GH Transcript Friday 12/4/09

General Hospital Transcript Friday 12/4/09


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Jason: Now, if this painting is a message from Franco, what the hell's it supposed to mean?

Spinelli: It is an enigmatic work, and what I find confusing is that why would Franco give to you such a vague and indecipherable piece when his catalogue includes numerous displays of murder and brutality in the most overt and graphic fashion?

Jason: This has gotta be some kind of riddle I'm supposed to figure out.

Spinelli: But why go through such an elaborate game when he could just pay you a visit?

["Mad World" plays]

Jax: Listen to me. Dante's on the verge of putting Sonny away for good, and when Sonny's in prison, Dante never has to know that Sonny's his father. It's the best solution.

Olivia: It's so easy for you to say, Jax, 'cause you have everything to gain from this scenario. My kid's life is on the line.

Jax: My entire family's life is on the line, okay, every moment that Sonny is allowed to continue to do what he does.

Olivia: Okay, so we're all at risk. All right? I just have to start praying that Sonny wouldn't actually kill his own kid, even if he knows that he's an undercover cop.

Jax: If you go through with this, you're enabling Sonny to get away with murder again.

Sonny: You seem pretty occupied with everything I did the night Claudia died. Is there something specific you're looking for?

Dominic: Well, look, you asked me to figure out who took that photo of Claudia's dead body, right? I mean, I need every possible lead I can get. The person who took that photo is still out there. Who's to say that's the only photo they took? 

Spinelli: Well, that could certainly be a road, and that is most obviously a tree.

Jason: What kind of tree is that?

Spinelli: Well, the short trunk and elongated, drooping branches, I would guess it's a Salix Babylonica, better known as a weeping willow.

Jason: Okay, I don't even know how you know that, but I'll take it. What next?

Spinelli: All right, going back to that aforementioned structure, it appears to be Roman. Maybe it's supposed to symbolize a specific roman structure.

Jason: Okay, I don't even think we need to get that deep. Let's just go with what you thought in the first place--it's a number 2, okay? Now do you think anything else on here like this can symbolize the cabin that Claudia was killed in?

Spinelli: All right, forgive me for doubting your instincts, but I'm still hesitant to conclude that Franco was the one responsible for mailing the photo of the deceased.

Jason: He's into crime scenes, Spinelli. Claudia's death was definitely a crime scene.

Spinelli: That is true, but however I'm not sure--

Jason: Can you at least agree with me that there was a possibility that Franco sent me that picture? He could think I killed Claudia, or even worse, he could have seen Michael do it, so that's why I have to find out exactly what Franco knows.

Dominic: Look, the sooner I can track down whoever it is that took that photo of Claudia, the better it is for you. I mean, the truth is right now you're pretty exposed. You accused Claudia of Michael's shooting in a room full of people. If her body shows up now, you're the prime suspect. Whoever took that photo is a step ahead of the game. I got a lot of catching up to do right now. Look, I know whatever happened that night with Claudia is secret for obvious reasons, but I need you to try and go back in your head and remember anything, anything at all that would help me get on the path of who this photographer is.

Sonny: You're protecting me. I get it. I didn't mean to jump on you like that. It's just I-- Claudia is a very sore subject. I don't like talking about what happened to her or the marriage, for that matter. I should have listened to Olivia from the beginning.

Dominic: Ms. Falconeri?

Sonny: She told me not to let my greed or my anger get the best of me. I did not listen to her, and now it's costing me.

Jax: You think about what it's gonna do to your kid when he finds out that Sonny is his father. I mean, you think the truth is gonna change anything for the better? You think Dante's gonna stop being a cop?

Olivia: Never.

Jax: Right. We both know that Sonny's never gonna change. I mean, he tried that for a couple months, and then he got bored and hooked up with the Russian mafia.

Olivia: So what is your point?

