GH Transcript Friday 11/20/09

General Hospital Transcript Friday 11/20/09


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Lucky: Elizabeth, open up!

Nikolas: Were you expecting him?

Elizabeth: Do you think I'd be on the floor with you if I was?

Lucky: It's me.

Elizabeth: Um, just a second. Go out the back. Go. What are you waiting for?

Johnny: Ah, that damn picture. It's been here all the time. I can't believe I didn't see it.

Olivia: Johnny, I--

Johnny: And he's still got that come in handy when he's deceiving people on his real job, not his pretend job, like you made me believe, fighting fires. No, no, no, fighting crime. Detective Dante Falconeri. He must be a detective, right, because no beat cop brings down a major crime family.

Olivia: Just please, please, give me a second to try...

Johnny: To try to what?! Why don't you just give me a second, all right? 'Cause I'm kind of choking over here.

Dominic: So let me get this straight. We're heading into a meeting with Joey Limbo, waving olive branches and peace signs instead of firepower.

Sonny: Do me a favor, Dominic. Don't question me.

Dominic: I'm not questioning you. I just want to establish what my role is here.

Sonny: I'll tell you what your role is. You're a symbol of how the Corinthos and Zacchara organization can peaceably merge. Now, I understand why you're doubtful. Joey Limbo is unpredictable. We don't know what he's gonna do. That's why we all have to be prepared, so this thing doesn't go south. See the vehicle first. You wait until Corinthos and Morgan clear the car before you open fire. Neither one of them gets out of here alive. Hey.

Man: Evening.

Joey: You mind? We're busy here.

Man: Spare some change?

[Joey laughs]

Man: Get it.

Man: Thanks.

Joey: Get the hell out of here.

Thug: You want me to get rid of him?

Joey: Nah. He's harmless.

Male singer: Mad world

Lucky: Sorry. I thought you were in the laundry room and you couldn't hear me knocking. I used my key.

Elizabeth: That's why I gave them to you, so you can come and go as you please.

Lucky: I know. But the first time I use it, I drag you away from the one thing you've probably been longing for all day.

Elizabeth: What do you think that is?

Lucky: What, you weren't about to have a shower or a bubble bath or something?

Elizabeth: That's exactly what I need to do right now. So what were you doing here?

Lucky: Um, nothing. I just went online and pulled up the specs on that little piece of land we found. It's called wood lot 17, by the way. Let me see. How did they word it here? It's 3 unspoiled acres and a babbling brook. Sounds pretty nice, right?

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Lucky: I don't know what a babbling brook is, but... I think it's the perfect place to have our new house. So, here's the deal. I figure that we can manage an offer on the land if we sell this place, but that's all we're gonna have is land.

Elizabeth: Not enough for a house?

Lucky: Not even close. And it's not just the structure. I mean, we need an access road, electricity. We have to drill a well and put in a septic. We're talking a lot of cash. Lots.

Elizabeth: Well, it was--it was really a nice dream.

Lucky: What are you talking about? We're not gonna give up that easy. We can still swing it. We've got friends in high places. We might have to swallow our pride a little, but... listen, I was thinking-- I know it's a little awkward, but, uh...I'm not above asking Nikolas for a loan.

Elizabeth: No. No, absolutely not.

Sam: Still no follow-up from whoever left the picture?

Spinelli: Nothing.

Sam: Nothing. All right, how are you coming along?

Spinelli: Well, I've hit a dead end. I mean, while the camera used to take the photo is rare and pricey, yes, there are a lot of rich people in the world, so there are thousands, literally thousands of this model circulating worldwide.

Sam: It doesn't make any sense. What could be behind this if not ransom? What are we missing?

Spinelli: With all due respect to the anxious-making effect of the photo, McCall & Jackal have been retained to provide security for the Franco exhibit. And Maximista's depending on me and I have no intention of letting her down.

Kate: Are we all set?

Maxie: Um, the flowers are late, but they're on their way.

Kate: That doesn't make me happy, Maxie.

Maxie: I told them you wouldn't be happy, and if they weren't here in an hour, they would lose our business.

Kate: And where is the gallery director?

Maxie: Running some last-minute errands. But--ooh--here is the program.

Kate: Catalog. Have you seen the installation?

Maxie: I thought we could walk through it together.

