GH Transcript Wednesday 12/9/09

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 12/9/09


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Elizabeth: Because I did something really bad.

Cameron: What?

Elizabeth: It's nothing. It's nothing. We're gonna be fine. I love you so much, even if I don't deserve you.

[Rebecca coughing, gasping]

Rebecca: Oh, God. Oh, God, you bastard!


Jason: Let's go.

Michael: Like hell. You can't order me around, not after what happened with Claudia.

Jason: Stop talking.

Michael: Look, I proved myself, and you know it, so back off.

Lucky: You guys all right?

Michael: You can skip the whole good-cop, good-cousin routine, because I'm not gonna tell you anything about Claudia.

Lucky: I didn't ask, but I have to wonder if anyone's telling you to keep quiet about what happened to Claudia.

Jax: You know, it wasn't that difficult to get incriminating evidence on Sonny. I just don't understand why it's taken you so long.

Dominic: Well, let's see. I have to follow the law, for one thing. And, uh, there's no way that'll hold up in court.

Jax: Well, that should be enough to get an arrest warrant. And this, along with the evidence that you already have...

Sonny: They won't. I figured the cops would think I killed Claudia for all the reasons she deserved. That's why there is no evidence to find. I disposed of the body where it cannot be found. The cops can look all they want. They will not prove anything.

Jax: Should be enough to send Sonny to prison for the rest of his life.

Sonny: What are you doin' here? 

Robin: Uh, excuse me. Have you registered at the desk yet? I can get someone to help you fill out paperwork.

Man: Oh, thanks. I'm just waiting for someone. I'm sure it won't be long.

Robin: Okay. Hey, I got your page.

Lisa: Oh, I wanted to talk to you about possibly joining the staff. Dr. Quartermaine offered me the orthopedics job.

Robin: Well, congratulations. Are you gonna take it?

Lisa: Maybe. I've always been restless, and I'm sick of the traffic in Houston, and this hospital has an excellent reputation. But if you have even the slightest problem with me being here--

Robin: Oh, because you just happened to date my husband in college?

Lisa: Well, I know it was a long time ago, and it was long over before graduation, but still. I mean, an old girlfriend falls out of the sky into a relatively new marriage. Sometimes it's, you know, not so good.

Patrick: Now, now. Conference in the ER. That can mean only one thing. You guys are talking about me.

Lisa: Uh--heh heh.

Elizabeth: Excuse all the toys. I wasn't really expecting anyone.

Edward: Well, that's all right, dear.

Elizabeth: Let me move this for you.

Edward: Lila used to love the chaos of children around the house. I never did. Until it was too late.

Elizabeth: Please, sit down.

Edward: Thank you.

Elizabeth: How are you feeling these days since the accident?

Edward: Well, I don't know if I'll ever fully recover from what happened at that outrageous carnival.

Elizabeth: It wasn't your fault.

Edward: I disagree. Sure as hell didn't help my insomnia, I'll tell you.

Elizabeth: Ah, Emily used to tell me how you'd be up all night wandering the house.

Edward: You know, I tonight found myself up in Lila's room looking at some old photograph albums, and with the holidays coming up, I guess I got sentimental, and I found a picture which I thought you might enjoy.

Elizabeth: Aww. Emily and me. Wow. I remember this day.

Edward: You may keep it if you like.

Elizabeth: Thank you. That's very sweet of you. Now why don't you tell me why you're really here?

Edward: Oh. You caught me.

Elizabeth: I did.

Edward: Well, looking through all the old photographs, I naturally thought of Emily. But you know something? Rebecca has been a blessing, hmm? We got off to a very rough start, but Monica and I have welcomed her into our lives, and I can't help wondering. Why haven't you, dear?

Nikolas: She's conscious. No. No, I won't leave her. Just hurry.

Rebecca: Oh, God.

Nikolas: Ambulance is on the way. You're all right.