Jax: My point is that Dante can't arrest his own father, okay? And because of that, he will spend the rest of his life knowing that he compromised his career and everything he believes in. And if you think that Sonny's not gonna find some way to use Dante's job against him, you've got some serious blinders on when it comes to that man. I don't. I've seen the damage that he's caused, and I know the damage that he will continue to cause if he's not stopped. Let Dante stop him.

Rebecca: Hello. The idea was for you to take off your clothes, too.

Nikolas: That's not a good idea.

[Horse neighs]

Rebecca: Okay, fine. Then, uh... Let's head inside, huh? We'll go find one of those fireplaces. I'm sure there's still a few...

Nikolas: That's it. Don't.

Rebecca: We haven't tried out yet.

Nikolas: Don't do this, all right? Stop. I told you that I just can't be with you, and I thought you understood that.

[Rebecca scoffs]

Rebecca: Yeah, I know what you said, Nikolas, but I felt you with me. It was real.

Nikolas: No, Rebecca, it wasn't real. You were a substitute for someone that I can't have.

Rebecca: Right, for Emily. I get it. But that doesn't mean that things can't change. Come on.

Nikolas: No. No.

Rebecca: Why won't you just give us another chance?

Nikolas: Because my heart is with someone else, and I don't want to hurt you, okay? Look, you're a great person, but I can't keep pretending that you're someone you're not. I'm just--I'm never gonna get over the woman that I can't have.

Elizabeth: You brought me out here, the place where we're supposed to start our new life together to tell me you don't wanna marry me?

Lucky: No. No. No, that is not what I'm saying. I've given this a lot of thought, okay? Believe me. I'm just trying to be honest about where things are at.

Elizabeth: But you said you wanted a life with me.

Lucky: I do.

[Owl hoots]

Lucky: I do. That's the truth. It's never changed. And I know that you care about me, but I also know that marriage obviously isn't what you want right now.

Elizabeth: That's not true. That's not true, Lucky. I love you.

Lucky: Then why aren't you happy? Huh? And don't try to convince me that you are, okay? I know you. Is it something I've done?

Elizabeth: No. God, no. It's not you.

Lucky: It's still there, isn't it, all that stuff? You're consumed with guilt about the past even though I've forgiven you the best way that I know how.

Elizabeth: Because it's not in the past. It's with me every second of every day. I've done terrible things.

Lucky: What are you talking about? Elizabeth, please, please, for God's sake, just tell me.

Rebecca: How can you stand here and deny that the feelings that we both felt were real?

Nikolas: Because they weren't real for me. It was always about someone else.

Rebecca: Nikolas, she's gone! Nikolas, she's not coming back, and I'm here, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make this work.

Nikolas: I...

Rebecca: Wow. It's like you're not even willing to try anymore.

Nikolas: Look, I can't be with you, because I don't care enough. I know that's a terrible thing to say, and I'm sorry, but it's the truth. And if it helps you open your eyes and accept it so you can have some closure, I'm glad I said it. I'm just not gonna use you. You're better off without me.

Rebecca: Don't I get a say in that?

Nikolas: It's not gonna change how I feel. This, if we continue this, neither one of us are gonna get what we want. I know that now.

Rebecca: Well, it sure would have been nice if you had known that a few months ago, Nikolas.

Nikolas: Look, I don't know what else to say to you about it. I'm sorry.

Rebecca: Yeah, well, you should be.

Elizabeth: I have made so many mistakes and then carried them with me every single day.

Lucky: I wish there was something that I could do. I mean, I would do anything, but it's not up to me.

Elizabeth: I've tried really, really hard. I've tried so hard to just move on and to focus on us and our future, because it's what I really want. It is, and now I'm making you doubt my love for you, which is--

Lucky: I know how you feel about me, Elizabeth. I know that. But I also know that something's in the way and that you don't wanna marry me. I love you. Look at me. I love you enough to let you go.

Elizabeth: No. I know, but I wanna be--I wanna be your wife. Lucky, please, please, don't let anything that I've said or done ruin what we're building together. Please, Lucky, please just tell me that you're gonna marry me.