Kate: 5 years ago, this Franco was an anonymous wall tagger in New York City, and now he's a world-famous photographer and artist. Pretty amazing, isn't it, how a script can flip?

Maxie: Yeah, I heard he was some sort of recluse in Paris or something for the last couple years. Very "Phantom of the Opera." You think he's facially challenged or something?

Kate: I don't know. No one's ever seen him. What I do know is that it's a coup for "Crimson." At least it will be when you get him to agree to do the shoot.

Maxie: What makes you think that? You're such a big name.

Kate: Look, he hasn't been to the states in 5 years. Getting him here this far was exhausting. And as far as that big name goes, he was monumentally unimpressed. I couldn't even get him on the phone, only his agent. However, a perky, fashionable blonde might be able to convince the elusive artiste to sit up and pay personal attention.

Maxie: Hmm. I don't know if I'm supposed to be flattered or insulted.

Kate: Maxie, you should consider it a vote of my confidence in your abilities of persuasion. You know that you can talk your way out of or into anything. So call on those talents and convince Franco that he cannot wait to do the shoot. Now, we have discussed how this is good for "Crimson" and how good it is for your career.

Johnny: Man, I must be the biggest chump in town. A cop right under my nose the whole time. You know, if Claudia were alive, she'd be laughing her ass off at me right now. Then again, she'd know I'd been played by a perfect master.

Olivia: That's not true.

Johnny: Really? Okay, then maybe I missed something. Have you or have you not been lying about your son from the moment we met?

Olivia: What else was I supposed to do?

Johnny: How about tell me the whole truth?

Olivia: That wasn't an option. Can I take you back a little bit? Maybe if you see the whole thing context, maybe you could understand.

Johnny: Well... I'm on the edge of my seat. No, no, I can hear you fine from right over there.

Olivia: Okay. Well... when you and I started seeing each other, as far as I knew Dante was in Brooklyn doing his whole cop thing. So imagine my surprise when he shows up at my doorstep, already on the case, firmly ensconced, with no intention of going home.

Johnny: Well, why would he go home? He'd already climbed his way through the Zacchara ranks into a cushy job with Sonny. And wait a minute. You knew his agenda?

Olivia: I did.

Johnny: Then how could you not tell me?! Huh?! Once he found his way into the Corinthos ranks, he was a direct threat to every day!

Olivia: I couldn't tell you. If I'd told you, it would have put my kid's life at risk. And I didn't want to lose you. I just kept thinking that maybe that somehow that I could figure out a way to keep everybody safe. I know that sounds crazy. Arrogant. But I just... that's what I thought, and I kept begging him the whole time, please to go back to Bensonhurst. But he wouldn't do it. I even threatened to blow his cover, a couple of times, but he wouldn't do it. My son was determined to be the cop that finally brings Sonny down.

Dominic: Sonny! Get down!

Lucky: I completely understand if you don't want to be in debt to Nikolas. I was just throwing that option out.

Elizabeth: No, I know, and I'm sorry. I just feel that if we're gonna do this, then we should do it, you know?

Lucky: No, I hear you. Believe me, it wasn't even easy for me to suggest it, but...aren't you always saying that pride gets in the way?

Elizabeth: Yeah, I've said that a time or two.

Lucky: Yeah, well, it has for me, once. And there were times in the past where Nikolas could have--I mean, he would have helped us get through some rough patches, but I just wasn't open to it.

Elizabeth: Well, you always said that you would end up resenting him, so I think it's best if we just keep him out of our new life and manage things ourselves.

Lucky: Okay. If that's all it is.

Elizabeth: What do you mean?

Lucky: Well, itís just that it almost seems like you have a problem with Nikolas himself. You might want to tell me what's going on between you guys.

Maxie: Okay. I know that I know like less than zero about art, but don't you think that this is a little creepy? I mean, what kind of guy does this?

Kate: I guess we're about to find out.

Sam: I think it's great that Maxie talked Kate into giving us the security contract for the Franco exhibit, but if you can recall the second that this picture surfaced, I wanted to pull out and dedicate all of our resources into finding whoever sent it. Besides, Spinelli, it's not like we're busting a drug ring or going after a killer or anything. We're talking about an art show.