[Rebecca gasping]

Rebecca: If you'd been going a little bit faster, I'd be dead. You and Elizabeth could keep cheating on Lucky indefinitely.

Nikolas: You're not gonna die.

Rebecca: No thanks to you. I'm gonna tell Lucky--oh, God-- as soon as I can.

[Siren approaching]

Rebecca: I'm gonna tell Lucky everything.


Jason: Michael was at the Metro Court when Claudia took Carly hostage. He's just still a little upset, Lucky.

Lucky: That's exactly what Carly was telling me.

Michael: Yeah, you came to the house and started harassing Mom.

Lucky: I wasn't harassing her, Michael. I'm just trying to find out what happened. And when you're ready to discuss it, just let me know, okay?

Michael: Why would I tell you anything?

Jason: Okay, that's enough.

Michael: Look, you had no right to come into the house and harass my mom and start questioning her. You should have seen him. He was acting all concerned because we're related. If you had any respect for family, you wouldn't be a cop, and you would have never went against your own father.

Jason: Okay, you know what?

Michael: Look--

Jason: Go get in the car now.

Michael: You're a traitor to your family, so you better stop following me around, because I am never gonna tell you anything.

Jason: Go get in the car. Get in the car now!

Lucky: I didn't follow him over here, Jason.

Jason: I know.

Lucky: But whatever it is that's bothering him, it's gettin' worse.

Jason: Yeah, it's a tough situation. He's just trying to work his way through it right now.

Lucky: Feel like I understand what he's goin' through to a certain degree. When I finally realized how my dad's life actually works, I had to figure out how to fit in. I mean, you were there. You saw how difficult it was for me once I couldn't idolize him anymore.

Jason: Michael still admires Sonny.

Lucky: I know, but at some point, he's gonna have to make a choice like I did. He can either get tangled up in his father's life, or he can save himself.

Jason: I know. He just needs some time. That's all.

Lucky: Well, he also needs to talk about what happened the night Claudia died. He admitted she's dead, by the way. He slipped up.

Jason: Is that gonna be on your official report?

Lucky: Whatever he's trying to hide, Jason, it's tearing him up inside. All right, it's not too late to save him, but the way he's going, you're gonna have to move fast.

Sonny: Why does it always seem like you show up where you don't belong, here and at my house when you walked in on me and Olivia?

Dominic: I'm tryin' to make up for all that by getting Jax to cooperate a little better with the bodyguards.

Jax: Look, Michael doesn't appreciate being guarded, and Morgan is embarrassed by the whole thing, and I don't want your thugs anywhere near my property.

Sonny: Okay, you know what? Tell Max that I wanna talk to whoever was supposed to watch Michael.

Dominic: Okay.

Sonny: You know what I mean? Because I don't--what?

Dominic: I was just gonna say if Jax doesn't cooperate, then we have no--

Sonny: Okay, I don't care. No, no, no, no, no. Just go. Do what I told you to do. Just go. Okay, here's the deal. I'm concerned about Michael. You're not cooperating with my people. He's runnin' around town, skippin' school. He's gonna find himself in a lot of trouble.

Jax: Oh, as opposed to the trouble you've already made for him?

Sonny: I think I can get Carly to agree with me that he should be living with me if you stay out of the way.

Jax: Well, one of us will be getting out of the way very shortly, Sonny, and I can assure you that it won't be me.

Sonny: And what makes you believe that little fantasy?

Robin: Can you try and grasp the concept that not every conversation is about you?

Patrick: This one was.

Lisa: That's right. Two women talking means it's about Patrick.

Patrick: Okay, we can do this whole back-and-forth thing all night, or you can admit you were talking about me.

Robin: Actually it was about me. Lisa was just telling me that she was offered a job here at General Hospital, and she asked me if I had a problem with it, and I was about to tell Lisa, no, I don't have a problem with it. In fact, I think it's a great idea.