Sonny: You know how much pain I could have saved myself and my family if I refused to marry Claudia? But for some reason, in my head, I thought we were a good fit, because we were similar in a lot of ways, our history. I ignored everybody's warnings.

Dominic: Well, I'm in no place to judge. I mean, that happens.

Sonny: And it happened exactly the way Olivia said it would happen, and I didn't listen to her. I didn't listen to someone who basically knows me as well as anybody.

Dominic: I'm confused. I thought you were supposed to marry her cousin Kate.

Sonny: Yeah. I was supposed-- yeah. It's a long story. We grew up in the same neighborhood in Bensonhurst. I went out with Olivia first, but she-- she refused to accept what I do, what I do for a living, so she broke up with me.

Dominic: Well, maybe that's for the best, right? I mean, this life isn't for everybody.

Sonny: That's why I asked you to keep an eye on Olivia, because I'm worried about this thing she has with Johnny. I went over to her house the other night. He was there. He was in a bad way. I'm just saying. I don't want him to turn out like Anthony, do something crazy, 'cause I would never, never let anything bad happen to Olivia. You know what? Actually, maybe asking yous not the best way to handle this.

Dominic: Wait a minute. Why not?

Sonny: Because -- not that you're not capable. I just need to step up. I need to take care of her myself.

Spinelli: Perhaps these images are metaphors for something else.

Jason: Can't we just keep it simple as we can?

Spinelli: Okay, with that logic, we have the number 2, a weeping willow on a street, and then I'll add the number 3 because the clock at the bottom is 3:00.

Jason: Number 3. That's fine. And what about this scroll right here? That "gluttony, lust, greed..." Obviously the 7 deadly sins, right?

Spinelli: Yeah, the capital vices.

Jason: The what?

Spinelli: Capital vices. 7 deadly sins, it's--

Jason: Okay, well, just add 7 to the list. Thanks.

Spinelli: Stone Cold, the puzzle master.

Jason: Can we please focus, Spinelli? We need to find Franco before something bad goes down.

["Mad World" playing]

Lucky: Are you proposing to me now?

Elizabeth: I'm not saying this because it's what I think you wanna hear.

Lucky: Are you sure?

Elizabeth: I want everything we talked about. Please, Lucky, don't give up on me.

Lucky: Elizabeth, I will never give up on you. You hear me? I don't see how I could ever stop believing that we're meant to be together, but something's got you terrified, and I'm not going to marry you while whatever the hell it is is between us.

Elizabeth: Be patient with me. Please, that's all I'm asking. Just be patient with me. I love you. I want a future with you.

Lucky: We don't have a future, Elizabeth, not like this. You have to decide what you want, what you want.

Elizabeth: All I want is to be your wife.

[Knock on door]

Lulu: You made it.

Dominic: Here I am.

Lulu: What are you doing?

Dominic: Oh, I just realized I haven't been invited over here too many times. In fact, I've never, ever been invited over here, and it got me thinking, you know, maybe you called over some Sonny groupies to kick my ass.

Lulu: Who says I need backup?

Dominic: Mmm, touché.

Lulu: I think that I owe you an apology.

Dominic: You do? For what? I mean, don't get me wrong. I can't wait to hear whatever it is.

Lulu: I haven't been very nice to you about your whole Sonny situation.

Dominic: Oh, that. Well, you know, that's okay. I can't really hold it against you. The guy is your friend, after all.

Lulu: He is, and I think it's easy for me to overlook the bad that Sonny does because I know him well enough to know that his heart's in the right place, and I'm thinkin' you're starting to figure that out, too, so it's gotta be really hard to be in your shoes.

Dominic: Is that what this is all about? You invited me over here to try and get me to join your hand in the dark side?

Lulu: Whatever you choose to do with Sonny is your call. Okay? I just want you to know that whatever you decide, I feel like I know you well enough to know that your heart is in the right place, too.