Spinelli: Okay, Maximista sees it as more than that. As you may notice, she takes her work very seriously, as evidenced by us cutting short our non-honeymoon in Aruba so she could attend to that work. And, you know, she's building a fashion career brick by brick, and this Franco exhibit is a critical means to that end.

Sam: Okay, all right. I completely understand that, but I will go over to the art gallery. It's fine. But you need to stay here and trace this photo. You're the only one who can do it. And do know that if you find anything, our priorities are gonna shift. Because some weirdo out to get Jason makes anything that happens at an art exhibit pale in comparison.

[Spinelli sighs]

Olivia: We just kept going around and around in this endless, pointless circle, him telling me that I had to go back to Brooklyn, me telling him that he had to go. He's convinced that my life is in danger.

Johnny: From me?

Olivia: And from Sonny. He thinks either one of you could turn on me on a dime.

Johnny: And you believed him, huh? That I could hurt you?

Olivia: Of course not. I'm not so sure about what you would do to Dante. You know, I almost did what he said and just left and went home. I gotta tell you, the 50 million different ways that I had to compromise myself every single day practically killed me. But...ultimately, I just couldn't make myself go. So I just planted myself here... And I started praying for the best.

Johnny: That didn't work out too well for you, did it?

Olivia: If it matters, if it counts, I did try to warn you about Dante. I told you a couple of times to watch what you did, watch what you said around him.

Johnny: So this is it, huh? The reason you broke up with me.

Olivia: I had no choice about that.

Johnny: Finally we're getting somewhere. Why not?

Olivia: Claudia found out. She found out about Dante, and she used that information to push me against the wall. She said if I didn't break up with you, she was gonna go to Sonny and she was gonna tell him everything. And I knew if Sonny found out that my kid was a dead man.


Dominic: Keys!


[Limo starts]

Dominic: Jason, let's go!

[Sirens coming closer]

[Limo drives off]

Elizabeth: Well, haven't you noticed that Nikolas hasn't been himself lately?

Lucky: Could you be more specific?

Elizabeth: Well, ever since Emily died. He's been, I don't know, self destructive and dysfunctional, and instead of getting better, he's getting worse.

Lucky: He said the same thing to me the other day. I don't know. I'm seeing the opposite, though.

Elizabeth: Really?

Lucky: I don't know why, what prompted it. It just seems like he has no a different sense of purpose right now. I mean, he'll probably never be happy. He's a Cassadine. But I don't know. I think he's doing better, actually.

Elizabeth: Do you think it's because of Rebecca?

Lucky: I guess so. They're doing okay, right?

Elizabeth: [Sighs] Not if he's telling the truth.

Lucky: What do you mean?

Elizabeth: Lucky, it's not about Rebecca.

[Cell phone vibrates]

Lucky: Sorry, I'm on call. [Sighs] Shots fired? Okay. I gotta go. Sorry. Here, I'll leave the paperwork with you. We're in lot 17. You can look it over while you have your bubble bath or whatever. I' see you.

Elizabeth: Okay.

[Elizabeth sighs]

Lulu: If this Franco guy loves his solitude half as much as this makes it sound, I'm betting a high profile photo shoot for a major fashion mag is going to be out of his comfort zone.

Maxie: Uh, I know that, and so does Kate, but she still expects me to deliver. Why are you surprised?

Lulu: Well, even the great Kate Howard has to accept defeat sometimes.

Maxie: Come on, Lulu. You've met Kate. And it's fine. She practically said if I could pull this off, then I could write my own ticket.

Lulu: She said that?

Maxie: Practically. And you know what, I could use a little more support and less negativity from you, thanks.

Lulu: I'm being negative?

Maxie: Oh, look who's here! How nice of you to join us.

Sam: Hey, sorry I'm late.

Maxie: Well, where's Spinelli?

Sam: He's got something else to do and he'll be by in a little bit.

Maxie: Oh, something for Jason, I'm sure. I've got one question-- what about me? What about my career? I mean, Spinelli's almost wife? He can't come in here and support me for one night?

Sam: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, rein it in just a couple of notches. Listen, let's review. I'm here, Spinelli will be here in a little bit. Nobody's walking off with any art right now. What's the problem?