Lisa: Great. Then it's settled.

Patrick: Okay, hold on a second. Nobody's gonna ask my opinion in this matter?

Robin: No, not really.

Lisa: No.

Patrick: Really?

Lisa: Mm-mmm.

Patrick: Okay. Well, in that case, welcome aboard. What do you say we have a couple drinks at Jake's, and I can give you all my brother's shortcomings?

Robin: Oh, come on. He's not that bad a guy. Underneath his enormous ego, he's actually a pretty cool guy.

Epiphany: I hate to break this up, but we have a hit-by-car on the way and severe spinal trauma with loss of consciousness.

Patrick: Here they are. Prep 2.

Epiphany: It's already done.

Patrick: All right, take an x-ray.

Robin: Nikolas, do you know how this happened?

Nikolas: She stepped right out in front of me. I didn't see her.

Elizabeth: Here you go. Here's your cup of tea with cream, except it's really milk, and 3 sugars.

Edward: How do you know?

Elizabeth: Oh, Emily used to tell me about the two of you having tea together and how you would teach her how to read the stock market pages, and she'd update you on her day. She loved that time with you.

Edward: Heh. And she told you how I like my tea, huh?

Elizabeth: She was so blessed to have a family like the Quartermaines. Mine was always so scattered. I think that's why I remember so well the two of you having tea, 'cause I used to imagine myself in her place.

Edward: It's amazing how something so small should be important.

Elizabeth: Heh. And that's why I can't stand Rebecca. I feel like she's trading on how much we all love Emily. And I know Em would have welcomed her with open arms, but I think she's taking advantage.

Edward: But aren't we doing the same thing in a way? Rebecca's the closest we'll ever be to Emily.

Elizabeth: I think we would have all been better off if Rebecca had never shown up. I mean, from the minute Nikolas saw her, he's been on a downward spiral, and he hasn't gotten any better.

Edward: You can blame that on Cassadine lineage, not on Rebecca. He should be very grateful that she even puts up with him.

Elizabeth: Edward, Rebecca's not telling you everything.

[Telephone rings]

Edward: Go ahead. Get your phone.


Elizabeth: HI. I'm in the middle of something right now, so I--

Nikolas: No, no, no. Wait. It's Rebecca. I was on my way over to Lucky's, and she came out of nowhere.

Elizabeth: What happened?

Nikolas: I just--I took my eyes off the road just for a second. I was leaving a message for Lucky. Elizabeth, I hit her with my car. She's in the ER.

[Elizabeth sighs]

Edward: What happened, dear? You've turned white as a sheet.

Jax: There was a shootout on a public street. I'm sure that you were involved. Police are still investigating Claudia's disappearance. I'm not gonna throw Michael back in the middle of all that.

Sonny: Why? You don't care for Michael. You want him around so you can score points, so you can prove to Carly how sorry you are for never telling her that Claudia was responsible for putting Michael in a coma. If you'd protected your wife instead of your psycho brother, none of this would have happened.

Jax: Okay, I'm not gonna have this--

Sonny: But we don't have to go down--

Jax: I'm not gonna have this argument with you again, okay?

Sonny: Okay, okay.

Jax: I'm not gonna put Michael at risk to make you feel like a good daddy, okay, because you're not. Everyone knows that.

Sonny: Carly knows in her heart that Michael should live with me.

Jax: Really? So you know more about what Carly wants than what she does?

Sonny: Yeah, she's got too much to deal with already. Let her focus on you, the baby, and Morgan, 'cause what's happening is Michael's getting lost in the shuffle, because he needs more time than you guys can give him.

Jax: She's terrified for Michael every day, okay? The last place she wants him is with you.

Sonny: Why are you fighting me on this? You don't even get along with Michael.

Jax: Michael belongs with me and Carly, now more than ever.

Sonny: What's the problem? Seriously. What's the real reason that you don't want Michael living with me?