Dominic: Well, thank you. That means a lot.

Lulu: Okay, so that was the apology. Now for the real reason I invited you over.

Dominic: Mm-him.

Lulu: I was thinking it was time that you could take a break from everything.

Dominic: Really?

Lulu: Mm-hmm.

Dominic: Well, what did you have in mind?

Lulu: I don't know. I thought that you could use a little distraction.

Dominic: Wow. I like this. It's getting better and better.

Lulu: Yeah. I'll give you a little hint.

Dominic: Yeah. Please do.

Lulu: Okay, what we're about to do...

Dominic: Yeah.

Lulu: Really rocks.

Morgan: You're so busted. Why weren't you in school today? Kristina called to ask if you were okay.

Michael: Don't worry about it.

Morgan: You missed the finals. Mom's gonna kill you.

Michael: Let me handle it. Just chill out.

Carly: Hey. How was school?

Michael: Good.

Morgan: Fine.

Carly: Oh. Can you find Mercedes and tell her that Josslyn's down for her nap.

Morgan: Okay.

Carly: Thanks. Have something you wanna tell me?

Michael: What are you talking about?

Carly: What I'm talking about? I just had a nice little chat with the headmaster of Madison Prep. You didn't make it to class today. You also missed the beginning of your first quarter finals. You wanna tell me what's going on?

Michael: Look, it's not a big deal. I can make up the tests.

Carly: It is a big deal. It's a really big deal. Where were you?

Michael: I went out in the woods by the cabin where I killed Claudia.

Carly: Why'd you go there?

Elizabeth: Alfred told me you were up here.

Nikolas: I kind of figured that you'd be coming. Lucky told me that he broke off the engagement tonight. I'm sorry. I guess it was probably for the best, right?

Elizabeth: I'm sorry. No. It wasn't for the best, and that's exactly what I told Lucky. The only reason why he was breaking things off is because he thought it was what I needed.

Nikolas: It isn't?

Elizabeth: I need him in my life. I told him I still wanted to be his wife.

Nikolas: Why in the hell would you do that? You know how I feel about you. We both know how you feel about me. He gave you the perfect out tonight, a chance to stop all these lies, stop sneaking around his back, a chance to--a chance for us to be together. What are you doing?

Sonny: What's the emergency?

Carly: Michael's school called.

Sonny: Yeah?

Carly: He skipped class, missed the beginning of finals.

Sonny: What was his excuse?

Carly: Didn't really care. Doesn't really think it's a big deal.

Sonny: Well, it's just one test. He could probably make it up. I mean, a lot of kids skip school. You know that.

Carly: It's a big deal.

Sonny: What's a big--

Carly: This whole situation's a big deal.

Michael: Why'd you call Dad? I told you it wasn't a big deal.

Sonny: Your mother had every right to be concerned. What were you doing?

Michael: I just needed a day off. I can make up the test.

Sonny: There you--

Carly: Tell your father where you went.

Sonny: What?

Michael: I went back to the cabin where Claudia died.

Sonny: What the hell were you thinking going back to the cabin? We did everything we could to protect you so nobody would see you there. You have to be smarter than that.

Michael: I just wanted to see where it happened again. I didn't really think about it. I just went out there.

Sonny: Well, next time, you should think long and hard, because you're not gonna go back to that cabin. And I'm not happy that you skipped school either.

Michael: What, you're gonna tell me to stay in school? Come on, Dad. It's not like I need school for where I'm going.

Carly: What does that mean?

Michael: Look, I've decided what I wanted to do, and school is not gonna get me there. I'm gonna do what I was raised to do.

Sonny: If you're talking about what I think you're talking about, get it out of your mind, because you're never gonna be a part of my business at all. Your mom and I have already decided that.

Michael: Isn't that my decision? What? You don't think I can handle the business? Not even after I killed Claudia.

Carly: Jeez.