Maxie: It's bigger than a problem. It's career life or death, okay? I have to make sure this whole night goes off without a hitch, and I need to make sure that a miracle happens. This night hasn't even started yet, and I am sensing some looming disaster.

Olivia: Remember how drunk Kate was at Spinelli and Maxie's reception?

Johnny: Yeah, I remember a lot of things about that night. It's the first night we said we loved each other, you remember that?

Olivia: Okay, okay, I get it that you're angry at me and you're frustrated and you want to start throwing people off buildings, maybe me first, but you either want to hear what I have to say or you don't. Okay, please... please just hear me out.

Johnny: Go ahead.

Olivia: Okay. Kate saw Dante there. She put two and two together. Remember, I had to drag her out in the parking lot.

Johnny: Man. Right there. I was there the whole time. No wonder you seemed so concerned about a guy you claimed to barely even know.

Olivia: Connie was drunk off her ass. She had no internal editor on duty at the moment, and she had no idea how freakin' loud she was talking, and Claudia was there, lurking in the parking lot. She heard everything. And she just couldn't wait to throw it in my face and use it against me. And guess what she wanted most? Me away from you.

Johnny: I knew it.

Olivia: So you see, I didn't have any choice.

Johnny: Well, Olivia... how about the choice of telling me the truth?

Olivia: I had to protect my son.

Johnny: Yeah. That's your story, and you're sticking to it.

Olivia: Is it really that hard to believe that I needed to keep my son safe?

Johnny: I don't know anymore, Olivia. I mean, this could be you doing what you do best-- standing there all sad and sympathetic. Giving all these stories about I'm sorries. All you're really trying to do is save your lying, two-faced son's sorry ass.

Jason: Dominic, take Eighth over to Hudson. Go all the way out of town and come back in from the other side. We need to be seen as far away from the shooting as possible.

Max: You okay, boss?

Sonny: Yeah, I'm fine.

Dominic: Fine? That was an ambush we just blundered into. That S.O.B. opened fire on a public street. Put aside the fact that you tried to broker peace and he tried to kill you. Innocent civilians could have been mowed down.

Sonny: You blaming me?

Dominic: No, not at all.

Sonny: I hated the way it went down! But our people didn't start it. Joey Limbo didn't start it. It was nobody's problem right now. This was all Anthony Zacchara! I'd be dead right now if it wasn't for you, Dominic. Jason! Anything we need to worry about outside?

Jason: Yeah. A witness. Some homeless guy was watching as we drove off.


[Men groaning]

Joey: Need help.

[Man grunts]

["Mad World" playing]

Man: Keep the change.

Olivia: I'm sorry. I know that's probably not enough to help with the, uh, hurt that I see in your eyes. But it's all I got.

Johnny: You're right. It's not enough.

Olivia: You know, I did try and warn you. I told you that I had secrets. And you said you didn't care. You said the only thing that mattered was the two of us being together.

Johnny: That's right, Olivia. That right there is the operative word, "together." Up until now, I had no idea that your son was an undercover cop. This is the same guy who, every chance he gets, pumps me for information while pretending to be my comrade, my friend.

Olivia: I know. I know. And again, I tried to get Dante off of this case, but he's determined to take Sonny down. [Exhales] There was this cop in the old neighborhood, this great guy. Lieutenant Poletti. He took special interest in Dante because, you know, he was a kid that didn't have a father. He was murdered. Dante blames Sonny. So you see, for him, this thing is personal. Again, I, um... I never, ever meant to hurt you. I never lied about how I felt about you. I do love you, John. But Dante... he's my baby. He's my blood. I mean, I carried him inside me for 9 months, and I raised him on my own. So I put him first. I always have and I always will. Anything else is not even on the table.

Johnny: Yeah, well, it's all right. I'm not even going to try anymore because I got no more illusions about my importance in your life.

Olivia: Okay.

Olivia: Then I guess I got nothing else to say. It's your play. You're sitting on the power over my kid's life. You say one word to Sonny and he's a dead man. So I guess I gotta ask you what you plan to do.

Dominic: Now what?

Sonny: We reassess, take action.

Dominic: Against Anthony Zacchara?

Sonny: Well, that's who's behind all this.

Dominic: He's also behind bars.

Sonny: You do not think Anthony can be gotten to? You still got a lot to learn. Good news. Anthony's position has been weakened. His big plan went south, and Joey Limbo sends a nice message. You mess with me or anybody in my organization, you will he to deal with the lethal consequences.