Carly: What happened? Oh, my God. Are you okay?

Michael: Look, will you get off my back for one second.

Jason: Hey. Hey. Michael was at Jake's. Coleman called me, and when I got there, he was giving attitude to Lucky.

Michael: Look, I don't care if Lucky's my cousin. He's a cop.

Carly: Did he say anything to Lucky?

Michael: No. Mom, I'm right here, and, no, I did not say anything to Lucky.

Jason: Hey, hey, hey, you need to settle down, Michael.

Michael: No, you need to stop giving me orders. Look, Claudia was a problem, and I took care of it, just like you and Dad were going to, so you all need to get off my back.

Jason: Sit down.

Michael: Not gonna happen.

Jason: Sit down. I'm gonna say this once, so you'd better listen.

[Heart monitor beeping]

Patrick: We've all seen the x-rays. There's a strong possibility of spinal cord injury.

Lisa: With 3 vertebrae compressing the spine, some motor functions may be impaired. How soon can we operate?

Patrick: Within the hour.

Lisa: Well, then let's get her prepped.

Robin: Whoa. Hold on. It's too soon to operate.

Lisa: The sooner I repair the spine, the greater the chance for a full recovery.

Robin: We should let the swelling go down first.

Patrick: No, we need to operate before the swelling gets worse.

Lisa: Well, how long do you wanna wait?

Robin: At least 12 hours.

Patrick: Robin.

Lisa: Too long.

Robin: We have to give the medication time to work.

Man: I agree with you.

Patrick: Well, we don't need input from a bystander, thank you very much.

Lisa: We probably shouldn't have been discussing the case out here.

Man: Just don't see any reason to get knife-happy.

Patrick: "Knife-happy"? Really? Who is this clown?

Man: If the patient's stable, what's the rush to cut?

Patrick: Okay, Epiphany, get this idiot out of my ER.

Man: Nurse Johnson, good to see you again.

Patrick: Wait a second. "Nurse Johnson"?

Man: Steve Webber, your new chief of staff.

Jason: What you did tonight was stupid. You had no business in Jake's.

Carly: You told me you were going to the library to study for a test.

Jason: And you lied to your mother again, and the way you were talking to Lucky puts us all at risk.

Michael: Lucky was right in my face.

Jason: If you keep talking, Michael, he's gonna figure it out. He's already close.

Michael: I'm not gonna let Lucky, who turned his back on--

Jason: Shut up!! You keep sayin' that you're a man, that you want to live on your own, but you’re acting like a little bitch! Like all those other rich kids who have no respect for anything or anyone. Quit disrespecting the people who are trying to protect you. I mean, you look like an idiot at Jake's talking to Lucky like that. I was embarrassed for you, man. I still am. You know what the problem is? That we've spoiled you for so many years, me most of all. Well, I'm done. From now on, keep your mouth shut. Show some respect. Go to school. If you don't, I'll make you. Now apologize to your mother. Stand up.

Michael: I'm sorry, Mom. I get that I messed up at Jake's. It won't happen again. And you've never had any use for cops, so why should I?

Jason: I'm sorry, Carly. I failed you, and I failed him. I don't even know where to start to fix this.

Carly: I'm his mom. It's on me to get that kid under control before he gets in any more trouble.

Jax: You've convinced Michael that I don't love him, that I don't care what happens to him.

Sonny: Oh, no, no, no. You've done that all by yourself there, Jax.

Jax: Yeah, I remember when he was little. He was so sweet and funny. You've ruined him.

Sonny: Then let me get Michael out of your way.

Jax: I want Michael to live with us because that's what Carly wants, but the truth is it doesn't really matter where he lives, because he'll probably turn out to be a thug like you. Right? So much for all that drama about wanting to protect him. You're actually thrilled that he's turning out like you, so he can take over your filthy little empire.

Sonny: You see, that's what I'm talking about. Michael doesn't have a chance, because you've already decided he's wrong and bad like me.