Sonny: All right, listen to me. What happened in that cabin was you protecting your mother and your baby sister, nothing more, and that's it. Claudia did enough damage to you when she was alive. I am not gonna let her death destroy you.

Michael: I'm not destroyed, Dad. I'm fine. Are you destroyed?

Sonny: More than you'll ever know. And you will never, ever be like me. Michael! Don't leave, Mike. Mike. Michael.

Carly: Let him go. Let him go. He just needs to cool off. Okay. I can't believe what's happening. What the hell are we gonna do?

Sonny: Okay, look, I'm just gonna--for now, I'm gonna have Max and Milo watch him for a couple days.

Carly: That's it? That kid needs to talk to someone. He needs professional help. Did you hear what he just said? It's guilt. It's gotta be his guilt. He needs to talk to someone, Sonny.

Sonny: Maybe he just needs a little time, okay? And maybe he needs me to be a better example for him.

Carly: How do you plan on doing that?

Sonny: I don't know yet. I just gotta try to get my life back on track, do things differently, and maybe Michael will wanna do the same.

[Rock 'n' roll music playing]

Dominic: Yeah!

Lulu: Ha ha! All right!

Dominic: Yeah, you play good, man. Nice. Real nice.

Lulu: Whoa. Whoa. Pick it up.

Dominic: I'm sorry, dude. I was watching your moves. You're doing good.

Lulu: All right. Just do it. Good.

Dominic: All right.

Lulu: Go.

Dominic: Okay. Okay. Okay.

Lulu: Get--ah, no.

Dominic: I don't know what I'm gonna do here.

Lulu: Go! Go!

[Music stops]

[Music resumes] Yeah, I know.

Dominic: Wow. Lady freaking Hendrix. You killed that song.

Lulu: Yeah. I've actually never played that song before in my life.

Dominic: Yeah, sure. Seriously, that is a big surprise. I didn't picture you for listening to that kind of music. I thought you were a, you know, Backstreet Boys, Justin Timberlake kind of chick.

Lulu: Really?

Dominic: Yeah.

Lulu: How 'bout you never say that again?

Dominic: All right. You know, I don't think drums are really my bag, but I wouldn't mind trying the guitar. You know, I did do a little bit when I was in high school.

Lulu: Really?

Dominic: Yeah.

Lulu: Okay.

Dominic: All right, now where does this--

Lulu: So put the strap around.

Dominic: Is this like the girly guitar or something?

Lulu: No, this is the one that came with the game.

Dominic: Well, how do I even strum this thing?

Lulu: Okay, just relax. Let me move around. Okay, don't get any ideas. I'm just--okay.

Dominic: Are you kidding me? This is the best instruction I've ever had at anything.

Lulu: Easy, Romeo. We need to hit the start button, so hit the middle, strum the middle right there.

Dominic: This--that one?

Lulu: Yes, that one. Here you go. Okay.

[Game beeping]

Dominic: Okay, what song should we do?

Lulu: No, no, no. Wait. I need to take you off of virtuoso and put you back onto band camp.

Dominic: Band camp. Wow. Holy smokes. I guess you gotta learn somewhere, though, right?

Lulu: Yeah.

Spinelli: All right, so, so far, our list includes the numbers 2, 3, and 7. Wait. Maybe the clock indicates that we should read the numbers in a clockwise fashion.

Jason: Okay, that works.

Spinelli: Okay, so then we have 2, 7, 3, a weeping willow, and a street.

Jason: It's gotta be an address.

Spinelli: Yes.

Jason: Wait. There's a willow street downtown, right?

Spinelli: Indeed there is. This is troubling.

Jason: What is it?

Spinelli: Well, 273 Willow Street used to be a factory, but it's since been converted into lofts, and approximately 2 months ago, one was rented to a Jason Morgan. 

Lucky: How's it goin'? You cold or something?

Rebecca: Uh, cold? Cold? No. Mortified, yes. Heh. Just pulled probably one of the stupidest moves of all time. I went out to see Nikolas wearing only this coat. [Laughs]

Lucky: Wow.