Dominic: Yeah, but we almost dealt with the consequences. You almost got shot. I mean, I was a half an inch away from having a slug in my kidney.

Sonny: Okay. It gets close sometimes. If it got too close for you, then take it as a lesson learned. Walk out that door. I'm not going to stop you.

[Police radio chatter]

Lucky: See where those bodies fell? Casings? Fresh bullet holes over here. Looks like two groups. One heading into this building. Joey and his guys are waiting. They open fire.

Mac: Maybe it was the other way around. Look, we got tire tracks over here. Maybe they pulled up, got out, took Joey Limbo and company out and fled the scene.

Lucky: Could be, but it doesn't feel right. Joey Limbo wouldn't have just stood around in plain sight waiting to get whacked. I'm thinking he set an ambush and it turned on him. Bit him.

Mac: Wonder who Joey was trying to take out.

Lucky: Something's off here.

Jason: Where do you think you're going?

Spinelli: Considering recent events, I guess it's no surprise that it slipped Stone Cold's mind that McCall and Jackal have been hired to provide security for--

Jason: You're not going, I need you here.

Spinelli: Stone Cold, I've already done everything I could to trace mysterious photo ---

Jason: It's not about the photo, it's not about Claudia. I need you to pull up camera footage right now, anything around Front Street in the last 2 hours. Which button is it, right here? This one?

Spinelli: Wait, wait, wait. I'm sorry. May I ask why?

Jason: The meeting went wrong, okay? We barely made it out of there alive.

Spinelli: An ambush?

Jason: There was a witness. Some homeless guy with a ripped up coat, baseball hat. I need to find him as soon as possible.

Spinelli: [Sighs]

Man: Quickest way to catch a cold, Wiley. Always keep your head covered. [Exhales]

Woman: Wondered when you'd call.

Man: I need you.

Woman: What did you have in mind? Should I wear anything special, or nothing at all?


Johnny: So which secret, Olivia, are you asking me to keep here? That Dante's a cop or that he's your son?

Olivia: You could keep them both.

Johnny: That wouldn't work out well for you, wouldn't it?

Olivia: This isn't about me.

Johnny: Right. It's about Dante. Your reason for everything.

Olivia: Is that so hard to understand, really? He's my son.

Johnny: Yeah. Then what am I? Dirt under your shoe?

Olivia: You're the man that I love. And by the way, you could get yourself out of this. You could just go--you could make a new life for yourself! Pick something that you're not going to be constantly under threat every single second of every day.

Johnny: If it were that easy, Olivia, more guys would do it, including Sonny and Jason. And believe me, I tried, and I got sucked right back in.

Olivia: Because of Claudia. She needed to have you around so you could get her out of trouble. She's not here anymore. You could say that her death was the last straw for you.

Johnny: I suppose. Or I could go to Sonny and tell him that his new golden boy Dominic, he's really an undercover cop waiting in the wings to bust him. Explosive information like that could win me a lot of points, and believe me, I could use them.

Olivia: Donít take it out on my son because you're mad at me.

Johnny: You don't think I'm pissed at Dante, too? I trusted him. And he looks me square in the eyes and lies to me. Working day and night, tirelessly to put me behind bars for the rest of my life. And I get it, I get it, that I'm just collateral damage and his real target is Sonny. [Sighs] Sonny had my sister killed and disposed of like she was some rabid animal. So yeah. Maybe he does deserve what Dante's got for him. This can't end well, Olivia. I hope you get that. Someone's not going to make it out alive.

Dominic: You know, showing me the door's becoming a common occurrence with you. Should my feelings be hurt?

Sonny: No, no, 'cause I like you. That's why I wouldn't try to stop you if you try to go out that door, said you didn't want to be a part of this life anymore. You're young, you're smart. Who knows, you might even pull it off.

Dominic: What, are you telling me you've wanted out?

Sonny: Who doesn't? This is no way to live, especially if you have kids. They're always in danger. And you tell yourself that, you know, it's this, it's that. But there's no justification. You get blood on your hands. Who wouldn't want out?

Dominic: But you're still here.

Sonny: Who you are has a way of grabbing you back.