Jax: The only hope for Michael is that you get busted one day and go to jail for the rest of your life.

Sonny: Well, I'm sorry, Jax, 'cause that's not gonna happen, and you've already proven now beyond any doubt that Michael should live with me, 'cause I'm not gonna let you project your hatred onto my son.

Jax: I've never done that.

Sonny: Okay, Michael's moving in with me. You stand in the way, you cause Carly any kind of grief over this, I will convince your wife to cut you out of her life completely.

Jax: You don't have that kind of power anymore.

Sonny: You don't think so? Try me.

Dominic: You came back.

Lulu: I didn't blow your cover, if that's what you're wondering.

Dominic: Well, I appreciate that. I mean, this is all gonna be over soon anyway, and I mean really soon, like in a matter of hours.

Lulu: What do you mean?

Dominic: Turns out Jax has a recording of Sonny admitting to Claudia's murder. It's pretty much the silver bullet I've been looking for. That, along with my circumstantial evidence, will be enough to convict Sonny.

Lulu: Heh. I, uh--I gotta keep this to myself.

Patrick: So you plan on using the stealth-bomber method when managing the staff, Chief?

Steve: Yeah, I'm just gonna be around for a while watching, figuring out how things work.

Robin: So what about Monica?

Steve: Well, actually she contacted me in Memphis. I've been running a trauma unit down there for the past few years. She's getting sick of the paperwork and wondered if I'd be interested. Figured why not?

Lisa: So do you like what you see so far?

Steve: I like it just fine.

Patrick: And after eavesdropping for 5 minutes, you're assuming that we shouldn't operate on the patient?

Steve: I'm just saying take a breath. Most surgeons would argue with me, but sometimes the best thing to do is nothing.

Lisa: Well, I hope you're right.

Patrick: Yeah, so do I, because if Rebecca never walks again, that's on you, and I hope you can deal--

Edward: Where's Rebecca? Why are you all standing around? Hey, you're the new chief of staff. Do something.

Robin: You knew he was taking over from Monica?

Edward: Of course. It was Monica's idea. Don't make us fire you before you even start, huh?

Steve: It's good to see you, Mr. Quartermaine.

Robin: Rebecca's right in here. Come with me.

Steve: Hey, I'd like to take a look at those pictures if you've got 'em handy.

Lisa: Sure.

Elizabeth: What happened?

Nikolas: I was on the way over to Lucky's to try and stop her.

Elizabeth: But it was an accident, right?

Nikolas: Yes, of course it was. You think I'd hit her on purpose?

Elizabeth: No, I don't think you ran Rebecca down on purpose.

Nikolas: Well, don't tell me the thought didn't cross your mind.

Elizabeth: You said you were on your cell phone. What happened?

Nikolas: I was leaving Lucky a message. I looked away for just a second, and then she was right there. I didn't have any time to stop.

Elizabeth: Okay, I know you wouldn't hurt her intentionally.

Nikolas: Well, she disagrees. She's more determined now to tell Lucky.

Elizabeth: Well, she can't. She can't. You have to do something to stop her.

Nikolas: How?

Elizabeth: Please.

Nikolas: All right. All right, I'll try.

Man on pa: Samantha Barrows to ICU, stat.

Steve: Bad day?

Elizabeth: Steve. Oh, my God, what are you doing here?

Steve: First you tell me why you're so upset.

Elizabeth: I--I just really need my big brother.

Jason: So if I hadn't shown up when I did, Michael was gonna implicate himself to Lucky.

Sonny: All right, I'll talk to him again.

Jason: Okay, you can talk to him, but you know that he believes no matter what he does, he thinks you can get him out of it.

Sonny: Because I always believe that I can. He went to the cabin.

Jason: For what?

Sonny: I don't know. To process the guilt? I mean, look. I think that if he comes back to live with me, you know, I think I can get through to him.