Rebecca: Yeah. Didn't exactly go the way I was hoping, and then of course I get an emergency page to come in here looking like the Port Charles flasher or something.

Lucky: Hmm.

Rebecca: Anyway, I think it's pretty safe to say that Nikolas and I are officially over.

Lucky: I am sorry about the whole thing. My brother can be a little tough to figure out sometimes.

Rebecca: Yeah, I can think of a few other choice words to use right now.

Lucky: I'm sure you could.

Rebecca: It's just so frustrating, Lucky. I mean, I honestly don't think he's ever gonna get over Emily.

Lucky: He has a tendency to sabotage anything that's good for him. It's like he has to live up to some Cassadine legacy of being alone and unhappy. I thought you might be the one to break him out of it, but sorry it didn't work out.

Rebecca: Yeah. Me, too.

Elizabeth: I made my decision. I wanna be with Lucky.

Nikolas: Really? Because it certainly doesn't feel that way when we're in bed together.

Elizabeth: And that's never gonna happen again, because I am going to marry your brother.

Nikolas: So you seriously can just ignore everything that's going on between us?

Elizabeth: It's not just about me, okay? This is about my family.

Nikolas: Oh, come on.

Elizabeth: Come on. What did you expect? Did you honestly think that Lucky would just break off the engagement and then you and I could just come out together as a couple? Is that why you pushed him into breaking things off with me?

Nikolas: I didn't push him into anything. I didn't sway him one way or the other. But I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't relieved so we can stop all these damn lies.

Elizabeth: Yeah, and we can, because I am gonna start a life with Lucky. That's what's best for everyone, and you know it, too.

Nikolas: Why'd you come out here, then?

Elizabeth: Because I thought I owed it to you...

Nikolas: Well, you could have just--

Elizabeth: To tell you this in person.

Nikolas: You could have just picked up the phone and called, but instead you came all the way out here. Why? Kiss me.

Elizabeth: I'm not playing games.

Nikolas: I'm not playing games either. Come on. Kiss me. And if that's not what you want, you can walk out that door, and I'll leave you alone for the rest of your life. Come on.

Olivia: The restaurant manager needs to speak with you about these. And if that's everything, I think I'll get going.

Jax: Okay. I'll say it, okay? I'm sorry. But I still think that we're on the same side here.

Olivia: Are we?

Jax: Yes. I mean, I hope that when all this is over, you will still consider me a friend.

Olivia: Well, I guess that'll depend on whether or not my son is still alive.

[Cellphone rings]

Olivia: Yeah. Hello.

Sonny: Hey. It's me. I'm gonna need you to come over.

Olivia: Sonny, whatever this is, right now I'm probably not in the mood, okay?

Sonny: It's really important, and I'm trying to do something good, and...

Olivia: All right. I'll be right there. I have something I need to speak with you about, too.

[Rock 'n' roll drums playing]

Lulu: Come on.

[Guitar joins in]

[Bad note plays]

Lulu: Oh. It's okay. It's okay. You're doing good. Just try and hit the chords a little faster.

Dominic: That's all well and good. I don't think you took this off virtuoso mode, though.

Lulu: Oh, my God. Come on.

Dominic: I'm trying, man.

Lulu: What are you doing?

Dominic: I don't know.

[Music stops]

Lulu: Whoa. Okay.

Dominic: Look, this thing's obviously rigged or something...

Lulu: Mm-hmm.

Dominic: Or I've seriously lost my touch.

Lulu: It's okay. You know those 3 chords are really tough.

Dominic: Oh, yeah. Thanks a lot. Thanks a lot. Well, you know we can't all be virtuosos, Lady Hendrix.

Lulu: True.

Dominic: Thank you. That was a lot of fun.

Lulu: Well, I thought that you could use the distraction.

Dominic: Yeah. You know, I have to admit it's definitely not what I thought you were talking about, but it worked.