Dominic: So you were serious, you really wanted peace?

Sonny: Yes.

Dominic: Well, I gotta say, I'm surprised by your course of action. I mean, you have a reputation that's if someone gets in your way twice, they don't live to talk about it.

Sonny: I don't arbitrarily order death. I mean, if somebody dies on my account... It's because they did something to deserve it.

Dominic: Always, Sonny? I mean... you've never been wrong, even when you started out?

Sonny: Are you my lieutenant or my biographer?

Jason: Before you do anything else, make sure the shoot out wasn't caught on any of our security cameras.

Spinelli: Yeah, it's already done. Perhaps you could take this opportunity to fill me in on the occurrences of tonight?

Jason: Spinelli, it happened so fast that I didn't have the usual time to clean up.

Spinelli: That would have been too risky, yeah.

Jason: Yeah. I mean, I scanned the area, it looked like we were alone. And then we're pulling away, and this homeless guy walks into the street, looks after us, and he smiles and waves.

Spinelli: That's peculiar.

Jason: Hey, can you widen that right there and see which way this guy left? He's probably running scared or holed up some place.

Spinelli: Actually, it appears the opposite is true. I'll rewind. This is from the Canal Street Bank, about 3 blocks from the shooting. Is that--

Jason: Yeah, that's him, right there.

["Mad World" playing]

[Knock on door]

Man: It's open.

Woman: I'm all for mood lighting, but I can't see a damn thing.

Man: Good.

Lucky: What do you think?

Forensic cop: I'm not sure. Certainly won't go on the record until the autopsy's performed.

Lucky: Educated guess?

Forensic cop: Well, this man didn't die from a gunshot wound. He inhaled blood. Somebody crushed his windpipe.

Lucky: Is the body in the right position for someone who died like that?

Forensic cop: If someone's standing on your neckÖ..

Mac: You're face up.

Lucky: Posed. I want Joey Limbo photographed from every conceivable angle. I got a real bad feeling about this one.

Jason: So this guy waves into the camera on Canal and then vanishes into thin air.

Spinelli: Yeah, apparently. Your witness appears in no other surveillance footage. But perhaps it's just as well.

Jason: How do you figure that?

Spinelli: Statistics say that a vast number of homeless people are also mentally ill. So maybe he just has no recollection of what he saw or he's processed it as another flight of psychological fancy.

Jason: No, Spinelli, I don't buy it. This guy wanted to be seen. He stood in the street, smiled at me and waved. And then a few blocks later, he does the exact same thing into a bank camera.

Spinelli: Okay, you're bestowing upon this poor individual a great deal of awareness and knowledge of our methods. I mean, how could he anticipate that we'd use security cameras?

Jason: I don't know. I don't know how, but we need to find out right now.

[Knock on door]

[Jason sighs]

Sam: Hey, hi. So everything's good at the gallery, but there are news reports all over the radio about a gangland execution on Front Street.

Jason: Already?

Spinelli: Stone Cold should secure an alibi.

Sam: Well, aren't you glad I stopped by?

Sonny: We have to find out what the cops know. Hopefully they know nothing.

Dominic: You could call your lawyer. Get her to broker a plea for self defense.

Sonny: [Chuckles] What are the chances Joey Limbo sets out to ambush me and him and his goons wind up dead? Is there a cop alive who's going to believe that? No matter what I say or what you say, we tell them exactly what really happened, that I was going in there for peace. Listen... this goes down unsolved.

Dominic: What about that bum Jason saw?

Sonny: Jason's going to have to deal with that.

[Cell phone rings]

Sonny: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What's going on?

Jason: I think it's a good idea to be seen in public to prove we got nothing to hide. Yeah, Sam and Spinelli are doing security at an art show. You know that gallery on Young?

Sonny: Okay, I'll see you there. Find somebody to take to an art show. We're going to make a public appearance.

["Mad World" playing]

Man: That's enough.

Woman: Was it good for you?

Woman: I need a cigarette.

Adam Lambert: And I find it kinda funny, I find it kind of sad. The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had.

Woman: And don't say thank you.

Adam Lambert: I find it hard to tell you, I find it hard to take, when people run in circles, it's a very, very, mad world

Man: Later.

Woman: What's your hurry?

Man: Ah. They're expecting me.

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