Jason: Sonny, that's between you and Carly.

Sonny: Yeah, but nothing that we're doin' is workin'. I shouldn't have let him go back there in the first place, because now Jax has decided he's a bad seed, and I'm sure he looks at him the way Deke used to look at me. Michael doesn't have a prayer, Jason.

Jason: Hold on. Hold on. Jax would never hurt Michael.

Sonny: Well, you sure?

Jason: Yeah. I think--I think the threat to Michael is coming from another place.

Sonny: What do you mean?

Jason: Okay, it's gonna sound a little strange what I'm about to tell you, but I think I know who sent me that picture of Claudia's dead body, the same person who witnessed the shootout on Front Street.

Sonny: The homeless guy?

Jason: He isn't homeless. It's Franco.

Sonny: Doesn't make any sense. Why would an artist, you know, pretend to be a homeless guy? And why would he send you those--

Jason: Franco was playing some kind of game with me, and I'm worried that Michael could be the one who's gonna take the fall.

Dominic: Thanks. Sometimes I hate my job. I feel like my whole life is a lie, but I can justify it because I'm getting dangerous people off the streets, you know, making things better. This will be the biggest case I've ever closed.

Lulu: And you'll get an award and a promotion, and all the girls in Bensonhurst will wanna jump your bones.

Dominic: You know, this doesn't have to change whatever it is that's goin' on between us, and don't say there's nothing going on between us.

Lulu: When you do this, Sonny's gonna be put in prison, and Carly's just going to have to deal with the fact that Jax played a role in it. Their marriage will probably implode, and Michael and Morgan and Kristina will just have to grow up without a father.

Dominic: Look, port Charles will be a safe place. A major syndicate'll be completely shut down, and Sonny's kids can grow up leading a normal life.

Lulu: Yeah, you wanna tell 'em that? 'Cause I don't. Look, I get Sonny's a criminal. I just don't think that's all he is, and a lot of people are gonna be hurt by this, including you. By doing your job, you're gonna be tearing a lot of people's lives apart.

Jax: Hey. I came as soon as I could. What happened?

Carly: Michael got into some sort of confrontation with Lucky at Jake's.

Jax: Michael was at Jake's?

Carly: Mm-hmm. Jason brought him home. I've never seen Jason so angry with Michael before.

Jax: Ah. Sonny was just at my office. He wants Michael to move back in with him.

Carly: That's not gonna happen.

Jax: Well, he assured me that he could persuade you.

Carly: He can't. Michael belongs here with us. We're a family, and I want that more than anything.

Jax: Yeah. I want that, too.

Carly: Well, I really need to believe that, Jax.

Jax: Hey. Believe this. I'm always on your side, even when you think I'm not.

Edward: Why isn't she waking up?

Robin: It's too early to tell, but her vitals are strong, so it's a good sign.

Patrick: I got the labs.

Man on pa: Paging Dr. Garrett. Dr. Garrett.

Monica: Rebecca has been admitted? What happened?

Patrick: She was in a car accident, Dr. Quartermaine.

Monica: Oh, my God.

Patrick: Her vitals are good, but there's swelling around her vertebrae.

Robin: We've administered meds to reduce the swelling.

Patrick: If we wait to do surgery--

Monica: Well, she could suffer severe nerve damage.

Robin: Exactly.

Patrick: Yes.

Edward: You can't allow that to happen.

Lisa: Hey, take a look at these MRI scans.

Man on PA: Code white-6-4, room 6-1-2. Code white...

Patrick: I think Robin's right. I think we should wait for the surgery.

Edward: Where's the driver? Was it a hit and run? What?

Nikolas: No. It was me.

Monica: What?

Nikolas: I was on my way over to Lucky's. Rebecca was crossing the road. I didn't see her.

Edward: You did this?

Nikolas: Yes. It was me.