Lulu: Hmm. Gee. Let me guess how you thought I was gonna distract you.

Dominic: Come on. A guy's allowed to dream, right?

Lulu: Why not dream about this?

[Cell phone rings]


Dominic: Oh, damn.


Dominic: Of course. What do you need?

Jax: I need you to come over to my office right now.

Dominic: Look, is there any chance that all this can wait?

Jax: We have a situation with Sonny, and if you don't want your cover blown, I suggest you get here as soon as possible.

Jax: Well, that wasn't exactly fast, was it?

Dominic: You know what? I'm kinda over this. I don't work for you, which means I don't report to you. And, you know, it's not very smart that we keep meeting like this if I wanna keep my cover intact anyway.

Jax: Well, your cover will be the least of your problems unless you can control your mother.

Dominic: What are you talking about?

Jax: She's on her way to Sonny's right now. I overheard part of her phone conversation in the hallway. She said to Sonny that she needed to tell him something.

Dominic: Well, you know what? That could have been about anything, Jax. My mother's not stupid.

Jax: Well, you see, it's just that I spend the better part of today arguing with your mother. She thinks it's time to tell him the truth about you, so I suggest you get over there right now and stop her.

Sonny: Glad you made it. Come on in.

Olivia: Hey. I'm glad I made it, too. I've been--

Sonny: Here.

Olivia: Been kind of hiding from this.

Sonny: Yeah? Hiding from what?

Olivia: Well, there's been something that I've been putting off talking to you about, and it's something that I really should have brought up a long time ago.

Sonny: You're finally gonna admit that I'm a better cook?

Olivia: Sonny, I'm trying to be serious here.

Sonny: And I'm trying not to be. Whatever you have to say, it can wait.

Olivia: No, it really can't. Sonny, it's waited too long.

Sonny: And I've waited too long, and so has this night. Look, I just want to say that I missed you, okay? And that I want tonight to be about us.

Olivia: What are you talking about?

Sonny: I'm talking about this. Now I know that you passed on my first, you know, offer to cook you dinner, but I just couldn't resist, so I cooked you dinner. It's not chili.

Olivia: Sonny, I--

Sonny: It's been what, over 20 years since we've had an official date. I just thought that we could do some catching up.

[Doorbell rings]

Lucky: Hey.

Carly: Hey, Lucky. What can I do for you?

Lucky: You mind if I come in?

Carly: Sure. Yeah, sure. Sorry. I just put Josslyn down for a nap, so I'm running around, doing everything I can't do when I'm holding her.

Lucky: Been there. How's she doing?

Carly: Great. Great. She's our little miracle. You can go up and take a peek at--later.

Lucky: No, no. That's okay. This isn't really a family visit.

Carly: Huh.

Lucky: I was just over at the hospital, and I got a copy of your records from the night Josslyn was born.

Carly: Really? Why would you do that?

Lucky: Well, I'm still investigating Claudia's disappearance, and I have to admit after reading the doctor's notes, your story about how Josslyn was born, I'm not buyin' it.

Carly: I'm really tired. Can we do this another time?

Lucky: I'm sorry, Carly, but we can't. Gotta do it now. I need to ask you a few questions.

Carly: About what?

Lucky: Well, for one thing, I don't believe that you left Claudia unconscious in that car and then never saw her again. I think she was with you in the cabin when your little girl was born. Now, I was looking through your records to see if there was anything that might substantiate my theory that maybe she helped you with the birth or maybe the two of you were struggling.

Carly: She wasn't there, Lucky.

Lucky: Come on, Carly. You're smarter than this. It'd be more believable if you tried to convince me that she was there to help you with the baby and then she disappeared. You wanna change your story?

Michael: Leave my mom alone. She doesn't know anything about Claudia's death.

Lucky: That's interesting. I said disappearance. Now you're saying death. Why don't you tell me what you know about what happened to Claudia, Michael.


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