'm actually not surprised you didn't notice me on Front Street. You missed me at the cabin, too. If I had a gun and had been so inclined--

Jason: Do you want me dead?

Franco: Not yet. You sure you didn't have the slightest little tingle the night Sonny's wife bought it? A little trickle down the spine telling you I watched the whole thing?

Jason: How do I know you're not lying?

Franco: You saw the photo.

Jason: Claudia's body under a tarp. Maybe that's all you saw. Maybe you'll say anything to impress me.

Franco: You know, you're not so hot. You botched the whole thing with Sonny's wife. It was amateur work. And you and your girlfriend slamming into that cabin like Starsky and Hutch. You could have gotten the pregnant lady killed.

Jason: Yeah, maybe. I wasn't thinking.

Franco: No poise. No subtlety. All emotion. You can't work that way. You should know better.

Jason: I hated Claudia so much. I wanted just--

Franco: You can't afford to hate! Or love. We give into petty emotions, we become like everybody else. Weak, vulnerable. I mean, I expected more of you!

[Breathing heavily]

Maxie: Spinelli. I called you. I've left you ten messages. And when you didn't answer my phone calls, I figured that you might be here. I guess we need to talk?

[Doorbell rings]

Elizabeth: What are you doing? My brother was just here.

Nikolas: I know, I waited for him to leave.

Elizabeth: I can't see you right now.

Nikolas: Look, I just had a fascinating conversation with Rebecca.

Elizabeth: Oh, please. Just...

Nikolas: It seems that she's had a change of heart.

Elizabeth: How? She doesn't even have a heart.

Nikolas: Maybe you didn't hear me. She's not going to tell Lucky about us.

Elizabeth: Well, I don't believe that. Neither should you.

Nikolas: I think she was pretty serious. She says that we deserve each other, and that Lucky deserves better than the both of us.

Elizabeth: Well, that she's right about.

Nikolas: But her primary reason for not telling Lucky is what she stands to gain. And that would be Lucky.

Elizabeth: Excuse me?

Nikolas: She wants another shot at him.

Elizabeth: Is that bitch insane?

Olivia: Mr. Loyola? It's Olivia Falconeri from Metro Court management. I understand you're experiencing some difficulties? Sir?

Olivia: Mr. Loyola?

Sonny: Hi. How many complaints does a guy have to make to get some attention around here?

Dominic: What the hell, this is weird. I can't find any hits on this guy after 2003. Like, not even something for tagging.

Lucky: May I?

Dominic: Please do.

Lucky: Let's just go back a little further here.

Dominic: What, you got a hunch about something?

Lucky: Well, there was a photo at the Franco exhibit that creeped me out a little bit. You remember the shoot-out on Front Street?

Dominic: Yeah, I won't forget that any time soon.

Lucky: Well, the weird thing was that Joey Limbo's body was posed. It was on his side, his arm outstretched. His hand was pointing.

Dominic: That's like the picture I was telling you about. It's laid out the same way as the crime scene from my original bust.

[Computer beeps]

Lucky: Oh. Look at that. Three years before you busted the tagger.

Dominic: That's him. That's the guy.

Franco: I know what you're thinking. All that about not giving into emotion, and I go ballistic over a bulletin board. But that wasn't anger. That was calculated. That night at the cottage, you were out of control.

Jason: Claudia's dead. It's over, end of story.

Franco: Not quite.

Jason: What you saw, what you didn't see, what does it matter?

Franco: Do I need to paint you a picture?

Jason: Knock yourself out.

Franco: Guess so. Poor kid. How's he doing?

Jason: Who?

Franco: Must have really messed with his head. First time always does.

Jason: First time?

Franco: Or so I hear. You'd know better than I. What was the first time like for you?

Jason: The first time I did what?

Franco: Now, see, a stupid question like that would have pissed me off before. But now I'm untouchable. Ahh. I don't know if I can say the same thing for Michael. He'll never get over killing his father's wife.

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