Edward: Oh, God. You are a curse. First Emily and now Rebecca. Where the hell are the police? Don't they know that a young girl's been run down by a maniac?

Lucky: Hey, take it easy, Edward. I'm here. Mac just put me in charge of the investigation.

Elizabeth: Hot chocolate and my big brother, just like when I was little.

Steve: I had missed you.

Elizabeth: What are you doing here?

Steve: I'm the new chief of staff.

Elizabeth: No, really.

Steve: No, it's true. It was Monica's idea. She discussed it with Gram. Turns out Monica wants to be a full-time cardiologist again. I love the idea of taking over Granddad's old job.

Elizabeth: I'm gonna yell at Gram. She's with my boys all the time. I can't believe she didn't tell me.

Steve: I can't wait to see your kids.

Elizabeth: I know. We have a lot of catching up to do.

Steve: Yeah. We have plenty of time.

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Steve: But I don't like seeing my little sister upset. Can I help?

Elizabeth: I really wish you could, but I made a big mess of things all by myself. I don't know how I'm gonna get out of this one.

Steve: Well, don't you worry. We'll figure something out.

Edward: I don't like this brother against brother. I'm calling the mayor.

Monica: Edward. Edward. Edward, calm down.

Lucky: Is Rebecca still unconscious?

Patrick: Yes.

Lucky: Can I see her?

Patrick: Go ahead.

Robin: This way.

Man on pa: Dr. Ralston, please report to the helipad. Dr. Ralston...

Monica: I mean it, Edward. You've got to take it easy.

Edward: Monica, haven't you learned by now the worst actually does happen?

Lucky: Rebecca. Everything's gonna be all right.

Jason: So at the art exhibit, Franco waved to me in a strange way, just like the homeless guy did. So we find out that he's been in the United States for a couple months, and Franco is usually a recluse, but he shows up at this art exhibit, and we think it's because of me.

Sonny: Why?

Jason: I don't know why, but he gave me a painting, and Spinelli found some clues in the painting that led us directly to Franco's studio, which he rented in my name.

Sonny: You don't think this is just Spinelli making stuff up?

Jason: No, I just came from his studio, and this guy is into some really weird stuff, Sonny. I mean, crime scenes, and, I mean, you saw his art.

Sonny: How would he know about the cabin?

Jason: I think he might have been following me.

Sonny: But you don't know for a fact that he's, you know--he could have gotten that picture and sent it to you, right?

Jason: No, I don't know. I don't know for a fact, but if he's the one who took that picture of Claudia's dead body, there's no telling how much he saw.

Sonny: So what are we dealing with here, an artist who's into death?

Jason: I don't know what we're dealin' with. I don't know what's goin' on. It's weird, and I don't like it.

Carly: I missed this part of Michael's life. I couldn't take care of him.

Jax: Hey, don't blame yourself for having postpartum depression.

Carly: Oh, I don't. But I didn't hold him till he was 3 months old. And I couldn't be with Morgan when he was that young, so...

Jax: Yeah.

Carly: I guess that's why this time is so precious to me with Josslyn. I want us to be a family, Jax. I've always wanted that. You know, right now Michael's going through a lot of stuff, and he needs us. He does. And as much as Sonny loves him, I mean, Sonny can't help him. I know he can't.

Jax: Well, we definitely agree on that.

Carly: Sonny's always gonna be a part of my life. I mean, he is, just like Jerry's always gonna be a part of your life, and we can either fight about that and let it rip our marriage apart, or we can forgive each other.

Jax: You know, I will always regret not telling you about Claudia when I had the chance.

Carly: Families get past things like that, and they stay together, and that's what I want us to do.

Jax: Look, I want you to know whatever happens next, everything I've done was to protect you and the family. That's all that mattered to me.

Carly: I know that.

Jax: I should get back to that meeting.

Carly: Are you gonna be late?

Jax: No. No, this shouldn't take long at all.

Sonny: Do you have any reason to believe that this Franco whackjob knows that Michael killed Claudia?

Jason: I don't know. I think it would be a pretty big coincidence if it wasn't Franco who sent me that picture.

Sonny: What do you think he wants?

Jason: I mean, this guy has gone to a lot of trouble to meet me.

Sonny: Okay, here's what I want you to--you find him. If he's any threat to Michael, get rid of him as soon as possible.

Dominic: Should be careful with that. You wouldn't wanna accidentally delete Sonny's confession.

Jax: Oh, that's okay. I've been playing video games since dots were eating dots. Helps me think.

Dominic: Okay. Are you gonna finish your game, or are you gonna hand me the PDA?

Sonny: They won't. I figured the cops would think I killed Claudia for all the reasons she deserved. That's why there is no evidence to find. I disposed of the body where it cannot be found. The cops can look all they want. They will not prove anything.

Jax: You know, it would be justice to turn Sonny's bragging against him, but I can't.

Dominic: You didn't just delete that, did you?

Jax: I did.

Dominic: And there aren't any other copies of it?

Jax: No more copies.

Dominic: What the hell is wrong with you?

Jax: As much as I hate Sonny, I love my wife more. You see, she's already forgiven me for keeping the secret about Claudia, but she would never forgive me for this.

Dominic: Ah. So you're bailing.

Jax: Yeah. As much as I want Sonny gone, I'm gonna leave that to you, Detective Falconeri.

Carly: Do I need to remind you of what happened the night Claudia died? She was trying to steal your little sister. Hey. You were protecting Josslyn, and you protected me. We were wrong. We made a mistake. Me, Sonny, and Jason, we should have never tried to cover this up. Now Lucky is suspicious. We have to get everything under control before he finds out what really happened. I'm gonna call Diane. I'm gonna call Diane, and we have to tell her everything, including where Claudia is buried. Jax is right. It's justifiable homicide. It's not manslaughter. I don't want this experience following you around for the rest of your life. Do you understand that?

Michael: I understand that you're trying to protect me, and I really am sorry for how I spoke to you and mouthing off to Lucky at Jake's, you know, it was disrespectful to you and stupid.

Carly: Apology accepted, but I'm gonna get the ball rolling with Diane.

Michael: Remember that time that I locked you and Dad in the basement to try to, you know, force you guys to stay together?

Carly: Yes. It was sweet and cute.

Michael: Yeah, I'm starting to get why it would have never worked out. You know, you're really tough, and you're smart, and Dad loves you. I mean, we all love you. But I mean, you just don't get how Dad's world works.

Carly: And you do?

Michael: I'm not confessing to anything, and there's no way that anybody is gonna dig up Claudia's body. That's just not how you deal with something like this.

Carly: You're way too young to be thinking this way.

Michael: Look, Dad already told me how to handle this--keep my mouth shut, pretend like nothing ever happened, don't say anything to anybody, and just, you know, try to move on. I'm not perfect at all that, but, you know, I'm learning.

Carly: You don't have to live the way Sonny and Jason live. Your father and I, we don't want that for you.

Michael: No, I know that you might not want that for me, but Dad's proud of me. He said it himself. Again, I'm sorry for upsetting you. You know, just get some rest.

Nikolas: HI.

Elizabeth: How is she?

Nikolas: She's sleeping right now. Edward and Monica are with her. Look, Lucky was here. He's investigating the case.

Elizabeth: You need to convince her not to say anything.

Nikolas: No, she won't listen to me, just the opposite. She was still awake a few minutes before the ambulance arrived, and she was furious. The last thing she said was that she was gonna tell Lucky.

Edward: Dr. Drake. Dr. Drake, she's waking up.

Monica: Rebecca. Rebecca, you're at General Hospital. You're going to be just fine.

Edward: We're right here with you, dear.

Rebecca: Lucky. Please, I have to tell him. Please, I need to tell Lucky. Oh, God.

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